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(298.15 KB 434x400 Nazi Trump.png)
4chan is going back to 2015-levels of radicalism Anonymous 11/07/2020 (Sat) 20:25:00 No. 1103736 [Reply] [Last]
Hear me out for a moment. Oldfags know full well that 4chan was always, at its core, anti-mainstream. Contrarianism is the one principle that always united most of the boards and a big chunk of its users. The majority of their opinions and beliefs are rooted in a vaguely rebellious rejection of whatever's deemed popular or acceptable at any given moment; it's among the main reasons behind the urge of hiding in such an underground and harsh corner of the internet, far from the "normal" environments the web has to offer. You can trace the origin of most of its successful movements/campaigns/"activism" back to such mentality. Politically speaking, it's also why the site aligned with a mostly liberal, anti-conservative mindset during (and shortly after) the Bush presidency. It's why they opposed religions/cults, far-right personalities such as Hal Turner, Wall Street, Jack Thompson, John McCain and so on. Needless to say, it's also why it was generally considered a left-oriented website. That is, until Obama won. The shift from left wing, to liberal, to libertaria, to right wing happened in the span of 8 years. The "disillusion" with the ideological side they once backed happened alongside its popularization/sterilization and its consequent widespread acceptance. The site went as far as embracing everything they originally opposed, as the media started rejecting it more and more. As the time went on, 4chan also became much more political and radical. And that's exactly when they embraced extreme nationalism, religion, "tradition", capitalism and so on. The 2016 election was the culmination of such sentiment: Trump was de-facto their relief valve. And, as he won, the disillusion process started once again. Anons slowly started taking their distances from the guy ("he's not doing what he promised! He's a shill!"); by the third year of its mandate, full support for the president was mostly relegated to a few boomer-containment threads. Unsurprisingly, nazism and fascism almost completely disappeared from the board, getting more and more shamed and derided left and right. The engagement/excitement for the 2020 election was nowhere near as intense as the last time. Now, the general trend suggests that a Trump 2020 victory would have ensured the resurgence of a naturally left-leaning 4chan by 2024. Since it got more radical with time, it was even easy to imagine the site eventually embracing communism/socialism in the future.

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>>1130527 Not a weapon expert but the pic you posted sounds like obvious satire (a gun that breaks your arm 8 times and decapitates your victim?), and I see no racial references. Also, are you sure that's really what the gun shop owner was referring to? With your post, are you implying the "filth" gun owners want to "cleanse" is black people? Why do you assume that criminals you'd be more likely to shoot at are minorities?
>>1130448 >castle doctrine what is wrong with it?
(91.96 KB 1280x720 432341312.jpg)
>>1131275 >cute anime girl its male
>>1103760 this OP posted a boring wall of text
>>1103935 make this a banner

(64.35 KB 1920x1011 US flag.png)
Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 02:21:23 No. 1150313 [Reply] [Last]
>No revolutions in over 230 years >No civil wars in over 150 years >Survived many financial crashes >Survived 2 world wars >Survived the Cold War >Ruthlessly efficient at destroying revolutionary organizations before they can pose a threat >One of the wealthiest countries in the world throughout its history <Amerikkka is going to collapse any day now
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>>1152951 Not that poster, but they make it up in volume. Capitalists also introduce machinery for social reasons, as an effort to discipline labor. The self-driving car boondoggle, for example. Greed is false consciousness. The ruling classes actually work very hard at consuming and destroying, in order to preempt our ability to have the tools to resist them.
>>1150313 America will collapse like Russia did. It will not fall, but repackage itself.
>>1152765 More likely he means the UK splitting apart which there seems to be a high likelihood within the decade. UK doesn’t mean England, it means the union of the whole British Isles.
>>1153152 Oh ok, that seems plausible. A lot Scottish people seem to want Scotland to be independent for some reason.
>>1150313 >>Ruthlessly efficient at destroying revolutionary organizations before they can pose a threat It's getting sloppy in its coups lately though. It's already happening.

