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(6.30 KB 188x269 trumpy(1).jpeg)
Anonymous 07/01/2020 (Wed) 04:11:36 No. 657167 [Reply] [Last]
Is the Trump love on 4chan genuine? I just can't understand why they continually defend and make excuses for him.
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>>660434 >turd positionists soooooo nazis
>>659855 >They got the canidate they wanted and he failed them. Statues are getting torn down and flags are getting removed and all they can do is impotently rate.
>>660396 >Impotent rape Now I'm imaging a rapist that can't get it up
>>659181 I'm not sure of anything, but between a collapsing economy, botched handling of covid-19, mass protests/riots, and general hatred of Trump by everyone outside his base I think it is likely. I think Republicans are scared seeing as they've accelerated their voter suppression efforts significantly. >>659197 If anything I think dementia makes Biden somewhat more likeable because he comes across as a goofy grandpa rather than the bloody thirsty politician he has always been.

Whitepill thread Anonymous 06/27/2020 (Sat) 22:31:25 No. 646924 [Reply] [Last]
Because fuck doomers. Thread theme: https://youtu.be/ygr5AHufBN4
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(335.02 KB 1303x1600 paul-klee-angelus-novus.jpg)
>>664425 Hope, for liberalism, is the hope of ceaseless progress. It's a strange hope in that it is both a guarantee as much as a desire. Progress is guaranteed under liberalism: it's the unshakable notion that "history is on our side" and "things are always getting better." As Benjamin critiques, "Josef Dietzgen announced: 'Labor is the savior of modern times... In the improvement of labor consists the wealth, which can now finally fulfill what no redeemer could hitherto achieve.' . . This vulgar-Marxist concept of what labor is, does not bother to ask the question of how its products affect workers, so long as these are no longer at their disposal. It wishes to perceive only the progression of the exploitation of nature, not the regression of society." This ideology, inherited by neoliberalism, has even dropped the pretense of agency. Labor will improve itself, it says, and the market will always improve, ceaselessly. Society need not even act, for they are already within a system that functions for them, in which their rational choices have functionally been already chosen, and always already procure further progress. This ideology, which Benjamin calls the ideology of Historicism, just as equally considers time as “empty” and “homogenous”, where history is considered the amassment of facts, not that of potentials. This system is precisely the ‘’denial’’ of potentials. Even as Blanqui noted, “In this world, progress is for our descendants alone.” The system as such displaces our present into that future, thereby denying ourselves the potential of ‘’now.’’ Hope as progress and hopelessness as fate stand as “indissolvable antinomies”. They function as the same tool by the bourgeois to keep humanity enchained within their ideological timelines. They are necessarily ‘’historical’’ emotions, and they must in turn be fought on historical grounds. “The only writer of history with the gift of setting alight the sparks of hope in the past, is the one who is convinced of this: that not even the dead will be safe from the enemy, if he is victorious. And this enemy has not ceased to be victorious.” The melancholy described and the hopeful myth of progress are counterparts of the same ideological mechanism. What binds these together is their promise of "return", the essence of myth. The return of the past and returning to the future, both permanently fixed in historical time. Benjamin, in his final work, describes a method of historical materialism that might be referred to as Redemptive History. Redemption does not seek to return to or revive, but to fulfill and absolve those lost causes. It presents humankind as the actor within a historical continuum that is anything but settled. History, rather than the dead facts of emptied time, is instead as here today as it was then. “Are we not touched by the same breath of air which was among that which came before? is there not an echo of those who have been silenced in the voices to which we lend our ears today? have not the women, who we court, sisters who they do not recognize anymore?” It presents the left not as the reenactors of old struggles, or pioneers of new future struggles, but the inheritors and redeemers of that same struggle: a struggle that is always on the verge of being retooled by the bourgeois as dead and permanently lost to history. Thus, Benjamin writes, “In every epoch, the attempt must be made to deliver tradition anew from the conformism which is on the point of overwhelming it. For the Messiah arrives not merely as the Redeemer; he also arrives as the vanquisher of the Anti-Christ.” The struggle of today, which Fisher investigated with Hauntology, is the struggle to recognize the present as now. To recognize that we are in now time, that now is the time of now. And that revolution is always the channeling the potential of now. A redemptive history does not seek to glorify the past nor mourn it but to realize it now, to channel it now; to recognize now as the same time as what was once, during past revolution, their now. “History is the object of a construction whose place is formed not in homogenous and empty time, but in that which is fulfilled by the here-and-now.” The optimist and the doomer therefore rest their fates on a historical system that is constructed against them. The history of the left is the history of failure, no doubt, but it is precisely how we read that failure that will determine us now. “To do justice,” Benjamin writes, “to the figure of Kafka in its purity and peculiar beauty, one must never lose sight of one thing: it is the purity and beauty of a failure.” Failure here is not eradication, repudiation or denial, but failure as a gesture towards an incompleteness: a fundamentally flawed incompleteness in the world that both Kafka’s works and the Left seek to redeem. Its enemies, therefore, are those who wish to present the world as sealed off perfected system, in which nothing can or should be done to change it. Every gesture towards its incompleteness, every failure, is thus also a radical gesture towards the potential for change: an attempt to blow up the historical continuum within that capital so ruthlessly secures it own power.
>>663281 >>663293 ;) embrace christ
>>664461 ;) how bout i fuck him instead
>>664466 ;) brace, discordia
>tfw your relatively normie friends start saying socialist-adjacent stuff and spotting wreckers/glowies

