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(327.29 KB 698x358 vdq7dpeeb7641.png)
Military bread Anonymous 09/14/2020 (Mon) 19:11:55 No. 868170 [Reply] [Last]
Hey /leftypol/ I was wondering if anyone here has served in the army or is currently in it I'm currently scheduled to ship out for training in the near future and I want your two cents on it
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>>870804 then the leftist position should be a support of conscription and leftists joining en mass
>>870814 Based, I would support that in my third world capitalist hellhole. At least the comrades will have military training obligatory.
>>869367 no, I mean canadian vets get jack shit. we get a vet card, some free career consulting, discount for public transit and trusted flyer status.
>>870326 there's a good number of us now shooting and drinking together already. most are from medical, combat arms, and comms/signals. we do community events and volunteer for all the organizations that welcome new shooters. unfortunately, we lack direction like many other well-minded leftists. our skills aren't exactly useful for most things outside of actual conflict. we try to make up for this through medical and computer/tech training for the public.
>>870814 KKE and allied parties in Europe actively support this

(66.95 KB 441x441 HODŽA_druhá_míza.jpg)
Tito Vs Hoxha Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 16:47:03 No. 870486 [Reply] [Last]
Who was right?
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(19.89 KB 500x278 Rare butt-naked tito.jpg)
Tito got dat tite ass
>>870700 T H I C C revisionist
(16.23 KB 168x210 stalin1.jpg)
>>870492 you would rather be forced to compete with lower wages and with the conditions of capitalism in your system than to have a society than went super industrial in a year

(49.87 KB 1155x1155 EU-T-shirt.jpg)
(376.34 KB 1920x987 EU parliament.png)
socialist majority in EU parliament Anonymous 09/10/2020 (Thu) 22:55:51 No. 857074 [Reply] [Last]
I am Canadian, and increasingly, we regard the US as a failed project. We are beginning to turn away from the US, and watching them fail feels a lot like a close friend of relative has died or is dying of a terminal disease. Why do Europeans continue with the American economic program of neoliberalism? As far as I can tell, the EU Parliament and EU council has a "Christian Democrat/Conservative" majority. Why is this? Isn't it time to turn the EU red and face eastward and southward, towards the growing economies of Africa, China, and Russia? We are reorienting around the North Pacific, away from the North Atlantic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Parliament
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Kill EU
>>869863 Anon history needs a push. The suffering there will be anyways, there's no way to avoid that sadly. Besides the crushing of the Eu would also mean the end of liberal center left european parties and a huge opening for more radical stuff politically (and in this lies Lbaour's failure, in not understanding that Brexit was something that was to be wholeheartedly supported and giving up to middle class domination of the party and full return to neoliberalism).
>>870113 I also add that while Ml parties situation in Italy is shitty nowhere shit is as bad as in Germany in Europe for communists. (excluding Visegrad cesspools)
>>869980 Make a counter-EU

(127.75 KB 1000x639 spetsnaz-2016-8.jpg)
(154.76 KB 1280x720 gign.jpeg)
Special Forces Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 14:27:50 No. 870073 [Reply] [Last]
Are there any that aren't extreme right? Not even leftist but just support you know basic democratic principles or something?
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>>870369 Against who exactly? The government?
>>870369 Real Gehlen organization vibes
>>870369 >the most recent head of the agency You mean Maaßen?
>>870089 >You'd hope Germany of all places would be trying to screen for this >he doesn't know about post-war Germany and Japan
>>870377 >Against who exactly? The government? against some vague notion of "leftists" who in their mind probably also control the government. this goes as far as killing conservatives for not being anti-immigration enough. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_L%C3%BCbcke

