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(7.69 KB 250x250 1515817499169.jpg)
Anonymous 07/08/2020 (Wed) 07:51:21 No. 674296 [Reply] [Last]
Hello leftypol. I'm planning on making an 2d mmorpg that would simulate living under a democratic socialist society. But I'd like to hear what ideas you guys have on what the game mechanics should be.
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>I'm planning on making an 2d mmorpg that would simulate living under a democratic socialist society. Is a game the same thing as a simulation to you? There's an old Jewish saying: "May you live in interesting times." The meaning is that you hate somebody so much you want that person to have a horrible life, since it is such a life that is interesting to hear the story of – which brings me to the fundamental problem here: Explosions and violence make for interesting movies and games, peace and harmony not so much. So, when you say you want a game, would you be OK with something that is about as exciting as an aquarium? How do you have conflict? There could be a foreign aggressor and military stuff. That means you have to do all the work of a military-conflict game in addition to your communist aquarium. Alternatively, it could be a scenario where the enemy is extreme scarcity. In that case, you need some story reason for the scarcity outside of communism itself (e.g. meteor impact). I think people would act in a united way to address the problem, so this sounds more like a setup for a single-player title similar to Sim City. Or, let's say there is a conflict between a capitalist society and a socialist one in the story, but there is no war going on, there is just a capitalist saboteur chosen at random among the players.
>>678521 (me) To be clear: When I mentioned the saboteur thing, I wasn't thinking about a MMORPG but something that could be played between three to a dozen people and take no more than a couple of minutes.
>>678521 There are plenty of non violent games. The sims, sim city, harvest moon, animal crossing, second life, etc... I think people would play out of curiosity and because it may lead to funny unexpected outcomes. Like players not working and giving each other 5 star ratings and getting credits anyways and then having shortages or everyone starving... Who knows what would happen. That's what makes it interesting and we wouldn't have to try it in real life first to see if it works.
>>678730 >>674677 Simple, have workers rotate on repetitive tasks which cannot yet be automated, and invest more into automating those tasks. You can also have temporary pay gradations if there are not enough people in a certain necessary industry
There better be giant soviet style monuments to the average worker

the day shall come Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 01:14:46 No. 662503 [Reply] [Last]
has anyone seen this movie about FBI? its a fictional movie about hoteps being entrapped by the FBI
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Not as good as Four Lions but still pretty funny.
>>678326 Same, though at least recommending it to normalfags is an easy way to shed light on this bullshit the FBI pulls
>>678326 It lacks the heart and interest in the characters that Four Lions possessed, but it's still a good film and showcases some very concerning issues. It's based on many true stories and it is so bizarre that it has a semblance of real life - how can Americand just accept or turn a blind eye to these things happening?
>>678706 Cuz it mostly happens to black kings and hu-white America doesn’t care about that
>>678736 Actually appropriate wordfilter

(162.77 KB 477x433 1593735787536.png)
bernie Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 00:31:16 No. 662407 [Reply] [Last]
I'm still not over it CAME SO FAR
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Get over it.
>>677052 >unironic democratic socialist LOL sure, long after the country has been ripped to pieces by his ethnic autism, and then a hefty chunk of the would-be electorate liquidated by his fascist paramilitaries. >>677132 >Nigga salted the earth I don't think so, quite the contrary, I think Bernie's snatching defeat from the jaws of victory through sheer spineless has ensured the new mass of socialists that arises will be exceptionally wary of tactical integration with shitlibs. >>677235 >Nick Clegg Forget Clegg. How did the LDs as a party survive such a traitorous coalition without being immediately dissolved? Mild lolbert tendencies aside, as an ignorant burger, I got the general impression most of the LD base was substantially to the left of New Labour.
>>672256 berniecucks are mostly standard Americans, in that foreign policy is summed up as fighting the bad guys in some far off place that doesn't matter
>imagine being sad about a fucking socdem
>>678693 >foreign policy is summed up as fighting the bad guys in some far off place that doesn't matter Both Bernie himself and the overwhelming majority of his base are opposed to intervention outside the channels of the UN, and are peaceniks with a long-running goal of dismantling both the US's and world's massively oversized military/intelligence apparatus. Regarding the MENA region, Bernie has repeatedly emphasized multilateral beyond the UN, including primary emphasis on self-policing structures such as the Arab League and African Union, as well as general US/EU disengagement from scum like the Gulf monarchies, and a massive shift away from nonsustainable fuels like oil.

