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>>664708 You bring it on yourselves, the board actually agreed on something for once and you swapped out our choice (the fact cracker was second place speaks volumes about you all, and that you didn't even include the board suggestion shows why most users berate you guys) and then "voted" on it. It wasn't a broad suggestion you should do what you like, it was a specific request based on consensus that should have been accepted wholesale or disregarded. The fact the board is unmoderated at numerous hours during the day and hotpocketing shoots through the roof at certain times because you feel you need to be proactive just irritates users further. And don't start with that typical "akshually, we're the big boys here" you all like to give, no you fucking aren't, you regularly get bullied and spammed to death and made to look totally incapable and pathetic. Who do you think you're convincing or winning over with this internet tough guy shit?
>>664713 Glad to be of service. >>664743 >muh word filter actually, we are the adults here because we don't care about that stuff >And don't start with that typical "akshually, we're the big boys here" Aw shit. The filter was put in place with a very quick voting, at my insistence. We did approval voting, which I guess the mods were too "approving" because no mod was really satisfied of the results. The niggger <-> cracker word filter had been discussed multiple times in the past couple of months.
>>664783 <The filter was put in place with a very quick voting, at my insistence. We did approval voting, which I guess the mods were too "approving" because no mod was really satisfied of the results. Oh god how awful for you not being happy with your ideas nobody else liked either. >given opportunity to win over dengists, shitposters, censorious types, everyone that pushed the idea and those that were brought on board with it >instead coom your pants at the thought of finally doing what you always wanted to do, but recoil at the thought of doing what the userbase wants at the same time >despite the fact it would have let you do what you wanted all along This is why nobody likes you and the moment space fucks up everyone's going to GETchan on the premise none of you are invited. How are you actually writing out that your biggest disappointment is that the mods didn't like the filter, when none of the userbase like it either, when the userbase were the ones that suggested the filter in the first place and you totally ignored the one they wanted? Do you people just like being abused by ban evaders? Which mod are you?
>>664800 >Do you people just like being abused by ban evaders? kinky. >Which mod are you? no. I'm telling you the vote was rushed on purpose.
>>664804 Did anyone on the mod team suggest that the vote should be between implementing the wordfilter as it was suggested by the userbase or not at all? You should post the mod votes for each filter, for transparency sake.
>>664804 Also, since you obviously want it to be known, what was the reason behind the rushed voting and why did you push for it?
>>664815 Yes. There was a lot of insistance on it. Tbh, I think the proposal was dropped since I was pushing the vote to go through. >>664817 🙄🙄 now I don't want to say There was one idiot that was spamming niggger everywhere. It was getting so overboard that some discussions were being derailed. This happened the same day as the subreddits shutting down. I figured it might have been an edgy redditor or an edgy leftypoler who wanted to show how edgy he was. I was tired of moderating this childish niggger spamming and pushed for the vote to institute the wordfilter asap because it was already too overwhelming. We're still discussing the word filters btw. I was usually against them, but this idiot just pushed it too far when I was already very busy IRL. Just as a reminder that I speak for myself. Every mod has their own opinion about how things should be run and their own reason for voting on it.
>>664861 Okay let me just strip it all of mod internal insights so you can see how it looks to everyone complaining: >people in the chapo thread decide uighur should be the filter, after much arguing >they suggest it in /gulag/ >mods decide to make it a filter >instead vote on their own ideas >majority of users dislike the winner, everyone hates the runner up >apparently the mods don't even like the result leaving the question "why even ignore the user suggestion?" >mods decide to back up the decision they don't even like for days by insisting they are the ones in charge, while being pelted with tomatoes on the podium Do you see the problem here? This was the easiest PR win in imageboard history and you've got people bitching at you, on top of that it was something you wanted to do anyway. You could not ask for more favorable conditions to do what you want, except you fucked it up, annoyed everyone involved, and now everyone knows not to trust you with any requests because you will abuse them (for a request you wanted!).
>>664708 from the guy who came in to this with "what are you gonna do about it". Jesus the fucking autism. Have a little self awareness, where do you think you are? This isn't a polite place in case you hadn't noticed
>>664900 >from the guy who came in to this with "what are you gonna do about it" Wait, you weren't a janny?
>>664888 Yes, I understand your point and I agree with what you have to say. I don't really prioritize PR. Perhaps I should. I'll lobby for this change on your behalf, anon.
>>664903 Don't assume anyone you're talking to is a volunteer unless you see the tag at least for the first post in a chain.
>>664911 Bruh it didn't have to be PR, it's PR now it's a fuckup. There was no logical reason to ignore the users and for mods to start swinging their dicks about it, acting like they're proud of voting on the second worst option available when the users would have loved the one that was suggested. It just doesn't make any sense you would veto a well liked user submitted word filter for ones the mods chose but don't even like. It just escapes me why you would vote on your own ideas none of the mods liked over the ones the users suggested lmao. I just don't get it. Several mods have come into the threads acting like everyone is mad but really they're just bewildered at how stupid you could be. Anyway it's good you're taking it into account but there's a good chance the easy win is always going to look like a step down at this point. At least uighur will work better with the glowie meme (part of the reason it was suggested btw). Try to make it case sensitive so it doesn't look like shit for glowUighur etc.
>>664926 This would be easier if vols didn't drop their tag constantly and repeatedly attempt to plain clothes their way in threads they're getting grief. It doesn't help that a lot of them like to sperg out and act like retards.
