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/QTDDTOT/ – Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Anonymous 11/16/2020 (Mon) 22:21:32 No. 1142043 [Reply] [Last]
Last thread: >>983378 Why did the Soviet Union annex Moldova but not Romania, eventually at least? Might as well have gone all out and annexed all Romanian-speaking lands.
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>>1142043 How do i make a text big and red?
>>1175294 It isn't just the storage cost. You can think up some ebin demand curve, with different potential consumers right now having a different price maximum they would tolerate. But since you aren't offering a service, you can't really charge one price to one guy and a totally different price to another guy, not on a big scale at least. People can buy and resell your stuff. So, imagining we actually have a good estimate curve of this willingness to buy this or that amount at the moment at this or that alternative price and imagining we can't segment people to make them different offers, but just have one price for all, you can see that forcing yourself to make the price so low that you sell everything can yield a lower total sum than selling at a higher price and having to destroy some stock. This is a general problem with profit-oriented production. (In a labor-voucher system, the point is to get the stuff to people, so you lower the prices as much as necessary for that instead of destroying the stuff.) If your market is oligopolistic, you have to also consider that you influence the typical prices, you condition people to expect that this amount is just the price that this kind of thing costs and that they put aside in their budget. You can piss off some people more by making something cheaper for a while and then getting back to the old price than by never lowering the price.
>>1142043 Anyone have sources for specifically child porn being legalized once the Soviet Union fell?
>>1175138 jesus christ, that is depressing. I would be amazed if you came out healthy and well-adjusted, growing up in that environment.

History of /leftypol/ Anonymous 11/23/2020 (Mon) 12:57:41 No. 1162854 [Reply] [Last]
Any oldfags here? Let's have a thread where we discuss the past of /leftypol/. tell us more about the most interesting moments from our history, tell us about the dramas. why did leftypol and leftpol split up? who were the e-celebs posting on leftypol? Were we the most hated board on 8chan? this and more in this thread.
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>>1175897 They are all the most pathetic.
>>1175908 Commiecat poster has invested hundreds of times more effort to be entirely forgettable and still spams random imageboards with their autism to this day Literally the only thing memorable about them is that they did one thing with no variation for years
>>1175897 This. Checkers was MANY times more funny and annoying. I think someone shamed commiecat poster off the site too
>>1175897 is commiecat the same retard who spams alunya porn on 9chan?
>>1163150 >>1166010 Correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't Satan Nazi that psycho who kidnapped a Jewish kid on some college campus? And then like, when some other Jewish kids on campus gave her dirty looks or whatever, she presented that as proof that Jews had a hive mind? Pretty sure that was her.

Bruh what's with all these second gen slavic burger LARPers rambling about "le ebils of cummunism"? Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 13:53:53 No. 1175739 [Reply] [Last]
Like holy fuck it's like these NPC cunts come straight off a conveyor belt, I hate them so much. These fucking scum basically LARP as though they were around in the 60s in the USSR when 90% of the time they're just degenerate burgers who never lived in the USSR going off the recollections of their kulak-brained parents who were usually something like seven years old when the USSR fell These fucking baboons do everything they can to warp the narrative, making it seem like the mainstream position in Russia is hatred of Stalin and worship of Hitlet What is it about burgerism that utterly poisons the brains of immigrants and makes their spawn even more retarded and burgerfied than even the average american?
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>>1175749 If they are second gen diaspora they're not really "their" countries anymore. They've grown up in the same anti communist environment every other kid in the US grew up in
Many of them are actually Jewish. At least the ones in the US.
>>1175765 2nd-gen Indian-American, and can confirm that the politics of FOBs frustrate me to know end.
>>1175929 It's dangerous to notice alone
>>1175952 I should clarify that I don’t mean this in a “oh, jews are a threat to communism” nazbol bullshit way, considering that Trotsky’s original surname was Bronshteyn. (And Stalin’s was Dzhugashvili. Many Bolsheviks took new surnames.) It’s just that a lot of the former soviet diaspora population were jewish immigrants since the 1970s at earliest, and more and more soviet jews came to the United States up until the collapse.

