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(113.49 KB 362x504 De Leon.jpg)
(41.69 KB 333x500 Hammer and Hoe.jpg)
(94.64 KB 907x1360 Toward Soviet America.jpg)
Theory by American Marxists Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 23:09:22 No. 664776 [Reply] [Last]
I'm starting a small reading group in which we will be reading theory written by Americans. I've got a small list already, but I'm looking for as much reading material as I can. I've already picked some stuff by Daniel De Leon and William Z. Foster, and I've also been suggested to read "Hammer and Hoe" (Pic related). Does leftypol have any more good suggestions? This is also a general thread on American Marxism, so let's talk about all the fairly obscure figures and actions of the American socialist movement.
https://www.marxists.org/archive/deleon/works/1905/050319.htm Here's one I added to the list. De Leon seems to have a lot of short yet great writings, he's very accessible.
I forget who it was but there was one American Marxist (Or he was at least a Marxist adjacent or something) who wrote an excellent piece of agitprop where its about his self insert character being put into a deep hypnotic sleep and when he wakes up the world is basically luxury space communism but it was written in like 1860 or whatever so its more like Luxury SteamPunk communism
(32.60 KB 750x750 CPUSA.png)
>>664931 That sounds pretty entertaining, hopefully someone can give us a title. I feel like American Marxism is an unexplored subject even amongst American Marxists. We obviously haven't produced anything like Lenin, but we've had some great figures in our history and they wrote stuff based on the American condition.
>>664931 Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy. Not a Marxist. The change to socialism in that novel is not attributed to the working class, but a cross-class coalition doing it peacefully. The red agitators are described as being akshully financed by big capitalists in a 4D Chess move to scare away normies from socialism! That said, the description of what's fucked up with capitalism looks absolutely in line with Marxism. The description of the future is a mixed bag. It's normal in that world that women have jobs, but in Bellamy's view ergonomic requirements mean work must be segregated by sex. As a novel, it's a bit tedious to read tbh (the part about how they elect the President… ugh who gives a shit). There is a sequel, Equality, and the first chapter is a dialogue between the man from the 19th century and his gf in the year 2000 and she grills him about what society was like. Capitalism gets owned with facts and logic. I feel that particular bit is exactly as relevant today as back then.

Would you say ancapism is even more retarded than fascism? Anonymous 06/15/2020 (Mon) 04:38:09 No. 612462 [Reply] [Last]
I think it is significantly more retarded than fascism Fascism as a political force directly proposes >Political autocracy to dismantle even the minor threat the pretenses of electoral democracy may pose to the bourgeoisie and fascist political class >Warfare for the acquisition of new markets, war loot, and slaves who can have their labor power fully expended (worked to death in factories) >Vicious austerity to preserve profitability, with eugenics ideology to justify it (reminder that fascism arises in states of severe crisis) >The banning of unions and worker organizations >Protectionism to protect national capital from competing imperialists >A vastly empowered state to mediate these changes <This will save capitalism from the proletariat uprising Let's see what ancaps propose: >Let's delete the state so we can revert to competing fiefdoms with their own private armies, private legal systems, internal currencies, and likely virtual serfdom as the alternative is constant warfare over labor forces >Also we'll need a higher body to arbitrate the NAP as to avoid constant warfare but this body won't be the state <By reverting to a high tech pseudo-feudalism we will save capitalism! Yea, I'm thinking fucking retarded Is anything stupider than anarcho-capitalism?
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>>659856 Yeah we need to reject marxism and embrace theorists who would have respected native land claims, like John Locke
(61.35 KB 960x812 235671.jpg)
What your stance on rent ancap anon?
(267.60 KB 786x602 the_purest_one.png)
>>659828 >Property rights help protect the weak
>>612462 Ancapism is dumb, but it's really not that hard to name more stupid ideologies. >neolibertarianism- which is literally no different than neoconservatism outside of muh NAP rhetoric being used to justify neocon policies >the vast amount of political ideologies born on unfunny polcompass subreddits Also, while most ancaps believe in deontological NAP nonsense, the few who don't can have some pretty interesting takes that aren't completely braindead, such as David Friedman (well, ignoring his extremely dumb notion that "private defense agencies won't go to war because war isn't profitable"). There's also the ones who are literally just confused mutualists too lazy to investigate the actual nature of capitalism and private property.
AnCaps are a meme. Libertarianism is a joke. Liberalism is a threat.

