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(250.02 KB 1600x810 axisofevillilmao.png)
Modern Axis of Evil Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 22:30:16 No. 36489 [Reply]
Who are they?
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Let's be clear, there's no "modern" axis of evil
But between you and me anon, there is a certain (((island))) that is somewhat involved in many things.
I suggest you research Tuvalu.
At least you live in a poor corrupt shithole. I'm glad that NATO bombed you, it's only a pity that you didn't die.
Don't you have Germans to suck off?
Nice spooks nerd.
Memes aside:

>Saudi Arabia
-Also self-explanatory
-War crimes and denial of the genocide they did back in 1948
-What they are doing to Gaza
-Organ harvesting scandals
-Sex tourism
-How comes they even have nukes?
-Controled by pedophile elites
-War crimes and genocide denial during WW2 in Mainland China and Korea while playing the victim because muh two nukes.

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Also Duerte

(219.27 KB 800x1102 800px-Malcolm_X_NYWTS_2a.jpg)
Malcolm X Anonymous 08/18/2019 (Sun) 21:13:24 No. 33820 [Reply]
What the fuck was his ideology? Was he a commie? A nazi? An ethnonationalist? Did he really hate the jews?
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Right, but Malcolm wrote this to Rockwell after breaking with the NOI:
>This is to warn you that I am no longer held in check from fighting white supremacists by Elijah Muhammad's separatist Black Muslim movement, and that if your present racist agitation against our people there in Alabama causes physical harm to Reverend King or any other black Americans who are only attempting to enjoy their rights as free human beings, that you and your Ku Klux Klan friends will be met with maximum physical retaliation from those of us who are not hand-cuffed by the disarming philosophy of nonviolence, and who believe in asserting our right of self-defense -- by any means necessary.
>that you and your Ku Klux Klan friends will be met with maximum physical retaliation from those of us who are not hand-cuffed by the disarming philosophy of nonviolence, and who believe in asserting our right of self-defense -- by any means necessary.
That's quite based.
Articles by Rahsid Johnson and the associated IWOC tend to slap btw
Rockwell looks doughy as hell in that picture.
Thank you comrade.
Yeah if I remember correctly that's a good paraphrase of what he said in a later section of the autobio, but I also remember it being phrased in a context that was unusually forgiving towards whites while hinting that maintaining a greater suspicion towards Jews was prudent. Has been almost a decade since I've read it however.

(160.79 KB 1080x1657 FB_IMG_1566342544372.jpg)
Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 23:10:22 No. 36579 [Reply]
Oh my fucking god, can these people get anymore dumber?
...is the implication here that "Antifa" is racist? I really don't understand what's going on here
"Antifa are the real fascists!!!! 111"
hell yeah
I'd wear that patch.

(81.15 KB 900x600 MLKP 13.jpeg)
Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 23:29:05 No. 36612 [Reply]
Does Kurdistan and Rojava any fucking hope in hell of facing Turkey and living to tell the tale?
we already have a Rojava thread up, but it's difficult to tell. The population demographics show the Kurdish people outnumbering the turkish population in the future, so there's that. Even if Rojava is invaded, the militant groups will continue to exist but just as guerrila orgs.

(68.35 KB 998x655 ypgfighter.jpg)
Rojava Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 10:15:47 No. 35724 [Reply]

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Isnt Erdogan banning tons of communist parties atm?
You have been visited by BASHAR THE LION. Pincer movements and encircled rebels will come to you, but only if you post “PINCH THAT LOAF BASHAR” in this thread.>>36114
Kurdish is a neat language, no idea it was Ind-European.
And I thought learning German was hard.
Revolution in Rojava with Debbie Bookchin and David Graeber

[USA] Portland OR Happening Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 07:01:41 No. 30994 [Reply]
You guys think we're going to get shot tomorrow?

Portland is real spooky right now. They are shutting down roads, preparing national guard, weirdos everywhere. Proud Boys are roaming around. A bunch of civnat state assets just got picked up on felony riot charges too (Joey Gibson, etc) and some of them are allegedly hiding from marshalls.

The economy is doing shit, maybe there'll be a happening! Also LOL @ Oathkeepers backing out!
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Finally, now we can finally beat up liberal antifascists and know which one is which.

Red Bloc vs Banana Bloc when?
shoo shoo rightoid
The same porky funding the anti communist propaganda, Are you retard?

