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stop overusing the term fascist Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 13:11:12 No. 400053 [Reply] [Last]
Stop it. STOP. It only plays into the hands of actual fascists. Much like how Bernie has totally muddled the term socialist and has stripped it of all negative connotations, or how republicans scream that everything is marxist, the end result is that when genuine socialists come in everyone won't recognize them because idiots on the right have been screaming about "postmodern cultural marxist globalists" for decades. BUT THIS DE-SENSITIZATION ALSO WORKS IN REVERSE FOR OUR ENEMIES. /pol/tards from 8ch are fascists. Stormniggers are fascists. These people identify openly as neonazis and actually go out to kill their enemies in mass shootings. Here's who ISN'T a fascist: Trump. Boris. Farage. Orban. Whatever christcuck moron is in charge of Poland right now. Even Bolsonaro. >b-b-but they are racist/homophobic/oppressive towards minority groups THAT IS NOT WHAT FASCISM IS YOU FUCKING MORON. EVERY WESTERN DEMOCRACY HAS GENOCIDED NATIVES; OPPRESSING AND EVEN KILLING MINORITIES DOES NOT MAKE A STATE FASCIST. >b-b-but they are authoritarian!!!11 Every political movement is authoritarian in some way. The key sign to look for in determining fascist states is: HAVE THEY ABOLISHED VOTING AND BOURGEOIS DEMOCRACY ALTOGETHER AND KILLED OFF THE SOCIALIST POLITICAL OPPOSITION? If the answer is NO they cannot be genuinely categorized as fascist. Trump is never going to start fucking throwing socialists into death camps because he's a dumbass liberal who bought into the bourgeois democracy meme, NOT AN ACTUAL FASCIST. >b-b-but but these people are sometimes supported by real fascists!!!

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>>400234 >ideas only exist in your head, maaaaaaaan I hope you choke to death on a marble, you fucking imbecile.
>>400253 >You need to define what fascism is, if you don't like people calling present rightoid messiahs fascist The USP of fascism is that it's very, very malleable. The swedish author and italianista Göran Hägg (1947-2015) pointed out that the early fascism was whatever the members of a Ras/local chapter wanted it to be. It could be liberal, socialist or conservative. The rally at Piazza San Sepolcro can be described as an anti-rally. Jews and antisemites and every other imaginable polar opposite met there. The early fascism also had strong feminist undercurrents because it the conservative (bearded) men had closed the door to power for them. Also: https://www.neondystopia.com/cyberpunk-art-photography/what-does-italian-futurism-have-to-do-with-cyberpunk/
Oswald Mos-Eisly allowed voting in his circlejerk, guess he wasn't fash.
By this logic you would only be able to call h*tler a fascist in 1945 when you could definitively prove and investigate his fascistic crimes and actions, unironically retarded post. I definitely agree that the term fascist is overused and can and is misused, but your criterions for when to use it would cripple any analysis to exclusively post hoc and completely disables us from seeing and calling out creeping fascism. Also you completely ignore the question of power and power relations, the simple fact you seem to think your average poltard is more dangerous than orban or bolsonaro despite the fact they wield so much more power even if /pol/tards are to the right of these world leaders exposes your absolute schizo-level worldview
>>405235 It doesn’t reveal he has a schizo worldview, just the retarded self-centered worldview of many online leftists where they’re convinced their meaningless internet culture war is of equal or greater relevance to the things actually occurring in the real world

