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American Antifa good or bad Anonymous 01/05/2020 (Sun) 19:37:58 No. 199241 [Reply] [Last]
Has Antifa in the US been a bad or good thing? I'm afraid because of some of their actions it's radicalized too many working class away from the left, but the same can be said about the right. What do you think?
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I think the effectiveness of American Antifa is questionable but I think they're also unfairly smeared by the media as excessively violent and "authoritarian," a great boogeyman to help make their support of fascist individuals more palatable
Did some good, did a lot of bad.
>>199435 My thoughts exactly
(7.36 KB 320x240 7g07_015.jpg)
Until something better comes along its good. We always have this thread popping up, so it's one of the more consistent parts of the struggle, and that should tell you something, that it's captured part of the discourse, as well as social attention. That's to say its been effective in obstructing the far right, triggering them and showing that lefties Can come together and throw down. Can antifa tactics evolve in the coming decade? hopefully but if not something will have to take its place. Sure the right hates it, but they're not america. no body of research has been compiled which measures antifas demographic support. Its mostly a spectacle. It's a small minority of the pop struggling with another small minority of the pop which gives it that hysterical media vibe. The bulk of antifa praxis is just research and doxxing. Im sceptical of horizontal structures, spontaneity, anarchism, black blocs, but I still give it my solidarity. Though what I'd really love is a red front 2.0 which fills in for where antifa tactics fall short. Hard to see what that would look like today tho.
>>199393 Based

(212.57 KB 1200x1200 ted-kaczynski-578450-1-420[1].jpg)
Kaczynski on socialism Anonymous 12/15/2019 (Sun) 00:25:51 No. 161811 [Reply] [Last]
>A contributing factor in Cuba's economic failure was the embargo imposed by the United States: U.S. firms were forbidden to trade with Cuba. But this factor was not decisive, and not as important as admirers of the Castro regime liked to think. Cuba could trade with most of the economically important countries of the world other than the U.S., and was even able to trade indirectly with major U.S. corporations by deal- ing with their subsidiaries in other countries. The embargo was far less important than Cuba's inability to free itself from its excessive dependence on sugar or even to run its sugar industry efficiently. Another factor in Cuba's economic failure was a lack of cooperation within Cuban society-Engels's "conflicts among many individual wills." There were absenteeism, passive resistance to production quotas, and "stolid peasant resistance." "Individualistic" tendencies led to pilfering, waste, and even to major criminal activity. In addition, there were conflicts within the Cuban power-structure. Almost certainly, however, the decisive factor in Cuba's failure has been the Castro regime's refusal to comply with the technical requirements for economic success: The regime compromised its ideology only as far as was necessary for bare survival, and declined to accept those elements of the free market and of capitalism that might have made vigorous development possible. That this factor was decisive is shown by the fact that purely socialist economies have failed a11 over the world.
>Other factors contributing to Cuba's economic failure were: (i) The limited natural and human resources of the island. But Singapore had negligible natural resources, yet built an impressively powerful economy. Human resources (trained technical personnel, etc.) can be created in a relatively short time, as in Japan following the Meiji Restoration. The Cubans would not have had to be as industrious or as skillful as the Singaporeans or the Japanese in order to build merely an adequate economy. (ii) Cuba's economic dependence on the Soviet Union. But Cuba's dependence was only a result of its failure from other causes. An economically sound nation would have been able to avoid total dependence on a single foreign power.
What is your response to this? How do you explain Cuba having a much smaller GDP per capita than Singapore? What is generating their high GDP if they have no natural resources, multinational tech companies? I was took off guard by what he said about the embargo, which I thought was more far-reaching than he makes it out to be.
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>>184866 that's a hilarious compilation vietanon, thank you for sharing >>185275 what's wrong with it?
>>185275 OP is trying too hard to avoid getting yelled at for reddit spacing, except he's not completely sure what reddit spacing is. Overcompensation.
>>185390 Oh... fucking great.
Shitler and Mussolini (former Marxist) had they been socialists Europe certainly would have been conquered by Communism ideologically. With Hitler's and Mussolini's speaking ability (video related in post), plus skill to rally their people we could have seen capitalism destroyed. Stalin's daughter said "my father would tell me if the German's and he allied we would have been invincible. It's sad what happened, we were so close. This is way Fascism must be crushed, Fascism is the last defense of capitalism no matter what.
>>184873 >or he seriously has a mental handicap. yes, the guy sending bombs through the mail might have less than stellar mental acuity

