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(103.01 KB 1024x683 Militia.jpg)
What do you think of right-wing militias? Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 20:16:50 No. 1149158 [Reply] [Last]
Do you think they could become burger Brownshirts? Or will they always remain larpers? I think there are two things we should look out for: increasing cooperation between militias (or outright mergers) and increasing cooperation between millitias and powerful institutions (mainly the Republican party and large corporations). Currently they are rather fragmented, but a unified militia movement could be rather powerful and dangerous.
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>>1150655 Profit rates fall lower and lower, and as more countries arrive to the technological frontier even growth rates will go loer and lower
>>1149158 With the proudboys there are large social media accounts from them where they make explicit calls for violence <day of the rope, kill degenerates, etc.. Note that while this isn't the official Proudboys telegram account, it is actually larger than their official one: https://t.me/ProudBoysUncensored/5400 https://t.me/ProudBoysUncensored/5373 https://t.me/ProudBoysUncensored/5387 https://t.me/ProudBoysUncensored/5355 https://t.me/ProudBoysUncensored/5463 https://t.me/ProudBoysUncensored/5464 https://t.me/ProudBoysUncensored/5507
(46.27 KB 450x293 US rate of profit.png)
>>1151670 At the rate things have been going, it will probably take at least 1 or 2 centuries before the rate profit falls to 0 (or close to it). Besides, capitalists might find a way to boost it, like by exploiting space resources. And even once the rate of profit falls close to 0, it's hard to predict precisely what sort of response will be taken to it.
>>1152615 3% is about whe capital stops. If capitalism does find a way toraise the rate of profit, it will be by eliminating the landlordism which is driving up the price of the means of subsistence. Get ready for company towns to make a comeback.
>>1149978 we need more of this

(302.27 KB 1024x683 5649561196_42c708b367_b.jpg)
What is the defintion of fascism/ nazism? Anonymous 11/14/2020 (Sat) 12:13:22 No. 1132619 [Reply] [Last]
How do we define fascism / nazism? What is the difference between them? Is the Dimitrov definition still relevant? I think we should have a coherent definition of what fascism is. And what we definitely should not do is using the term "fascism" in its vulgar sense. Not every reactionary is a fascist. It causes confusion. For example, soviet press used to call Pilsudski a fascist. Which wasn't true, but even these days many people still call him a fascist. Calling Trump a fascist was a big succes of woke neolib propaganda because they managed to convince many leftists to "vote against fascism". there is also the question to which extent are fascism and socialism related ideologies. Because there is a grain of truth to that (but not in the sense muh horseshoe retards think). another question is to what extent are third positionists / nazbols / strasserites etc. socialists.
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>>1147173 Is that an argument? I'm not here for your salt. >>1147195 Himmler was probably one of the more imperialists in the bunch and the SS was really where the NSDAP pull all the ethno-supremacists. You see neo-nazis idolizing the SS in particular for exactly that reason, during the war they were a tool of incredible power in their brutality and embracing of heinous crimes against non-aryans, they were so feared that they were shot on site if captured- and that didn't happen as often as one might expect because many fought unto the death even after the surrender of the Third Reich and sometimes they even fought the Wehrmacht! So in summation, I would say the SS were a extremely radical group withing the NSDAP system that was directed outwards at Europe partially just as a way of distancing them from the NSDAP itself. All the degenerate volk, the occultists, the really bad people were kind of warehoused in the SS and then let loose when the war broke out. You can see in their recruitment structure they weren't a military or even a political sub-division, they were more akin to state terrorists and everyone in the NSDAP was scared of them
(105.30 KB 576x432 128.jpg)
>>1147251 >Is that an argument? Calling communism "stupid socialism" is not an argument and it deserves to be treated with salt. Don't play games where you put up a theoretical "fascist" who is not "you" but who you speak through like you're using a marionette puppet. It's passive aggressive. >everyone in the NSDAP was scared of them I can certainly see why people were scared of them but Heinrich Himmler was the second most powerful man in the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler's most trusted confidante. He wasn't just some warehoused anomaly that didn't reflect the ideology at some level and what its goals and intentions were, especially when they were being implemented in all its murderous, genocidal brutality. Since you mentioned Indians and Africans earlier, that the Nazis were interested in getting them on their side is not shocking to me, what was novel about the Nazis is they directed their imperialism, genocide, and settler-colonialist empirebuilding against other Europeans. That's what was shocking about it to Europeans at the time. The British, the French, the Americans, etc. had all built their empires. And they murdered and enslaved and killed people to do it over a long period of time. Most of the people who they did that to were not white, by and by. The Nazis did it to other white people (or "Slavs") or Jews and did it on a sped-up, intensified, compressed and hyper-violent timescale using all the latest industrial machinery. That's what was novel about the Nazi system.
>>1147145 >If you don't agree- well that's who the socialist right are and let me tell you they do exist and they hate you. No doubt a bunch of capitalists would hate us. >See I think this kind of confirms my suspecion that commies just take a very narrow view of socialism "we are the only real socialists". Explain how the system the fascists utilized wasn't capitalist, because it literally has all the mechanistic trappings of capitalism. >Fascists are explicitly anti-imperialist- ethno-nationalism precludes imperialism because the state being the domain of the volk That's a fucking lie and you know it. The Nazis explicitly engaged in imperialism throughout eastern europe in its most obvious fashion, and arguments about "autonomy" fall apart when you look at what groups the Nazis declared to have control over said areas and who did not. >>1147154 >He was a member of the socialist party from his beginnings, championed socialism his whole life and only fell out with the socialist movement when they started expousing an "international socialism" aka. communism, where he believed in a 'national socialism" No, the party was always communist, and Mussolini fell out when he literally argued that Italy should join into WW1.
(242.07 KB 1080x1440 556356_v9_ba.jpg)
>>1146513 >Owen Jones that nigga looks psychotic

