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(17.85 KB 612x409 gavel.jpg)
People's Tribunal Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 04:44:04 No. 380398 [Reply] [Last]
There's not a moment left to waste - how will we implement law in the wake of crisis? What would your court look like? Which individuals should be tried first, and for what crimes? How would you make sure that appropriate evidence was provided and examined?
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Fossil fuel business leaders need to get BTFO
bane has no authority here this is merely a sentiment hearing
>>380485 whoops wrong flag
>"You don't need evidence to execute someone during a revolution, only evidence they need to be executed" -Che Guevara
>>380412 >Re-education >All police forces t bootlicker

(661.61 KB 940x470 article3-940x470.png)
Chinese Imperialism Anonymous 03/16/2020 (Mon) 14:28:56 No. 365023 [Reply] [Last]
Can somebody give me some objective data as to what China is doing in Africa? On one hand, theres the PSL, which plays defense for everything China does (even though they're not even a socialist country anymore), and on the other hand, you have the liberal propaganda machine saying its horrible. Can someone link me to some objective literature on the subject?
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>>379385 >Show me one capitalist country that developed like China. While there isn’t anything exactly like it, there are similar examples. For example Meji era Japan made use of extensive state investment and ensured that the markets did not undermine the government’s broader plans for the country. India used similar policies before its neoliberal turn in the 80s. The combination of a large public sector and state planning to guide the private sector isn’t unique to China. However even if it were, the fact that no capitalist country has developed quite like China doesn’t in and of itself prove that China isn’t capitalist. It could just as easily represent a new model of capitalism without precedent, just as social democracy, neoliberalism, and fascism were at one time without precedent. This didn’t make them less capitalist however.
>>379316 >Following Stalin’s ascension to party leadership and the banning of the Left and Right Opposition Those groups were not democratic, they attempted to dominate the party and had no mass support.
>>381266 >Those groups were not democratic, they attempted to dominate the party Yeah Anon that's what political factions/parties do. It's their entire purpose for existing, to execute their preferred agenda. >Had no mass support And? Most communist parties in the west have no mass support. Yet surely you would agree that banning them would be a blow to democracy.
>>381912 >And? Most communist parties in the west have no mass support. Yet surely you would agree that banning them would be a blow to democracy. There is a difference between how a capitalist states deals with communists and how a socialist state deals with "communists".
>>382089 >There is a difference between how a capitalist states deals with communists and how a socialist state deals with "communists". So are you openly admitting that the party leadership had the power to brand any opposition as not authentically communist, and ban them from the party? Because in that case you're admitting that the CPSU (and by extension the CPC) wasn't democratic.

(413.64 KB 2048x1751 iorusvhz7wb11.jpg)
What will /pol/fags do when it's their turn to migrate? Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 14:03:21 No. 381109 [Reply] [Last]
When the world becomes a fascist shithole here every country is looking out for itself exclusively. What will these right wight idiots do when it's their turn to migrate North?
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>>381109 They'll be the first to die polyps are all talk no action, that's the reason they sit online all day seething about how they want to kill niggers 24/7, because they're too pussy to actually do it They hail Tarrant as a glorious hero and messiah because he's the only polack who actually pulled off anything of merrit in regards to their "right wing death squad" larp, every other loser who's attempted to go on a mass shooting has failed miserably because they're all faggots
>>381109 It should be obvious that /pol/ is completely lacking in any kind of ideological consistency, as least when it comes to actual ethnonationalism. They'll talk about how whites are the indigenous people of Europe and how its their right to expel foreigners. Then they'll turn around and cry about how those poor Rhodesians and Boers were bullied by those mean blacks.
>>381182 Ethnic tensions will fucking surge with mass migration. the "hello fellow white" ideology will be thrown out the window as anyone even remotely different to the current inhabitants of the north come in hordes, demaninding solace and housing. It doesn't help that polyps don't believe in global warming either because if they did they might be able to rub two of their brain cells together and realize that their epic chad russia bros would shoot them at the gate as they try to enter their "based ethnostate"
>>381181 All this could be avoided if they actually used their brains and realize that international socialism is the way forward. But they wanna set up the building blocks for a fascist dystopia.
>>381202 Russian chads will always cuck Eurofags. They should learn some history

