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(174.62 KB 1080x1080 photo_2020-06-29_23-30-27.jpg)
RUSSIAN THREAD Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 20:34:52 No. 652142 [Reply] [Last]
Не нашёл - создал! Ну что там по поправкам: кто за бойкот и кто против? Каналы: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYDuWqDwzAFG4xrI5uJEWfw - РабКор - канал главного марксиста всея Руси Бориса «Каги» Кагарлицкого. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDqwBnBsFWxFj0ABSbE2Kvw - Николай Платошкин - самый энергичный и брутальный персонаж левой политической сцены в России. Сторонник активных избирательных компаний и узник совести. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2qoLqo8RuV4P_88yhHCZIg - Константин Сёмин - журналист, очень сильно разочаровавшийся в Путине и его режиме. Теперь он коммунист, вскрывающий и освещающий проблемы современной капиталистической России. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Cap1xVy2waDXfzM5ka6lg - Простые числа - канал Олега Комолова, где он популярно освещает вопросы экономики. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnqDsesb_BvX7kQZto7vTBw - New Deal- канал популяризатора полиэтокономии и ММТ Даниила Григорьева. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3VDbjQ1hnY4zSRHgAfAK-A - Плохой Сигнал он же Tubus Show он же Егор Иванов- историк-любитель, скрупулёзно и достоверно разбирающий антисоветскую пропаганду. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ_LYRUJzBfh-mvU14xCNMw - Вестник Бури - канал интернет журнала. Лицо канала и журнала- Андрей Рудой, учитель, профсоюзный деятель, агитатор и пропагандист. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf8mmFOzEIIHiJhaTpamZYA - Вестник Бури Originals - Даниил Тишкун, контент тот же - по простому о марксизме и коммунизме, роликов поменьше. Объединяет их с Андреем работа на онлайн журнал с общим названием.
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>>900774 HAHAHAHAHA godddamnit I fell for it.
>>892073 >The RSFSR is the RUSSIAN socialist republic, so that would be the primary focus. A fully reborn USSR is something looked forward to in the future, but not in short-term. I know. What do you think the chances of it happening are? The anti-Soviet sentiment in Ukraine, Lativa, Georgia etc seems incredibly strong at the moment.
>>900982 >What do you think the chances of it happening are In the next decade? Low. Over the first half of this century, fairly good odds in my opinion. Russia's communists are on the move and constantly agitating, and as conditions grow worse, they gain support. >Latvia Latvia and the rest of the Balts always have had contrarian issues with Russia, out of sheer spite. It would take many generations of socialist life for this slanderous toxicity to pass. Ukraine is not actually all that anti-communist, the government is just very adamant at repressing non-rightwingers. If Donbass and Lugansk can solidify as independent socialist republics it'll be a good start. Belorus people are largely supportive of the USSR and its socialism. Even with Lukashenko's state-capitalism, there is a good chance that a socialist re-establishment can occur, however right now is a bad time to engage in this, as the current protests and other movements are too controlled by glowfags to be legitimate at this time. Until they can be kicked out, internal struggle will result in failure and US control of the territory, which will give us a new Ukraine except worse. >Georgia Georgia, unlike the Baltics will, basically follow Russian trends or reap the consequences if Turkey can get its tentacles in there. Over-all things are looking positive, but will require patience.
(59.26 KB 1137x640 6rsWJhFXCN4.jpg)
>>710630 >>792463 >>798527 >>799457 Как же заебали эти споры уровня "нужны геям права или нет". Сука, ну если вы против геев и проч. ничего не имеете, то почему вообще спорите о том нужны им браки или нет? Могут они показывать свои чувства несмотря на то, что другим это не нравится или нет? Всем же очевидно ваше отношение к ним, всем блять кто читает такого рода срань, но они вы продолжаете прикрываться, говоря "ну они же не болшинство, поэтому на них надо обращать меньше внимание", "ну культура такая" и т.п. делая вид, что из того, что они меньшинство вообще что-то следует, или что культура это как законы физики- изменить нельзя, а даже если можно, то лучше не надо и т.д.
>>905549 >Как же заебали эти споры уровня "нужны геям права или нет". Меня тоже. Права человека это буржуазная выдумка. Чистой воды идеализм и основан на противопоставлении государства и индивидуума. Into the trash it goes.

