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/QTDDTOT/ III Anonymous 03/06/2020 (Fri) 19:16:47 No. 331128
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread: Part Three
>>396953 Why do you think this is curiously suspicious ? Have you looked up medical knowledge and practice in that time do you think it was possible to use the influenza plague as a weapon ? If So explain how they did that.
Can anyone explain to me the difference between an embargo and sanctions?
>>397349 >Does this make them evil landlords like the people who own more than one property and then rent it out? If so, why? It doesn't make them evil, but economic rent is a drag on the economy as a whole since it sucks value away from productive sectors of the economy and goes into the hands of rentiers. Even classical economists and social reformers of the 19th century recognized that economic rent was parasitic and should be abolished. The first thing that usually happens in a revolution in a backward country is to redistribute land from the old owners - the church, aristocracy, or landlords, into the hands of landless peasants or tenant farmers. This redistribution is what actually jump-starts the economy in newly-developing countries.
>>397810 sanction block certain areas embargoes block everything
Shit bros family members saying they believe in Qanon what should I do?
>>398330 Vaccinate them with TrueAnon
>>396264 Pornography is a sin
>>398334 God is a fag
>>398332 How? What do I tell them? I basically want to say all the spooky stuff they think is a deep state leftist plot, is actually the nature of capitalism... but I want to say it more fully and articulate.
>>398334 if god didn't like porn he would have stopped me last time i wanked off
>>398336 Ok and I love god not the fag in him.
>>398346 Just tell them a lot of QAnon is people trolling under his name and TrueAnon has all the facts of the conspiracy.
>>398346 This is the question I really care about not porn guys.
>>398358 What is trueanon? I'm not in this rabbit hole
>>398363 Redpilled podcast, pisspiggrandad is one of the hosts
>>398365 Is it crude in language? Dealing with a 70 year old boomer anon. I know its silly just as it is. why we should avoid crude propaganda imo. Or at least tailor to the audience.
>>398707 >Is it crude in language? yeah its in the same vein as chapo. probably not a good idea. not sure how to help here but is it such a problem for a 70yo boomer to believe crazy shit? unless you think they're gonna get themselves hurt maybe its best to let them be
I don't care that much about economics so could someone help me? The argument against taxing the rich I see the the most is that because most of their wealth comes from solid assets, so they would not be able to afford higher taxes. But would higher taxes just force them to liquidate their assets to pay taxes? Thus fixing two problems at once?
>>398841 We don't do liberalism comrade kinda a question for a liberal.
>>398848 Could you explain why that is a question for a liberal?
>>398716 I'll give a little more explaination then seen here >>398346 And then link to some cockshott vids.
>>398875 We aren't as socialist thinking about tax rates lol. We are trying to abolish the class system, not wrangle it with taxes. Tell you what ill still try to answer might be wrong will see. They're the wealthiest people in the world, who's stepping up to buy all this property? Other current more social democractic governments have higher taxes I'd say no its wouldn't effect it. The falling rate of profit and crisis capitalism. have way bigger chance of disrupting the relations of property ownership of assets.
Is Anarcho-fascism (anfash) worth looking into to take on as an actual ideology?
>>399739 no. read marx or cocksott instead.
I've returned to leftypol after three years. Sadly I didn't get to read quite as much as I hoped, but certainly more that I did while I was active. I'm wondering what has changed? I remember hearing there being a leftypol/leftpol split on fullchan, and obviously that fullchan was nuked, but other than that, I didn't manage to keep up with what the developments were. I see the user count has decreased, which is sad I guess. What else happened? where are all the old posters? How's everyone?
>>400135 after the split both boards lost users and were all but dead. Old Board Owner stepped down in disgrace but the staff who hadn't had much say in any decisions stayed on and tried to fix things. Then 8ch got destroyed and we came to this backup site. /leftypol/ and /leftpol/ reubited on here and we're slowly regaining our lost users. Things are run much more democratically now which has its ups and downs. We also share the site with /GET/, but the site owner is someone without any boards. Read the manifesto in the pinned thread if you care, there's an infographic. All the old tripfags sold out around the time of the split, and moved to twitter to be worshiped by their respective sycophants.
