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Anonymous 11/23/2019 (Sat) 23:41:26 No. 137555 [Reply]
Why don't I really see any leftists trying to organize some "light" group homesteading. What I mean by this is get some (or a bunch of) people get together and pitch in on a piece of land, grow some food, supplement with a job if needed (with enough people everyone wouldn't have to tend the farm full time). Most of the homesteading stuff I see on the internet is pretty right-wing "muh freedums" type stuff, which is a shame since it seems like it would be a good fit for some leftists, especially anarchists.

Why not start to build some of the social structures we want to see on the small scale now instead of waiting for a revolution that may not even happen? The way I see it this starts to lessen dependence on capitalism, organize a small community, and since you aren't completely dependent on money to eat, that makes direct action/organizing/agitating an easier prospect.

I know there's the occasional commune, but that's not really what I'm thinking here. I think cutting back that much from society is unrealistic/too unappealing for most people.

pic stolen from >>45393
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Probably not, no.
No pics, the project never materialized, you can find the threads on archive.is if you want
>Making shit yourself, especially when it looks better than store bought items, gives off a chad aura that makes consoomers bow their heads in reverence.
The Virgin Purchase Vs the Chad DIY

The Chad has literally never set one foot in Ikea. The Virgin eats the Ikea meatballs in the canteen like a school child
i memba, that anarcho-nihilist poster had the idea i think
so basically do the Diggers, again


(1.36 MB 1250x1838 120937347581.jpg)
Anonymous 09/17/2019 (Tue) 02:23:17 No. 65199 [Reply]
Christcom General
Who /christcom/ here? Death to America, death to the Great Satan. What are some essential thinkers for Christcoms to study (other than the usual Five Heads)? IMO:
-Jesus Christ
-Chavez and Maduro
-Hassan Nasrallah
-Thomas Müntzer
-Ayatollahs Khomeini and Khamenei
-Malcolm X
-Che and Fidel
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>hurr durr Christcuck
<I disgree with that statement
do i just agree with this or did i post this
ok trot
Begome Perennialist
(33.77 KB 355x346 stirner1.png)
Imagine pursuing liberation through the subjugation of yourself to an imaginary authority.

(5.21 MB 2048x1536 prestes.png)
/brg/ - Brazil General Comrade 08/09/2019 (Fri) 01:03:24 No. 18835 [Reply]
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(35.10 KB 883x883 ELdruigUYAAH9tV.png)
A Unidade Popular Pelo Socialismo é basicamente composto pelo PCR e a sua juventude, a UJR. Lembro deles serem bem atuantes dentro dos movimentos de ocupações, eram também parte do pessoal que estava por de tras da Ocupação Lanceiros Negros. Nunca vi eles dentro do movimento estudantil, sei que existem mas não parecem fazer barulho(na PUC eles meio que estavam junto com a galera do PSOL, PT e PCdoB no DCE). O numero eleitoral deles é 80.
(47.70 KB 489x600 lenin approves.jpg)
Orra, registrados no TSE e tudo? Não imaginava que há tantos hoxhaistas justo aqui. Mas e a cláusula de barreira, como fica? Lembro que, na última eleição, uma caralhada de partidos no Congresso estava negociando fusões.
>Orra, registrados no TSE e tudo?
Sim, um milhão e duzentos mil de assinaturas aceitas e legalizadas. O TSE aprovou o registro deles hoje.
>Mas e a cláusula de barreira, como fica?
Se eu não me engano, para partido novo ela não vale. Para partidos que a recem estão começando, tipo ficam umas duas ou três eleições sem ter que "preocupar" com ela.
Se forem tão cabra-macho quanto o patrono deles, já está garantido o Exército Vermelho-como-brasa.

