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Higher education for scientific socialism Anonymous 01/04/2020 (Sat) 11:27:41 No. 197223 [Reply] [Last]
What subjects would be best for garnering an academic base for dialectical and historical materialism, scientific socialism? Since I can hardly find any courses in "Marxian economics", and I strongly doubt that the usual economics departments carry such courses, I started to open up more to the value of the following three: · History · Anthropology · Sociology Considering hismat (History) Polanyi (Anthropology) and social conflict (sociology) I've kind of gotten stuck here. Could some of you voice your views on this? I'm sure I'm not the first who've been at this stage. Right now I'm edging towards excluding history, since it's not a proper science and would classify closer to the humanities in contemporary curriculum (unlike the historical social science Anthropology), but then I'm thinking about the fact that Marx analyzed his immediate society, and that would go more with Sociology (a lot of the courses actually seem to cover Marx and class to my surprise). Anyway, confused commie student here asking for some help/guidance for the near-future.
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>>198868 Not him, mathematician here. Logic as a philosophical discipline is invaluable in my opinion. You learn it by default in mathematics, but it helps me every day in how I think about things and create arguments and view the world in regards to socialism directly, min gutter. It’s a skill non-math/pays people suck at too
>>197254 >>198868 >>199311 Also to refute the previous post about maths, it’s not dead end and teaches a lot of skills that are applicable to basically everything. They’re one of the top degrees for finance jobs, since they’ll have much better problem solving and numerical skills than any finance/business student. Not to mention within maths you'll likely do courses that involve statistics, computer science, physics, etc. If you’re not already into maths you shouldn’t do it (it’s quite difficult and requires passion or a great work ethic) but it’s definitely a good choice. I’d probably recommend computer science or something though if you’re into that
>>197230 >(History) is one of the least mentally stimulating sciences, as it is literally just remembering facts Absolutely brainlet tier. Any history after highschool will focus on critical analysis. For example, instead of "What historical event happened in 1517?" you'll have "Martin Luther was far from the first person to raise complaints with Catholic religious dogma. Why was it Luther and not his predecessors to first spark a mass movement for religious reformation?" No social science department will "teach you Marxism", even sociology AFAIK. From my experience, the history department is the most based but still limited to "radical" race and gender focused scholars. Sociology and Econ in my more limited experience were "globalization" neolib ideologues. That said, any social science will give you a much better political education than a STEM field simply because you'll be forced to contemplate social questions. >I personally don't want the capital/monetary motive to influence my decision-making on this A noble motive. As a recent History grad looking for jobs I'm wondering where I'd be if I cucked out and took Accounting or something similar, but at the same time there's no way in hell I'd be a Marxist today if I wasn't forced to contemplate social questions and theory. I can personally vouch for a history degree in terms of personal enrichment (just make sure you openly espouse your views in class and essay). The highest waged social science major is economics I believe if you're looking for a middle ground.
Master in political economy
>>199332 Do you know any historians that focus more on materialistic transformation of society? From what I’ve seen most of them tend to focus on great men and some other obscure topics.