“Capitalism is socialism” Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 09:40:29 No. 1151310 [Reply] [Last]
Is this the basic understanding lolberts now have of modern capitalist society? They’ll outright say that things that only even occur because of the government privatizing masses of public property and cutting regulations are in fact products of “state socialist policies” For instance, every economic crisis that’s been precipitated by the government letting porky do whatever dumbfuck socially destructive thing he wanted is “socialism” because the government was there even though the government implicitly did nothing to begin with which caused the crisis in the first place Lolberts even call Trump a communist from time to time, depending on which retarded rightoid position they hold towards his actions They’d probably say Bezos is a socialist too, they probably DO say he’s a socialist I’m guessing pretty much no porky has ever actually believed in lolbertism and ancapistan, yes? Those are just fantasies for small business piglets and big porky knows libertarianism and a cap are just retard pseudo-thought meant to make the proles and smol biznez owners cuck out? Have lolberts *ever* known what socialism and capitalism are, or have they always argued that liberal capitalism with a government is “socialism” and specifically only 1860s homesteaders and the small private shops that arose to cater the frontier towns of 19th Century America are “true capitalism”? Would that mean lolbertism is solely an American mental affliction as well?
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(44.91 KB 839x631 187 votes.png)
(58.72 KB 725x651 la riva chads rise up.png)
(41.25 KB 240x273 kishore rn.png)
ITT we laugh at Kishore, the WSWS and the SEP Anonymous 11/09/2020 (Mon) 00:14:44 No. 1109926 [Reply] [Last]
>SEP constantly rants about how they're the only legitimate worker organization >They use the WSWS to make themselves look more influential than they are and constantly belittle other orgs and labor unions as "bureaucratic Stalinists" >They do this to the point where they harass labor struggles in order to fight for their own "independent" movements >2020 elections roll around, they run Kishore for president >They only get ballot access in one state, oh well at least they can concentrate their efforts there >They get 187 votes >In comparison, La Riva got over 50,000 votes and won five times more votes in the same state alone Trots on suicide watch?
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>>1150564 >I for one enjoy our cozy misfit bunker. Me too anon, me too. Can't wait for this election shit and pol drama to be out of the way so we can go back to comfy geopolitics analysis and theoretical debates.
>>1150425 I have recently discovered PSL website news https://www.liberationnews.org/
from the booru it's pretty lol and recent, since SoRe only split off from SA last year
>>1110045 Socialist Action is also pro-Cuba. On most international issues (with the notable exception of China) they take an "anti-imperialist" stance similar to FRSO/PSL. I think that any group that criticizes Cuba is utterly braindead. They are literally at the front door of the Amerikkkan Death Machine. Like, cut them some slack...
>>1152017 Thanks comrade, I'm most certainly not a Trot, but putting aside sectarian feuds, I deeply respect your commitment to anti-imperialism.

