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/cvg/ - Coronavirus General: Shit's Fucked Edition Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 23:05:52 No. 333858
New one since the old one hit the limit. Watch Dr. John Campbell on Youtube for daily updates on the virus: https://www.youtube.com/user/Campbellteaching/videos And remember to wash your hands, people. COVID-19 TRACKERS: https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 https://ncov2019.live/data https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
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>>402032 stop spreading this racist anticommunist propaganda anytime
>>401142 this anon is right btw the rest of you are liberals if you're upset at the idea of not being able to sling racist shit around. Do you think any organization would want you?
>>402032 Not as much of a mistake as Dead Sea Scrolls, Death of John Paul I, Fall of Constantinople, 2018 Pennsylvania pederasty cases, Saladin, Heliocentric theory, William Tyndale, Native American genocide, Borgia family, Westboro Baptist church, Corinthians 6:9-11, Manifest Destiny, Witch trials, Ninth Council of Toledo, Gregory IX. Chemical analysis of Shroud of Turin, Battle of Jericho, sell of indulgences, Sex-Ed, Holy Spanish Inquisition, Curse and mark of Cain, Joshua Bar Nazarem, Mary Magdalene, Lateran Treaty, Egyptian and Roman syncretism in Christianity, Ku Klux Klan, Treaty of Tordesillas, Harry Potter, bellum iustum, Scholasticism, apocryph gospels, Iēsus Nazarēnus Rēx Iūdaeōrum, theory of evolution, Constitutum Constantini Donatism The Papess Saxon wars Teutonic Order Limpieza de sangre Bernardo Guy Rock music, Matthew 22:21, Pogroms, the Persecution of the Paulicians, the Albigensian Crusade, the Bosnian Crusade ,the Fourth Crusade/sack of Zara and Constantinople ,the Hussite Wars ,the German Peasants' War ,the Schmalkadic War, the Thirty-Years War, the Eighty-Years War, the (French) Wars of Religion, the Beeldenstorm, staroobryádtsy, Skoptsy, San Miguel Canoa Massacre, ustashe
>>402051 b-but muh freeze peach... muh board culture...
>>402051 >>402053 Diagnosis: butthurt
>>402048 Keep in mind that "confirmed cases" are just those who tested positive. If you don't test adequately, you will not detect those that are infected and show mild symptoms. Estimates are that "only" 20% of the infected get a serious condition with one fourth of those needing intensive care. This means that the real number of infected can be 10 to 20 times higher. In the US testing is due to shortages mainly done for already symptomatic individuals. Infected that are currently incubating, so "presymptomatic", can still spread the virus, but have no chance of being detected this way. That means that, at 100k confirmed cases, there are currently about 1 to 2 million infected Americans.
>>402057 Reminder that the white proletariat in the US has no revolutionary potential and any US revolution will be in the hands of black and brown people. Who will have the butthurt diagnosis then? :)
>>402060 idpol
(52.68 KB 800x400 download.jpg)
>>402062 You don't know what that word means. Irish nationalism is idpol are you gonna tell people who want to liberate Northern Ireland that they're the 'bad ones'. Liberal idpol is bad because it atomizes people into groups of 'black' 'trans' etc and serves the goals of the capitalist and it divides the working class. Face it, you're a racist and just use marxism to hide.
>>402060 >Advocating for a race war Begone /pol/
>>402058 If so then the number would be 1% but also increases the chance of getting infected and because the US number doesn't seem to stop this could mean, at most, 3 million people could die.
>>402060 t. saKKKai Shock of Recognition was bretty gud tho
>>402065 if you're upset about anti white politics then explain who in an actual important position is perpetuating it.
