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California Exodus/ Commiefornia Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 04:07:22 No. 1011260
I keep hearing conservatives talking about "Commiefornia" about how it's a liberal socialist shithole and have a massive hateboner against it. It always revolves around them talking about businesses leaving, homelessness, crime, "far-leftist" politicians, high taxes, lawlessness, welfare class, and muh big government. I know that California has always been a progressive state and was home to leftist movements like the Black Panthers. Its obviously the liberal capitalism is the problem rather than "ebil socialism" Can any California anons explain the current crisis of your state and how these reactionaries are full of shit about Cali? If not, some videos or reading materials would be nice.
>>1011260 This whole thing is total bullshit, as if you can't find pictures of trash bags and dirty needles in any state. I mean just look at the property values in Cali (and the fact that all the right wing grifters still live there despite apparently hating it) compared to red states. That said there are problems with California like long term environmental issues, but nothing retarded conservatives would bring up
I attribute it to the fact that the living conditions make it extremely hard for middle-class people and workers to live there, whereas homeless people get stuck and rich people stay purely because they can afford to live in hollywood and can francisco. The politics gets shifted less obviously to help the extremely poor people who get fucked by the rich peoples' policies because there isn't any middle class to stabilize the situation, as they all flee to areas where they can continue to run businesses terribly and remain small biz owners.
>>1011260 >California has always been a progressive state This is a relatively recent phenomenon that dates back only to the end of the great depression. When the family farms in Oklahoma/Kansas/Iowa were going under due to the dust bowl, California farm owners would send men to the Midwest promising good wages for picking cotton and produce. The farmers who arrived were overwhelmingly poor and sympathetic to socialism or were pushed into it by the parasitic exploitation of the California land owners and turned it "progressive". In the thirties, the two cities that bragged about the lowest rates of unionization in the US were Los Angeles and Detroit. By the fifties they were the two cities with the highest rates of unionization. Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath was fictional but prior to writing it Steinbeck had spent a couple years interviewing people at government camps established for migrant laborers.
>>1011290 The USA has mini national-capitals in silicon valley and hollywood to control the west coast with.
>>1011260 Texas is probably going to be the same, but with more "conservative" biases. I always manage to shut those COMMIEFORNIA BAD idiots up by just bringing up Poland and how bad it's emigration problem is.
these are the same people who think biden is lenin. if the govt was ran by even moderate succdems homelessness would not exist here, all it would take to seize unoccupied houses and give them to the homeless would be a piece of paper
>>1011260 California is expensive. The homeless in California would be living in trailers/trailerparks in other lower cost of living states. The main reason for expense is the temperate climate and culture which draws people there, also a housing shortage caused by bad zoning/building regulations. Also there isnt that much livable land in california since mountains cover the middle part of the state
California is literally full of fucking libs.
One thing to add. I find it funny that these conservatards and youtube celebrities are bitching about the conditions of Cali. Yet they are the ones who help to decline the state by bringing their porky ass here in these cities with already-growing wealth inequality issues and causing more mayhem in the neoliberal hellhole. Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, or some narcissistic millionaire bitching about the degenerate status of California, I doubt they have any solutions to help or even want to in the first place. They just here to exploit the citizens there, they don't want to be involved in the community to help. It mostly these types that are complaining who make thousands or millions. But never show the complaints of the poor and homeless, POC, migrants workers, college students who sleep in their cars, underpaid tech workers, etc, and how to address these problems. It always got to be the bourgeoise to complain and bring their shitty solutions and views with them, not the people.
