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(62.82 KB 1200x638 maduro pray.jpeg)
APOLOGIZE Anonymous 11/11/2019 (Mon) 06:48:18 No. 122840 [Reply]
>actually consolidated power
>strong state media
>army on his side, people's militias
>leftists call him authoritarian and anti-democratic for doing what is necessary to prevent a coup
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(31.24 KB 510x381 maduro cheers.jpg)
So about those 300k+ rifles...
I think the main reason the Bolivian coup worked when the Venezuelan one failed was timing. The Bolivian coup happened right after a contested election when opposition was peaking but in Venezuela they tried to force the situation. This is why I think the CIA's involvement is over stated. They played a role for sure, and it could have tipped the balance, but it didn't create the situation on it's own.
>For fuck's sake, just be honest and say you support the use of coercive state power.
>about socialists being dishonest subversives. Almost everybody supports authoritarianism to some degree anyway. You lose nothing by being honest about it.
The reason the coup failed in Venezuela is that Maduro inherited a police force and army purged of its most compromised and reactionnary elements and the organised mobilization of large part of the population, all of that is in large part due to Chavez.
But we can learn how Evo Morales was forced by military to quit and Maduro controls with huge popular support during low oil prices and economic hyperinflation. The army shows honor by being loyal to bolivarian revolution.

How is a non violent revolution possible? Youssef Stalin 11/10/2019 (Sun) 13:12:03 No. 121344 [Reply]
I'm not a cuck liberal shill, but I'm wondering how can a disarmed working class be able to overtake the capitalist class without resorting to violence? Is there a way to cheat the system by stuffing our guys in government positions?
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>DeLeon talked about a national general strike that would shut down Capitalism and give the bourgeoisie no other choice but to allow Socialism to occur.

Absolutely ridiculous. Would never happen. This is the problem of basing all your revolutionary theory off of the theories of guys who born 150+ years ago.
>From speculation of what is possible many leftists could join the police and just refuse to arrest people for certain crimes. Now if one can get away with it depends where one lives. It is the case for the US that an officer can let people go with a warning for almost any crime with only certain exceptions though they varry by state and this is with no legal punishment for such an act of resistance. At worst one would only risk being fired if it's found out. One would be able to use this extra time to focus on serious crimes only and making sure fascists are suppressed from rising up in violence and so capitalists get prison for their crimes. This wouldn't directly lead to change on the economic system but it could change a lot easily and influence other changes.

Stop writing your fantasy novels in your head and come join is in reality anon.
But they didn't. Probably because their position wasn't truly as strong as you are making it out to be.
It's just a style of phrasing. I couldn't do it in my current condition.
Police and military choose not to shoot masses who are revolting.

Anonymous 11/12/2019 (Tue) 03:14:30 No. 124140 [Reply]
>race is and has always been an integral factor of colonialism
What is the proper way to shut down this Settlers horseshit? My first thoughts are obviously about how much the Irish were dehumanized, but I'm not bigbrain enough to articulate an actual argument.
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So in your opinion, what would be the solution for this division of race and class?
The "solution", of course, is to give the power to the democratically elected representatives of the people. Morales in Bolivia, Maduro in Venezuela.

The people of Chiapas figured out another solution, but carving out an autonomous enclave for themselves.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but each place must come up with its own based on their (material) conditions.
Based post.
this tbh, other than ireland its difficult to see where colonialism was not at least partially justified by race and racist concepts

News 11/19/19 News Anon 3.0 11/19/2019 (Tue) 21:49:04 No. 132745 [Reply]
Swedish Prosecutor Ends Investigation Into Julian Assange Over Rape Claims
Sweden's deputy director of public prosecutions, Eva-Marie Persson, says she has decided to end her office's investigation of rape allegations against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Persson's office says the evidence "has weakened considerably."

‘Big Brother’ state? Spain begins tracking mobile phones in controversial study to better public services
Millions of Spaniards are being tracked on their mobile phones this week as part of a controversial government study designed to gather information about where citizens are traveling and when in order to “improve public services.”

