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/leftybritpol/ - PLM edition Anonymous 06/28/2020 (Sun) 18:56:01 No. 648706
Palestinian Lives Matter.
>>663534 Morning Star
>>663534 >>663539 What you lads think of the Tribune? Seems alright from what I've read of it.
>>663539 >>663540 Should say sorry, I'm referring to video news. An equivalent of Tysky Sour or whatever
>>663534 Unfortunately not, but why would you want to watch Novara's opinion on anything.
>>663548 mother of all talk shows
>>663548 I can't think of any good ones, for some reason that youtube genre has eluded the uk
>>663552 the only MOATS worth caring about in this country are the fishing mates of Gazza
>>663557 America just has a huge population compared to the UK and it shows on youtube.
>>663550 Let's me hear about some of the news with a more left-wing perspective than you typically get on TV, and sometimes interviews with Labour figures, as I make my dinner. I guess it also keeps me up to date with what the 'Twitter left' is saying Though it should be obvious from my post that I'd like an alternarive to Novara because they're not cutting it.
>>663552 Isn't this cancelled?
>remember a channel i saw years ago after this conversation >go look for it to show the lads >he deleted his accounts and all that remains is a bitchute mirror and a morningstar article ripperoni https://morningstaronline.co.uk/-lets-chat-about-the-media-1
>>663539 their content is generally good but also they allow some absolute pish to be posted because its in line with their party line but the actual article is awful
>>663240 There's a cruel irony that the Liberals were to the left of the Soft Left, and the SDP were to the left of the Blairite Right.
tbh the biggest problem of british left media is that they never created something for normies. Someone that reads Tribune or MS or Jacobin or watches Novara are already leftwing.
>>663612 Explain how you would solve this problem since it sounds like the start of circular reasoning.
>>663531 Nobody here knows who the fuck he is, please shut up about it
Rejecting the fundamental social democratic idea that governments can and should regulate institutional economic activity in order to safeguard a sphere of non economic social life Blairism ultimately failed to bring to public-sector reform anything other than the language of economic efficiency and choice. Setting himself against public-sector workers Blair hedged them in with requirements and targets that renewed and extended state centralisation... The Blairite justification of policies to reduce inequality always tended to be technocratic and pragmatic rather than ethical or solidaristic. Equality was proposed as good because it limits the ‘social exclusion’ which leads to problems of crime and anti-social behaviour, and is economically wasteful. This has meant that social policy measures, for all the benefits they brought to some of the poor, failed to contribute to the sustenance of the sense of common interest on which social democratic values can build... ...The forging of New Labour involved the denigration of core principles of social democracy. As times have become harder new Labour ideologues have not been able to return to them and have found themselves drifting. They have hoped that more targets and more public disciplining of benefits claimants will constitute ‘reform’ of the public services; and in addressing economic turmoil they have emphasised the stimulation of individual consumer spending. Eschewing the opening of a wider debate about the regulation of finance and the redistribution of wealth Brown’s Labour has emphasised the temporary nature of regulatory and interventionist measures and continued to focus policy on attempts to modify the behaviour of individuals. The failure to sustain understanding of (and sympathy for) social democratic approaches to government has meant that Brown’s adoption of a thus far superficial Keynesian approach has been all too easily represented by opponents as either panic or simply ‘tax and spend’.
(98.71 KB 750x858 snap.jpg)
>>664012 you are going to fucking LOVE my next thread
Ok seriously who is sandy hale and why do you hate him?
>>663562 Careerist Labour drones make me hungry too
>>663526 Here, have your (ewe).
>>663629 A few ways. The first is producing neutral content like "explaining X" like a lot of lib and conservative networks. Another is producing interesting analysis with a leftwing bent that isn't overtly "DEBOUT LES DEMANDES DE LA TERRE". Finally, talking about topics that are relevant that nobody talks about without any ideological branding. Like "rent and corona". The issue is that Novara or Tribune or Jacobin label themselves as socialist and that puts people off. PragerU doesn't go around saying "WE ARE CONSERVATIVE NATIONALISTS", they just produce shit.
>>664336 The issue is the socialist movement is notoriously broke. Liberal and conservatives have billionaires running their media and the lobbyists are always happy to direct some funds somewhere, and PragerU is just a more direct application of that.
>we'll never go to war with china because there is too much capital invested there! >western soft lefties l/anarchoid-liberals constantly shilling "divest from china" Really makes you think
fellas why does every english translation of l'internationale sound autistic in every version the lyrics are shite and don't match up with the rhythm
>>664769 None of them were created in war.
(8.56 MB The Red Flag.mp4)
*inhales* THE
>>665587 Trotskyists: Christians who think Trotsky was commie Jesus Socdems: Muslims who think Trotsky was vice Jesus to whatever current career politician they are shilling
>>665789 Very useful trot spotting leaflet comrade
>>665769 >>665789 I still have no idea what the fuck is wrong with Trotksyists in the UK. I'm a Trot but I couldn't care for Trotsky, he looks like a nerdy pervert.
>>665818 >I like all of the retarded shit that is done in the name of trotsky but I don't like the guy who was at least a good writer Double dumbass on you
>>665843 where did I say I "like all of the retarded shit that is done in the name of trotsky"? I just like his writings. Couldn't care about Trotsky's character unless it has a relation to his writings.
>>663240 >The Libs were probably the more left-wing of the alliance on some issues the Libs while campaigning in that exact election were talking about abolishing FPTP the house of lords introducing proportional rep etc Which was then vindicated in the eyes of many of their supporters when the Alliance got 25% of the vote but only got 23 fucking seats. Though obviously abolishing FPTP and switching to a different voting system is sorta sketch in that circumstance since the Libs just wanted it because their support base was spread out over the entire country instead of just having 60%+ vote Majorities in most regions
>>664585 Nationalise Hinkley Point C
Apparently the Pubocalypse has already started.
>>665864 oh fuck forgot that was today. Comfy footage in coming. Expect large crowds of chairs being thrown and definitely some racial tension
>>665889 Most cringe thing I have ever read in my life
>>666091 scroll up and read my posts lad :)
>>666091 fuck off wanker. have some fun you misrable cunt
>>666448 Fuck off you annoying cunt. Grow a brain and stop laughing at unfunny recycled shite for eternity
(138.68 KB 940x627 Blair was Thatcherite.jpg)
>laughing at unfunny recycled shite for eternity that's my cue
Do you think a socialist Britain would realistically change it's flag
>>666487 Not seeing any lie here
>>666521 Labour government "socialism": no Revolution socialism: yes
>>666521 I don't see any reason for any of the individual nations to and the UK flag should be abolished.
>>666468 Fucking hell m88 your knickers are in somewhat of a twist about this


no cookies?