(248.91 KB 934x900 stalin-color.jpg)
Anonymous 01/16/2020 (Thu) 07:47:46 No. 215900 [Reply] [Last]
Who killed Stalin? Why was Stalin killed?
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>>223410 >And what was Bukharin like as a >person? >A very good man, very kind. A >decent person, undoubtedly. A >man of >ideas. >He died for his ideas. >Yes, because he moved against >the party line. >Does he deserve respect? >As a person, yes. But he was >dangerous in politics. He ran to >extremes in life.
>>223410 how does this translate to "they weren't building socialism" lmao
>>223440 If you've read Engels, and I've doubt you have, in the principles of communism - he explicitly says socialism can not be built in one country. Now, Molotov admits that when Stalin put forth the thesis that Stalin was wrong when he proclaimed that - it throws into question of wreather or not it was possible. Molotov makes it clear, in his statement, he was pressured to go along with what Stalin was saying, and he kept his doubts, privately. Now,
>>223446 This is mostly mindless speculation from you. The Communist Manifesto/Principles was a propaganda pamphlet for 1848, not a long term plan for communism. Socialism in one country doesn't deny that international revolution is necessary for the final victory over capitalism. It was a logical path to take after all the other revolutions failed and the USSR was left isolated. You're trying to relate things with a very different context.
>>223467 >This is mostly mindless speculation from you. Its not though. If you've read Capital, which I know you haven't, Marx makes it explicitly clear that in capitalist mode of production is defined by an abundance of commodiites. Not small commodity production, but simply commodity production. Stalin, in the Economic Problems of the USSR, admits that this existed within the USSR while claiming it was "socialist." The problem is, as I've pointed out, this is in direct contradiction with what everything Marx and Engels said. Now, you can lie all you want, but the consensus - from the majority of Marxists, the USSR was never socialist. You can make all the bullshit excuses you want - but that does not change the facts. Socialism, in both stages, requires an international revolution. Marx, Engels, and Lenin made that crystal clear. Lenin even made it clear that it was a delusion to suggest that commodity production could exist under socialism. He also made it clear he never proclaimed the USSR to be socialist. The USSR's goal was to achieve socialism. That was an objective failure. Once you realize that - it makes very little sense to be a "Marxist-Leninist" because you are quite literally supporting a counter-revolutionary ideology that upholds Stalin's rightist errors. This is the same error Deng, and modern day "socialist" countries such as the DPRK, Cuba and China uphold. Clearly, since these countries all uphold generalized commodity production, they are continuing the liquidationist line that has killed the communist movement. In fact, the rise of neo-liberalism, social democracy and other counter-revolutionary movements, like fascism, was in-part because of the failure of the communist movement to actually succeed with its program. By being a ML - you are continuing to keep us on that path of ruination. By making excuses for what Stalin, Molotov, and all those who followed their line - are continuing to delude the communist programme with the most repugnant forms of opportunism. Now, I'm not a Left Communist. I have disagreements with them that stems from the conclusions they've reached, which essentially is authentic Marxism, but that stems from the ability to carry out such a task. Stalin's followers, like you , honestly believe his deviations to be true. You're not doing yourself any favors here. The USSR does not exist anymore. There is no reason be a "Marxist-Leninist" because has never led anything close to what Marx envisioned.

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(208.38 KB 387x470 ddddd.png)
habbening in hawaii Anonymous 01/20/2020 (Mon) 08:57:05 No. 221578 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuWRpy-LgsE https://leftypol.org/thread/169 He did it. He actually stabbed his landlord and two cops and now hes on the loose. cant cannel the hanel
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>>221592 >this is a form of liberalism Shut up. Genocide of the landlords is the only way
>>221578 Based schizo
>>221592 Repeat after me: State Sanctioned Landlord Classicide
>>221592 >killing landlord is actually bad imagine being this much of a disgusting fucking liberral
>>221592 Who's the glowie here, exactly?

(89.55 KB 600x895 drjoe.jpg)
What caused Goebbels to switch from being a Marxist to a National Socialist? Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 02:49:14 No. 223208 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone have any more info on how Goebbels went from reading Marx, Engels, Luxemburg, being incredibly inspired by Lenin, even saying "Lenin is the second greatest man behind Hitler and the difference between the Hitler faith and Communism is slight" (As quoted in The New York Times, “Hitlerite Riot in Berlin: Beer Glasses Fly When Speaker Compares Hitler to Lenin,”). Goebbels could have been an incredible socialist, he had excellent speaking skills and should had lead the party. His background too was admirable, he struggled with physical deformities, and had a genuine hatred for capitalism early on. So again my question is how did Hitler convince him to change his views from anti-private property Marxist to Hitler's backwards ideas of socialism?
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>>223326 He became the propaganda minister in the 3rd Reich, so maybe he just lied about being a socialist. The Nazis had socialism in the name, and that was lie too.
>>223208 >So again my question is how did Hitler convince him to change his views from anti-private property Marxist to Hitler's backwards ideas of socialism? Its a bit of a loaded question anon and a topic which I dont know much on the topic so I could speculate. Some of us dont quite remember that the esteemed Karl Marx was in fact living in Germany and it appears that despite that he knew a variety of topics, including history, he might have tended to write with a German locus and German Zeitgeist (it does not mean his writings are not applicable). Karl Marx was born within a post-Holy Roman Empire period and a pre-German Empire period (the latter he witnessed from 1871, likewise for Frederich Engels). Karl Marx was outraged that the German government abolished common land, common parks and common forestries which obliged the common Germans to pay for collecting firewood (electricity was not harnessed and the firewood was crucial for lighting and cooking food). I have not found explicitly that the German government (which was a monarchy) of the time privitised those commons (land, parks and forestries) nevertheless payment was demanded for accessing those former commons so it may be implicit, alternatively the king might have abolished them. By the time of Hitler and Goebbels there would have been German loyalty (Wilhelm II was the eldest grandchild of British Queen Victoria) and nobility lingering about that tried to keep their legitimacy having Wilhelm II abdicated to appease the German populace during being war weary and pursuing alternatives including those that were pioneered by Marx and Engels that were readily available in German. Goebbels could have been duped by the former royals and nobility, Goebbels could have also unironically done the bait and switch or even false advertisement. Dont take my word for it, we are just talking. Some interesting reading for those that fancy German history https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Revolution_of_1918%E2%80%931919
>>223208 Money. All the Nazi high leadership were greatly compensated by German capitalists for their hand in privatizing the economy. Like Mussolini, he never had any serious conviction and turned coat the second it became personally profitable.
>>223338 Goebbels was super fucked no matter what. Even the Allies would have had him strung up.
>>223314 if only the pictures were of obese kekistani retards waving memes around while this french scumbag is waxing poetic about the white race

