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Building a real socialist movement in the US Anonymous 01/05/2020 (Sun) 19:31:45 No. 199236 [Reply] [Last]
Is it possible to build a real socialist movement in the US? Is so how I'm sick of DSA "socialists"
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>>199636 >they may enter parliament in an attempt to take it over. y u enter parliament instead of smashing it into pieces
>>201461 Dual power. You build a base until you control the streets, then you take state power, abolish all obstacles to your base, consolidate the whole thing into a workers state, then export the revolution
>>199299 The cop got kicked out of the DSA a long time ago and there was immediate backclash against him even if he did not resign right away. The DSA is not a monolithic structure, like no big leftist org should be and there is lots of tendencies and different groups, and that existing on the heart of the hegemonic imperialist tendency is incredibly useful just by itself.
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>>199631 t. an actual fed mein gott!
(3.72 MB 347x244 1525107152499.gif)
>real socialist movement in the US

News 12/30/19 News Anon 3.0 12/30/2019 (Mon) 20:21:08 No. 191941 [Reply] [Last]
Kim Jong-un calls for 'positive and offensive' security policy North Korea's leader has called for "positive and offensive measures" to ensure the country's "sovereignty and security", state media said. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-50942971 Emmanuel Macron left isolated as he rejects advisers' pleas to soften pension reforms Emmanuel Macron is increasingly isolated, reportedly refusing to heed advice about how to end the strikes over pension reforms that have triggered one of the most serious crises of his presidency. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/12/29/emmanuel-macron-left-isolated-rejects-advisers-pleas-soften/ US strikes Kataib Hezbollah HQ in Iraq, Syria US airstrikes have pounded three Kataib Hezbollah military facilities near the town of Qaim, Iraq, as well as two targets in Syria, in response to the group’s alleged bombing of an Iraqi military base on Friday. https://on.rt.com/a83z Rebecca Long-Bailey outlines vision for Labour's future Rebecca Long-Bailey has confirmed she is considering standing in the contest to be Labour's next leader, pledging to champion "progressive patriotism". https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-50942825 Britain First ‘stunt’ shows Johnson's popularity on far-right

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How hard is it for France citzenship to get rpgs? I'm surprised they aren't organized yet.
>>191941 >progressive patriotism Is Rebecca Long-Bailey dare-I-say Nazbol?
>>192139 is there something wrong with my pic ? is there some context or meaning to it that i don't know about
>>192065 >be Afghan >get bombed >be Am*rican >get bombed At least they knew what they signed up for
>>192129 >>192149 Think tank language designed to "masterplan" our way to northern success rather than honesty and integrity. She is an alright MP but HOW is she our choice to succeed Corbyn? Absolute madness from the socdems not going with Lavery

thoughts on Robert Steele Anonymous 01/07/2020 (Tue) 13:20:12 No. 201586 [Reply] [Last]
So, I've seen stuff about this guy and although his idea would be a (probably) functional model for world communism his background looks shady http://robertdavidsteele.com/ https://www.earth-intelligence.net/ https://phibetaiota.net/ >CIA officer (haven't seen anything that indicates he left) >funding that's not open source at all so do yall know anything about him?

