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Opinion on the Muslim brotherhood? Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 11:49:02 No. 665846 [Reply] [Last]
There are probably the political faction in the middle east with the most popular support. What's their endgame bros?
>There are probably the political faction in the middle east with the most popular support Not anymore bruv.

Anonymous 07/01/2020 (Wed) 16:08:16 No. 658400 [Reply] [Last]
why do you guys hate anarchists so much???? we are not "leftists that only read animal farm", we have like 150 years of theory, and most of us would like to work with you MLs guys. if we would help each other we could have a leftist world, but you always push us under the bus, like the bolsheviks to the makhnovists of ukraine, or the CNT-FAI that was attacked with propaganda by communist newspapers during the civil war. we could give aid to each other and set aside our differences, we have one struggle, the fight against capitalists, we must help each other during our times in need. most of us dont hate communists we both have the same objective, with different means. lets stop the infighting and help our brothers on the fight against capitalism, fighting between ourselves only gets the revolution late to work. obviously we cant make a mega leftist nation, but we can support the other leftists around the world. it is not like we are the libs that are succdems, we want to stop capitalist via revolution.
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(40.70 KB 720x743 antiseman.jpg)
>>658765 Always remember makhno did progroms
>>658993 is jew some kind of filtered word like black kings?
>>658577 >>658592 "Anarchists are children, they're stupid" As always tankies are indistinguishable from any bourgeois elitist, the true ideology of the people is literally sneered at by these woke college kids
>>663900 Did you hear about the time third world communists got money out of first world anarchists by pretending to be anarchists and waving anarchist flags?
>>658731 >The only anarchist org that is based is the 4 person food not bombs people god I fucking hate food not bombs charity work is boug enough, but it's fine as a front for agitprop but i draw the fucking line at charity work that condescends to the people it's helping just give the homeless food and talk to them, your point about starvation in the midst of abundance doesn't require you to fish it all out of dumpsters or insist on feeding people fucking vegan/vegetarian food t. was fed a godawful vegan meal by gringo anarchists in mexico half a decade ago and is still bitter about it

(107.21 KB 960x525 trot.jpg)
What the fuck is socialism? Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 05:54:35 No. 662892 [Reply] [Last]
I've read critique of the Gotha programme at least 3 times as well as working on Capital vol 1, but my brain is super retarded and can't absorb information. I keep getting shit on for having sub par definitions of socialism (worker ownership of the means of production/transitionary stage) and people just tell me to read critique of the gotha programme again and again, even though I've already read it and I can't even see a concrete definition of socialism. Why do people call the USSR socialist if that's not what socialism is?
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>>664259 >i see no difference between the VEB Schwermaschinenbau-Kombinat „Ernst Thälmann“ and wal-mart, they are both the same type of company kill yourself
>(1) The first stage of the communist formation. The economic basis of socialism is social ownership of the means of production; its political basis is the power of the toiling masses under the leadership of the working class, headed by the Marxist-Leninist party. Socialism is a social structure that precludes the exploitation of man by man and develops in conformity with a plan, with the objectives of improving the well-being of the people and comprehensively developing every member of society. >(2) Scientific socialism, the doctrine that reveals the historical necessity for the establishment of socialism and shows the way for its gradual transformation into communism; part of the Marxist-Leninist theory. https://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Socialism
>>664072 I'm not a revisionist, but thanks for the clarification
>>663610 >>663599 Fair enough, I wasn't quite right to say the word socialism was used long before, although ideas resembling it did appear since ancient times, and utopian socialists coined and used the word years before Marx. There's also the issue that whether we like it or not, normies think socialism is taxing and spending today. Of course we need to describe Marxist socialism. My point is that when talking with a lib who's saying he wishes bernie gave us socialism, say something like 'I hear you but that's not what marx meant by socialism' instead of 'REEEEEEE THAT'S NOT WHAT SOCIALISM IS'. I realise even the first one comes across somewhat clunky/ pedantic, but ygm

(27.86 KB 300x209 300px-Flag_of_JCP.svg.png)
Japanese Communist Party Anonymous 06/22/2020 (Mon) 03:49:35 No. 629281 [Reply] [Last]
Thoughts on the Japanese Communist Party? Are they real socialists? I've read that they believe in reformism; does anyone know if there are any real revolutionary Marxists in Japan?
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>>665556 Yeah, it is. End of Evangelion in particular is kind of a metaphor of WW2, where one jap (Shinji) and one german-jap (Asuka) rejecting the NWO imposed by the UN.
(37.04 KB 612x612 1568433765467.jpg)
>>629318 >Scientific socialism is revisionist
>>665584 Who gives a single shit about end of Eva tho
>>665626 End of Eva is a part of Eva, which is like half the point of the show.
>>664912 In short: Ghosn wanted to merge Renault and Nissan, Japanese porkies in Nissan weren't ok with this and exposed his corruption (he did the usual accounting magic that all CEO) and had him arrested. Japanese shitty justice system did the rest, but the way he (allegedly) managed to escape from house arrest is so hilarious and absurd that I can't help but respect him.