(1.43 MB 2400x3732 km6kbzeplh011.jpg)
Communist art thread Anonymous 07/09/2020 (Thu) 22:27:04 No. 678235 [Reply] [Last]
Been googling various combinations of "Soviet war memorial" or "laborwave" in search of a new desktop and keep coming up disappointed. Show me what cool communist art you guys have been sitting on. Remind the board that fascists don't have a monopoly on aesthetic quality.
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(288.58 KB 1039x344 42387463726478324.png)
(442.55 KB 1043x395 49872389472938743.png)
(256.64 KB 1086x316 84092347890237498234.png)
>>678325 Yeah I like to look at this stuff to get ideas because it's like the most "modern" professional communist graphics. Some party books.
>>678291 Since it's no longer available I will post the most aesthetic propaganda poster I have.
look up Brecht
>>678321 Based and REDpilled

(65.61 KB 355x356 bong stalin.jpg)
Are MLs the majority here? Anonymous 07/10/2020 (Fri) 00:52:44 No. 678574 [Reply] [Last]
Also, what's your favorite obscure marxist ideology?
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>>678642 Never heard of that ideology, care to talk about it?
>>678574 Somewhat of a related note, what are your thoughts on censorship?
>>678574 hopefully, yes
(48.50 KB 599x323 crypto_communist.png)
>>678617 Crypto-ML is the future.
>>678701 marx's famous theory of value, in which surplus is created by labour and bitcoin mining

(174.62 KB 1080x1080 photo_2020-06-29_23-30-27.jpg)
RUSSIAN THREAD Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 20:34:52 No. 652142 [Reply] [Last]
Не нашёл - создал! Ну что там по поправкам: кто за бойкот и кто против? Каналы: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYDuWqDwzAFG4xrI5uJEWfw - РабКор - канал главного марксиста всея Руси Бориса «Каги» Кагарлицкого. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDqwBnBsFWxFj0ABSbE2Kvw - Николай Платошкин - самый энергичный и брутальный персонаж левой политической сцены в России. Сторонник активных избирательных компаний и узник совести. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2qoLqo8RuV4P_88yhHCZIg - Константин Сёмин - журналист, очень сильно разочаровавшийся в Путине и его режиме. Теперь он коммунист, вскрывающий и освещающий проблемы современной капиталистической России. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Cap1xVy2waDXfzM5ka6lg - Простые числа - канал Олега Комолова, где он популярно освещает вопросы экономики. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnqDsesb_BvX7kQZto7vTBw - New Deal- канал популяризатора полиэтокономии и ММТ Даниила Григорьева. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3VDbjQ1hnY4zSRHgAfAK-A - Плохой Сигнал он же Tubus Show он же Егор Иванов- историк-любитель, скрупулёзно и достоверно разбирающий антисоветскую пропаганду. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ_LYRUJzBfh-mvU14xCNMw - Вестник Бури - канал интернет журнала. Лицо канала и журнала- Андрей Рудой, учитель, профсоюзный деятель, агитатор и пропагандист. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf8mmFOzEIIHiJhaTpamZYA - Вестник Бури Originals - Даниил Тишкун, контент тот же - по простому о марксизме и коммунизме, роликов поменьше. Объединяет их с Андреем работа на онлайн журнал с общим названием.
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This thread needs to advertise itself on 2ch
>>676293 2ch is full of pro western liberal anti communist retards
Может Попов не прав и Гегеля читать не надо. https://paulcockshott.wordpress.com/2020/04/28/please-waste-no-time-on-hegel/ >>673917 По моему Гоблин не топит за свержение чего ни было. Кстати, каков популярный консенсус на счёт Клима Жукова?
>>676915 See the /ussr/ board, also considering I lurked 2ch.hk for years I know what kind of people there are and liberals are handily BTFO there often.
>>677797 >популярный консенсус на счёт Клима Жукова Умный начитаный человек, Он не пионер, но он в полне коммунист. Здесь его не любят либерал анархисты.