(522.36 KB 828x689 stalincensoringyou.jpg)
Censorship Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 03:23:06 No. 665307 [Reply] [Last]
To what extent in censorship needeed during a revolution/when building a socialist society? In politics or even art? How to avoid it getting out of hand?
I think it will be necessary during times of extreme economic deprivation (and presumably as long as the government knows what the fuck they're doing) but in times of great surplus I don't think it's necessary, and the USSR never really had this high surplus if we're being honest, it was always just enough to get by.
>>665307 free speech is only for the people i agree with
>>665307 How about instead of censoring things you disagree with, you either address why it's wrong/stupid or you take criticism and improve?
>>665407 why would we do that when we can just throw you in a psych ward because you're clearly delusional to criticise us

(95.15 KB 675x1200 DiBlUlYV4AA6aNf.jpg)
breadtube getting less radical Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 04:05:06 No. 665393 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone feel like breadtube is getting less radical (anarchist/communist) and less edgy and more filled with socdems/demsocs and liberals? for example is pic related even a commi anymore? and what about the dominance of anarcholiberals like Vaush?
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>>665397 what about Cockshott
>less radical >implying
>>665398 Cockshott isn't an e celeb
>>665398 Having a youtube channel =/= being an e-celeb. He uploads lectures based on his expertise, not vlogs where he shills a patreon.
Take it to /IG/

Anonymous 06/19/2020 (Fri) 21:20:30 No. 623358 [Reply] [Last]
How does /leftypol/ feel about small business owners?
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>>623358 they shall become workers like others. All the ones who oppose it get gulaged or straight up executed, because petit bourgeois are reactionnary fucks that exploit the average worker even more than a megacorps
fuck em
theoretically cool with self-employed workers although most of then are just assholes. otherwise, loathe the nepotism and despotism.
>>623358 If they don't employ anybody but themselves, I'm fine with it. Contracting would only be for specific repairs and shit, like installing plumbing. As long as they do not extract surplus value from anyone, I'm fine with them.
>>623373 Depends. If you contract someone like Uber does to skirt employment regulations then they get the extra gulag. If they just hire somebody to fix the plumbing, that's like a homeowner doing the same.

