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(334.18 KB 1270x782 NORTH.jpg)
/Nord/ - Nordic General Anonymous 08/29/2020 (Sat) 17:21:28 No. 818850 [Reply] [Last]
The previous Nordic thread reached bump limit, so let's continue here. Let's discuss in English, so we can all understand each other (I don't want this to become a circle jerk for Swedes only). Previous thread >>290791
Edited last time by krates on 09/05/2020 (Sat) 06:47:02.
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>>905005 Just when and what finns it was hating Russia
>>904966 Forgot Nicholas II. Thanks for ending that, bolsheviks. >>905029 Please, can I have a fully formed sentence in this trying time?
>>905029 Finns apparently hate Russia for at least the isoviha of the early 1700s, where as Wikipedia puts it: >After the victory in Battle of Storkyro, Mikhail Golitsyn was appointed the governor of Finland. Finns began waging partisan warfare against the Russians. As retaliation, the Finnish peasants were forced to pay large contributions to the occupying Russians (as was the custom in that time). Plundering and raping was widespread, especially in Ostrobothnia and in communities near the major roads. Churches were looted, Isokyrö was burned to the ground. A scorched earth zone several hundred kilometers wide was burned to hinder Swedish counteroffensives. At least 5,000 Finns were killed and some 10,000 taken away as slaves, of whom only a few thousand would ever return; According to newer research, the amount of those killed is closer to 20,000. Newer research also estimates the number of slaved children and women to be closer to 30,000. My question was whether this justifies the level of Russia hate that Finns felt before even the Soviet Union and the Winter War and all. This was one case, which is compared to hundreds of years of Swedish colonialism.
>>905075 If you don't get that you're just dumb >>905094 Well, the Finns rose a statue dedicated to Tsar Alexander II in Helsinki so I don't think there was a continuous hatred ever since the Russian invasion unless you've something pointing towards that. As for the hatred against tsar russia Nicholas II attacked Finnish autonomy and tried to bring it more in line with the rest of Russia which spurred plenty of nationalist anger, like the Assassination I posted earlier.
>>905140 >faith, not works yuck. I'm not even a christian and I find this to be a cop-out. also, who the hell would use white font with a background like that?

(208.94 KB 604x613 sweating.png)
Immigration Turning Europe right wing Anonymous 09/21/2020 (Mon) 09:02:17 No. 887696 [Reply] [Last]
Why can the US handle immigration better than European Nations?
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>>889383 are you retarded a shit ton of latinos are racist as fuck against black people
>>887730 It doesn't matter what leftist parties say because populist parties will just spout nonsense that the majority believes
>>889401 >climate doomers you mean people who actually do their research?
>>890000 t black nationalist >>890816 t autistic swedish girl
I really wish leftists could admit and try to solve some of the problems instead of denying them. Even the notion that members of the immigrant group might act out of hatred for the "host group" and so economic stipends might not nescesarially solve it seems alien to them

(140.10 KB 600x647 uncontrollable_vomit_600.jpg)
"yesterday the secret service showed up at my house because they think i am a member of antifa: the thread" Sage#+GbZOp 09/26/2020 (Sat) 02:08:09 No. 902488 [Reply] [Last]
https://twitter.com/noooonico/status/1309582507336232966 In this tweet thread some guy describes the feds showing up at his house, they had looked into his entire life history, knew what books he checked out from the library, all over a tweet.
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(46.37 KB 300x300 unnamed.png)
Its over
(3.28 MB 635x640 pepe smoek business.gif)
>>902494 tfp = tbp Shaytan is too based.
>>902585 Based Hoxhaist anon
>>904617 >Fool, it's being hosted on CuckFlare, a LITERAL CIA "cloud" network. Every burger tech company is probably cooperating with the NSA. CIA is more into murdering people not doing nerd shit (except occasional hacking). However CF is only doing spam prevention here not hosting the actual site, so while it is surveilled its probably not being actively subverted. Also the whole internet is surveilled anyway so its not like thats going to make much of a difference
>>903211 CPUs literally don't have radio transmitters in them anon, this is an elementary fact of computer architecture.

Soviet-Finnish Winter War Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 13:22:45 No. 661052 [Reply] [Last]
Opinions about this war? My grandma is Finnish and her father fought in the war so it has always been a point of pride in my family. Any Finns here? How do Finns view the Winter War nowadays? Also, what are their opinions on this guy (pic related)?
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>>901752 Damn, that's interesting. How did they find what's inside? Were they poking around unexploded ordinance haphazardly?
>>901835 Probably trying to see why they've got so many duds lol
>>901752 that's super based
>>901752 Absolutely based Finnish workers
>>901752 Congratulations, you just ruined our roleplay.

