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(524.59 KB 1500x1029 kLq3yTr.jpg)
🦅 /USApol/ 🗽 United States Politics 🏈 Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 19:10:57 No. 531727
Edited last time by zulveta on 10/23/2020 (Fri) 21:59:24.
>>1048355 It won't get better. Sorry.
>>1048344 He's managed to portray himself as a lone fighter in a swamp of crooks, and the media has contributed to that image because they portrayed him vice versa as the only crook in a sea of good-hearted Americans. Plus that QAnon shit that may have caught on with some Facebook boomers.
>>1048359 This is what his base believes, but they are not the ones that's going to determine the election. Qanon boomers and deranged poltards will vote Trump, but your average apolitical normie won't vote for him again.
>>1048358 Ever?
>>1048351 Well, yeah, there is also an accelerationist element in a Biden victory. He'll stuff his cabinet with "moderate" Republicans, and he won't even give someone like Warren a post. All the people who are crying out to voot for Biden might turn on him quick. Copmala won't save him because she's grossly incompetent and has horrible social skills (just check out her recent interviews, she's worse than Hillary).
>>1048366 The problem with the American liberal left is that they never turn on the democrats no matter how shitty they get.
>>1048362 Your average apolitical normie might not vote at all, the biggest voting block in America are people who don't vote. You have two candidates, one who has undying loyalty and a cult-like following, and one who you are being told to "hold your nose and vote for". Who, in your mind, is going to determine the election? What group?
>>1048349 Lmao based
(61.88 KB 534x480 celebrities.jpg)
>ywn see the headline "[beloved celebrity] found beheaded amidst US civil war" in your lifetime
>>1048369 The hardcore liberals and neoliberals sure, but the average Democrat voter does not fall into that category. We are all just a few bad days away from being in dire straits or homeless, and when aid fails to come, as it will since Biden won't do shit, things are going to get very chaotic. Many people will be open to radicalization this coming spring and it's up to the left to take advantage of that.
>>1048370 A lot of apolitical normies actually votes. It wasn't just Trump's base you put him in office last time. You need more than your base if you want to win.
>>1048376 I hope you are right, but I'm not so sure.
>>1048369 People didn't turn on Obama because he Keynes'ed his way out of the 2008 crash, and living standards were better under Obama (whether or not that could be attributed to Obama the man is debatable of course). The 2008 crisis kicked people out of their houses but in general the neoliberal technocrats managed to prevent an actual material immiseration for the people. This isn't possible now, there is no return to normalcy. Remember that the pandemic isn't over and Trump has stopped counting, so we don't even know how the situation is in regards to that. Honestly I don't even know who is the more accelerationist candidate. The prospect of a Biden presidency might be as terrifying as another Trump one in different ways.
>>1048376 How do you radicalize that type of person?
Reminder USApol uncritically supports Trump
>>1048369 They kind of did in 2016.
>>1048374 I actually have a nice handload waiting for Kanye. the devil has taken this once innocent young boy
>>1048379 There are also a ton of boomers who don't even like Trump but think Kamala Harris is a communist or something, and will vote for Trump because of "gommunist Chyna" and shit like that. You have to come to terms that the spectrum that is presented to you in the media, the coastal liberals, are absolutely not representative of the average American normies. Most American normies are conservative and patriotic, they aren't like your typical European normies.
If you killed all coastal urbanites America would be 20x better.
>>1048393 The "coastal liberals" are most of the American population.
>>1048387 That's the ultimate question isn't it? The thing that we on the left have been struggling with forever. For the employed, especially in low paid, high explotation work, talking to your coworkers about unionizing is the best pathway imo. It also serves the purpose of helping to build dual power. For the unemployed and truly destitute, establishing mutual aid programs and reaching out to people that way, letting them know that things could be better and different while helping them to survive could be a viable method of radicalization.
>>1048397 No. They're not.
(13.32 KB 286x255 80swojak.jpg)
>>1048393 >but think Kamala Harris is a communist or something How is it possible for burgers, nay, any human to be this retarded?
>>1048397 Ruralites always talk about how they're ignored but I think we pay too much attention to them. Everybody's idea of what a rural person even IS is fucking warped by movies. >>1048401 A communist is someone who they don't like. America is the heartland of liberalism, everybody who they don't like is a communist. Simple as.