(12.54 KB 201x250 settlers.jpeg)
Anonymous 09/22/2020 (Tue) 12:11:25 No. 890796 [Reply] [Last]
Why does this book turn people into ethno-Nazbols?
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>>890796 Settlers is best read with Hinterland; neither book should be read without the other.
>>903767 I 100% agree. As a general rule, Settlers should NEVER be read on its own, particularly newcomers who aren't already grounded in theory. >>903190 That's a perfectly fair point. Keep in mind that I do not completely agree with Sakai, and that I do think that unions are beneficial to socialist struggle: I just think they shouldn't be the modus operandi, as Sakai and others have given plenty of reason for. >>903194 I overall agree with you here. Sakai's points have been done better by other authors, without the rhetoric and occasional lapses in historical integrity. However, I do have to agree with Sakai that workers unions like the IWW and AFL-CIO were impotent to achieve any sort of real revolutionary capacity, and therefore were pretty complicit in the oppressive status quo. Granted, this applies to practically every other institution in America at the time, which is why I totally agree that Sakai lacks the scientific perspective to see RELATIVE progress for a certain time. I also think that him insulting these orgs as "settler" and "aiding white supremacy", which I agree is unfair cuz it could be applied to almost any institution at the time. Still, underneath the rhetoric and moral judgments, his points about complicity in white supremacy and imperialism are still perfectly valid, and unfortunately understated. Remember, I overall felt the book was alright, I'm not some sort of closet Sakai-lover. All of your points about rhetoric and dishonesty are perfectly valid, and it would probably have given me a much more negative impression had I not possessed the will to cut through terrible prose/rhetoric to get to the actual points made. I wouldn't even be going out of my way to defend him at all if it weren't for the fact that I dumped so much time into reading this book. I just think he's made out to be way more than he is, whether it be in praising him as the Second Mao or condemning him as Woke Hitler. All in all, I just think he made good points underneath a lot of bullshit. >>903448 Sure lol. Let's say: "JTP is a pro-PRC Marxist-Leninist from the US, who is particularly interested in scientific socialism and Marxian economics." Be sure to link me the page when it's done, I'll be in the thread periodically if you wanna link it here!
>>903767 Hinterland and Settlers draw some radically different conclusions from each other.
>>891947 He makes some good points occasionally but I can never take him seriously because of the whole Dr. Phil thing
>>905219 Haha, exactly. Like, even if he did make a very good video dissecting Juche, there's no way I can get past this shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2eDLongJs4 What do you think bros, did he do it, or was he the plot of an evil Crakkker conspiracy?

Stop using the word dialectic Anonymous 09/21/2020 (Mon) 23:08:46 No. 889621 [Reply] [Last]
And all of its derivatives. Erase this arcane word from your vocabulary. There's no point in having it there anyway since you don't know what it means. Nobody knows what it means. Feel free to prove me wrong by coming to a definition you can all agree on.
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>> 904451 Dietzgen was a close friend of Marx and got the green light from Marx himself as "the philosopher of socialism", Marx met him frequently and helped him with writing. On the other hand, there is a case to be made that Stalin revised the fuck out of this orthodox Marxist diamat though.
>>904451 No it's not, read the German Ideology.
>>904600 He's actually half-right, dialectical materialism was conceptualized after Marx, but is based on conclusions derived from his and Engels works. Dialectical Materialisms scope is more far reaching then Historical Materialisms, because Dialectical Materialism deals with the "nature" of matter itself.
>>904631 >but is based on conclusions derived from his and Engels works Yes I agree that Marx didn't exactly come up with it but like you said it's derived from what they wrote anyway.
>>903094 >medieval juridical occupation of 'subject' This isn't even wrong, but Cockshott is. Theres a direct line from juridical subject and the right of kings to liberal idealism, and positivist physicalism, which is why hes wrong. The Cartesian Subject that pomos critique is a backwards way to justify experience without appealing to the Christian god.

(13.13 KB 270x187 download (1).jpg)
(152.32 KB 820x595 tlenlzkmu8ny.jpg)
(6.99 KB 199x253 images.png)
irredentism Anonymous 09/22/2020 (Tue) 14:24:17 No. 891056 [Reply] [Last]
How strong are irredentist movements in your country(for thoes who do not know irredentism is the idea that a country should reclaim her long lost borders and form a bigger version of herself(greater greece greater serbia greater italy The british empire russian empire) However they arent always right wing as there are left wing people who dream of a new border like the soviet union or fully united ireland. Im asking this because many socialist ideas believe that there would be no needs for defined borders after achieving the last stages of communism(for any /pol/tard reading this the last part dosent mean that then all non white trans islamic illegal mullatos can move to your street in large numbers and live on your money but that all workers across the world would no longer have to fight each other for lines on maps)
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>>903527 Brilliant! Embrace irredentism-mapism!
>>904948 Dude who are you
>China has border disputes with 17 countries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FR7WgKnBTIE
>>905523 Cappies mad.
>>891056 turkish irredentism is very strong among the populace (even some socdems) but i feel like our sultan is going for more of a regional imperialist power than just taking back the le epic ottoman lands