>>402060 >in the hands of black and brown people >black LMAOOOO they voted for fucking Biden. the future of Amerikkka once again depends on the hispanic chad
>>402069 >measuring revolutionary potential by looking if someone voted for succdem larping as a socialist
>>402070 still better than voting for fucking senile old fart who happened to be obama's show monkey
>>402068 What are you even on about you retard >>402070 >Voting for Biden is revolutionary LOL and you call other people liberal
>>402070 Maaate, at this point Biden is the accellerationist candidate to the right of Trump Actually that is kinda based voting for the candidate most likely to destroy the USA
(163.81 KB 460x736 revolutionary_potential.png)
>>402071 >>402073 >>402075 Look guys, there's no revolutionary potential in Russia, they all vote for right-wing parties, there's no way something will happen in next five years. Stop caring about electoral politics so much. Everything will change under right circumstances.
>>402048 >Why do we keep throwing the 3.7% Chinese number in European and American countries when we have worse diets than the Chinese. Take a guess. There's a no-holds-barred humanitarian catastrophe ongoing in American hospitals, a loss of jobs absolutely on an unprecedented scale in history and there are now rape accusations against one of the brain-damaged pedophiles who will run the country for the next four years, and the mainstream media is blacking it all out. I've never seen such an absurdly large chunk of reality itself be completely ignored by media like this.
>>402082 sadly that was before fascism was a thing most white bois out there will soon join the fash than be socialist like the EVIL chinks and spics from china and venezuela
>>402082 >comparing backward feudal society that just had some reforms to mature bourgeois democracy that's in place for third of millennium.
>>402095 So you're saying the IRA were in the wrong?
>>402097 I'm saying you're a cunt
(46.28 KB 549x272 1.png)
>>402032 This same christ"com" user has been using David Ike's right wing conspiracy site as "source" against China, keeps posting the same /pol/ sinophobic screencaps and now HK shit. When will OldBO come back again?
>>402048 Keep in mind that the average age of those who caught the coronavirus in Italy is higher than those who caught it in other countries.
New thread : >>402113
>>402102 It's probably a bot. >>402114 Broheim, this is a recycling thread. It's perma-bumpable, but to avoid it growing out of control, it's limited to 500 posts, with the older ones being deleted as new ones are made.
(2.14 MB 2560x1920 1444942811493.png)
>>402032 The Maoists would have purged you in the Cultural Revolution for being a christ"com". Christianity was only tolerated starting in Deng era.
>>401059 Guess who gets a free pass to the gulag? It's a (You)
>>402049 >>402052 >>402102 >>402154 Cope harder Dengists. Lie, lie, lie - bye bye
>>402064 <Face it, you're a racist and just use marxism to hide. t. Lasalle
>>401059 where the fuck are the jannies ? remove all this rockstar bs, I don't care, it's offtopic
>>401142 what fucking racism
>>402319 Probably has something to do with anons saying nigger and chinks and shit, which sounds mean to liberal ears. Is my guess
>>402102 >When will OldBO come back again? we didnt deserve him. These pinned thread are absolutely filled with retarded offtopic shit, and the mods aren't cleaning it fast enough >>401224 how is that shit even legal in US ? >>401294 I mean, not to diminish health workers, but the main thing right now seem just about putting people on respirators, put them to sleep and monitoring, most people could prolly learn that in a two days training.
(203.87 KB 842x356 bethune.png)
>>402347 >most people could prolly learn that in a two days training. That's a bit naive fact is if you've been hospitalized you've got underlying conditions, which will exacerbate,or, you have a compromised immune system... Either way it will go beyond putting people on respirators. t. an MS sufferer
(715.71 KB 977x736 indianCHAD.png)
he's real
This was a good thread. Except for the bad stuff but still a good thread
>>402456 Does life imitate art, or vice versa?
>>402367 >bethune Based, based, beyond based. Back in Mao's day, his were the only statues of Westerners in China beside the old quartet of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin.
