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(17.71 KB 512x512 1dkKnkfQ.jpeg)
Damn Jehu - Communism is free time and nothing else Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 01:14:00 No. 403414 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone remember this guy? He's a leftcom who wrote a blog and a twitter account where he argued that if everyone just stopped working, it would lead to communism. I can't stop thinking about his meme-tier ideology because of the Corona quarantines. I guess we will see if he was right. https://therealmovement.wordpress.com/ These days he actually moderates a subreddit lmao: https://www.reddit.com/r/abolishwagelabornow/
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>>404460 I used to follow this guy because Roberts always linked him in his sidebar but his posts were so infrequent that I kind of forgot about him. Guess I should keep track of him again
>>404467 That was because the rest of the world was cpitalist and ran on gold
>>404467 USSR needed gold to do foreign trade since the US dollar was the post-WW2 international money and the US did everything in its power to keep the USSR from getting or using US dollars.
(84.35 KB 1200x1555 1200px-MaxStirner1.svg.png)
>>404528 scarcity in the context of Jehu is defined as needing to work to survive and nothing you said = moving past scarcity. >I'm not entirely sure whether these people actually exist. There might not be innate greed pic
>>404431 >K-waves assume that capitalism is a perpetual motion machine. What part of K-waves assumes that? K-waves are in price levels, which are different from absolute or relative profit. Standard econ theory divides each K-wave into an inflationary and deflationary period. In any case, K-waves are just a fact of the economy, they coincide with the falling ROP, they don't contradict it.

(45.11 KB 353x368 enverhoxha.jpg)
Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 20:37:03 No. 384068 [Reply] [Last]
Redpill me on Hoxhaism
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>>388409 He talked about it in Party Congresses

(463.54 KB 900x506 1501197863351.png)
Dirt on DNA heritage companies? Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 04:08:49 No. 403696 [Reply] [Last]
These tests provided by companies like 23andMe or Ancestry are popular among /int/cels and /pol/negros to prove they're le 90% white or whatever ethnicity, however I always had this gut feeling that giving your genetic information to a corporation can't be a good thing. Anyone has proof on shady shit these companies do or how the info they collect can be used for bad stuff?
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>>403713 >Dr. Mangala
>>404044 >it boggles my mind that we have racists in the family when we are barely 70% white im puerto rican/chinese/black and my mom still says racist things about chinese people
>>404200 kek after watching some "china virus muh bat-eating savages" propaganda on youtube my dad has been spouting pretty racist shit about chinese people despite us being quintessential amerimutts (including cantonese heritage)
>>404044 >My sister had one done, it boggles my mind that we have racists in the family when we are barely 70% white. My whole family is 50% Indigenous 50% C*lonizer from Sp*in yet they look down on Indigenous people here for not being Christian. Also they say Fidel Castro is bad even after I've given them proof that Fidel freed slaves so...make your own conclusions...
>>404322 >even after I've given them proof that Fidel freed slaves... I was looking into this a day or two ago. Could you post that proof?

(76.39 KB 1072x804 Anarcat.jpg)
News 3/28/20 News Anon 3.0 03/28/2020 (Sat) 21:03:42 No. 403061 [Reply] [Last]
'Some people will die, that's life': Bolsonaro questions Covid-19 crisis, says deaths in Brazil exaggerated for political purposes "I'm sorry, some people will die, they will die, that's life," Bolsonaro said in an televised interview on Friday. "You can't stop a car factory because of traffic deaths."He remarked that in the state of Sao Paulo the reported fallout from Covid-19 – 1,223 cases and 68 deaths – seemed "too large." https://on.rt.com/adpy Australian governments reject calls for lockdown despite rising COVID-19 danger Like the Trump administration, Australia’s political leaders are determined to keep as many workers as possible on the job in order to shore up corporate profits. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/03/28/auvi-m28.html Spanish PM announces stricter lockdown measures to tackle coronavirus Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Saturday announced stricter lockdown measures that will force all non-essential workers to stay at home for the next two weeks, as the government reported 832 new coronavirus deaths overnight. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-spain/shellshocked-spain-reports-record-832-new-coronavirus-deaths-idUSKBN21F0NR In Iran, false belief a poison fights virus kills hundreds The poisonings come as fake remedies spread across social media in Iran, where people remain deeply suspicious of the government after it downplayed the crisis for days before it overwhelmed the country. https://apnews.com/6e04783f95139b5f87a5febe28d72015 Uruguay: Cuts in Public Wages to Finance the 'Coronavirus Fund'

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>>403182 you click the first mirror link, the others are just in case the first is down, and there's a big bold button that says GET
>>403182 Link on a link to a mirror, like ligben.lc for example, then click on GET. Also wtf I didn't know Momus contributed to a Zizek book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSwRaTqH4OU
>>403198 >I suspect I have to compile half the shit they link me to on there Yes, and that's a good thing If you're looking for binaries check under releases Any questions about compiling for ones that don't have precompiled releases ask on >>>/tech/ for how to compile
>>403209 If I can figure out how to compile shit, then anyone can
>>403158 It's true he uses it almost every time he speaks, but it's so fundamental it really can be applied anywhere to good effect.

