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(372.79 KB 953x726 george-orwell.png)
Anonymous 05/23/2020 (Sat) 02:17:46 No. 520776
Was he a MI5 spy? Unironically asking.
>>522514 Dude, the CIA literally had it made into a movie. stfu you retard. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/books/authors/how-cia-brought-animal-farm-to-the-screen/
(17.55 KB 607x500 reddit posting history.png)
>>522365 upvoted
>>522522 I mean, setting aside the quality of the book my point is that Animal Farm is obviously not anti-communist. You say yourself that it singles out one character. It criticises their actions, how it is not the future the animals were expecting from what Major had envisioned. It does not criticise the ideal, it specifically criticises the actions of some people who implemented socialism 'their way' - who Orwell believed did not do so faithfully. >>522544 What's retarded is your inability to analyse a short novel. I've got an outrageous idea for you - art can be interpreted differently, and even commandeered by others for propaganda purposes (nevermind the adaption changes parts of the book).
(41.25 KB 240x273 1478949622092.png)
>>522564 Sure dude, keep telling yourself the talking animal book for smooth brain boomers is actually a brilliant nuanced analysis of the Russian revolution that captures the many motivations of its various participants and paints a sympathetic picture of noble idealistic intentions clashing with the harsh realities of war and governance. You're definitely not a complete retard at all.
>>522550 >hating Orwell for being a snitch makes you reddit I don’t follow. Snitches get stitches.
>>522365 based, fuck Orwell
>>522588 I didn't actually say any of that, but glad you picked up on it. Feel free to actually read the book without your English teacher spoonfeeding you state propaganda
He makes Stalinists mad because he exposed their treachery in Spain
>>522834 And then based Orwell went on to betray both socialists and anarchists to the state. Truly a principled socialist
>>522856 He didn't betray Stalinists by reporting them to MI6. If anything - that was one the better things he did. Marxist-Leninists should be shot
>>522834 The "Stalinists" were the leaders of the Spanish struggle against fascism. The Fifth Regiment, the finest section of the Spanish Republican Army, was organised by the PCE.
Don't like Orwell? You're probably: >a stalinist >a trot >an anarchist >silly >dishonest >slimy >stupid >insincere >venal >a member of the communist party >a fellow traveller >german >polish >jewish >a negro This post made by Orwell Gang
>>522878 No, they really weren't. It was the Stalinists who did the most damage to the struggle there because they co-pted the revolutionary movement then, de-collectivized land to not upset the bourgeois republic, and told the workers to stand down, and not seize bourgeois assets to self manage them. The Stalinist traitors refused to pursue a dictatorship of the proletariat for the sake of Stalinist foreign policy ambitions. Those Stalinists should have been executed.
>>522892 Proofs?
>>522891 >>silly Does this actually mean something more or did he actually report people he considered 'silly' kek
>>522919 The only surviving video footage of George Orwell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ANufwUPFm8
>>522919 Somebody posted the archives: >>521369 >>521694
>>522878 Oh come on this is a reach. Of course the soviet backed refinement had all the most gang shit
>>522945 I know that - I just don't know what he means by 'silly'. Like is he really just calling someone silly when remarking "silly sympathiser" lol
>>522878 Did Stalin not support the popular front - which was literally the defense of the Spanish, capitalist state? The PCE suppressed POUM (the Stalinists executed their leaders), and then kicked the CNT-FAI out of the popular front and shut down their areas such as the Regional Defense Council of Aragon.
(84.47 KB 968x264 orwell silly.png)
>>522960 Oh yeah I was a bit baffled by that. Pic related it's my interpretation of events.
