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United States Politics - /USApol/ Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 09:58:02 No. 373171
WATCH THE STREAM HERE https://www.msnbc.com/ https://www.twitch.tv/central_committee https://nbcnews-lh.akamaihd.net/i/nbc_[email protected]/master.m3u8 Upcoming Primaries What's next : >Feb 3 - Iowa - DONE >Feb 11 - New Hampshire - DONE >Feb 22 - Nevada - IT'S OVER >Feb 29 - South Carolina - DONE >March 3 - Super Tuesday - DONE. >March 10 - Michigan, Washington, Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho, North, Dakota and Democrats Abroad - IT'S OGRE >March 14 - Northern Marianas - DONE >March 17 - Florida, Illinois and Arizona >Who knows at this point Now with Live Streams! CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFE[Embed] Last thread >>346645
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>>403874 It was meant to be stormfag troll autocorrect ate it and I cbf posting a correction assuming it was obvious enough Trolling stored which is to say contained in /poll/ is actually breddy descriptive of stormfag I kinda like this serependitios neologism
>>403899 mautist here, what was that all you leftyfags were telling me about MLM being "too sectarian"? :)))) we have mass appeal haha
(158.29 KB 458x492 NJPdgJQ.png)
>>403905 based
>>402115 >First Image Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make -Lord Farquaad, Shrek
>>403837 Trumps incompetence is going to fix #3 next month
Anyone interested in contributing to this thread: https://lainchan.org/r/res/16370.html ?
(232.62 KB 540x841 1585481851947.png)
No comment
>>404081 BIG BLACK DICK-President or the United States
(110.48 KB 382x929 trump tower milk and cheese.jpg)
>>404081 Ayyy wtf?
>>404059 fuck off with this gay ass website
>>403812 Like 10 candidates with more passionate voter bases dropped out and endorsed him. Also DNC voters legit think voting for a guy they think imaginary Republican voters would like is a good strategy and makes them smart.
(35.77 KB 652x470 1585484142951.png)
(14.81 KB 598x152 1585483229986.png)
I hate Twitter so much. Most Black people aren't capable of getting rid of idpol. Also radlibs and libs in general are worse than Fascists no comparison. https://mobile.twitter.com/Dah_meh_lee/status/1215315988109058049
>>404081 oh dear
>>403812 The self fulfilling prophecy of "electability"
>>404141 >I hate Twitter so much. Most Black people aren't capable of getting rid of idpol. One statement doesn't necessarily logically follow the other. Twitter/Pol/Reddit/whatever are generally poor representations of real life. And irl a lot of race is essentially a mask for class - and not one that's that hard to break unless you cling to white identity... which a lot of white people actually do anyway even if they don't openly admit it. Idpol's persistence is all down to convenience.
>>404081 mutt's law
>>404141 >Most black people aren't capable of getting rid of idpol You're only proving them right.
>>404081 >burgers elected this pervert cuck to stick it to the man <Reminder to only vote third party or write in instead of voting for either of the establishment senile rapists
>>404141 >Most Black people aren't capable of getting rid of idpol do you not read the shit you type and think how a black person would take it? fucking white saviors kys
>>404205 >this entire post waiter please take this trash back I asked for historical materialism and analysis not this shit
>>404209 That thing up there is what happens when you go from the far right to the far left way too fast.
>>404214 Considering joining the far right to even out the score; what'd you think?
>>404219 >>404214 Chapocels
>>404222 Communist
>>404222 black ppl will be the vanguard in the US and you're welcome to join whitey as long as you cut the shit
>>404224 Spastic
>>404222 Hardly. Idpol is stupid and that includes your idpol.
>>404229 >>404224 You retards take materialism too far. Marx and Engels had open racial views/invoked idpol
>>404232 Guy's dead 150 years In that time we've had two world wars, landed on the moon, and invented the internet. Tell me again why Marx is so great?
>>404235 He wrote some nice books that 95% of this board haven't read but should instead of shitposting all day, especially itt.
>>404235 It's the beard. It's all about the beard.
>>404232 >Marx and Engels had open racial views germ theory was barely developed when they were alive, racist pseudoscience about race was normal then
Is it true that Marx was racist against and hated black people?
>>404246 I think he called mexicans lazy
>>404248 >>404246 I think Marx once called anons who couldn't help themselves to post about idpol on /leftypol/ "subhuman degenerates".
>>404248 >comparing the disgruntled victims of slavery who are still affected by it's remains to the nazis go fuck yourself
In 1856 Karl Marx founded National Socialism which would proceed to kill 100 billion people around the world.
>>404254 snowflake
>>404254 yep anon you have a way with words im sure you'll do a wonderful job of radicalizing your coworkers when you tell the black ones to stop being butthurt
So the real reason Blorpmf doesnt Quarantine New York is because of the stock market. That's right, you still need like 100 thousand peons running it even in this online trading only mode. Apparently you cannot shut down the market it's not just stocks its commodities, oil, forex, futures etc billions and billions of transactions with the US government getting a fee from each transaction. Shutting it down will destroy everything. Sadly, New York will have to be sacrificed to keep the Market open. It's the only way.
>>404268 Well Rip New York, well I guess its a good time burn down NYSE. Considering its always in a mess, because people are throwing their shit on the ground. Like they live in a barn where its fine.
>>404209 What was it? >>404240 This. >>404246 No. As far as I can tell. He did call a white guy a jewish nigger, though. >>404251 Reducing the situation in the US to slavery is oversimplifying it and risks obscuring the fact that the segregation era is an actual memory for a lot of Americans.
>>404325 oh fuck off
>>404329 Why? I don't even know what you're responding to.
>>404325 >Reducing the situation in the US to slavery is oversimplifying it and risks obscuring the fact that the segregation era is an actual memory for a lot of Americans. The post said that black people in america treat white people like the nazis treated jews
>>404344 you retards force a meme in "reddit spacing" and now you all use reddit spacing as a way to say "see, the opinions I don't like are all from reddit!"
(132.45 KB 988x1200 three words.jpg)
>>404238 <He wrote some nice books that 95% of this board haven't read but should instead of shitposting all day, especially itt. <especially itt * double-checks thread becuz multi-tabs * yup it's amerimutt politics thread;u wot?
>>404346 Yeah, but I didn't see that post and asked what it was in the post you initially responded to. The part which apparently caused you to go "oh fuck off" was just responding to you characterizing blacks as "the disgruntled victims of slavery." I was literally just giving you advice - it's easier to write off when you talk about the plight of black people strictly in relation to something which happened more than 100 years ago. >>404350 I have literally no clue what you're talking about.
(34.44 KB 720x720 1b159hyhhnm41.jpg)
You have no excuse now.


no cookies?