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(95.73 KB 940x627 5467540-3x2-940x627.jpg)
Thailand protests Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 15:09:47 No. 1004988
What are your thoughts on the protests in Thailand? Don't tell me this is another CIA color revolution and we as leftists should support thai royalists
>>1019551 It was only a matter of time that people criticized the monarchy after those gross "playboy prince" images got linked online.
(882.58 KB 552x882 nintchdbpict0003242027621.png)
>>1019561 doing that is illegal, posting pic realted can get you in 15 years in jail
>>1019580 Who the hell goes out in public like this
>>1019580 Old picture of Cockshott with Ghislaine Maxwell.
(196.43 KB 698x454 aristocrats_joke.jpeg)
>>1019580 If he wanted to wear tank tops so much, why didn't he spend royal money to turn himself into a plastic surgery transgirl or something? It's not like you can be super ugly and super rich. What was the purpose of him dressing like this in public?
>>1014410 can someone translate?
>>1013262 Or if you, y'know, practice common sense. Especially given all the countries you just mentioned have been at each other's throats numerous times. What kind of fantasy world do you live in where the USSR and China are both non-revisionist in spite of declaring the other to revisionist? Anyways: Bolivia, Cuba, the DPRK, and Vietnam are regional powers at best rather than global powers and, with the possible exception of Bolivia, don't have a literal bourgeois class with capital worth billions of dollars to throw around. China isn't some small state defending itself from colonial aggression: it's a power in its own right and is obviously advancing towards competing with other imperialist powers around the globe. Also the DPRK is a monarchy.
>>1019620 Then he would actually be relatable to the Thai population too.
>>1019769 >Dprk >Monarchy Found the liberal
>>1019620 cause hrt gives you erectile dysfunction
>>1019620 He probably doesn't really have a properly formed concept of self image, being a completely insane monarch after all. So the concept of "looking good" is completely lost, he just wears whatever cuz he's the Phucking Kang.
>>1020243 weird to think about, most monarchs and presidents are mentally ill
(544.94 KB 631x1327 1.png)
31 leftist groups and parties have signed a statement, which declares support for the protests: https://thinkleft.net/2020/10/15/solidarity-with-the-people-of-thailand-for-democracy/
>>1024706 <clearly a color revolution dude, don't you know that the king is an anti-imperialist who we must critically support against imperialism
>>1024706 All of these groups are ultra small though
>>1024796 True, but I still wanted to share this info.
>>1024748 <anyone not directly endorsed by China is not worth our support
>>1025378 <socialism is when you wave a red flag, the more red flags you wave the more socialist you are
>>1025405 Is this a pro or anti-china comment?
>>1025415 it's against people who think thailand protests are a color revolution because the reactionary state is somewhat friendly with china
>>1025424 Tbh it wouldn't surprise me if it was
>>1010993 cringe
>>1025451 It is. It’s just that because they’re not inherently anti-communist like the monarchy so leftists can use it to radicalize people. In a way, the Bolsheviks were a kind of color revolution backed by Germany, but they were smart enough to betray the Kraut immediately when they had the chance.
Imagine calling yourself a Marxist but denying that the bourgeoisie is a progressive force against monarchism. Like what is your end game? Thailand has no ascendant communist movent because of how politically retarded it is.
>>1015180 lol this picture but unironically
>>1026734 But you don’t get it! China good! America bad!
>>1026182 >In a way, the Bolsheviks were a kind of color revolution backed by Germany Lenin was a glowie?! wtf
>1037833 Kind of. He was most definitely sent to Russia by the Germans to get Russia out of the war.
>>1037833 More like an intelligent leftist that used inter-imperialist conflict for revolutionary purposes.
>>1026182 >No media support AT ALL >Overwhelmingly despised by ALL existing powers to the point 14 countries invade Russia >Militarily antagonized even by their supposed backers >Class based demands Yep, totally a color revolution.
(76.87 KB 680x672 thai breakup.jpg)
>>1037867 Context?
>>1019580 The absolute state of the monarchy
>>1006778 That's because they were protesting in front of the German embassy. Their ruler Vajiralongkorn and 30 of his girlfriends took a permanent residency in Bavaria and they are basically asking to extradite them (as if). It's kinda funny how Germany has a good reputation all around the world. Those PRopagandists are geniuses, I have to say that.
All this people crying about the bourgeois vs the monarchy seem to forget that the king is literally THE bourgeoisie. He is literally the biggest porky in the country.
>>1037856 The krauts sent Lenin from Switzerland to Russia. They jsut did it to destabilise Russia and tried(and failed) to take advantage of the chaos. They thought they could have Lenin on a leash or dead, they had neither.
>>1037895 Guy is a redshirt Girl is pro-royalist Suthep Thaugsuban supporter And Thaksin Shinawatra seems to be her neighbour as you can barely see him giving thumbs-up for the dude going bros before hoes.
>>1037902 >It's kinda funny how Germany has a good reputation all around the world. That's because we are just decent people who never did anything wrong!
>>1037913 I always laugh when Merkel is presented as the most powerful woman of the world and a problem-solver, while everytime a problem arises within Germany she sits it out and lets the first minister of her cabinet, who talks about it, take the fall. That's how she ruled all 16 years and that's why at one time, she had a 70% approval while her government had a 70% disapproval, a government she's the head of and supposed to be in charge of. I bet those were the same people.
>>1037904 Yep, there’s practically no big porkie that isn’t the king’s relatives and military personnel. Only the eternal dengoids think to even support the monarchy.
>>1037910 That's because he wasn't a puppet, which points to yet another reason why the October Revolution is radically different from color ones.
Some thread related media: >Thai protesters march to German embassy as parliament opens special session https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgd5xkiNGVQ >Thai king praises 'very brave' man who held up royal portrait at anti-government protest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juop9q-QICA
(118.22 KB 555x603 grace heh.jpg)
>>1038628 >Thai king praises 'very brave' man who held up royal portrait at anti-government protest That video is very touching. I need praise too.
(2.49 MB 2600x3718 grace unhappy.png)
tfw thai king will never point to you and say, "very brave, very brave, grace anon" for being around these leftists
(116.02 KB 900x600 amused queen.jpg)
>>1038698 We do love grace though
>>1038676 >>1038698 >talk like retarded 5-year-old Why are rightoids always like this?
(321.88 KB 587x425 grace_smug_look.png)
>>1039503 No, you're the retard here. At least I don't support color revolutions.


no cookies?