(237.78 KB 1160x773 .jpg)
Amy Coney Barrett: A New Feminist Icon >Amy Coney Barrett has been praised for her topflight legal mind, even by those who disagree with her. At 48 years old, she is poised to help shape the court for a generation or more. >But that’s not all her elevation to the high court has the potential to accomplish. Barrett’s expected confirmation should serve as a catalyst for rethinking the most powerful social movement in the last half century: feminism. >Over the last week, as Justice Ginsburg’s body laid in repose outside the Supreme Court, the nation has rightly celebrated Ginsburg’s trailblazing 1970s legal advocacy, one which pushed both law and culture to reexamine the ways in which women had been pigeonholed as caregivers and men as providers. The late justice’s antidiscrimination wins opened up a new era in which both men and women could respectably and responsibly engage in both avenues of fulfillment, according to their personal talents and circumstances. >But Ginsburg also viewed abortion rights as central to sexual equality, and her leadership helped give rise to a movement that remains laser focused on abortion to this day. Yet rather than make women more equal to men, constitutionalizing the right to abortion as the court did in Roe has relieved men of the mutual responsibilities that accompany sex, and so has upended the duties of care for dependent children that fathers ought equally to share. >Barrett embodies a new kind of feminism, a feminism that builds upon the praiseworthy antidiscrimination work of Ginsburg but then goes further. It insists not just on the equal rights of men and women, but also on their common responsibilities, particularly in the realm of family life. In this new feminism, sexual equality is found not in imitating men’s capacity to walk away from an unexpected pregnancy through abortion, but rather in asking men to meet women at a high standard of mutual responsibility, reciprocity and care. >At Barrett’s Senate confirmation hearing in 2017, Sen. Dianne Feinstein tellingly remarked, “You are controversial because many of us that have lived lives as women really recognize the value of finally being able to control our reproductive systems, and Roe entered into that, obviously.” >Barrett’s life story puzzles older feminists like Feinstein because bearing and raising a bevy of children has long implied retaining a traditional life script — like staying home with the children — that Barrett has obviously not heeded. >To be sure, few mothers of seven could become federal judges, never mind Supreme Court justices. Barrett – “generationally brilliant,” according to her Notre Dame colleague, O. Carter Snead — is likely alone in this set. It all seems so unlikely: She has risen to the pinnacle of her profession while at once being “radically hospitable” to children, as Snead has described her. An enigma to many, she doesn’t easily fit into any ideological box. >If we’re really intent as a country on seeing women flourish in their professions and serve in greater numbers of leadership positions too, it would be worthwhile to interrupt the abortion rights sloganeering for a beat and ask just how this mother of many has achieved so much. >In a 2019 conversation at the Notre Dame Club of Washington D.C., Barrett was asked how, while raising so many children, two of whom were adopted from Haiti and one who has special needs, she has been able to balance family life with her demanding profession. Her response was as telling as Feinstein’s 2017 remark. Barrett immediately praises her husband (who is also an attorney): >We were open to either one of us staying home at different points… What’s really made it work is that it’s very much a team effort… Right now… Jesse is really doing much more of the heavy lifting… the cooking and kids’ doctor’s appointments during the day. We’ve gone in cycles and right now… he’s doing a little bit more of the home stuff…. We evaluated at every step whether things were working well for the family, for the job I was in… but it was always working and it worked well: the kids were very happy, I loved teaching. https://archive.is/fMaa4#selection-1270.0-1270.1
>>1048401 It's a mixture of complete ignorance and also racism, brown people = commies. And sexism (women = feeble minded and easily misled by subversive Marxist ideas).
>>1048334 yes, civil unrest is rather unlikely
>>1048393 The thing with Biden is that he plays way better with the conservative patriots than Hillary did. And you have to remember that Biden doesn't need a huge swing to win this. Trump won by a hair last time. Biden just need a tiny swing and he has it in the bad.
>>1048334 >Do you guys think everything will be ok November 3rd? >>1048334 >liberals riot when Trump wins, further ruining their own city in the process >Trump waits for public opinion to turn again rioters >sends in the feds hysteria will be over in a week or two
>>1048405 It's funny how people always talk about rural Americans as if they were a uniform blob.
Urbanoid Amerikkkans will have a rude awakening when REDNECK BVLLS burn your stupid fucking cities down.
>>1048398 Why is the right better at radicalizing people anyways? I see all these boog boy types these days and its like how'd they end up like that?
>>1048418 Those of us who wear glasses should stock up on ammo before it is too late.
>>1048405 I'm not just talking about rural people. You don't need to live in a rural area to be conservative, once you leave the coast plenty of suburbanites tick like this too. >>1048411 This is true. I'm just not that convinced that Biden is such a more appealing candidate than Hillary, I think they're overselling this. What might actually help Biden are the zoomers that became 18 in the last four years.
>>1048425 Being more appealing than Hillary is a low bar to clear.
>>1048401 communist, nown, someone I don't like
>>1048241 BIG BOI İ DETECTED TÜRKANÖN FÖÜND yarraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!
>>1048420 >Why is the right better at radicalizing people anyways They only really are able to radicalize petite-bouj middle class children who don't experience much actual trouble in life but have a deep-seated discontentment with life over the heavy alienation of modern society and the deep loathing that most people have for them over their right-wing politics, so adopting the aesthetics of the right as some morally superior and overall "winning" group is an attractive option for them. Ultimately though, those aesthetics and pathetic lone wolf attacks are the most they can ever do.
>>1048401 Commuunism isn't too relevant to modern politics so no one understands it
(3.51 MB 7388x3383 wgnc1ppjzuu51.png)
>>1048420 they've done a great job fueling resentment and a persecution complex, whitoids across burgerland nowadays think they're the most oppressed group of people in history since egyptian jew slaves
>>1048434 Very interesting take, im a former righty and everything you said kinda described how I felt >middle-class >deep discontentment with life >alienated, no friends I recently realized how damaging the beliefs were to my mind and life though
>>1048420 they aren't, imagine telling yourself even six months ago that there would be unrest across the US for several months
>>1048447 Is the unrest a good thing? I hear people say it'll scare boomers to the polls
>>1048446 filtered
>>1048451 its pointless
>>1048446 hi pol
>>1048451 polls don't matter, if anything the election being close enough that trump can try to steal it would be good bc it would destroy the legitimacy of the govt and make libs more pissed


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