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(90.92 KB 780x470 botnet.jpg)
The Great Internet Purge Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 01:07:52 No. 653253 [Reply] [Last]
>Leaks showing collaboration between social media sites and law enforcement during protests >reddit banning "extremist" subs >Internet Archives being targeted for "copyright" infrigement >Feds trying to kill encryption >Twitch apparently censoring >Youtube targeting "extremist" youtube channels >Twitter doubling down on "fact checking" and censorship We have for a long time, been aware of most of these things, but it seems as though the Great Internet Purge has decisively begun. The bar for what is considered "extremism" has been progressively lowered over the past few years, and privacy rights/surveillance has. Anarchism, Socialism, and Communism are all being put into the same category as fascism and white supremacy now, as expected. Over the past few years, I have always been against censorship of the fascists online because I knew it would one day be applied to the left, and what is happening now is exactly that. The timing and context of these happenings make it almost totally apparent that this is all coordinated; covid also seems to be very convenient for them as well. This is a coup by the tech companies/establishment to censor any dissent online, specifically on platforms that occupy a huge space in public discourse. The only question that remains is the question of what is to be done. Should we simply find and promote alternative platforms, or start using TOR, dark web platforms, and/or other decentralized networks? Discuss. Also everybody needs to seriously reconsider their OPSEC or lack thereof. VPNs, proxies, and TOR should be allowed here honestly.
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>>653604 >This is a retarded meme. You talk as if a tool needed to be created for fighting fascists online and then that tool could then be abused. The tool is there with or without fascists No, the tool is something contrary to the spirit of the Internet, and contrary to the core ethos of leftism itself, that was built piece by piece, online and off. I would actually go further, and point out that whether censorship is targeted at fascists, leftists, or completely imaginary "threats", the continued existence and growth of censor institutions itself is dangerous. This is because censorship does not actually effectively suppress information as it claims. Rather, censorship exists primarily to feed the ruthless accumulation and pervasive reach of power by those given control of it. The fact that "leftists" are now tolerating, defending, and even contributing to this is a mindbending perversion. >>653812 >Well, people on the left concerned about the power of the american state (I think that is a broad and also fitting category) could have spoken up against that censorship while strongly opposing its targets. This might have counterbalanced the woke image which tech companies use to normalize the control they exert over public life. This is what leftists to even the most banal specimen of libs did right up until everyone went fucking insane in the 2007 SJWpocalypse >>653959 >Quietly very important. The success of the Donald Trump campaign and also the Aut Right was very much thanks to alternative media campaigns with places like Twitter, Reddit and 4chan where the blatant bullshit they were touting was available, uncensored and "unslandered". Revisionist gigacopedilate:

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The purge is real
>>653797 >culture war what war? over what culture?
(20.55 KB 460x328 Pepe-silvia.jpg)
>>653323 <the problem is if you dumb down the communist arguments they turn into liberal or socdem hogwash >Basically I mean advocating for overtly marxist ideas but not labeling them as such. I think they got that.. So then every now and then you will behave as a dementia stricken person who dances their hands around in weird shapes for 5 minutes and somewhere in a dark basement a person will be watching half asleep and their eyes will widen... "Historical materialist analysis of human development... DUH SYSTEM... WE GOT IT UPSIDE DOWN DONT YA SEE. DER SOCIAL RELATIONS UNDERGIRD SERSAITY AND CAUSE ANTAGONISTIC EXPRESSION... Alex Jones has joined the left.
>>669195 Is actually full of fascists, apparently.

(3.20 MB 4075x5988 map of korea.jpg)
/dprk/ -- DPR Korea General Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 14:04:23 No. 9051 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for news and discussions of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, its material conditions, the status and health of its socialist tradition, disproving common myths about it, etc.
Archive of first ~500 posts on original thread:
Subsequent archives:
Related archives:
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(88.53 KB 779x389 95bowzwq4a851.jpg)
>>669302 doesn't exist. they have a few churches, and a few Christians, but most of the population isn't interested, since they have adopted a scientific world outlook. But they have religious freedom for those who want it.
>>669382 I've read that thousands of Christians are imprisoned and tortured, in prisons that are even worse than normal ones. Also, the churches and laws about religious freedom are just for show. Of course by default I believe all of that imperialist propaganda is bullshit, but I'd like some more concrete proof or in-depth discussion of this.
>>669453 >I've read that thousands of Christians are imprisoned and tortured, in prisons that are even worse than normal ones. Also, the churches and laws about religious freedom are just for show. This comes from the Christian fundamentalist cults in South Korea. It’s not trustworthy at all. These are the same people that didn’t believe Covid-19 existed and infected themselves drinking a giant bowl of “holy water”.
>>669453 I don't know exactly what proofs I can give that won't just be dismissed out of hand by the kind of people that make anti-Korea claims, but some good evidence I think that the DPRK doesn't repress Christians is the fact that many important politicians have been Christian, including Kim Il-Sung's mother. They have 5 churches, 3 protestant, 1 Catholic, 1 Russian Orthodox. They've had the pope visit even. The idea that all of that is just for show is as ridiculous as the claims that everything else is all just for show to westerners.
>>669503 I knew they've invited Francis, but afaik the pope has never visited the DPRK.

