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(20.52 KB 600x315 6dBt2Oj.jpg)
TIK Anonymous 02/25/2020 (Tue) 12:55:13 No. 299661 [Reply] [Last]
>be Hitler >explain how in your view (in your autobiography) socialism as marxists envision it is wrong >take power >privatise industry >fight against any 'leftist' in your party and country (the Strasserites and Marxist-Leninists ) >help capitalists' profits increase >invade the USSR for the benefit of the capitalists and ideologically because they're socialist >also you make your own definition of socialism, specify it's completely unrelated to Marx, Engels or any other 'socialist' thinker >suicide because you don't want to be imprisoned by the socialists >75 years later some ancap calls Marx an ancap and that Hitler was a 'socialist' in the Marxist sense mfw
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>>375937 WW2 did have an undeniable impact upon the economy that would cause issues for decades to come (losing millions will do that you as younger generations of workers intended to replace the older ones were completely lost), but to say the USSR never made a recovery, or at the very least never made a recovery adequate for the context of their conditions, is dishonest.
>>299661 lel he's put up a video about how the Soviets treated German POWs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rS_59PHhO4M and he cites Mises and Beevor among other mongs
>>397745 >TIK I feel like this thread is causing youtube to spam his reccs on my feed.
>>400756 They only need you to watch or search about right wing nigs to suggest thousands of their shitty videos to you. The algorithm is made to cater to these people and the glowies know it.
>>401073 Fucking sucks because when I do this for leftwing subjects it takes days

(38.06 KB 451x767 nFjw40k_d.jpg)
Communist anime girls thread Anonymous 01/04/2020 (Sat) 15:33:48 No. 197398 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for communist anime girls
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Cursed thread.
(832.04 KB 600x431 weebicide.png)
>>400862 >>400873 >Imagine being this butthurt over a single thread Cope.
>>400973 >quoting yourself <quoting yourself
>>400987 >quoting yourself The fuck are you on about schizo?

Biological weapons to fight capitalism? Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 05:19:03 No. 399581 [Reply] [Last]
>By 1960, numerous biological weapons research facilities existed throughout the Soviet Union. Although the USSR also signed the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC), the Soviets subsequently augmented their biowarfare programs. Over the course of its history, the Soviet program is known to have weaponized and stockpiled the following eleven bio-agents[1] (and to have pursued basic research on many more): >Bacillus anthracis (anthrax) >Yersinia pestis (plague) >Francisella tularensis (tularemia) >Burkholderia mallei (glanders) >Brucella spp (brucellosis) >Coxiella burnetii (Q-fever) >Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEE) >Botulinum toxin (botulism) >Staphylococcal enterotoxin B >Smallpox >Marburg virus >These programs became immense and were conducted at 52 clandestine sites employing over 50,000 people. Annualized production capacity for weaponized smallpox, for example, was 90 to 100 tons. In the 1980s and 1990s, many of these agents were genetically altered to resist heat, cold, and antibiotics. In the 1990s, Boris Yeltsin admitted to an offensive bio-weapons program as well as to the true nature of the Sverdlovsk biological weapons accident of 1979, which had resulted in the deaths of at least 64 people. Defecting Soviet bioweaponeers such as Colonel Kanatjan Alibekov confirmed that the program had been massive and still existed. Will tankies defend this one too?
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>>401102 Japan used them on China first. That’s what the war criminal scientists were involved in before
>>402761 This paper makes the same erroneous assumptions about firestorms and non-urban fires as the well known 1990 and 1983 TTAPs models, vastly overestimating the fuel loading and the likelihood of firestorm formation in modern urban areas as well as the propensity for forest and brushfire formation. I don't have a problem with their atmospheric model, but their initial soot injection predictions remain far too high, in spite of considerable criticism of those older studies. It's worth noting that even in their scenario, which most likely overestimates soot injection by an order of magnitude, the effects of of the global dimming aren't exactly civilization ending. Much of the global south would see relatively little change to their effective growing seasons.
>>402761 4. Conclusions WACCM4, a state‐of‐the‐art climate model, and GISS Model E, an older climate model, were used more than a decade apart to simulate the environmental aftermath of a full nuclear conflict, a near worst case scenario.The models have significant differences in particle microphysics and spatial resolution, as well as different algorithms for radiative transfer, dynamics, and other modelling approaches. Despite this, the models agree that a nuclear winter would follow a large‐scale nuclear war between the United States and Russia, a result previously found by a large number of diverse but much less sophisticated models in the 1980s. Despite differences in sensitivity to short-wave radiative anomalies, both models exhibit a peak temperature drop of near 9 K below climatological values. The massive size of the forcing explains many of the similarities in globally averaged values initially, and differences emerge as the aerosols are removed at different rates.The new model agrees not just in global averages but in spatial patterns for temperature, and precipitation changes and other climate parameters. Both models highlight the risk of a crash in global surface temperatures, but WACCM4 points to a collapse in the summer monsoon, a dramatic shift in El Niño variability,drastic changes to the Northern Hemisphere winter time circulation, and a climate state that is 0.5 to 1 K below climatological temperatures from before the war with no sign of further warming. The WACCM4modelfinds that the lifetime of the smoke is greatly enhanced over 1980s models, because it extends to much higher altitudes where the smoke is more isolated from tropospheric rainfall, a result first found in Model Eby Robock, Oman, and Stenchikov (2007) However, compared to GISS Model E, the lifetime of soot in the WACCM4 run is shorter due to the inclusion of particle coagulation and fractal optics, despite the higher vertical resolution and model top, alleviating the duration of the most extreme climate effects. Despite this, the cooling for the first few years is more extreme in WACCM4 and temperatures at the end of the simulation suggest a new colder climate state. The inclusion of additional particle removal processes addresses a long‐standing uncertainty about the black carbon-aerosols released following a nuclear war and allows us to further constrain theire‐folding lifetime. While we did not consider the effect of organic coatings on top of pure black carbon particles, future work should incorporate more direct calculations of smoke generation using high‐resolution fuel loading databases and high‐resolution fire modelling of urban landscapes to determine the distribution, type, and amount of material emitted from nuclear fires. Future work will build upon the results of Yu et al. (2019) to quantify the role of organic carbon in smoke from pyroCbs and the sensitivity tests of different ratios of organic carbon and black carbon by Pausata et al. (2016) for a regional nuclear war. Addressing the uncertainty of aero-sol composition would further quantify the lifetime of these aerosols and their effects on chemistry in the stratosphere. The research conducted here supports the results of Turco et al. (1983), Sagan (1984), Pittocket al. (1986), Robock, Oman, and Stenchikov (2007), Mills et al. (2008), Robock and Toon (2012), andMills et al. (2014) that a full‐scale nuclear attack would be suicidal for the country that decides to carryout such an attack. The use of nuclear weapons in this manner by the United States and Russia would have disastrous consequences globally. To completely remove the possibility of an environmental catastrophe as a result of a full‐scale nuclear war, decision makers must have a full understanding of the grave climatic con-sequences of nuclear war and act accordingly. Ultimately, the reduction of nuclear arsenals and the eventual disarmament of all nuclear capable parties are needed.
Didn't the soviets use plague infected rats against the Germans?
>>403366 Stop educating yourself about Stalingrad based on Jurassic World

