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/leftybritpol/ Anonymous 12/25/2019 (Wed) 15:52:04 No. 187602
Republic of Great Britain soon edition. >he's still alive, we swear!
>>220037 only native britons allowed in the juchenighted kingdom boyo
Anyone have any good resources on socialist/communist/militant workers union history in the UK (England, specifically)?
>>220065 There's a lot, but I don't a lot of it is useful past the 20th century since Britain (especially England) has alsways had a wird relationship with communism, being the most radical at times in terms of words, but least radical in terms of action. I'd say the 1984 miner's strike stands out as a great case study, because the spontaneous workers were actually more radical than the socialists themselves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn7DZSagDI4&t=710s The Battle Orgreave stands out because its a moment when the police, who som many nowadays gush over, dropped their mask and proved they are actually willing to drop their mask and deploy for battle and beat the fuck out of people for basically nothing other than revenge.
>>220072 >being the most radical at times in terms of words What do you mean by this, anon?
>>220088 Many of them supported the third international unconditionally (which they shouldn't have done, the USSR was good but not that good) and often spoke of violence, yet they never actually did anything in physical terms.
>>220065 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hKa8-FFQFfs Found this: A lecture by the Communist Party of Britain on how the Russian Revolution affected Britain (which is to say, A LOT).
>>219048 doesn't maoism reject class analysis
>>220424 That's the problem I don't 100% agree I just like the way they organise.
>>220425 The good Maoists (Black Red Guard with For The People comes to mind) are the best organized part of the actual, class-conscious Left. I wish there were Maoist groups in the UK, too.
>>220428 Theres a small book club group called Revolutionary Praxis. They do a bit of flag waving from time to time.
I might as well ask this in here, is there any good documentaries on the IRA movement that covers it from a non-liberal stance?
>>220439 When you mean the IRA. You means Troubles IRA right? I've always preferred books about the ICA, they were Marxists and not a bunch of divided groups fighting about what "irish socialism" really means. Check out Calton Books, the're a Socialist book store with a website with lots of books about the IRA.
>>220428 what is maoism then?
>>219490 >Not using republican colors Cringe
(265.96 KB 1200x900 EK2Vqz4WoAApluy.jpg)
I think its time we restart her up, Comrades.
>>221088 2006 Hungarian protests will come with the eastern europeans.
>>220536 Looks like hungary
The concept of revolution in this country sounds Alien to me. Like what are we going to use against the rozzers? Crossbows?
>>221164 Middle class wit
>>221164 You break into an armoury and take the rifles. This is how the Russian Revolution, Spartasist Revolution and Spanish Revolution was done.
Are there any good orgs in the South West to join that aren't complete shit?
>>221187 south west communists?
>>187855 He replaced Catholicism with Puritanism , which is just as bad. Replacing one kind of bullshit with a different kind of bullshit is not an improvement.
>>221218 >He replaced Catholicism with Puritanism , which is just as bad. No.
Phillips is out Rip in piss
>>223858 Bait. ...right?
>>223858 Gangbang when?
I pass through the same anarchist symbol graffiti spray every day for the past like 5 months and my village council hasn't cleaned it up yet. Kinda based.
>>223984 Hate to ruin the fun, but it's more likely they don't have the funding to do it (or much else, really).
>>223987 I live in a very conservative village. Its the only graffiti for miles, in the middle of it.
(36.56 KB 1083x722 socialistbritain5.png)
>>219490 the Union Jack has to go
>>224020 That flag is fucking terrible.
Does anyone remember the anon who posted his Union of Britain flag with his leftist lit?
reposting because i like the point: if Thatcher had been a left wing politician we'd judge her as an unconditional failure: her vision was of a dynamic industrial British capitalism, the result was the destruction of British industry and its replacement by finance capital and an economy doing worse than it had been relative to other European countries (it fell behind Italy for Christ Sakes! ITALY!) in the 1970s. Her aim was a more socially conservative Britain, but all she did was let people sublimate their economic resentment of her into support for social liberalization. But we know she was a successful right wing politician, because a complete failure to implement your goals doesn't matter that much on the right - what matters is that the left (even the centre left) don't implement theirs.
>>225250 No what matters is the real goal, to increase inequality which she did very successfully.
>>225229 Hey that’s me I’m away atm and my lit collection hasn’t increased.
>>225250 Her goal was to create that financial Britain, atomism Britains working class, and knock down one of the most powerful trade union movements in the country. She did all of this.
>>225319 I just want the image lmao
(269.14 KB 500x501 1562468291727.png)
>>225250 >her vision was of a dynamic industrial British capitalism, >Her aim was a more socially conservative Britain Wait this was part of her plan all along?
(61.98 KB 753x337 tomgann.png)
what did he mean by this?
>>225441 That waycism & muh soggy knees in modern bongland are magically soooooo much more important to the masses than daily immiseration inflicted by capital's monopolization of the MoP they need to make a living
Why does it seem like people in our country are especially stupid and believe absolutely anything they're told by the media?
>>225441 Liberal vermin
>>223864 Would you fuck anything that resembles a living being?
>>225217 Come up with a better socialist Britain flag then
>>225590 Can't find it but one nice comrade used to post flags he designed here and the best one had blue waves on the bottom
>>219490 I want a badge of the England one


no cookies?