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(297.59 KB 480x388 autism.png)
(45.69 KB 353x500 Evil_Genius.jpg)
Kessler Effect deterrent Anonymous 12/12/2019 (Thu) 15:33:14 No. 156077 [Reply]
I had what at first seemed to be like a stupid shower-thought, but the more I think, it starts to look pretty alright to me. Why don't use orbit-capable suicide spacecraft as a deterrent against foreign aggression by keeping them always targeted to launch at the largest / most clustered together points of artificial satellites? Producing nuclear weapons is a highly risky task to conduct, and it is difficult to actually get it all ready. Meanwhile space flight isn't perceived as some evil scheme (at least if you don't have some history of WMD construction). To my knowledge it should also be easier, for instance I know that Zaire had it's own space program, despite being an utter shithole. Then there is the fact that a Kessler Effect is a far bigger threat than nukes could ever be, as most likely a smaller rogue nation would never really make enough for a MAD, while in theory a single well placed hit can ensure it under my proposition. Hell, it's not even a real MAD, since a smaller and isolated state could quite well prepare for a full and permanent satellite blackout.
So how retarded is my idea? Is there some really obvious flaw in it that I missed?

(1.97 MB 854x1136 C6QgWZ1VUAEwXW-.jpg large.png)
/podcast/ Anonymous 12/09/2019 (Mon) 12:18:58 No. 152947 [Reply]
So, as someone who listens to podcasts pretty much everywhere I go, I thought I'd compile a list of lefty podcasts here. This thread can also be used for posting clips, recommending and discussing specific episodes, etc. I guess.

Chapo Trap House - The hosts are all basically demsocs/socdems (except for Matt and Amber who seem to lean more towards actual Marxism and occasionally reveal their power levels by defending 20th century socialist states). If you can tolerate that, it's a pretty entertaining show.


Patreon-exclusive episodes: https://www.reddit.com/r/BlackWolfFeed/

Citations Needed - Media criticism podcast hosted by Adam Johnson and Nima Shirazi. Perhaps a bit too focused on idpol stuff at times, but a good show nonetheless.


Moderate Rebels - Hosted by Max Blumenthal (founder of The Grayzone) and Ben Norton. Their focus is on US foreign policy and anti-imperialism. They have episodes on Syria, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Hong Kong, you name it. Every leftist should listen to this show imo.


Revolutionary Left Radio - Decent show, although a bit cringe at times. Has a lot of episodes that are basic introductions to different left-wing tendencies. The host, Breht Ó Séaghdha, makes an effort to be as non-sectarian as possible which is cool.

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That poster is trash. I do not even get what is going on in that Chapo Trap House image.
>he isn't intimately familiar with based chapo canon
It Could Happen Here - Interesting commentary about increasing tensions in the U.S, what a 2nd American Civil War would like, and how it could come about.

(286.65 KB 702x285 tai lopez tank.png)
Whether you like ML-ism or not, Prolespod is seriously up there in terms of actually researching shit with only the occasional derailment. You can actually learn instead of just listening to a bunch of socdems circlejerk and make sex jokes.
This has an interesting point in where a women finds out she can undo turn some of the white-supremacist guys to switch sides. But it's never analysed as to why this is, somebody should contact her and tell her about class-analysis, so she can easier select the ones that can be won over. Because the racewarstuff is not in the personal interest of proles, precariats and lumpens.

(62.28 KB 775x514 DOWn.jpg)
/crisis/ General Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:43:55 No. 8552 [Reply]
DOW/Market Watch Thread
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
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What's supposed to happen when it does crash? A mass awakening in the masses that leads to acceptance of the immortal science?
What is going to stop the federal reserve from just pumping this shit up with funny money?
lolbert tier source lad.
They’re already doing it. More money for me in any case.
Full blown Facism.

(55.53 KB 680x1000 very british coup.jpg)
/leftybritpol/ A Very British Coup edition Anonymous 12/11/2019 (Wed) 01:56:09 No. 154552 [Reply]
Final run, lads. Remember to watch the fair & impartial beeb!
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Hahahahaha jesus christ mate sort yourself out
Absolutely based post. The problem is that most "Leninists" now are Idealists absolutely marred by Dogmatism even if they bother to read Lenin. Their absolute refusal to accurately appraise the given situation at hand with the tools of Historical Materialism is an insult to the ruthless pragmatism of Lenin, and he would be rolling in his fucking grave right now furiously drafting a polemic in his head if he caught a single whiff of it
Yes just vote. See how much socialism voting has brought in history.
Last election labour and i think before labour as well, before then switched between lib/lab
Last election labour and i think before labour as well, before then switched between lib/lab

(47.23 KB 448x628 leninreading.jpg)
/leftypol/ Reading Group Anonymous 12/09/2019 (Mon) 21:52:31 No. 153404 [Reply]
Hello, fellow theorylets! I was thinking about starting an online reading group for us here since I've noticed we're a little too short on theory sometimes, but I don't have the experience or the proper knowledge to make this a successful experiment, so this is a thread for brainstorming ideas for an online Marxist/leftist reading group. If this gets enough traction I might start another more organized thread.
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>Do we really need a book explaining that Hollywood films, hip hop, and crime novels reinforce ruling ideology?
People think about things in different ways. Explaining hegemonic ideology in terms of pop culture may make a point to people who otherwise don't get it. I agree it's not really helpful for our purposes though.
(1.28 MB 1263x1600 Karl_Marx_001.jpg)
i have an idea, homework, hear me out, what if we required a 300 word essay about the text as an entry, 300 words is nothing, doable in just 1 hour or even less, and this allows people to process the information better, and also generate a bunch of posts, and a bunch of answers as people try to correct each other, and also a lot of posts so that people who didn't read can read summaries and low key left out and socially pressured into reading.
you just have to generate an essay prompt that inspiers discussion.
Did I accidentally go to CIAniggerpol? 0 economics and Marx wouldn't recognize himself in these "Marxists" (Hannah Arendt was EXPLICITLY an anti-communist). Indistinguishable from parody.
>0 economics
It's critical theory dude. It's almost entirely culture and ideology studies.
And also
>implying I said all of the people in the list are Marxists
Arendt still provides one of the more illuminating examinations of fascism. You can't avoid her work or her influence.