(36.48 KB 243x300 troika.png)
Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 19:17:06 No. 1152733 [Reply] [Last]
whos the best video game developer from a socialist perspective, and what video game developers seem to have the most ethical methods of development ?
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(129.26 KB 602x620 michael.jpg)
>>1153068 michael is a good boomer character
>>1153068 gta 4 and 5 seem to have really good character analyses but they're all trapped in gta games
Westwood Studios

(193.79 KB 800x726 Indigenous language families.jpg)
A question for the "decolonization" people Anonymous 11/13/2020 (Fri) 03:07:07 No. 1128357 [Reply] [Last]
How the FUCK are we supposed to "decolonize" the United States? Indigenous people (American Indians, Hawaiians, and Alaska Natives) are 2% of the population; many of them aren't even the majority in their own territory/reservations, and the (white) people who live near them are often very hostile to Indigenous interests. They have very little political and economic power. They're almost totally at the mercy of the US government. The "control" they have over their own reservations is very far from what would be expected of a sovereign nation. I could literally go to a reservation right now and rape and murder a bunch of people and the tribe couldn't put me in prison because I'm not an Indian. They have no standing militaries. They're in a totally shit situation overall. Now, obviously, seeing the problems Indigenous peoples face, many people call to "decolonize" the United States. They put "Occupied [Tribe] territory" in their Twitter bios and they say the US should give the land back to the Indigenous people. But what is the method by which anyone expects this to be accomplished? Let's look at examples of (relatively) successful examples of decolonization of settler states. We'll look at two: Algeria and South Africa. Algeria managed to totally decolonize, to the extent that the country is totally controlled by Indigenous Algerians. South Africa still has problems with most private land being owned by white porkies, but black people dominate politics to the extent that the only white people and Indians who can hold a cabinet position have to join the ANC to do so. Now, what's the big fucking difference between those countries and the United States? Indigenous Algerians were 90% of the population of Algeria before decolonization and are almost 100% of the population today. Black people are 90% of the population of South Africa; even at the height of white dominance, black people were always at least 60% of the population. Now, remember before when I said Indigenous people are 2% of the population of the United States? That's their problem. The Indigenous people in South Africa were second class citizens under the settler regime. Once they were given the right to vote, they exerted their numerical superiority to simply outvote white people in every national election. Algerians used their numerical superiority to beat the Pied-Noirs in a revolutionary war. How the fuck are Indigenous people supposed to replicate that in the United States? Let's look at a concrete example: Hawaii. Indigenous Hawaiians are probably around 20% of the population of Hawaii, and they, as is the norm, are generally poor and unorganized. Let's say World War III happens, the US collapses, and Hawaii somehow escapes relatively unscathed. Now instead of being dominated by white people from the mainland US, do you know what would happen to Hawaiians? They'd be dominated by the white people (and Asians) in Hawaii! They'd be just as fucked as they are now! And there's nothing they could do about it, because they're a minority and they have no power. Now, the situation isn't the same for every tribe. Navajos make up a large majority of the population in the Navajo Nation; even if they extended their borders a bit (in the wake of the collapse of the US) they'd still be a majority and could govern effectively that way. But what about the tribes in Oklahoma? Did you know the total population in the Cherokee Nation is only about 12% Indian? If the US government collapsed, how would the Cherokee people exert their sovereignty over the (usually very conservative) white people who live in their territory? Hell, what would stop the white people from creating their own nation and subjecting the Cherokees to their will? And that's the largest tribe in the country; imagine how fucked the tribes with three-digit populations would be. Now, the only solution I can see to this is to say that a left-wing revolution will overthrow the US government, and then the revolutionaries will put the Indigenous people in charge (at least in their main areas; I don't see how giving New York back to the Lenape is anything but a pipe dream). Because the Indigenous people have the revolutionary government on their side, they could clamp down on counterrevolutions led by disgruntled white people. But does anyone really foresee that happening? When has a group of people overthrown a government and then immediately, of their own free will, given the power to some other, tiny group? What would stop the communist USSA from saying "sorry Indians, it's our country now"? I'd like to hear from serious advocates of decolonization. I'd prefer not to have this thread full of people just saying "yeah you're right, decolonization sounds retarded." I know there's at least one pro-Indigenous person on this board; maybe there are more. I honestly want to hear you guys out, because as based as an Indigenous People's Republic of America sounds, I have no idea how it's supposed to happen. People from other settler states where Indigenous people are a minority are welcome to weigh in as well.
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>>1150001 Natives had social/collective ownership over land and natural resources long before the Puritan European settlers invaded. The Dawes Act of 1887 privatized the previously communally held land of the Natives in order to sell these lands off. A Native struggle for decolonization/liberation of the stolen lands from the USA colonialist entity would almost certainly be socialist or left social-nationalist in nature.