(395.04 KB 984x890 HMMM.JPG)
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 22:10:09 No. 379193 [Reply] [Last]
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>>382962 >webarchive links are now empty >all links dead ...
>>400381 All the links work for me my glowie friend
We should make this a general internet based porky subversion thread, particularly through forums like Facebook, Twitter, Chans and Reddit etc. Whose got that webm of the Anti evo bots?

(93.69 KB 1280x720 5262250-6130239429-51426.jpg)
Is the a bigger pseud on the left than Sakai Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 16:57:04 No. 391972 [Reply] [Last]
pic unrelated
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Sakai is a doomerpilled idpol idiot.
Anyone think there’s an interesting discussion to be had on the pseudo-intergration of blacks into the capitalist superstructure in the 70s and 80s? Basically, was watching a vid about the history of soda advertising and a few examples used were ads from the 80s clearly marketed to black youth. Which got me thinking, it looks like in the 80s there was an abrupt cultural shift in which a class of blacks were fully accepted as part of capitalism while another half faced the War on Drugs. Anyone got some thoughts on this?
>>403742 sure. the explanation I usually come across is that the creation of a black middle class in the 70s and 80s was part of the reaction against 60s black radicalism. by immiserating most black people in the increasingly crack-filled and gang-run ghettoes, while allowing a select few to rise into comfortable PMC or petty-bourgeois lifestyles, the black intelligentsia could essentially be eradicated (or at least severely crippled).
>>393961 seems like they can't. Also there was a thread on the old leftypol that basically said that settlers isn't what you think it is and it aligns well with leftypol ideology (whatever that is)
>>404035 see this >>395027 >>395173 >Also there was a thread on the old leftypol that basically said that settlers isn't what you think it is and it aligns well with leftypol ideology (whatever that is) i don't remember any such thread. threads about Settlers are always shitstorm

(714.19 KB 3000x1688 network.png)
Automatic Schizoposting Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 05:22:17 No. 403815 [Reply] [Last]
In the coming days I will be collecting schizoposts and using them to train a neural network to automatic generate semi-coherent doomer double-spaced posts about eugenics. Please post your schizophrenic rants in this thread to be used for further training data.
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>>403815 A million apocalypses, with each sequence of words cascading into new multiplicities of creation, (de)-territorilization potentiates persistently, only unto the vicissitude of the abnegating infinitude which regresses perennially, an indefinite paradox of immanence, extant, suspended yet not static, fluctuating inwards purely by virtue of its own post processed oscillation--the undying petit-objet-a of symbolic signification, stuck in the language game, with each semiotic construct taking on post structural imagery, the aesthetic of the meta that furls into itself only to transcend endlessly, 'being' that is infinitely plastic yet therefore self imploding in its own contradictory possibilities; to ontologically declare incomprehensibility writ within the notion of nature in its totality, to render upwards the purest practice of militant atheism--this is the Hegelian loop that cannot be solved. For if man is its own irreducible floating signifier, so too is the self that constitutes its own relations and underlying rationality, and by extension, its definition. Ergo, all is ironic yet equally unironic, henceforth, only post-irony becomes acceptable, yet not formally, for the object is less than nothing. The constitution of onward movement is solely predicated upon the antecedent of its own realization, the self conscious dialectic articulates the contours of its own infinitude, definitively only this can be philosophically constant as a truth claim, all else dilutes into itself, becoming amalgamated into absurdity. The spectacle of epistemology is the incomplete realization of its contingency which is not simply laconic. Practice, then, is the extension of the only traceable apex of original meaning, and from here on out we define essence, with such derived, necessitated adherence. Thus, essentialism is not valid, and truly all that can be ordained as veritable (insofar as it concerns human action) is the becoming of the becoming, which is not endlessly looped ad-infinitum, nor regressed in its reach, but rather, post cyclical in its repetitive emphasis--in