(102.70 KB 1034x702 VillagePeople1978.jpg)
Thoughts on workerism? Anonymous 09/25/2020 (Fri) 02:39:43 No. 899580 [Reply] [Last]
I know it's an actual ideology that was mostly embraced by the midcentury Italian Left, but on the Internet I've only seen it used in a derogatory way to refer to the types of people who over-enthusiastically reject social liberalism in a way to appeal to (their idea of) the working class. Is this an accurate way to use the term? Does workerism have its merits? Is it based or is it a distraction?
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>>904362 >socialism means you have to support literally everything proles do this isn't a team sport mate, I can oppose proles doing immoral shit and still support proletarian uprising >>904367 >what happened to rehabilitation its called penance
>>904305 who cares about the surplus population? I sure don't you fucking moron
>>904386 Way to miss the point. Crime is chosen because it's the only option for that class, not because it gives them sinful jollies.
>>904386 >I can oppose proles doing immoral shit and still support proletarian uprising you were calling them lumpens in the last post, so which is it? unlike what christianity teaches people aren't inherently evil and rarely do shit for malicious purposes. >penance the church preaches penance for outsiders and forgiveness for itself...
Close attention to the actual and changing daily working experience, being embedded within workplaces - whether they are automobile factories or wig factories or the social factory - and focusing the struggle there, struggle that is not necessarily or even optimally conducted thru traditional organisation bodies (union, party); further, taking forms of working class self-expression seriously, even and especially when they take place outside those traditional bodies -- these are intended to be means by which the idealisation of the working class can be avoided, means by which its own developing agency can be appreciated and aligned with, and through which the divide between 'communist' and worker can be healed. Because it is the self-expression of the working class that comes first, and the revolutionary organisation second. The 'workerism' talked about in terms of a glorification of certain forms of class culture is infantile in itself (and expressive of the above-mentioned divide rather than ameliorative) and a bit of a waste of time to think about.

(41.93 KB 742x560 8e6.jpg)
/DEBUNK/ GENERAL Anonymous 06/26/2020 (Fri) 15:33:34 No. 643776 [Reply] [Last]
Post right-wing/liberal memes, media, talking points, etc. that you want debunked
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>>894236 https://leftypedia.org/wiki/Nazi_Germany#Economy There's a bit on the economic miracle in particular towards the bottom.
>>894241 great source, thanks man
>>894236 Good thread about it here: https://archive.vn/7IgL8
>>871929 I don't even get what the image is getting at. So a group of three "potentially" young adults have ties to starting fire since they have gas and can cut lines even though neither were the cause of the fire and either could've been done by any single person anonymously, but it doesn't matter since their parole office was being nice or something which is inheritance "impossible" despite the group posting this bank of the human kindness being human nature? I'm honestly more surprise they didn't rope something about jews and fucking children in it, I guess if 8chan was still a thing that probably would've been the reality...
>>876752 Bump. Did the Soviet Union really stop encouraging the Ukrainian language after the 1932-1933 famine? I thought the Soviets were carrying out korenisatsiya? Furthermore, was Ukrainian culture really repressed?

(201.68 KB 583x1164 downloadfile-31.jpg)
(104.33 KB 640x427 albania1997guns.jpg)
(85.61 KB 800x533 483195341.jpg)
Rogue states Anonymous 09/26/2020 (Sat) 21:03:03 No. 904710 [Reply] [Last]
In a 3rd world country collapse/civil war scenario, how hard would it be to put together an army and carve out your own state, even if temporary one (assuming your policies would be fairly reasonable for the locals)? Would it get embargo'd and collapse immediately or would nobody care? I'm thinking something like Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics maybe even smaller.
>>904710 Anything can happen if you can pay for it, or get mana raining on you from a superpower that will abandon you later.
Depends on if it has any resources the U$ needs.
It comes down to money and resources. If you want to organize an army, a state bureaucracy, whatever, people have to get paid.
>>904735 This really. Take the Sorospill.