(72.88 KB 999x765 soviet2.jpg)
Anonymous 03/05/2020 (Thu) 23:07:54 No. 328921 [Reply] [Last]
How did the red army go from having so much trouble in Finland to being able to beat the Nazis in such a short period of time? Was Lend-Lease really that helpful?
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>>328921 My guess is mostly due to anons statement here>>328939 And the fact that the Nazi war machine was both strategically, tactically and logistically incompetent. I mean seriously, for all the flaws of the USSR, let’s be perfectly candid, who would win? One of the worst designed tanks in living memory that suffered from needless breakdowns and was approved based on nepotism or a t-34?
>>397674 >A reddit opinion post with little sourcing is somehow better than a fully sourced argument OK >>397688 Already debunked in the link presented in here >>330961
>>385217 It's a WW-II Make You Choice interactive video game where you can change history depending on your actions.
>>328991 1) It is an undeniable fact that the USSR only started to regularly receive Lend-Lease in 1943, AFTER the tide-turning battle of Stalingrad, (and the victory at Moscow and the countless battles before that). Britain, meanwhile, recieved a lend-lease of 3x larger an amount. On June 1st 1941 USSR had 25932 tanks and howitzers, 6060 were produced by 31st of December, 1941. 31992 vehicles total. Approximately 20,5K was lost by the end of the year. That means 11,5K tanks left. In 1941 the USSR received 361 tanks, all from Britain, this was approximately 1% of the soviet tank forces on the eve of the battle of Moscow, and none of them took part in the battle. 2) The majority of initial Lend-Lease was made up of stock-excess of the US and the UK army, with old M3s Grants, M3 Stewarts, British Matilda's and older model Spitfires and Hurricanes. These were poorly received by Soviet troops, Matildas did not come with any instruction and thus their different mechanical nature made it hard to even operate, and repairing them was next to impossible. Their guns, whilst powerful in 1939, were harmless to German tanks unless at close ranges, and it's armor no longer could take the hits of German tank guns. The complex track system and narrow tracks made it impossible to use in snow or mud. The M-3 Grant, (the older cousin of the M4 Sherman), was better in mobility and simplicity but at the cost of being a completely obsolete garbage can of a tank and the soviet troops hated them. From Stephen Zaloga's "Red Army Handbook": "One of the less popular lend-lease designs provided to the USSR was the M3 Lee medium tank, the ancestor of the better and more successful M4 Sherman. Its archaic design and turreted 37mm gun and its thin armor led to its caustic Russian nickname, which translates as "a coffin for seven brothers". The M4 Sherman variant used by the USSR was a happy accident, and even then one that required modification. The M4A2 sent was equipped with a diesel engine, not a gasoline one. Diesels were only used by the Marines in the US Armed forces, they were thus a big pain in the neck for the US army, until they decided to send them to the USSR. They were fitted with extended end connectors (The envy of Normandy M4s, struggling in the bocages right after D-Day) and sent to special formations such as the 9th tank division. Sherman Tank Pt 2: Improvements From D-Day To V-E Day 1944-45 Hero of the Soviet Union, Dmitriy Loza provides some insight, although, because he never actually served with T 34s his ability to compare is limited, and he disregards the extended end connectors. Dmitriy Loza) A similar, but rare story is of the Air-Cobra. The plane was considered uncompleted and with numerous production flaws by the British and sent to the USSR. The main issue was its inability to perform well above 15,000 feet, making its original role as an interceptor, useless. It's heavy cannon made it prefect for ground attack and the low-level dog-fights of the Eastern front however, and thus it was a unintended boon for the VVS and became the most liked foreign fighter of WW 2 in the USSR. Lets just compare the goods USSR received from the Lend Lease to the goods they manufactured on their own:

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>>328991 >>405114 That's the entirety of Allied Lend Lease to the Soviet Union. We did a good job, that's a lot of stuff to produce and bring to a country on the other side of the world during a maritime war effort; but that's barely 10% of Soviet production*, and it most certainly did not win the war. *(The war was decided in the winter of 1941, before the first American trade arrived.) For more precise numbers: Aircraft Production Soviet Union: 1942: 18,251 plus 4,042 lend-lease 1943: 34,637 plus 9,206 lend-lease 1943: 33,210 plus 6,459 lend-lease Germany: 1942: 17,400

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/QTDDTOT/ III Anonymous 03/06/2020 (Fri) 19:16:47 No. 331128 [Reply] [Last]
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread: Part Three
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>>404086 maotard
>>404088 who? me or the people who say this?
>>403908 thx comradbro
>>403908 Why does Maupin like him then?
what do mods know about each individual user? can they recognize you from previous treads?