>>520963 > unpretentious character of Orwell, who was most likely borderline autistic Agreed: > At this period, after his long fast, the toad has a very spiritual look, like a strict Anglo-Catholic towards the end of Lent. His movements are languid but purposeful, his body is shrunken, and by contrast his eyes look abnormally large. This allows one to notice, what one might not at another time, that a toad has about the most beautiful eye of any living creature. It is like gold, or more exactly it is like the golden-coloured semi-precious stone which one sometimes sees in signet rings, and which I think is called a chrysoberyl. > For a few days after getting into the water the toad concentrates on building up his strength by eating small insects. Presently he has swollen to his normal size again, and then he goes through a phase of intense sexiness. All he knows, at least if he is a male toad, is that he wants to get his arms round something, and if you offer him a stick, or even your finger, he will cling to it with surprising strength and take a long time to discover that it is not a female toad. Frequently one comes upon shapeless masses of ten or twenty toads rolling over and over in the water, one clinging to another without distinction of sex. By degrees, however, they sort themselves out into couples, with the male duly sitting on the female’s back. You can now distinguish males from females, because the male is smaller, darker and sits on top, with his arms tightly clasped round the female’s neck. < ... > Is it wicked to take a pleasure in Spring and other seasonal changes? To put it more precisely, is it politically reprehensible, while we are all groaning, or at any rate ought to be groaning, under the shackles of the capitalist system, to point out that life is frequently more worth living because of a blackbird’s song, a yellow elm tree in October, or some other natural phenomenon which does not cost money and does not have what the editors of left-wing newspapers call a class angle? There is no doubt that many people think so. < ... > I think that by retaining one’s childhood love of such things as trees, fishes, butterflies and – to return to my first instance – toads, one makes a peaceful and decent future a little more probable, and that by preaching the doctrine that nothing is to be admired except steel and concrete, one merely makes it a little surer that human beings will have no outlet for their surplus energy except in hatred and leader worship. > At any rate, spring is here, even in London, and they can’t stop you enjoying it. This is a satisfying reflection. How many a time have I stood watching the toads mating, or a pair of hares having a boxing match in the young corn, and thought of all the important persons who would stop me enjoying this if they could. But luckily they can’t. So long as you are not actually ill, hungry, frightened or immured in a prison or a holiday camp, Spring is still Spring. The atom bombs are piling up in the factories, the police are prowling through the cities, the lies are streaming from the loudspeakers, but the earth is still going round the sun, and neither the dictators nor the bureaucrats, deeply as they disapprove of the process, are able to prevent it. https://www.orwellfoundation.com/the-orwell-foundation/orwell/essays-and-other-works/some-thoughts-on-the-common-toad/
>>522867 t. Orwell
>>522892 Yeah fuck the people who killed hitler because they weren't anarchists amirite Anarchist children like you are so embarrassing
Tbh doubtful, tho this guy was and he was based: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Klugmann
>>524695 Killed Hitler? Hitler committed suicide; you retard. More over - the Soviet Union committed a scale of atrocities that rival the fascists if you want to make apologies for the purges, the horrific collectivization on top of the ethnic deportations. But yes, you MLs are rat fucks, and the USSR is gone. So, again, you Sovietboo cracker - there's no need to take it personal. You are an irrelevant sect larper. Get over it, fuck face.
>>524698 Get better at looking sincere, this is too obvious.
>>524704 I'm sincere when I say people like you should be shot.
>>524709 I thought you might be initially but you showed yourself up with your obvious bait posts
>>524010 >How many a time have I stood watching the toads mating Based
>>524709 cry all you want. history has shown that in the end anarshits who don't know their place are aways the ones who get shot. the bullet comes from every side of the spectrum and sometimes from anarchists themselves
are 1984 and animal farm worth reading?
>>527377 Animal Farm is not. 1984 has a commitment to the world being absolutely shit and redemption and heroism being impossible that elevates it above 99% of dystopian stories.
these threads are always depressing. >>520860 >I don't think he had ill intentions but in retrospect it's pretty obvious that Orwell was wrong and that the Republican forces were basically screwed from the start given the total mismatch in firepower + lack of international support other than the USSR and Mexico I thought that was basically his conclusion. The Republicans lost due to lack of firepower, although the sectarian intrigues didn't help any. Unless I'm remembering incorrectly, he felt that the only way to mobilize people to fight for the Republic was to turn the civil war into a revolutionary war - but even then you need weapons. >>522544 >Dude, the CIA literally had it made into a movie. They simplified the plot and changed the ending so that Orwell's original message would be lost.
>>521369 >>521694 Reminder those lists were compiled while Orwell was dying of tuberculosis.
>>527915 Does that affect your mental state?
>>520838 Orwell would love traps.
>>528054 He was a man of culture
>>527377 Animal Farm is a great read, and it's fairly short so not even a big commitment.
>>527941 It can. But even if it didn’t, the constant tendency of a lot of leftists to exaggerate a person’s flaws comes out in full force with Orwell. It reminds me of how MLs often feel the need to exaggerate their hatred of Trotsky, where it’s not enough for him to be wrong, they also insist that he actually wanted to restore capitalism and was working with the Nazis. Orwell gets the same treatment. He makes a couple bad lib-tier criticisms of the USSR, and rats out some leftists on his deathbed. Sure, these are bad, but people feel the need to also insist that he was a glowie from day one, that he never actually opposed capitalism, that he went to Spain for LARPing purposes and didn’t actually want to see socialism prevail and fascism defeated etc. None of this is true. It’s pretty clear he was a demsoc and behaved as one, thinking that the Labour Party was a better path to socialism than revolution, and that both East and West were headed in a totalitarian direction.
>>527941 Depends on what kind of TB he had, it can certainly affect your brain - it's not just respiratory. It's also worth remembering that being ill in itself can change people, and could be a side effect of any treatment he was receiving. Not that (as far as I'm aware) there's confirmation he wasn't fully there, so just because it's a possibility doesn't mean it's true.