(1003.54 KB 1225x651 cybersoc2.jpg)
/cybersoc/ general Anonymous 02/21/2020 (Fri) 03:05:52 No. 290148 [Reply] [Last]
Starting a new /cybersocialism/ general since the old one is dead MANDATORY READING http://ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu/~cottrell/socialism_book/ For a complete reading list, see: https://leftypol.org/thread/185 cockshott's website reading list is down, the only place you can see it now is on leftypol.org Cockshott's youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVBfIU1_zO-P_R9keEGdDHQ Cockshott's Blogs https://paulcockshott.wordpress.com/ http://paulcockshott.co.uk/ This thread is for the discussion of cybersocialism, the planning of the socialist economy by computerized means, including discussions of related topics and of course the great immortal scientist himself, WILLIAM PAUL COCKSHOTT
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>>403444 Yeah I just found it. These guys are even worse than I thought; they were founded by literal fascist sympathisers and lolbert pedophiles. No wonder they've gone out of their way to smear Cockshott. https://thegrayzone.com/2019/01/08/new-documents-reveal-a-covert-british-military-intelligence-smear-machine-meddling-in-american-politics/
>>403458 Yup, they're also puppeteered by the Integrity Initiative, a GCHQ backed org that worked towards stopping Corbyn. If you ever meet one of them at a social gathering I recommend poisoning them.
(24.56 KB 668x181 translation.PNG)
Any Frenchies in here?
>>403419 Which do you think should be the criterion, if not demand elasticity? >How is not pricing in transportation cost not perverse Why should people in the cities have access to more things? How do you foresee people gaming a uniform and rationed instead of marketised transportation system? >Lower rent You're advocating for demand-priced housing? Housing???
>>404700 >Which do you think should be the criterion, if not demand elasticity? Just read the post again. >Why should people in the cities have access to more things? You are taking as given here who lives in cities and who does not. Living closely together is good and I hope cities grow. The drawback of cities is cars everywhere, but that can be fixed. Why should proles in cities subsidize your sprawlburger idea of socialism? >How do you foresee people gaming a uniform and rationed instead of marketised transportation system? Whether something is stupid doesn't depend solely on whether there are people gaming it. Your dichotomy rationed-marketized is wrong, since rationing by price is of course a form of rationing. And if incomes aren't drastically spread apart, rationing by price isn't some big moral dilemma or whatever. >You're advocating for demand-priced housing? Again, the context is that people don't have incomes that are drastically spread apart.