(670.79 KB 1350x1350 exterminated.jpg)
Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 02:18:02 No. 665123 [Reply] [Last]
What is the Marxist analysis of the native American genocide?
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>>665384 Might be doxing myself here, but when this shit started I looked up my local BLM org on twitter (where they were announcing information for marches) and the first thing I saw was them ratting out a different protest group for not being "official."
>>665412 It's not an improvement if they come to think they're successful because black people are oppressed.
>>665281 >and then this allows whites to dominate more "middle class" jobs Most “middle class” jobs only became such after WW2, and most of them were industrial jobs not PMC type jobs which it sounds like you are talking about. For most of American history the industrial jobs that created the American middle class were difficult, dangerous, and low paying. That only stopped when militant labour action forced massive concessions for wages, hours, and working conditions. And contrary to what you said about blacks being “locked out” of such jobs, they were often used as strike breakers.
(16.28 KB 494x123 1485487475856.png)
>>665151 >Vanilla marxism doesn't have a great analysis here, just "primitive accumulation" and progressivist, euro-centric stuff
>>665701 >anti-Idpol is just another permutation of colonialism. No, it isn't. I come from a country in the third world and I know what the effects of imperialism are like. However I also recognize the only way to liberate the people is not through some intersectional bullshit, but rather through socialist organizing. Idpol when used in a vaguely socialist movement has and always will lead to a co-option by liberals. Every single socialist movement in the East survived or at least gained popular support by first ridding itself of idpol, which leads to balkanization or revisionism. >Yeah, this board isn’t representative of commies. This board actually came from 8chan, a Nazi board so extreme it produced two mass shooting. This board is deeply racist and fash. Basically what your looking at here are the Nazi party before the night of the long knives. 8chan wasn't a single board, people created their own boards. 8chan's /pol/ board wasn't the only board, y'know. Also, "this board is deeply racist and fash" is just hilarious. All of us are from different countries and ethnicites, go look at /ref/ if you want proof. >Please don’t let them ruin your impression of commies. Because the only commies are liberals, amiright?

(114.69 KB 822x1024 Blanqui.jpg)
Blanquism Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 18:58:03 No. 664320 [Reply] [Last]
From what I would ever hear about Blanquism in leftist circles, it always seems to be written off as an idealist socialist tendency, compared with adventurist terrorism, propaganda of the deed and other pretty retarded strategies. However, the basic principle of Blanquism, of introducing socialism through a plain old military coup of fellow traveler officers, doesn't really seem that bad of an idea. We know for instance that socialism can be destroyed through the same praxis by right wing elements in the military, going so far to convert the entire country into an ultra-neoliberal experiment (Chile). So why would socialism be any different? Why can't it be introduced in much the same way? And this is not a baseless claim that it is possible. If anything, we already saw some example of it in action. Possibly most obvious is the Carnation Revolution in Portugal, where left-leaning generals overthrew the Estado Novo regime. They didn't go further only do to not being themselves overly radical. If I am not mistaken, Sankara took power in much the same way. And then there is the example of basically the entire Eastern Europe. After WW2, democratic elections took place in all the countries. Socialists / Communists were prominent, but not enough to actually take control. However, under advice from Moscow, they all would target taking power structure offices which they did, and then used to pretty much coup these states and join up with the Soviets. Another more theoretical example is combining Blanquism with Opportunism. Let's say a country naturally enters a crisis. At such a point in time, the military or a cabal withing the government could pretty much abuse the circumstance to establish a dictatorship. From there on, under a pretext of taking things under control, it would implement socialist principles over time, hopefully withering away the autocratic elements over time. So, to sum up, why is it that Blanquism is shied from? It seems like a perfectly workable piece of revolutionary practice to me.
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Given that the carnation revolution lost all its will to radical change and sankara ended up with more holes out show thats its not an idea that has worked out very well. On the flip side doing that on the command of the CIA is quite profitable and less likely to have you end up with additional holes, China isn't about to sponsor any low level officers anytime soon.
>>664374 Well the lack of will to do radical change in Portugal was due to the officers who did the coup not being too radical themselves. However if it was examined as a coup to bring about social democracy (which isn't great, I know) it was a success. Meanwhile Sankara was killed not because some flaw in the way the revolutionary policy was handled, but rather because he stepped on the French colonialists dicks. So him failing is no more a problem with Blanquism than Indonesian genocide being the failure of traditional communist practice.
Worth remembering when you focus on Sankara that Upper Volta was basically the Thailand of Africa, coups were very normal things there. IIRC Sankara had lived through several by the time he was old enough to join the military.
>>664320 >It seems like a perfectly workable piece of revolutionary practice to me. only if the military has leftist elements in it which it generally wont with volunteer forces

