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(593.29 KB 1500x1222 Leftwave.jpg)
Anonymous 03/02/2020 (Mon) 21:06:35 No. 317780 [Reply] [Last]
Post commie vaporwave
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bumping for more labourwave
(1.71 MB 1074x684 dow jones.png)
(299.59 KB 1280x720 Ozymandias.jpg)

(166.68 KB 960x939 reddit glowies.jpg)
Was Reddit a glowie honeypot from the very start? Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 03:34:17 No. 403645 [Reply] [Last]
It's well known that Reddit is absolutely stuffed to the brim with glowie Cold War 2.0 propaganda. Like, my God, it's disgusting how obvious all this shit really is, multiple subs act as nothing more than a constant stream of pro-imperialist propaganda against whoever the enemy of the week is; glowies upvote this shit to heaven on high, they downvote literally any opposing comments, and given the fact that this shit is so beyond obvious by now I can only believe that almost every single comment on subreddits like /r/worldnews are glowies. Like, fuck, Americans would have to be genuinely mentally disabled to not see how clearly controlled and curated discussion is there. The site attacked muslims as subhuman mud people for years until it became convenient to use them as a pawn against China. As far as I can tell there are fucking glow posters on every sub too; on Reddit it goes so deep that admins removed entire mod bases from subs like /r/syriancivilwar specifically so the pro-American, pro-Israel narrative takes control. The owners of Reddit are fully complicit with the CIA, for all intents and purposes the CIA owns Reddit. My only question is; was it always this way? A decade ago the Pentagon began pouring millions to have glowies flood all social media and blast so much braindead bullshit that pretty much every social media site became a glowie propaganda hub. Ten years ago now, ten years, it was uncovered that Reddit receives the most traffic from Eglin Airbase, ten fucking years. The way Reddit is built from the ground up stifles discussion, already the voting system ensures debate is quelled and only retarded ass popular opinions can rise to the top; obviously this is very easy for a state actor to manipulate. Complete control given to mods more or less allowed a deranged dictatorship to arise on every sub where the culture either forced the sub to pump out shitty memes constantly (Chapo), or become isolated autists due to ban happy retards (/r/communism). Of course almost every subreddit is also pretty much centered around some form of commodity, thus the average sub is an advertising platform and little else (i.e. /r/Star Wars, which is very clearly controlled by either Lucasfilm or Disney). Just, I really wanna know if being dirty CIA puppets was the plan all along?
The truth is probably more banal. While Reddit probably wasn't set up as a psyop, they figured it would help them financially if they just played ball with the feds and bots. The Nr 1 city in terms of userbase 10 years ago in that experiment you cited was some army base, and nr 2 was the town where McDonald's is headquartered.
>>403653 Social media is pretty much a money sinkhole who's only real use is for the militaries and government agencies from across the globe to collect information on you.
>>403671 thank marx there's leftypol
Most of the propaganda there, at least a few years ago, came out of eglin air force base. Unless the feds moved their operation, I would assume most of the astroturfing on the internet done by america alphabet boys is done there.

