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(762.89 KB 1615x903 acab.png)
The USA is rioting - /BÜRGERKRIEG/ Anonymous 05/29/2020 (Fri) 04:31:28 No. 541168
Remember that our official bunker is https://www.GETchan.net , we also have an official chat https://matrix.to/#/+leftychat:matrix.org to keep in touch with the mod team and you can use https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchantemp , maintained by members of the community, to continue chatting and following the happenings even if Bunkerchan goes down. There have been rodney king tier riots in Minneapolis since George Floyd was killed. What is /leftypol/'s opinion? Updated FRATERNAL RIOT PORN WATCHING AND FRIENDLY CIRCLEJERK HERE: https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchantemp (Or this one https://cytu.be/r/bunkerchanalt ) Location of protests all over the US: https://twitter.com/IGD_News/status/1266173527708835840 https://naarpr.org/updates/cities-join-the-call-for-national-day-of-protest/ DONATE TO HELP ARRESTED PROTESTORS https://twitter.com/ntltcIit/status/1266820861362933762 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X4-YS3vFn5CLL9QtJSU0xqmTh_h8XilXgOqGAjZISBI/edit Hasn't confirmed if it is 100% legit so do some background checks before doing so Tip if you are joining https://pastebin.com/1X2hxJS5 Flags are SUPER FUCKING USEFUL. I stood next to a girl with a megaphone who was telling people instructions, and having a flag next to her seriously helped bring people along. I stood on street corners and used the flag to help people see where the group had turned when the group fled the flashbangs. GET A FLAG, MAKE IT BIG My flag was 2 yards long of red broadcloth that doesn't even have clean edges that I superglued to a collapsible stick. It doesn't need to be pretty, it doesn't need to be amazing. Notice on doxxing: We know that the world is litterally falling apart and Jair Bolsonaro got doxxed. But on the offchance that capitalist civilization doesn't disintegrate, posting doxxing info or direct links to it is still not allowed as per site rules. Sorry. Archive Remember to archive everything you see. Things get censored, taken down, removed. Anon's drive with a load of videos ready to share outside the bunker: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlhTIZtHNCxynhvzP1bpKPSJpCE9?e=NHs7w8
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>>743349 >muh anarchists I doubt there're more than few dozens of actual anarchists in Portland.
>Talib wins with 66% AIPAC BTFO'd
>>747427 What you talking about?
(20.66 KB 400x400 TbklBZ1r_400x400.jpg)
(56.02 KB 801x291 Hillboos.jpg)
>>747427 *Tlaib Talib is the rapper.
>>743349 He is making the riot to be more hardcore than it really is then turning around to cry about the state of the riot. Ultimately any leftists should fight to be in that sweet spot, do radical shit and have moderate excuse or provide subterfuge for your actions. Idk why r/stupidpol likes him so much. At least those that aren't Rosa-killers.
>>747513 AIPAC and other Zionist orgs tried to primary Tlaib out of power. She won
(241.79 KB 1435x152 4786237846237846.png)
>>747393 lmao >>747412 I doubt there are more than a few dozen "actual anarchists" (in the 1930s sense) in the entire western world. At the time it appealed to peasants in underdeveloped countries like Spain and Italy because it had this notion of an idealized return to the horizontalist peasant commune. But if you live in a modern city in North America then the material reality and class composition is going to be so different that it isn't even really the same ideology at that point. But it's like, whatever.