(9.02 KB 276x300 fidget commie.jpg)
autism tread Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 23:32:26 No. 379339 [Reply] [Last]
any fellow autistic people here? how will a communist society account for autism and how would communism hinder/help them? how did you autism relate to your communists believes?
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>>404538 Don't be aggressive. Yes assertiveness can be attractive, but don't fall for the incel meme about women only liking bad boys. If you aren't confident about how to date then you have no chance of pulling it off, it's best just to be yourself (lol). In terms of dating my biggest mistakes was not breaking stuff off soon enough with one girl, you got to ask yourself what you really want and be real, rather than just a slave to pussy. Do your hobbies, put yourself into social situations where you get opportunity and something will occur eventually.
This thread is a good window into what is wrong with a lot of the online "left".
>>404725 why so?
>>404715 Want to add, once you're in a relationship the best advice I can give you is too communicate. If you want to make something worthwhile it is probably the most important thing. It's like the only way to have a positive sex life also. Knowing where you both stand on things, and sorting problems out sooner rather than later (or the ability for both of you to get over it fast) is vital to a strong relationship.
>>404745 >what to do once you become rich

(469.31 KB 1180x730 755815926558370.jpg)
/ruspol/ - Russian Politics Anonymous 02/17/2020 (Mon) 15:44:55 No. 282792 [Reply] [Last]
Hello from Russia, ask your questions
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(75.59 KB 525x790 СССР и РФ учёба.jpg)
(91.55 KB 606x984 физики.jpg)
>>402474 Fucking this thread If someone could repost the following (including pics) in reply to >>81649 I'd be thankful >Maxim.nm It's this faggot again Уже заебало видить умников как ты, которые не могут извилену повернуть что б провереть "А может этот яры анти-коммунист врёт?" К примеру его пост о том что 'СССР всё с запада копировал' был опровержен. Но что тут сказать о человеке который в серёз Ник Лэнда принемает. EDUCATION in the USSR Читай: [i]"In 1983, the United States Commission on Excellence in Education published A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Education Reform, in which it said that in regards to education, Americans were falling behind Russia."[/i] https://www.intellectualtakeout.org/blog/when-father-modern-american-education-thought-soviet-schools-were-best-example/ [i]"Before the Revolution, 76% of the people were illiterate, including 88%of the women. Virtually complete illiteracy prevailed among the indigenous populations of Siberia and Soviet Central Asia. Indeed, more than 40 languages had not been reduced to writing at all. Prior to the revolution, only 290,000 Russians possessed any kind of higher education, whereas the 1959 census reported that more than 13 Million citizens had some higher or specialized secondary education, and more than 45 million people had 7-10 years of education....Raising the literacy rate from 24% to 98.5% within the span of a single generation for more than 200 million people would be an achievement in itself if only one language were involved, to say nothing of the severe problems posed by a multilingual society...To detail the massive character of the Soviet educational effort in Central Asia, the Uzbek Republic, which is the most advanced of the Central Asian areas today, as it was in pre-Revolutionary Russia, provides an apt illustration. Before the Revolution, only 2% of the population was literate. There were no native engineers, doctors, or teachers with a higher education. In short, Central Asia was no different in this respect from most of the colonial dependencies of the European powers, and worse off than many.Today, in the Uzbek Republic alone, there are 32 institutions of higher learning, more than 100 technicums, 50 special technical schools, 12 teachers' colleges, and 1400 kindergartens. Nearly 2,500,000 children attend school, and more than 50% of its teachers have had some higher education...The rate of literacy is over 95%. The Republic before the Revolution possessed no public libraries: today there are nearly 5,000. The number of books printed in the Uzbek language in 1913 was 118,000; today it approaches 19 million. When this record is compared with that of Iran, Afghanistan, the Arab countries, the states of Southeast Asia, or even Turkey, all of which were at a comparable or more advanced level of educational attainment in 1914, the achievement is impressive...”[/i] - Vernon V. Aspaturian, Modern Political Systems: Europe

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>282792 Are you afraid that you will be tortured and imprisoned on a show trial like our comrades on the picture?
>>405061 Who are they?
>>405063 A left radical organisation who supposedly planned terrorism around the country
>>405063 "The Network", a fabricated case against some Russians anarchists whose greatest crime was playing with airsoft.