(57.19 KB 1200x1141 1200px-China_Emblem_PLA.svg.png)
crushing /pol/ Anonymous 07/05/2020 (Sun) 15:58:02 No. 668269 [Reply] [Last]
If we can convince Hiroshima Nagasaki, 4chan's owner, to switch from a Google Captcha to a Baidu Captcha we can displace all of the American and European reactionaries from the website with sheer numbers. Mainland Chinese are unable to use the Google Captcha. It is very important that we do not let the reactionaries congregate there after Trump loses. China has almost 1 billion Internet users as of now. https://www.statista.com/statistics/265140/number-of-internet-users-in-china/ https://www.similartech.com/compare/baidu-search-box-vs-recaptcha
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>>668380 Rebecca you faggot why do you do this every time?
>>668551 Holy fuck
>>668269 chinks are more rascist than amerimutts
>>669656 So what? Anti-racism is just one aspect of leftist politics.
>>669656 Speak for yourself

(44.61 KB 548x620 IMG_20200702_234408.jpg)
Stalin muffinman 07/05/2020 (Sun) 20:23:29 No. 668790 [Reply] [Last]
I've watched spooky scary socialist's video on stalin, and it seems like he was a cool dude, but I have some doubts, I dunno, any clarifications and shit would be absolutly lovely. vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzTy4rBVDJ8 She-ra fanart so I can make a thread.
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>>669495 >Means of destruction You mean war materials like tanks, fighter jets, etc? Sure, but only to defend the gains we make, certainly not to destroy and pillage other countries.
>>669607 yeah I'm all for that, I just felt like making a shitty pun
>>669221 Yes, that. Thanks.
>>669750 You are welcome bro.

(208.09 KB 1440x1440 smugkitty.png)
Anonymous 06/28/2020 (Sun) 20:19:56 No. 648938 [Reply] [Last]
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(35.84 KB 220x219 mia_honda.gif)
>>658321 its actually >>>/anime/ now. Some vol messed up and now all the banners say /a/ lmao
(3.34 MB 2100x2100 ARI_AGITPROP_2.png)
>>669074 I do. Not many others do. :(
>>658321 Noice.
(1.16 MB 2100x2100 TankU_BasedAnon.png)
>>669567 Thank you Anon! >Not many others do. yeah thats unfortunate, but thats why we need to increase awareness about these other boards