(13.48 KB 240x360 Lysenko_evil_eyes1.jpg)
Lysenkoism Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 02:46:42 No. 662684 [Reply] [Last]
I am a scientist, My one concern with communism has always been how to account for favoritism within a party-controlled system. Before anyone claims Lysenko was onto something, he actively denied the existence of genetics and his ridiculous theories costed lives. Epigenetics rely on the acknowledgment of genetics, and do not yet even close to apply to crop cultivation as Lysenko lied about.
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>>664701 (cont.) So let do an experiment. Let expose a group of plants into different conditions (signals). And check if there is any change in RNA or DNA which correlate to our input signal. For example, check if these correlation exist: sunny ~ sequence A dry ~ sequence B moist ~ sequence C If we find it, then it's really the language that life uses to communicate
>>664714 (cont.) Damn it, as an computer scientist, I'm very excited now. If my hypothesis is correct, then in complex lifeforms, there could be context-free and non-context-free grammars. If we want to learn the words, first we must learn from very simple lifeforms, because in higher lifeforms, there could be regular expressions and very complex language systems, not to mentions dead words or filler words
>>664694 >>664706 I read from here: https://www.khanacademy.org/science/ap-biology/natural-selection/origins-of-life-on-earth/a/rna-world And I think RNA world hypothesis is very interesting. From what I understand, according to this hypothesis, RNA are the true workers of life. Proteins are their tools, and DNA are the elders (rigid, but very good at keeping memory). Am I correct? If so then I think in that case, we must find a way to communicate with RNA, only in that way we could do well-controlled genetic modification instead of the chimera method we use now.
>>663674 >horrified by bourgeois "genetics" >purge geneticists >revolutionize genetics anyway https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsIibD-TLcM How do communists dew it?
>>663821 >You don't know what the fuck you're talking about, have never spent time in a biology classroom let alone a lab. Uncritically repeating from a textbook doesn't demonstrate knowledge. You even agree with him when you say >The sequence determines the gene but you miss the point. What determines the sequence? When does it start and stop? This is arbitrarily determined by humans. There is no natural barrier around GATTACA, its delineated by the observer. You are completely missing the point or don't understand how DNA actually works. This is reductive, DNA is not parts. Its only useful if your purpose is to become a human gene reading robot and your sponsors wan't to CRISPR some corn. You sound like a cappy insisting the LTV is wrong because they cant into socially necessary labor time and repeatedly insisting we divine commodity prices from the ether. >>664495 >There are so many black boxes and piles of crufty old code out there. Just because throwing darts blindfolded works on the millionth try doesn't make it Science™. Genetics is way more of a black box than computers ever have been. Its pretty clear here: >>663967 >This is what I mean by "metaphysical" it is "something" in the genome (not perse the sequence itself) that determines the trait, we can't pinpoint it exactly. And use the term "gene" in general to ascribe that which determines the trait, it "codes" for the trait. It is a useful term to easily communicate what we are talking about, but useless when we restrict our view of reality by it.

(273.93 KB 1000x720 Great Zimbabwe.jpeg)
Would Africa be better off without the sum effects of imperialism? Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 01:12:04 No. 664973 [Reply] [Last]
Some people say that imperialism, while exploitative, developed Africa a little as a side effect, at least exposing it to many technologies that were more advanced than native ones at the time and which in the present day, account for African countries' rapid growth (at least in terms of GDP, where countries like Ethiopia and Nigeria are growing like 6% a year, whereas America only pulls in about 2%). What truth is there to this claim? How would Africa look like if imperialism hadn't happened?
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>>665255 >why can't you just change the variables to reach a desired outcome? You can, but that outcome would still be pre-determined. The will of this (physical) god is still determined. If this God sees that two rocks are headed towards each other but doesn't like that outcome, we could hypothetically predict that this God doesn't like that outcome and would change it.
>>665269 if we had all the relations to predict god's decisions then we could simply change reality to influence his decisions. that's the premise of human sacrifice, a good example of extremist determinist arrogance. if the Aztecs were right, this is STILL an example of a will asserting itself over another will. >but wait, couldn't god see what these people are trying to do and stop them? then he would predict it and stop those people from trying to affect his will. but we know that god knows this, so we change the variables to stop god from knowing... you see what I mean? there's just way too many contradictions with this position. we could do this all day but it's the equivalent of trying to solve the grandfather paradox. it's safer to assume that determinism is simply not true.
>>664973 I mean maybe but you'd just have the powerful african kingdoms engage in imperialism on the lesser kingdoms and tribes if Europe never came.
>>665283 Yeah, I see what you mean, and it is an interesting point. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it tbh, but I don't feel like it has changed the reality of determinism. No being is omniscient.