>>522365 >>Born of British nobility illegally occupying India, to a family of absentee landlords. Not his fault. Engels was the son of a factory owner. >First job as a colonial police officer in Burma, literally carrying out the "brutal authoritarianism" which liberals idolize him for opposing. Something he quickly became disgusted with and stopped doing, and which led him to write extensively against imperialism. >Sheds some crocodile tears on behalf of the dirty poors for a decade but is too repulsed by their smell to actually interact with them What are you talking about? “The Road to Wigan Pier” and “Down and Out in Paris and London” are literally about his experiences living among not just the working class but transients, homeless people, etc. >Goes to Spain to sit around with his thumb in his ass giving good press to all the Republican factions except those that actually did any of the fighting. Confirmed for knowing nothing about the Spanish Civil War and warfare in general. Protip: the CNT-FAI were instrumental in thwarting the coup to begin with. >>Blames muh Stalin for the incompetency of the anarchists and tentative loyalties of Trots and liberals He blames Stalin for pandering to Spanish liberals and porkies instead of pursuing social revolution alongside the war on fascism. >Returns to Britian a hardcore anti-communist writing utter trite like Animal Farm and 1984, forever poisoning the political imaginations of westerners with outrageous racist depictions of any country that stands up the colonialism he personally participated in. So you obviously haven’t read either novel because they are first of all not anti-communist. Second Animal Farm isn’t about colonialism, it’s about the Russian Revolution. >As a final fuck you to the entire world, this subhuman degenerate then decides to act as an informant for MI5 This is honestly the only indefensible thing he did.
(81.45 KB 500x567 CyV2ztc.jpg)
>>520963 Pedophilia is prominent in some diagnosed with autism.
>>528109 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5789215/ "Altogether, paraphilic sexual fantasies and behaviors were reported more frequently in male patients with ASD than in male HCs. After correcting for multiple testing, significant differences were still present in the number of individuals reporting masochistic fantasies, sadistic fantasies, voyeuristic fantasies and behaviors, frotteuristic fantasies and behaviors, and pedophilic fantasies with female children (see Table IV). Female patients with ASD showed no differences in the frequency of paraphilic fantasies or behaviors in comparison with their HC counterparts, except in the frequency of masochistic behaviors, where more female HCs indicated masochistic behaviors than the female ASD patients." True, but this is usually due to hypersexuality in some ASD patients. Otherwise most ASD patients are underwhelmed by sexual activity (30%~) and they're most likely to not get sexual education relating to their behavioral peculiarities
>>522991 Good banner. mods get in here.
>>528143 ASD (n=96) HCs Sexual orientation (n, %) Exclusively/predominantly heterosexual 75 (78.2) 96 (100) Exclusively/predominantly heterosexual, males 45 (80.4%) 57 (100%) Exclusively/predominantly heterosexual, females 30 (75.0%) 39 (100%) >100% heterosexual lol your source is garbage don't spread bullshit here
just some retard who goes between ultra-leftism and liberalism, writes propaganda for capitalists, and snitches and like someone said, probably raped people in burma
(254.80 KB 573x386 peaceful CNT-FAI.png)
>>521694 >>>/hobby/5161 You're welcome >>520838 >>520863 >>522365 Based >>528099 What is it with you and defending dissident faggots? >quickly became disgusted with and stopped doing <ugh I got my hands dirty, I'm leaving Being selfish or self-righteous is not anti-imperialist >Engels was the son of a factory owner <comparing Engels to Orwell Honestly do you hear yourself? >about his experiences And they scream typical "great white saviour complex" He is derisive of "negroes" and other "ungentlemanly" folk >CNT-FAI were instrumental the CNT-FAI bounced between fighting the fascists and kissing their arse, playing football with them and refusing to lly properly with the republic resulting in them allowing the fascists to flank and attack through what should be defended lines. the CNT-FAI were like moody edgy teens with bipolarity, swithcing between "don't tell me what to do mother!" and "fuck you nazi!". On top of this the majority of arms and other military equipment used by CNT-FAI came from Soviet Deliveries which had to go through the Black Sea, through the Mediterranean and through Franco's blockades. But yeah, sure, it was the edgy isolated anarchists that were INSTRUMENTAL in 'THWARTING' the coup. >obviously haven’t read either novel because they are first of all not anti-communist You're a dolt if you believe that >Animal Farm isn’t about colonialism Animal Farm is an allegory while its direct influence in characters and actions is a caricature of the USSR, it also applies to colonial nations which threw off their colonists/bourgeoisie >honestly the only indefensible thing he did Ah. but being a paedophilic pederast is not?
>>559461 You are a fucking retard. Without the CNT-FAI the coup would have succeded in Barcelona, leaving all of catalonia under fascist rule.
(1.70 MB Espana.pdf)
>>559542 Barcelona's troops and main military leaders were wholly loyal to the republic. Not much the CNT could have done if the very CENTRE would have been loyal to the nationalists instead. Moreover considering how Barcelona was the "territory" of the CNT and FAI it isn't that big a defense as, say the center of the conflict like Madrid Where it was the decisive victory of the communists backed by the Soviets What was he point of Barcelona "not falling" if the rest of Catelonia had the fascists walking in and out like nothing half of the time, whenever the FAI decided that it hated "muh soviets" more than the fascists.


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