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(165.69 KB 1097x673 TRrlkwt.jpg)
Hungarian Thread for /voros/ refugees Comrade 08/10/2019 (Sat) 14:28:46 No. 21908 [Reply]
Nem mintha ne lett volna halott amúgy a táblánk. Mégis abban reménykedek, hogy pár anon idetalál. Mármint annyira kellemes volt a /voros/.

Amúgy valakinek nincs valami a csatolt képhez hasonlója, csak azzal különbséggel, hogy Budapest van rajta? Tuti hogy nincs, de azért megkérdezem.
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Anon élvezi a tűzijátékot?
Má megin micsinátá?
(199.54 KB 814x876 1.png)
Nem tudom melyiket utáljam jobban...
(85.13 KB 1024x768 avp.jpg)
> átlag Momentum szavazó vs átlag mihazánkos
Lusta voltam kimenni. Már eleget voltam a városban így is amikor vettünk a családnak az ország tortájából.

Comrade 08/11/2019 (Sun) 22:40:37 No. 24364 [Reply]
adapting deleonism is the only way to synthesize a modern, effective form of socialism in the first world
prove me wrong
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Idk how Britain works or the status of trade unionism in it but if there shoe fits
Any particular Marxist platform isn't inherently opposed to religion?
So is capitalism. Should it have a capitalist element? Fek off.
The difference is it's not a related element
How would you have to fundamentally change theory in order to incorporate already existing religious thought that differs from most contemporary religious thought in that it has specifically been adapted to marxism

(1.08 MB 919x1300 asking your mentor for help.jpg)
/leftypol/ Mentorship Program Anonymous 08/18/2019 (Sun) 17:05:13 No. 33571 [Reply]
Since we have so many knowledgeable anons here and at least as many thirsting for more knowledge, I though it would be nice to pair them up and help each other study leftist theory or anything else!

If you are interested, post here:
1. A nickname (could be anything)
2. A way to contact you (e-mail, matrix, fedi, etc.)
3. Things that you are willing to mentor (e.g.: basics of Marxism, history, warfare, programming, whatever) (it's okay to leave this empty)
4. Things that you would be interested in being mentored in (it's okay to leave this empty)
5. How much time you can dedicate to studying/mentoring

Please remember that a mentor is supposed to give you guidance in your studies but studying is still your own responsibility! Be kind to each other and be grateful for the opportunity!
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Sorry but I am ok on myself
he is pretty actively far-right
He's a Fascist apologiser.
can you please not turn even this thread into incel shit
What this comrade said.
Please if you want to discuss "incel" issues go to the containment thread >>15551 and if you want to discuss your sexual life you can go to >>>/GET/.
Edited last time by krates on 08/20/2019 (Tue) 20:31:19.

(202.33 KB 1440x925 seder-main.jpg)
Sam Seder attacks Jimmy Dore again, rushes in defense of Democrats Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 06:15:43 No. 35630 [Reply]


"Progressive Democrats won't come on this show" (whining about how Jimmy Dore gets requests to be on his show)

"Even if their politics are the same, young Democrats are better than boomers" (!!!)
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(52.10 KB 450x400 tworadlibsfighting.gif)
Yeah source?
I'm guessing this is it? Though he seems pretty critical of Mao.
In general he talks about Marx quite a bit, had Ben Burghis on the show to talk about Marx and Hegel and he's been on Revolutionary Left Radio where he describes himself as a democratic socialist and "analytically" Marxist. And he has read Das Kapital.
He seems to be a genuine socialist, and not opposed to revolution.
(611.19 KB 2444x1024 virgin-seder-chad-dore.jpg)
i can tolerate seder at times, but when they do their dore jihad they can go hang
There's an e-celeb/e-drama cointainment thread.
Polite sage.

(64.41 KB 779x1072 wilhelm reich.jpg)
Wilhelm Reich Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 19:30:00 No. 36266 [Reply]
Was he /ourguy/? Is he worth reading? Why is Freud and Lacan popular among Marxist but he is only ever mentioned by the SI?
His book sucked ass
Which one...?
(56.02 KB 630x630 5567132_0.jpg)
The guy was a loony and Freud knew it. He ended up constructing 'orgon energy' collecting orgasm machines. He is pretty popular among leftcom and anarcho types, tho.

>Why is Freud and Lacan popular among Marxist
Because they are actually materialists as opposed to Reich and Jung who were idealists. Lacan actually claimed he was doing diamat.
Freud was spooked by idpol, he was everything but a materialist. Lacan was simply a con artist, as proven by his claim of doing diamat.

(166.34 KB 801x810 ohmygodjesusfuck.png)
Best practises for anti-fascism Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 23:54:38 No. 32574 [Reply]
In before >glownigger
Just because I'm asking about real world tactics, in the abstract mind you, doesn't mean I'm in the C I fucking A.
I'm posting this because I want to get all the information I can possibly get about anti-fascist street strategy, that is, preparation, position, not being beaten to death, successfully intimidating fascists out of the area, et cetera.
Feel free to post both personal tips and other sources, like pdfs or links to sites.
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Back to your cancer containment threads comrade >>15551 >>19732
You guys are unbearable
Pro-Com or btfo
the antifa movement is non-politically reactionary, If not transformed, a certainty of failure occurs! this means it is non-directly a counter revolutionary force as of now.
>except things that actually have true political effects
getting fascists off the streets isn't a "true" effect?

