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Éire/pol/ Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 11:27:52 No. 126351
Are there any Irish people on Lefty/pol/. Compared with /pol/ I don't see a massive presence of Irish people. I was thinking of starting an Éire/pol/ thread,but I won't bother if it's just going to die immediately
>>267629 I'm not sure why, but this made me cry laughing.
(40.48 KB 152x254 1560622989815.png)
So Sinn Fein won? This is good news right?
>>267673 Don't hold your breath anon, They're still counting the votes. Best to sleep and check in the morning.
>>244727 im not a trot though
>>267266 59.5% for the 5 left wing parties
Why are Sinn Féin pro-EU? I'd expect left-wing nationalists to be staunchly against it, are they just liberals?
>>268663 Sinn Fein is eurosceptic and has campaigned for 'No' during the referendums.
Will PBP lose seats this election? Kinda feel bad for them even though they are trots.
>>268829 But they endorsed "remain" for Brexit, why?
>>268841 Because they oppose a hard border on the island.
>>268852 That's pretty cucked, how about kicking out the anglo instead?
>>268897 No one wants a repeat of the Troubles.
>>268897 I guess they are favoring strategic over the tactical.
>>268833 same. im happy gino eventually got in
>>268897 Can you be any more American?
Britbong, here. Memes aside, is Gerry Adams based or not? I don't know much about The Troubles in truth, but from the pieces i've heard he didn't sound great.
Long live the Irish struggle for unity, a Welshman/Briton. >>267332 No, Scotland is part of Britain and dividing Britain is not progressive. Ireland is an oppressed nation, Scotland is not oppressed and along with Wales and England equally comprises Britain. >>267435 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rQLmzBXDbI
(377.29 KB 466x1895 Irish Election.png)
So here's the results of the election, if anyone is curious.
Imagine calling people who are critical of Sinn Fein a 'bootlicker'. The absolute state of the Irish left-wing
>>268833 They're clearly the most left wing party not associated with paramilitaries. Even if you don't like trots why wouldn't you support PFP?
>>270524 to be fair most of the criticism they get today is from blueshirts. although óghra sinn féin has quite a bit of those types who think sinn féin are going to establish real socialism.
>>270488 So, did SF win or...?
>>270858 they got the highest percentage of first preferences but to get into government you need 80 seats. No party has this so whoever can create a coalition with 80 seats first will get in.
>>270877 Would SF have enough seats if they brought in the other left parties and maybe some independent politicians? FF and FG still have a shitload of seats.
>>271000 Not quite: too many cuck Independents.
>>271058 So Ireland goes without a government, how long does that last before there's a new election?
>>271091 theoretically speaking: as long as it needs to. until then Varadkar is still in power.
>>154268 Workers Party are based and recognized that the catholic and protestant proletariat had more in common and attempted to build class unity.
>>128894 Kudos for an objective and accurate summary Seamus t. Leftist Unionist There will be a united Ireland - within a British polity - in a newly constituted Federal Socialist Republic of GB and Ireland No surrender
>>130352 I Nick & Loot Anything Kek
>>139660 >from being a shower of cunts I take exception to that Seamus We prefer the term "barrel" of cunts If you faggots had a clue youd work for progress on both sides of the border and shut up about reunification. The border will fade away organically if repukes and loychavs quit eternally spouting off and triggering each other
>>262649 >Republicanism is anti-sectarian Your actions say otherwise, lip service notwithstanding Face it - Ulster has been marred by sectarianism since the Defenders and Peep'o'Day boys The updated facade of faux-marxism on some brands of militant republicans changes nothing Wolf Tone would hate the contemporary republican movement
Tbh a harsh reality is that if irish unification happens: it will be because the protestant PMC vote for it.
>>265314 SF don't know what they are.Since giving up their failed "military" campaign theyve flip flopped on everything. They only have one center of gravity - hatred of the British and seething resentment towards ulster scots - all else is window dressing. Theyre now fully on board with the neo-liberal capitalist globalisation agenda and virtue signal adnauseam like the good little idpol fuckwits they are. Theyre incompetent reactionaries at heart desperately searching for the facade of a coherent ideology and praxis. The only thing they were good at was blowing shit up and entrenching sectarian division in the North for another 3 generations minimum
(332.82 KB 780x613 dont care anglo.png)
>>277403 Posting some lumpenprole rapper - appropriate I'm not Anglo. By blood I am highland and lowland scot. Family moved to a NON-PLANTATION Ulster county centuries ago. Some of my ancestors were Presbyterian United Irishmen. I have some Norman Irish in me which is the closest thing to "anglo". I'd wager I'm more Gael than you faggot - probably have significantly less anglo blood running through my veins than your own. Not that I have any tribal bourgeois hatred of anglos - it's ancient history - something you bitches seen incapable of getting over.
(332.82 KB 780x613 dont care anglo.png)
>>278033 Its funny witnessing someone who is both lumpenprole,reactionary and bourgeois idpol all at the same time. But logical consistency never was the republican movement's strong point now was it. Your current policy of brits out,blacks in seems sure to make your picture an upfront reality in a quaint little irish village real soon. Enjoy Give my regards to your lgbt and abortion department.
Taking your Anglo-centric nazbol shit elsewhere fam
(332.82 KB 780x613 dont care anglo.png)
>>278126 Well if 50cent moved to Ireland he'd be just as Irish as you right? New Irish. Just as long as he aint one of those dirty huns right? Don't be racist now Seamus. He's as Irish as you now and so is Abdul here - theyre not rape gangs Seamus - theyre culturally diverse grooming reachout gropus. Dont be a bigot now. Islam is just as Irish as catholicism - which is woke now. Don't be mixing with those dirty prods though. They need booted out. Top kek Seamus
>>278126 >youre British Technically so are you btw British derives from Prettani - the celtic tribes who populated both these islands- hence the British Isles The romans first coined the term Great Britain to refer to the bigger of the 2 while they referred to Eire as little Britain. No shit - look it up Anglosaxons ,vikings and then Normans showed up a few centuries later and mixed it up a bit. Fun times My direct ancestors were probably floating around Dalriada at the time on the north coast of Ireland and the west coast of Scotland. If we leave Ulster are you gonna take all the Irish back from Glasgow,Liverpool and London?
(332.82 KB 780x613 dont care anglo.png)
>>278172 Such seething hatred of your little old ulsterscot prod neigbour who's been living with you for 400 years. Can't even bring yourself to have a nice wee cosy chat - or even a wee bit of cheeky banter You're no craic you lad. >workers of the world unite Full of shit arent ya? Youre not a leftist m8 - youre an ethnonationalist masquerading as a marxist/liberal lefty luvvie and the cognitive dissonance has fucked your brain. Id rather have the National Party than you schizoids. Atleast theyre fucking consistent
>>278172 Theyre also more honest Will I still be British if there's a United Ireland and I opt to remain living here? Or can I be both Irish and British at the same time? Or will I just be Irish then? Like Bono or Edmund Burke - kek Decisions decisions
>>278172 Ah youre no craic at all Worse than the calvinists you lot
Fuck me sideways.
>>285629 How would that translate to seats?
>>278150 Mate, Islamic Leaders at least helped Eire in it's time of need.
>>285680 Hard to say, but would be a fucking barnstormer for the Sinners.
(48.03 KB 200x157 british.png)


no cookies?