>>743306 >Nobody is doing that in that link you retard This. But some interesting anecdotes in the comments: We were utterly confused when a cop started shining his flashlight through the apartment window and pounding on the door. It was myself and 3 friends, sharing a 12 pack and playing Xbox. We were between the ages of 20 and 23. When my friend opened the door and asked if there was a problem, the cop responded with "Guess?" before demanding all of our IDs. My friend asked again if it was for a noise complaint. The cop said "Bingo" and again demanded our IDs. We said we would keep it down and I told the cop I didn't have my ID on me (it was in the backroom.) The cop barged into the house, walked across the living room and handcuffed me, then handcuffed my friend for asking him why I was being arrested. The cop was yelling and screaming at us as if he wanted to fight. One hour later, I was sitting in a holding cell. I had blown a 0.036 BAC and they decided that was enough to take me to jail. I was 20 years and 10 months old, so in 2 months time, I would have legally been allowed to drive with a 0.036 BAC. By the time I was driven to the police station, about 6 other police cars and about 10 officers had arrived on the scene, including the Sergeant. When my friend asked him how we could have avoided this, he responded with "Next time, don't open the door." It turned out the cop went to the wrong apartment, saw a few beer bottles, and decided we were the exact criminals he joined the force to stop. In court, he claimed that I had a flushed red face and was slurring my words. He said we had told him he could come into the apartment, but when we immediately got aggressive he had no choice but to handcuff two of us. The judge decided he had more reason to believe the cop than the rest of us and ruled against me. This happened 13 years ago and I am still angry about it. Why in the hell was a man with a gun needed to go tell people in an apartment to keep the noise down? Why were my friends and I treated so absolutely poorly? Why were 10 police officers needed for 1 hour to deal with 4 guys playing xbox with a 12 pack of beer? How much money in hourly wages was spent to arrest one 20 year old for drinking 2 1/2 beers? My personal story is my best argument for why defunding the police is necessary.
(70.49 KB 1280x720 tracey.jpg)
>>747393 Tracy: >Beyond anything I've seen in my lifetime, which isn't that long thankfully <I'm not 40 guys I swear.
(30.64 KB 330x500 41FELKCXCDL.jpg)
(122.54 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (14).jpg)
(362.94 KB 980x653 wa-nj-BrigitteGabrie.jpg)
>>747520 Brigitte Gabriel (born Hanan Qahwaji) is her Americanized name btw. She was from a family of Maronite Christians from Marjayoun in Lebanon which was the base of the South Lebanon Army (an Israeli-aligned militia that fought in the war), and moved to the U.S. by way of Israel and is linked up still with right-wing Likudnik / neoconservative groups. Back during the civil war she was a reporter for Middle East Television, the SLA's broadcasting station that they eventually sold to Pat Robertson's televangelist channel. Wild, yeah? Article from 2012: >Before moving to Israel and eventually to the United States, Brigitte worked for Middle East TV, a Marjayoun-based station run by the South Lebanon Army (SLA) and funded by Israel. It moved to Cyprus for a period and was later purchased by Pat Robertson, who is now building a Christian Zionism Center in Israel. >After obtaining a green card by marrying an American, Brigitte set up a business selling her new country “insider information not available elsewhere “about the existential dangers posed by Islam and Arabs, based, she announced, “on my unique perspective having been nearly killed by them and rescued by Israel.” >Regarding recent Lebanese affairs, according to her former neighbors in South Lebanon, Brigitte has been a close supporter of the Phalange militia and SLA since her teenage years. According to her ACT office in Virginia Beach, Brigitte hopes to host the current Lebanese Forces warlord, Samir Geagea — five times convicted of murdering various Christian opponents and their children — during his upcoming March visit to the US. http://archive.almanar.com.lb/english/article.php?id=43069 More on the South Lebanon Army: https://english.alaraby.co.uk/english/indepth/2020/2/13/the-rise-and-fall-of-the-south-lebanon-army
(169.35 KB 707x1200 DSE66KJW0AA56vv.jpg)
>>747569 >Third pic with The IDF soldier has her sleeves all they way down to her finger tips like an austistic goth teen. Yeah I dunno if this 'hot' Jew soldier thing is really their best line of propaganda.
>>747393 Never trust Tulsi coomers
>>747556 Remember to never consent to a search, don't talk to pigs, always demand a lawyer if you get arrested. ACAB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-7o9xYp7eE
>>747587 Her jet black hair and beak are doing things to me. I get a feeling so complicated....
>>747613 >Her jet black hair and beak are doing things to me. I get a feeling so complicated.... >>747587 I guess because it needs disclaiming: I'm not saying Jewish women are more unattractive than other women. I mean if anyone told you that pic was mother and daughter, would you even question it? I feel bad for them, that they have that internalized racism, self-loathing factor from Whites. Anyways, I was only commenting on how dorky she looks, also what a transparent ploy to send out your female 20 somethings to go whore it up as cover for your warmachine, like cheezy WWII propaganda.
