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(25.54 KB 800x295 ak47.jpg)
/leftyguns/ Anonymous 01/14/2020 (Tue) 20:05:10 No. 213400
This is a thread for the discussion of guns and which ones you personally think are pretty nice Note: This is not a thread for discussing gun control. VOL NOTICE This kind of thread belongs in >>>/hobby/
Edited last time by antious666 on 01/16/2020 (Thu) 02:21:00.
>>213500 the rich
>>213496 Was more for self defence. You could also hunt deer, smaller stuff like squirrels, birds, foxes.
>>213459 I mean it would really fucking hurt to be hit by one, but you're not going to be overthrowing the bourgeois with one.
>>213517 What about a hundred million and one?
>>213534 Probably still wouldn't penetrate any anti-stab vests.
>>213539 What if you go full Rambo with incendiary arrows?
>>213587 He’s talking about air rifles not crossbows , a crossbow would probably be extremely effective against stab proof vests
>>213593 Woops, sorry.
>>213459 >I'm a burger southerner just go to a gun show and buy a real gun in the parking lot for sub 500 no paperwork to fill out or anything, its excempt called the uh "gun show rule" or something. an air rifle not only won't do shit, but progressively loses power after the first shot with less air
>>213614 I know almost nothing about it but I'm pretty sure a crossbow has waaay more deadly force than an air rifle. I once shot my shoe with an air-rifle and it didn't even go through
Crossbow arrows are more deadly than bullets, but there are reasons they were displaced.
>>213614 I know i own a few myself, but i was suggesting for >>213418
>>213642 It depends on the rifle, I believe the GAMO line of air rifles can actually do some damage but they cost so much that it doesn't make sense to get them over a real gun if you can
Got a Cz75 and a mosin working on a .44 mag and ak-47. A few homemade molotovs and bleach-ammonia bombs too.
>>213614 Gun show loophole. Democrats hate this one weird trick.
>>213644 Please elaborate. Living in a nogun country.
>>213696 Not a burger but a crossbow bolt rips open all your internal organs. A buller (unless you use those illegal ones what are meant to main) just make a hole. Most guns are meant to neutralize someone without causing death directly. A wounded soldier is both a burden to his allies and a potential pawn to exchange, a dead soldier is just fertilizer.
>>213644 >>213696 its bullshit, probably some propaganda from some ammo manufacturer against another. >>213717 >Most guns are meant to neutralize someone without causing death directly. this is also bullshit. Even .22s are meant to kill whatever you're shooting, there's no such thing as a 'wounding round'
(66.29 KB 317x314 SRA.png)
I've been debating on joining the SRA for a while but do not know anyone who has actually joined them, do any anons have experience with them. If so, would you recommend becoming a member?
So I've been thinking for a while about putting together a kit for it shit gets real. This seems like the closest thread to that subject. You have one hiking bag, what do you have? For me: >A large bottle that can filter water, spare filters and spare bottle. Water purifying tablets. >Warm Clothes with a very waterproof jacket (I live in a coldish, wet country), a dry underlayer change, maybe 5 changes of underwear but as many thick socks as you can cram. Ideally everything visible is camoflauge. >Walking boots, preferably steel toe capped. >Fire making equipment >a pot. Maybe also a pan. >a large, durable knife. Ideally also a small hatchet or a fold away spade. >Ideally a gun, but UK so a high performance hunting crossbow is best bet. Maybe buying a gun illegally and burying it somewhere is the best bet, possibly somewhere you intend to hide. >a tent,sleeping bag, camping matt >an advanced first aid kit. a decent amount of anti biotics. >a large map of your immediate area and beyond, a compass. >a tool kit, screwdriver, flathead and phillips, adjustable spanners small and large. > a powerful torch but also a weak torch for discreet light. >water tight bags to put your shit inside your bag in. Everything should be watertight to the extent you can throw your bag in a river and its cool. >some staple foods, unsure of best ones, but they need to be durable, filling and lightweight. Army rations? Oats? What else do you need?