Anonymous 09/24/2020 (Thu) 05:37:01 No. 896205 [Reply] [Last]
Why is the rate of profit hitting zero supposedly an apocalyptic event? What happens as a result? Surely you'd just have...a market economy with no profit. Just workers exchanging goods and services. What a nightmare. And rent is completely unaffected by TRPF, so I don't see how TRPF serves as some sort of "universal leveller". What if the capitalist class just gets replaced by the rentier class? Why is it seen as historically inevitable that rentiers would be dislodged? I mean, mainstream economists discuss all the time how they believe that profit would be zero in a perfectly competitive market, and they seem completely fine with the idea, and not terrified by it at all. What gives?
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>>904059 If you actually understood that Cockshott post, he says that it is impossible to predict with certainty what modes will develop.
>>904113 >And porks will just realize they're holding back utopia and gracefully bow out? State capitalism will reduce political power of capitalists. Directly and internally, when countries transition from Neo-liberalism to state capitalism. Indirectly and externally, by state capitalist countries wielding their influence over former neo-liberal countries that turned into failed states with feudal characteristics (capitalists held on to political power). Industrial and high-tech industries will shift to state capitalist countries. Only states have the resources and endurance to fund new technology (the low hanging fruit in tech has been harvested, private investors are out of the tech game). The American bourgeoisie might try to directly attack mainland China, yielding a devastating defeat and a revolution in America. Or the American bourgeoisie might continue their masochistic cold war which China can frustrate with economic weight, and increasing influence on international rules. Total war like WW2 remains inhibited by nukes. State capitalist countries and countries with a socialist mode of production will be the only ones able to counteract the coming climate crisis. Covid19 crisis foreshadows the inverse relation between political power of capitalists and good crisis management. Far from a march towards utopia, my prediction is a painful binary of old modes of production failing, dragging entire societies into misery, leaving behind shriveling corpses, new modes of production expand into with tremendous growing pains.
>>896205 If the TPRF is zero doesn't that imply that the average probability of receiving profits from investment is also 0, that is it can either be negative or positive but nets zero average profits for any given investment? Then there will literally be no net investment, without net investment machinery breaks down and things fall apart, capitalists will either horde cash or speculate. Thus there are two choices: 1. Since investment has low rate of return the return on further automation is null or zero, that is the sharpe ratio of that investment is too low to justify (relative to simply just speculating in options or some other financial instrument). Thus there will be no productivity improvements or at worst productivity reductions. 2. You can lower average real wages or increase the intensity of work to such an extent that the working class cannot support itself. That results in either a significantly worse society for most people at worst or revolution at best. 3. Without new investment in methods, a society founded on purely speculation and rent-seeking will stagnate technologically. The chief utilitarian justification for capitalism is the "productive forces" argument, if capitalism is no longer producing productive forces and lowering the poverty rate, providing people with a material base for goods and services unlike any other era before it, then it has run its course. The only other recourse is a deontological argument in favor of the sanctity of private property.
>>904586 Three choices*. No i don't proofread my shitposts.
>>904586 Yes Social coordination problem incoming Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYSz92GVgbw

(37.44 KB 400x306 stagnation.jpeg)
Technological stagnation Anonymous 08/19/2020 (Wed) 04:25:52 No. 785279 [Reply] [Last]
We currently live in a era of technological stagnation, at least compared the rate of technical progression from a few decades ago. Can somebody explain why this is ?
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>>883932 >the computer god is communist Based computer comrade.
>>883353 >Ideology <unconscious bias?
>>883182 >I read about a study the RAND corporation just did and they found that everyone ought to be making about twice what they are now (particularly millennials) when adjusting everything into 1975 dollars. post, link, the study please
>>827495 >Everytime somebody utters those words they are signaling that they don't know shit This. Blockchain is a meme. The hype will be gone in 5 years and people will move on to newer shit, possibly in biotech
>>882436 that's actually not true, even relatively old/non deep learning algos were developed in the 90s and 2000s ex: random forests. Deep learning research really got going in the 2010s. It's mostly meme/hypes. Yes Neural nets were invented in the 50s but those were really simple feed forward with threshold activation function unlike the calculus type ones you have now. From the 1950s until the late 1980s the majority of AI research was based on Symbolic AI/Expert Systems being written in lisp and shit. Statistical learning only started when that hype wave died. Deep learning/ML/AI is still a meme/hype wave but just to be accurate, lots of it actually is new. The greater concern is that its based on data mining consumers and getting companies/marketing addicted to it is going to make passing data privacy laws even harder

Tfw you remember the majority of people would gladly defend the British Empire Anonymous 09/26/2020 (Sat) 20:59:24 No. 904697 [Reply] [Last]
>Tfw you can do everything the Nazis did but its Gucci so long as it isn't yuros Just, why, God? Looked up something about the Empire and the results on Quora and Reddit was just legions of Burgers and Anglos verbally defecating the idea that Anglos brought "freedom and prosperity" to the world. How does anyone even believe this fucking horseshit? Do they genuinely believe porkies are the only actual people and everyone else is a drone?
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Quora and Reddit are filled with "history buffs" who usually lean politically to the right and are autistically obsessed with big empires like the British Empire
>>904761 Quora and Reddit's quality is directly proportional to how niche your interests and/or inquiries are. So for instance if you're asking something very specific in say, statistical physics, then you might get some interesting answers. If you ask something very broad that the most undeservedly smug of pseuds obsess over, such as "was the USSR good" or "did the British Empire do bad stuff" then you're going to get intellectual diarrhea.
>>904697 nostalgic imperialism
>>904753 Niggas were arguing the British were justified because they tried being "good rulers" and the French were worse lmao
We wuz educatorz n shieet.


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