(196.73 KB 1155x661 1578264783118.png)
Internationalism fails Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 12:44:43 No. 200161 [Reply] [Last]
https://platypus1917.org/2013/10/01/internationalism-fails/ [...] Should we expect something similar today regarding the U.S.-led world order? Will defeat for the U.S. in one of its military campaigns result in its collapse? Hardly. For it would appear that the only instances in which “anti-imperialism” has ever been successful—including in the Russian and Chinese Revolutions—were when there was military support from a more powerful imperialist power: Germany against Russia in WWI; and the U.S. against Japan in WWII. The mistake of “anti-imperialism” today is in its naturalization of all national states as existing political actors and as domains of potential political action. We are today well past the political compromises of Stalin’s strategy of “socialism in one country.” However, the deeper history of Marxism, before Stalinism, may yet be instructive in certain ways. Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht’s Spartacus League in WWI Germany was “revolutionary defeatist” regarding the German war policy. They did not regard the greater imperialist powers of the time and their alliance, the U.K., the U.S., France and Russia, as the greater enemies of potential progressive-emancipatory political and social change, but rather “the main enemy is at home” meant the German government. This did not mean that they “sided” with the other imperialist powers, as their political opponents—and ultimate executioners—on the German Right insisted. Neither did Lenin and Trotsky’s Bolsheviks side with Germany as the Russian nationalists and their Entente international allies averred. The Provisional Government, overthrown by the Bolshevik-led soviets, fled in a U.K. diplomatic car, but that didn’t change the fact that for Lenin and Trotsky the Russian nationalists were the “main enemy.” Luxemburg feared the political consequences of Lenin and Trotsky’s potential “embrace” of German imperialism in the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk—what caused the Bolsheviks’ Russian “socialist” opponents to unleash a terrorist campaign against them, bombing Bolshevik Party headquarters and attempting to assassinate Lenin and the German ambassador—but Luxemburg nonetheless endorsed the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution and their soviet government and joined the Third International they led. The “Left” today is hardly up for the challenge posed by such political necessities, let alone the task of social revolution. “Anti-imperialism” today is not revolutionary but rather counter-revolutionary in that it is a species of the most powerful actually constituted counterrevolutionary political force, nationalism. “Internationalism” is no longer what it was for Lenin, Luxemburg and Trotsky in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Internationals, but is rather inter-nationalism, that is, conjunctural alliances between nationalisms, and not revolutionary anti-nationalism as it was historically for socialism and Marxism. Defeatism and defensism today have no progressive-emancipatory political and social content either, for they are not “revolutionary” in any sense beyond, perhaps, the conventional and superficial one of “regime change.” Today’s “Left” agrees with the imperialists in their horizon of politics: the existing international system of national states. The “Left” today may be divided among and within the nation-states, between those who “side with” this or that government policy, but they are all on the same side of accommodating global capitalism—imperialism.

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>>201253 >About the World Revolution and international class solidarity. You need to flesh out the relation between that and the topic at hand... Like, are you saying that there materially doesn't exist (or didn't exist) international class solidarity/common class interests? I don't know how you'd maintain the position that they didn't/don't exist, although I guess you could say there were stronger specific group interests than Marx anticipated... Is that what you're saying here? Otherwise I don't see how what you said relates either empirically or strategically to globalism.
I think I've noticed something similar recently. You have the co-operation of the few remaining socialist states working with the Latin American pink democracies in turn working with states like Iran and Russia who are not simply just not socialist but also have fairly large socialist opposition movements (at least in Russia). It seems as though the international socialist movement is dead, instead replaced with a realpolitik alliance of various anti-American nationalists of different stripes. Of course this is not arguing for imperialism just merely stating observations.
>>200346 >Standing in opposition to imperialism means waging a protracted peoples struggle against imperial forces. >he wrote from his middle-class home Why aren't you in the forest, waging a war against imperial forces in your country?
>>201520 Why don't you complete my sentence rather than cherry picking the parts that support your myopic outlook? I also would like to know were your powers of clairvoyance come from considering the fact we are posting on an anonymous imageboard. It is easier to discard something based totally on stereotypical ad-hominems rather than form an actual rebuttal to what is being posited.
>>201436 What a miserable world we live in, where your political choices boil down to Bourgeois State Faction A or Bourgeois State Faction B. Standing with the international working class is just not an option, and saying so gets you shit on by all other sides.

You know what's sad? Had Hitler and Mussolini been really socialists we would have defeated porky Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 06:56:55 No. 199990 [Reply] [Last]
Shitler and Mussolini (former Marxist) had they been socialists Europe certainly would have been conquered by Communism ideologically quickly. With Hitler's and Mussolini's speaking ability (video related in post), plus skill to rally their people we could have seen capitalism destroyed. Stalin's daughter said "my father would tell me if the German's and he allied we would have been invincible. It's sad what happened, we were so close. This is way Fascism must be crushed, Fascism is the last defense of capitalism no matter what.
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>>199990 >fascism is two individuals and not a product of historical conditions this board is fucking stupid man
>>199990 If Hitler and Mussolini had been socialists they never would have become the Hitler and Mussolini we know. Never would have gotten power, probably would have been shot in some alley like all the other revolutionaries their parties murdered.
>>201390 Counter argument. There are weeks where centuries happen. Considering Mussolini had been a Marxist before it could have gone differently had the right people been in the right place. The ussr didn't just happen because of circumstance.
>>199990 If they had been socialists they would have been killed by whoever rose to power in their place
A change of Hitler's heart during his rise to power would have meant him running out of funds. Owners of places rented for events would renege on their promises. >So much for the sanctity of contracts! -Mirror Universe Hitler, probably