(541.09 KB 415x562 professor.png)
OC Thread 4.0 Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 08:50:19 No. 8622 [Reply] [Last]
OC Thread 4.0
>New thread dedicated to /leftypol/ original content
Post original content you've made, or OC someone else recently made which you want to share.
Or ITT collaborate on improving content already made.

/leftypol/'s booru:
Edited last time by d011ars on 08/09/2019 (Fri) 02:41:33.
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(551.02 KB 1000x1100 1585392227945.png)
>>403175 >>403577 (me) Ey, I'm literally Vince McMahon meme right here, man!
(1.25 MB 1484x1000 1585503919587.png)
(407.70 KB 742x500 1585504481461.png)
(603.31 KB 750x1000 cyborg-marx.png)
PNG-ified it

(8.21 KB 318x159 umad.jfif)
Arguments for democracy? Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 14:05:56 No. 404265 [Reply] [Last]
A perfect example showing the complete failure of democracy is the 2020 Democratic Primary. Biden sniffs the hair of underage girls and constantly forgets where he even is or what is asked of him, yet wins the popular vote. There is no justification for this failure, although some try with nonsense arguments such as... >Biden won because the DNC / media rigged the primary! At most the DNC tipped the scale towards Biden. Telling candidates to drop out, Warren to absorb votes, biased media coverage, and similar measures can only get you so far. The problem still remains that a sizeable amount of voters decided to choose Biden over other candidates. >Bourgeois elections don't count! Just because no candidate was a threat to porky does not mean the outcome is irrelevant. In this election people had the choice between a socdem, a senile pedophile and a bunch of neolibs. People either voted willingly for senile pedophile, or can not comprehend how the senile pedophile is worse than the socdem guy. In either case the democratic method has failed. >Only boomers voted for Biden! Boomers are allowed to vote just like everybody else. Excluding boomers is an admission of defeat. So considering that the voting population is retarded, why is workplace democracy a good thing? Why would i want people that potentially supported a senile pedophile having influence over anything let alone something as important as the workplace?
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>>404265 To pose questions about democracy, any question after approximately 1979 becomes irrelevant. Democracy can only be meaningful when the questions at hand are meaningful, and since the late 1970s the state has handed away much of the economic power that gave democracy meaning. I advance a new theory: insofar as we ever had democracy on the national scale, it was social dmocracy. (except Germany which had Christian Democracy because the SPD are just that bad that I'd rather endorse the CDU.) The period 1945-1979 is the only period of anything resembling a participative electoral democracy on the western model we recognize today. We have lived in a de-facto managed democracy since that time. Not one on the direct model as with Russia - of manipulating the opposition - but more one based on manipulating the electorate itself. Of course Biden won the democratic primaries: the electorate has strategically been whittled down to the sort of people who would vote for him. What sort of sane human being would join the party that gave us two Clintons? Who could possibly be engaged? A few people see the opportunity for change in Sanders, yes, but building the crucial momentum needed to overturn the managed electorate itself is a very tall ask. Ironically the best opportunities for this kind of thing arose in Britain where centrists failed to consider the nature of political engagement: They opened up votes to the public for £3, hoping to create a US-style primary system to avoid a compromise centre-left candidate like Ed Miliband from ever taking power again. They soon learned the only kind of people who would pay £3 to vote for the raft of weirdos standing to be Labour leader are left-wingers sizing the opportunity to take back the Labour party, even if their reward was reheated social democracy in a surprisingly radical knitted jumper. Look at US presidential elections and their dismal turnout. Look at the fact turnout has dropped nearly everywhere since the 1980s. You want to know why democracy fails? It's because sane people know it's not worth it in a neoliberal world where the state is deeply constrained in matters of making life better, mass movements that could engage them have been repressed, and in the US we can pile on good old voter suppression on top of that. (The most notable exception is Australia, which is managed in a different fashion due to compulsory voting.)
>>404291 >the electorate has strategically been whittled down to the sort of people who would vote for him. this is the right take. the majority don't vote. I would be curious to know more about australian democracy
>>404265 The USSR. /thread
>>404287 JFC, mobile links don't get embedded.
>Another Bernfag cry thread Sigh

(184.37 KB 810x800 1579202799505.png)
Anti-Fascist, Anti-Nazi memes Anonymous 01/16/2020 (Thu) 19:28:54 No. 216515 [Reply] [Last]
Post memes making fun of Nazis countering chan memes
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(575.89 KB 1228x832 52cegi4sag741.png)
You can not only use memes, you can also use real life photos.
(1.25 MB 1484x1000 1585503897373.png)
(407.70 KB 742x500 1585504442183.png)