(287.46 KB 732x1024 RIAN_archive_6464_Dzerzhinsky.jpg)
Iron Felix Anonymous 11/23/2020 (Mon) 07:43:43 No. 1162385 [Reply] [Last]
Redpill me on iron felix. How based was he? I read he was a very compassionate man, did he eat reactionaries assholes alive? What he did wrong and what he did right? Was he really Stalin lover?
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>>1165547 Dope as fuck
Can someone tell me more about star media, except that some latin americans started the company? How come they have documentaries on communists etc?
Stalin and Trotsky carrying the coffin of Felix Dzerzhinsky
>>1163007 >right before he died of a heart attack. that doesn't sound suspicious as fuck
>>1168974 Latin Americans? I think StarMedia is a Russian company. They have many Russian history documents, about Communists, wars, the Tsar etc. Many fictional drama stuff too. I have only watched their communist-related stuff though, and they are pretty good. https://www.youtube.com/c/StarMediaEN/videos

(206.05 KB 900x1290 sagan.jpg)
Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 06:15:26 No. 1159492 [Reply] [Last]
I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe. The last optimistic visionary we had.
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>>1162272 >>1162323 Guy several times denounced pseudoscience without veering into nu-atheist reddit positivism and I don't even know what you mean by "bourgeois", what means of production does the dude own?
>>1162348 How do you feel about germ theory?
(259.64 KB 919x737 hide lenin hat posts.png)
>>1162348 put your hat back on
>>1159492 Yeah, I'm optimistic Washington will be able to extract your surplus labor time and fling it into space for decades in the future and idiots like you won't complain about it all, too.

News 11/26/20 News Anon 3.0 11/26/2020 (Thu) 19:23:37 No. 1173812 [Reply] [Last]
Bolivia: General Alfredo Cuellar Arrested Over Sacaba Massacre The Prosecutor's Office ordered the arrest of Bolivian Air Force General Alfredo Cuellar over the massacre that occurred in Sacaba city during the protests against the U.S.-backed coup that took place in November 2019. https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Bolivia-High-Military-Officer-Arrested-Over-Sacaba-Massacre-20201126-0005.html Farmers hit with water cannon and tear gas as Indian police try to halt protest march on Delhi (VIDEO) Indian police have been deployed in large numbers across the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to stop thousands of farmers reaching Delhi in a huge demonstration against agricultural market reforms. https://on.rt.com/avwp Pilots, civilians given life terms over Turkey’s 2016 coup A Turkish court sentenced hundreds of military and civilian personnel at an air base to life prison sentences Thursday, proclaiming them guilty of involvement in the 2016 failed coup attempt against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government. https://apnews.com/article/turkey-trials-ankara-fethullah-gulen-fc5b28999ee9bb573d818650a0e97d4c Ethiopian PM says troops ordered to move on Tigray capital Ethiopia’s prime minister said Thursday the army has been ordered to move on the embattled Tigray regional capital after his 72-hour ultimatum ended for Tigray leaders to surrender, and he warned the city’s half-million residents to stay indoors and disarm. https://apnews.com/article/international-news-eritrea-ethiopia-united-nations-kenya-51f5e6f148f3593654520312acd1631b Israeli court orders eviction of 87 Palestinians from East Jerusalem neighbourhood

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>Bolivia: General Alfredo Cuellar Arrested Over Sacaba Massacre LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOO
>>1173812 News comrade, you are based!
tybna >>1173945 >First op ed Yes. People dislike idpol. It is the most patronizing shit ever. Lib idiots use it to victimize themselves as oppressed and unwilling oppressor whenever convenient. And companies catering to demographics constantly essentialize identities which feels insensitive at best, bigoted at worst.
(515.21 KB 3508x2480 24ymgja3oau31.jpg)
>>1174217 >Union of Britain arise Amen!
(393.22 KB 719x941 IMG_20201126_225154.jpg)
>>1175820 We need more christcoms & red preachers.

(79.02 KB 1200x1200 1200px-SlavS.svg.png)
(482.15 KB 1024x768 fa4.png)
(28.81 KB 720x720 FB_IMG_1563085682340.jpg)
(70.22 KB 1510x1215 fcr61rfo3r031.jpg)
Why Are Slavs Neo-Nazis? Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 18:20:12 No. 1148843 [Reply] [Last]
Can someone explain me why fucking that exist.That doesn't make any sense at all....In many eastern-euro countries;there is many neo-nazis and there is like birthplace of alt-right.Is there an marxist explaination of this? How can fucking slav support the people who wanted to genocide them?,it's like an Kurd becoming Turanist
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>>1171931 ok polak
Same reason why latinos and Asians are nazis They want to be “honorary aryans”
Another Russian here. During the fall of the USSR, the government did have a "support everyone so we're not letting communists anywhere now" sort of policy. And all of the anti-Soviet propaganda over the years, yeah.
>>1174970 Also Malays and Middle Easterners. Face it, there are more brown national socialists than white ones, which might even mean that nationalism socialism is browner than communism.
>>1174970 God, they sound worse than the Indians

