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(120.64 KB 440x800 engels.jpg)
Anti-Dühring Anonymous 01/14/2020 (Tue) 18:10:32 No. 213122
Is this the most underrated Marxist text? Just finished it and thought it was fantastic, very enlightening on what socialism truly constitutes. Feels like my understanding of Marxist economics, materialism and history has improved immensely. Also absolutely hilarious.
Absolutely. It should be a top five Marxist recommend now-a-days - so much uneducated idiocy going around in "revolutionary socialist" circles currently; falling for Keynesian grifts is one great example.
(630.60 KB 830x830 engels-dialectical-vision.jpg)
>>213145 What are your other top 5?
(189.08 KB 1462x1462 1561288083949.jpg)
>Our budding citizen of the future is brought to earth again. Even without Herr Dühring's help he certainly knew that marriage is not an art which merely deals with stone, or even with the contemplation of dead forms; but after all, Herr Dühring had promised him that he would be able to strike out along all roads which the course of events and his own nature opened to him, in order to discover a sympathetic female heart together with the body belonging to it. Nothing of the kind — the “deeper and stricter morality” {D. Ph. 396} thunders at him. The first thing that he must do is to cast off the brutality and stupidity now rife in the sphere of sexual union and selection, and bear in mind the right of ‘the new-born world to the best possible composition‘. At this solemn moment it is to him a matter of perfecting the human form in flesh and blood, of becoming a Phidias, so to speak, in flesh and blood. How is he to set about it? Herr Dühring’s mysterious utterances quoted above give him not the slightest indication, although Herr Dühring himself says it is an “art”. Has Herr Dühring perhaps “in his mind’s eye, schematically”, a textbook also on this subject — of the kind of which, in sealed wrappers, German bookshops are now so full? Indeed, we are no longer in socialitarian society, but rather in the Magic Flute [128] — the only difference being that Sarastro, the stout Masonic priest, would hardly rank as a “priest of the second order” {460} in comparison with our deeper and stricter moralist. The tests ~ to which Sarastro put his couple of love’s adepts are mere child's play compared with the terrifying examination through which Herr Dühring puts his two sovereign individuals before he permits them to enter the state of “free and ethical marriage” {296}. And so it may happen that our “made-to-be-self-reliant” Tamino of the future may indeed have the so-called absolute underfoot, but one of his feet may be a couple of rungs short of what it should be, so that evil tongues call him a club-foot. It is also within the realm of the possible that his best-beloved Pamina of the future does not hold herself quite straight on the above-said absolute, owing to a slight deviation in the direction of her right shoulder which jealous tongues might even call a little hump. What then? Will our deeper and stricter Sarastro forbid them to practice the art of perfecting humanity, in flesh and blood; will he exercise his “preventive care” at “conception”, or his “selective care” at “birth” {396}? Ten to one, things will happen otherwise; the pair of lovers will leave Sarastro-Dühring where he stands and go off to the registry office. Hold on there! Herr Dühring cries. This is not at all what was meant. Give me a chance to explain!
I appreciate Anti-Duhring much more than I used to, but IMO it suffers from being a polemic rather than a straight-forward work explaining scientific socialism.
never read it but it sounds interesting. anyone have a summary?
>>213227 This is like the old version of using Star Wars references sarcastically to btfo people on /TV/
>>213636 Ban this anon.
>>213694 t. Queen of the Night
>>213698 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuBeBjqKSGQ I'm laughing my fucking ass off anon, thank you
>>213122 I really want to read that work, but I am now reading a collection of essays of Marx and Engels someone on here recommended: >The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism. Selected Writings on Dialectical Materialism
>>213716 oh fuck thanks, I requested somebody post that a while back.


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