== IDPOL META THREAD == Anonymous 03/05/2020 (Thu) 13:43:51 No. 327588 [Reply] [Last]
Yeh that's right, you heard, Idpol Meta thread. This thread has been sanctioned by mods so don't you go crying to them. No little bitches in this thread, if you want to cry rather than discuss things, do it while masturbating to keep your hands busy from the keyboard. This thread is NOT for the discussion of Idpol topics and what you think about them. This thread IS for the discussion of WHAT IS IDPOL?. HOW DOES THE LEFT AT LARGE DEAL WITH IDPOL? HOW DO WE AS A COMMUNITY DEAL WITH IDPOL? What we DO want to see in this thread: Calm, untriggered, thoughtful analysis, which genuinely considers at face value opposing posts, takes them into account, and responds politely, giving quotes and taking the extra effort to explain your point, answering questions where necessary , references to wider socialist history, literature, thinkers. Just chill and post theory, its only words on the internet, no need to be so mad. What we DO NOT want to see in this thread: To start, no fucking idpol, now I understand it may seem silly, as we are starting out attempting to define idpol, so we automatically have no working definition of what this is, however, we are here to talk about that definition in the abstract, not about if you think prostitution is good or bad. You may reference these specific issues, if it helps you to explain what idpol is in the abstract, the thread is not for talking pro/con about these specific issues however. Keep it Meta. Second, just calling someone a faggot or some other ad hominem is not allowed. 1) Its not a fucking argument. 2) its more flames in an already inflammatory environment 3) People tend to respond with another ad hominem and thus the thread is derailed with a serious of petty insults. 4) Use of the word "liberal" or "reactionary" unless supplied alongside an economic analysis of why this is so, should come under ad hominem for this thread. So what I would like posters to actually do? 1) Try and define Idpol, not in some 1 liner, but really try and put some effort into a description which is complete, which goes to some length to explain the contradictions within the concept and resolve them. if you think there are no contradictions you are doing Marxism all wrong Things to think about: Where and when and why do Identity Struggles occur? What causes people to coalesce around a certain identity? How do these identity struggles fit into a wider framework of class analysis? How do they resist a framework of class analysis? Once we have answered some of these above questions and have some definitions we could then consider: Given that identity groups are a real and material thing, that is through their conceptual power, they unite people such that their actions constitute a material influence on the world, how should we interact with these struggles, firstly as part of the wider left and secondly as part of this community. Try not to answer the second parts if you haven't given a definition for the first.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>364080 Why are you even here get out of my basket weaving terror site
(38.87 KB 1338x974 idpoldivides.png)
>>364080 There's nothing wrong with agreeing that racism, sexism, etc are bad. The problem is that SOCIALIST orgs should be doing SOCIALIST things, but these wokescold wreckers come in and demand that the operation pivot to supporting their (usually reform-within-capitalism) movements. Socialists don't crash LGBT orgs or BLM orgs telling them they need to stop focusing on idpol issues and read Marx. That would be laughable. Why is it tolerated AT ALL when people crash a socialist org with something that is AT BEST tangentially related to class struggle?
>>379973 >Can you give me any reading recs that provide evidence that there's no conflict between socialism and women's economic and legal equality with men? https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/stalin/works/1935/11/10.htm Here lad
>>327648 Nice liberal ideas ya got there. Just let people suffer