Are the 9/11 hijackers our comrades? Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 00:29:13 No. 1153479 [Reply] [Last]
>attacked literally the capital of capitalism, WORLD TRADE CENTER anyone? >actions resulted in immense strain on the american machine >made right wingers reveal their true colors shortly after >caused the TSA to be created, meaning that lolberts constantly sperg out every time they have to get on a plane >if you're bourgeois enough to fly on a plane, you probably deserve to be collateral damage >hit the Pentagon with such accuracy and speed right wing lunatics think the government would fire a missile at the MIC headquarters >most effective propaganda of the deed since the Zapruder Film
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>>1153479 This thread glows like the sun
No, they just crashed planes, and gave the empire a reason to fuck up 2 countries.
Critical support for Islamic comrades. The dialectics are in motion. The fall of American Empire is near.
They're reactionaries but 9/11 was funny and based
>>1153479 Glow harder

(41.95 KB 324x400 1601672113189.jpg)
Soviet Union BTFO'd? Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 21:44:29 No. 1153104 [Reply] [Last]
This was a response from a leftcom when I said that I didn't 100% agree with their characterization of the Soviet Union as state capitalism. His response seems to BTFO ML's though. My comment is in orange. What do you think? Has /leftypol/ been BTFO'd by the "state capitalism" meme? <I think one of the big ones is saying that the USSR was state capitalism. It was definitely a class society with the Poliburo owning the means of production, but it just doesn't strike me as capitalism. Also it seems like some of your solutions aren't very sound, although it's been awhile since I've looked at what leftcom's solutions are so I can't remember exactly what seemed wrong. >To say the politiburo specifically owned the means of production makes as much sense as saying Stalin personally did or Gosplan. The state did. >Either way, if the state (or some section of it) privately owned the means of production (meaning only a section of society has exclusive ownership), then that leaves the laboring population dispossessed of their means to life and thus forced to work (the state mandating work at that point is simply redundant in that sense). There is thus a working class. Furthermore, this working class was paid in exchange for its ability to work, that is to say, it was waged. Which it used to buy commodities. So the working class went to work in exchange for a wage, which it used to buy commodities, and was exploited in various enterprises with owner(s) which had exclusive control over the means of production, the difference between their wage and their labor taken by these enterprises and the state as a whole in order to be reinvested to expand the whole scheme and produce more commodities, and exploit more labor, in competition with other enterprises operating on the world market. That is to say the dominant force was capital, which was accumulating itself, by the only way capital can: exploiting the working class. >How does this not define "capitalism"? Because planning (more accurately: quotas and some controls)? How do you think companies work? Because nominally the country operated as a giant corporation and its competition was international rather than other national enterprises? Because the private ownership was by the state and not singular individuals? What are shareholders? >Next part: "Leftcom" solutions? There are no pre-fabricated "solutions". That is purely for the realm of idealism. The only thing we can do is support the working class struggle against capital and push for the working class to build its own organizations to fight and overthrow capitalism with; all we can do as advanced sections of the class is clarify the class's own struggles and "solutions". "Communism is not a state of affairs to be established, an ideal to which reality will have to adjusy itself, but the real movement which tends to abolish the present state of things." A large issue presently being to clarify what "the present state of things" is and combating opportunist and idealist delusions about what exactly is its "abolition". baiting, low effort OP, anchored
Edited last time by CL_anon on 11/20/2020 (Fri) 14:17:25.
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>>1153186 So paying taxes is the same as capitalists extracting surplus value according to you?
>>1153540 Yours is a very stupid post.
>>1153551 No, you.
>>1153525 The state does not exchange labour for labour. Also, c m c' means dead capital, as in machines. A planned state does not need to use use capital to produce to sell for money with which to buy more capital. It directly commands labour and what is to be produced. It can create capital without needing to make a profit because it can litterally print money to command labour, and any "profits" gained are just destroyed. That's the basis of mmt. It's basically just shit labour vouchers that people can exchange on the black market. >>1153521 >That is true of every capitalist state that controls the production of fiat currency. Not a refutation because the whole point is the combination of directly commanding all mop while also being the issuer of currency. >but it still must provide them with the means of subsistence Same as above, I don't see how this refutes my argument >It serves the capitalist in precisely the same way It does not. Corporations are bound by their limited access to currency to command labour. They have to produce products, sell them, then use the money to hire people again. This is why we have unemployment in crises, because corporations have limited currency, are unable to sell their goods and this unable to hire workers to keep production going. That is also why it is the government that then steps in as the issuer of the currency that then uses its money printing ability to hire all idle labour, thus unjamming the machine of capitalism. There is a clear difference in the role of a currency for a private corporation and the role of a currency for a government. A government is not bound by a profit cycle. If it miscalculated and uses half of all labour to create useless junk, it will have no long lasting impact as all labour can be instantly shifted, while in a capitalist economy the loss of sales would mean half of all employers are unable to hire workers.
>>1153521 >increases the quanity of the means of subsistence that is necessary How were they subsisting before that call to labor? It's not 1840 anymore. They weren't gleaning the wilderness. >has to pay for it Or, the sovereign can simply direct its production and provide it directly. What token shuffling occurs to enable that is a mere implementation detail. I know neoliberals' entire identity and ideology is based in learning to be feeble and sedentary and fetishizing line over life, but fuck them. >>1153540 The sound money meme is a make-believe whose entire purpose is to rationalize and enable oligarchs to accumulate demands for labor power. >>1153574 >Corporations are bound by their limited access to currency to command labour Effectively, the limits are minimal, and very often relaxed for good cause as the bourgeois conceive it. It's not only the sovereign who can create money; in fact, the past several decades have seen a relentless and largely successful campaign to liberalize aka privatize money creation by way of private credit creation.

