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Rules - Moderation Feedback - The Manifesto Anonymous Board volunteer 03/01/2020 (Sun) 15:47:06 No. 314001 [Reply] [Last]
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Why is the moderation thread unpinned?
I request >>29209 be moved to >>>/hobby/
>>670514 Bump for this question. Also are mods even here? I've been reporting spam and nothing is happening.
>>666497 Don't you use that reaction image for such a shite post. You faggots can choke on your filters.
>>670514 >>675666 meta got moved to /gulag/, where it is easier for mods to ignore criticism and suggestions. no users are gonna go to /gulag/, either, therefore it is a win-win for mods and lose-lose for users.

(1.42 MB 1785x938 autism map.png)
Map of Socialist Governments Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 20:37:55 No. 661929 [Reply] [Last]
"The Flame of Liberation" posted this on twitter (pic related), I thought it looked pretty autistic: >The most accurate map of all the various socialist states and socialist led governments around the world. The country's with the star are where the revolutionary party is still in power today. https://twitter.com/FOL_Liberation/status/1278784369298202624 Discuss.
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>>663050 He might be Iraqi. Plenty of them hate America AND Iran.
>>666111 or Lebanese
>>661929 >Yugoslavia was Marxist-Leninist apparently
>>666252 I mean, The League of Communists of Yugoslavia saw itself as a Marxist-Leninist party. Yugoslavia had their own socialist economic model, sure, but they still saw themselves as ML and so did others (even though Stalin-era USSR and Albania claimed they were revisionists).
(67.38 KB 482x427 witheredwojak.jpg)
god, I would kill for a real world like that

(26.99 KB 400x325 strugglee.jpg)
Maoism and struggle session Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 12:05:50 No. 660962 [Reply] [Last]
From the little I know about Maoism, the idea of the mass line seems pretty sensible way to prevent inertia. But what was the deal with the struggle sessions? Did they come from Maoism?
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(246.10 KB 774x598 janny struggle session.png)
>>660962 The chinese peasants just had a few unruly jannies to deal with, nothing to gawk at.
>>661006 Says the guy who either sucks off Stalin or think the invincible committee is the most advanced stage of theory
Off-topic but what language is that in OP's pic?
>>661187 >And line struggle is a way to correct for contradictions within the party that has created gaps between the party and the masses, like if the party has become too far removed from the masses, you throw down a gauntlet and begin a struggle to force the party to reorient itself Is that the reason Xi was sent to work in the fields when he was young even as a child of a notable revolutionary?
>>665793 ok asoomer

Happy Independence Day! Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 17:34:21 No. 666364 [Reply] [Last]
Happy Independence Day! USA! USA! USA! The USA will outlive you all!
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Nigga civilization itself might not even outlive me and the US is already in deep decline, how tf you think it’ll even be around in thirty years?
>>666754 haha stupid janny doesn't even realize it's not a wojak, what an idiot
(1.35 MB 1593812759777.webm)
>>666758 The US will keep getting worse but refuse to die or for consensus to change.
(105.86 KB 1199x675 DhQwjG4VAAEX50e.jpg)