(33.83 KB 600x363 657585.jpg)
Education under socialism Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 14:21:05 No. 663605 [Reply] [Last]
What should education look like in a socialist society ? what should be learned by 1st/2nd cycle students? what would be the aims of the education system ? should we have "cycles" at all ? Get technical if you want.
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>>663658 And that is desirable how? I spoke Gaelic exclusively when I was young but since I never used it past age 5 or 6 I retained nothing. If you start it in elementary fine, but you better be prepared to maintain it all the way through the second and third tiers so to speak.
>>663688 Based
>>663753 He's a retarded ancum who understands the nature of bourgeois education but not the necessity of education as a whole.
My ideal of schools: > No obligatory presence > School has many diverse types of subjects > Students choose whichever one pleases them > Students are encourage to study by themselves and how to be more autonomous with their studies > Teachers exist to help students with their doubts on subjects and do more practical lessons > No exam Today school is not for learning anything but instead memorizing subjects that are in interest of corporations and the State. School gives a fuck about what are your interest and what you wanna do, they only care about what the big boys want you to do. It purely ignores the individual and it wishes for the "greater" purpose of society
>>663605 I'd divide it into three tiers, a primary, secondary and tertiary. The primary would be the equivalent of American elementary, basics like basic grammar, math, history, etc. Students who excel in one or more subjects should be placed in an advanced bracket to better suit their abilities, likewise those who struggle in particular fields may be placed on a decelerated bracket. I would also include "middle school" in this, but what qualifies as middle school is highly variable even within America, so all I can say is that as each year passes students will be given more advanced work universally. I think there should be a compromise between purely age and skill related class composition here, an age bracket for classes of say 8-10, 11-12, etc. Foreign languages may also be taught, with the indigenous language, whether it be Gaelic or Italian, given precedent. Secondary would be much like american high school, but I woukd ditch the age system and, except for physical education, allow all ages for all classes provided they have taken the prerequisites. Specialisation would become more apparent, such as seen in elective courses, with languages, biology, physics, in addition to the required courses for everyone, having "expansion" classes for students interested going into mpre depth, perhaps even at a university level. A certain number of electives in addition to the required courses should be required, as well as so many hours of community service to produce good character in an individual. Once all requirements are met, a student may go on to tertiary if they choose, college, university, whatever. If i forgot to mention it before you may also have specialised craft schools for secondary schools for thise not interested in tertiary education. With tertiary I think it would resemble modern universities very much. Overall I think the structure of education under bourgeois rule is largely alright, but it is the curriculum which systematically destroys critical thinking which needs replacement. I think dialectics or critical thinking should be its own course, like in Yugoslavia, to promote critical thinking. Just my opinion, i have no actual knowledge of Pedagogy so take this with a mountain of salt.

News 7/3/20 News Anon 3.0 07/03/2020 (Fri) 20:33:52 No. 664515 [Reply] [Last]
Bolivia: Far-right Candidates Plan An Alliance, Morales Alerts Bolivia's former President Evo Morales Friday warned that the far-right candidates Carlos Mesa and de-facto President Jeanine Añez would implement a U.S.-instructed coalition to prevent the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) from winning the elections on Sep. 6. https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Bolivia-Far-right-Candidates-Plans-An-Alliance-Evo-Alerts-20200703-0010.html Duterte signs Philippines anti-terrorism law, giving sweeping powers to security forces The legislation sets up a new entity called the Anti-Terrorism Council, which will be able to permit security forces to arrest terrorist suspects without a court warrant and detain them without charge for up to 24 days. Existing laws prescribe that such detainees must be brought to court within three days. https://on.rt.com/akx9 US Military In Colombia Has To Stop Operations: Court Rules The Third Section of the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca, Colombia, ruled on Wednesday in favor of a legal action issued by opposition senators against president Ivan Duque, regarding the presence in the country of U.S. military troops. https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/US-Military-In-Colombia-Has-To-Stop-Operations-Court-Rules-20200702-0021.html Armed man roamed Justin Trudeau's grounds for 13 minutes after ramming gates Canadian police say the armed man who rammed a truck through the gates of the prime minister’s residence was loose for 13 minutes before authorities finally spotted him. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/03/armed-man-roamed-justin-trudeaus-grounds-for-13-minutes-after-ramming-gates Russia Jails North Korean Poacher