(9.52 KB 2000x1018 union-logo.png)
Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 07:17:25 No. 1154277 [Reply] [Last]
Could all workers join together in one union? Not tied to specific area of work or region. This would allow action throughout the whole country/all sectors of the economy. Why's this a bad idea and why hasn't it been done? How could you get people to join an organization like this?
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>>1154540 IWW is feds??
>>1156407 Socdems literally don't want to take power. Demsocs do but they want to do it in a way that literally doesn't work. Radlibs don't want the workers to take power. They just want to purge the superstructure of visible oppression. Trotskyists, I concede this point. Though the trots I have interacted with were basically spicy demsocs.
Speaking of unions, are there any unions in the US that arent dumb? I want to learn a trade, like plumbing.
>>1156419 They're not composed primarily of feds (from what I can tell), but they got their asses handed to them by the feds during the First and Second Red Scares. To be fair, that happened to pretty much every leftist group in the United States during the same periods.
>>1154277 If the aim of the Union was to replace the state, GREAT IDEA. If the aim of the Union was to negotiate wages, hours and benefits with Capital, FUCK THAT. Now, be honest with me and with yourself. Which aim were you intending with this question?

Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 06:54:33 No. 1175292 [Reply] [Last]
Voldemort represents Communism, ever since the 2016 US Elections, liberals have been eager to compare to Trump to all sorts of things: Adolf Hitler, President Reagan, and even Lord Voldemort. I am here to tell /leftypol/ that these comparisons are mistaken, as I will explain throughout the rest of this post. Voldemort's life and ideology actually have more in common with Lenin, Stalin, and that of the Soviet Union. Here is my reasoning: 1) At the beginning of Tom Riddle's journey into the Wizarding world, he is a very poor orphan with extreme talents in magic that were very unusual, far beyond the likes of mere charlatans like Hitler and Reagan. He considers death a "human weakness", as in, a contradiction innate to all men that he wished to overcome after suffering the death of his mother. He recognizes this contradiction, but does not yet recognize how to overcome it. His talented side mirrors Stalin's talents in religious knowledge as a young boy. His struggle mirrors Lenin and the death of his brother 2) In Tom Riddle's sixth year, he questioned Professor Horus Slughorn about a key to immortality, the Horcrux. this is considered forbidden, but known, knowledge by "high-ranking" individuals who were considered "loyal" to the traditions of the Wizarding world. Knowledge that would resolve the problems caused by death. Might I suggest this is most similar to the knowledge of Communism? Communism seeks to resolve the effects of exploitation by sublating them under a new system, one that requires class struggle and blood sacrifice. The horror on Professor Slughorn's face when Tom Riddle poses the question could basically be put in the context of a student asking a question about Communism to Slughorn's muggle, liberal counterpart. 3) After Tom Riddle discovers the Horcrux (Communism) he develops a new admiration for magic, putting it on a higher pedestal than he could've possibly imagined before. Historical necessity was calling to him. That is, the historical necessity of magic. The liberal interpretation of Harry Potter is that the muggles are, to put it bluntly, ethnics. But this couldn't be further from the truth. The muggles are in a privilidged caste of society that oppresses Witches and Wizards, forcing them into hiding and doing everything in their power to stop the development and integration of magic into the world. Tom Riddle comes to a fateful conclusion: in order for immortality to blossom, Witches and Wizards must overthrow the muggles and become the ruling class in society, forming a Dictatorship of the Witches and Wizards where magic can be integrated into it. The dynamic between muggles and wizards mirrors that of the bourgoisie and the proletariat. 4) Tom Riddle traveled abroad and experimented on the Dark Arts for 10 years. pushed magic to farther boundaries than they ever have been pushed. He developed his ideology and theory in order for the great revolution that would push the world into the next era of civilization. Much like Marx and Lenin during their banishment. "I have experimented; I have pushed the boundaries of magic further, perhaps, than they have ever been pushed —" 5) Voldemort started the First Wizarding War by taking advantage of one of the wizarding world's greatest weaknesses: the beings and creatures that they had persecuted. Giants and werewolves. The oppressed and outcast. This is not unlike how the Bolsheviks used the Jews in Russian society to their advantage: the Jews had been subject to open harassment in the Russian empire for decades, peaking during the recession caused by WW1. Lenin knew how to speak to the oppressed and the forgotten. Those that wanted a better society for themselves and for everybody. 6) In spite of the Death Eater party's threat to the established order of the Wizarding world: that of ethnic segregation and chattel slavery, the status quo was soon restored by the Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore's army. The threat of Horcruxes and the violent outburts of the oppressed in wizarding society were soon considered to be extinguished and all but forgotten. Much like the Soviet Union and its ideology of Communism, which Capitalism and its ideologues believed defeated for the most part. Unless another wizard as powerful and ambitious as Voldemort should choose to discover it again...
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Didn't read lol
(9.16 KB 596x174 pshol.png)
Based This reminds me of my Marxism-Vaderism posts
>>1175977 stop being mean to them :(