(7.71 KB 1000x600 Aboriginal Australia.png)
>>1128357 I'm not a yank, but OP here raises a question indigenous people in Australia face too. Indigenous Australians represent a grand total of... 3.3% of the entire population of the 25 million people here. Barely even 800,000 total, and that's across some 200+ different indigenous nations (some of which have been completely wiped out - Tasmanians, for example). While decolonisation is, of course, a viable goal that should be strived towards, in Countries like Australia and America and Canada doing so would be incredibly difficult - simply handing over the reins of power from da ebil wiypepo to the indigenous people isn't actually going to do anything. For starters, obviously decolonisation is impossible under capitalism. It could only be achieved through communist revolt or national collapse, which I'm sure this board would agree could strike America at some point in the next decade - Australia could be vulnerable at some point in this century, particularly with climate change. Even if America's liberals went into full white saviour complex and handed over power solely to indigenous people - what's to stop white people form forming their own ethnostate? The same could happen in Australia, too. Population demographics have been so totally and absolutely fucked by a*glos that, as OP said, some kind of decolonisation, like what was in Algeria or South Africa, is not viable in Australia or America or anywhere like that. So, to ask the same question as Lenin - what is to be done? Let's suppose that Australia or America or Canada - we'll use Australia because it's the one I'm the most familiar with - was suddenly overcome with Communist revolt and a brand new socialist state enters the world stage. Aside from all the other shit needed to be sorted out, what do we do? Having our rulers be chosen solely on a racial basis is dumb as fuck, that goes without saying. We shouldn't bar non-indigenous Australians from government, that's just not practical. The first step we should do is acknowledge that colonialism was a part of Australia's history: specifically, it was a bloody and brutal part of our history that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people through depraved methods of torture, overwork, execution and even outright murder. Hence, it goes without saying that the process of decolonisation involves tearing down monuments to anyone who perpetuated or participated in this system of violence and bloodshed. Changing names, rewriting history books to more accurately represent history, without shying away from the more unpleasant "let's-sweep-this-under-the-rug-and-pretend-it-didn't-happen" parts, which Australian historians so like to do. Manning Clark's "A history of Australia" is a great example of a history that doesn't ignore the brutality indigenous people suffered. This should be reflected in teaching, too - history should not be biased in favour of "australia is a white christian outpost of European civilisation" or "Australia is a place where anyone can have a fair go!!!", but rather, "Australia under capitalist rule was a bloody and brutal colonial settler-state that committed untold horrors and atrocities against its inhabitants, but our Socialist future will be free of such barbarity". Greater emphasis should be given to indigenous history and culture, and concerted efforts should be made to revive languages, stories, tribes and peoples that colonialism tried so hard to crush. Maybe a repopulation scheme could be devised? Of course, serious efforts would need to be made to improve the living standards of indigenous communities, many of which live in destitution or absolute poverty, as well as finally closing the fucking gap - "The Gap" is a term that refers to the stark contrast in quality of life standards between White and Indigenous Australians - Indigenous Australians are 11 times more likely to have a kidney failure, 45% of the indigenous population are disabled (compared to 11% whites), half of all suicides despite 3% of the population (80% of all suicides for those aged 10-24), only 66% complete year 12 compared to 91% whites, etc, etc. real horrific stuff, I know. Ultimately, what must be acknowledged is that not all parts of colonialism can be reversed. White people, in Australia and America and Canada etc - are here to stay. Simply removing them or placing the indigenous people, despite being a minority, in charge would be counterproductive and simply not practical. Australia will be a multiethnic Oceanic nation, it has been since 1770. America, similarly, will never be able to completely restore itself to the way it was before the founding of the USA. Americans will have to do as much as they can to decolonise, but come to terms with the fact that white and native americans will simply have to learn to live together, of course, peacefully, and with respect and reverence to the original owners. Reparations and Decolonisation, but, implemented practically and peacefully.
>>1149294 I haven't seen any Native Americans advocate for decolonization at all, just AWFL and hoteps
>>1149656 >Retrieving the land means nothing to the Native struggle? no because the "native struggle" is a lost cause >>1150103 that was over a centuary ago, no one alive today has memories of that time, do you really think that if you got rid of the "evil whites" that you could magically return to this state. >>1150856 >While decolonisation is, of course, a viable goal that should be strived towards no its not, their is no point and trying to achive it will lead you knowhere, just hvae equality under the law and anti-discrimiation policies, anything more is idealism >Greater emphasis should be given to indigenous history and culture what history and culture, before euros arrived their was no cities, written language or documentation of events.
>>1150103 More likely than not it would be some left-social nationalist bullshit.