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>664559 Which article is this?
Momentum election results show appetite for radical change Momentum members have elected a new leadership in the wake of Jon Lansman’s departure. Activists from the Forward Momentum slate – standing on a promise to democratise the labour movement and fight for socialist policies – have swept the board.This demonstrates the real fighting mood that exists amongst grassroots Labour members. The task now is to turn this victory into a platform for a determined fightback against the Blairites and the Tories.Forward vs ‘Renewal’:Forward Momentum candidates ran a bold and positive campaign, pledging to put power back into the hands of grassroots activists.As part of a comprehensive programme, the slate called for open selection and “an end to selection stitch-ups and backroom deals”. These calls for greater democracy come alongside socialist demands for public ownership, and important efforts to scale up political education and trade union organisation.Notably, the slate itself was selected through a process of open primary elections, on the back of online meetings held across the country. As a result, amongst those now elected onto the Momentum NCG (National Coordinating Group) are rank-and-file trade unionists and community activists with roots in local labour movements.By comparison, candidates for the rival Momentum Renewal slate were chosen precisely through the sorts of opaque ‘backroom deals’ that Forward has promised to put an end to.Indeed, the only transparent thing about Renewal was how clearly they were the ‘continuity’ faction, effectively promising ‘Lansmanism without Lansman’. Rather than renewal, they offered ‘replace and repeat’. But this did not wash with Momentum members, who have grown tired of the deadend down which the ‘left’ bureaucracy has led the Corbyn movement.Notably, the only area where Renewal won was in the contest for NCG positions allocated to ‘public office holders’ (e.g. MPs and councillors). For this category, the only people who could vote were public office holders themselves.In all other areas, the Forward slate secured a clean sweep, winning almost 60% of votes amongst the far-larger pool of rank-and-file Momentum members. Turnout overall was over 8,500, representing a sizable chunk of Momentum’s total paid-up membership of around 25,000.This disparity shows the clear divide that exists between ordinary members of the labour movement and those in official positions, highlighting once again the need for open selection and genuine democratic accountability. https://www.socialist.net/momentum-election-results-show-appetite-for-radical-change.htm The New York Times fabricates Russian murder plot Not since William Randolph Hearst cabled his correspondent in Havana in 1898 with the message, “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war,” has a newspaper been so thoroughly identified with an effort to provoke an American war as the New York Times this week.The difference—and there is a colossal one—is that Hearst was fanning the flames for the Spanish-American War, a comparatively minor conflict, the first venture by American imperialism to seize territory overseas, in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. The Times today is seeking to whip up a war fever directed against Russia, one that threatens to ignite a third world war fought with nuclear weapons.There is not the slightest factual basis for the series of articles and commentaries published by the Times, beginning last Saturday, claiming that the Russian military intelligence service, the GRU, paid bounties to Taliban guerrillas to induce them to attack and kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. Not a single soldier out of the 31 Americans who have died in Afghanistan in 2019-2020 has been identified as a victim of the alleged scheme. No witnesses have been brought forward, no evidence produced.The sole foundation of the reports in the Times, since reinforced by similar articles in the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press, and accounts on cable and network television, are the unsupported, uncorroborated statements of unnamed intelligence officials. These officials give no proof of their claims about the operation of the supposed network of GRU agents—how the money came from Russia to Afghanistan, how the money was distributed to Taliban fighters, what actions the Taliban fighters carried out, what impact these actions had on any American military personnel.Yet six days into this press campaign, there has been no acknowledgement in the “mainstream” corporate media that there is anything dubious or unsubstantiated about this narrative. Instead, the main focus has been to demand that the Trump administration explain when the president learned of the alleged Russian attack and what he proposes to do about it.The Times reporters spearheading this campaign are not journalists in any real sense of the term. They are conduits, passing on material supplied to them by high-level operatives in the CIA and other intelligence agencies, repackaging it for public consumption and using their status as “reporters” to provide more credibility than would be given to a press release from Langley, Virginia. In other words, the CIA has provided the plot line, and the newspaper creates the narrative framework to sell it to the American people. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/07/03/pers-j03.html From the River to the Sea: The Palestinian Liberation Struggle Nu'man joins Breht to discuss the Palestinian Struggle, the Intifadas, the historical solidarity between black revolutionaries in the US and Palestinian revolutionaries, settler colonialism, Frantz Fanon, and SO much more. This was a really engaging interview, and we are positive that our listeners will love it! https://revolutionaryleftradio.libsyn.com/palestine
>>664541 Seriously, it’s like they wanted to extinguish themselves. Are they being stupid on purpose?
>While Mr Trump and his campaign have relentlessly mocked Mr Biden for his supposed mental decline, sharing videos of him apparently slurring his words and smearing him with the nickname “Sleepy Joe”, there are reports that his attempts to focus voters’ attention on the subject are not working – and that they may even be hurting Mr Trump’s chances among older voters, some of whom find the attacks distasteful. how many times are libs going to do this shit to themselves? do they not see that Trump's obscenity is his appeal?
(788.52 KB 923x1000 20200703_183129.png)
thanks news anon

(38.65 KB 300x463 1593811965338_image1.jpeg)
Has anyone read this book? Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 21:35:26 No. 664624 [Reply] [Last]
Saw it advertised on WSWS, wondering if it's worth a read
>>664624 I haven't read it, but as per my understanding it's not a full original book, just a compilation of WSWS / whatever newspaper preceded it articles from 1990-2016. If you don't acknowledge the eternally correct revolutionary perspectives of the International Committee against the slanders of the pseudo-left, I'd skip it.