(89.94 KB 1365x1024 intersectionality.jpg)
(91.29 KB 940x649 privilege.jpg)
How to fight liberal sociology Anonymous 06/25/2020 (Thu) 08:55:09 No. 639829 [Reply] [Last]
I keep seeing liberal sociology snaking its way into left discourse, and it absolutely must be combatted. It's the "false friend" of social theory, meant to give voice to real issues and real suffering, but only as a means of obfuscating how our society actually functions and hampering those movements that let this trojan horse theory in. I wanted to take a look at them, not as "idpol", but simply as theories. All liberal sociology must be combatted, as with all liberalism itself, but two concepts have really managed to embed themselves into the discourse, and unfortunately your radlib types will defend them to the death and insinuate that any criticism is crypto-fascist heresy. Intersectionality is often used as a term interchangeable with "inclusiveness" or "solidarity", but the theory itself is a load of idealist nonsense. The idea is that there are various "oppressions" floating through the social space that can "intersect" compounding existing oppression and producing its own emergent properties. Which sounds nice at first, almost something approaching dialectics, but it serves mostly to combat the materialist conceptualization of society, specifically to transform material conditions, economics and class from the foundations around which society is organized to yet another intersection of abstract "oppressions". It's also demonstrably false. For instance, in the theory of intersectionality, a black woman should naturally be more oppressed than a black man, since she faces both the brunt of racism AND patriarchy. But history shows otherwise. While black women have no doubt faced horrible oppression, black men have regularly been lynched throughout at least American history, along with being poached by the police for slave labor in prisons, something black women aren't subjected to for the most part. Or, as another example, lesbians should have been historically more oppressed than gay men, facing both homophobia and patriarchy, and yet male homosexuality was almost always far more harshly punished than female homosexuality, which, in some placed and times, were almost treated with something akin to tolerance. And if intersectionality isn't able to accurately predict and explain real world oppression from history, what fucking good is it? It's good to considering multiple elements, and the inter-relations between them, but this is already done far more gracefully in dialectics. It's false consciousness that will invariable lead people to false conclusions about their socio-economic conditions. Privilege largely describes a real thing, the tendency for there to be implicit or clandestine preferences towards certain groups over others, but makes the critical error of elevating what is essentially not being discriminated against to the position of, well, "privilege". It gives the very real impression that not getting shot by the cops, not having the judicial system throw the book at you for minor infractions, social institutions working more or less as advertised and so on is some sort of luxury that is naturally in short supply, and this lack-of-discrimination has be be rationed out between people. Like the police have some extra-judicial killings quota and therefore the natural consequence of reducing police brutality against the black community is that they've got to start brutalizing whites. It sounds ridiculous to talk about out loud, but that's the direct implication of people who say that X or Y group are going to suffer in some way because they're going to "lose their privilege" after a oppressed group gets their justice. And I see that exact line of reasoning around A LOT and literally all it does is create a conflict out of thin air, basically for its own sake. With the recent protests, I've seen this utter bullshit rear its ugly head yet again, and I'm left wondering how we can even combat it, because while it's completely unhelpful nonsense, it's like crack to your cliquish, virtue-signaling radlib, who have way too much sway in our community.
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>>667919 >Social constructs don't cease to be just because you think them away
>>639829 simple, just tell them: <there is a chance in this world for a black, illiterate, gay woman to be rich, but there is no chance for a poor person to be rich.
(6.78 KB 299x168 cockfight.jpeg)
>>668335 >race-spooks over matter Material reality asserts itself. The Nazis found that out the hard way Think this through you are going to push these divisive race-identities on people until material reality of mounting economic pressures, you are distracting people from, assert them self, and your BS channels this tension into ethnic violence, you think this won't catch up with you ?! Just think it through you bait people into killing each other over this, you'll be left with people that don't believe in race spooks, you'll become the personification of racism. Social constructs can be changed, and it really doesn't have to be bloody, change your erroneous ways, stop peddling race-theories.
(99.23 KB 822x478 emps atheist.jpg)
>>668544 Kewl ur jets, mah d00d. I'm saying the opposite here. By undermining race spooks and encouraging others to do so, you directly attack the only thing that sustains racism.
https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/669087.html#q669591 Are liberals on the fence about any issues at all? Can they be considered to be a potential ally or are they fascists at the end of the day? I've browsed this board long enough that I've heard every complaint about libs but I think the basic question of them being "for us or against us" still hasn't been answered.

Is there anyway the Soviet Union could've won the Cold War Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 22:57:49 No. 664752 [Reply] [Last]
>Be the Bolsheviks >Fight a brutal civil war with every major power intervening to stop you >Win the Civil War >Country is devastated >Implement NEP >Scissors crisis >Lenin dies >Elect Stalin >Begin to massive industrialization and collectivization >bad harvests and kulak resistance >Trotsky becoming a pain in the ass and splitting the international left >Trouble in the far east with Japanese imperialists >Major power in central europe lets to power an austrian painter who's entire ideology is based on anti communism >Industrialization and collectivization begins to pay off >Trotskyites begin several plots within the party to commit treason and engage in terrorism >Accelerate the 5 year plans and militarize the Union >Germany remilitarizes the Rhineland