Why is communist history so much more epic and interesting than any other history? Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 02:09:41 No. 665101 [Reply] [Last]
Is it the time period communist history begins (19th - 20th Century) or is it commies just being the best?
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>>665230 The Battle of Stalingrad B)
>>665236 Well they fought capitalists so it did happen to them too
How do i get started with commie history?
>>665242 People’s History of the World by Chris Harman covers a lot of communist history once it reaches the late 18th Century before veering off into trot dogshit
>>665242 Also Rev Left Radio covers a lot of commie history (host is an ML but the show allows socialists and anarchists of any tendency)

(586.93 KB 1500x844 restaurant.jpg)
Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 17:53:47 No. 664140 [Reply] [Last]
Let's settle the question that has been nagging leftypol for months now: Are restaurants bourgeois? Bumplocked: Ridiculous thread.
Edited last time by antious666 on 07/03/2020 (Fri) 20:08:43.
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>>664583 can have some of mine. i got a metrix fuckton!<:
>>664355 Ask me how I know you come from a petite booj family. That's a really condescending, if not outright classist take. Eating out at a restaraunt can be nice-- even better if the restaraunt serves good food-- most people would agree with that statement. What is wrong with working class peoplewanting to habve something nice that may normally be out of their price range once in a while? Are you insinuating that restaraunts aren't nice and people only think they are because rich people in movies go to them, or that working class people are easily persuaded by movies and want to emulate the bourgeiosie? Either way, your take is retarded.
>>664707 ayyy lemme get some of that comrade
>>664746 >Are you insinuating that restaraunts aren't nice and people only think they are because rich people in movies go to them, or that working class people are easily persuaded by movies and want to emulate the bourgeiosie? Both.
>>664532 if you look at any ghetto all around the world you will find plenty of kitsch things like buildings adorned in fake gemstones and fake gold taps and people wearing fake (and real) designer clothing and gold chains around their necks of various sizes. meanwhile if you go into a suburb it's part of their ideology to dress like an "average joe" with off-brand groutfit tracksuits, blank t-shirts, or polo shirts and khakis like a retail worker. this obsession with being "not bourgeois" is a bourgeois ideology in itself.

(113.49 KB 362x504 De Leon.jpg)
(41.69 KB 333x500 Hammer and Hoe.jpg)
(94.64 KB 907x1360 Toward Soviet America.jpg)
Theory by American Marxists Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 23:09:22 No. 664776 [Reply] [Last]
I'm starting a small reading group in which we will be reading theory written by Americans. I've got a small list already, but I'm looking for as much reading material as I can. I've already picked some stuff by Daniel De Leon and William Z. Foster, and I've also been suggested to read "Hammer and Hoe" (Pic related). Does leftypol have any more good suggestions? This is also a general thread on American Marxism, so let's talk about all the fairly obscure figures and actions of the American socialist movement.
https://www.marxists.org/archive/deleon/works/1905/050319.htm Here's one I added to the list. De Leon seems to have a lot of short yet great writings, he's very accessible.
I forget who it was but there was one American Marxist (Or he was at least a Marxist adjacent or something) who wrote an excellent piece of agitprop where its about his self insert character being put into a deep hypnotic sleep and when he wakes up the world is basically luxury space communism but it was written in like 1860 or whatever so its more like Luxury SteamPunk communism
(32.60 KB 750x750 CPUSA.png)
>>664931 That sounds pretty entertaining, hopefully someone can give us a title. I feel like American Marxism is an unexplored subject even amongst American Marxists. We obviously haven't produced anything like Lenin, but we've had some great figures in our history and they wrote stuff based on the American condition.
>>664931 Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy. Not a Marxist. The change to socialism in that novel is not attributed to the working class, but a cross-class coalition doing it peacefully. The red agitators are described as being akshully financed by big capitalists in a 4D Chess move to scare away normies from socialism! That said, the description of what's fucked up with capitalism looks absolutely in line with Marxism. The description of the future is a mixed bag. It's normal in that world that women have jobs, but in Bellamy's view ergonomic requirements mean work must be segregated by sex. As a novel, it's a bit tedious to read tbh (the part about how they elect the President… ugh who gives a shit). There is a sequel, Equality, and the first chapter is a dialogue between the man from the 19th century and his gf in the year 2000 and she grills him about what society was like. Capitalism gets owned with facts and logic. I feel that particular bit is exactly as relevant today as back then.


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