(187.72 KB 1000x750 MMT.jpg)
Anonymous 07/01/2020 (Wed) 07:52:38 No. 657689 [Reply] [Last]
Is Modern Monetary Theory correct?
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>>664467 >>663128 Hudson believes in the LToV, right?
>>664460 Wait lmao you're that reddit user aren't you?
>>664471 No, read the PDF you drooling brainlet.
>>664497 >>664471 What does David Harvey's essay on the LTV have to do with Hudson's beliefs on the LTV?
(268.67 KB 379x379 1574150984355.png)
>>660707 >thinking you know more than Shaikh because you follow some nerdy clique on Twitter

How would one debunk the common misconception about the Nazi economy being a 'miracle'? Anonymous 06/27/2020 (Sat) 15:57:45 No. 646192 [Reply] [Last]
What was their secret? In one hand, the NSDAP greatly lowered unemployment, and improved living conditions for ethnic Germans. But in the other, they largely did so through slave-labour in their camps, and directing all of their economy towards military-industry, that many say was bound to collapse. I made this thread so that we can discuss this topic. If you've got any charts, sources, or documents that prove how fragile the economy was under the NSDAP, please post it.
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>>650269 Them juicy czech factories obviously wouldnt take over themselves
(359.52 KB 185x200 gulag.gif)
>>647630 nigger
>>650245 You are a based comrade in return please enjoy these WW2 history pdfs
>>647630 >beer >-60% protecc that german culture

(67.48 KB 662x638 20200630_143925.jpg)
Should Managers be considered members of the working class/proletariat? Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 14:34:27 No. 654982 [Reply] [Last]
Asking for an anon
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If you aren't an agrarian man you are a labor aristocrat
>>654982 joke: jeff bezos is petit bourgeois because he still has to work woke: if you have property you are part👏of👏the👏pro👏blem👏 broke: if you make more than 50% of your earnings in stock, you're a member of the bourgeoisie baroque: the bourgeoisie is the revolutionary class that will liberate itself from the tendrils of the aristocracy poison oak: don't tread on me cloak: (((who))) is the bourgeoisie????? brothers koch: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck poor people misspoke: poor kids are just as bright as white kids on coke: WE ARE ALL SERVANTS TO THE AI CAPITALIST DEMIURGE )).)).?((( bespoke: there is the working class in itself and the working class for itself
>>664319 based!
(235.60 KB 1200x800 IMG_20200213_231246.jpg)
According to Marx, in the modern stock company, the capitalist really just becomes an overseer of a more impersonal value realization process, it's the negative sublation of private property. It's "capitalism without capitalists" - the capitalist, who is merely the character mask of capital itself, isn't a physical person here anymore but divides himself into multiple parts, the chief manager, who controls and directs stock-traded monopoly capital, and the shareholders, the private approrpriators (which is a reciprocal relationship because sometimes the shareholders really don't have that much power over the manager). So the manager here is part of an ideational overall capitalist consisting of the managerial board, the stockholders and the state (as an overall directing entity) - this is the condition of state monopoly capitalism, where profits are not entirely a result of the exploitation of the working class. Here, credit becomes evermore important here, and with the rise of financial capital, it enlaces itself with monopoly capital creating finance capital, the most imperialist form of capital existing hitherto. The manager of a middle-sized firm under a national capitalist is need just a labor aristocrat, the monopoly manager is not.
>>664512 is indeed just a labor aristocrat*

(46.95 KB 400x382 p99m4uZxQD1vn479ho1_400.png)
Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 15:52:15 No. 663792 [Reply] [Last]
What exactly do smashies want to achieve? Liberal reformism won't actually solve the inherent contradictions of capitalism no matter how radical it is. Bumplocked: duplicate sectarian post. Take it to the anarchist thread.
Edited last time by antious666 on 07/03/2020 (Fri) 20:13:43.
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>Bumplocked But why?
>>664484 Well of course It isn’t our shame
>>664485 begos i god buddens to bush :DDDDDD
>>664486 I suppose when all you do is live vicariously through other nations successful movements it makes sense to collectively ascribe CHAZ to smashies
(166.78 KB 422x382 1578852723081.gif)

(485.52 KB 500x500 chantopia.png)
Utopia Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 19:08:04 No. 664341 [Reply] [Last]


no cookies?