(772.27 KB 1200x833 alita mlem.png)
what even is a commie Anonymous 09/14/2020 (Mon) 17:20:00 No. 867823 [Reply] [Last]
What exactly does it mean to to you when you call yourself a communist?
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>>869736 Is there such thing as commiecel?
>>869740 >commiecel good question, shall I make a thread about it?
>>869495 >2. The inevitability of communism (assuming we survive) >>867876 Hmmm
>>868054 No, I double down on communist "dictatorship" being better than this liberal consumerist degeneracy. It's crucial otherwise it's just empty chit chat, on the same level as complaining about bad weather.
>>869927 What does the hmm mean? Communism is the name of the relation of production that comes after socialism. It is classless and stateless. This is the full definition. The peculiar realities of it will depend on the conditions and we develop those conditions during socialism. What it will entail is merely speculation at this point. We can say it is inevitable because socialism contains contradictions. A big one being that the structure of the socialist civilization is at odds with the small local groups who as socialism progresses will gain more and more self sufficiency and autonomy.

Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 01:31:18 No. 869034 [Reply] [Last]
Some antifa cell got hacked by 4chan, thots?
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>>869083 Oh, well it's good they're being transparent.
>>869034 >Sra >Antifa cell
>>869034 >thots I'd go even stronger and call them cunts
>>869707 thots was a pun, I was asking for thoughts, but saying thots was funnier

/Depression/ /Feels/ /Reals/ Thread Anonymous 08/26/2020 (Wed) 12:55:08 No. 807201 [Reply] [Last]
Before you delete this mods like you deleted the last one, let me state my case for the existence of this thread. 1) It is of MATERIAL BENEFIT to alienated members of the proletariat i.e. the posters of this board, to be able to discuss their mental health issues. 2) Leftypol is unique in that it can provide a place for this with like minded people, who can understand where they are coming from better, as they are also communists. Furthermore, /leftypol/ is unique in that it is anonymous 3) In most of the countries in the which these people live, mental health services are shit 4) Chan posters are prone to poor mental health 5) Improved board mental health will improve quality of board over all. 6) Comrades can help each other along, and also express solidarity. Solidarity will improve board health. Perhaps there won't be so many furious autistic posts if we have an environment of solidarity. 7) At the end of the day, near enough all, if not outright all, of these mental health problems are caused by capitalism and the environment it creates, so the discussion is going to tend to be around capitalism and ways to navigate capitalism. Lock it if you must and it can be a gulag, but plz do not delete.
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>>842784 no, I'm angry at least 30% of my waking time and I still consider myself to be much happier than average.
>>867865 I gave up on that a long time ago. And I'm on a scholarship for this school that covers most of the cost, so I'm just going to wrap up this year and stop there. I just wish I had a few friends and maybe a gf so I don't feel like such a lonely piece of shit constantly.
(101.99 KB 700x394 withered.jpg)
>Be me cleaning around fryer at deli >Guy next to me wasnt watching the water going down into the outlet and high volt plug. >It started to smoke and had no time to react >The plug exploded within a foot of my face >Shaken up a bit but no physical problem >Thought I was gonna die in that split second >Weeks later I started to get startled very easily and overreact. >My partner was watching some action movie and a gun going off sent me into a panic. Even on walks stepping on a leaf triggered my new chest tremors >Feel so drained and cant get any compensation cause I didnt report. >I just wanted a job to pay the bills.
>>823641 Yup, you either get depressed or lose all empathy for other humans
>>869971 you have to dissociate to a degree with the amount of shit you see, figuratively and literally. i dread doctors and nurses and hospitals. extra neurotic and anxious individual. people picking and prodding my body is so wrong, dude.

