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(284.01 KB 1784x1766 1510970739176.png)
Debunk thread Anonymous 01/09/2020 (Thu) 22:06:09 No. 206527
It would be nice if we could properly debunk some /pol/ memes/other untruths, especially the more common ones. Starting off with this old screenshot:
>>231474 It's not made up though, several books have written about it, such as: The Nazino Tragedy: A Documented Scholarly Edition Against their will: the history and geography of forced migrations in the USSR Cannibal Island: Death in a Siberian Gulag
I don't care about what people on pol are saying. Their words are empty and the majority of them take no action to reach their goals. Usually when I try to confront people on pol, they usually just send me like 20 articles and tell me that everything will make sense and but when I read them and look for the sources you'll see how fucking uneducated most of the people on pol are. People on pol can't explain or justify their own believes in a way that makes outsiders understand. I think they have just as little understanding of communism as they have when it comes to their own ideology.
>>231808 This kind of sounds like a cop-out to not having to provide any arguments. It's true that many times reactionaries cling onto something even when it's been disproven, but not always. There are many people, for instance, that lean right because they see a lot of infographics that show that Jews are in control of most major media outlets, however that you could disprove/give context to. Keep in mind a large portion of the people here were former reactionaries -- wouldn't you think that providing counterevidence could at least give them some doubt? Least of all it strengthens your own position. Either way what are you going to do if/when fascists win over a bigger portion of the working class? Give up on all of them as "irredeemable"? Part of winning them back over is showing them why the beliefs they hold are wrong.
(89.63 KB 870x652 1499810274167.jpg)
>>230368 Okay, that's actually really sick.
(1.03 MB 711x1210 tomo1.png)
>>232392 Not everything the Soviet Union did was exactly perfect. Grow up.
https://larvalsubjects.wordpress.com/2017/10/18/c-m-cm-c-m-capitalist-ideology/ This is a really good, and short, blog post debunking the idea that capitalists' wealth is the result of their hard work. I don't know about /pol/, but there are some things in there that fedora tipping rational skeptic types seem to find it hard to argue against: <Nietzsche <C-M-C / M-C-M
>>231409 It was from an old evangelical christian source from the 1980s.
>>230368 The only source mentioning it is a single tabloid which later say that island also has already sunk under (so convenient) making anyway of disproving it impossible. It’s debatable that the island has ever existed at all due to any evidence in the Soviet archives on even geology of the region made no mention of an island being there in the supposed time either. We had a thread debunking it already.
>>232939 Does this mean that anti-communists believe in Atlantis?
>>232939 Wikipedia gives the following coordinates: 60.106°N 78.943°E There's an island there.
>>232945 >Does this mean that anti-communists believe in Atlantis? Yes.
By the way, the original source is С. А. Красильников. «Высылка 1933 года. Анатомия назинской трагедии». So claiming that it was made up by some tabloid is simply a lie.
>>232939 That was a different island >>230368 Source on English wiki: Nicolas Werth >Werth's family fled to the United Kingdom in the wake of the Russian Revolution >He wrote the chapters dedicated to the USSR in The Black Book of Communism Uh oh Let's see Russian source >Radio Free Europe OH no no no
>>233011 Check the sources on the Russian wikipedia.
>>233025 I thought the Nigger Book of Communism was the most debunked book by /leftypol/
>>232945 Nazis seem to believe in Aryan Atlantis so yeah. >>232967 So anyone can find out about the author or the book itself? Libgen gave me nothing. >>232939 That combines with the fact that the whole thing only got noted during glasnost with no earlier mentions made by the then us funded NGO memorial (huge connection with Radio Free Europe).
>>233314 >С. А. Красильников There's nothing incriminating I can find on the guy, he's an actual published historian. He's likely an ideologue since he's autistically obsessed with researching "StALiN's CrIMeS" but I'd need to actually read the book to criticize it and I can't be arsed atm The thing that gives the most pause is that the whole affair surfaced in the 90s. If it was something that happened and people knew about before, wouldn't Cornman bring it up during destalinization? Also even if it happened I don't think it was a bad thing tbh, the alleged victims were kulaks and kulaks deserved everything
>>230457 To educate you proles.
>>231380 3 zeros less than your number.
>>233011 Any examples of lies by Radio Free Europe?
>When 13-year-old children end up cannablized because they didn't have their internal passports on hand but that's okay because you can just wave it away with "They were enemies of the people".
>>233583 Marxism-Leninism is a cult, it's insane.
They always use the "human nature" argument. As if no humans have never worked together for a common goal. Humans are the most cooperative animal. People on /Pol/ will always rant about things that they don't understand and they will come with ridicules claims with no evidence what so ever to support it.
