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/IG/ - Internet General Anonymous 06/24/2020 (Wed) 18:05:04 No. 637502
Discuss e-celebs, lefty youtube, twitter, twitch, etc.
>>665814 those people are literally irrelevant as possible. stop looking at twitter and the problems over.
(122.00 KB 350x255 35678.png)
>it's merely "white genes," bro, it has nothing to do with the diet, bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPUTH0ZOBJ4 >you are pushing "lifestylism" (aka. biologically predetermined needs) over our (ideology), bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJnPZgLHHWQ >you need to understand that people who don't eat meat are better off bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97Wry4ppywQ >only "alt-righters" push the anti-vegan meme, bro, you have to be progressive like us, unless you want to end up like a meat-eater, bro! >when your teeth start falling out on a vegan diet it is because you aren't managing your diet well enough, bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEGdvXtzMI4 >when your fucking brain goes "bye" it's only because you didn't do veganism the PROPER way, brah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziLmkvS92xc >when your dick stops working or your menstruation stops completely is because veganism is good for you, bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk6vDZrMR7U >when u look like holocaust survivor on a vegan diet is because u didn't do vegan THE RIGHT WAY, brah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNRHyllozUQ >etc. >etc. >etc. >etc. >etc. >etc. IT'S A FUCKING PSEUDO-SCIENTIFIC S E C T A S E C T yeah, lemme tell you! these vegans?! they didn't do veganism right! all of you who defend this shit are no better than literal scientologists, btw. we are literally omnivores, it's a scientific fact, lmao
>long term vegan's tooth literally falls out on live stream <YOU ARE NOT DOING VEGANISM RIGHT! healthy
>>666965 We're trying to start revolution here, not cry about diets nigga. Oh shit he's pulling out the YouTube compilations oh no, good job there's no footage of fat meat eaters online
>>666984 You're still a retard, but this video was pretty funny will give it to you
>>666965 'i have the youtube videos to prove that scientists are lying about veganism being fine'
>>666984 >>666965 Why do you hate Vegan / Vegetarian people so much lmao? Not all of them look and / or act like that
Why are people ripping on Maupin? He can be arrogant and cringe at times but his heart as an ML is in the right place. I don't see what he did so wrong. Wow, he sat next to Dugin and praised populism. Populism literally means in the interests of the people. Stalin sat next to a brutal colonialist racist named Winston Churchill. Does that make Stalin an apologist or colonialist? Idk, I just feel people are going to hard on him instead of retards like Vaush and the Breadtube libs.
>>666666 Maupin literally hangs out with Dugin and writes “book”s (See/ Barely pamphlets) where he tries to draw connections between the “international bankers and George Soros funding Antifa and the Fake Left-Wing in America)
>>666999 there are far too many leftist grifters out there for you to invest any effort in defending a small time one who's already about as compromised as someone can be without just coming out and saying 'hey guys, so on the Jewish Question...'
>>667000 >>667002 He can be cringe at times with Antifa and other stuff but overall his work is pretty good. In his live streams he explains a lot of history about the left and ongoing conflicts/struggles and what needs to be done. I think he is doing more beneficial work then negative.
>>666995 This but unironically. Imagine trusting academics, the modern priests.
>>667010 Anyone can ramble on about shit and sound like they know what they're talking about and are being insightful if you don't know enough to question them. There's others out there doing that who aren't 2 months away from using jew brackets.
Are you guys being serious about this shit insinuating that Caleb is some kind of anti-semite or Nazi, or is it just memeing? I think the dude's really weird and kind of a brainlet (despite seemingly being very knowledgeable about history) but he's been organizing as a communist and building his communist media brand thing for like a decade or more. I doubt he's secretly a Nazi sympathizer.
>>667063 It's the sort who when they think og global elite immediately think jew
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzRjsVaqREI[Embed] >NFAC at Stone Mountain GA were the KKK was found. 🔴⚫🟢 The black militia.
>>667000 Soros literally is a mega rich fucker who funds radlib shite though?
>>667000 One should be at least somewhat informed about the ideology of who he criticizes, Maupin can and must be criticized for multiple brainlet points in its thought but he's definitely not fash nor Nazbol or shit
>>667087 wtf is this? Is this the beginning of a civil war?
>>667036 What makes you think Maupin is close to being reactionary? Also we do use jew brackets here it's clear you are dumb newfag that needs to lurk more
>>666997 >notall Cry more faggot
>>666988 >We're trying to start revolution here Shut the fuck MI6
hey folks. I'm an Israeli communist. that means I want communism for everyone except palestinians. Whats up?
>>667063 He's like another Aimee Terese. I thankfully don't know anyone else like her to compare him to. 'We need to stop immigration, fuck the gays and trannies, it's normal to sit next to fascists and praise their work' etc, though he doesn't say it quite as clearly as that.
(249.26 KB 587x933 Screenshot (67).png)
Elon Musk is bitching about gommunism and chomsky
>>667340 What are the chances elon has visited this site?
>>667371 Very low
>>667340 Also each and every time he spergs proves to us that deep down he is fucking scared, good
>>667376 This recent sperg out is because everyone keeps responding to his tweets with a picture of him with Epstein's girlfriend
>>667393 Good, let's keep the pressure on him, MAKE ZERSETZUNG PRAXIS AGAIN
>>667340 Is Musk afraid of Chomsky because the old man would agree with him on communism
>>667340 Lmao Imagine being scared of Chomsky
>>667399 >>667340 Fuck, I almost forgot, some possible context for this is that noam chomsky pointed out his retarded neuralink project wouldnt work and he’s still not over it.
>>667375 Someone should direct him here
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqvglTEXADc Just posting this faggot because I don't know who he is but the video has a million views so >>667393 any screenshots?
(75.44 KB 1100x550 ElonMuskGhislane.jpg)
>>667340 ok pede
Is thread this an example of reddit being retarded or consoomers being retarded? https://www.reddit.com/r/TheLastAirbender/comments/g12nq2/a_nice_critique_of_the_political_elements_in/
>>667340 >scared of 100yo anarchist
>>667479 You mean pedo? Also, this (possible)pedo was calling a guy rescuing children pedo. Let that sink in.
>>667523 I would certaintly jump if that raisin appeared behind me
>>667526 lmao holy shit I completely forgot about that how ironic
>>637502 egirls and only fans are/is the optimity of late stage capitalism. Instant commodification of the body is the height of bourgeois decadence.
>>666965 bro, have you ever seen debates with these anti-vegans vs vegans? sv3ridge and his cult are a fucking joke. Veganism has totally won in the market place of ideas
>>667063 >he's been organizing as a communist and building his communist media brand yes to the latter not sure about the former. building a personal brand is not politics but to the point, of course he's not a racist or antisemite. it's just that the radlibs here and on twitter throw a hissy fit when anyone doesn't go along with their fever dreams of abolishing borders etc., something which noted antisemitic fascist </s> Bernie Sanders in the past called a Koch brothers-proposal
(242.60 KB 850x400 Are Toneeeeeeee 3.png)


no cookies?