(369.59 KB 2000x1331 Civaux-Nuclear-Plant_France_web.jpg)
Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 17:59:56 No. 341590 [Reply] [Last]
Thoughts on nuclear power? I've seen people praise Bernie for wanting to do away with it - why is this a good thing?
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(113.41 KB 1200x890 4345r5g.jpeg)
(98.63 KB 1100x1084 770180349.jpg)
(46.23 KB 764x509 3w4ed5rftz.jpeg)
>>351734 The US ran a thorium moltan salt reactor from 1965 to 1970 in Oak Ridge National Laboratory (pic1). The Netherlands are running one now (pic2), China, India and Indonesia have active programs to join in. The nuclear fuel extraction from ocean water has been experimentally demonstrated (pic3) shows first sample. This is particularly interesting because it can be combined with extraction of heavy metals, which if done at large scale could actually be a chance to do some clean up.
>>353695 >The nuclear fuel extraction from ocean water has been experimentally demonstrated The best part is that it wouldn't significantly increase the cost of power generation despite the increased cost of extraction, since mining uranium is such a tiny portion of the overall cost of nuclear power generation.
>>353717 Lftr has a lot of benefits,number one being no loss of power from transport, over half the energy is lost during transport, we lose another large amount every time we open the refrigerator, time for design change, you can run a solar powered fridge that preserves food with nitrogen, no oxygen no spoilage just like potato chips
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H2v7kTVPIE >Leaked report by JP Morgan & Chase says fossil fuels are not a profitable investment - Richard Wolff
>>341590 its the best we have, but radioactive waste is still a big problem hopefully we manage to get fusion going relatively soon

(55.17 KB 720x776 cappy wojak.png)
Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 04:35:35 No. 380389 [Reply] [Last]
>seize means of production? why dont you just create your own worker-owned business? >the boss provided the materials and took the risk of setting up a business that could flop >the boss provided you with a job and this is how you repay him? smh
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Reminder that socialist parties routinely operated cooperatives, and that there is nothing wrong with participating in capitalist production for the purpose of providing peoples' needs or raising funds for radical action.
The greatest risk of capitalists is being demoted to workers.
>>380389 >>seize means of production? why dont you just create your own worker-owned business? Oh my God this is the exact fucking comment my dad gives me word for word whenever I even implicitly mention exprpriation. I feel like that's probably a big turn off for many people, the fact that socialism is "inherently" violent and that we advocate taking the capitalists' MoP from them. My dad would deadass be a socialist if it wasn't for this one thing.
>>380829 Wrong In the latter part
>>380861 Liberalism poisons the mind with pacifist nonsense. They need to be made aware that violence is an inevitable fact, the only question is if you're fighting back.

(58.05 KB 1568x606 aids.png)
Anonymous 03/19/2020 (Thu) 22:08:09 No. 379187 [Reply] [Last]
ITT wokeoid moments
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>>381073 porn addiction must be a meme
>>379336 Yeah so? Who cares if porn exists Personal preferences that fall outside the realm of class conflict should not be regulated by the DOtP
>>380692 >true communism >state Pick one
>>379187 This is based, the power of COOMING will allows us to save these women from poverty.

Why isn't this retard trying to win? Anonymous 03/07/2020 (Sat) 21:21:15 No. 333527 [Reply] [Last]
He literally endorsed Biden yesterday, saying "Yes, Biden will beat Trump" He keeps saying Joe Biden is a good guy... Joe Biden is my friend... Fucking useless. He has so much ammo that he's not willing to use. He should be running Joe Biden dementia ads 24/7. He should be running coronavirus ads. Fuck this guy. I was gonna donate to him, but I decided not to after what he said yesterday.
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>>379022 >Warren did for a while and even after she didn't she pretended to. So yeah, she didn't have the same policies as bernie.
>>379030 That's not the standard for splitting the vote.
>>379041 >There's only so many votes to get, and having more than one candidate getting support for the same policies will only split the vote. This is what I was responding to.
>>379051 So you're just here to be a pedant and derail.
>>378982 Although not being controlled directlty by the DNC he is still limited, is what I meant to say