Ruling class bereft of answers while catastrophic fires escalate across Australia Anonymous 01/04/2020 (Sat) 21:48:20 No. 197805 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/01/04/fire-j04.html By James Cogan 4 January 2020 >Catastrophic fire conditions exist today throughout much of Australia, from the southwest of Western Australia, across South Australia, to Victoria, the island state of Tasmania, and New South Wales (NSW), to the southeast of Queensland and areas of the tropical north. Another severe heat wave is moving across the continent, generating temperatures that may breach historical records that were broken only a few weeks ago. New fires are expected to ignite, while strong winds are predicted to fan the hundreds of blazes that are already burning. Hundreds of thousands of people were urged yesterday to evacuate the most-at-risk areas. >Summing up the situation in a large swathe of NSW, stretching virtually the entire length of the state, the deputy commissioner of the largely volunteer Rural Fire Service (RFS) told a press conference: “We can’t stop those fires. We can’t stop the fires we already have.” >The unfolding catastrophe has utterly discredited the Liberal-National Coalition government headed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, which just months ago was boasting of its refusal to accept that Australia should take greater action to reduce carbon emissions. >In September, Morrison condemned teenager Greta Thunberg, and the climate protests she led, for “raising the anxieties of children in our country.” Even as the fires worsen, he has continued to downplay the undeniable relationship between long-term global warming and the vastly increased fire risks facing the country (see: “Australia: Climate change and the bushfire crisis”). >Anger will not, however, be limited to Morrison and his government. The opposition Labor Party has held office for 19 of the past 37 years and, despite all the scientific warnings, likewise sought to delay or block responses to climate change that would impede on corporate operations and profits. State governments, both Coalition and Labor, have left firefighting almost exclusively to volunteer services, while cutting their funding and refusing to provide them with the necessary vast expansion of equipment. >At all levels, government policy has been preoccupied with reducing taxes on corporations and the wealthy, driving down wages and working conditions, abolishing restrictions on profit-making and fueling the speculative rise of the stock market and property values. Military spending, in preparation for new conflicts and war, has been boosted, while expenditure for essential health and emergency services has been strangled. This criminal indifference of the Australian ruling elite to the threat of climate change has its parallels around the world.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Shut up about a few softcore still images and keep talking about bushfires and capitalism you silly buggers.
>>198495 Wait is the clouds supposed to be orange or is it really fucked up?
>>199880 It's that fucked up. Nobody really gets how utterly fucked we are from feedback loops. You have no idea how many hell on earth scenarios like australia we are going to see in the coming years. Anybody who thinks climate change is some far away event that can be stopped with green energy and carbon capture is fucking delusional. The mass of humanity needs to be migrating north immediately, because much of the world south of canada/russia is going to be fucked beyond comprehension.
>>199895 From my analysis NZ will be fine in the long run (like the near 100 years) while the vast majority of Australia and the islands north (and southeast Asia) will be irredeemably fucked. More footage for added context: >Crisis far from over as Australia's wildfires turn New Zealand sky bright orange | ITV News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqZbfi3L1w0 Within the southern hemisphere the only other place that will make it in the next 100 years will the the Southern Cone of South America (central and southern Chile, southern Argentina).
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4OBcRHX1Bc >How Peter Andrews rejuvenates drought-struck land | Australian Story