(91.24 KB 1200x778 5ed32be0a7431.image.jpg)
What defines the 2020's? Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 00:14:06 No. 1149899 [Reply] [Last]
Like, what sort of new "mode of society", if that makes sense, are we going for this decade? The 60's and 70's were all about counterculture and trying to find an alternative to the dominant societal system, the 80's were all about hyper-consumerism and giving into the hedonism and decay of late-capitalist society, the 90's was the decade when people realized that this consumerist culture is not very good actually, the 2000's saw a revival of political extremism and questioning of political authority as the world was still grappling with the consequences of the soviet collapse and finally the 10's saw a culture of hypernormalization and centralization of culture and thought into fewer and fewer "thought bubbles" as society grew even more divided, while the elites manipulated this newly emergent phenomenon of mass social media to exercise social control and control the flow of information for their own interests. Now where do we go from here? This decade we are looking at another wave of financial collapse, more global political polarization due to the emergence of new post-cold war powers and the intensification of climate change and the catastrophes it produces, plus 'rona isn't going away any time soon. How will all of this affect culture, politics, media, etc.?
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>What defines the 2020's Hot take coming in: The bourgergoisie will miscalculate and missmanaged savagery will loose them the loyalty of the military. Caleb maupin will become the Lenin of the 21 century with American characteristics. Cortez will go through a unruhian struggle session and become his second in command, and together they will install a government of action that fights for working families. American socialism will come in suits and nice hairdos. They will make indoor sunglasses mandatory, because the future will be so bright that it requires eye-protection. Supreme department head Maupin will meat general Secretary Xi and call off the cold war and work out a plan to re-industiralise the hinterland and launch a great green competition to reverse the ecolaps.
>>1152028 >Supreme department head meant to say people's department head
>>1151906 Diversity of tactics. Remember it.
What defines the 2020's? The notorious start of the fall of the U.S. empire.

Landlords are 21st Century Slave Owners Anonymous 11/17/2020 (Tue) 20:55:58 No. 1145986 [Reply] [Last]
Landlords are the 21st century equivalent of slave owners. Rich boomers and their children gobble up affordable housing denying immigrants and people of color homes and apartments close to where they work. In major cities (NYC, LA), the percentage of renters to owners has flipped over 51%. It's time to eliminate landlords both corporate and small time. If they want a, "return on their investment" then sell the f**king units at a mark up.
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>>1152683 >What if I'm not a jew >more concerned with tge material world twobuttons.jpg >>1152692 >I deserve private property No, sweaty, private property is a conspiracy against the public interest. Waht you do for some bourg doesn't mean shit to me.
>>1146880 God, I want to fuck white Jesus.
>>1146685 What's the solution to this? How does "rent to own" work and is it practical? I've been thinking about this, since I might inherit one in the future. What about renting it at below market price, then making it so all future revenue from that apartment goes to previous tenants? (Assuming that "rent to own" is impractical in this case).
>>1146821 The most efficient way is through low cost index funds, as I assume most of us are aware by now. The problem is that then you're participating in exploitation. However, if you let it stay in the bank, the bank itself will invest it and they keep the profits to themselves. That's why I support investing as a way to improve your material conditions. I'm assuming here we're not rich enough to stop wageslaving.
>>1152677 More like poltards, my fellow comraderino. You can always report them.

