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/leftybritpol/ - Serious Discussion Edition Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 18:41:37 No. 378486
Hello again friends, I am once more looking forward to the serious discussion that we all enjoy.
>>399373 He got FREEDOM genes.
>>399362 >Flag of Israel >Jewish I'm contacting the EHRC.
Press S to pray that the rumors that Boris Johnson has Cov-19 is true.
Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52060791
>>399914 Your prayers were answered my dude
>>399915 Lmao, unbelievable
bojo: dude herd immunity lmao 2 weeks later: Coronavirus: Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive
Why are leftists on twitter being so loony? Do they actually think they'll convince anyone it isn't important for the prime minister to get the test, let alone not discredit themselves to the public? Anyway - chances the rest of cabinet will be affected?
>>399955 tbf it's good for highlighting the inequity of the situation. (so long as corbyn doesn't get it.) although prince charles already fills that role.
>>399955 Tbh I expect them to have it but they are all pretty young.
>>399955 >Johnson gets infected due to his actions alone >whines about leftists on twitter making a decent point about leadership not being allocated special treatment Bruh, can you stop being a bitch, for five fucking minutes?
>>398393 I didn't realise this was going on until I heard the clapping and looked it up, what a fuckin disgrace as a nation, might as well start praying to comets next
>>399963 Is it really a 'decent point' if it will completely discredit you? Obviously it highlights that we're not all being treated equally... but it's the elected prime minister for fuck sake. If it was some corporate mogul, or a member of the House of Lords, then fair enough. People should be emphasising how important it is for NHS workers to now be tested, which Boris should now know full well.
>>399955 'First among equals' lol
Does corbyn become pm now What will it take
>>399970 If he is the fucking prime minister, he should not even be in a position that he needed to be tested in the first place. His reckless behavior politically and personally meant a testing kit is wasted on him and doctors and nurses need it the most. I am so sick of tried of people in this board whining about what other leftists are saying every fucking time, even now you still find the time and energy to cry about them.
>>399990 Funnily enough, idiots making a leftist cause look like a mockery is something to be annoyed about. Believe it or not, how points are phrased are important. Appearances are important. But sure, let's celebrate the undermining of what we fight for.
>>399999 But it doesn’t make leftists look bad since their grievances are justified. You conveniently side stepped my argument to whine about optics some more.
>>399999 Bojo got the covo lmao
>>399999 What a fucking waste
>>400009 How have I avoided your argument? Instead of looking like a an utter fool by smugly asking why the fucking prime minister was tested, you can say >The PM's carelessness and slow response to a pandemic has put us all in danger, himself included. Testing of essential workers is clearly of great importance. Let's get the NHS staff tested before it's too late. >>400015 Based
>>400022 Dude I literally have my argument here>>399990 Free feel to start arguing anytime instead of resetting everything.
>>400031 Are you taking the piss? Tell me which bit I have not addressed.
>>400034 Are you playing dumb or really just like that? The part about the fact that his reckless behavior and failure to isolate himself. He didn't need a testing kit and he had one coz of his retarded choices.
>>398817 The SEP hands out newsletters made from content on WSWS.
>>400037 How have I not addressed this? >>400022 >>The PM's carelessness and slow response to a pandemic has put us all in danger, himself included.
>>400040 Because you never or didn't want to make the connection that why he should have special treatment when he is the one making the decisions. How ironic that the man who among the entire country is mostly responsible for directly led to the current situation is saved from its worst effects. Just because you can think up a better thing to say doesn't undermine what those other leftists said
>>400042 The funny thing is that nothing will actually change now that he's self isolating because he doesn't actually make decisions or run anything.
>>400044 >The funny thing is that nothing will actually change now That isn't the point... it is a spectacular demonstration of his failure to contain the virus. Oh please, enough with the gaslighting. He has probably infected other VIPs already and will make Number 10 paranoid and panicking in containment.
>>400047 >it is a spectacular demonstration of his failure to contain the virus. Won't look good in the history books anyway
>>400047 NTA and I agree with you about him, just that it's funny to see people say he should resign as though he was making decisions before, he's usually on holiday or mistreating doggos instead of doing anything
>>400055 > it's funny to see people say he should resign as though he was making decisions before At this point why not? UK/Boris has gone full retard, only choice to follow suit. Never go half retard.
>>400055 >mistreating doggos What's this?
>>400060 RNA-led Junta installing Jez for eternal prez when??
(930.92 KB 1062x1406 Jzhzhhz.jpg)
Does anyone remember the story of the kid having to sleep on the floor in a Leeds hospital because there were no beds? And that was before the pandemic
(204.08 KB 652x694 twitcovssscreen.jpg)
(286.79 KB 654x1133 twitcovscreensn.jpg)
(250.80 KB 1060x645 twitcovsreen3.jpg)
How to we reconcile with the fact that these people are some of the only ones who are critical of MSM reporting of foreign policy
>>400176 Do we*
>>400176 I doubt these people are interested in foreign policy, they're more concerned with squirting vinegar in their gardens to break up the chemtrails in the sky, they are not our allies
>>400206 Patrick Henningsen and Anna Brees both made good content against the chemical weapons false flag in Syria.
>>400213 All I can suggest is to try to forcefeed them the materialismpill then
>>400223 Good point, their distrust of the media comes from the idea that all world events are down to some master plan and not the result of a materialist understanding.
I feel like the people on twitter crying about others having fun at Johnson are rehearsing a bit or something coz I barely see a lot of them other than snide remarks
Anyone got an FT sub/the ability to go and get the text of this article? https://www.ft.com/.../f9051f66-cfbe-4b36-848e-3980225ae542 obvs EU ain't great but want to radicalise people with tories choosing a pure brexit over their nan
Lads this thread has been at bump limit for a while so I made a new one NEW THREAD >>400609


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