(27.53 KB 232x104 npc (2).jpg)
/BR/ Borger Retardation 1.0 Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 00:23:11 No. 199610 [Reply] [Last]
>North Korea created Pyongyang for propaganda purposes! <Lol why would Based Korea give a fuck what you think, American? >They're making nukes to force America to lift sanctions and allow their government to stay in power! <Americans created nukes to terrify the world into submission >THEY'RE STARVING THEIR PEOPLE!!!!!!1!1!1111 <What the fuck do you think the affects of an international trade embargo on a country with barely any arable soil that lost 90% of its infrastructure less than a century ago? Another one for the USSR: >Lol gommie, the war was fought in Britain and France, MURICA SAVE TEH WORL <Actually the war was primarily fought in Eastern Europe, 86% of German casualties were to the Soviet Union, that the Soviet Union won the war is obvious from the fact that Stalingrad was the largest battle in human history, the Nazis never won again after 1943, and the Soviets were the ones that took Berlin >Erm...THEY WON CUZ OF MUH WINTER, DID MUH ONE GUN TO TEN MEN, MUH MURDERING DESERTERS, MUH HUMAN WAVE SACRIFICE <Actually they outproduced Germany industrially, Germany needed their oil and post-Stalingrad the Soviets had better technology, particularly the T-34 tank, beyond that they successfully used the Nazis own Blitzkrieg tactics against them and in contrast to the increasingly suicidal tactics of the Nazis; high casualties on the Soviet side fall down to the genocidal conduct of war the Nazis engaged in; and regardless were these myths actually true that makes the Soviet victory all the more impressive >Yeah well fuck you gommie, you making me angery Lmao boomer vets are a fuckin trip Got any retarded borgerstani quotations
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https://www.reddit.com/r/PurplePillDebate/comments/2g08wi/why_does_trp_lean_to_the_rightwing_of_politics/ Another retarded ass thread, fuck, women annoy me too but redpillers should be euthanized; nothing more sickening than a mindless class cuck
>>199677 >>199767 was memes bruh we argue with organising
>>199907 You 2 bby

(81.88 KB 700x361 27437151.jpg)
Soviet weapons in the hands of capitalists Anonymous 01/07/2020 (Tue) 03:12:31 No. 201238 [Reply] [Last]
Why do countries like the United States buy a lot of Soviet material when the cold war ends?
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>>201249 Yeah, they wanna see if the tanks shells they developed are actually effective.
(32.25 KB 463x600 old_guns_used_640_16.jpg)
>>201238 many of those weapons went to Africa or the Middle East
>>201238 Because assumptions make an ass out of u and me.
>>201254 This. The brits did some testing with Soviet armor and found that most of them are much more resistant to antitank weapons than previously expected.
>>201238 A commodity is a commodity, bro.

Spannish Civil War material Anonymous 01/05/2020 (Sun) 13:03:39 No. 198688 [Reply] [Last]
Why was it lost? What role did the great powers play in it? Any reading material would also be great.
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>>200551 Beevor is a big anticommunist, fuck that guy
>>200556 Maybe, I don't remember feeling the book was particularly anticommunist. I thought Stalingrad was good too.
Spain, the unfinished revolution is superb. Written by a member of the international brigades. it floats around the web as a pdf. It is sympathetic to all sides defending the republic, but it is critical of the myths that have been handed to us about anarchism and the Orwellian view of events. it is written from a pro marxist position, but it praises the anarchists when necessary. for the author, it was a people's war, and political affiliation was secondary to defence of the republic.
>>199076 Do you feel ashamed at how absolutely unfounded this post is? It's essentially shitposting propaganda on the same level as what /pol/ produces. Pretty much nothing you said was true except the historical facts of when the war started and what the foreign powers did. If you're a recent convert from /pol/, please leave their intellectually dishonesty behind. >>200323 >Anarchist sabotage of war time resources to carry out a shitty social revolution by larping as peasants on a commune. What the fuck are you talking about? The Revolution was one of the few things the Republic had in its favor.
>>200369 >Stalin, allying himself with London and Washington, has betrayed the cause of the proletariat. Moreover, I can say that on this I agree with Il Duce, when he says, as he did in his speech from last November, that if there is a man who desperately wanted the war, who first prepared it and then instigated it, it is the American president. From my point of view, however, I clarify that Roosevelt is nothing but the exponent of supercapitalism that aims at the conquest of a totalitarian imperialism. This stuff isn't difficult to find, and Left Communists refuse to participate in anti-fascist struggles on principle. When Communists were being shot to death on the streets by Fascist militas, Bordiga was building houses. He was a fool and coward.

Rhodesia thread Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 20:55:59 No. 185105 [Reply] [Last]
Since criticizing Rhodesia is almost forbidden in the internet , i want to know what leftypol's opinion about it
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>>185515 >Whypipo BTFO again! No, pol, nazis btfo again. I know it's hard for you to fathom, but we don't hate whities.
>>190064 Ah right, I forgot about that.
>>194282 >worship mugabe We have entire threads shitting on Mugabe for being a fucking traitor and no-one thinks his racist ideas are of any merit on this board. Get your head out of your ass Steven "butthurt" Crowder
>>194282 >worship mugabe where?
>>198291 probably referring to Settler's idiots


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