Former top military official wins Sri Lankan presidential election
He has been hailed by a section of the Sri Lankan ruling elite, the military and Sinhala racists for his ruthless prosecution of the war against the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) which ended in May 2009.

Russia Condemns Turkey for Floating Idea of New Syria Operation
Russia said on Tuesday it was bewildered by a Turkish pledge to conduct a new military operation in northern Syria if the area was not cleared of people Ankara calls terrorists, warning that any such move would damage efforts to stabilize the region.

Workers denied toilet access, says unions

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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I've been labelled crazy for 10+ years. Might as well accept it and put your tinfoil hat on. Build a faraday cage and start urban exploring in abandoned buildings looking for ghosts and witches my man.
>Moon just signed a mutual defence pact with China after getting annoyed at constantly getting asked for more protection money

I know moon himself is little more then a Centre-Left Liberal but hes just asking to die at this point
At least Americans will believe you now. I haven't met a single person that doesn't think that after the Epstein shit.
Holy shit that is hilarious. I hope this expedites unification efforts.
Thanks News Anon!

> Russia Condemns Turkey for Floating Idea of New Syria Operation
erDOGan really wants nukes dropped on Istambul

> BoJo vows to ‘come down hard’ on stabbing epidemic, adding police with more ‘stop & search’ power to UK streets
< Oi! Whot's thuth in yur pockit? Erection? Nah mayt, itsa knoif, ya cunt fool me... let me git it out from ya pockit...

> From official al-Hisba of ISIS responsible for the deaths of detainees under torture, to a commander in the National Army fights in “Peace Spring” Operation
They just wanna fight the Kurds, bro. No biggy.
Also: The US welcomed the nazi scientists in the end of WW2 to stop the USSR... so... war never changes I guess?

(402.63 KB 760x763 damb.PNG)
Anonymous 11/17/2019 (Sun) 17:21:47 No. 129830 [Reply]
Alright comrade, what is your political ideology? Describe it in *one* sentence, why you believe in it, and one or 2 pieces of writings (essays, articles, books, blog posts) you would recommend to someone who has never read into this ideology (so not a theoretical, dry, overly long book which scares everyone off, but something nice to ease into).
This is supposed to be a non-sectarian thread, and used primarily for the exchange of ideologies, and thus, ideas for actual praxis.

>Describe it
It's Mao's continuation of the theories of Marxism-Leninism and basically the highest stage of Marxism in terms of analytical development
>why you believe in it
Since it not only is the collection of the most theoretical and practical advancements made in the history of class struggle, but also used by most communists and parties leading revolutions around the world today, I believe it to be the most correct way forward, and the most solid foundation we can build off of.
>pieces of writings
Foundations of Leninism (if you've yet to read into Leninism): https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/stalin/works/1924/foundations-leninism/index.htm
What Maoism has to offer the world: https://jiminykrix.wordpress.com/2016/09/14/what-maoism-has-to-offer-the-world-and-why-so-many-former-non-communists-think-its-dope/
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Simple, if you're not an ancom, you go to the gulag.
Democratic confederalism with a cooperative economy.
(339.59 KB 1074x976 Sksuendow7ekem.jpg)
*voluntary labor camp
(12.88 MB white juche.webm)
Vaush is that you?

(52.79 KB 500x500 6.jpg)
Praxis Anonymous 11/20/2019 (Wed) 05:37:17 No. 133191 [Reply]

Does anyone know the method of mass printing? You can use a rubber stamp arranged into URLs to theanarchistlibrary.org and marxists.org, with quotes from Marx, Kropotkin, Bakunin, Goldman, and all of our friends. This could be done on sticker paper or pamphlets

What else is praxis?
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(1.52 MB 2200x1568 1497665854232.jpg)
What do you guys think about screenprinted leftist shirts with breadpilled quotes and Marx's or bread-daddy's face on them?