(98.92 KB 756x600 craxi_arafat_berlinguer.jpg)
/ita/ - Spaghetti Communism Comrade 08/09/2019 (Fri) 15:54:13 No. 19862 [Reply] [Last]
Forse 8chan è definitivamente morto. Proprio pochi giorni dopo che stavo cominciando a pensare di ritornare a effortpostare, ecco che un paio di /pol/tardati ammeregani si danno allo sport preferito da quelle parti e ora quel sito sembra diventato la fonte di tutti i mali del mondo. Col risultato che hanno purgato anche il nostro bel filo. E vabè. Si chiude una porta, si apre un portone. Raccogliamoci qui e ricominciamo.
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(109.79 KB 614x767 tommywiseauterminator.jpg)
>>208489 Olè , sento già Renzi che si lamenta a riguardo . Tra l'altro una mossa a sinistra del PD (o qualunque patetica scusa ci rifileranno al suo posto) porterebbe la "sinistra" mainstream massimo massimo a posizioni social-democratiche che in teoria il PD dovrebbe abbracciare , ma sappiamo bene che essere soc dem al momento è troppo per loro . Sinceramente spero che finiscano per cadere di faccia un'altra volta , loro e i liberalissimi renziani ce li siamo tenuti tra i maroni per troppo a lungo a mio parere . >>211128 S per Pansa >Confindustria Qua ci troviamo di fronte all'ronia drammatica tipica del teatro latino e greco , scherzi a parte è emblematico del lento crollo dell'italia e di come da ben troppo l'economia sia relegata in mano ad opportunisti. Il rischio più vicino a noi temporalmente , sarebbe una nuova crisi economica e lì c'è da cagarsi in mano , perchè il rischio che l'italia diventi la nuova Grecia è più che tangibile . L'unico lato positivo potrebbe essere che , se la gente si ritrova di merda , la smetteranno di credere alle cagate che si sentono rifilare tutti i giorni per giornali e radio su come la libertà dei mercati sia per forza una cosa buona .
>>211557 >sarebbe una nuova crisi economica e lì c'è da cagarsi in mano , perchè il rischio che l'italia diventi la nuova Grecia è più che tangibile . L'unico lato positivo potrebbe essere che , se la gente si ritrova di merda , la smetteranno di credere alle cagate che si sentono rifilare tutti i giorni per giornali e radio su come la libertà dei mercati sia per forza una cosa buona . La cosa divertente è che i due principali organi del liberismo in Italia, radio radicale e il foglio, campano di sussidi pubblici.
Non mi sorprende che chi sostiene l'esistenza della Padania sostenga pure l'assurdo diritto ad esistere di Israele
>>216305 Un colpo al cerchio e uno alla botte: cerca di arruffianarsi gli ebrei nostrani e non di scontentare troppo i suoi supporter fascisti. lmao
(126.47 KB 1280x853 EOykLplXUAAaLEN.jpg)
Oggi è il 99° anniversario della fondazione del Partito Comunista d'Italia. Purtroppo non c'è molto da festeggiare, oggi i comunisti in Italia sono pochi e divisi, mentre regnano i bottegai che stanno devastando questo paese in nome della loro cupidigia. Crollano ponti, scuole e ospedali, ma il Partito Unico del Capitale ci dice che il problema sono gli immigrati, la mancata costruzione del TAV Torino-Lione e dall'attitudine italiana al risparmio. Ma la pagheranno eh? La pagheranno carissima. Diceva il Saggio: >Egli era allora, come oggi, il tipo concentrato del piccolo borghese italiano, rabbioso, feroce impasto di tutti i detriti lasciati sul suolo nazionale dai vari secoli di dominazione degli stranieri e dei preti: non poteva essere il capo del proletariato; divenne il dittatore della borghesia, che ama le facce feroci quando ridiventa borbonica, che spera di vedere nella classe operaia lo stesso terrore che essa sentiva per quel roteare degli occhi e quel pugno chiuso teso alla minaccia. Di chi parlava?