(243.48 KB 914x1417 Nyarlathotep.jpg)
Capitalism is the greatest evil of our time. Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 16:50:04 No. 666291 [Reply] [Last]
Future generations will curse those who did not fight to save the biosphere. The only leviathan left to slay is capitalism itself. Destroying capitalism is the only heroism a modern man can have. Nyarlathotep cannot be seen, but its pollution is killing our mother the Earth. >Watermelon Politics: Green On The Outside, Red On The Inside Based. https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/w/cuba-found-to-be-the-most-sustainably-developed-country-in-the-world-new-research-finds
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>>666476 I don't really care for the world without sentience to explore and mold it.
(568.94 KB 1280x720 xi quote.jpg)
>>666598 ? Yea, Xi is pretty based, and yes, climate issues are a real problem. However that is not what I am arguing against. Anyone with a brain pretty much agree on it. What I am arguing against are idiots like OP who instead of thinking rationally and analyzing the material choose to instead base their views on what I generously called shower thoughts, which arise mainly from just processing ones surrounding culture and surface-level details. Then it all gets transfered into retarded analogies and grandiose claims, like OP here with Nyarlathotep, Nick Land and his bladerunner fanfic, multiple idiots with the "gabidalism is da demiurge" shit, or Zizek, claiming that capitalism is forever because culture shit and internet say so, and then proceeding to say that hmm, maybe capitalists themselves will turn socialist after the Corona virus hit. All of this is fucking useless and is no more intellectually profound then an r/politics user explaining how Trump is Thanos. And then on the other hand you have people who don't do that, and instead properly analyze the material conditions, like that Marxist who Cockshott recently mentioned in his blog who 10 YEARS AGO predicted the rise of the current violent political situation in the US. Most likely Xi and the Chinese politbureau are also in this camp, as you yourself show that he was in support of increased ecological control measures since the 2005. In comparison, the humanityfag cultural analysis crowd seems fucking pathetic and uneducated. Even people like Adam Curtis, who puts a great deal of work into his documentaries, is only analyzing the cultural changes while mostly ignoring and just in-passing mentioning the material conditions that shaped the culture.
>>666623 >like that Marxist who Cockshott recently mentioned in his blog who 10 YEARS AGO predicted the rise of the current violent political situation in the US relevant article: https://paulcockshott.wordpress.com/2020/06/18/the-us-crisis/
>>666447 No it's Nyaruko-san.

Zizek thread Anonymous 07/01/2020 (Wed) 03:53:37 No. 657116 [Reply] [Last]
Does anyone have a copy of Zizek's new book Hegel in a Wired Brain ? it's been out digitally for a week already. Not anywhere on libgen. Physical copies next month but I don't have money to buy that shit anyway so i hope someone can come through. Also general zizek thread Latest article http://thephilosophicalsalon.com/power-appearance-and-obscenity-five-reflections/ Exert that's likely from his new book: >As Matthew Flisfeder wrote: “What we need to learn is not how to be post-human, but how to be equitably post-capitalist.”[6] Post-humanism is ultimately just another version of our inability to think post-capitalism: to paraphrase Fred Jameson, >it is easier to imagine all of humanity digitally connected with their brains wired and sharing their experiences in a global self-awareness than to envision a move beyond global capitalism.
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Do I need to read Hegel and Lacan before reading Zizek?
Im linking my thread on Zizek and language if anyone wants to hop in and help explain. What I'm unsure about is violent nature of languages's symbolism, and how that can translate into subjective violence >>659626 The text I'm reading is "Violence", but this summarizes what I'm having a hard time with as well https://zizek.uk/language-violence-and-non-violence/
>>660266 you should understand Lacan at the very least. I believe Zizek has a book on Lacan I don’t know if it’s meant for beginners or not. but there is probably something that will work for you. I personally only read the SEP article on Lacan which has most of the stuff Zizek covers in his everyday literature. I don’t think you have to read Hegel to understand Zizek but you should read him in general anyway.
(124.36 KB 1010x921 EcHTbOgXQAYilPW.jpg large.jpg)
(11.11 MB heidegger.mp4)
>>661177 >I'm not sure were this jump from "ontic" violence to subjective violence occurs. Zizek quotes heidegger as saying that the essence of violence is not in the ontic(actual physical) violence itself but in the conditions of possibility that allow for that violence to happen. This condition of possibility is rooted in language, which is equated with subjectivity, the symbolic, etc.. Perhaps this clip of him talking about heidegger will make things clearer

56 years of the ELN 07/04/2020 (Sat) 19:44:08 No. 666617 [Reply] [Last]
The current social reality is still as crude and cruel, and perhaps more so than when this revolutionary project began. Just look at the hatred with which those who have remained in power treat their political opponents, death and extermination against social leaders. Know that our fight is until the end and for the construction of socialism. Our present always with the people! say something nice to the ELN in their 56 anniversary
>>666617 they're useless, oportunists, completely disconnected from working class fight, and more important weak and destined to be crushed t. locobiano
La lucha sigue compas! Solidaridad desde Perú. What do you consider the essential material they've produced?
Solidaridad desde Mexico camaradas. ¡Venceremos!
>>666708 >papá hay vienen los muchachos así nació el ejercito de liberación nacional >Rojo y negro: historia del ELN >La unidad es parte de victoria otros trabajos no producidos por la organización >Unidad que multiplica de Marta Harnecker >Camilo Camina en Colombia de María López Vigil >ELN una historia contada a dos voces de Carlos Medina Gallego