>>214043 The guy off RevLeftRadio is a member he might have an episode about them
>>213614 >just go to a gun show and buy a real gun in the parking lot for sub 500 no paperwork to fill out or anything, its excempt called the uh "gun show rule" or something. >Muh gun show loophole I really fucking hope you are being ironic here anon
(300.32 KB 1023x709 1435867973941-1.jpg)
>>214065 /K/ used to promote the Do/k/ument and Mega folder that had files to help you for when SHTF. I have it on an old harddrive somewhere but idk if i could start uploading pdfs and blueprints on how to make homemade firearms on here
>>214043 It’s a fed front stay away
>>215427 Copjacketing is a form of wrecking and should get you b&
>>215427 do you have any proof of this at all? I swear to god the glowie meme has so much to answer for....either that or absolutely everything glows. But please can we stop posting "it glows" with no further explanation because its just becoming the go to for absolutely everything
>>215410 please do this freindo
>>215445 I won't post any of the diy guns but i will post other PDFs gladly
>>215410 The ideology of a lot this stuff is individualist in a way that puts me off. Like it presumes that if the current order collapses everyone is going to be on their own versus everyone else.
>>215478 It isn't completely wrong, It's not that everyone is going to go and massacre others but when people are desperate they do desperate things. Specially when other people are trying to grab power when the order falls.
>>215481 I think the "shtf" moment looks more like 90's russia than any of the fantasies about shooting the hordes coming for your stockpile.
>>215490 Well SHTF depends on your area and what is going on, I was in Honduras during the 2009 coup and i can tell you that SHTF is a lot different from when my hometown got hit by a tornado. So people may not come and destroy your livelihood but you may still need to be prepared for anything
>>215491 This is the last one for now, might post more later if there is still interest
>>215524 I'd watch some of woke /youtubeunion/ JoergSpraves videos. He does crossbow/bow videos and he also made a fucking Youtubers Union
>>215524 A crossbow could never compare to a gun in a firefight, what's the point? I doubt it could even kill anyone without a massively lucky shot.
>>215990 You'd be surprised.
>>215992 Okay, let me put it this way; if you have a lone target that doesn't have any friends with him, that you could actually kill with a crossbow, there's any number of ways that you could kill the guy, like a kitchen knife for example, but if he has any buddies, you'll be dead before you can notch the next bolt.
>>215987 Yeh seen his channel that is where I got the idea. >>215990 Except I live in the UK so it is literally the most deadly weapon you can buy legally. Also they could easily kill, they are designed for hunting deer. It’s just like getting stabbed very hard, silently, from a long distance. Also the bolt tears up your insides and ignores most body armour that is stab or bulletproof. >>215993 Definitely easier and safer to shoot someone with a crossbow then stab them. Stabbing them involves getting into their range. Also it’s a repeating crossbow, you have multiple shots, it can be fired on the run. Alongside a big knife, which would also be carried, what else could you really get in Britain? Also in a situation like that unless you have buddies you are running not fighting. It is also useful for hunting to get food
(726.34 KB 883x1071 The Walking Ideology.png)
>>218933 >melee lmao
>>214043 I've been in it for about a year now. Your experience is really gonna depend on how active and disciplined your chapter is. Despite being a "big tent" org there's a lot of infighting between the anarchists and Marxists/MLs with some of the larger chapters being entirely ideologically dominated by one side. As a whole, the org doesn't actually really do anything because national is useless, but it's a good way to link up with other armed leftists in your area. If you have the $25 I'd say go for it.
How do I into guns? I have no knowledge of guns and being he autist I am I’d probably go back to the start and learn about the invention of gunpowder. What are some good resources for learning about modern guns?
>>220487 Literally look on youtubes on the operation of weaponry. Look at AK47's for a general overview.
(428.11 KB 558x744 871.png)
>>220487 Honestly it depends, if you are in a country where guns are hard to acquire you should first find out what firearms you can *legally* obtain and study those to get a fair understanding of them. If you are somewhere in the USA you can do like >>220489 says and just start anywhere and slowly find weapons you want to realistically own. Also ask questions as some of us have firearms and could help you figure out what would be good for you
>>216107 crossbows have a lot of constant maintenance associated with them, using them needs a good deal of crossbow snot so your bowstring doesn't wear out.


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