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(68.29 KB 408x558 1504662277662.png)
(215.59 KB 1000x1000 1557990233608.png)
>>664752 >communist parties win elections in France and Italy post WW2, take power and NATO and the EEC either never form or are very weak, USSR gets more advanced technologies from Western Europe to rebuild >KPA crushes the Pusan pocket in 1950 before the US intervenes, DPRK unites Korea >Greece goes red as a result of more support from the socialist states >Turkey and Iran become socialist or left leaning republics due to the USSR offering help for development and independence >warm water ports for the Soviet navy >Soviet influence in Africa spreads much faster, Arab union forms, Israel is crushed >As a result of a socialist France, all of Indochina goes socialist early on >Salazar regime collapses earlier on due to greater Soviet support for insurgencies in Africa >Spain is isolated, republicans rise up again and Red Army sends support, Francoism collapses >Britain stuck in 1970s style turmoil, unions are much stronger, withdraws from most overseas colonies and cannot add much, left wing Labour government comes to power and quits NATO >Benelux and West Germany are left alone in Europe >USA engulfed in civil unrest, borderline insurgency in black majority areas >USSR and China never split, can focus all their forces on undermining imperialism >NATO collapses in the early 1990s, GDR unites Germany, USA collapses into a civil war
>>666967 Why wouldn’t the US just say fuck it and wage nuclear warfare in this scenario?
>>666976 No point in making themselves the bad guys. Their problems are internal -- nukes would only solve external problems. Similar with the USSR.
>>664982 Kill yourself, glowie

(81.83 KB 1366x765 maduro.jpg)
is Maduro unironically a bad president? Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 05:02:12 No. 665523 [Reply] [Last]
hear me out before you get hysterical and start accusing me of being an imperialist spreading CIA propaganda. I know that the global economy has a history of abusing sanctions on socialist states like in Chile and Cuba (and even the Eastern Bloc really) in the Cold War era but I don't know if we can honestly say that this is the same. first of all Chavez didn't seem to trigger quite the same kind of reaction that you would expect towards other socialist presidents before his time -- probably because the global economy got deregulated under the Reagan-Thatcher era -- so he was able to peacefully build up his economy with European-style social democratic policies, up until the oil market crashed that Venezuela relied on, causing the recession that Maduro inherited. I'm sure sanctions are contributing to some of Venezuela's problems but why weren't they an issue under the Chavez presidency? I think to blame it all on the global economy and sanctions only paints half the picture. for example why doesn't Maduro even bother to lift the price controls on international corporations that are left over from the pre-crash Chavez economy? there's no way that this policy could be benefiting the Venezuelan economy in any way, and it most definitely taints it, and yet those price controls are still there.
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>>667345 >give them to people in your government What are you talking about, Venezuela has very robust ground up democracy. Maduro has a larger majority than any western leader. The working class is in control of the government in Venezuela. Like I said, petty personal corruption does not change that. Also fuck it, even if Maduro was directly receiving drug money, which is isn't, that would not justify the western aggression towards him. >>668435 No, they are not. Independent international observers did not think so. https://venezuelanalysis.com/analysis/13899 >>668456 International observers have on numerous occasions in fact said Venezuelas electoral system is more robust and less prone to foul play than many western democracies. >>668526 look at the above source i gave
>>668526 >The Electoral Integrity Project is an academic project based at Harvard University and the University of Sydney which seeks to quantify the integrity of elections worldwide. The project freely publishes its Perceptions of Electoral Integrity dataset for scholarly use. The most recent data release (PEI 6.0) covers 285 elections in 164 countries from mid 2012 to the end of 2017. The founding Director is Pippa Norris. >The project received media attention in 2016 when it ranked the United States last among western nations.One of the project's International Advisory Board, Andrew Reynolds, a political science professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, noted in the Raleigh-based News and Observer that his home state's election integrity score was similar to Cuba, Indonesia and Sierra Leone. The study ranked integrity of the state's congressional districts lowest in the nation just below similar outlier Wisconsin. An editorial in the Wall Street Journal ridiculed the study, noting that "Democracy in New York (which scored a 61) and Virginia (60) is supposedly more imperiled than in Rwanda (64), though Rwanda is controlled by an autocrat. The worst-performing state, Arizona (53), is outranked by Kuwait (55), Ivory Coast (59) and Kyrgyzstan (54)." Dylan Matthews writing in Vox agreed that "it seems foolish to infer from that that the US is less of a democracy than Rwanda" but felt that the EIP had highlighted important issues such as gerrymandering and voter registration laws. >Statistician Andrew Gelman had a negative view of the PEI Index, commenting that "[it] all seems like an unstable combination of political ideology, academic self-promotion, credulous journalism, and plain old incompetence", noting among other things that the EIP's 2014 data release has previously given the North Korean parliamentary election an 'electoral integrity' score of 65.3 and Cuba 65.6, higher than elections in EU members Romania and Bulgaria. Norris addressed the controversy in two long replies to Gelman, noting that her team had subsequently dropped the North Korean election from the dataset. Gelman, however, questioned her justification for this removal and continued to question the EIP's methodology more generally https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electoral_Integrity_Project this electoral integrity project is a wild ride lads. They think North Korea is a democracy which is is but not Venezuela??? They must be seriosuly high on some absolutely poten anarcho- juche ideology or something I can't tell, do we trust them or not? Calling North Korea more democratic than America seems based to me lads. But OP you should send this back to your friends, see what they think about it when you tell them this same metric thinks North Korea and Cuba are based democracies
>>668526 Now, as for the article itself, fuck me. Lets start: >approximately six million voters decided to reelect Maduro, with a turnout of 46%, the lowest in the Venezuelan democratic history. The 2016 American election had a 55.7% turn out, and that was a HUGE election, in 1996 the turn out was 49%, historically it has been much lower than this. http://www.electionguide.org/countries/id/231/ here is some general stats on Veneuzuelan election turn out, as you can see, Venezuela has a generally extremely high turn out. An average of 61%. What happened in the recent election is that the opposition boycotted the election. They were never going to win the election, and this move was basically throwing the toys out the pram. They then proceeded to say they weren't allowed to take part and the western media parroted this, that was a lie, they boycotted it. So, turn out goes from an average of 61% to 46%. A difference of 25%. 25% of the vote is basically what the opposition gets. You can't boycott an election and then say the turn out proves it wasn't democratic.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>665711 Diplomats are smug liberal assholes so I dunno bro
>>669128 Kek. This one was from Lib-Z.