>please don't disturb the nazis marching up and down our streets, just organize quietly on the side
and you people have the gall to call others liberals
(295.45 KB 450x452 dw glass.png)
>fighting against fascists by physically fighting against fascists in a public square is bad
>fantasizing about being Lenin 2.0 on himalayan shadow-puppet boards is productive

(11.41 KB 135x135 Rw_logo[1].png)
rationalwiki Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 18:36:50 No. 36177 [Reply]
thoughts on rationalwiki?
it sounds based to me aside from the anticommie shit that still holds more water than the usual shit
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It's actually ok wrt pointing out flaws in outright bullshit. Like their article on, uh, Huey Long is good at dismantling the mainstream lies told about him and perpetuated by milquetoast liberals.

They aren't a leftist site, but it's not like they're supposed to be.
I've used in the past to read about fringe right stuff, and it was fine for that. About as far my thoughts on it go.
a radlib is a leftist who cant properly form an economic analysis so they are forever entrenched in progressive identity politics
They a bunch of redditors who got stuck in the year of yer lorde 2014
(30.67 KB 324x196 lol.jpg)
>a radlib is a leftist

/leftydeutschpol/- Bunker Edition Comrade 08/06/2019 (Tue) 05:09:16 No. 11287 [Reply]
Jetzt wo 8chan, anscheinend für die nächste Zeit anscheinen down bleibt, können wir ja /leftydeutschpol/ general wiederbeleben.

>Landtagswahl in Brandenburg und Sachsen
Hab mir die Parteien die zur Wahl stehen angeguckt und muss sagen, dass das wirklich enttäuschend aussah, interessant war aber, dass sich die KPD-O in Sachsen aufstellen konnte, hoffen wir, dass sie ihr Prozente kriegen Anons!
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You mean the Jugendwiederstand? They disbanded. Just like their American equivalent, the Red Guard.
Yeah are they disbanding to merge with other Maoists to try and get a reenactment of 1979 PCP/Shining Path formation or is nothing getting off the ground there?
Fuck if I know.
The Jugendwiederstand split from another communist party, perhaps they rejoined.
Oh for fucks sake have some nuance not all of them were bad
they disbaned, thank god
>The Jugendwiederstand split from another communist party
Wrong , they split from the SoL (socialist left) another maoist group

(69.37 KB 613x1024 pFto7Yo.jpg)
/Leftybritpol/ - Chumbawamba edition Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 12:19:09 No. 8909 [Reply]
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>the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically.
Representation of locals isn't even a factor while determining if something qualifies as a colony
I'm having an ear orgasm thanks to that atm
>Representation of locals isn't even a factor while determining if something qualifies as a colony
Historically it was a colony, but the settlement occurred during the 1600s. It cannot be described by any means as a colony in modern standards: as compared to say the West Bank. Also worth noting that capitalist class dynamics developed well after the plantations occur so it cannot even fall under Marxian conceptualisations of imperialism. Northern Ireland is a colony of the UK in the same way that the Don Kuban is a colony of Russia or Novorossiya is a colony of Ukraine or Manchuria is a colony of China.
Also representation does matter as-per the UN definition, which was co-written by the Soviets and was supported by national liberation movements all around the globe to justify their self-emancipation.
From a Marxian perspective, we should analyse Northern Ireland not through the mechanics of imperialism but those of regular class conflict in a space with competing nationalisms: which dictates that sovereignty in either the UK or the RoI matters far less than autonomous rule by the proletariat. This is basically the stance PBP and Unite take: despite being from opposite sides constitutionally (one an All-Ireland organisation, the other a national subdivision of a UK trade union) they cooperate to promote trade unionism and socialism.
Also tbh Ireland prior to independence was ruled in a quasi-imperial manner, but this was due to the nature of its land ownership. Once partition occurred the conflict in teh north became less about one of imperialism (as Stormont had self-governance unparalleled at the time in the UK or Empire) but a class conflict between landowner protestants and the dispossessed catholic minority, in-which the bourgeois and petit-bourgeois protestants used nationalism to maintain a rigid class structure that discriminated against the catholic community. This is why the the NICRA had a lot of protestant support: because a decent chunk of working class protestants saw the liberation of their proletarian brothers as a common cause, through that civil rights movement. It's only when the troubles shifted from civil rights to national determination that this link was broken.
(1.51 MB 1200x1200 B I T C H.png)
Name a better british leftylass than Castle. I'll wait.
What an autistic wall of text.
(4.91 KB 300x100 W O R D S.png)
Welcome to /leftypol/ enjoy your stay.

(209.59 KB 940x1434 str2_wow0808question_MAIN1_cn.jpg)
/QTDDTOT/ Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 17:50:55 No. 36099 [Reply]
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread.
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When advocating for gun ownership, how should leftists go about it.
They shouldn't
god tier
Burgers should stop obsessing about guns.
Already exists


no cookies?