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(31.86 KB 688x659 vlady_yes.png)
(719.72 KB 1244x612 political ideology catgirls.png)
Alunya and the Political Ideology Catgirls Anonymous 03/05/2020 (Thu) 00:59:29 No. 326378
Last thread ( >>71758 ) hit the post limit and got bumplocked. Post your catgirls here instead.
(174.37 KB 1657x2131 bunker_mom.jpg)
(360.91 KB 2812x2480 ayyy_lmounds2.jpg)
Greetings from >>>/GET/!
>>452011 >Pregnant happy hoxa cat Hggn wanna hug and be happy together.
(362.87 KB 2812x2480 ayyy_lmounds4.jpg)
(437.92 KB 2409x2127 kitty_titty_draft_panels.jpg)
>>452011 here's the rest of the draft panels
>>452011 >>452216 Yessss, I love anhox cat and preggers, this is utopia The posadism cat stuff looks great too, not as much my thing though. Here's to more catgirl porn!
(33.72 KB 623x466 x9f635erjdw31.jpg)
>>450872 >>452011 >>452399 sweet baby jesus
>>449623 >I like it Agreed >>449948 >a female Porky wouldn't be too attractive anyway (if you want to keep to the iconic grinning design). I mean, it'd be like a weird Cheshire cat-pig gesugao kind of thing maybe? >This new Fat-Cat charaacter, however is new so there's no reason why they can't be female. I think Fat-Cat, in keeping with the theme, should definitely be a girl :3 Maybe that's their dynamic, Porky and Fat-cat always trying to screw everyone and each other (in every sense of the word). An antagonistic, dysfunctional couple who deserve one another. >>449974 >don't_know_if_I_can_fap_to_this_but_I'll_goddamn_try.jpg >>450191 >I want sexy porky-chan to dominate and exploit me :3 Gender swap version when? O-or >>450320? B-both? >>452216 If only she was real ;_; >>452437 >Here's to more catgirl porn! C'mon other artists, get involved!
>>452692 >C'mon other artists, get involved! I'm still trash but I will try lel
(11.61 KB 238x211 yes.jpg)
>>452719 >I'm still trash but I will try lel
>>452692 >C'mon other artists, get involved! The little drawings I do are on paper, and they aren't cat porn.
(115.77 KB 275x200 cat.gif)
>>452800 Why not do cat porn tho?
>>452812 the wheat-friend does not enjoy lewds, only the supple form of human bodies in non-lewd situations.
>>452820 sounds good tbqh
Wtf is this gay shit lmfaooooooo At least twitter artist get paid commissions for drawing cringe shit but you niggas really out there doing these for free hahahaha
>>452843 That's my boy! There is nothing more to life other than economic transactions and rational consoomer behavior.
>>452847 Hush. Back to drawing catgirl teeth and tongue!
>>452812 I do not enjoy drawing pornography. This -> >>452820 >>452843 Well, we are communists :^)
>>452919 >Don't enjoy drawing porn What are you a puritan? Do what you like best though. Maybe draw Qt girls without nudity.
>>452011 Please impregnate the rest of the cats
>>452965 I've already drawn pretty girls before. Those drawings of Grace and Cat kissing are from me :> Currently i am doing more Franco-Belge style of art.
>>452994 I only draw if i feel like it, otherwise you can commission me:>>446018
>>446029 Quagmire toilet
What the fuck happened to catgirl threads? This is nothing but a coomer circlejerk now.
>>453342 Yes anon, nobody ever made porn of our board-tans until now.
(207.93 KB 1766x1412 EXPANDED_Productive_Forces.jpg)
>>453342 suck it normie big tiddy political catgirls 4 lfye t.Drawanon
>>454087 Naisu. I want Deng cat to choke me with her large productive forces.
>>454087 >It doesn't matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as she got big tids
>>454087 damn maoism girl do be lookin kinda fine doe 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
>>454087 also, you mispelled "its"
>>454131 I also mispelled 'requires' and missed a space between 'manage' and 'dear'. t.Drawanon.
>>454128 she look fine for a reason: Maoism is the third and highest stage of Communist theory, and it is universally correct.
>>454128 It's the short twin-braids. Maybe also the tanned skin. t.Drawanon
>>454087 That picture managed to make me cringe and laugh at the same time.
>>453342 >What the fuck happened to catgirl threads? I mean, it is contained to this thread and the one on /GET/, so you could make another non-coomer version.
>>452996 >Currently i am doing more Franco-Belge style of art. Cool and Tintinpilled.
(449.93 KB 1228x1200 Chonkidna.jpg)
>>454087 >big tiddy political catgirls 4 lfye Tattoo that shit on me breh >nipple shadow hnnnnng
>>454087 Why am I cringing, laughing and getting hard at the same time?
>>446018 Comrades, can we collect 15 dollars together for a hot Marx catgirl? We call her Marxy
>>454810 >>455497 Because Deng is acting like a generic anime villian and making a pun but has big, detailed tids as well. t.Drawanon
(2.24 MB 2372x3162 IMG_20200422_152323.jpg)
>>455582 I want to squish her cheeks.
>>455582 Trying is the most important thing! Here's a little advice: I can see your face is very flat, try some basic exercises in thinking three-dimensionally like drawing a cube from as many angles as possible first from real life and then from your mind. I'd also recommend the book 'Perspective made Easy' for this issue. Apart from that, good job! You managed to capture the expression well. P.S. I see you're calculating the VOLUME of water up there... Hopefully you wont have to expand it too much.
>>446018 Is not for free? REVISIONISM
(438.82 KB 583x568 Josip_Broz_Tito_1971.png)
>>455742 *Laughs in Yugoslavian*
>>455582 That's pretty good Anon :)
>>398653 boy i wish i could draw
>>455598 >>455672 >>455843 UwU Thanks you! Will definitely try that out! @Mods: this board is about to hit the Bump limit, did we save all the drawings and images?
(488.28 KB 1226x1917 IMG_20200422_221924.jpg)
coffee without cream or without milk
>>456362 Ideally the artists of the posts would put them on the booru. However I will also try using the new(ish) archive feature on this thread. Don't really know if it saves images in full resolution though.
>>456690 nice!
>>456690 Without cream as we don't have drinking cream in my country.


no cookies?