I want to help spread leftist ideas in the world so I'm trying to come up with ideas
Actually I cannot believe I just typed that. You can't commodify leftism can you? But if it's not for sale but rather given freely to comrades who love the cause it's not commodification right?
>I want to spread leftism
<by selling people stuff and making a profit
Giving people free t-shirts won't do much to spread leftism. But free food + flyer might. You give people something to eat and something to read while they eat and they might read it. Plus, there are probably already leftists in your area doing food drives or something similar. Make the food drive regular (once a week) and I think you'll be surprised how far it can get you.

A local group that started off cooking dumpster dived food for the homeless received 80000€ from the city government to continue doing what they're doing.
I think it’s pretty orthomarx to say that social consciousness is determined by social being. A commodity, a can of coke, doesn’t bring capitalist consciousness to the masses. The capitalist power structure is already a fait accompli, the psychosocial conditioning comes after. If anything then, make people reflect on their material reality (takes skill and logic) but no one said this would be easy.

(73.77 KB 750x962 Louis_auguste_blanqui.jpg)
What's wrong with Blanquism? Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 10:59:18 No. 132170 [Reply]
>Believed that revolution should be carried out by a small group of highly organized and secretive conspirators
In light of the absolute lack of class consciousness and PMC-cuckery in the first world, a Blanquist coup seems like a preferable revolutionary strategy over trying to form a mass movement of ""the masses""
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the one's who are self-conscious and organized with armed force?
>implying it didn't die in 1920-1
what are the police doing in Bolivia RIGHT NOW?
Oh the unwashed masses!
OP here, I imagined a Blanquist org to be less like a group of ""elite highly trained assassins" and more like a group of people who have infiltrated key aspects of the state (ie military, intelligence, and so on) who, in the event of a crisis, would be able to make use of these institutions against porky.
>So like, a Leninist vanguard party?
No, because the vanguard party is an actual political party.
good luck injecting your socialist sleepers into any position of power.

(73.50 KB 500x309 two minute hate.jpg)
Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 15:26:51 No. 132314 [Reply]
what are the things that the modern left wing movements are failing at, what do you hate about them ?
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Yes and I've responded to them too. Getting really sick of the "who gives a shit about imperialism" takes here.
I have been part of different Chapters and have friends from all sorts of Revolutionary parties, mostly people I've met and befriended over the years in different demonstrations, in general i don't think there is one left movement that got it 100% right, and i don't think there will be. But in general i endorse everyone to join a movement and get of your couch despite whatever negative parts may appear in any movement.
>Anarchist Parties (Been a part of this)
Just do shit for fun, bashes the fash on the Weekend in AntiFa outfits, listens to a lot of punk, makes great Vegan food, but they are not gonna change anything.
>ML-Stalinist Parties (Been a part of this for a little while)
Most of these are over 50 years old, and thrive on being an old school party. Most members and chairmen are old geezers, that can't be toppled by newer members. Weirdly enough a lot of these parties are reformists and counter-revolutionary.
>ML-Trot Parties (Currently a part of)
Probably the most revolutionary you'll get, The one chapter i am currently a part of actually, buuut i think there is a lot of shit about these parties too, mostly people being very LeftCom but at the same time believing in the great man theory of one of the least great men in Communist History, Trotsky. Too Left to feel united with Stalinist and too Communist to feel united with Anarchists. At least their theory and newspapers are pretty alright.
>Stand With XYZ Parties / Solidarity parties
These are actually pretty great for the most part, being the parties that take the most action against imperialism. I've considered meeting our local DPRK friendship party, so i could potentially try and visit DPRK. These vary a lot from party to party. Mostly not revolutionary locally but i see no reason to dislike these types of parties.
>SuccDem/Any Left Political Party
More women in the police force plz :^) Yay revolution
>Worker Unions
Most of these are Bourgeoisie controlled from where i am from, but good on you if you can get in a Left Workers union, but for the most part these seem too apolitical to do anything than help the workers with individual inequality in the different work sectors.
lol no
>Most of these are over 50 years old, and thrive on being an old school party. Most members and chairmen are old geezers, that can't be toppled by newer members. Weirdly enough a lot of these parties are reformists and counter-revolutionary.
Most of them were younger when 1991 happened and they already had zero success in the 70s and 80s before, that combined with old age made them disillusioned, which is why many of these parties wrote up faulty theories how we live in some kind of new stage of monopoly capitalism where we have to do reforms first. Interestingly though, most of them have recently purged their reformists like the German Communist Party, the Communist Party of Spain or even the CPUSA - there is also some growth in their youth organisations so don't lose hope as yet.
The younger Stalinist that i am friends with seem somewhat reasonable at least, and i do hope we see more of these kinds of parties turn to revolutionairy theory and putting more faith in the youth of their organization. The older generation of ML's don't have the same motivation for revolution compared to the newer generation.
Hopefully i you are right Anon. I am willing to stand side by side with our comrades if they choose the way of the revolution, instead of accepting the consequences of Capitalism (or believing that the means of production can be reformed back to the worker).
(658.46 KB 1600x900 KKE Athens 1.jpg)
>MLs are [...] not going to get mass support ever again.
*blocks your path*