(5.41 MB 4656x3496 IMG_20200116_170315.jpg)
As someone who grew up in the Bay Area, I think it's largely irritating exaggerated bullshit. The Bay specifically has a LOT of problems, but the right wing grifters who make it out to be some kind of turgid, third world country are completely full of it. I spent my early childhood to adolescence on the Peninsula, and while growing up in a community full of illegals had sketchy moments for the most part it was completely safe and fine. I don't recall the area around San Mateo and Palo Alto ever looking dirty or run down as a kid, even in the "Little Mexico" areas, and while drive by's and other spooky shit occasionally happened over by EPA I don't ever recall feeling like crime was a problem. From what my dad tells me, it was also still pretty cheap when he got to the US in the 80's. I moved to the East Bay as a teenager and the vibe is a little grittier in San Leandro, Oakland, Gayward etc. but you're pretty fucking safe unless you go into the historically Black™ ghettoes on the East side of Oakland or over by the (former) Acorn Projects near BART. Fremont, Milpitas, San Hoe are all incredibly safe relative to their size and population. There is no "lawlessness" here from what I can tell, other than asshole drivers but traffic is so dense it's not like piggies can do anything about it. At least from what I can remember, FB (and big tech in general) really began to shit up the area when they moved to their current Menlo Park location. It took a few years for the changes to become noticeable to me, but I'm sure it got pretty shit in the Peninsula fast. My dad would always be telling me about the places we used to go to when we we're young getting torn down for campus space and what not, and it kind of seemed like everything here began to revolve around Google, Facebook and Apple. Around 2015 the traffic suddenly became really noticeably bad, there was a day when there was a 4 hour, MILES long traffic jam that ended up with Waze being banned from my city or something and multiple road restrictions being put in since it was so bad that even residential streets were packed with cars. It felt like people started fucking flooding in like sardines every month after that, everything was so busy all the time. The homeless problem reached the East Bay suburbs around 2017, and a bunch of really coddled wypipo and rich Asians suddenly got up in arms on Nextdoor and Facebook talking about how California has been ruined forever, and is now a lawless third world country comparable to Somalia. Not wont to look at the poors for too long, multiple efforts have been made by the local Schutzstaffel detachment to break up these homeless encampments and relegate them to obscure side streets and along the BART tracks. Depending on where you go, the infrastructure can be really bad. Some streets in San Jose look like fucking Detroit road wise, and East Oakland looks literally like a Syrian warzone in terms of potholes. There's pretty stark income inequality, and you can go places in SF where you'll see tall white bois in suits making 300k a year walk past a guy smoking crack in a puddle of his own shit. The poop streets meme is a little exaggerated though, the Tenderloin is fucking frightening (and seeing it as it is now is probably what planted the seed for my radicalization) but for the most part the city is pretty clean, at least from what I've seen. Certain parts of the Bay are extremely diverse, it's arguably the most diverse place on Earth. Having to look at brown and yellow people triggers rightoids, so I assume most of what their real issue is that they can't do cross burnings in San Leandro or Milpitas anymore, so they just fuck off to Arcata or Eureka or some other bumfuck meth town north of Sac. The area is extremely expensive, but the weather is very, very nice and you can pretty much find and do literally anything you can think of here. There's all kinds of world class professionals, services and vistas here, and going past the Bay you'll see farms that stretch for hundreds of miles. I haven't been to SoCal enough to comment on it too much, but Los Angeles seems like literal hell on Earth from what I remember. There's homeless people EVERYWHERE, and while the sheer spectacle of seeing a city stretch as far as the eye can see in the middle of the desert is compelling, it's quickly stripped away when you realize what a miserable wasteland of poor urban planning and hubris it is. On the whole, California is pretty nice if you can afford it, but you'll have to put up with a lot of traffic. It's worth noting that we also have some really good labor protections compared to other states.
>>1011361 thanks for the effortpost calanon
>>1011361 How's the leftist community here in the Bay currently? Are you guys combating the homeless/ inequality crisis. I would move to CA but the rent is crazy expensive for me, $500-1000 is nice. Despite being diverse, I heard Blacks Californians are leaving the state fast. Oakland used to be a majority black city once.
>>1011373 I'm sure it's fairly healthy. I know UC Santa Cruz has a HUGE number of outright Marxists in both the student body and faculty, as one of my friends told me about how there were people there who literally had the Red Army Choir playing in the morning as their alarms in the dorms. I know Oakland has historically had lots of leftist organization (home of the Black Panthers!) and I saw a documentary pretty recently taking about the sit ins black activists would have in city and county elections with regards to gentrification and housing issues. Politically most of the area are like, regular Democrats, with a lot of the younger generation being SUCCDEMS. I think a lot of the younger kids are going to be radicalized by how bad the area is declining. Most people I know who aren't techies have shit lives because of how hard it is to make a living here. Yeah, a lot of blacks and hispanics have been gentrified out. Most of the hispanic people have moved further inland, and I don't know what became of the black people. I barely ever see them anymore. Mexicans seem to be thinning out too. I myself am Mexican and I actually do feel like a minority these days, it feels like almost all the poor people and "lesser races" have been kicked out. I'm lucky that my dad bought a house during the 08' crash, otherwise I'd probably be living in the central valley by now.
>>1011263 San Francisco is pretty bad. Objectively so. It's about how the conservatives describe it, but the problem I have with them is they are mostly doing this out of cope that some shitfilled hellscape is still better than where they live.
>>1011260 Every time I've heard a conservative say "Commiefornia" it's always in reference to their gun laws, which I would say is valid but needlessly hyperbolic. You should read Mike Davis' City of Quartz and Set the Night on Fire; both place an emphasis on the history of Los Angeles which should tell you everything you need to know about why California is the way it is, for better or worse.