(617.94 KB 896x658 sad.PNG)
Russia in the 90's Anonymous 01/22/2020 (Wed) 09:28:57 No. 225088 [Reply] [Last]
I don't know much about it, so how bad did things get in Russia (and the rest of the Soviet states) after the fall of the USSR in 1992?
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>>384882 >The alternative explanation for the collapse of the USSR is that Ronald Raegan did an SDI and the Saudis did an oil price collapse and that scared the Soviet Union into spending money it didnt have on the military collapsing its economy. This version of events just makes the USSR look like a even more retarded incompetent comical empire that was gonna collapse inevitably anyway. I don't think you realise how much they actually managed to beat the odds, you don't find many countries that withstood as much aggression and overcame as many obstacles. In addition to your ignorance of history, you seem to be bragging about American imperialism. Seems Kinda two-faced.
>>384782 Kek >>384818 >France and the UK provided far better material conditions for their people Yeah you're just making shit up. The UK had to order its pork and eggs from fucking Poland for decades, and real wages of Soviet workers were HIGHER.
>>335904 Gennady Zykov. name of the painting is "1991"

(122.68 KB 632x1024 abe.jpeg)
Japanese bourgeois state Fukushima disaster mismanagement Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 12:20:03 No. 344715 [Reply] [Last]
>Japan accused of lying about Fukushima radiation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7TpmgH_esM https://www.greenpeace.org/international/story/28509/fukushima-and-the-2020-olympics/ >18,000 people died >Radiation still over 4 times national standard >In the soil, can be inhaled in the form of irradiated dust >Cancers could take up to 80 years to develop Japanese proletariat is in danger. If utilized correctly by Japanese leftists this could put a real challenge to the entrenched neoliberal imperialist Abe and open up an alternative political path. The Japanese Communist Party for example is principally anti-nuclear, a policy that resonates with the populace. This is an interesting situation to say the least.
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(1.47 MB 620x687 kimjongun2.png)
Japan has been ruled for more than sixty years by the croniest party in the capitalist world, except for two or three years when a motley crew of renegades from that party got into government to quickly hand it back to usual supects. It's an ossified, gerontocratic, bureaucratic society if there is one on this planet and not only hoping but also advocating for any kind of "change" over there is wrong, because it'd be something inevitably doomed to fail and fall back to the same old shit. Japan is possibly more cucked than Burgerland and the Anglosphere in general, and that should tell you something. It's the embodiment of every possible stereotype about a Far Eastern hierarchical and sclerotised society. Don't get fooled by fancy shamcy animu, mango, j-pop and vidya and JAV estethics. France and Spain have well developed high-speed railway networks too, so don't give me that shpiel. As things stand, it's just a natural aircraft carrier close to Russia, China and Korea and completely subservient to Burgerland, whose military personnel have a free hand in harrassing, raping and murdering local women and walking out scott-free. That said, I hope one day based Kim will nuke the shit out of Abe, the LDP, the inbred emperor and his ungodly spawn. Also, I hope the Olympic Games won't even take place next year and Nip-porky will cry so hard. The fuckers have already endangered thousands of foreign visitors last year by organising a rugby world cup right in the typhoon season. >>385009 Some fuckers should cleanse their mouths with a highly concentrated bleach solution before they even contemplate talking about Cuba, which is sending doctors to "first world" countries right now, while Nippo-Lippo turbocapitalist shithole let dozens of passengers of a cruise ship die because they didn't want them to even set foot on land otherwise it would have jeopardised muh Olymbigs. >>344778 Fuck off, wacko. If you think plutonium riddled animals are some kind of a "nature reservoire", you need your head to be checked.
>>344715 >principally anti-nuclear Which is retarded since expansion of nuclear power production is needed to quickly replace fossil fuels in order to limit the severity of climate change. The problem here is not about nuclear but about capitalists ignoring safety standards.
>>346601 The disaster response in those countries would be much more effective. See >>384754 For a comparison of the response to Chernobyl in Soviet Union vs Fukushima in Japan
>>344715 >Japanese Communist Party Ever since the 70s ended they've become impotent. >Anti-nuclear Nuclear energy has had the LOWEST level of problems and highest efficiency compared to almost ALL forms of energy production. Current technology and discoveries (like Americium's uses and Tokmak) Have made it safer and more efficient than ever.
>>400747 Forgot to post about nuclear ecology m8

