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Anonymous 02/14/2020 (Fri) 01:24:23 No. 276744
Surprisingly good take on /pol/ from /lit/ discuss
Why is this board so easy to troll?
>>277084 High Autism Level
>>277084 That’s a feature not a bug.
>>277084 Liberalism
>>277084 Bitch we are really bored waiting for the revolution to come.
>>277246 It's not gonna just come by itself
>>277250 Dosen't that contradict marxism or something?
>>277251 No, marxism is not that determinist. The revolution is not a guarantee.
>>277256 Marx, I'm trying to plot the revolution but I'm dummy thicc and the clap from my ass cheeks keeps alerting the Feds
>>276796 surprised there are more cis women than trans women tbh
>>277266 I knew we have some but not that many.
>>276869 >The normal thing to do when you grow up is to get over it Not even a nazi, but you're a retard Normal thing is to get back at your bullies, not swallow it like a bitch I don't buy this whole noble savages bullshit, majority of negroes are racist themselves I may be a communist and I don't think they are inherently inferior, but I got bullied in school by niggers too, and I'm not gonna take shit from them because slavery
>>277084 Redditfugees. I've seen many abhorrent posts railing against imageboard culture and wanting to erase it from bunkerchan.
>>277303 Ideally you get back at them in high school. But you need to let that shit go when you get out of there.
>>277308 This board has always been addicted to bait, what the fuck are you talking about.
>>277315 Why do you think that refutes my post? Intellectual migrants from le reddit have been a huge demographic even back in old 8/leftypol/
>>277308 Like what? The only thing I've seen is the idpoller that is railing against people saying nigger. Can't think of anything else.
>>277320 So reddit killed the board but the board has always been reddit? I mean it's possible but this theory has no explanatory power. You're being very undialectical.
>>277325 >I mean it's possible but this theory has no explanatory power. You're being very undialectical. >dialectics >having explanatory power LMFAO
Wow what a shit thread, despite being immediately derailed by a troll or authentic /pol/tard it just keeps going. Now were gonna get into a fight over whether or not a proper debate should involve dialectics when not even Marx was that autistic.
>>277338 Ah, I see what manner of retard I'm talking to now. Or are you just baiting, if so it's semi-clever.
>>277352 tell me what you can explain by dialectics that you can't by formal logic logic that allows contradictions is not logic and so it has no predictive power, means it is useless except for pseuds
>>276895 ngl being a sheriff like that is kinda my dream
>>276874 le 56% is real
>>276874 Your dad is like the Charlemagne of Hicksville.
>>276776 Still interacting. Still not racist. Keep coping nazi.
>>276874 >My dad knocked up a lot of women in my small town and told me I likely had a few half sister floating around at my school so to be careful dating Damn that's hot, should a fucked them all. Nothing wrong with incest as long as you use contraception
>>277455 >can't argue with statistics if you've got one example
>>277476 >Mayo-on-Mayo genocides, world wars, slavery and mass murder of natives <Lol niggers are violent brutes Actual sample sizes don't agree with you Logic & Facts >> racist feefees
>>277493 Learn to read, niggie.
>>277500 >Wypipo kill over a hundred million of their own and even more brown people <N-N-NIGGER NIGGGER NIGGER! Epic logic and facts. Keep seething nazi
>>277509 >dosen't understand what people are talking about >anime_girl.jpgs, "spoiler seethe spoiler", "le logic and facts" in every post >niggie
>>277325 >killed the board Never said that, my point is that you bunch are just unused to not take the bait and unwilling to learn how.
>>277515 World homicide rate is 400,000 a year. Assuming all victims are "white" and multiplying that by a hundred, it's still not close to 20th century white-on-white killings. Now keep seething.
>>277524 That's cool and all, but no one gives a shit because that still isn't what we were talking about. Now stop being a retard
>>276793 >The ethiopians are more Trad than any white people I know, so give that one a think. This I have an Ethiopian friend and apparently he feels like Ethiopians are much more different than any other Africans. Its almost like the issue is cultural&social, and not racial
>>276776 That's true of older /pol/ newcomers, but zoomers are absolutely turned into white supremacists by /pol/.
>>276789 >and? I've fucked two black women but what about "muh rassenschande"?
>>276789 ever considered that maybe you're the actual cancer, bucko?
>>276744 that's a lot of words to say they invented their own ideology and therefore live in their own social reality.
>>279427 >believes cartoons are real >in thread about delusional boards
>>280919 and you don't?
The autism around image board users using other websites on the downlow has got to be the most retarded shit I've ever seen. Like 90% of 4chan used or uses reddit and pretty much everyone who goes there have the same shitty sense of humor as everyone else does. Some users there just happen to be able to draw some good shit up sometimes.
>>276783 >ps proximity to people of colors in physical space correlates directly to levels of admitted racism As someone who's grown up in a major metropolitan area with a diversity of different kinds of people, this is full of shit. Being racist is common among people who've grown up in a homogenous environment and then placed in a more diverse one. All the racist reactionary shitbags I know are autists who've never left their white suburb and then maybe have actually dealt with a black or jew only a handful of times in their life.
>>281145 seriously. all of the jokes especially on places like /pol/ are stale as all hell. all you have to do is call a black person a gorilla and you get a bunch of "based"s/upvotes
>>276808 >black people are wolves. Yes. Keep that sentiment with you. Love how you view us as Apex predators LOL. Just goes to show that racist nazi’s truly are pussies behind a computer screen. Fuck nazi’s and fuck you.


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