/sad/ - South Asia & Desi General Anonymous 11/05/2020 (Thu) 01:09:12 No. 1083432 [Reply] [Last]
General discussion on current events/politics from Pakistan to Bhutan. There are a few of us here, make yourself known! Everyone is welcome and feel free to ask questions. Nobody really talks about the Indian left here and it would be great if anons had the chance to learn a bit more!
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>>1170841 It would be more like union of socialist republics than becoming a single country again. >>1175728 It wasn't that over the top really >setting - >a state ruled by a government made of parties opposed to one at the center (federal in burgerspeak) >Mumbai the home of bollywood is the capital of that state >certain groups and camps of actors dominate the scene due to years of familial ties and connections >in contrast there are many who are striving to make it as outsiders, some managing various degree of success >some are pro-BJP, others are silently in opposition. >events as far as I remember >An emergent actor's former manager ( a lady) commits suicide >some weeks later the actor is found hanging in his apartment >shocks the entire nation because he always seemed to be the last person you would think would go that far end (was very cheerful, energetic and a science enthusiast)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>1175813 >thing goes batshit insane after the family of the deceased accused his present gf of stealing his money >focus on this gf who is also an aspiring actor and model >things go from typical shit flinging to her being accused as a literal witch using black magic to manipulate him >a huge group of posters on social media demand justice for the actor for apparent wrongdoings done to him >from news panelists to layperon no one wants to believe that mental health could be an issue (how can he be unhappy when he was famous duh!) >This is the absolute state of mental health awareness in India >soon whatapp logs were accessed, where the actress talks about weed and stuff once. >oh boi >media fell on her like vulture, flocking her residence and her wherever she went >now many start accusing her of murder and making her actor bf die from drugs >mind you there is no concrete proof of any this yet baring a few almost every tv news outlet ran with it cuz ratings >note that all this is happening during a pandemic crisis as many manual labourers walk on foot thousands of kilometers (to be contd.)
>>1175829 >then comes Kangana on scene, a famous actress who now shows off her outsider credential >has been making headlines for "anti-nepotism" stance prior >now uses this opportunity to once again attack the movie-families and houses as she acts sympathetic for the dead though she never had much of communication with him when he was alive. >I dunno exactly when but gets into spat with state government >State demolishes her office, she airs her ties with BJP, one ruling at center and is opposed to those at the provincial level >She shares more bards with party ruling the state, gets Z level security from Central government >social media ghouls now focuses on her, run hashtags demanding justice for her >notice how far we went. It is openly political now. >Meanwhile the narcotics enforcement arrests the gf for possessing weed. >Everyone who is milking this beats the trumpet of victory >Now the wait is for the second post-mortem report done by the top medical institute which will possibly confirm the murder angle >so what happens next? (to be contd.)
>>1175851 >Postmortem report reaffirms that it was a death by suicide >After one month of incarceration court orders to release the gf and scolds the Narcotics dept. for arresting her for having less than 200 gm of weed when hard druggies with much serious offense got released before >NOOOOOO there is a conspiracy cried the social media ghouls. >news outlets peddling the murder angle silently move away, pretending others but them pushed this narrative >Well they already went to banks with the ratings anyway. >Aftermath >The gf and her family have been mentally broken after this protracted campaign of harassment >conspiracy-turds on social media keep finding some religious or political angle in bollywood >media moved on to other things >Despite the psychiatrists confirming that they had referred medicines for bipolar disorder to the actor, mental health issues once again got ignored. As if all of this was about him anymore anyway. >whatever happened to the pandemic situation and poor people.
>>1175894 So basically whole thing became proxy for their political agenda, huh.


no cookies?