News 3/19/20 News Anon 3.0 03/19/2020 (Thu) 21:44:50 No. 379130 [Reply] [Last]
Italian death toll overtakes China’s as virus spreads Italy, with 60 million citizens, recorded a total of at least 3,405 deaths, or roughly 150 more than in China — a country with a population over 20 times larger. At the same time Italy reached its bleak milestone, Wuhan, the Chinese city where the coronavirus first emerged three months ago, recorded no new infections, a sign that the communist country’s draconian lockdowns had worked. https://apnews.com/540510ba224feb84c7044024119323ab US and Israel Seek to Monopolize Arms Sales in Iraq "Companies and businessmen from both countries want Iraq not to buy weapons from other developed countries," Badr al-Ziyadi, a member of the Security and Defense Committee of the Iraqi Parliament, said Wednesday. https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/us--and-israel-seek-to-monopolize-arms-sales-on-iraq-20200319-0007.html Germany bans anti-Semitic group, raids homes Germany’s top security official, Horst Seehofer, issued a ban on United German Peoples and Tribes, the first time a group associated with the so-called Reichsbuerger movement has been proscribed. https://apnews.com/c3e728146509138e2fda00f3abd43ee5 China appoints new deputy party secretary in Shanghai China last month appointed one new deputy party secretary for Shanghai, after the previous deputy party secretary Ying Yong was transferred to head Hubei province to lead the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. https://www.reuters.com/article/health-coronavirus-china-shanghai/china-appoints-new-deputy-party-secretary-in-shanghai-idUSB9N2A701B Cuban drug could save thousands of lives in COVID-19 pandemic

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>379284 >For example, it is good to know that the lockdown in China because of coronavirus saved more lives than the number of those killed by the virus (if one trusts official statistics of the dead): >“Environmental resource economist Marshall Burke says there is a proven link between poor air quality and premature deaths linked to breathing that air. ‘With this in mind’, he said, ‘a natural – if admittedly strange – question is whether the lives saved from this reduction in pollution caused by economic disruption from Covid-19 exceeds the death toll from the virus itself. Even under very conservative assumptions, I think the answer is a clear yes.’ At just two months of reduction in pollution levels he says it likely saved the lives of 4,000 children under five and 73,000 adults over 70 in China alone.” Chinese death toll is -73,000 the virus is saving lives.
(2.63 MB 699x4932 1584561799906.gif)
>>379213 So the German equivalent of American "sovereign citizens"
>>379213 >Reichsbürger Lmao
>>379232 They're not all rightists. Most of them are gullible persons with considerable debt they cannot possibly repay. It's more like a debt-fueled new age cult with far right sprinkles on top.

(7.66 KB 191x164 icc-logo.jpg)
Leftcom general Anonymous 12/27/2019 (Fri) 09:59:43 No. 189149 [Reply] [Last]
What is the difference between Bordigism, councilism and communization? I was surprised by this quote from the International Communist Party (Bordigist): >"The meaning of unitarism and of organic centralism is that the party develops inside itself the organs suited to the various functions, which we call propaganda, proselytism, proletarian organisation, union work, etc., up to tomorrow, the armed organisation; but nothing can be inferred from the number of comrades destined for such functions, as on principle no comrade must be left out of any of them." This runs counter to all the (forced? with ulterior motive?) Armchair memes you always see in association with Bordigas name in this community. If communization then is a synthesis of 'all power to the workers councils' and organic centralism, what is the theoretic result? I know it has a kind of superposition interpretation of the party, which I thought was great, and communization also has some of the best critiques I've ever read of other tendencies (specifically autonomism, Communalism, Leninism and social democracy). I guess I wanna know how how praxis looks like via communization theory (councils, strikes, propaganda, insurrection, revolution, production, mutual aid?). When I saw what happened in Ecuador recently and what's continually happening in France and Chile, it makes me think of these theories and their immanent relevance.
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(1.54 MB 3840x2160 _Manifesto_Chapter_Two.jpg)
>>377033 {me} >>377141 My main beef with trots is their tendency to avoid words like communists, and to simultaneously have these delusional fantasies that their parties are going to be the vanguard party. You aren't going to attract the most advanced and resolute sections of the proletariat if you are trying to bring liberals into your organization by calling yourself "socialists" and constantly bashing Stalin (not that I like Stalin that much, it's just a tactical failing).
>>380310 {continued} >>377141 That's not what we argue about though usually. I don't think he'd disagree with me there. We usually argue about the news tbh. He's my best friend and a much better organizer than I am so I shouldn't talk too much shit. He unironically likes Sam Seder tho which always makes me angry. I tend to take sorta ML-lite positions on stuff like the Syrian civil war which I think get's under his skin (especially since the org he used to be a part of is most well known around these parts for accidentally endorsing al-Qaeda to own da tankies)
>>380338 {continued} >>380310 <- the point here applies to some crypto-trot ML parties too like PSL.
>>240191 Sauce?


no cookies?