>>233621 > Humans are the most cooperative animal No, bees and ants are. In hunter gather societies a third of the males died by being killed by another human.
>>233641 We are the most cooperative species that can still have a sense of agency compared to the eusocial animals, which naked mole rats also form part of.
(196.37 KB 714x343 yes.png)
>>233557 Seeing how most of the news coming from its cousin Radio Free Asia and America is fucking retarded bullshit like Kim’s uncle being fed to dogs, state imposed haircuts, Vietnamese cancer gun or DPRK unicorns, I doubt it’s a real reputable source.
>>232951 Where? I genuinely don't see it, although i also don't know qualifies as an island in that river, however the fotos shown here of the island don't match
>>233628 2000 deaths due to mismanagement. Sooooo terrible. The USSR also government learned their lesson as well and stopped using criminals to settle uninhabited lands. You can go find some other """atrocity""" to pearl clutch
>>233708 River currents change over time. On the south side the river is much narrower but if you look it's still there; might have been bigger in 1933. >>233701 Links?
>>233708 Top right of the page.
>>233701 This is not how you do history, retard.
Would like someone to address this video about Albania https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ-j-bTJYVY
(65.80 KB 807x531 ffs dude.jpg)
Whenever I discuss the Labour Theory of Value with my friends, they always retreat with: > "Economy is not a science, you can't study the economy like Marx did, since it is not a science" , > Marxism is sociology, not a science >"You can't cut up Labour value into units like 'kilograms or centimers' since it is not emperically quantifiable"
>>274087 >economy is not a science wat >sociology isn't a science hah >labour not empirically quantifiable what is this I don't even
>>274088 Yeah I know they keep deflecting with these kind of arguments. I just want something to debunk this easily so they won't be able to use it again.
(81.62 KB 600x600 dark wojak.jpg)
>>274094 I said that a meter is also not emperically quantifiable, scince it is an assumption that we made a standard. He actually replied with: >No you can quantify 1 meter, scince 1 meter=1 meter
>>274094 The first two are plain ignorance and unknowing or deliberately stupid deflects on the epistemological roots of economics and sociology. Third one I would tread more carefully with, mostly because am not that well read on Capital, but if they tell you that you can't cut up labour, then ask them how is it that they get paid something for their labour. Now, you might actually have some use for reading Capital and solving that one better than I just did, imo
>>274100 Thanks, I planned to reread those sections of Capital dealing with Labour value anyway, maybe get some more use out it
>>274098 Dude is retarded: Labor is measured in units of time. 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour, 1 minute, 1 second.
(33.41 KB 405x540 nice.jpg)
>>274106 Shit, actually forgot about that lmao. I really have to reread Capital Thanks comrade
>>274110 You are not alone. Quantifying things in time truly is important.
>>274098 Measurements units do not have to hang in the void they can derived from physical anchors as well 1 meter = 6.18735316522e+34 Plank lengths 1 s = 1.8550948324478E+43 Planck time
>>256986 Marxism is both a philosophy and a science. A philosophy, because it determines truths through reasoning, and a science because it systematically investigates the world. As a science, Marxism is both an economic and social science – it is as much a science as Austrian or Keynesian economics, or psychology or anthropology. Properly, Marxism is a science first and then a philosophy, because it investigates and determines matters empirically and then derives through reasoning the conclusions of such.
>>222515 >the dems are "too far left" for the average american The repubs are often "too far left" for many, too.
>>231409 >>232934 Likely based on some book by a homosexual who spoke about how many partners he's had and how many diseases he's had. IIRC, he claims it is common for gays to have lots of sexual partners in the book. >>230739 >homosexuality Probably going to get shit for this, but >sexes and sexual intercourse have evolved for reproduction >therefore same sex sexual intercourse goes against this evolution; no offspring is produced >same with incest, though only sometimes are there miscarriages; generally just retards >therefore, thought logical, ancient man, homo, zoo and incest are bad and unnatural/evil [with pedo being specifically prepubescent (i.e. not modern conception of "16-18 = okay", though it should be noted that the Catholic Church centuries ago had pushed for similar ages (as opposed to f/m ~14/25 that was common for pagans) and supposedly around ~19)] And never mind the other aspects about behavior that have been observed (e.g. excessive lying). Also, the occasional unfortunate barren man or woman is the exception, as in normal circumstances they would produce normal offspring, whereas you will never produce children with gays and animals (dunno if chimps have been tried but I'd imagine any offspring would be fucked up or even die on arrival), nor are you going to produce non-deformed or mentally retarded children with incest in nigh all cases (I'm sure there are some where it wasn't such a problem, but 99% nothing good will come).


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