>>400135 There's not a lot to tell after the great schism. old BO resigned, the old namefags are gone, there's a couple of new generals, leftytrash was sent to /GET/, hunger games threads disappeared, dengism is apparently more popular
>>400135 what have you read anon?
>>400157 >>400168 What about the wider communist and left communities? How did leftypol change in relation to them? I was mostly out of touch of proper discourse, so most of what I heard was radlibs adopting the term "praxis" and twitter mobs getting more obnoxious. >>400229 I started contributing and working on the redtexts archive (https://redtexts.org/) so I proofread some texts from there, otherwise I tried to gain a better understanding of philosophy, reading Aristotle and Plato, tried Augustine, even Monadology by Leibniz, although I can't claim to have understood a thing. One should have had the time to read a lot more in three years, but since I mostly get to read while commuting, I can't say to have properly studied the texts either :(
>>400157 >Things are run much more democratically now Is that why thread IDs were pushed on everyone, to the dismay of almost everyone, a few days ago?
>>400342 They reversed it almost immediately when people complained
>>400157 Oh thank fucking god, does that mean Hoochie Minh isn't around anymore?
Can someone please help me understand the concept of dialectical materialism? I'm having a hard time grasping it.
>>401414 a long time ago a guy named hegel had a method of thinking called [dialectics]. What made it special was its focus on self-development. The inconsistencies, or contradictions, in ideas would express themselves through change. The classic example is that of quantity into quality. If you lose a certain quantity of hair on your head, you move to the quality of balding. Anyway don't worry about that, cause Marx came along and said ideas are bullshit. The world was primarily material, this is called [materialism]. So while he kept hegel's method he applied it to political economy. All history is the history of class struggle because, until now at least, all societies have had a class division that was in itself contradictory. The crisis in capitalism happen because of capitalism, not any outside force. They can only be solved by moving beyond capitalism. That's just the foundations of the term. Since marx a lot has been written about [dialectical] [materialism] that has veered into different directions. If you have a more specific question, like what trotsky or stalin mean in some passage, go ahead.
>>401960 thanks anon
What is the reading order for the MCU (Marx Communist Utopia) I've heard there is a Das Kapital, then there is a Manifesto. What is the chronological order in which leftist theory was written NOT published. I want to be able to follow the timeline properly.
>>402478 Just look it up on MIA, for example for Marx and Engels: https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/date/index.htm >>401414 It's not worth spending too much time engaging with. Most of what is called "Dialectical Materialism" was made up half a century after Marx died to prop up the USSR, and are now only used by ML cults. Cyril Smith has good texts debunking those ideas and their history.
(24.13 KB 243x341 duginator.jpg)
So lads, what do we think of pic related? I know he's a nazbol (pretty much invented it if I understand correctly), and that his commitment to a marxist political project is questionable, but still may be that his influence and thinking will destabilize world order to our advantage, no?
>>402748 ok anon, I read the article, very interesting but idk if you wanted me to infer anything in particular from it other than he's against postcolonialism in Africa or if you just wanted to share
Yo fam why is lenin's body in a museum? Like that is weird Also what's the deal with p*tin
To any polish anons,do you know the name of the song that starts at 4:00? https://youtu.be/aCyrAD4TuB0
>>402721 Dugin has zero commitment to Marxism or even socialism. He literally believes in a "new imperialism" in which Russia is a world power dominating almost all of Eurasia. If you read his shit, he advocates corporatist nazi economics and is absolutely not in favor of unions, proletarian liberation, etc.
>>402778 Its for when we revive Lenin
>>404028 aight
>>404086 maotard
>>404088 who? me or the people who say this?
>>403908 thx comradbro
>>403908 Why does Maupin like him then?


no cookies?