Anonymous 01/03/2020 (Fri) 22:00:42 No. 196456 [Reply] [Last]
Why isn't the state stopping Amazon
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>>196896 More realisticially: >War occurs >Repeat of 2004 >Bernie doesn't get elected or, if you're fanciful: >War occurs >Bernie gets elected >Stock bubble bursts >Economy goes into a tailspin >Congress blocks any attempt at saving it >Bernie still does his best with some executive powers >The Deep State actively sabotages his efforts >No alternative organizational capacity exists or can be built in 4 years >Feckless Hoover nonsense >Josh Hawley 2024

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>197277 Check out Walmart's anti-union shit. "We're a family. Don't let a union come between our management and our wage slaves associates."
>>197280 >associates all these phrases are literally Orwellian
>>196910 >Put them somewhere they can watch socialism succeed where they failed. Bolivia done that, porkies don't care.
>>197276 I'm really into your fantasy here anon, let's make this happen

(70.72 KB 1023x625 duJnm.jpg)
WWIII Anonymous 01/05/2020 (Sun) 04:26:10 No. 198288 [Reply] [Last]
Why is everyone specifically twatter, but I've seen it all across the net freaking about WWIII happening. Is it just fear mongering or is there any substance to this claim? I know there's a good chance that the US could go to war with Iran, But I doubt the conflict will escalate beyond that. And besides Porky doesn't have any interest in bring about the apocalypse .
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>>199963 >The message of "nukes stop wars" is quite silly when one considers the constant warring of the US and its brinkmanship during the period of the USSR Niggas forget that nuclear war was averted not through the sanity of porky but rather the sanity of the Soviet government and military
>>199963 That last paragraph, fantastic effortpost.
>>199963 yeah that was great >>199966 a man can't appreciate some bantz?
>>199963 screencapped
>>199983 there is a time and a place for bantz but given the threat of infiltration, playing up sectarian divides rn is lending aid to the enemy. we can have differing opinions and takes on how these things can or will progress, but at the very least we should acknowledge our stance as a united front against US imperialism. even if it's a stance held for a coalition that can realistically not affect shit, it is a good example to set and practice to have in case we ever get real prominence or power.

(75.70 KB 511x500 3l53b7.jpg)
What Will You Do if Conscripted? Anonymous 01/04/2020 (Sat) 03:43:53 No. 196934 [Reply] [Last]
Alright Americans, as you know WW3 is gonna start soon. Will you try to dodge the draft?
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Absolutely ridiculous that any of you think you'll choose prison when the police are waiting at your door. You better come up with a more realistic plan than that.
>>196934 Too old tbh
>>196968 You're disgusting
>>199973 consider the context of the picture retard
>>199973 t. reddit.

(134.40 KB 1326x1080 Profile_-_Hades.jpg)
Hades makes a deal with Leftypol Anonymous 01/03/2020 (Fri) 06:50:00 No. 195229 [Reply] [Last]
Let's say that Hades himself offers to destroy the USA, drag their government into the underworld, in exchange for the souls of the Bourgeoise. Do you accept?
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>>195253 but they have Yahweh
(18.29 KB 750x274 BASED undercover comrade.jpeg)
He had me at destroy the USA. That's be enough. just bantering totes bantering, agencies that lurk ;^)
>>197694 >xddd agencies will put me on a watchlist for dis Stop putting Warhammer metal paint on the paper tiger that is the CIA, you actually sound like reddit with muh social score memes
>>195253 does hades have a way to combat icbms?
Sounds legit, you fry them porkys up hades and we will worship you as our new god.