(12.00 KB 171x158 leftypedia logo.png)
The beginnings of our new leftypol project Anonymous Board volunteer 05/27/2020 (Wed) 23:20:07 No. 535800 [Reply] [Last]
Hello everyone, we have received the results of our project proposal topic, and I'm delighted to announce that we are teaming up with 'leftypedia' to deliver our planned 'argument/talking point resource' idea. In case you don't know, leftypedia is the current version of the old abandoned 'marxistpedia' which was a project started by leftypol users back in the day, so I think this is sort of like a homecoming in a way. https://leftypedia.org/wiki/Main_Page Anyway, if you have a look at the leftypedia site you might be able to tell that they have a much more formal and 'encyclopedic' tone than what we're planning, just like wikipedia, but the admin is going to create a separate 'category' for our new content that will be called something like 'rhetoric: topic' rather than just 'topic', this will also feature on the frontpage much like the encyclopedic content. As a tenplate, I'd like you to feast your eyes on these pages which someone on leftypedia already made (albeit only on their personal userspace for now). https://leftypedia.org/wiki/User:Anarcho-Bolshevik/compendium I'd like to ask if anyone can come up with a slightly more catchy name for our new section than 'rhetoric', cause that sounds a bit cumbersome to me even though I came up with it, so yeah, open to suggestions. So, since that isn't implemented yet, I'd like you all to try familiarise yourselves with the site for now, maybe take a look at the articles that are already there and improve some of them if you feel able. Unfortunately the site currently has only edit by approval so you will have to wait for any changes you make to be approved, this is because of a persistent spambot problem and I hope that we will be able to work out something to change this to normal editing as on wikipedia and the like, please just bear with it for now. If you have an answer to a 'common question', or you have an effortpost you'd like to archive and save, then please post it in this topic for now so that we can work on it together until we can figure out how to categorise our new section of the site. Thanks for your attention! EDIT: I've now got admin permissions on leftypedia, so I can create pages and approve edits directly. If you want to use the site I recommend you create a user account, which I can then approve once you make a productive edit (to distinguish from spambots), then you won't have to wait for approval anymore and can create articles yourself. Or, just ask me and I can create an article for you if you're desperate to make one as your first edit. Thanks guys, I hope we can make this project cool together!

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by caballo on 05/30/2020 (Sat) 17:19:51.
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>>675654 Shuffling off active threads to the dead boards is basically glowing for free.
>>676220 True, but again this isn't the first time reddit has been hunting communist subreddits >>676230 >dead boards Suuure bud >glowing for free Shut up glowstick.
Is there any way to make the wiki more like Wikiwand? Where we can have better readability; so, perhaps add some options to set font size, whether the font is serif or sans-serif, dark mode or light mode, or the amount of characters per line. https://wikiwand.com
Reminding everyone that waybackarchive pages can be archived in archive.is Example: http://archive.is/dhv17
>>677609 That shit's proprietary - no thanks.

Capitalist "innovation" Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 21:24:21 No. 652339 [Reply] [Last]
Post them.
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>>665471 Kropotkin was a quack. Change my mind.
>>654544 >snuggie >hasn't heard of a bathrobe
>>654544 >>676308 The "Snuggie" is actually a product for people in wheelchairs that they tried to market to a general audience. See >>654256
>>676300 Speaking off, anyone have that pitbull picardia where the meme states that pitbulls are a /pol/ metaphor for blacks

How can we understand SJW/woke/PC "Liberals"? Anonymous 07/10/2020 (Fri) 00:22:52 No. 678499 [Reply] [Last]
Looking to interview a Liberal/SJW type of person I'm curious to understand that way of thinking. I don't want to reveal my own politics to not skew answers that I get, but my politics are not what you would immediately think they are.
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(22.56 KB 458x418 1millionyearsgulag.jpg)
>SJW/PC/woke "Liberals" are not Capitalists, Marxists or Liberals. They're radlibs consumed by idpol and nothing else. >They subordinate capital and profit seeking to Social Justice causes. Still beholden to Capital and Porky. Often they hold high positions in companies where they can use to make their own petty tyrannies such as the HR department. >They are more egalitarian and cosmopolitan than Classical Marxists (They want diversity and spaces for People of Color, while Classical Marxists don't believe in this and only want a unification of class). >egalitarian >cosmopolitan Capitalist window dressing. Marxists reject racial conflict and work for solidarity for people of color because it is a reactionary tactic to divide the workers into wasting energy against capitalism. Marxists are against the bourgeoisie and for the proletariat regardless of color. >Classical Liberals believe in radical free speech. While SJW/PC "Liberals" do not want free speech platforms for hate speech. Classical Liberals are the Jordan Peterson, Noam Chomsky, Camille Paglia types >radical free speech Only for idpol to stroke their egos rather than to see the inherent problems with capitalism. >Classical Liberals are the Jordan Peterson, Noam Chomsky, Camille Paglia types They get pic related.
>>678499 >My politics are not what you would immediately think they are >>678507 >Classical Liberals are the Jordan Peterson, Noam Chomsky, Camille Paglia type T. guy that listens to Dave Rubin Anyways your question is inane, liberals/sjws whatever. Are conservatives. They just fight on the other side of the pointless culture war. Wanting more Trans POC in films for representation doesn't make them more egalitarian than marxist. And every Liberal will woke scold you for using the word egalitarian and call you a racist. Liberals are just the PR wing of Capital, they exist to make it look more inclusive than it is and give the illusion of class mobility for minorities.
just go on tumblr, if there's anyone still there
>>678573 >What do you mean exactly by this? I mean they believe things are generally ok. Except the fact that certain identities get it worse than others all other things being equal. eg. Same class, same upbringing, same etc, black people/trans/women have less employment opportunities. By "They are neoliberal in thinking and in action" I'd refer you to shit like Ayn Rand institute, mises etc. tl;dr: individualism. >How do the problems arise? I don't have the energy to explain it right now. I sincerely apologize, this is my failing. There are books on the subject, you can ask for those. A lot of the material I have requires some knowledge of marxism and sometimes liberal identity politics (because it criticizes them). You can watch these videos (sorry that they are somewhat long) This should answer what I mean by neoliberalism: >What Is Neoliberalism? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vS4eKwCEC0 This should answer why liberals in general don't get the point of how systemic change can come about: >Your Democracy is a Sham and Here's Why:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