(634.58 KB 2600x3500 metal_slug_art_01.jpg)
Going Solo Anonymous 01/21/2020 (Tue) 05:44:32 No. 223372 [Reply] [Last]
Is being a solo revolutionary (for instance, in a podunk town with no local orgs) practical, at least to start off with? Can one really start a brand new revolutionary group from nothing, and if so, where would one start?
Don't start a "revolutionary group", that's idealist nonsense: that will result in pointless adventurism Instead organize workers & workplaces organize material help for the community organize a book-club, so you're not the only brain of the operation if you got this far you can think about trying to build dual power
>>223393 Not op but what would >organize material help for the community entail?
>>223400 repair their lacking sinks, give some floor for cake, drive kids to school basic stuff your grandparents grew up with called "community", helping thy neighbour n shit.
>>223407 >give some *flour for cake I assume that's what you meant, OP.

(47.95 KB 683x676 Pmlrcoriginal.jpg)
Anonymous 01/20/2020 (Mon) 19:36:22 No. 222693 [Reply] [Last]
Are they based?
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Spaniard here Dear god, no. They are a basically a cult. The main argument against them is that they are incredibly sectarian and very closed off from the rest of society, to the point of telling their members to avoid contact with non-communists, im not kidding. Im sure most of you guys can understand why this is a terrible idea, and the only objective of such advice is to create an echo-chamber inside the organization in order for the people at the top to do whatever they want inside of their little kingdom. This tend to a lot of paranoid opinions and behaviours in their ranks, which added to their heavy emphasis on self defence and martial arts (mind you, their GS is a martial arts teacher), has lead to some very nasty accusations agaisnt them from other communist organizations. I dont know for sure if they are real, though, but I woudn't be surprised. Politically, they are known for their main organization strategy, which is to create "front" organizations -this is, organizations that focus and struggle on a particular issue, in order to get in the ranks people and collectives from the popular classes affected by those issues. e.g.: students' unions, neighborhood associations...-. The problem with their approach is that they create phantom organizations, empty shells which claim to represent a lot of people and big issus, but, in reality, they have no people inside other than the militants of the PML(RC). Basically, they start from the top, and then try to fill their invention. A few years ago they tried to get attention from the main public by sending two guys to Syria, in order to fight with the MLKP and the YPG, and it was a success. Only problem being, they got caught on their lie pretty hard, and it was discovered that they basically went to make revolutionary tourism, and thet they neither saw any combat nor worked in other areas to support the YPG.
>>222778 Burger here, didn't know any of this. Thank you for the post, very informative.
>>222778 >The main argument against them is that they are incredibly sectarian and very closed off from the rest of society Sounds about Hoxhaist
>>222778 >Politically, they are known for their main organization strategy, which is to create "front" organizations -this is, organizations that focus and struggle on a particular issue, in order to get in the ranks people and collectives from the popular classes affected by those issues. Yeah, that's pretty much what every ML group does - popular frontism
low effort

