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(139.59 KB 1100x739 Integra.jpg)
Snakes into Lions Anonymous 01/14/2021 (Thu) 03:51:00 No. 1292264
>The right wing has no leader or containment party in America now >GOP members are now converting to the DNC >we're about to get 8 years of authoritarian oligarchical neolib uniparty with nearly unlimited emergency powers It's going to get bad out there with the censorship, left or right; all wrongthinkers who disagree with whatever is played on TV are going to be silenced given enough time. A new party will start forming in the coming years and it's likely not going to be a neocon boomer one with stick in the mud prax. It's going to be a scary party without proper intelligentsia involved that lives entirely off of internet memes and demagoguery if you do not get involved during it's conception. Instead of capitalists and prole just say bankers and working class, you'd get 99% of them on board. Would you join a social-nationalist party(also known as Socialism with American Characteristics) or would you fight it on behalf of the neolib uniparty? Serious question, if you don't learn to empathize with the White underclass they're gonna go full fash with a much scarier demagogue.
>>1292779 >Italians, Frogs, or Poles none of which are white tho
>>1292797 Shut the fuck up, cracker.
>>1292796 the joke your head
>>1292797 >>1292799 >>1292800 As usual, liberals ruin all the fun
>>1292301 Take yor vax
>>1292794 They were celts back then.
>>1292301 >Option 3: You take your meds.
>>1292810 >hyper soyjak and his pills meds 2.gif post the first
>>1292792 I'm talking about the origin of the meme, I'm sure you just picked it up because some dude who actually looked like the soiboi posted a soiboi meme with some dude who ate bugs.
>>1292814 I made multiple identical copies with different hashes to get past image filters and bans.
>>1292816 I created all the anti bugeating memes in this thread myself with the exception of >>1292739 which I like to believe was inspired by my efforts. It is my moral duty to fight the bugeating scourge before it's too late and we are all doomed to become bugmen.
(108.52 KB 368x368 Eat the fucking bugs.jpg)
(73.53 KB 500x567 1588740305-1.jpg)
>>1292757 >What people want is shaped half by advertising half what's on the market, take chicken or beef out of the market and people will stop wanting them, at least after a while. <You WILL eat the bugs and you WILL like it!
(11.47 KB 243x208 476.jpg)
>>1292829 >>1292832 who gives a shit lol? Crickets turned into literl protein powder that costs literally jackshit sounds better to me than a steak that costs as much as a car. You're a true paragon of the working class, comerade
The ruling class: impoverish people that thus have to resort to eating bugs The leftists: "nom nom, actually bugs ain't that bad" the political point ---> the commie peanut brain <--- as always
>>1292829 >Gretna Be gone, nonce.
>>1292838 wealth is when you eat red meat, the more red meat you eat the richer and better you are
>>1292843 >the political point ---> the commie peanut brain <--- as always
(445.60 KB 600x750 0tak4nmvojo31.png)
>>1292794 Lol cope kraut
>>1292845 The people are impoverished no matter what, and they're more being forced to eat chicken than they are bugs. If any food item is representative of poverty and precariety, it isn't bugs but poultry.
>>1292845 >the commie:say anything >you: le point ---> Le commie peanut brain <--- as always
>>1292834 and mccancer burgers
>>1292834 Why pay money for b*gs when you can eat roadkill for free?
>>1292838 the ruling class: aggrandize the wealth of society and blame it all on MUH uighurS IMMIGRANTS AND JEWS the rightists: omg so based! reform is possible if we get rid of the bad peepul!!
This won’t happen lol This whole fixation on how “we have to win over the white right” is fucking stupid. Apoliticals are a) more numerous, and b) more winnable than magapedes. Besides, right-wing populism/ Proto-fascism is a uniquely petty booj phenomenon.
>>1292861 Why should we even want people like this anyways? They run scared for the first sign of trouble and anyone of fighting just seem to be mommas boy who just went along for the edgy rightiod ride.
>>1292861 How are apoliticals more winnable? They are apolitical precisely because they recognize that political action in any form only reinforces the status quo, that there is no possibility for it to improve their lives, you plan on convincing these people how?
>>1292864 Yeah. We need to stop immigration.
Too many people. Halt immigration.
>>1292868 the only way to stop immigration is to invest in the countries the immigrants are coming from, set up factories, schools, and every other type of infrastructure.
>>1292868 >>1292870 Immigration exist as a necessity to have a surplus of labour Good luck asking porky to stop it lol >Let's have national capitalism then! Good luck facing the internal contradictions of capitalism lol
>>1292872 No, that doesn't stop immigration, immigration is a necessity of capitalism
>>1292872 Actually enforcing the borders is cheaper and more effective. And unlike your method, it's proven to work.
>>1292875 global minimum wage and safety standards will alleviate the need for immigration and the rootlessness of capital
>>1292877 not really lol, you're just playing wack-a-mole forever instead of addressing these people's problems at their root
>>1292874 >Immigration exist as a necessity to have a surplus of labour inb4 banning abortion or forcing births at a replacement rate is suggested
>>1292879 The iron curtain worked quite well. Spending trillions fueling their economies forever other the otherhand will not work. Eventually their population will swell in size while yours shrinks and they will emigrate anyway for free land.
>>1292872 China is doing exactly that in Africa. and they are getting more immigration instead of less lol.
>>1292884 Surplus labor is unnecessary. Scarcity of labor improves worker's bargaining power and thus improves living conditions. >>1292872 We tried that before, but you bitched endlessly over it. It was known as colonialism.
>>1292907 Colonialism and direct investment aren't the same, all the infrastructure set up in colonialism was meant to serve the colonizers, not the people who lived under the colonial administration
(213.31 KB 2000x800 Soybug boy.jpg)
Posting bugjaks owns the libs. They love eating bugs and being shown the ugly truth hurts their asses.
>>1292264 >social-nationalist party Trash. Im going yo be a socialist.
>>1292877 Immigration is a wedge issue in the US that borders on idpol. The immigration in the US is lower than it’s ever been. This isn’t Europe. Every immigration argument is always some succdem policy argument assuming we’re tweaking the current system rather than advocating complete change.
>>1292902 Source on that? Also, which part of africa? That’s the key here
>>1292264 I will be back at brunch thank you very much.
(24.75 KB 480x360 Hyper Police sad.jpg)
>MFW I wake up and see what happened to the thread Very disappointing that people would rather be lifestylists and jingoists. >>1292861 Apolitcal people are just vibers and will just nod their head to whatever. If you believe you can't change peoples' minds then you've already lost, you might as well quit politics.


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