>>739992 >>740136 Also remember. That a rubber bullet is just a shotgun shell with a rubber bullet at the end instead of metal. So that means the user gets to decide exactly how much velocity they want each bullet to fly at by "hot loading" the shell. I wish I saved this video on youtube where this cop was explaining exactly how to "hot load" "less lethal" ammunition.
(225.25 KB 1600x1142 DSCN8607.JPG)
>>747640 >I wish I saved this video on youtube where this cop was explaining exactly how to "hot load" "less lethal" ammunition. Basically showing how you can get close to regular bullet characteristics from hot loading.
>>747642 >>747640 So they can say: >We only shot them with rubber bullets! Meanwhile that piece of plastic is flying fast enough to do a through and through.
>>747646 *Meamwhile cucked liberals >Hit me harder, daddy!
>>747642 Also, many of those projectiles have a metal inner core to maintain the momentum and trajectory.
https://twitter.com/matcha_chai/status/1291111048234188801?s=20 So yeah cops are just going around arresting people from their own houses for protesting now. https://twitter.com/JasonLeopold/status/1290722586276458498 And the claim there's fewer feds is a lie, according to the DHS
>>749071 Fuggin gommie cowards KGB would kidnap people in the middle of the night. Freedom-loving Americans do it in broad daylight because they have nothing to fear. 🇺🇸🎆🍔
>>743349 Could we consider Tracy a proto liberal-fascist?
>>749111 uh no, he's just a pissed off centrist what the fuck is with internet leftists and having an absurdly gigantic definition of "fascism" that just means "everything I don't like"? There are hundreds of ways to be a reactionary and fascism is one specific to the early-mid 20th century
>>749115 It's not unique to the left neither to the internet. The term is way misused.
Cytube admin here: One of the multi streamers got unbanned because they were willing to go court for the copyright claim. But there are less aggregate streamers on YouTube right now. It's just woke right now until today. (I think Woke is too liberal and starts streaming usually too late in the day) I have protests streaming right. Hopefully more channels can get unbanned in the next few days. Twitch is still broken because of Twitch API updating and not supporting non standard domains. I'll keep putting up streams the best I can.
>>743494 probably He was obsessed with that John Benet Ramsey case
>>741892 It's still really annoying everytime it happens, and we probably could use their over reach for fun détournement purposes.
>>749087 U S A! U S A! U S A!
(6.62 MB nazi karen.mp4)
>>750096 What a fucking sperg
>>750096 If those libs refuse to punch that nazi cunt, they should have at least milkshaked her. Then she would have gone inside for sure.
>>750096 what the fuck if you had shown this to me 5 years ago, I would not believe this to be anything but a YT sketch
>>750096 Not so easy being libertarian is it?
>>749071 >Liberals too cucked to defend themselves against unmarked home invaders. At this point, I don't feel any sympathy for those morons. They didn't deserve better than being crushed by the bourgeois dictatorship. Good riddance. At least use your bloody peephole, before you open the fucking door!
>>750096 That lady is gonna wake up with a few blind spots in her vision, damn.
>>750096 what is even the context
>>750096 libs once again proving that they will never do anything of importance
>>750653 Looks like protests.
>>750096 ANTIFA can't behave themselves in the marketplace of ideas like usual, sad!
>>747526 stupidpol types use to hate him. Idk why they shill for him now
(148.86 KB 460x460 aint your friend.png)
>>750131 <Not so easy being libertarian is it?
>>747563 >Investigative Reporter Hah! Guy was making shit up about out-of-state communists crashing some BLM event in NJ, when the “out-of-state communists” were actually lifelong locals and Tracey himself was an outsider. Smug faggot, and a liar too. I hate people who refuse to admit they are wrong and come up with new excuses instead. Fat bitch.
>>750696 They have nothing to offer other than meaningless faggy contrarianism so I guess it isn’t surprising that they can’t keep a straight line.
(77.89 KB 931x524 image[1].jpg)
>>750134 >Liberals too cucked to defend themselves against unmarked home invaders. Picture related: life long democrats who support BLM once they saw unmarked protestors destroy the gate of their walled community
>>750096 A real life cuck of the pit


no cookies?