(73.90 KB 600x250 rural-urban-600x250.jpg)
Capitalism's tendency to concentrate the population into urban centres Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 16:03:09 No. 341383 [Reply] [Last]
What are the materialist reasons behind the rural to urban migration? Why does capitalism devastates, and hollows out the rural population, and concentrates them into the urban centres? Should we, as socialist, counter this tendency? Is it desirable to do so?
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>>404230 Show me the commodities produced by healthcare and education, I'll wait.
>>360705 Rent slavery exists in rural areas too, you simpering retard.
>>404231 Communism is when you produce commodities, and the more commodities you produce, the more communister it is.
(693.86 KB 800x532 pol pot gang.png)
>>352865 t. pol pot

Ima li nas ovdje? Da li postoje ikakve dobre komunističke partije gdje vi živite? Kod nas (BiH) su samo dvije ne važne partije sa ~300 članova koje ništa ne rade.
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>>397454 A sploh obstaja komunistično gibanje kjerkoli v Sloveniji? Živel sem leto in pol v Kopru, pa nisem videl nikaj razen Levice čeprav obstaja močen jugoslovanski sentiment (vsaj estetski)
>Mate of mine goes on Serbian news to say about how the camp they are being housed in is unsanitary <people call her a traitor
Ja sam ti u Novom Sadu druže i ovako stoji situacija što se tiče Srbije, otprilike: Imaš ove iz NKPJ-a i SKOJ-a koji su Marksisti-Lenjinisti. Mahom im je aktivnost na netu ali rade stvari sa vremena na vreme vani. Poslednje čega se sećam da ih je mejnstrim opozicija na netu ismejavala jer su tražili bili da se spusti broj potpisa za izbore sa 10.000 na 1000. Lično su mi malo problematični po pitanju Kine i Kosmeta, jer Kinu smatraju "socijalistički orjentisanom zemljom" što mi zvuči isto kao trockistička "radnićka deformisana država" i po pitanju Kosmeta su za to da je "Kosmet srce Srbije" neobraćajući pažnju na paralele sa irskim pitanjem kod marksa, pravo na samoopredeljenje kod Lenjina i na sam stav radničke klase na Kosmetu koji je nažalost odvojen po nacionalnim linijama. Socijaldemokratska Unija, koja treba da se preimenuje u Radničku Partiju ili Partiju Demokratskog Socijalizma, su naj aktivniji levičari u Srbiji. Oni preko svojih organizacija kao što su Centar za Politiku Emancipacije, Združena Akcija Krov nad Glavom i Pravo za Vodu organizuju sve i svašta. Deluje obećavajuće ako išta, KADA SE VIŠE BUDU ORGANIZOVALI ZA JEBENI KONGRES MENJANJA STATUTA I IMENA Marks21 i Marksistička Organiacija Crveni su Trockisti. Mahom preko neta su aktivni oboje i zajedno su učestvovali na protestu 1od5miliona dok je to imalo nekog smisla. Oni su u zasebnim trockističkim internacionalama i moja iskustva sa njima su mahom pozitivna. Postoji i Narodni Front, ali nemam iskustva sa njima, baš kao što nemam iskustva i sa Komunistima Srbije i KORAL-om.
>>402991 I know who you're talking about, and all I want to ask is: she's really a commie? I always thought that that was a meme personna she took up, like an edgy leftoid.

(17.71 KB 512x512 1dkKnkfQ.jpeg)
Damn Jehu - Communism is free time and nothing else Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 01:14:00 No. 403414 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone remember this guy? He's a leftcom who wrote a blog and a twitter account where he argued that if everyone just stopped working, it would lead to communism. I can't stop thinking about his meme-tier ideology because of the Corona quarantines. I guess we will see if he was right. https://therealmovement.wordpress.com/ These days he actually moderates a subreddit lmao: https://www.reddit.com/r/abolishwagelabornow/
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>>404460 I used to follow this guy because Roberts always linked him in his sidebar but his posts were so infrequent that I kind of forgot about him. Guess I should keep track of him again
>>404467 That was because the rest of the world was cpitalist and ran on gold
>>404467 USSR needed gold to do foreign trade since the US dollar was the post-WW2 international money and the US did everything in its power to keep the USSR from getting or using US dollars.
(84.35 KB 1200x1555 1200px-MaxStirner1.svg.png)
>>404528 scarcity in the context of Jehu is defined as needing to work to survive and nothing you said = moving past scarcity. >I'm not entirely sure whether these people actually exist. There might not be innate greed pic
>>404431 >K-waves assume that capitalism is a perpetual motion machine. What part of K-waves assumes that? K-waves are in price levels, which are different from absolute or relative profit. Standard econ theory divides each K-wave into an inflationary and deflationary period. In any case, K-waves are just a fact of the economy, they coincide with the falling ROP, they don't contradict it.


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