(120.61 KB 700x915 9fsa9q5ui86y.jpg)
Is contemporary Africa is equivalent to Medieval Europe? Anonymous 09/27/2020 (Sun) 00:18:42 No. 905332 [Reply] [Last]
Not technology or culturally but more in terms of: >Classical Europe composed of massive slave empires, their colonies, the peoples on the frontier they conquered, pastoralists, and small independent states >Dark Age Europe sees centuries' long warring states periods as the former territories of states like the Roman Empire battled among themselves to determine knew territorial boundaries, social systems, and state forms; meanwhile Rome via the Catholic Church continues exerting "neocolonial" control over Western Europe >High Middle Ages sees new stable societies, kings begin asserting themselves against church >Rise of capitalism allows Europe to conquer the world Now for modern day Sub-Saharan Africa >19th - Early 20th Century Africa sees rule via overseas capitalist empires, a spattering of independent states >World Wars collapse classical colonial system >Dark Ages in Africa, shitty national borders causes African nations to descend into brutal conflicts to determine national boundaries like Dark Age Europe; meanwhile Northern capitalist states continue neocolonial control via trade deals and subterfuge >...?
>Definition of equivalent >1 : equal in force, amount, or value "has elements of" would be a better choice of words
>>905422 Why did you sage? This is an actual analysis
Doubt it.

(41.13 KB 210x240 8c8.png)
"DIALECTICS IS CANCELED!" Anonymous 09/26/2020 (Sat) 22:34:32 No. 904983 [Reply] [Last]
https://aeon.co/essays/racism-is-baked-into-the-structure-of-dialectical-philosophy?utm_source=pocket-newtab >Philosophy’s systemic racism >It’s not just that Hegel and Rousseau were racists. Racism was baked into the very structure of their dialectical philosophy Discovered this steaming pile of shit and thought you guys might get a kick out of it.
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>>905282 >A better conclusion would be "racism can introduce bias and cloud the observer's view of the two opposing force's perspectives," but whatever. Yes but that wouldn't serve the purposes of attempted western hegemony in asymmetrically making non-western thought legible to western, particularly anglo scholars, while keeping western thought opaque to non-western scholars cf. >The result is not the loss of the Western canon, but the actual improvement of philosophical thought.
>>905090 >>905095 GOATSElectics
College was a mistake
(111.88 KB 1276x768 Krull from Krull.jpg)
>>905090 Krullectics
>>905090 >bad infinity

Reminder that "Dengism" doesn't exist and that "anti-dengists" are idiots Anonymous 09/24/2020 (Thu) 06:34:38 No. 896328 [Reply] [Last]
You realize that literally nobody is advocating for Deng style policies in the world, right? You realize that the super specific circumstances in post-Maoists China are nowhere else to be found in the universe, right? You realize that nobody calls himself a "Dengist," right? You realize that those who defend China do it for a plethora of reasons and you can't just lump them in one category, right? You realize that calling people "Dengists" and being yourself an "anti-dengist" is merely an online meme, right? You realize that if you actually pull this shit IRL you'll be laughed at, right? You realize that as an quote-unquote anti-dengist you are fighting a virtual war, no different from Chris Chan's holy crusade against the wrong coloring of Sonic's arms, right? Observe the anti-dengist "struggle": https://sonichu.com/cwcki/Sonic_Boom_Protests Seriously, log off, and start a life.
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>>897030 >unions are mandatory. Forgive me if i will never trust a union i am _forced_ to join.
(21.05 KB 375x450 bukharin.jpg)
Was he Dengist?
>>905246 No, he was a leftcom.
>>905246 You've got it backwards. Deng was a Bukharinite (it's confirmed by statements of his IIRC).

