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Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 01:32:10 No. 396568
Hello, my fellow communists. How do you do?
>>396625 the left
>>396627 you mean progressive vs conservative spectrum?
(113.72 KB 800x1000 leftvalues.png)
>>396622 Leftvalues is extremely inaccurate but as long as you acknowledge that, it's otherwise just a fun internet pastime. idfk (I am not an OrthoMarxist but a Maoist.)
>>396577 Based
(92.73 KB 800x1000 canvas.png)
it got mine right
>>396619 >>396635 Is orthodox marxism just the default or something
(26.28 KB 599x337 1563640611741.jpg)
>>396664 >nationalist
(107.46 KB 787x903 leftvalues.JPG)
(275.79 KB 1538x875 leftvalues2.JPG)
Huh... I thought every single question was stupid, and I dunno what the fuck "eco-marxism" is, but the second one is right.
>>396684 wait no I meant third. I'm a Cybordigist. Fuck Orthodox marxism.
>>396664 Pretty sweet except for the progressive part.
>>396675 OrthoMarxism in leftvalues fits, not only (some) orthomarxists, but also Marxism-Leninism and possibly also Trotskyism. the test falsely implies that ML is "nationalist" because MLs support the right of nations to self-determination, and so you'd need a higher "nationalist" score to get ML. not very gud.
(112.16 KB 583x686 71049817029487109487.jpg)
>>396682 yes >>396695 ok cringeservative
Ehh pretty accurate. It's a pretty dumb quiz but whatever.
>>396707 Never mind, Juche is pretty based.
(156.69 KB 800x1000 leftvalues poltics test.png)
>>396695 This one any better friendo? :^)
>>396736 Based ecologist. Read Linkola.
(30.94 KB 356x486 bruh moment.jpg)
>>396740 >We even have to be able to re-evaluate Fascism and recognize the service that philosophy made 30 years ago when it freed the Earth from the weight of tens of millions of overeating Europeans, six million of them by an almost ideally environment-preserving means
(573.96 KB 491x560 correct.png)
>>396733 correct
(70.83 KB 800x1000 ecomarxism.png)
ecomarxism gang
(95.63 KB 800x1000 canvas.png)
Feel like it isnt too inaccurate
>>396625 >to what side are they biased? Orthodox Marxism, for example the axis it labels as 'Scientific' is really just dogma. There's no room for being scientific and nonetheless disagreeing with some of marx's ideas. Some of which even marx disagreed with(like needing to go through capitalism to do socialism)
>>396791 >only 'very' progressive and ecological Pathetic...
(146.69 KB 800x1000 real shit 2 electric boogaloo.png)
(120.58 KB 800x1000 leftyvalues.png)
(161.88 KB 800x1000 download.png)
I'm a theorylet so I don't even know if this is accurate.
>>396568 All conservatives deserve to be reeducated.
>>396568 Ewww a fucking utopian . Kill yourself
(98.63 KB 800x1000 canvas.png)
(159.19 KB 736x908 value.png)
Kind of scary to see people with eco score above 80%. Folks really think that humanity should come second to nature?
(162.32 KB 720x1084 Screenshot_20200222-014643-01.jpeg)
>>396745 Linkola is ANTI CRACKER GANG bottom text
>>396568 >Utopian >Ecological >Nationalist >Conservative
(132.17 KB 800x1000 canvas.png)
Well, close enough. - this post made by GREEN GANG
>>396707 That's a cracking fade, you must give it to the barbers
(95.58 KB 800x1000 canvas.png)
>>397214 Eh, the questions don't take into account the nuances. I got a high eco score, but that's because I think ruining the ecosystem will decrease the material living standards of humanity on the long-term. I've got no problem with building dams and so forth from a moral standpoint, I just think the current raping of our habitat to be fucking retarded from a practical standpoint.
Those who receive higher nationalist percentages than internationalist are traitors to humanity and will be against the wall when the time comes
>>397584 The real people we should be way of are all those niggers that get conservative over 60, you can't change my mind most of these aren't closet fascists.
>>397507 Well that's my position as well, but I only get 55%. I recall that there are a lot of stupid pro-ecology questions, like "is it ok for humanity to suffer to notable extent in order to preserve natural eco system", "does industrial farming need to be destroyed" or "should we be able to destroy some nature if it brings benefit to humanity".
>>397465 8.5/10
(128.21 KB 800x1000 LeftValue4March2020.png)
(137.02 KB 800x1000 LeftValue26March2020.png)
(130.77 KB 1316x675 LeftValuesAlts26March2020.png)
Took one at the start of the month so it turns out I got a point of reference. Everyone's Orthomarx apparently, but in terms of actual tendencies I'd say M-L. Apparently Leftcom's my second best though but idk bout that; never read Bor B iga or pancake.
>>397782 You might like Bordiga more than you think. Pancake man's tendency is just a more extreme form of anarchism, but Bordiga is sorta the opposite. They certainly don't agree on anything. Any leftcom would slap me for calling bordigism a "more extreme form of Marxism-Leninism" but if you are going off of laymans definitions it's kind of true. His position can be summarized as revolutionary totalitarianism: or being for an invariant program of the communist party, which seeks to establish a complete dictatorship of the proletariat based. For councilcoms, the problem with ML is that it is "too authoritarian" which is infantile bullshit. For Bordiga, the problem with ML is that it advocates united front tactics which are class collaborationist, that it is too wedded to democracy, and that it's economic policies in the countries where it was applied didn't go far enough in terms of asserting centralized control over the economy. https://www.marxists.org/archive/bordiga/works/1926/lyons-theses.htm
>>398322 first paragrah: based... on control rather than democracy.
>>398322 Yeah I'm slow to get around to reading stuff, but Bordiga has always sounded interesting. Thanks for the input; maybe it'll give me a push.
(549.17 KB 1440x2672 Capture+_2020-02-01-11-33-18.png)
Might as well post mine
>>396568 Based Nationalism
>>397588 >he's in the closet Gay.
>>399589 Based.


no cookies?