Trump Is Said to Be Preparing to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 05:47:26 No. 1150812 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/16/us/politics/trump-troop-withdrawal-afghanistan-somalia-iraq.html?fbclid=IwAR2ySa3T6n89vdePS_rshVGr6PXcAOVP6dmArupLhbfHvYKHmIPp3D5uTNQ >WASHINGTON — President Trump is expected to order the U.S. military to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia by the time he leaves office in January, using the end of his time in power to significantly pull back American forces from far-flung conflicts around the world. >Under a draft order circulating at the Pentagon on Monday, the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan would be halved from the current deployment of 4,500 troops, officials said. >In Iraq, the Pentagon would trim force levels slightly below the 3,000 troops that commanders had previously announced. And in Somalia, virtually all of the more than 700 troops conducting training and counterterrorism missions would leave. TRUMP IS ABOUT TO FUCK OVER AMERICAN IMPERIALISM OUT OF PURE SPITE
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>>1150896 lol, sounds like Bidens going to be pissed he won't be able to say he was the one that ended the war
(591.04 KB 772x794 23457895798345.png)
>>1150914 Ruh roh. Also sneaky peaky. Erik we see your hangars.
(1.63 MB 256x348 brownnotmoving.gif)
>>1150896 lol, didn't that nigga Biden vote for the war.

Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 23:49:10 No. 1153391 [Reply] [Last]
just take the greenpill already you fucking kuffars
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all these religions and you choose the one founded by a child rapist
>>1153475 Mormonism?
yeah I'm gonna go with based, inshallah, Islam will win
>>1153475 >being this gullible to western propaganda
>>1155318 Mohammad was a child rapist. Get fucked.

