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For New Anons and Lurkers: FAQ, rules, and reading list Anonymous Board volunteer 07/05/2020 (Sun) 20:23:05 No. 668788 [Reply] [Last]
🚧🚧Please bookmark http://leftypol.org in case this current domain gets v&ed or anything else.🚧🚧 Visual Guide for New Anons https://bunkerchan.xyz/.media/e7c5eab9a4fa215d646e6c8aaee497ef-imagepng.png Do not put your e-mail in the e-mail field First, Please read this OP. Since we're leftists, there shouldn't be many differences ideologically, but our community has its own jargon and idiosyncrasies which might be jarring to outsiders. Second, although we allow slurs, we are anti-bigotry and it will not be tolerated. Thirdly, the board has an anti-idpol rule. Meaning that discussion of idpol topics is not allowed. There is some flexibility. Where that flexibility is also requires some time to get the feel of it. Fourthly, don't put anything in the name, or email fields. Don't doxx yourself Search the catalog before starting a new thread to avoid duplicates: https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/catalog.html MOD LOG: If you wish to see the log of mod actions (ban, deletions etc...) see https://bunkerchan.xyz/logs.js?boardUri=leftypol Useful threads are often remade when expired, search the catalog if these links are broken. Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread >>829118 Internet General >>731360 Original Creations (Memes) >>853632 Market Watch >>8552 USA Unrest >>801173

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>>882699 Based stoicism, here's a good book on the subject by comrade Marcus Aurelius.
>>883186 lmao dat nigga is the exact opposite of stoic
(65.62 KB 453x700 Commodus.jpg)
>>883186 If that book has any parenting advice, I suggest that you ignore it. Pic Related. >>883790 What are you talking about? Marcus Aurelius was most certainly a stoic philosopher.
>>883996 I think he means he larped as a stoic irl.
>>883996 no, that tripfag is not stoic. don't compliment him.

(505.27 KB 1149x805 1600536133769.png)
(49.23 KB 632x632 1600532706481.jpg)
(484.40 KB 1898x1346 ada.jpg)
Louisville Shooting Anonymous 09/19/2020 (Sat) 18:17:02 No. 882998 [Reply] [Last]
This cunt was one of the victims' friends (steven something or other was the victim). Clearly a fucking racist cunt, friends may have been as well. Spread this around, comrades. Also, here is the archived thread for reference. This kevin cunt went full mask off in there. >https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/278238775/ He then proceeded to dox his own ass like the clown he is.
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Very good. Burgers: Please do your part in accelerating the collapse of the US empire by escalating the situation and voting Trump. Every dead Yank on either side is a step further away from barbarity for the majority of humanity. Thanks!
>>884656 >mentally ill lumpen cheering for more death of proles When 9/11 happened and poor people died in it, the oppressors used that to go and kill more poor people in another land
>>884664 >World Trade Center >Pentagon >Poor people Overwhelming majority of those who died on 9/11 deserved it. Even the handful of poor Janitors were guaranteed shitty, evil human beings because they were not only Burgers, they were New Yorkers - one of the filthiest and most deranged breeds of Yankee. Why do 300 Million Yankee lives matter more to you than the lives of the entire rest of humanity?
>>884668 >>884664 Ignoring the third worldist edge this is actually a bluepilled take. There were a lot of connected, elite level porkies and spooks who got liquidated(literally) on 9/11. An entire federal anti corruption detail and a pentagon accounting department got completely wiped out.
>>884565 A normie isn't going to post on /pol/ and use the lingo if they're just blowing off steam with a few hard r's.

(2.91 MB 1116x1500 acornhxh.png)
/leftybritpol/ - MAYBE SECOND LOCKDOWN EDITION Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 17:43:10 No. 879315 [Reply] [Last]
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>>883608 Tight, just make sure its washed and conditioned. Greesy hair like that is disgusting
>>883596 You have to be presentable to do organisation effectively. You can't have one without the other.
he's here
>>884530 Nah you don’t plenty organisers are scruffs or hippies. The best organiser I know is a fat bald man who shops exclusively in charity shops. He has the gift of the gab though.
>>884677 He would be an even better organiser if he was dressed well. There is no benefit to being scruffy.

