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(189.82 KB 1200x859 radlibtube.jpg)
/IG/ - Internet General 7.0 - IRONY edition Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 06:49:19 No. 184649
Discuss e-celebs, lefty youtube, twitter, twitch, etc. Last one hit bump limit. What does /leftypol/ think of people saying things ironically? Inspired by >>184629 but by all means let's talk about irony in general too. How does irony function in online politics? Is it just a smokescreen? Is it sometimes not? Can we even tell the difference?
>>404502 false equivalency
>>404506 That logic doesn't tally up with the other poster since labour is source of all value.
>>404506 Are you the retard who compared pregnant women to landlords?
>>404515 Not at all. Take my progressive M A L E opinion vs. a conservacuck F E M A L E opinion on abortion. According to your idiotic proposition her take is 'more valuable' because bagina. According to my opinion your identity, body, particular characteristics, etc. have absolutely no bearing on truth, justice, etc.
>>404517 That's not the legal status that also says women have private ownership over the fetus.
>>404520 That sounds fucking hilarious.
>>404523 It was.
>>404522 Wait really? Thats fucked up
(130.83 KB 1200x1696 1200px-Red_Rose_(Socialism).svg.png)
abortion debates would be unnecessary if all reproductive power was vested in the state using advanced future technologies and sex was abolished, setting people free for more important matters like voting and watching documentaries about painting on public broadcasting just saying
>>404532 Yes please.
>>404006 >boulderlob who's this? a leftist stonetoss parody?
>>404521 You're right, but I wasn't even considering the reactionary, right wing female opinion on the matter, in my mind I was only comparing the progressive male vs. the progressive female.
>>404542 yeah. honestly i used to like him but all he does is shit on faggots or trannies, just pure LARPing idpol
UNIONIZE sex work, lock up PIMPS.
>>404552 Abolish sex work Execute pimps
>>404552 what does this mean for the onlyfans generation
>>404554 Abolish sex Execute breeders
>>404554 unionize private snapchats
>>404557 nationalize onlyfans
>>404560 Collectivise private snapchats Unionize porno sets
>when you realize that the grand majority of sex workers outside of the West are forced into their occupation via exploitation, human trafficking, patriarchal societies, and hyper capitalist economies/massive wealth inequality
>>404567 Haha You don’t understand We want socialist prostitution
>>404567 >workers are forced through economic necessity to work really makes you think
>>404576 we are all prostitutes to the capitalist system, if you think about it...
if everything is someone's fetish does that mean all work is sex work
state mandated gfs
>>404578 >We are all exploited if you really think about it <I say as I drone bomb another wedding
>>404585 calm down obama
Hot take: >Prostitution is more depressing in Eastern Europe than anywhere else because the women were once liberated only to be thrown back into the cruel maw of violent patriarchy and sexual exploitation
>>404591 Uhm schweaty, you just did a reaction. Prostitution is progressive and liberating, the USSR was a rightoid shithole for outlawing it. Thank Yeltsin for liberating proud Russian sex workers!
>>404595 >Not realizing women’s worth is their pussy Forgive me father for I have sinned
(13.97 KB 312x273 CcTUgF5WoAAPsuF.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8q8OAfNOhoA i am target of multiple penises the opening of my rectum painted red or purple marks the spot pornography happens to me in concrete scenarios men ejaculate to a SHOE or a TABLE but in fact that's what happens to a women's body IN PORNOGRAPHY HE EJACULATES ON HER she is contaminated with his dirt and she is dirty and it marks she's property just think about it
>>404591 It's even worse in SEA where the girls are very young and have virtually no chance of a normal life if they can exit.
>>404640 >>404640 >It's even worse in SEA Indochina. It is an indochina problem.
>>404641 Philippines too.
Bloody hell. Please, bring back the containment thread for this kind of shit. This thread has degenerated in something worse than this week's Jimmy Dore livestreams.
>>404646 The question of prostitution is not idpol though. Off-topic for this post maybe, but not off-topic for this board.
>>404643 is it as bad as indochina though?
>>404649 Yes. Angeles is about as bad as Pattaya.
we need a cultural shift where if someone admits (overtly, or worse, tacitly) that they're a sellout then you should hate them more than if they pretend it's normal this neoliberal self aware bullshit has to end. at least if you say nothing you maintain plausible deniability that you know you're fucking me and every other person who sees your garbage, any self-awareness is as good as signing a confession.
By the way, I've heard Max Blumenthal was on JD's last night. I'm sorry I didn't catch him, but I hope the Dore will upload the video at some point. They said they went on for an hour. I guess after that Stef went into a superchat-reading rampage for at least ninety minutes... There was also someone with a Dutch surname on, but I've never heard about that guy tbh. >>404648 Never said it was idpol, anon. Please read more carefully next time. Even tho I think too much people engage in extremely charged discussions - i.e. shit-throwing contests - about it, when it is not a central question in today's society and politics. Also, never said it's off-topic across this board either. That's why I invoked the containment thread and I hope it's quickly brought back. I'm really pissed off by this comfy thread going to the dogs.
>>404657 i made a tread >>404664 just for you, also because of pic everything you say sounds like it comes from Zizek
>>404655 That's what I've been saying. Thanks for supporting this. We had an explicit containment thread about sex related matters. It needs to get back. >>404656 I don't get it, anon... After all, if your concrete behaviour it's selling out, what difference does it make in practical terms if you admit or not or even if you are aware of the shit you're doing instead of developing some kind of false consciousness. Again, the main problem is people selling out in and of itself. Btw, are you referring to someone in particular? >>404667 Amazing! Hopefully that'll clean up things here. Personally, I'm not even interested in those kind of discussions, but I hope everyone interested will get there. I just want the comfiness back here. And here that's some more Shniffman for you.
(99.91 KB 850x850 Communism_4.jpg)
>>404674 >if your concrete behaviour it's selling out *is selling out. Fuck my bad grammar and polite sage.
>>404657 The containment thread is not coming back and I don't see why non-idpol topics should go there anyway. We have discussion about things that aren't central all the time.
>>404677 And obviously I didn't sage. Fuck myself.
>>404674 >>404677 >After all, if your concrete behaviour it's selling out, what difference does it make in practical terms if you admit or not or even if you are aware of the shit you're doing instead of developing some kind of false consciousness. Again, the main problem is people selling out in and of itself. while selling out is the main problem, if you're self-aware about it you admit that you know you're doing a bad thing and have chosen to do it, to the detriment of other people and to the advantage of yourself. in my own personal system of morality, generally speaking you're more guilty when you know you're doing something wrong and choose to do it anyway. (whereas others just think it's the normal thing to do, not even considering that it will antagonize people.) subjectively, i just find it more annoying to have it rubbed in my face, the sheer fucking cheek of the idea that if you act a bit ironic about the fact you've sold out it'll help to offset the fact that you did it is something that needs to be punished. not referring to any particular person, it's a repeating trend i've seen today.
>>404646 THANK YOU I thought I aas the only one that hated that faggot Jimmy Dore. Why does anyone care about such an uninteresting piece of shit?


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