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(47.23 KB 448x628 leninreading.jpg)
/leftypol/ Reading Group Anonymous 12/09/2019 (Mon) 21:52:31 No. 153404 [Reply] [Last]
Hello, fellow theorylets! I was thinking about starting an online reading group for us here since I've noticed we're a little too short on theory sometimes, but I don't have the experience or the proper knowledge to make this a successful experiment, so this is a thread for brainstorming ideas for an online Marxist/leftist reading group. If this gets enough traction I might start another more organized thread.
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(30.86 KB 253x406 eherwg.jpeg)
How about that Kapital
>>184026 anybody reading this ? Is there going to be somebody wanting to talk about it ?
>>191461 Seems intresting, but a bit too broad. What's even the point of this document to begin with?

(67.67 KB 720x960 1577836813912.jpg)
Temporal Single System Interpretation - TSSI Anonymous 01/01/2020 (Wed) 04:24:28 No. 193075 [Reply] [Last]
Can anyone explain what the TSSI is? What differentiates it from other interpretations. What are the implications of it in practical terms? And why does cockshott not agree with it? I've tried to read up on it myself but its all presented with a lot of high economic theory, and i'm looking for a more political explanation.
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Andrew Kliman's arguments in favor of TSSI.
Cockshott's arguments against Kliman.
>>193450 Cockshot btfoed klimann lmfao
>>193450 THIS IS VERY USEFUL, what i was looking for. Cockshott should make a video with these slides, thanks.

(6.03 KB 196x257 download (4).jpeg)
Anonymous 01/01/2020 (Wed) 03:54:50 No. 193070 [Reply] [Last]
>Be a nazi >Recognize the problems with capitalism >"It's not capitalism it's DA JOOS" How do they keep deluding themselves?
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>>193378 I don't know man maybe you can explain to us why you guys keep voting pro-zionist neoliberals into power.
They are afraid of facing their superiors (very hierarchic thinking) so they find a scapegoat. So they blame all the problems of capitalism on jews and immigrants.
>>193378 This board knows perfectly well that white people aren't the only face the ruling-class and the system that upholds them can take on. We just happen to apply the same thing to Jews, who themselves tend to be "white-passing", at least in America.
>>193353 But not all jews are capitalists
>>193353 >Maybe it's because all the capitalists were jews? LMFAO you fucking retard

(602.95 KB 733x800 scrooge.jpg)
New Year 2020 Humbug Thread Anonymous 01/01/2020 (Wed) 05:35:26 No. 193102 [Reply] [Last]
Fuck New Years and fuck people who celebrate this shit. New Years is peak spectacle. Not to get all Neil deGrasse Tyson here, but years, decades, and so on are just arbitrary. This massive wasteful show put on every year is meant to trick you into accepting that all is good and your investment into the system matters. I'm so sick of people looking at the new year as some kind of hopeful marker and opportunity for change. This ideology of years and decades is entirely about creating a social context to sell you shit. The 2010s are over, so it's time to throw out all the commodities that are so last decade and buy some new shit. It's lifestyle marketing differentiating you from your past self instead of from your neighbor. And let's not even get started on all the novelty shit produced for this one day to be thrown away tomorrow. Celebrations are fine in theory, but what's being celebrated here? Right now Time's Square is full of idiots wearing diapers because they had to get there a full day ahead of time to have the honor of standing there for the ceremony. Literal tonnes of confetti are being blasted into the air, blowing who knows where after it's all over. Planet FitnessTM is cashing in on new years diet crazes to get people into their wokescold fake gym. Disney has dredged up the fucking Jonas Brothers. While all this horseshit is displayed for the world to see, New York City is deporting their homeless to other US cities. Fuck this holiday. Fuck these celebrities. Fuck capitalism. Fuck this gay earth.
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>>193102 >New social context Isn't this literally every year, even every season? On point though. "Decades" only became a thing relatively recently. >>193188 Also this
I wanted to celebrate it, but had a daylong headache. Now I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.
Yea it was pretty sad to see so many homeless walking to the bar last night
>>193189 >On point though. "Decades" only became a thing relatively recently. Yea because things only started happening on the scale of decades recently. A thousand years ago you had entire centuries where like nothing happened.
>>193185 Time was actually codified and enforced as a way to regulate production during the industrial era, so this isn't really wrong. There's a reason casual language mostly refers to time with vague categories like "morning" and "evening." Keeping track of the exact hour and minute is directly a product of industrialization under capitalism. >>193188 Accurate. This is actually not a social construct, and historically relates directly to people's survival. The winter solstice was a big deal because it marked a time where the weather was cold and people depended on stored-up resources.

(99.96 KB 800x500 3.jpg)
Anonymous 12/31/2019 (Tue) 13:34:50 No. 192395 [Reply] [Last]
Refute this, commies https://youtu.be/kOnIp69r6vg
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(63.74 KB 640x759 84avfq2911w21.jpg)
(22.79 KB 510x367 Read.png)
>>193269 >>193273 The picture I saw was this one, and it's outright wrong. Quoting from page 51 of Economics of forced labor: "The mortality rate in the Gulag during the war was extremely high. From 1941 through 1945, according to ministry statistics, 1,005,000 inmates died in camps and colonies. As a result, despite an influx of new inmates, their total number declined considerably. Between July 1, 1941, and February 11, 1945, for example, the population in the camps and colonies dropped from 2.3 million to 1.4 million. Moreover, a high percentage of inmates were sick and exhausted. Even according to official data, the share of camp inmates working in production declined between 1942 and 1944 to 65 to 70 percent, and the share of sick inmates rose to about 20 percent." It's true though that on average the mortality rate was roughly 30% in war years and around 6% during peacetime. That hardly makes them better than even US prisons though. Furthermore, the tsarist deaths are a misreading. Those are deaths per thousands instead of a percentage and the Tsarist ones always performed better then gulags in keeping people alive. I have posted the picture from the sources which uses the tsarists numbers.
>>192591 Except none of them were in for border crossing or any other peccadillo. Also, they provided better living conditions(and shorter sentence) than modern jails and/or border camps.
>>193322 Bruh, where the fuck do you get this info from? Literally US prisons are safer than the gulags https://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=pbdetail&iid=5866 Just compare the mortality rate. My god what a fucking imbecil.
(76.90 KB 1280x960 why.jpg)
(31.61 KB 576x566 pork.jpg)
>>193311 >The economics of forced labor >Published by Hoover institude - a conservative thinktank funded by billionaires as an outlet of anti communist propaganda >Most numbers published fly in the face of actual numbers from the Soviet archive as most were made up on the fly <Robert Conquest foreword Hmm I wonder who's behind this post. Fuck of /pol/.
>>193359 Unless you post any proof that's they have misinterpret the numbers I consider this "it's right wing so it falls beyond actual criticism". The book doesn't even say anything controversial and puts blame on the war for the high mortality rate.


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