(24.42 KB 736x713 youtube red.jpg)
/IG/ Internet General Anonymous Board volunteer 07/29/2020 (Wed) 23:34:23 No. 731360 [Reply] [Last]
Discuss e-celebs, lefty youtube, twitter, twitch, etc. New 'actually moderated' flavour! Now with 100% less idpol guaranteed!
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>>884657 Nah bro there is no reason they can't be irl tinder and serious revolutionaries at the same time.
>>884599 >muh transphobia >muh homophpbia >muh racism Is this all these fags have?
(103.50 KB 889x738 Screenshot 2020-09-20 202632.jpg)
>>884674 More or less
(26.31 KB 570x145 DYa2v9lX0AAwsC0.jpg)
>>884599 >>884674 Quick reminder

Book Review: The Psychology Of Conspiracy Theories Anonymous 09/19/2020 (Sat) 22:18:52 No. 883687 [Reply] [Last]
Book Review: The Psychology Of Conspiracy Theories by Jan-Willem van Prooijen In this age of Qanon I thought this would be an interesting book to read. The author is a Dutch Psychologist and backs up the assertions with sources. VERY SHORT Summary: Conspiracy theories are not the result of pathology or mental illness but the misdirection of normal human impulses to recognize patterns and agency in people and events, combined with a belief-based mindset (correlated with Religiosity and Superstition). This happens in times of war, social upheaval, or rapid social or technological change. The solution is more education, as well as transparency in institutions and accountability. It's an interesting book, although the author seems to include some centrist political muh both sides waffling, although it is apparent that even though he mentions left wing conspiracies and socialist regimes in passing, his focus is on the far right generally. LONGER TLDR: Some conspiracy theories are true and some are false. This is a book about psychoanalyzing conspiracy beliefs, not judging the accuracy of those beliefs. The idea is that conspiracy theories are not based on some sort of mental illness or pathology, but a normal human reaction towards dealing with and/or explaining fear and uncertainty, particularly in periods of social upheaval or rapid social/technological change. People who react to this in a conspiratorial way tend to have personality types that are based on intuition, snap/gut judgements, and heuristics as opposed to careful analytic thinking, and also more inclined to religion or superstitious thinking (tarot cards, astrology, etc.). This is also correlated with lower levels of education. People with a “belief-oriented” mindset are more distrustful of others in daily life, and have relatively extreme or non-mainstream political views. The objects of conspiracy theory often involve groups of people or institutions that the person already dislikes or distrusts. Belief in conspiracy theories can itself cause additional anxiety, exacerbating the problem. There are also normal human biases that play into these beliefs: proportionality bias, the idea that a world changing political event must have an equally large conspiracy behind it. Also, illusory pattern perception, i.e. mistaking correlation for causation. People with fringe or extreme politics are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories. People who have a strong sense of in-group identity, and a strong sense of out-group threat also are more prone to conspiracy theories.

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>No prole, conspiracies are just spooks, pure ideology, not empirical investigations the likes of legal cases. >Wait no stop don't look behind that curtain, you see nothing, stop immediately, ignore the alien sex trafficking ring, it's just your imagination you damn Nazi pinko.
>>883687 >The solution is more education, as well as transparency in institutions and accountability. WRONG. Yet another intellectualist take that ignores the fact these things are motivated. Even a psychoanalyst would tell you the same. People might very well know (consciously or not) that what they believe makes no sense on a purely intellectual level, but they have other things to gain from it, a kind of enjoyment, edginess, attention, radicality, eccentricity, revenge, etc., etc.
>>884627 >WRONG. Yet another intellectualist take that ignores the fact these things are motivated. in the book he backs up the idea that higher education mitigates conspiratoid thinking with sources/studies
Biogenic oil: Rockefeller Vaccines & germ theory: Rockefeller Nukes: Rockefeller Trotsky: Rockefeller Hippies: Rockefeller IgFarben: Rockefeller The new left: Rockefeller Ayy Lmaos: Rockefeller Environmentalism: Rockefeller And more and more and more. It's a Rockefeller's world.
>>884683 Those with higher education have more of a stake in the system which makes it their self interest to adopt its ideology instead of deviating ones for the losers.

(524.59 KB 1500x1029 kLq3yTr.jpg)
🦅🗽 /USApol/ - United States Politics 💵🏈 Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 19:10:57 No. 531727 [Reply] [Last]
Edited last time by zulveta on 09/02/2020 (Wed) 01:14:04.
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>>884638 >there goes Anon, this is bad, if the right wing vote consolidates under Mesa it makes it unlikely for MAS to win
>>884604 All you need to do is crush his hopes.
>>884641 Less likely, remember a 2nd-round runoff election was probably going to happen anyway, so this was always going to be a head-to-head election. Regarding the polls though, the massive decrease in predicted turnout since corona hit is a worrying indication of skullduggery in progress: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Bolivian_general_election#Opinion_polls
>>884463 this, there aren't many ways more effective to destroy a monarchy than to kill all direct descendance and let various retards fight each other over retarded legitimacy claims
(1018.12 KB 1180x668 stfuliberal.png)
>>884447 >NOOOOO! MUH MONARCHO-BLOODLINE! shut the fuck up monarchist