(518.17 KB 1820x2015 1566924984768.jpg)
Strategies for breadpilling Anonymous 01/05/2020 (Sun) 19:43:24 No. 199248 [Reply] [Last]
What are some effective strategies to get ordinary liberals or even centrists further to the left? I'd like to discuss some strategies we can individually use to spread socialism.
Tying Socialist ideas to relevant problems in their lives without using jargon is probably your best bet.
normal people don't care about ideology, make sure to appeal as to how YOU can directly help THEM
Don't use Marxist terminology, speak directly.
>>199248 Simple, talk about the things behind socialism like how the problem isnt taxes "rich" people and its actually the problem of private ownership that allows people to accumulate wealth and buy politics. Don't say any retarded queer theory or ID-pol shit because only a few people in huge cities actually care. You could also bring up how capitalism has only actually survived because it needed a state to issue private property and make a currency for everyone to use. If you encounter a faggot conservative who is die hard trump just ask him for a definition of capitalism, socialism and then communism.
>>199409 it truly is amazing how effective it is to request simple definitions. obviously don't autistically demand a list of them, but you'll be surprised at how few people can provide even one.

(95.21 KB 800x668 9767959.jpg)
Should we make a rule against sectarian infighting/off-topic derailing? Anonymous 01/05/2020 (Sun) 14:22:44 No. 198764 [Reply] [Last]
I'm pretty sure you know the situation already. >Discussing something about a non-related issue. >Someone manages to transform the argument into "fucking tankies" or "fucking anarkiddies". >The subject is abandoned because of sectarian infighting, not reaching a concensus. >The thread becomes a shitstorm. This tactic is used by glowies or retards to stop actual discussion just to redirect the conversation into something not dangerous to the statu quo or directly harmful to the socialist organization. The only thing that sectarian infighting does it put people off the movement to avoid useless drama (and not only sectarian infighting, but also idpol discussion is guilty of this), look at what happened when the old BO went all out against what he considered imperialists and such, the only thing that it achieved is to kill the popularity of /leftypol/, and making it so we fell from the 3rd most populated place on 8ch into I don't know what position. Instead of looking outwards, against the problems of capitalism and criticizing reactionaries, we're looking inwards, into the organization itself, into useless drama, deslegitimizing our cause to the look of others. What should we do to prevent this, maybe make a "sectarian gulag" like with the idpol one and such, specialized thread? What do you think?
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>>199392 So you want a ban on shitposting outside that thread. Who amongst us doesn't shitpost?
>>199403 I picked bad examples in my post. I just don't want to avoid threads getting derailed by anarchists and MLs having the same tired debates.
>>199403 Me, actually. All of my posts are A+ quality, check em out.
>>199417 post the link to your account d00d
No, we shouldn't make a rule moderating your subjective measure of the quality of discourse.

(48.74 KB 655x527 698368576287.jpg)
Anonymous 01/05/2020 (Sun) 22:19:36 No. 199439 [Reply] [Last]
Where do I get factual information about history and societies in regards to socialism / communism / anarchism? I need a perspective untainted & unwarped by capitalist propaganda.
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Marxistinternetarchive.org Anarchistlibrary.org Look up information about Anarchist catalonia, The Zapatistas in Mexico, The paris commune, Korean Anarchist association, ukraine. There's also many good books about the soviet union. Really go to our sticky.
>>199454 Oh, yeah. I forgot about the sticky. >There's also many good books about the soviet union. Any recommendations? China would be interesting as well.
Read Black Shirts and Reds by Michael Parenti Easy to find on libgen
>>199439 Not here
>>199439 Finnbols site is pretty good on marxism/communism/socialism Plenty of articles and pdfs, especially his real history of socialism section. https://mltheory.wordpress.com Less good on anarchism, but there's a lot of that on libcom.org

(18.17 KB 800x533 Marx.png)
"Marx was an Anarcho-Capatilist" Anonymous 01/05/2020 (Sun) 10:31:19 No. 198568 [Reply] [Last]
I'm seeing this argument increasingly used online. The argument goes Marx believed that Communism was the next step after capitalism had produced the most efficient version of itself. Also sights his belief in free trade etc. How do you respond to this Critique
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>>199148 If you were to implement labour vouchers and don't want to wait until you can have a world government that allows you to roll this out everywhere at once, then you will need to fix prices for the part of the economy that is planned while there is trade with economies still using markets and independently acting units
Marx would have been a Ron Paul head
>>198568 Marx was not for labour money. That is a mutualist idea which Marx explicitly criticized. Marx argued for non-circulating labour certificates. The word money implies circulation.
>>198568 I respond with "take your meds" or "are you retarded?"
(397.61 KB 787x813 1548483002202.png)
>>198573 Retards, like Nick Faggot, believe Marxists are infiltrating the government. There disconnected from reality there is no convincing them other than a bullet.


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