(284.01 KB 1784x1766 1510970739176.png)
Debunk thread Anonymous 01/09/2020 (Thu) 22:06:09 No. 206527 [Reply] [Last]
It would be nice if we could properly debunk some /pol/ memes/other untruths, especially the more common ones. Starting off with this old screenshot:
357 posts and 48 images omitted.
>>400991 >Can you dig up something by a known TERF instead of linking to a Vox article? No. >Cis women do not identify as women What do you personally identify as then? >The lived experience is a consequence of the biological reality Lol >the identity follows because we are treated as women So say if a trans women is treated as a women, then she will have the same identity?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>401079 >generally people don't keep databases of tweets and fb posts they've seen sorted into whatever categories so they can whip them out during a discussion He wants us to spoon feed him though.
>>401082 I don't identify as a woman, I am one because of my biology. I don't have womanly feelings or a womanly personality or some kind of female essence, I just happen to be a woman because I am one biologically That is all that is to it really.
>>401238 Hi, just throwing in my 2 cents: >I don't have womanly feelings or a womanly personality Without personally knowing you or being able to observe you that's a questionable statement. Most people have a hard time seeing themselves from side perspective and will often be unobjective in their self-assessment. Moreover by the mere fact of being biologicl female - unless you have an underlying condition - your brain develops slightly differently, which lets you be more empathetic than a male brain but simultaneously makes you more emotional as well. For each individual, male or female, there are varying levels between the two, but generally 99% of people are roughly on their respective male or female mentalities. Gender dysphoria is a massive outlier of the human population, and is when a physically female person develops a masculine brain or vice versa, due to environmental factors (usually either through something that affected the parents, the baby or the person when they grow up).
>>405068 This is exactly what I mean when I say that trans ideology is pretty sexist. Being female has nothing to do with being empathetic and/or emotional. Fuck off with that shit. It's gender essentialism.

(445.94 KB 1528x1052 IMG_2362.jpeg)
Baltic meme Anonymous 02/17/2020 (Mon) 23:26:55 No. 283690 [Reply] [Last]
I have found yet another Baltic reactionary crying about Muh Russian occupation. Can someone please send the pic/meme of one of the Baltic countries that supported the actions of the USSR. I think it was Latvia, not sure tho. Other memes regarding Baltic’s and *muh Soviet oppression* would be appreciated.
81 posts and 19 images omitted.
>>284585 >Not lithuanian. I don't want to reveal which country I am from, because I am probably only person on /leftypol/ from that country and that opens me up for doxing or whatever. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHGHAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA
>>284286 >>283722 Baltics are salty about occupation because they saw Finland thrive without one and are only now catching up
>>385821 Kek, it's ironic since Finland's success is partially due to Soviet help and imitating Soviet policies.
>>283690 Where did the OP meme originate from again?
>>400765 I think /pol/ shitting themselves over antifa

Anonymous 03/21/2020 (Sat) 02:55:27 No. 382914 [Reply] [Last]
>In Nazi Germany, Hitler went after the Jews (less than 1 percent of the population), Communists, and Social Democrats, but in the USSR Stalin savaged his own loyal elites across the board. To be sure, the greater number of victims were ordinary Soviet people, but what regime liquidates colossal numbers of loyal officials? Could Hitler— had he been so inclined—have compelled the imprisonment or execution of huge swaths of Nazi factory and farm bosses, as well as almost all Nazi provincial Gauleiters and their staffs, several times over? Could he have executed the personnel of Nazi central ministries, thousands of his Wehrmacht officers— including almost his entire high command—as well as the Reich’s diplomatic corps and its espionage agents, its celebrated cultural figures, and the leadership of Nazi parties throughout the world (had such parties existed)? Could Hitler also have decimated the Gestapo even while it was carrying out a mass bloodletting? >And could the German people have been told, and would the German people have found plausible, that almost everyone who had come to power with the Nazi revolution turned out to be a foreign agent and saboteur? >Even among ideological dictatorships, Communism stands out How do you reply to this?
92 posts and 13 images omitted.
>>397887 I think you're missing a pretty essential part of fascism if you're claiming its basically the same thing as "Market socialism". Namely the strong Eugenicist currents in fascism.
>>382961 Obvious bait.
>>397900 You don't say? Anyone on leftypol could tell, just by the use of that photo.


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