(1.02 MB 939x897 prepare.jpg)
News 9/19/20 News Anon 3.0 09/19/2020 (Sat) 16:55:58 No. 882768 [Reply] [Last]
Russia’s Communist Party rejects results of some gubernatorial elections after its candidates were barred from running Russia's Communists said on Monday that they were refusing to accept the results of the country's local elections in regions where their candidates were not allowed to run. The Communists are Russia's largest opposition party.“We do not recognize the elections that took place in the regions where our candidates were removed,” said Gennady Zyuganov, the party leader. His nominees were denied registration in five regional contests. https://on.rt.com/aqbk Communist veteran Roza Deshpande passes away at 91 Veteran communist leader and former Lok Sabha member Roza Deshpande died at her residence here on Saturday afternoon due to old age, sources said.Deshpande, 91, was the daughter of Shripad Amrit Dange, one of the founders of the Communist Party of India. https://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2020/sep/19/communist-veteran-roza-deshpande-passes-away-at-91-2199155.html https://archive.is/h0nZH Colorado police conduct militarized arrests of Party for Socialism and Liberation members As part of an attempted frame-up, the protesters were arrested and jailed in a series of coordinated militarized raids while they were out in public or at home. Those arrested face a plethora of charges, which, if they are convicted, could mean decades in prison for their alleged roles in four protests and vigils against police violence that took place over the summer. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/09/19/apsl-s19.html Peru's Congress Rejects Dismissal of President Vizcarra The impeachment was promoted by the Congress after the Vizcarra's alleged participation in a corruption scandal."I have my head held high and my conscience is clear," President Vizcarra said after the Parliament's decision as he added that we must move forward in the fight against the pandemic in the country. https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Perus-congress-rejects-dismissal-of-president-vizcarra-20200919-0003.html

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>>884295 Dog DNA has SINEC_Cf sequences (wandering DNA snippets causing benign mutation) that make breeding possible. Species that don't have that are not suitable for breeding.
(342.19 KB 1360x1024 wild type banana.jpg)
(91.32 KB 630x451 ray comfort.jpg)
>>884301 Do all cultivar plants have this feature?
>>884306 >howto banana without seeds i have to look that up, might take while
>>884306 Seedless bananas were a natural mutation and cultivators propagated it via cuttings (asexual reproduction) thousands of years ago.
>>884301 Phenotype of an organism is dependent on a genotype and genotype is inherited, you might not see the feature you were breeding for in few generations because it might have been linked to more than one recessive gene, but with constant breeding effort eventually you will get there. Its true we don't get speciation yet but the thing you said about SINEs is wierd, SINEs are mobile elements that contribute to genomic diversity, but they are present in all mammals. SINEC_Cf is just a name for a certain type SINE sequences in canines.

(21.25 KB 275x183 index.jpg)
Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 19:50:17 No. 830334 [Reply] [Last]
Why is Poland so anti-communist? All Poles I've talked to are reactionary. One was even a neo-nazi with face tattoos lmao.
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>>868842 I'm sure it's because I remember nothing about polish history...but what ? why ? what's the logic behind this ?
>>830351 No they didn't, the Red Army simply retook occupied land the White Polish bandits stole in 1919-1920 and the Soviets liberated Poland from Nazi extermination. Hundreds of thousands of Poles fought with the Red Army and helped liberate Warsaw and Berlin.
(37.58 KB 413x391 wkurwiłeś totema.jpg)
(73.31 KB 469x608 papież utyły.jpg)

(334.18 KB 1270x782 NORTH.jpg)
/Nord/ - Nordic General Anonymous 08/29/2020 (Sat) 17:21:28 No. 818850 [Reply] [Last]
The previous Nordic thread reached bump limit, so let's continue here. Let's discuss in English, so we can all understand each other (I don't want this to become a circle jerk for Swedes only). Previous thread >>290791
Edited last time by krates on 09/05/2020 (Sat) 06:47:02.
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>>867219 That's actually hilarious. When Utoya happened our Swedish fash were very quick to blame the radical Muslim hordes, and then it turned out to be Breivik.
(373.25 KB 993x784 Halla-aho_Jussi.jpg)
>>867224 Same happened in Finland. Fascists went crazy declaring the mass murder as the worst thing ever and blaming muslims. When the truth came out they all went quiet. In his manifesto Breivik actually quoted/mentioned Jussi Halla-aho, who is now the leader of Perussuomalaiset. Breivik also sent his manifesto via email to him IIRC. Nowadays the Finnish fascists (including Perussuomalaiset) love Breivik and praise him anonymously oniline but ofcourse can't do it publicly.
>>866677 >Right now the radical right wing is losing their shit and it's fucking hilarious. I hope we see more of these scumbags attacking and killing each other :D No, you don't want that. Because it can trigger revenge against "perps".
Vad är vänsterpols ide för hur man löser integrationen? Vilket ansvar lägger man på staten, invandrarna och svenskarna?
>>867112 I am a member of the Red Party. I can answer any questions you may have