(102.15 KB 1280x720 HUEHUEHUE.jpg)
A small update on Bolsonaro. First, I tried to sum up the madness which, I fear, is a worldwide trend, with Brazil, the USA and the UK as the worst current cases: >>399628 >>399659 As for the coronavirus, from the start, his puppeteers made him downplay it and whine about muh sensationalist press. As it kept spreading globally, his bullshit finally started shocking people instead of being omninormalized. When his entourage infamously spred the plague to Trump's clan and den of thieves, his unending stream of imbecility was finally starting to sink into people's minds -- and ditto for his American mindtardmaster. This doesn't mean, however, that he ever admitted having been a carrier, as that would make his culture war bullshit not just exposed, but impossible to ignore. So the circus kept doubling-down, which, incidentally, it's an atitude I have noticed they have accepted as inviolable dogma. Not cancelling the already iffy protests in March 15 which was called before the global spread (see post linked below) provoked visible outrage, and his "orders" for people to keep on woking were duly shat upon by everyone who isn't personally connected to his clan, including most, possibly all, governors, who overruled his bullshit. One of whom, a shameless crook and early Bolsonaro supporter, took particular offense with this disregard for the public health because he's a MD by trade. His disdain for Bozo's attitude was palpable during the press event, and, it should be said, a lot of Bozo's election partners-in-crime have been using the many opportunities to flee that sinking ship. Since reactionarism knows no bounds (I'm not being sarcastic when I say it's a pathological antagonism to civilization) his puppeteers had his powerless ass still give "orders" to include temples as the essential services which are to remain in operation during quarantine. Regarding Bozo's personal relationship with Corona-chan, see >>403252 Lastly, he's a cuck. Seriously. He hadn't been paying his missus much attention the past few months (not even a boob job seems to have done the trick), and she spent some time traveling the country as part of the health minister's entourage. Rumors, naturally, kept growing, until Bozo, tactical genius that he is, confirmed them by accident when he fired that minister out of the blue and forcing his wife into a lonely but short-lived sinecure at the national library.
>>402456 that dude is a fucking asshole stupid religious mongoloid told his family not to tell anybody else about it, what a shitty weasely thing to do
>>403331 what is the opposition like? does bozo show his face daily to give "updates" or anything
>>403592 Regarding Bozo's updates, well that's pretty much all he does. The other two branches have left him powerless outside of his ex officio duties, which now boil down to nominating people his handlers tell him to nominate. His ministers, however, have been shitting up their respective portfolios, but Bozo himself has almost nothing to do. He doesn't get invited to international meetings, foreign dignataries other than his few fellow troglodytes avoid him like the plague (even more so now), and even his public appearances have to be curtailed because he's literally too stupid to read from a teleprompter. His handlers actually have to come up with imbecilic declarations, cheap PR stunts like schmoozing with carefully selected people at rodeos, Facebook livestreams and manufactured controversies so the news has any reason at all to mention him. He was elected on Spectacle and fiction, so he needs Spectacle and fiction in order to continue to exist. About opposition, it's a topic in itself because of the many idiosyncracies of this new age in an already idiosyncratic country. One which I'll mention outright is that he his puppeteers completely wasted his political capital and chances at any kind of power grab out of sheer stupidity and pettiness. Several of the media outlets nominally opposed to him made overtures towards peace after the election, and all were rebuffed. His circus has the mentality of terminal reactionaries: they accept no cooperation other than complete submission to themselves. The biggest idiosyncracy is probably the political autism which has possessed the people after his election. People just plain don't seem to see politics as something which is part of their lives. The comparison with soap operas which I made in one of those posts is true in more than one sense, because politics not just has been completely depoliticized, but fully Spectacularized. Not necessarily in the sense of entertainment, but in the passivity that it entails. By definition, those who aren't acting are watching and can do nothing to change the act, and this seems to be how everyone unconsciously thinks of politics now, just something which you watch on the news and read on the internet and can't affect at all. So the left has been dead due to lack of presence in the streets, but then again, so has the right. Bozo's support peaked at the election and has only ever fallen since. Also, the media deliberately black out anything regarding the left to prevent its return to power in the wake of the