Anonymous 12/10/2019 (Tue) 23:30:43 No. 154418 [Reply]
The blood of poor Americans is now a leading export, bigger than corn or soy
>America is one of the only developed countries in the world that pays people to donate blood, much of it sold abroad (70% of the world's plasma is of US origin), and as commercial blood donations have soared, blood now accounts for 2% of the country's exports -- more than corn or soya.
>There's more growth ahead for blood products, expected to "grow radiantly" according to an analyst who was cheering 13% growth between 2016-17.
>One study found that the typical blood-seller derives a third of their income from selling blood. Princeton's Kathryn Edin called the commercial blood industry "the lifeblood of the $2 a day poor."
Saw this on Twitter, not sure if real or not, either way, the US went from cyberpunk dystopia to a gothpunk one. I guess that when Marx said that capital is dripping in blood he meant quite literally not as a metaphor for deaths and such.
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How does the old saying go, something like "blood for blood"?

we need a great purge for every professional sector of the economy, not just the officers. terrorize the petite-bourgs and their families for decades, holy shit this shit is awful.
a crypto currency backed by blood donations would probably be more stable than bitcoin anyway
This is why I absolutely despise vampire romance fiction of all kinds.
We need the Belmonts up in this bitch to bash some bougie vamp skulls in, and remind people they are literally avatars of the devil.
If I were evil and without a conscience holding me back, i might cash in on this idea
Brett Easton Ellis was right

(39.52 KB 499x499 bootlicker.jpg)
anti-bootlicker action Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 22:53:42 No. 155385 [Reply]
i enjoy browsing bootlicker twitter (blue lives matter hashtags and the like)

give me some images to spam
(122.58 KB 872x1199 ELOUmBrUEAAdqpB.jpg)
(396.19 KB 352x550 smoll_boi.png)

(92.49 KB 943x665 d6f7g8.jpeg)
Reminder to make a class analisis Anonymous 10/29/2019 (Tue) 07:26:45 No. 109331 [Reply]
Recently there have been a lot of bait threads that amounted to little else but cultural shit flinging.

So please consider using class analysis as the primary framework for analysis. Consider that Porky wants to you to distract you with culture fights, and the correct response is to change these topic to a class analysis.
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>Before, sure, but since the legislative victories against explicit identitarianism in the 1960s
Can you give examples please, i don't know what this refers to.
Before, identitarianism took the form of explicit laws which condoned or even required unfair treatment based on identity: Segregation, redlining, employment discrimination, etc.

The "New Left" of the 1960s struck down basically all such remaining laws, which was a tremendous accomplishment for their prestige, and (given such problems were sometimes neglected by them) against the prestige of the more class-centric "Old Left" that the New Left had schismed from.

This resulted in the Old Left withering away during the 1960s, meanwhile the New Left, having accomplished every legitimate goal it had by the 1970s caused every authentic activist to leave it then. The result has been the total death of leftism since the 1970s, with the Old Left dead, and the New Left nothing but a hollow shell composed entirely of Quixotic delusionals and shysters, pretending to fight something that no longer exists using tactics that can no longer do any good.

Now, all remaining identitarian oppression is implicit, because while oppression can no longer legally be explicitly done on the basis of identity, oppression can (and must!) be done for the purposes of capitalism, which requires that certain individuals (porkies) be given remit to oppress people for arbitrary reasons without accountability. That means all identitarianism that remains legal is done exclusively via that capitalism-shaped hole.

Attacking implicit identitarianism using tactics to attack explicit identitarianism is futile. Only and exclusively anticapitalism can have any impact against implicit identitarianism.
based post anon
>that capitalism-shaped hole.
capholes are the worst
wtf I fucking love Richard wolf now.

(14.75 KB 1920x1011 liberia.png)
Liberia: What went wrong? Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 14:23:37 No. 154934 [Reply]
Seeing as it's the only country that wasn't colonized in the Scramble for Africa other than Ethiopia, and that it had a promising beginning as a safe haven for Afro-Americans, why did it become a shithole filled with poverty and conflicts?
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Why does it look like the US flag?
It was founded by Americans as a place to send away freed slaves to
>wasn't colonised
>literal US colony
If Lincoln's plan had actually been carried out, sending 4M slaves to Africa, would the entire history of USA have been replicated by mulatto mutts (re)colonizing Africa?
Yeah, it's just like with Israel today. You got Zionists creating a ethnostate in Palestine, just like with Afro-Americans creating an ethnostate on the Grain Coast.