(296.96 KB 366x459 vaush.png)
Optics discussion Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 00:19:53 No. 1146581 [Reply] [Last]
Lets talk about optics and how to use optics for certain demographics in the west.. This thread is based on this video by V*ush https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJxd-4W6aTY Let us leave aside any of the other "bad things" he may do that personally make your anus hurt, lets not go into whether or not he is a theorylet and has a lot of shit opinions. Lets be adults, and take these points in this video as is, and evaluate them objectively. Lets leave bashing agent Kochinski for his sins against Marx, Lenin and the holy spirit to a different thread. I highly recommend you watch the video. (He namedrops us too). Short Long summary, paraphrased rather liberally: >When your target audience is western political normies, using iconography of past states of contemporary states that are painted as "evil" or have a bad track record, is fucking retarded. >Nazis know this. That is why nazis ditched the armbands, ditched the sieg hails, and why they speak exclusively in dog whistles. Leftist don't do this. Leftists dress themselves and their channels in the garb of dead 20th century states. >When a normie sees you using this iconography, they are instantly turned away. This is why nazis with their dogwhistled language and clean cut suited up appearance are doing so well, while all the leftist channels and groups dressed in iconography are small, are dying. This is not the way forward. >Using iconography to "lure in" or "intrigue" people doesn't work on 98% of the population. You only appeal to people who are already radicalized leftists, or who are political radicals of either end. This tactic of iconography can only be used effectively to either convince or appeal to people already on your side, or nazis. >I don't use iconography, i scrubbed all of my content clean of iconography, i dont glorify the soviet union or the PRC or north korea. I defend the ussr sometimes, i have in the past, but I dont dress myself in the dead skin of the ussr. This is why I (v*ush) am doing so well, why i am getting many many messages from people telling me i pulled them out of the alt right pipeline, who i turned into socialists. This is why I am doing well, and "tankies" or tankie-easthetic channels are dead. We need to ditch the aesthetic. Socialism, communism, is about bettering the conditions of the working class, not about whether or not the ussr was a workers paradise because it wasn't. So. I can not find a single flaw in his argument. How do we transform ourselves, as a board, as potential content creators? How do we stop appealing exclusively to other leftists, or trying to convert nazis, and learn the tricks to appeal to normies.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>1151197 the smell
>>1152216 unity and amateur worker identity.
>>1151294 >Rehabilitating USSR is pretty important. LARPers aside, USSR must be reevaluated by a non-porky lens. There were plans to create something like the USSR at some point but it never came to fruition. I'm not sure what you mean by "reevaluating" the USSR. Do you mean understanding what they did well and what they did wrong? Or are you saying trying to make people see it favourably? If the later I don't think someone who exposes their power level will convince enough people because many will just think they are a delusional or dishonest political zealot. It would play off better if it's historians and sociologists among other relevant feilds that present themselves as professional and impartial instead of sounding like they are trying to push a narrative of their own bias. >>1151300 >I kind of agree with you but this post has big psued energy, as if you don't identify with a certain kind of leftism yourself. You're not entirely wrong. I am not too concerned for ideological purity because I like to try to be pragmatic. >>1151545 >IRL not online I feel this would be neglecting that many people get their information online and the internet makes a platform for organizing in person activities on a large scale if they were to reach out beyond their small sphere of favourite sites. Why we don't see a lot of organizing starting here is largely in part by the nature of image boards being an anonymous platform devoid of a means to scrutinize if someone can be trusted or reliable. >>1152039 I'm talking about focus on aesthetics and outdated strategy not rejecting learning from the past.
(30.71 KB 500x333 kek.jpg)
>>1146829 >holodorm
goodnight sweet prince.

(109.54 KB 1200x800 1547609636355.jpg)
Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 01:13:08 No. 1150057 [Reply] [Last]
What is a Tesla? It's not an electric car to replace gas cars, it's a luxury good purchased to show socioeconomic status and progressive political lean. How do you move luxury goods off of shelves? Cultivate an image and brand identity. Whereas an electric car proper would be inexpensive and innocuous as a Camry. SpaceX is a way for governments to participate in "progress" by diverting public funds into private enterprise, and I'm sure the drilling thing is a similar scheme. The skill of advertising-without-advertising is actually highly advanced, you just notice it easily when its practiced poorly (as one of the main goals is not to be noticed as advertising) so you think it's always clumsy and unpersuasive. This is not me being schizo, this is me knowing a tiny bit about advertising just cause I know some people at top firms and they're way smarter and working on more intricate projects than retarded ads would have you believe.
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>>1150741 >sucks Grimes sold out to him though you should listen to cocteau twins and just move on from a fake like grimes
>>1151298 >obsessed with fascist aesthetics proofs?
>>1151443 Holy based.
(64.93 KB 1600x1071 steve jobs.jpg)
>>1150057 Melon didn't need to be particularly skilled to get worshiped by liberals, liberals will gladly do that on their own. He just needed the right press at the right time. Specifically, a couple of puff pieces right around the time of the death of Steve Jobs so he could effectively take his place. Hell, Jobs didn't do half of what Melon does. He just marketed existing technology as a luxury good by designing sleek looking cases for his devices.