While I'm here, I'd like to announce that the beloved 'IQ' -> 'autism level' word filter is unfortunately not going to be able to come back. Stephen Lynx doesn't allow for spaces in his word filter. So any instance of the letters IQ would be filtered, such as 'liziqi' or 'critique'. Send him an e-mail to fix it.
Edited last time by zulveta on 07/04/2020 (Sat) 00:51:52.
>>664939 Little known old leftypol fact, I suggested the autism level wordfilter, except the original was "good boy points"
(14.09 KB 365x191 votes.png)
>>664928 >There was no logical reason to ignore the users The vols are still users as well. Three users(one of them a vol) suggested uighur, it was proposed, all the other users didn't like it. Filtering it to something else was agreed on, then to decide what to filter it to there was a ranked choice vote, and the compromise filter won. In that time maybe more users have expressed interest in the word filter being uighur, but because of the large influx in traffic and spam we were voting quickly to enable word filters and didn't want to wait three days to take a poll. A filter can always be changed later if people don't like it. Logically sound, and most people seem fine and went on their way with posting. There are times when things are a big deal, like the user IDs, but this isn't one of those times. Just for you though, I have proposed it again. If it fails you'll have to join everyone else and move on, it's democracy. Here's the result list, incomplete as some couldn't react to vote and were counted separately. I'm the one that wanted uighur to win by the way.
>>665018 Guess that's why they call it the cringe committee. >If it fails you'll have to join everyone else and move on, it's democracy. Wrong. Nobody ever asked for the mods opinion when asking for the filter. Vote whatever you like because you're still ignoring what people asked for no matter what you decide. People asked for a specific filter, you decided to pick your own. Fuck you.
>>664903 No, i am the opposite of a janny i come here and janny the jannies with my words
>>665018 Also you faggots spelt it wrong, the one fucking option on the whole thing spelt wrong is the one people suggested. You really don't give a shit do you? Did you even tell the other dozen layabouts whose only interaction with the website is that that is what the people chose?
>>665018 Yeah get fucked bucko nobody has to listen to you cunts, you jumped up quango fuckers. NOBODY ASKED
(14.09 KB 365x191 votes.png)
>>665052 Here's what these masters of comedy voted on. Not a single one of them cast a vote for the community, the 1 is just to register it. They don't deserve to suck wet shit out of our assholes.
>>665074 I mean the mods are fags but N* to Uighur is pretty fucking funny
>>665078 Yeah, it is pretty funny isn't it? That's what the community suggested and these faggots ignored and didn't vote for once.
>>665074 ginjeet are you legitimately retarded? it says one person voted for it right there.
(2.61 KB 139x57 4.png)
>>665092 >>665092 2 people voted for it actually
>>665092 I'm not ginjeet you dumbass, do you think the posts would be this short if I was? The mods are just pissing off that many people every other week. When a vote is held on these new IRC-like chats typically people have to click on an already existing button, so each one gets a +1 from the admin who creates it. The best case scenario for this either way mr janny defender is that only one person voted for what people wanted.
>>665018 >90 % of the user base support the /leftypol/ uighur visibility initiative. >"there was a ranked choice vote" >*shows approval ballot* >uighur spelling wrong Is this the power of democratic centralism?
>>665018 Is this a joke? Nobody uses the matrix chat.
>>665109 It's actually why we bully them, they don't respond to anything less than multiple users attacking them. Even a friendly request will be abused by these cumsock faggots.
Mods this is sage here. Your ban is outrageously unjust. You gave me no warning at all and that thread was just a shitpost chill out please it was intended as a troll thread
Where have all the mods that try and show off gone? >>665134 So you guys have enough time to ban sage, but not respond to accusations of your own incompetence? Why are you rigging votes nobody asked for? I thought you were big tough guys who would never stop posting? Have you gone soft? Do you need some viagra?
>>664503 >>664596 Here is the new restaurant thread >>665153
>>664671 wtf is going on this guy said i couldn't make a new restaurant thread!?!?!
>>665182 That was someone imitating the staff. The thread is ok.
>>665209 Do not believe anyone you're talking to is a volunteer unless you see the tag at least for the first post in a chain. Like this.
>>665209 >>665216 This is why mods should be required to post with the tag on in this thread. So that users are able to discern who is who. This was put to a vote among the mods and then buried. Did you even vote on it or not bother because it's so ridiculous? The police policing themselves, imagine.
>>665121 Indeed comrade, all new Reddit refugees and uninitiated oldfags take note: We must be vigilant in online moderation line struggle. CALL OUT heavy handed moderation which stifles both discussion and shitposting under the guise of quality control. ASK WHY the thread was bumplocked or the post deleted FIRMLY DEMAND the thread be unlocked and the discussion allowed to continue. Do not just do this for your own posts BACK UP your comrades when they are banned and locked. PERSIST in your struggle. Do not let up, the janny will try and say "off topic" they will try and say "idpol" they will try and say anything to have their whim met. But don't yourself be heavy handed. PRAISE instances of good moderation and thank the mods for reversal. SUGGEST better ways of moderation in a constructive manner FOLLOW all other board ettiquette and be an examplary poster
>>665074 Retard keep being triggered because of your funny meme
>all these people butthurt about not being able to say n*gger
(95.59 KB 556x430 1468034887495.png)
black king
>>666688 based
>>666497 It really is hilarious how mad this makes people
>>666497 at least they should've changed nyggas to something funne and not the reddit tier le based black man king of the apes
black king
Why is the moderation thread unpinned?
I request >>29209 be moved to >>>/hobby/


no cookies?