(46.45 KB 432x431 1593637063530.jpg)
Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 02:24:07 No. 665148 [Reply] [Last]
Honestly you have to hand it to the CIA. Identity politics doing exactly what it's supposed to do https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1503&v=VbJr2-55MVk&feature=emb_title
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(257.82 KB 421x391 123123.png)
>>665148 reminder liberals get the gulag first
Remove the white womyn and the problems disappear.
>>665375 this is unfortunately true
>>665375 Nah, we just need to stop giving so much of a fuck about white women. The one thing Robin DiAngelo was right about in White Fragility is that white woman tears are weaponized. It's just not only about racism. Lots of white women are happy to use their vulnerability for cynical reasons. And it's not so much white women as bourgeois women. You see it with nonwhite Karens too and the Karen thing is at least as much about socioeconomic status as gender. It is interesting how much feminism and race idpol is coming into conflict now, and in weird ways. Like the whole "silence is consent" thing being bandied about recently butts up against "silence is not consent" from feminists about sex. Almost like the entire idpol discourse was designed ahead of time to occupy people with stupid arguments instead of addressing class.
>>665375 Anti-White Women Aktion, reporting in.

(278.96 KB 1400x1400 ycw podcast logo.jpg)
Ismail Speaks Anonymous 06/29/2020 (Mon) 10:02:36 No. 650313 [Reply] [Last]
http://youcantwin.info/episode-070-enver-hoxhas-albania-ft-ismail >Tom and Don are joined by our old friend Ismail to talk about his fascination with Albania and the history of socialism. Beyond the infamous bunkers, we talk about the viability of planned economies and the development of Marxism-Leninism. We also chat about eRegime, a game community that Ismail helps lead.
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>>654276 > My family member now thinks that marxism is just spirituality for communists not that far off the mark tbh lots of lefties out there just slapping a red coat of paint on their own superstitions see vegetarians, self-flagellating first world third-worldists, and other assorted moralists >>650339 >babyfinland and getfiscal jesus, how much of the internet left is just lf diaspora? was a sub-sub-forum of something awful dot com seriously the only viable place for the left to congregate on the internet?
>>665897 >was a sub-sub-forum of something awful dot com seriously the only viable place for the left to congregate on the internet? Around 10 years ago pretty much. I posted it earlier but I heard getfiscal say something about how it was really bizarre to him to see all these new leftist organizations and thousands of people with flag emoji Twitter bios. Things have changed a lot. Libertarianism was a big thing among internet nerds at that time and on Something Awful Dot Com. Eventually the mods got tired of constant debates about libertarianism and those guys proselytizing for Ron Paul and exiled them to a shitposting / ghetto subforum of the main political debate forum. That's where LF came from: "Laissez Faire." It was a joke about the libertarians but also literally "anything goes," so it turned into total free-for-all where some goons would try to shock / bully the libertarians by adopting the most extreme Maoist-Third-Worldist takes, or going fully blackpilled (original blackpill) and rooting for Iraqi insurgents to blow up U.S. Humvees. This was pretty outrageous at the time. https://youtu.be/g9x-b8V-PSE
>>659436 I hate this meme that speaking fast = nervous
>>659835 I know, that's why it's so strange.
>>665325 >tell them it's very annoying that it doesn't support TLS I asked the webmaster and he replied: "Godaddy charges extra for it. There are free ones but I've never had time to set them up. I don't see why it's that important as its not like we are selling anything."

(77.87 KB 700x467 yuri bezmenov.png)
Anonymous 07/02/2020 (Thu) 13:33:32 No. 661061 [Reply] [Last]
What do you think about him
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based retard making the USA paranoid as fuck about itself
didn’t documents come out that the FBI literally payed him to say this? I feel like I saw screenshots here not that long ago
>>661061 Got paid to blab a bunch of scripted CIA bullshit propaganda so that they can use argument by authority fallacy against socialists.
In Russia, we have more people who "SHOWED THE TURTH" and are former KGB officers. But it's just their schizo conspiracy shit from their head and mouth and no more no documents, nothing only their shit tier books


no cookies?