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Could you please not do that. Do it over at /GET/ if you want, but don't do it here. Alternatively set up a service that let's you make this.
>>403969 ... than exclusively alienated, and so it is not postmodern. Our articulations are therefore inscribed with their irreducibly corporeal contextualization; description is produced only through the representation of phenomenological uncertainty--the plurality which besets and permits both historicity and deconstruction is the key to the puzzle of linguistic epistemology insofar as it entails consciousness--this plurality is the will of conceptualization made manifest. Conceptualization is not merely some cognitive endeavor, it is the quasi-unlimited lack intrinsic to the subject's imperceptibility of any given object; to process the existence of any perceived 'thing' is to understand that in being nothing more than its apparent self, validated through the only tangibility that is so incorporeal--our phenomenological self referentiality--it is hollow, devoid of internal higher, Platonically divined meaning. With this nothingness it follows only that the supposed sublime occurs precisely at the moment of our sentient movement's contradiction with the dirty barrenness at the heart of that which is merely empirical. To realize the basic banality of the natural world permits its inherent malleability, as for the first time the profaned motions which would otherwise proceed as pseudo random, mechanistic, combinatorics-induced automata become compatibly altered per the accord of our own imposed will onto these things, such is the ironic nature of what we exert. Representation is therefore our own exertion of the instituted symbolic upon the real, finding its governance through the reciprocity that forces the interjection of the last aspect of the triad--the imaginary. Thus, manipulation of objects, both literally and in the epistemological sense of this word, grants the truth of their subjectivity as a universally traversable radical contingency. Language follows this; the sensory grunt evolves as the reflection of our own symbolic ordinance, taking on syllabic particularities to form words originally through the (not) arbitrary sequencing of awe enshrined in each experience insofar as it pertains to the ascription of all impressed objects (sublimity within the kernel of the void). As each compound transpires, so too does the historical evolution of the language, culminating in the empirical retrospective justification of understanding; leading to the 'product' that concludes as a linguistic series of structures. Post structural investigation then, is unintuitively the unraveling of the thing in itself, which can only ever eventualize

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(17.83 KB 860x1309 mashine learning marx.png)
>>403961 The fools! They'll find out the hard way that Ukraine isn't a real country, and so-called "Ukrainians" are just Russians with Nazi sympathies!

Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 03:41:02 No. 391031 [Reply] [Last]
This is the funny man, post him anywhere to be instantly funny
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do you have the video with turn back time? that one was funny
>>402469 I am looking for it too
uphold Marxism-Funnyism or as I like to call it Funny Communism
From each according to according to his jokes to each according to his funniness

(415.04 KB 1024x647 1547502157482.png)
Anonymous 03/28/2020 (Sat) 22:41:33 No. 403199 [Reply] [Last]
Can someone explain to me what Adolf Hitler's labour banks were? In this video https://www.bitchute.com/video/VCxKMz1x1dfl/ at around 6:30 it says that he created a new Deutschmark that was backed by physical and intellectual labour. How did this work, what are your thoughts on it?
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>>403898 Technically Strasser got away but Strasser got killed.
>>403880 .380 ACP started WWI, .32 ACP ended WWII.
>>403248 this.
>>403606 They were objectively Capitalist or even Slave mode of production. >>403629 He wanted classical Roman style architevture though not futurism like in Italy.
>>403675 Not all hierarchies are created equal. Stalin and Kim May be undemocratic and ruthless, but at least they used this to establish socialist societies that massively improved the quality of life for their people. All Mussolini did was entrench the existing elite, plunge Italy into an unwinnable war, and introduce comic levels or corruption.

(78.14 KB 585x412 floridahell.jpg)
Floridian doomer thread Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 01:39:30 No. 399248 [Reply] [Last]
This god forsaken swamp should have never been colonized by humans Last year I had to put on a suit of armor and vacuum literally dozens of mosquitos out of my house The shitty, dead sand is about a foot or two deep before you hit a solid floor of limestone Our first action as communists should be to abandon this place and just leave it as a wildlife preserve, nobody who is here wants to be here anyways unless they're a rich fuck living in a gated community where they spray pesticides 24/7 to keep the mosquitos out. god have mercy on any other leftists who live here, you have my pity, you don't deserve this
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>>403329 also never did anything like this before so I joined but I don't know what next steps to take. quick bampo for visibility.
https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/dr-bones-actually-yes-the-left-can-defeat-the-united-states-militarily Remembering this classic tale in adventurism. Do peoples war from the florida everglades
>>404043 Towards a Protracted People's War in the Florida Everglades https://pastebin.com/FBRF3VhG
>>404052 >To counter this effort, we will use a very new set of tactics. For the first time, the people’s army will commence mass struggles in the cities, and not just sparsely populated locations. It should not be difficult for our army to mobilize Miami residents. Many of them are people of color who are already familiar with Communism. yeah they're familiar cause they're all gusanos from cuba and venezula who hate it. you'd have a better chance of support from the confederate loving northerners. I love this shit.
>>399248 Australia and Florida seem like the most atrocious places to live. Not because of development but the abundance of animals being in the urban areas. I cry and get trautamized everytime a gecko enters my house.


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