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Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 23:36:56 No. 1006736
be honest, do you buy books on amazon?
I have Stephen King's It and the rest is pirated.
If I can't pirate them, I buy them from Kobo. If I can't buy them from Kobo, I buy them from Amazon (Kindle store). Of course, I always strip the DRM and upload them to Library Genesis after.
(89.07 KB 614x800 jesus.jpg)
>>1007628 >Of course, I always strip the DRM and upload them to Library Genesis after.
>>1007634 weebs are so cringe
the last 4 books i wanted were on libgen the day of release before that, also no
I have not once bought a book in my adult life.
I read online because i want to trial whenever i'll like it. If its theory and i feel i need to underline stuff and play with pencil, then i try to get it from my local commie bookstore.
>>1007637 you are more cringe than weebs
>>1006744 ok theorylet
>>1006736 why the fuck would i buy books when i'm poor used to use the libraries when i had money and could go outside but that was only to read archie comics and nancy drew books pirating is what i do now or reading them on free sites but i do miss the lack of texture and smell of a book
>>1006736 >Public libraries >zlib and when those two fail >googling "name of book free pdf" never fails
>>1006736 the only acceptable way to buy books is at charity shops if you're paying more than £10 for a book it better be rare don't even get me started on e-books. imagine paying for words in a world where /leftypol/ spews out a billion per day.
>>1007864 write a book - I would read it
>>1007064 >writing without reading that explains the Chapter in "Towards a new socialism" where s;; pg s diffrm vpvldjpyy djogyrf rbrtuyjomh nu pmr lru gpt mp s[[strmy trsdpm/
>>1007873 skskskskskskskskskskssks
>>1006736 depends. Sometimes Amazon, sometimes eBay, sometimes Haymarket book (their Historical Materialism series is great btw), and sometimes in local bookstores.
>>1006736 I always browse local bookstores. I live in Seattle, so there’s actually several coop bookstores here. If the books that I want aren’t available, I check AK Press and haymarket books and Red & Black Publishers. Last resort I use amazon.
>>1008072 Left Bank Book Collectives is closed right now, but they’re coop and they sell everything from Lenin to Kropotkin to Wolff to Stirner. They’re right at pike place market,
>>1008075 If you live in WA, maybe check them out. leftbankbooks.com
>>1008075 https://www.orcabooks.com/ Orca Books is kind of out of the way, and they’re not explicitly socialist, but they’re good too
>>1008072 In general, Seattle is a very leftist place. Only city in the US with a statue of Lenin. Also, Labor Day riots and violent protests every year
>>1008081 >Also, Labor Day riots and violent protests every year kek what the fuck violent protests for whom? like what happens
>>1008081 Isn't that where the headquarters of amazon is?
>>1008232 Yes, also microsoft. I haven't seen recurring violent protests except the recent floyd ones. In my opinion, it is a very liberal progressive city. I wouldn't call it leftist, outright. But I guess it is the most leftist city in the US.
Sometimes, I usually get religious books on there because they are hard to read on an ereader. >>1006797 Idem ditto
No amazon doesnt operate in my country because we have our own local amazon-like webshops. Also i buy from there because the bourgie bookstores dont sell communist books, duh.
I bought an eReader and now I get all my books from libgen, the Marxist archive and z-libraru
>>1006736 I buy them from ebay, way cheaper than amazon
(161.60 KB 750x679 illiteracygang.jpg)
>>1007064 I'm one of the few people you'll meet who's written more books than they've read.
>>1009043 Blood? Blood. Blood. Blood. Blood. And bits of sick.
>>1009034 who is the one on the right and why are they here?
(19.56 KB 360x450 Grug.jpg)
>>1006736 NO BOOKS BAD BOOOKS make grug go angry
>>1007628 You are the real MVP.
>>1007193 >Why are pseuds so obsessed with physical books when digital is 100000x better? Fetishism. The same reason why people these days buy vinyl records, despite the fact that any MP3 with 320 kbit/s is technically superior.
I’m considering getting an e-book so I can pirate books instead of buying them, which would save up money in the long term. Onyx Boox just announced their newest models Nova 3 and Note 3, if anyone is interested
>>1007193 Screens make it harder for me to focus and ereaders dont have great functionality.
>>1009445 Interesting, I'm not familiar with this brand
>>1006736 >Buying books >Not using marxists internet archive
>>1008086 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_May_Day_protests#United_States https://komonews.com/news/local/police-22-arrests-in-labor-day-clash-outside-seattle-police-officers-guild https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4ms5uHO424 https://www.seattlepi.com/local/article/Hundreds-gather-to-protest-in-downtown-Seattle-3525107.php https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/may-day-in-seattle-4-years-of-violence-after-peaceful-marches/ https://www.cnn.com/2016/05/02/us/seattle-may-day-protests/index.html https://www.kiro7.com/news/may-day-2018/741285384/ There's a large black bloc here. Also seattle has Kshama Sawant, infamous marxist seattle councilwoman. Socialist Alternative has an HQ here, and the Puget Sound SRA and John Brown Gun Club are both active here. the man who blew up the ICE facility a while ago was from seattle.Seattle also experienced the largest general strike in us history in 1919. theres violent protests every year, sometimes less violent than others. Most people are just socdems, progressives, and demsocs, but there are large factions of libertarian socialists, trotskyists (who helped get sawant elected back in 2013), and some ML people too.
>>1006736 >buying things in the age of libgen I'm disappointed anon.
>>1009559 I did some research on e-readers and it’s definitely one of the best brands imo. A bit on the pricier side, but it comes with a stylus and you can read with a variety of formats such as pdf/epub that kindle doesn’t support
(11.98 KB 161x161 chenold.png)
They give you a 10% employee discount code for all items shipped from Amazon dot com if you work there, but there's no way I'm buying $1,000 worth of products from them per year.
>>1006736 No i'm not a faggot i use libgen & b-ok
>>1006736 Just use libgen
>/leftypol/ >reading
>>1006784 My dick is bigger loser


no cookies?