/blacked/ - Anarchist Mass Debate Thread Anonymous 11/18/2019 (Mon) 15:43:42 No. 131300 [Reply]
Can anarchist still have any meaningful purpose after this years?
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>Can you explain in what way they were backstabbed?
Firstly you must understand that there is a longstanding agreement between Syria and Turkey that the Turkish military can enter Syrian territory to hunt the PKK there. They have not been doing this for a while however.

Now, when Turkey invaded Syrian territory, it was the YPG defending the trouble areas. Assad had a choice of defending his border and joining them or ceding it to the Turks and handing them Syrian Kurdistan.
What happened initially was that Assad did nothing, then with a deal brokered by Russia, Assad moved troops to the border in order to defend it from Turkey.

All of this a period of violence. then Assad made a deal with Turkey also brokered by Russia, that the YPG would move back from the Turkish border by 35km (most of their cities are within these border- their capital was exempt) and that joint Russian/Syrian troops would patrol the border to keep the YPG out, as well as Turkish/Russian troops patrolling a large chunk of the border also.

So, Assad "stabbed them in the back" as he ceded large amounts of their land to Turkey.
While the Kurd's still control some territory they have made huge losses
Now, when I say "stabbed in the back" Assad probably had not that much say in what went on. Not only does he not want to go to war with Turkey, but neither does Russia, the broker want to spoil its relationship with Turkey, but neither its relationship with Syria. The other aspect for Russia is that destabilisation in the middle east directly effects them, as there is huge crossover between Syrian civil wars groups and groups engaged in terrorism against the Russian state. Russia also had economic interest in Syria. Putin, the broker of the deal is essentially there to end the Syrian civil war and keep all parties happy so that he can continue to do business with all of them in future. The kurds are the smallest business interest so they got fucked, the deal for Assad and Erdogan is agreeable to both, Assad damages what he deems a separatist movement in his country, without having to go to continue the civil war, Erdogan obviously delivers a huge blow to the Kurds, cutting them off from the PKK and vice versa.
As for Putin himself, pretty much everyone in the region benefited from this decision besides the Kurds, so in reality, its hard to call him some hammer of the Kurds, the deal has delivered a modicum of peace the to the region.
Assad could have however defended his border with more vigour, earlier on, on many occasions and on that occasion, and it is likely that this situation where Turkey pays no heed to Syrian sovereignty would not have happened, or Turkey would have settled in the end for a ceasefire with Assad where he controls his own border.
It is also the case that this could end up being the defacto deal, when Russia tires of providing security for them both and when things in the region have generally calmed down.
At the end of the day, the deal he ended up making was to appease Turkey, not to defend the Kurds, these were no minor concessions, this is huge swathes of the most populated Kurdish/Syrian land. Evidently, Assad didn't bargain too hard.
>What's the trade relationship like between Rojava and the Syrian government?
They have a friendly economic relationship, Assad pays for their healthcare, meagre as it is.