(80.34 KB 422x422 welcome.jpg)
/dead/ - Post-Leftism General Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 15:34:53 No. 189248 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /dead/, the endless magical nihilist gulag. This is not 8/grim/, but it is the continuation 8/grim/. Think of it as partly an /r9k/ for anti-capitalists, partly /GET/ with skeltals, and otherwise whatever you make of it. Now in thread form!
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(500.74 KB 498x249 glitch.gif)
>>404271 I looked up the attempts of big tech giants mostly western and Japanese ones that tried experimenting with video conferencing and various other forms of web interfaces, but also actually attempts at building virtual spaces where people interact via avatars like Second-life. And the result is that people moving through actual physical buildings with face to face interaction resulted in much better coordination. A very large part of people interacting with virtual spaces didn't interact with it as spaces with people but over time started treating it like a video game they were playing where they tried to find different ways of solving puzzles, a bit like hardcore gamers that try speed running and glitching through the game world. I don't know what the dialectic here is but it might be that people will eventually look at it from the point of view of what combinations of user inputs result in a pay-check. That might in the beginning not have much productivity penalties, but over time this will obviously derail. You can see the destructive aspects of gamification when people try to make money every way they can, not by interacting with the system the way it's intended but by rationally maximizing the behaviour to make the money counter go up. So far people did not engage in this behaviour within the internal context of a company. I'm not dismissing the possibility of virtual organisation, but I do think you need to give people that are supposed to work inside such a system the ability to change the algorithms that mediate these interactions, in order to mimic real world dynamics of people interacting where organic non-verbal communication is going on in the background that is mediating how people interact. There's the question how you get people to use something like this because most of that stuff is usually unconscious. I'm not aware of your examples from China, it might be that some sectors would benefit from this. I would imagine that very abstract mental labour could benefit from this, because the impersonal nature might prevent biases that people form in meat-space. On a related note: I'm not sure what the larger implication here are, it might dissolve cities, because if you remove the need to concentrate people in physical centres, then the pressure for selecting the physical living space would only be logistics of getting goods, and you might get a civilisation structure where people live in proximity of transport-lanes for goods. So cities get stretched out into narrow strips between transport hubs. "Strippies" ?
(218.61 KB 574x473 when day is job.png)
>>404409 Granted, virtual reality is stupid shit and I have no idea why would anyone want to use it in a corporate setting. Personally I am much more concerned that with "work" entering our private spheres, the rest of corporate life will follow. For example, total surveillance: https://www.businessinsider.com/work-from-home-sneek-webcam-picture-5-minutes-monitor-video-2020-3 And of course, there were already attempts to make people work outside work hours, I wouldn't be surprised if we soon heard about bosses demanding that workers be "always online", as during the lockdown you won't have anything better to do anyway, right?
(39.04 KB 828x695 cyberwomen.png)
>>404665 Yes you are right about blurring the line between work and leisure time, that's basically going to become a wage cut where bosses try to relabel work as leisure. But as far as always online could be used for extending work time, a parallel has already happened in Japan where many people already work insane hours, but people just stay at work all day, they don't actually get more work done. Consider that if a corporation becomes a peace of software, it will become easy to replace the privately owned ones with co-operatives ones Annoying workers with snooping sociopathy, would likely act as accelerator.
Another thing that came to my mind is that some of my coworkers have already organized "virtual pub nights", where they sit in front on their computers, drinking beer and talking... of course done through the corporate teleconference software that could be recording everything.
4th piece on coronavirus from Agamben: https://www.quodlibet.it/giorgio-agamben-riflessioni-sulla-peste There's no translation into English yet AFAIK, but Google's translation is not that bad. It seems like he's finally moving beyond lazy knee-jerk responses (state of exception becoming the norm, etc.): - the reason for such smooth transition is that the plague was in some sense already here before corona pandemic [IMO: we were already self-isolated and immunized from each other - "atomization"] - religious notions like apocalypse and spiritual effects like superstition and fear have migrated to science, which has become the new religion of our time - he refers our privileging of bare life to Hobbes's Leviathan whose power is founded on producing fear for one's survival [cf. Agamben's "Stasis: Civil War as a Political Paradigm"] Since he talks critically about (medical) science here, Foucault's "Birth of the Clinic" is relevant here, if anyone's looking for a reading list. Another critical commentary from some Polish anthropologists: https://allegralaboratory.net/the-return-of-the-plague-spreader/ It talks a bit about the narcissistic display of "responsibility" on social media.

(413.38 KB 950x585 amlo-joven.png)
Thoughts on AMLO Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 05:11:13 No. 388283 [Reply] [Last]
Thoughts on the slow-speaking, morning-joke cracking and humanist president of México? medical shortages? lack of action against corruption and crime?
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>>403219 Yeah you are right. A few months back we had one that almost reached 90 replies and I thought it was still around, but I tried searching for it in the catalog and couldn't find it, so it seems it was deleted. Then we need a new one.
>>397097 >>396652 Also we had strong, or at least some important comunist/socialist movements led by syndicates and teachers sometimes. In Guerrero Lucio Cabañas, part of the Poors Party was masacred also for fighting against the landowners and capitalist scum. There was also Ruben Jaramillo, another socialist leader massacred by the army, theh also killed all of his family. The railroad man strikes in the 50's and 60's, the medics strike also in the 50's-60's; and the copra workers strike (copra being the "meat" of a coconut) which ended in a massacre of more than 50 copra workers in Acapulco. And well, yes, the cumination of all those years of struggle and foghting where ended in the 2 of october massacre, or the Tlatelolco massacre, an event that even now we don't have exact numbers of how many people died, or where killed by the army. A bloody stain in mexican history, one that even that is as tragic as it can get, people seem to forget, specially the latest generations. And ye, the "Liga Comunista 23 de Septiembre" or Comunist League 23 of september a comunist guerrilla group was exterminated by the army and the political elites of the time. A known case is Alicia de los Rios, a woman gueriila fighter who never appeared after being taken by the army, or the secret police. Pretty much the dirty war was a extermination of all comunist policy. And also a short story: my grandpa was in Tlaxcala when the student movement of 68' was around; he once told me the army entered one of his study groups (he was part of a marxist leninist study group), they were in a mate's house, the army entered with bayonets trying to arrest everyone. Luckily my grandpa escaped through a window and dissapeared a few days, but some of those mates he was around, he never saw them again, probably were taken to a military base or some other shite where they were tortured or just killed. Oh, and as the other anon said, the CIA where pretty much the ones behind of all of this stupid shite, Gustavo Diaz Ordaz "El Chango" had a codename as a CIA asset, which was LITEMPO if ain't mistaken.
>>396679 We really need political education, and well, education in general. We need another "Socialist Education" reform :^), as in the Cardenas sexenium.
>>396785 Pretty much. Most of my classmates are actually blaming the situation on the president, instead of realizing that Amlo, even when at first probably didn't think this could get oit of hand, was just following the interest of the financial and political elites of Mexico, which they have a lot of political power. Also, even if the cuck of Anaya was president, I'm more tha certain that he would had act the same way as Trump, Boris or even Bolsanaro had acted, which is let people die and the economy die slowly.
>>401883 Kinda sure that the Rius works are pretty based. He has some works on the revolution, but I'm not sure if they are in english.