(142.40 KB 1540x1152 IMG_20190906_131212.jpg)
Late Capitalism Thread Anonymous 09/06/2019 (Fri) 11:14:04 No. 55734 [Reply]
I haven't seen it in the catalog, I thought we bring this thread back.
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Go back to pol
This is a joke account.
She pretended to be a white supremacist kpop stan for a while
and the damn plastic haired smiling talking heads on the local news station congratualte the officers for their success.

Anonymous 12/08/2019 (Sun) 21:07:33 No. 152396 [Reply]
I thought I'd be extremely unfair to discuss Proletkult with the usual Breadtube embarrassments, soylets and narcissists, I believe they deserve their own thread. They just released a 3:30h (!!) Marxist-Leninist documentary about culture:


It's extremely aesthetically appealing, it's poetic, it's accessible without dumbing down stuff. Highly recommend it. I usually never shamelessly shill for stuff but Proletkult doesn't get nearly enough subscribers than they deserve.
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(110.50 KB 1214x640 kino.jpg)
>Chapter V: How cities or states previously independent must be governed after occupation
>When those states which have been accustomed to live in freedom under their own laws are acquired, there are three ways of trying to keep them. The first is to destroy them...
'The Prince' is literally rife with 'muh 4D chess' that I'm inclined to believe you.
Can you give examples about "self-destructive advice" in the prince
There is no proof for that meme. The philosophy podcast Partially Examined Life did an episode about The Prince and they weren't buying that either.
Not that anon either, but I think if you begin from Chapter XV in particular, you find so much nonsense that you can't believe that it could be completely serious.
>Chapter XVIII: In What Manner Princes Should Keep Their Word
>How laudable it is for a prince to keep his word and govern his actions by integrity rather than trickery will be understood by all. Nonetheless we have in our times seen great things accomplished by many princes who have though little of keeping their promises and have known the art of mystifying the minds of men. Such princes have won out over those whose actions were based on fidelity to their word.
The rest of the chapter is basically a 'Donald Trump Template' of how to bullshit your way throughout ruling.
You underestimate the american bourgois, stop being a coomhead

(197.73 KB 720x591 20191210_191205.jpg)
Is Anwar Sheikh's Capitalism a difficult read? Anonymous 12/10/2019 (Tue) 19:16:39 No. 154211 [Reply]
Haven't been on leftypol since 8chan died, I saw Sheikh's Capitalism recommended there but the Wikipedia describes it as a graduate level text.

For context I'm just reading through basic material right now, I've read Engels' Principles of Communism and four of his letters on Historical materialism. I'm finishing Marx's Value Price and Profit and I'm working through the 18th Brumaire
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It's better to learn on your own instead of colleges liberalizing everything and watering its effects down. Gramsci ended up with pie on his face
But how do you know you've understood Marx?

How much of the problem is modern education being a tool of the bourgeois state to enforce discipline? How would education have to work to not, for example, produce counterrevolutionary intelligentsia like it did in the USSR.
No because if you are oppressed it's better to not be alone. It's easier to subjugate a small group than a large one because the déclassé will have less people that share their social position and thus interest.
>if I could get the gist of Capital, could I muddle my way through Anwar Shaikh's book and learn something
Definitely yes, you sound well prepared. At the very least you'll learn plenty of arguments against modern bourgeois economics, and a marxist theory of money that applies to post-1930s fiat.
You should read Capital first. It's more entertaining. Also, Shaikh's lectures https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB1uqxcCESK6B1juh_wnKoxftZCcqA1go are good with or without the book.


no cookies?