not so subtle pol thread, idpol etc etc

(6.04 KB 638x100 white myths.PNG)
White Myths Anonymous 07/08/2020 (Wed) 17:16:40 No. 675159 [Reply] [Last]
>"What they call, “the black leadership,” does not exist. Let’s be serious: what they are talking about is nothing more than a figment of the white liberal imagination. That is, if these so-called black leaders even exist at all, then they can only be found shucking and jiving in a “woke” white person’s head. >Isn’t interesting how progressive whites seem to have a direct line of communication with black leaders, while everyone else in the street fails to suffer from the same delusional schizophrenia? What’s all the more odd is that the voices that they hear from these magical negroes always manage say the same things: “Everyone should peacefully protest on the sidewalk, because unmediated black rage makes others uncomfortable.” “Don’t strike back at that cop even if he wants to kill you and everyone you love.” “I know the manager follows black kids from aisle to aisle, but still, his store shouldn’t be looted.” In other words, the message relayed from the sounds on repeat in a white liberal’s head is to end the black revolt and conduct civil disobedience in a manner that is appropriate for Karen and Ethan, not Jamal and Keisha. >It is worthwhile to note that black people, themselves, never refer to any mythical black leadership. This is because we know, full and well, that all of our leaders, since Martin and Malcolm, have been killed. Even our potential leaders, like Trayvon and Tamir, are gunned down before they can share with us their vision. What’s more, if they are not brutally murdered, then they are locked away forever with Sundiata, Mutulu, and Mumia. That is, we know that if you speak with truth and move against oppression, then the only way to avoid the pig’s bullet or penitentiary, the modern-day cracker’s whip or plantation, is to go on the run like Assata Olugbala Shakur! In fact, any black person that says otherwise should be exposed for what he or she is: a poverty-pimp! >After half of century without a figurehead in the front, the black youth has shown the whole country that they are more than capable of setting their own path and directing their own iniatives. They have demonstrated to us a dynamism that can never be reduced to a homogenous mass following any one authoritative voice. Paradoxically, it is the entire spectrum of the black revolt in the streets that can be identified as leaderless “leaders,” since they have shown everyone else what it means to free yourself. >To paraphase James Baldwin’s still apt observation, we black people are more aware of the inner workings of our pale-face antagonists than they are of themselves. Consequently, the diagnosis of woke whitey’s psychological condition is quite simple: this James Earl Jones, Carl Winslow, or Rafiki from the Lion King voice, which bellows off the walls of their skull, is a defense mechanism against their inability to completely repress their own white superiority complex. What’s also abundantly clear is that the only way to fully work through this hang up is to gain even a small percent of the courage of a black adolescent and overcome their white guilt with a fist, a stone, and a Molotov cocktail. >– We Still Outside Collective" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOFmx8OUnTk&feature=emb_title P good stuff yeah? Thoughts?
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>>676960 >look up white man’s burden lmfao, where exactly does Kipling use term "white savior complex" in the book? It's a contemporary term used by radlibs. the fact that there existed whites who thought they are saving black people, long time before XXI century doesn't change that >>676985 >so you’re denying white liberals have a superiority complex? not superiority complex in general but a WHITE superiority complex. and if you really think that white guilt libs have white superiority complex then you are retard.
>>677591 >white guilt libs have white superiority complex then you are retard. they do though https://invidio.us/watch?v=rrBxZGWCdgs
>>675159 >Even our potential leaders, like Trayvon and Tamir, are gunned down before they can share with us their vision. Goddamn the bourgie state is more powerful than I thought if they can predict which random teenagers will grow up to be great revolutionaries.
>>675159 There are too few black people in the US for any exclusively black thing to have any impact whatsoever. >>675211 >Step-outside for 5 seconds and dismiss something like this to the black anarchists and black communists that made this vid and you will see them stuttering and shaking in their boots. Yeah people are that afraid of me when I'm talking to them, shaking in their boots. Is it the power of my logic? The charisma? The Surströmming I just ate? I think it's mostly the charisma.
>>675211 >step outside for 5 seconds we don't even have to, lol your shit collapses in on itself continuously, it falls apart so fast that it's impossible to accelerate it.


no cookies?