Workplace cucks Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 11:28:13 No. 665807 [Reply] [Last]
>Dude it’s so bullshit that our wage get lowered but the regional manager’s wage is still the same and the stock holders still get richer. <What do you expect? They obviously work harder than us. >Really? They work a hundred times harder than us? <Uh their job might not be physically hard, but mentally! Plus their work are more important anyway. >Most of their decisions are made based upon the work of people like us or analysts that only get slightly slightly higher pay than us. They practically do nothing. <You’re too much of a Bolshevik to get it that’s all. Are there any point arguing with these kinds of people? They genuinely believe that the porkies are superior than them somehow.
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>>669054 Sounds like a filthy labor aristocrat country to me ( ^ :
Do not ever work in a poultry processing plant. It is the worst work ever, dirty, horrific, low paying and yet all the workers are utterly and completely class cucked. Even the black workers, who live in public housing and are generally dirt poor are like this. Why is the U.S.A. so horrible?
>>669058 t. Larper
>>669067 Vietnam and China are essentially red social democratic states. Things regarding social safety nets, welfare and state control for public services are much better. But since it’s still have a capitalist market and a porky class it will still have to bend to the global market. We also have the same push for “socialism by 2050”. The worst thing is the millennials that grew up during the height of “Doi Moi” in the 90s are extremely libertarian in nature, fully believing in the miracles of capitalism in Singapore, muh entrepreneurship and bootstrap memes. Most of my coworkers are this kind of cucks. Boomers are much more class conscious. >>669070 Taking from Singaporean anons, people in their country is much more delusional with the PAP than here. Vietnam is just basically China but with a more lax level of censorship.

(166.11 KB 700x525 1591917355-image_from_ios_12_.jpg)
What can be learned. Anonymous 06/25/2020 (Thu) 16:47:03 No. 640942 [Reply] [Last]
So it’s pretty obvious that CHAZ has failed. This thread is took look at why it failed and learn what can be done better next time.
354 posts and 49 images omitted.
>>667226 >>667560 >>667696 To b honest it kinda looks more like a accident, if you go frame by frame over the video you can see the car "body roll" heavily to one side which indicates aggressive steering away from most of the people.
>>667732 I think it was accidental too. Doesn't he hit the brakes? The guy probably wanted to go for a joyride in his sports car, expecting the road to be empty, and created a tragic situation.
>>667822 Anyone who drives a sports car is a class enemy. They should have IED'd him.
>>668192 Yeah but they got slaughtered by 80k moving 80mph and then laughed at on the internet womp womp
>>640998 what was the issue with the tranny, they probably were unqualified and shit, and I assume you were refering to SJW bullshit


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