(4.94 KB 191x264 lennon.jpeg)
lennon Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 00:07:56 No. 403300 [Reply] [Last]
what is leftypol's opinion on pic related? was a he a communist or a liberal?
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Maybe the real liberals were in us all along Honestly he is a radlib in the strictest sense, someone who is well meaning and utopian but not really that radical/marxist
You niggas are going to shit your pants when you find out how Engels, Stalin and Mao treted their wives lmao
>>403667 Yeah, I don't get why people always focus on Lennon beating his wife. I personally always disliked him because he was a hack artist. Don't care about the wife thing. His domestic issues are none of my business.
(113.58 KB 500x281 library wizard.png)
>>403318 >drummers are the proletariat Honestly, I can get behind this.
>>403391 There's an audio recording of her saying he didn't I'm pretty sure the "beat his wife" thing was started by the dailymail where they also accused him of being an "IRA sympathiser"

(59.13 KB 620x465 sankaragang.jpg)
Leftist Hot Takes and Unpopular Opinions Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 21:24:55 No. 395988 [Reply] [Last]
Be nice, no bullying. (pic unrelated)
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The sixth mass extinction is a good thing because it will force us into managing 100% of our resources directly or die trying.
>>398895 This. Kill anyone who isn't a Strasserist.
>>403660 lol Strasser and his lads all liked to die instantly. "Strasserism" is shit where you get cucked by the other Nazis.

Former Fascist Thread Anonymous 03/26/2020 (Thu) 23:45:07 No. 398846 [Reply] [Last]
Hey, I was wondering if any of you lads were former far-right/Fascists before becoming class conscious and reading about the plight of our fellow workers of color. I was a White Nationalist from about 13 to 17, I’m 19 now. Have been reading and educating myself so I get all that racist and anti-Semitic baggage from out of my head. Any tips to make up for my time in that toxic and evil movement? I feel regret about it everyday. Thanks comrades
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>>403459 t. fence shitter
>>400641 >Thinking about my alt-right phase made me realise I never really believed in it. I feel like this is pretty common in general. On 4chan you'll have a bunch of memelords who just want to fit in and be "edgy" (as oxymoronic as that sounds) and then you'll find a lot of middle-class radical liberals who think that the whole enby pride transbian silliness is kind of fucked but they also want healthcare and shit thus deal with it. As for me personally I was far right like in the 2000's but got my ass owned and realized that the right was gay before gamergate became a thing. So that was fun.
>>403465 If a person is a #MeTwo or a white nationalist, then they're clinically retarded. They're both irrational and can't see that Jews aren't out to get you and that all men aren't evil.
How can any white person go from right-wing to this crap? I've leaned far-left before, at least fiscally, but anything beyond nazbol and Strassrrism is kind of gay and anti-white in a literal sense.
>>403617 (you)