news 1/20/20 News Anon 3.0 01/21/2020 (Tue) 00:52:25 No. 223086 [Reply] [Last]
Morales' party names election runners for Bolivia vote A former foreign minister and a coca farmer are the front-runners to be on the ticket for exiled Bolivian President Evo Morales’ political party in the May elections in the South American country, officials said on Friday. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-bolivia-election/morales-party-names-election-runners-for-bolivia-vote-idUSKBN1ZG1TC Venezuelan President Proposes Respectful Dialogue With US Gov't In an exclusive interview with The Washington Post, published this weekend, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro proposed dialogue with the United States, which would establish a different relationship between both countries. https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/venezuelan-president-proposes-respectful-dialogue-with-us-gvt-20200119-0018.html Far-right group threatens to disrupt Bloody Sunday memorial service in Glasgow The National Defence League (NDL), which regularly posts anti-Islam, anti-Irish and anti-migrant messaging online, has threatened to disrupt a parade remembering the massacre in the city centre on Saturday. https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/b/far-right-group-threatens-to-disrupt-bloody-sunday-memorial-service-in-glasgow Norway populist party quits coalition over 'Isis bride' repatriation The departure of the populist, rightwing party means the prime minister, Erna Solberg, no longer has a parliamentary majority, but she said she would stay on at the head of a minority government with her two remaining coalition partners. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jan/20/norway-populist-party-quits-coalition-over-isis-bride-repatriation Houthi rebels kill at least 70 soldiers in Yemen after attack on mosque

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>223154 >kombucha Lel these gringos are gonna elect some hipster beverage as President
>>223139 Alex Jones doesn't believe anything. He's Bill Hicks doing performance art.
(64.39 KB 702x343 whoops.jpg)
>>223086 >May elections I fear for them 'elections' they are havin' the 'government' meeting with Pompeo and all that shit in the open.
>>223166 ngl i thought it was tea made out of seaweed
>>223295 >I fear That's my feeling after reading news threads

Anonymous 01/12/2020 (Sun) 19:00:17 No. 210161 [Reply] [Last]
was he right, /leftypol/?
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>>213040 How so?
>>212122 >I’m going off that more recent work where the author argued that, if Machiavelli’s advice was actually implemented in practice, the tyrant’s government would actually backfire and quickly get overthrown. Maybe he meant it as a trap, yes. >Certainly, the Prince became notorious almost as soon as it was published, but I thought that had been because it had broken a lot of taboos and unspoken societal conventions about conduct. His book was banned by the Catholic church and there was a lot of literature against it. Yet it's probably one of the most influential book ever written.
>>210161 His footprints can be seen all over modern politics , some of his ideas were refined by Marx and incorporated into communism.
>>103583 This is closer to being a balance diet, but I would move Coke into the treats category , or better yet leave it on the shelf at the supermarket and get other brands of cola from less morally bankrupt companies as a treat.
>>223269 based

(37.40 KB 1396x785 2049.jpg)
Extinction Anonymous 01/01/2020 (Wed) 08:22:23 No. 193170 [Reply] [Last]
Do you believe that Humans will go extinct any time in the near future?
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>>221609 I'd say you're delusional, naive and idealistic.
sure hope so
>>220849 >people actually think we are going to run out of oxygen because of ocean acidification. Didn't happen during the PETM
>>220849 >>223282 >Cyanobacteria make significant contributions to global carbon and nitrogen cycling, particularly in the oligotrophic subtropical and tropical gyres. >The present study examined short-term (days) physiological and acclimation responses of natural cyanobacterial populations to changes in pH/pCO(2) spanning the last glacial minimum, similar to 8.4/similar to 150 ppm, to projected year 2100 values of similar to 7.8/similar to 800 ppm. >Fe- and P-replete colonies of Trichodesmium increased N-2-fixation rates (nmol N colony(-1) h(-1)) at pH 7.8 by 54% (range 6 to 156%) over ambient pH/pCO(2) conditions, while N-2-fixation at pH/pCO(2) 8.4 was 21% (range 6 to 65%) lower than at ambient pH/pCO2; a similar pattern was observed when the rates were normalized to colony C. >C-fixation rates were on average 13% (range -72 to 112%) greater at low pH than at ambient pH and 37% (-53 to 23%) greater than at high pH. >Whole community assemblages dominated by Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus (47 to 95% of autotrophic biomass), whether nutrient-replete or P-limited, did not show a clear response of C-fixation rates to changes in pH/pCO(2). >Comparison of initial and final C-fixation responses across pH/pCO(2) treatments suggests rapid acclimation of cellular physiology to new pH/pCO(2) conditions. >Changes in cell size and pigment content for Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus were minor and did not vary in a consistent manner with changes in pH/pCO(2). >These results for natural populations of all 3 cyanobacteria concur with previous research and suggest that one important response to changes in ocean pH and pCO(2) might be an increase in N-2 and C fixation by Trichodesmium under nutrient-replete conditions. >The response of single-cell cyanobacteria to changes in pH/pCO(2) will likely be indirect and controlled by the response to other variables, such as nutrients.


no cookies?