clown inevitable pratfall, and in this horrible new world, if it's not in the media, it doesn't exist. I think this topic goes way, way deeper than I can express here, involving Spectacle, hyperreality, sociation consensual reality, consensus reality (not the same thing) and more. I dedicate a lot of posts in the BR thread to this. This divorce between people and politics is no doubt related to the anti-PT campaign which spun out of control and led to this fiasco. I fear the people have been legitimately conditioned in the true sense of the term. During about 5 years of the Brazilian establishment's concerted effort to oust and smear PT, they could summon immense crowds at will to astroturf anything connected to PT. Now, with the concerted effort over, they can no longer do so, and more importantly, the people won't act by themselves. It's like you trained a dog to bark on command but, unwittingly, this makes the dog never bark without your command again. Another factor, connected to the previous two, is the omninormalization which I detail in one of the linked posts. Bozo's circus gives us a reason to impeachment a day and gets away with it. The opposition media operates in the typical fashion of reporting "objectively" while using a very biased tone, choice of words etc. This worked wonders when the entire media was hammering the same message, but now, these indirect cues for twhich told the brainlets "you should be angry at this" or "this is actually something good" have no effect. So it just ends up making whatever is being reported, no matter how absurd, appear normal. The mechanism behind this is disturbing if my analysis is true, as it means that the conditioning done to the people includes making all the thinking for them. The anti-PT campaign taught them to not get just (biased) information from mass media, but what to think about that information. It's as if people lost the capacity to judge information by themselves, or to connect separate data in order to reach conclusions. Now the indirect cues of only part of the media are not enough an obvious command for the dog to bark, and the media is trapped by the very format it uses to manipulate information and serve bourgeois dictatorship. Namely, it cannot tell the unvarnished truth because the format since since the beginning of mass media was designed to keep this from happening in the first place. No one can make their hyperreality stick, so in the absence of one, whatever happens, happens. There is no baseline normalcy, there is no outrage nor shame so long as crimes and sins are committed with conviction. The anti-PT campaign spun out of control and broking fucking reality itself. Still regarding omninormalization, it's like this. If a newspaper were to print "Bolsonaro fucked a chicken" (he actually did) on the first page, it would be blitzed with lawsuits, smeared and ostracized by loyalist media, possibly harassed by his supporters and, now, also be defamed by the most delirious claims possible by a massive network of bots and shills. The fact itself it reported would be assimilated by very few people. I could fill a library with examples of this, so I'll just keep to the biggest case. Glenn Greenwald's paper revealed, with unassailable evidence, that the Car Wash operation, central to the anti-PT smear campaign and Bozo's subsequent election, was indeed in cahoots with several major media outlets and political powermongers, just like the left said. And it caused not just one but two coups, the disguised coupeachment and Lula's arrest in the election year by Car Wash itself. It's absolute fact that we have been living in a farce since 2013. And the impact of these earth-shattering revelations prompted an immense nothing at all. It helped Lula be freed earlier, but that's it. We're stuck in this bizarre limbo where facts literally don't matter anymore. That's because the only people with the power -- and the duty -- to act on these accusations are themselves the accused. It's like politicians simply ignored the Watergate revelations until reporters stopped asking, and the people didn't ask at all. By now, everyone outside of Bozo's circus and its criminal beneficiaries wants it burned to the ground, but they can't do so without incriminating themselves. So they're currently undoing the Car Wash fairy tale they helped create. Until then, it seems Bozo can get away with murder. Perhaps literally so, if they don't act on this coronavirus absurdity. One thing I noticed before the coronavirus finally creating some baseline reality against which people could better notice that indeed this president is a retarded crook, is that this happened, to a lesser degree, during the Amazon fires last year. This makes me think that something outside of the Brazilian reality, namely the international nature of these two topics, finally provided that baseline reality at least for a while. Having lost ours, that of someone who wasn't hit by the anti-PT campaign and the madness which followed served as surrogate.
>>403331 How the fuck didn't people demand him to step down? Seems like he send his nation directly into a massive catastrophe so that porky could reek in some extra gains.


no cookies?