(62.28 KB 775x514 DOWn.jpg)
/crisis/ General Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:43:55 No. 8552 [Reply]
DOW/Market Watch Thread
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
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(27.85 KB 500x675 FB_IMG_1563798954105.jpg)
we've seen horrible economic recessions under Obama, it happens every 10 years.
Capitalism my dude. Boom and bust.
Trump is just rich boi demagogue who wants muh economy to do well cause he'll make $
The "we'll make the great depression look like a minor fuckup" degree
A little from column A, a whole lot from column B.

(75.60 KB 366x476 Giuseppe_Garibaldi_(1866).jpg)
Thoughts on Giuseppe Garibaldi? Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 18:44:59 No. 36187 [Reply]
Garibaldi had long claimed an interest in a vague ethical socialism such as that advanced by Henri Saint-Simon and saw the struggle for liberty as an international affair.[29][31] He interpreted the International Workingmen's Association as an extension of the humanitarian ideals for which he had always fought. Although he did not agree with their calls for the abolition of property, Garibaldi defended the Communards and the First International against the attacks of their enemies: "Is it not the product of the abnormal state in which society finds itself in the world? ... Shouldn't a society (I mean a human society) in which the majority struggle for subsistence and the minority want to take the larger part of the product of the former through deceptions and violence but without hard work, arouse discontent and thoughts of revenge amongst those who suffer?"[29]

Garibaldi wrote a letter to Celso Ceretti in which he declared: "The International is the sun of the future [sole dell'avvenire]!"[29][32] The letter was printed in dozens of workers' newssheets and papers, and was instrumental in persuading many fence-sitters to join the organization.[32] After Garibaldi's death, many of his disciples embraced the libertarian socialist ideas of Mikhail Bakunin.
Did nothing wrong. Also tried to sign-up for the Union in the American civil war the absolute based madman.
(144.42 KB 770x538 aaaaaa.jpg)
> After Garibaldi's death, many of his disciples embraced the libertarian socialist ideas of Mikhail Bakunin.
Yea there was a weird period of the 1860s-70s where European revolutionaries were really into Bakunin & Kropotkin.
(24.56 KB 450x438 pisacane.jpg)
(90.37 KB 640x400 cattaneo.jpg)
Utter, absolute and complete crap!
He masked his obedience to the House of Savoy and their porkies with "patriotic" and "progressive" words, but the only practical thing he did was leading an expedition -paid for and armed by the Savoy pederasts - to dismantle the Kingdom of the Two Sicily and annex it in order to:
1) pillage the treasure Naples had accumulated by taxing the shit out the peasants there while not spending shit just to pay back the huge debts the Savoy had;
2) allowing the same kind of parasites that ruled the south to just switch sides and keep going with their shit, just the King had to flee - that's the philosophy exposed in the book "Il Gattopardo" by the Count Tomasi di Lampedusa;
3) betraying all the shit he had been saying for decades by ceding control of it to the Savoy king immediately.
Marx was entirely correct when he called out his shit.
If you are interested in some serious, actually republican and socialist - or at least proto-socialist - people of that period, check Carlo Cattaneo and Carlo Pisacane.
GG made an enormous contribution, no doubt: he helped make this failed state exactly as it was supposed to be right from day one.
And fuck off to all the anarkiddies wetting themselves bc "some of his followers turned bakuninist"... which is highly debatable, btw.

Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 13:50:02 No. 31434 [Reply]
work is actually good!
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Well I usually finish my woodcutting at the end of summer/start of autumn. How am I going to cut wood in winter otherwise???
Work is a distraction from the actual structures that allow you to level up for real.
(250.56 KB 636x493 1503701709690.png)
Work does make you free after all
I’ve tried to make it a game in my own head in order to cope, but something tells me he doesn’t find anything wrong with the system itself.

(165.69 KB 1097x673 TRrlkwt.jpg)
Hungarian Thread for /voros/ refugees Comrade 08/10/2019 (Sat) 14:28:46 No. 21908 [Reply]
Nem mintha ne lett volna halott amúgy a táblánk. Mégis abban reménykedek, hogy pár anon idetalál. Mármint annyira kellemes volt a /voros/.

Amúgy valakinek nincs valami a csatolt képhez hasonlója, csak azzal különbséggel, hogy Budapest van rajta? Tuti hogy nincs, de azért megkérdezem.
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Anon élvezi a tűzijátékot?
Má megin micsinátá?
(199.54 KB 814x876 1.png)
Nem tudom melyiket utáljam jobban...
(85.13 KB 1024x768 avp.jpg)
> átlag Momentum szavazó vs átlag mihazánkos
Lusta voltam kimenni. Már eleget voltam a városban így is amikor vettünk a családnak az ország tortájából.


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