Questions for Humanities/Social Sciences Students Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 19:00:20 No. 1148948 [Reply] [Last]
I'm a STEMfag, but I'm sometimes thinking: "What, if I made the wrong decision?" Every Social Theorist was/is a Philosopher or Social Scientist(Marx, Zizek, Bastiat, Hayek, Hobbes etc.). Even most Activists/Revolutionaries did something in these Fields(Lenin, Rosa, Mao, Robespierre). So what's the deal? To all the people studying something in these Fields(that includes Economics), what would you say are the pros and cons of being anti-STEM Gang?
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>>1148948 Pro: by having a focus in the humanities, you learn more about politically relevant ideas, and can develop relationships and practices that are more directly a part of the struggle. Con: The power of the proletariat increasingly stems from stem, any effective organizing has to take place in the upper echelons of the working class. A cohesive working class movement requires stemlords. Don't be a meme. Many leftists have been stem lords, you don't have to wear a potato sack or ask people if they want fries with that in order to be a lefty. If stem makes you happy, be a chad stemlord, if your not happy, you won't be effective politically, and besides, maybe politics isn't your thing, don't fuck up your life over a fad, and besides, college is mostly a 'post-modern' debtors prison as it is.
>>1148948 If a proletarian can run a factory, he can run a project as lead engineer too, right? How hard could science possibly be compared to the daily oppression of living on the same land as someone who is richer than you.
>>1148948 >studying >reading
The only issue I think is that STEM ingrains a sense of philosophical positivism in contradiction with dialectics. This is, ironically what fuels SJWs who at my college at least were all stemlords.
The only issue I think is that STEM ingrains a sense of philosophical positivism in contradiction with dialectics. This is, ironically what fuels SJWs who at my college at least were all stemlords.

(298.15 KB 434x400 Nazi Trump.png)
4chan is going back to 2015-levels of radicalism Anonymous 11/07/2020 (Sat) 20:25:00 No. 1103736 [Reply] [Last]
Hear me out for a moment. Oldfags know full well that 4chan was always, at its core, anti-mainstream. Contrarianism is the one principle that always united most of the boards and a big chunk of its users. The majority of their opinions and beliefs are rooted in a vaguely rebellious rejection of whatever's deemed popular or acceptable at any given moment; it's among the main reasons behind the urge of hiding in such an underground and harsh corner of the internet, far from the "normal" environments the web has to offer. You can trace the origin of most of its successful movements/campaigns/"activism" back to such mentality. Politically speaking, it's also why the site aligned with a mostly liberal, anti-conservative mindset during (and shortly after) the Bush presidency. It's why they opposed religions/cults, far-right personalities such as Hal Turner, Wall Street, Jack Thompson, John McCain and so on. Needless to say, it's also why it was generally considered a left-oriented website. That is, until Obama won. The shift from left wing, to liberal, to libertaria, to right wing happened in the span of 8 years. The "disillusion" with the ideological side they once backed happened alongside its popularization/sterilization and its consequent widespread acceptance. The site went as far as embracing everything they originally opposed, as the media started rejecting it more and more. As the time went on, 4chan also became much more political and radical. And that's exactly when they embraced extreme nationalism, religion, "tradition", capitalism and so on. The 2016 election was the culmination of such sentiment: Trump was de-facto their relief valve. And, as he won, the disillusion process started once again. Anons slowly started taking their distances from the guy ("he's not doing what he promised! He's a shill!"); by the third year of its mandate, full support for the president was mostly relegated to a few boomer-containment threads. Unsurprisingly, nazism and fascism almost completely disappeared from the board, getting more and more shamed and derided left and right. The engagement/excitement for the 2020 election was nowhere near as intense as the last time. Now, the general trend suggests that a Trump 2020 victory would have ensured the resurgence of a naturally left-leaning 4chan by 2024. Since it got more radical with time, it was even easy to imagine the site eventually embracing communism/socialism in the future.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>1130527 Not a weapon expert but the pic you posted sounds like obvious satire (a gun that breaks your arm 8 times and decapitates your victim?), and I see no racial references. Also, are you sure that's really what the gun shop owner was referring to? With your post, are you implying the "filth" gun owners want to "cleanse" is black people? Why do you assume that criminals you'd be more likely to shoot at are minorities?
>>1130448 >castle doctrine what is wrong with it?
(91.96 KB 1280x720 432341312.jpg)
>>1131275 >cute anime girl its male
>>1103760 this OP posted a boring wall of text
>>1103935 make this a banner


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