(5.21 MB 2048x1536 prestes.png)
/brg/ - Brazil General Comrade 08/09/2019 (Fri) 01:03:24 No. 18835 [Reply] [Last]
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>>901109 Essa é a questão, ainda não existe uma outra estratégia, a esquerda no mundo inteiro está batendo cabeça pra montar uma, enquanto isso não acontece a velha ideia da "revolução" democratico popular permanece hegemonica, é algo que cada um de nós deveria estar pensando agora. No que se refere a medidas objetivas, eu tinha algumas ideias organizadas em alguns arquivos de texto, mas está tudo no meu notebook que está na assistência tecnica pela oitava vez, quando ele voltar eu posto aqui.
>>899403 País desgraçadão. >>902000 Dando mole. Sabe o que vai acabar ocupando o lugar né? Um cadáver do capitalismo. >>902495 Mas será que tem uma vontade popular para isso? Vejo a condição das pessoas se alterar entre raiva e alienação voluntária pelo cansaço, pouco vejo um pulo para o desejo de mudança.
>>902810 >Mas será que tem uma vontade popular para isso? Não tem, mas a alternativa é cruzar os braços e esperar, sendo que ninguém sabe quando essa "vontade" vai surgir, fora que quando surgir ainda precisaríamos pensar nessas questões.
>>902810 >Mas será que tem uma vontade popular para isso? Sim, óbvio que existe um desejo de mudança. O problema real é conseguir capturar e canalizar esses afetos, afinal é um desejo de mudança e de retorno a um periodo anterior menos complicado, desejo de avançar e retornar ao mesmo tempo. Alias, algo que até se manifesta na esquerda esse desejo do retorno, ou que outra maneira ajuda a explicar o retorno do "stalinismo"? De novo, como lidar e manipular esses afetos? Lembra que bolsonaro era vendido como a solução de todos o problemas, desde o combate a violencia, a corrupção até a fila lenta do caixa do supermercado, do elevador com defeito, bolsonaro chegaria no poder e mudaria tudo isso. Agora, se tu espera uma revolução ou um povo preparado para uma revolução, eu sinto muito mas faltam condições objetivas e subjetivas. Objetivas pois se tomarmos como exemplo as revoluções do sec xx falta ainda uma deterioração ainda maior da qualidade de vida cotidiana(as duas maiores revoluções do seculo ocorreram logo após guerras severas) e subjetivas pois falta o andar de cima decidir que quer mudança e eu particularmente não vejo esse desejo de mudança geral, só, talvez, da mudança da forma com que as relações publicas do governo sejam geridas.
>>904810 >>902810 >>902495 >>901109 Acredito que o melhor jeito é, ironicamente, o Blaquismo. Temos abandonar os partidos e organizar um novo Estado trabalhor popular nas nossas costas e esperar uns camaradas se tornarem generais

(375.45 KB 2289x1210 1601151154559_image0.jpeg)
Would you watch a movie about Indian soldiers in WWII earning the respect of the British? Anonymous 09/26/2020 (Sat) 20:21:47 No. 904516 [Reply] [Last]
Let's say it starts with the Nazi invasion of India, then the Indian men like Rakesh realize even if Brits are dicks Nazis are straight up assholes so he and his lads from the village sign up to fight in the Royal Army and near the end the Indian soldiers get into a pitched battle with the SS alongside some black US troops during the pivotal D-Day Battle at one point Rakesh meets a Soviet soldier who tells him about Stalingrad and in the end Churchill shakes Rakesh's hand and gives him a medal and Rakesh learns the Japanese invasion was defeated and the last moment is years later the Queen ends the British colony in India because of the soldiers' heroism and also because the fight for freedom and democracy against fascism meant imperialism and colonialism needed to end Wouldn't that be a sick anti-imperialist anti-war movie? I want a scene where the Germans are all tattered and wounded and sad and shit so you learn the other side is human too and cities are in ruins and shit. Cool idea I had.
7 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>904675 You know COD would do that shit They literally put the Highway of Death in their last game and blamed it on the Russians
>>904706 This is true.
>>904516 There is no royal army the theres the royal airforce and the royal navy
I won't watch an Indian movie tbh. They are shit.
>>905292 was slumdog millionaire an indian production, or did it just take place in india? there has to be at least three good indian movies. on the level of the best films ever made.

Capitalist "innovation" Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 21:24:21 No. 652339 [Reply] [Last]
Post them.
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>>900739 Software offices lower the barrier to entry for new capitalists and drive down profit margins of individual capitalists. Workers might loose connection with coworkers but can talk to neighboring residents, a new form of cross company unions might form.
>>904400 Nah. It's the managerial stratum feeling super insecure about being rendered redundant and pervy bosses jerking off to live feeds of employees. Bossware should have a tipping function where your boss can send you money to show tits. Fuck, I think I'm onto something. I think I see a lucrative investment opportunity here. I feel like I'm becoming a capitalist innovator myself. BRB, pitching my XXXbossware startup idea to the Shark Tank.
(241.66 KB 736x1075 iuU3LYN4HV.jpg)
>>652463 automated Stasi card which enables collective punishment
>>904715 meanwhile the Stasi actually protected the achievements of socialism in the GDR
>>904731 Elon Musk Neuralink Chip presentation stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-brmW0BSHJ8


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