(199.39 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault(2).jpg)
Clinton Body Count Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 23:24:47 No. 662289 [Reply] [Last]
Is there any truth to the Clinton Body Count conspiracy, or is it just typical right wing tinfoil hat stuff. It certainly seems plausible that they had at least some opponents/liabilities killed, but the extent to which the people who push it take the theory seems a little dubious.
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>>662430 I mean, you could do it without a drop, let them dangle for a while before giving them a break. You could probably repeat that a couple of times, at least.
>>665443 Could a dose of Commie cock have saved young Rodham from a bloodthirsty future of warmongering? We need a Terminator style movie franchise about this
Jesus christ, hornyposters ruin everything. SHE'S A LIZARD YOU IDIOTS. YOU ARE WANTING TO FUCK A LIZARD.
>>665187 Was a las Vegas concierge not a politician
>>665624 Leave the scalies be, man

What does a socialist society look like or what would yours look like? Anonymous 06/25/2020 (Thu) 01:20:29 No. 639088 [Reply] [Last]
What would a socialist society be like or your socialist society be like? How is it managed economically What is its culture what about social policies like housing is class abolished how is daily life different from capitalism what does it feel like? and so on...well anon how would you vision a socialist society.
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>>639088 Socialism isn't really a system. It's just the transitional period that usurps capitalism with the ultimate goal to create communism.
>>639088 >Planned economy with cockshott cybernetics, and worker cooperatives. Parlamentarism with collective mandates i.e where there's one elected official representing X workers, and for each decision he takes he must inform and gather the vote of the represented workers. After the vanguard assures that the revolution is protected, it dissolves into a judicial and political council body that approves and suggests measures to the parliament. To ensure there is no election fraud, each ballot box would be checked by each location's workers union.
>>639202 >>639210 holy based
>>639116 Wrong. Class relations will disappear under socialism. Socialism is just the period in between communism being the dominant mode of production. The point isn’t to slowly change the social relations of production, but to replace them.

(32.60 KB 750x750 cpusa.png)
What killed the CPUSA? Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 00:04:43 No. 664886 [Reply] [Last]
Some of the Maoist crazies would say that the new european proletariat used them to get the new deal which converted them into labor aristocrats, and then discarded the party, or more simply, the new deal meant that the Communist party had no purpose. The more orthodox historians say that they were subject to massive repression and the cold war was what really killed them. Which was it? Does the Maoist argument have any validity?
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>>664893 He just wanted to throw a buzzword in
>>664918 True. After they purged trade unions of commies it might've had effect on cpusa.
>>665059 Glowies don't give a fuck about them now
>>665085 stop using zoom idiot
(80.21 KB 444x343 32984723974892347832.png)
>>664929 >Unions can do a lot of things but they cannot reverse globalisation. Can't argue with that. If trade unions just focus on "getting more" without directly challenging capitalism as such, then they're walking themselves into an alligator's mouth.

(98.73 KB 720x380 glow.jpg)
glow Anonymous 06/30/2020 (Tue) 01:44:33 No. 653378 [Reply] [Last]
How exactly can they be fought? when they have tens of billions of dollars? If someone starts a campaign to get tech people to not join them can they 'starve the beast' by making sure they don't get enough coders/it/cybersecurity people?
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>>665446 Open source are only used by smart people who care about privacy. Zoomers don't give a shit and just use the most convenient apps, this is why tiktok gets such a huge hit, it's easier to use.
>>665436 Its even higher. Most "security professionals" are CISSP which is just middle management. Real blue/red team sec skills are hard to come by.
>>665460 Yea and social media is peak surveillance capitalism that cant survive out of the US bubble long term.
>>653398 lmao this nygga simpin for sum leftist coochie
(54.38 KB 678x452 1560997543667.jpg)
You don't stop them you resist their attacks until the revolution reaches america >>665396 not this time winnie pooh


no cookies?