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(1.49 MB 640x496 globalism.webm)
globalism vs nationalism Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 05:24:55 No. 1159442
I don't really like the idea of nationalism, but I have no knowledge on this sort of thing, so of course, when I said this out loud to a group of rightoids they called me a globalist elite supporter. Anyways. Do you guys have any readings on this? is one more efficient for leftism? Kind of confused
>>1159908 Blowback from CIA profiteering
>>1159862 If you think the anti-WTO and anti-IMF protesters of the 1990s were for deporting immigrants then you don't know anything about that movement.
>>1159911 >Blowback from CIA profiteering Sure, maybe, whatever. Does that mean it should be tolerated?
>>1159911 Which is, again, a consequence of porky's actions and not that of the average worker.
>>1159913 Do you agree that "Globalisation rapes culture" like the protesters holding that banner?
>>1159874 You think porky desires an alliance between the most exploited proletariat (workers who, by definition, do not have rights) and domestic labor; or does he desire chauvinism dividing the workers such that domestic labor becomes a willing partner in internal state terror against migrants?
>>1159905 I knew some coke dealers growing up Texas. I can promise you most of their customers were rich white people who were going to the same parties as George W. Bush's daughters in big mansions.
>>1159920 I think he desires the things he directly advocates and lobbies for, which is the importation of scabs to suppress the power of labour.
>>1159923 I love how you are calling migrants scabs just underline your absolute contempt for that part of humanity.
>>1159920 Porky wants cheap workers. Porky knows that by importing Muslim migrants, he will get people who could not possibly care less about weird Western concepts like "unions", as long as they can embrace and promote their religion, which for them is way, way more important than working conditions or paid holidays. You got played by Porky, admit it.
>>1159922 >I can promise you most of their customers were rich white people who were going to the same parties as George W. Bush's daughters in big mansions. Your point being?
(509.42 KB 708x785 57495734895.png)
>>1159922 Also see this
>>1159923 Holy shit who do you think pushes anti-immigrant rhetoric? And no shit he loves migrants, fucking retards like you cheer on state terror against migrants and said state terror is why they don't organize!
>>1159908 And that is reason enough to raze villages in Mexico?
>>1159917 I wouldn't say "rapes." Neoliberal globalization absorbs cultures, consumes them, then spits them back out in the form of commodities. It consumes whole countries, whole cultures.
>>1159930 You don't think Muslim migrants are capable of understanding the concept of a union?. How many Muslims have you worked with really?
>>1159935 >And that is reason enough to raze villages in Mexico? No, it's not. Just like bombing weddings in the middle east is wrong.
>>1159930 >Le savage muzzies are fine with starvation wages so long as they can practice their religion in a non-muslim country This is your brain on pol memes Read Marx, religious faith does not build outside of material conditions of suffering
>>1159929 Ok, here is a thought experiment you fucking clown. A 3rd generation migrant worker on minimum wage gets replaced by a scab for an even lower wage. The scab barely talks English and if he, at any point, tries to organize he will get replaced by another scab right around the corner. How, exactly, do you propose to combine the natives, migrants and scabs into one coalition, when they barely speak the same language, don't have the same culture and competing interests? And don't you dare give me a platitude or not respond to my post.
>>1159938 >You don't think Muslim migrants are capable of understanding the concept of a union? Right now if you look at the demands from Muslims in Europe, they have absolutely nothing to do with labor or material conditions. In fact, it's a very non-materialistic culture. I'm not saying they like to be destitute, but spiritual things are way more important for them than asking Porky for a wage rise so they can buy a flat TV.
>>1159944 Lol, you definitely know nothing about Muslim in Europe save from what you learned from /pol/. You seem to believe that labor struggles is something that only exist in the West.
Native French white people: protest by destroying everything in their path when Macron increases taxes on gas. Muslim immigrants in France: protest by destroying everything in their path when caricaturists (commies, incidentally) mock their prophet. It's a nice story you can tell yourself that those people will unite to ask for higher wages or whatever, but it's never going to happen.
This thread, by the way, is the perfect example of class reductionism, where people try to argue that porky is either anti-immigrant or pro-immigrant while ignoring the fact that the bourgeoisie is not some hive-mind and indeed some porky supports it while others oppose it.
>>1159949 >Charlie Hebdo <Commies Yup Knew it was a polfag
>>1159944 Then how did Stalin organize the muslim oilworkers at Baku?
>>1159951 Name 5 porkies that oppose immigration.
>>1159904 Where does anyone imply that?
>>1159952 I knew it was a polfag when he brought up the war on drugs as a good thing.
(320.75 KB 2000x1332 charb.jpg)
>>1159952 Charb, who was the editor-in-chief of Charlie Hebdo, and the main guy Al Qaeda wanted to execute, was a member of the French communist party.
>>1159959 I've never pretended not to be a /pol/ack. There is no id here so I'm not going to append that fact to every message. It's irrelevant anyway, since we're debating ideas and fact on their own merits.
>>1159701 >Do white people have their place in South Africa? No.
>>1159930 Do you think that by electing some based protectionist leader would erase the tendency of capital to globalize? If theres someone who got played by porkies, its the working people and the rightoids who threw themselves behind in support of capitalism and cheap shit and now cant cope with fact that every action has opposite reaction. Should have chosen socialism.
>>1159969 >No. Do Bantus have their place in South Africa?
It is noteworthy that the only people in support of workers rights, like the unions half a century ago, are me and some /pol/ack, whereas our opposition are the CIA, porky, racists (>>1159807) and libshits that recite porky propaganda. No one is even willing to address this point (>>1159943) /leftypol/ = pure libshittery
>>1159975 It is what it is.
>>1159943 This scenario is only disastrous if you want to maintain some kind of class colaborationist union balance in capitalist economy. So its only a problem if you want to preserve the status quo, which is as you know, not desirable on this board
>>1159986 >creating unions and increasing the bargaining power of labour only servers the status quo Im done. Fuck you.
>>1159690 USSR had 150 ethnic groups inside and racism and racial tensions were to a historic minimum. See what Paul Robeson says about them while in the Us people were lynching black people on the streets
>>1159701 >White people >Having their place Yes they do, once the 90% of the land they hold will have been properly redistributed
Anchored as it degenerated into false flagging about immigration, it is not worth it to clean the thread as it doesn't have any merit to begin with I do feel bad for this poster who always seems to make quality posts in abysmal threads >>1159514 but what can you do.
>>1159997 Bargaining power is nice, but it doesnt destroy capital on its own. Do you think that revolution had come by from unions one day waking up and telling themselves "I think we dont need you anymore porky!". For revolutions to starts they require huge problems that cant be solved within the capitalist system.
>>1159997 More like collaborating against exploited and underpaid migrant labor rather than organizing with them doesn’t even uphold the status quo, ir directly weakens the working class.
>>1160016 >we need immigration because it's gonna destroy the nation >>1160025 >we need immigration because there can be no revolution while some kid starves in Africa
>>1160025 Have you ever talked to a migrant worker let alone organized them son?
Also: >200 comments of fighting on globalism vs nationalism <Nobody linking Cockshott's videos on immigration Here you are, OP watch this to grasp the TRUE socialist policies on borders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2zJjJJh_tU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwtmfuRzEcA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2x9WiWEQKg
>>1160016 >Restricting labour supply for First World Porky forcing him to push for automation which in turn crushes profit rates, while Thrid World states maintain their educated people with no brain drain <Not being a socialist praxis Freedom of movement is neoliberal shit, end of discussion.
>>1159717 I mean the type that was pro unification when Germany was nothing but a bunch of feudal states
>>1159731 t. eco-idealist/fash


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