>I've heard some people say that they have prevented the Syrian government from accessing oil and food in northern Syria
The question of the oil is that they consider that oil theirs, however they themselves have very little access to it as there is very little infrastructure and as most countries don't even recognise them and all their borders are war zones, its very difficult for them to get investment or buy the machinery they need. It is, as everywhere else, their most valuable resource, they restrict access in so far as any state does to secure energy independence (which they still don't have)
>protecting the oil fields
It is true that they are doing this. It is also true that had Assad defended his own borders, or what he considers to be his own borders, and fought alongside the YPG, then the conditions by which America decided to do this would never had materialised.
The are protecting US oil interests and that is, materially, taking part in imperialism. They do however, as witnessed by the deal struck between Turkey, Russia and Syria, not have any kind of choice. They have just lost all of their major cities, Assad has made it clear his tolerance of them only extends so far, the US will put the tanks there regardless of what they do and would stop them out of existence at the drop of hat if it felt the need to.
Aside from that, if you look around the world, any established socialist or socialist democratic country or Marxist Leninist revolutionary state has done some style of trade the US and other imperialist countries. The USSR did, they also Allied with the US and other imperialists nations against the Nazis. On top of this, none of this is a war of their making, they formed defensive units based on community organisations when the civil war broke out and then ISIS broke out. This is far from a standing army, it is a bunch of militias, a pretty good militia, but a militia none the less. Most of the people who fought were organised from the communities they lived in, they were not professional soldiers, although by now they are. They are no match for any of their own neighbours, with the exception of Syria itself and even then only because Syria is in a civil war
Further to this, it was the US and Israel who originally hunted down and captured Abdullah Ocalan for Turkey. Turkey is a Nato member and the PKK have been waging a guerrilla war against Turkey for a long time. Syria and Turkey have previously had policies whereby they help each other to fuck up the Kurds, and the Syrians have victimised the Kurds all by themselves on other occasions, indeed, a large part of the economic difficulty in Kurdistan is the lack of diversity in crops and goods, it was Syrian policies that made it this way, rendering Kurdish economic independence very difficult.
>So it would be correct to say that the "libertarian" thing is mostly a buzzword, then?
Insofar as the whole idea of libertarian/authoritarian is a buzzword.
The Kurds have done what more or less every other revolutionary socialist project have done, they have built unions, community and workers councils, provided for their own survival, built an economic base, then when shit hit the fan around them, these structures assumed control, given the nature of the structures, . There is in on the local level a large degree of direct democracy where they have been able to roll it out, attempts to roll it out however have been limited by the conditions. There is still a large degree of centralisation on the regional and national level, the key resources are nationalised, again, only in so far as they can be, in a nation in turmoil, particularly now given the recent developments.
thank you for taking the time to write this up

Hey everybody look our old BO came back!

(123.60 KB 1280x692 6d9bc7bb.jpg)
Suomi /Pol/ Anonymous 11/19/2019 (Tue) 02:59:52 No. 131942 [Reply]
Yli has been completely taken over by KC refugees. I don't know if there are any Finns here but I'm try anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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(20.82 KB 200x200 skp.png)
Voiko joku kertoa mikä ktp ja skp ero on? Ja miksi nämä eivät yhdisty?
SKP on radlibbejä eikä kommunisteja. KTP on Brezhnevisti-dinosauruksia, pyörivät lähes yksinomaan vain neuvostonostalgian voimalla
So which party are you in?
On siellä vähän, mutta se aina raidataan paskaksi tai sitten se vaan hukkuu siihen paskapostaus virtaan. Omasta mielestä yliksellä oleminen ei maksa vaivaa ja vaan korkeintaan nakertaa omaa mielenterveyttä. En tiedä kuinka moni on oikeasti noussut siitä liberaali ja äärioikeistoideologian suosta sillä, että näki jonkun kommari postauksen yliksellä.


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