(979.93 KB 1280x1500 Karl_Marx.jpg)
Marx's Unfinished Project of Capital Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 01:29:25 No. 403446 [Reply] [Last]
I was reading Ernest Mandel's introduction to Capital Volume 1 and took a peak at his intro to volume 3 and he said that Marx planned to write 3 further volumes which would have dealt with the world market, competition, the industrial cycle and the state. Just curious, has anyone ever given a serious attempt to finish his project? I'm sure writing on these topics from the current point of view would be easier than in 1860. All thoughts on Marx's Capital welcome as well.
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>>403540 that’s also true. He also published ‘The Economic Doctrines of Karl Marx’ which I found to be like a super n00b friendly Kapital V1
>>403446 >I was reading Ernest Mandel's introduction to Capital Volume 1 and took a peak at his intro to volume 3 and he said that Marx planned to write 3 further volumes which would have dealt with the world market, competition, the industrial cycle and the state. This is incorrect. Marx's original plan for Capital was to divide the work in six parts: Book One - Capital Book Two - Landed property Book Three - Wage-labour Book Four - The state Book Five - Foreign trade Book Six - The world market Marx later abandoned this plan for a new one: Book One - The process of production of capital Book Two - The process of circulation of capital

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Legend has that when Marx died, he was holding a blank manuscript titled "On Class".
So its like in Assassin's Creed when Ezio took Altair's place in the tomb to guard the relic.
>>403581 >>403584 I think it's still fascinating to see his thought process, even if he did abandon the larger plan. I think with the early plan in mind and doing it for today would be interesting, but it would be an immense undertaking considering how elaborate capitalism is today.

AI and Communism Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 20:03:22 No. 392554 [Reply] [Last]
Let's say that at some point, AI will be more intelligent than humans. Would a government run by AI and not humans be a good or bad thing?
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>>402848 nm found it
>>402853 Based. Is that Lenin on the left? Do you think it is a statue or is there a brain in there that can do theoretical calculations far superseding what actual Marx and Lenin where capable of with their relative brainlet sized heads?
>>402902 Definitely Lenin, to me it looks like they're oracles that the dear leader consults for wisdom/advice on more philosophical or practical matters, rather than super computers
>automation research produces a universal working robot >AI research produces a general intelligence that can learn anything >humans only exist to be fed and housed for free now And anyone thinks this will be a good thing, to become the fetters on progress.
>>402396 >Sure but i'm looking for fully materialist explanation It's the most materialist (and closest to marxist) analysis I've yet encountered on the subject matter. >>402603 >so then both are in agreement that A.I. is dangerous, right? So the difference is more technical than anything else. Does Omohundro have any suggestions to mitigate? As far as I'm aware he hasn't made any suggestions on the matter, but the fact that creating safe AI isn't as simple as just programing it to have correct values would seem to imply that attention needs to be payed to the material conditions that it resides in. It also implies that both capitalism and proprietary software could very well make the situation worse. Capitalism will tend to select for "sociopathic"* behavior and proprietary software results in monopolies and closed environments that effectively remove the AI from any kind of "social" environment, leading to it developing in a less constrained manner. *Yes, this is an anthropomorphism - I'm simply using it as an analogy >>402663 >so what exactly is the difference? The degree in which its initial goals are modified. Orthogonism assumes a much greater adherence to it's initial values than is warranted, and subsequently reaches absurd conclusions about paper clip maximisers. A "self maximising" AI is a far more real threat (one that continuously seeks to become more intelligent by harvesting all available matter to build more processors), and even that is in all likelihood a simplification. >Yeah, no. Our brains do not operate on quantum processes, rather they use electro-chemical impulses. The idea that replicating brains would be an effective strategy for building computers is ridiculous though. Maybe on the level of software, but you seem to be implying that the way to build AIG is on the level of hardware. Am I misunderstanding you? Slightly. My point was simply that we don't need quantum computers to create the necessary hardware acceleration required for AI. And no, to don't think that replicating brains is the way forward at all.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(140.57 KB 640x425 john-zerzan.jpg)
Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 23:46:13 No. 403261 [Reply] [Last]
hey, just wanted to stop by and remind you that time is fascist alright, bye
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Comrades, is a military not fascist?
Coofing is fascist.
(13.97 KB 1152x864 jazz-adorno.jpg)
Duke Ellington is fascist
Operating systems are DRM. CPU architectures are DRM. Silicon is DRM. Oxygen is DRM. Air is fascism. Fascism is DRM.
(24.15 KB 363x552 cream-cat.png)
https://www.theguardian.com/world/2001/apr/18/mayday.features11 >He does not, he says, "throw out all of Marx, the class struggle, all that we take for granted". But he includes in his condemnation "liberals, Marxists, members of left parties, Noam Chomsky, the anarchist left, the syndicalists, the Wobblies, all those people who think technology is fine and it just depends on how you use it and that there's nothing wrong with development and the industrial system, it just depends who's running it." what's up with the technophobes.


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