Is Juche and Dengism An Form of Fascism? Anonymous 10/29/2020 (Thu) 15:14:29 No. 1048169 [Reply] [Last]
>Myers argues that the guiding ideology of North Korea is a race-based nationalism derived from Japanese fascism, rather than any form of communism. >The Cleanest Race argues that the overarching ideology of the North Korean government is founded on far-right politics rather than far-left politics. It notes that the North Korean government is xenophobic and militaristic. It cites a report of a mob attack on Black Cuban diplomats and the forcing of female North Koreans to abort mixed-ethnicity children. > while some fascists see the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea as an example of ethno-nationalism resisting foreign influence (and sometimes the DPRK supports those same nazis!) >Spengler denounced Marxism for having developed socialism from an English perspective, while not understanding Germans' socialist nature > In China, where the population exceeds 1.2 billion, geneticists overwhelmingly support eugenics. >In recent years, China’s official media outlets have become more assertive and more eager to play the nationalist card. What do you think about so-called ultranationalist and spiritualist/traditionalist elements of Juche?Some people also call it as monarchy. It's very true that DPRK supports fascists-nazis today. Also while China calls itself as Socialism with Chinese Characteristics note that also Oswald Spengler(real founder of Nazizm) called his ideology likeSocialism with German Characteristicstoo while there is many people who claims similarities between Nazi Germany and Dengist China. China is nationalist today and becomes more nationalistic day by day.They are also militaristic,have social-conservative views,opresses ethnic minorities(like Tibetians),have eugenics program and have leader-cult around Xi.Can we call Dengism as 'National Socialism with Chinese Characteristics' What's your thoughts on them? https://www.radicalrightanalysis.com/2020/09/25/1-6/ http://www.nate-thayer.com/white-power-and-apocalyptic-cults-pro-north-korean-americans-revealed/ https://jewishjournal.com/los_angeles/221529/pro-north-korean-website-los-angeles-promotes-anti-semitism/ https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20160804-china-may-be-the-future-of-genetic-enhancement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kI8Kdm2aXY https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/people of college/articles/people of college1116969/
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>>1048178 /thread
>>1048241 holy shit you're an ignorant moron. lurk more faggot
>>1048534 >nazi salute lmfao, can't be a troll, it's a legit retard
>>1048295 Based
>>1150693 i already told you to fuck off retard, don't reply to me ever again

(6.30 KB 197x256 gumilyov.jpg)
Anonymous 11/17/2020 (Tue) 04:21:39 No. 1143279 [Reply] [Last]
who the fuck is lev gumilyov and why does both the KPRF and people like Aleksandr Dugin idolize him ?
>>1143279 absolute garbage
>who the fuck is lev gumilyov He supported the anthropological theory that Russians/Slavs and Turkic peoples / Central Asians are culturally, religiously and linguistically linked to an extent that they can be considered part of the same "Eurasian" culture. >Aleksandr Dugin Because one of the main tenants of Dugins Neo-Fascist theories is the idea that Russia is naturally meant to dominate the entire "Eurasian" land mass. which basically means all the territories of the former USSR and then some. >KPRF They do? Source very much needed. If so then its likely because of the KPRF's capitulation to russian nationalist ideology and social-conservative reactionaries.
>>1143279 funny tno man is funny
>>1143279 The man behind Eurasianism. Son of a proud anti-communist who was shot by the Cheka. It's an insidious trend much like NazBol.
>>1151585 its wikipedia i know but i don't know much about russia


no cookies?