(146.40 KB 735x1155 71JBY52kUPL.jpg)
Civilization and Its Discontents Anonymous 09/14/2020 (Mon) 18:44:50 No. 868082 [Reply] [Last]
>The communists believe that they have found the path to deliverance from our evils. According to them, man is wholly good and is well-disposed to his neighbour; but the institution of private property has corrupted his nature. The ownership of private wealth gives the individual power, and with it the temptation to ill-treat his neighbour; while the man who is excluded from possession is bound to rebel in hostility against his oppressor. If private property were abolished, all wealth held in common, and everyone allowed to share in the enjoyment of it, ill-will and hostility would disappear among men. Since everyone’s needs would be satisfied, no one would have any reason to regard another as his enemy; all would willingly undertake the work that was necessary. I have no concern with any economic criticisms of the communist system; I cannot enquire into whether the abolition of private property is expedient or advantageous.* But I am able to recognize that the psychological premises on which the system is based are an untenable illusion. In abolishing private property we deprive the human love of aggression of one of its instruments, certainly a strong one, though certainly not the strongest; but we have in no way altered the differences in power and influence which are misused by aggressiveness, nor have we altered anything in its nature. Aggressiveness was not created by property. It reigned almost without limit in primitive times, when property was still very scanty, and it already shows itself in the nursery almost before property has given up its primal, anal form; it forms the basis of every relation of affection and love among people (with the single exception, perhaps, of the mother’s relation to her male child). If we do away with personal rights over material wealth, there still remains prerogative in the field of sexual relationships, which is bound to become the source of the strongest dislike and the most violent hostility among men who in other respects are on an equal footing. If we were to remove this factor, too, by allowing complete freedom of sexual life and thus abolishing the family, the germ-cell of civilization, we cannot, it is true, easily foresee what new paths the development of civilization could take; but one thing we can expect, and that is that this indestructible feature of human nature, will follow it there. What could be a counter-argument to this?
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>>869254 why not?
>>869257 How it is gonna be decided then who sleeps with whom? And why the fuck would you want to sleep with people you don't like then? It is retarded just like this whole thread.
>>869258 Civ&Dis was published in 1930. References to communists living at the time are of course about the Leninists in Russia and those sympathetic to them unless explicitly stated otherwise.
>>869252 Yes they fucking did. Stop reading anarchist anthropologists - they intentionally push the "human nature gööd" meme. It's currently estimated that 20% of hunter gatherers died due to violence or accidents and it is well documented that resource scarcity drove them to wars. Here, just one archaeological evidence out of many: >Ten of the 12 skeletons show lesions caused by violence to the parts of the body most commonly involved in cases of violence. These include one where the projectile was still embedded in the side of the skull; two cases of sharp-force trauma to the neck; seven cases of blunt and/or sharp-force trauma to the head; two cases of blunt-force trauma to the knees and one to the ribs. There were also two cases of fractures to the hands, possibly caused while parrying a blow. >There must have at least three types of weapons involved in these murders – projectiles (stoned-tipped as well as sharpened arrows), something similar to a club, and something close to a wooden handle with hafted sharp-stone blades that caused deep cuts. Two individuals have no lesions in the preserved parts of the skeleton, but the position of their hands suggests they may have been bound, including a young woman who was heavily pregnant at the time. https://theconversation.com/finding-a-hunter-gatherer-massacre-scene-that-may-change-history-of-human-warfare-53397
>>868093 you’re misreading him. he’s against abolshing private property in the first place

(349.43 KB 1280x1124 Muslim Girl.jpg)
Arab/Muslim World Marxists Anonymous 09/02/2020 (Wed) 02:51:03 No. 831445 [Reply] [Last]
Any works by Marxists from the Arab/Muslim World that I should took note of? The Muslim World alongside Africa and Southeast Asia has so little information about it's Marxist movement and writings, at least with SEA we have the Vietnam Anon, Singaporean Anon, the Thai Anon and the Indonesian Anon gives us info in the SEA general.
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>>860362 i'm still lurking here
Islamic communism is bound to fail just like Nazi communism is bound to fail. Both are antisemitic, fascist ideologies that every Marxist by definition must be against. You cannot be a Muslim and a Marxist.
>>863366 The Muslim world is extremely cancerous. You guys first need a secular revolution before you can even discuss communism.
>>869249 They did have secular revolutions though, that was the first wave of decolonization. That's been reversed and has to be restored.
>>863366 >We don't adopt foreign ones. Wahhabism is pretty foreign


no cookies?