>>1011423 Conservatives on average are too retarded to realize that it was literally ronald reagan who banned guns in california via the mulford act in the first place
>>1011423 Thanks, Ill check those books.
California is likely the only state in the USA that has a chance of socializing key industries. PG&E for example is presently on the chopping block for nationalization, because of their repeated incompetence and fraud. (That said I'm not 100% confident that it will actually happen, but a leftoid can dream!) The State already has a strong hand in the agricultural industry, as evidenced by our food prices barely rising during this pandemic, because the State has stepped in and is managing production and logistics. In my mind the only valid criticisms of California I've seen leveled are: * reluctance to build high-density housing, * gun laws. Ironically, the housing problem is a result of the State being reluctant to force county and municipal governments to take action, which rightoids are always screeching about wanting. Even more ironically, the gun laws are the result of Republicans, not Democrats. Republicans have instated more gun control in the US than Democrats ever have, particularly in California. In summary, the vast majority of criticisms leveled at California are whole-cloth bullshit and we're the greatest state in the Union, thanks to a diverse and educated population. The poor in California live orders of magnitude better than the poor in other states, and we don't cull them every winter, why do you think they keep moving here? All of California's legitimate failings are the result of us being Capitalist.
There are plenty of conservafaggots in California, especially in Orange County, South County, and Riverside County. It's hilarious to me how Tito Ortiz is running to become some council member in Huntington Beach. basically his campaign revolves around him being "tough on crime" in HB, except, HB was always a shithole filled with degenerate rednecks who live by the beach. Now, HB has a lot more junkies, homeless around the city, homeless Trumpfaggots/Q-tards living in their RVs in the parking lot by the pier on Main Street. However, pointing these things out the Trump faggots in that city will cause them to reboot.
>>1011315 So basically being packed full, shitty zoning regs and low wages?
What I've noticed is it's muh guns and cali's superficially restrictive and "safe" gun laws more than anything that usually comes up with "Commiefornia". It's very much a gun thing and about the fictitious meme of evil tyrant commies taking away people's guns. It's liberals and conservatives slapping their dicks together and as is the American way, accusing each other of being commies.
California is an abject lesson in the hard truth that voooting blooo no matter whooo does not actually lead to meaningful leftist change, shirt medium or long term. Absolute majorities on all levels and they can't even build a fucking rail line.
>>1011984 The rail project is actually more or less in line with other rail projects of similar scale.
>>1011361 >the Tenderloin is fucking frightening (and seeing it as it is now is probably what planted the seed for my radicalization) The Tenderloin? I assume it's got nothing to do with a certain cut of meat, right?
(347.04 KB 369x536 ac.png)
>>1011423 >>1011463 not him but also check out Anti-California by Kenneth Lamott
>>1011260 Nogunz. Fuck that state.
>>1011400 >I know UC Santa Cruz has a HUGE number of outright Marxists in both the student body and faculty Angela Davis is faculty there, a fact which still makes right wingers i agreee
>>1011361 >It's worth noting that we also have some really good labor protections compared to other states. I heard that from a union guy in my state while I was helping out at a strike. He was relocated as part of a restructuring, but grew up in the Bay Area, and was like "I don't understand this crap about 'not being in the union' because back in California, everyone is in the union. There is no 'I'm not gonna be in the union.'"
(125.13 KB 355x280 fraiser.png)
>>1011776 >we're the greatest state in the Union Then why don't you fuckers stop moving to Seattle, we're already full, you're worse than texans.
>>1012249 Every time someones moves from California to another state, the average intelligence of both states rises.
>>1012286 People in my state (Texas) are dumb as shit so I don't have a problem with Californians moving here as long as they use their intelligence for good (socialism) instead of evil (buying property).
>>1011260 ca sucks
>>1012180 i worked several jobs in california. none of them even had the option to unionize you are delusional
>>1011776 >The State already has a strong hand in the agricultural industry tbf that's the entirety of burgerland
Imagine paying 5K for rent a month, who the fuck can afford to live in California
>>1012336 California is unique in that it has the only Mediterranean climate in North America. That means that a large number of crops will not grow economically anywhere else in the country. There is a reason that 19th century homsteaders risked life and limb to cross Fly-over Country in ox-drawn wagons to get there.
>>1011361 >California has been ruined forever, and is now a lawless third world country comparable to Somalia. Believe it or not this is not a shitpost: https://mises.org/library/stateless-somalia-and-loving-it
(1.84 MB 325x244 BeamUp.gif)
>>1012367 >mfw ancaps begin owning the derogatory comparison between their ideal society and lawless Somalia because service sector growth


no cookies?