(62.28 KB 775x514 DOWn.jpg)
/crisis/ General Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:43:55 No. 8552 [Reply] [Last]
DOW/Market Watch Thread
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
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>>882142 That's a question which has long plagued us. A couple of years ago, I figured out that Porky's grasp on the superstructure is total so we would have to wait until the system itself collpsed. I hope I'll be proven wrong, but I still can't see a way to override it even as it has started crumbling, our message is finally starting to find attentive listeners but it's thanks to the quickly-degrading material conditions as opposed to any new factor on our side. I can think of only one single way which very theoretically might work at truly amplifying our reach. Seeing as our great medium, mass organizations, are virtually dead (fuck, any organization involving more than one person is), it's time to change gears and go to the one medium Porky can't subvert which is to proselityze in small groups or one-on-one in a coordinated manner. It's easier said than done, obviously, but as far as I can see, we simply have no choice, difficult as this may be. Since we can't override Porky's noise, we should try to udnercut it. We have long wondered how we could undo the disinformation fed by television, then internet came along but its very format favors disinformation even more, and as Qanon demonstrate, what could be a great tool for cultural elevation has instead become an immense white noise generator, spawning cults by lunatics whos wear they hear God's voice in the static. In the absence of mass organizations, the only way to undo this informational damage would be to talk to the masses on a first name basis, as a trustworthy relation is the only way to get people to listen to your dissent instead of just accepting the message regurgitated from TVs, computers and cellphones. You no doubt have met some people whose beliefe in moronic ideas actually grew stronger as you tried to debunk them, right? This is actually a documented psychological phenomenon, and Porky is exploiting this (and many other unconscious quirks of ours) to drag mankind down. The only way to circumvent is for them to hear the message we already have, but from someone whose judgment they trust. The admittedly cringeworthy word I have been using for this is revangelism, as this direct contact is exactly how Christianism started ("For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.") This is the only way I can see we can get everyone to live in the same reality again, at least without the complete collapse of the existing order happening first, and I would rather avoid that, I think you can understand. If this could be done, it would in fact serve multiple functions. It could turn out to be a great tactic in the long run, because as capitalism has pulverized social bonds, this could allow us to build them back -- which would be in itself a blow against alienation -- while educating about socialism down at the most basic levels of society. Since unions and mass parties are, at least for the moment, no longer an option, we would have to get started on the most simple things, which affect the day to day of the people and help them cope with the ills that contemporary capitalism is forcing upon them. Things like neighborhood associations (something which actually tackles issues in a community instead of being real estate police) and remedial classes for kids, and even things as simple as fitness groups and book clubs. People are completely starved of social nets. The surprise collapsed opened the way for vitally important solidarity, as poor areas will be in terrible need of food security (striking deals directly with producers to cut middlemen, hopefully set up community canteens) and homelessness mitigation (organized and well-managed house-sharing arrangements, for example). If I'm allowed to dream big, this could be the seed for the future would-be soviets, and starting at this level, it would be planted very, very deep. A possible way to ensure a bottom-upwards socialist drive and some uniformity in basic ideology -- imagine, for example, if the radicalization of Russians which preceded the revolution had been mostly made by a single group (or multiple groups with the same ideology); it could have avoided the fractures which doomed the revolution in the long run. But anyway, I'm getting too far ahead of myself here.
>>883778 You're 100% right anon. Each new militant should have as an objective to get a new person in. Each one teach one.
>>883778 community aid sounds good, one nit pick how do you coordinate all these small groups ?
>>883778 Worthless, utterly worthless, just doomer nonsense If we can only turn the tens of millions we need into socialists one by one we communists should all just fucking kill ourselves because that task is flat out impossible and because communism is worthless as particularist, individualist nonsense.
>>884472 Is not about turning them one by one. It's about potentially doubling our numbers fast, and then do it again and again.


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