(288.71 KB 1020x768 Future.gif)
Worldbuilding Anonymous 08/22/2019 (Thu) 15:29:14 No. 38726 [Reply]
Alright Comrades, I had this Sci fi story idea that i don't think that I'll finish alone, so basically our main protagonist is the Planetary Union Of Socialist Republics, existing over 700 years since 2081, since then multiple revolutions across the galaxy has happened and all are allegedly started by the PUSR, Anyways, an alliance between the Socialist Stellar nations were formed, called the Interstellar Union Pact (Feel free to change that.) It kinda mirrors the Warsaw Pact in this world.

So in the present times, the IUP is currently engaged in a cold war with two other alliances, one was capitalist and one was Fascists whic I haven't named yet.

Our story revolves around the Commissars who assist in the revolutions across the Universe, preferably there are 9 commissars.

And that's what I built in the story so far, and now I pass it onto you comrades, contribute to this worldbuilding and hey this could become Leftypol's project but who knows.
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book cover for the story comrades, lemme know your thoughts
The cover being a historical one really dated the thing. Try emulate a more simplistic style.
Use some soviet space futurist art
How is the DotP structured in SUPR?
Wouldn't it make more sense to call it USPR? We should make a stellar Map.
Is anyone here interested in conlanging?

(1.48 KB 47x28 aus.jpg)
/Auspol/ Anonymous 10/20/2019 (Sun) 05:29:41 No. 100110 [Reply]
General thread for Australian politics

What does /leftypol/ think of the NSW Labor corruption scandal? Could the review of the party lead to anything good or is Labor forever helpless? Also Scomo might be a qanon fag
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Extinction Rebellion won’t achieve shit. They honestly think world leaders are going to restructure capitalism so that it doesn’t destroy the environment. Capitalism is literally founded on the over-exploitation of the environment. And all they want to do about it is glue their asses to the road and piss of a bunch of drivers.

The only way out is revolution.
The moment I saw the headline "big 4 banks allow employees to join in on extinction rebellion" was the moment it was dead in the water.
The protest was kinda cool because it showed a hell of a lot of younger people who in the next decade will probably not be voting LNP but with labor going down the same road as Blair's "New Labour" that's not a huge step up
Are you applying the stance of gay marriage as a litmus test? I understand it matters a great deal to Oxford Street and Paddington, the means to mobilise the gay marriage movement could have been done to improve many aspects of Australia. In any case the marriages, as far as I understand, would have been permitted by the government to officiate homosexual couples as married couples and qualify for the tax and other benefits of married couples.

Trigger warning, articles not written by transgender materialist atheist communist third worldist maoist revisionist dengist.

Albanese seems like the boomer who believes they done everything they could to escape the "shackles" of prolehood and still be among the proles.

"Right wing" Christians tend to be a social club organisers and attendees that have been grossly unsocialised in the wider community and the church a mere "networking" event. Plenty of Christians dont realise that the New Testament accords with socialist and communist ideology, the resort to the "right wing" as the "left wing" appears to be increasingly nihilistic and masochistic.

What on God's green earth are Reganites doing in Labour? Reganomics is a quagmire.
sorry christcom, I was referring to groupers, not all christians. Personally i've got nothing against christianity, i just hate catholic controlled unions because they are reactionaries and are literally only in the labor party to prevent it from getting to the left

For those that don't know, the catholic church started infiltrating red unions in the 1940s and 1950s to kick out communist. Since then their goal is drag the ALP to the right and neuter any potential workers movement. The largest remaining catholic union is the SDA which negotiates with bosses to LOWER workers wages. So just to be clear: I hate right wing catholics in the ALP because they are anti-communist and are pro-bosses, not because of christianity.

And the penny wong gay marriage thing is just an example of how cucked the left is, as Wong, an actual lesbian, didn't have the balls to say she believed in gay marriage,

also calm the fuck down. No need to write a fucking essay filled with boomer-tier cringe like "Trigger warning, articles not written by transgender materialist atheist communist third worldist maoist revisionist dengist." just because someone mentions gay marriage aand christianity
also heres some info on reganites in ALP


>Kimberley Kitching with Ronnie and Nancy-Jane, named after her husband Andrew Landeryou’s political hero, former US President Ronald Reagan, and his two wives
>political hero Ronald Reagan

(221.50 KB 640x400 serveimage.jpg)
/SEA/ Southeast Asia General Anonymous 10/05/2019 (Sat) 12:37:36 No. 82372 [Reply]
There are (maybe) a dozen of us! Let's compare whose country is the most classcucked, I guess.
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>Also weed is condiment in thai cuisine in the past
[Wanting to know more intensifies]
They add their leaves and flowers into the curry or dipping sauce from what I ask them. When I watch thai youtubers go to rural area, and they can't stop laughing or feel their throats are dryer than usual that is it. then the replies will joke how much " a certain herb" the hosts add into curry.
So, how long do you think Hun Sen will be in power? The guy seems old as shit and his family taking many important positions in the government is a sure fire reason for the Burgers to come in with the CNRP.
The situation there is just a damn mess ever since Hun Sen replace Heng Samrin. It’s between choosing corrupt moderates, bootlicking libs or Chinese supported nationalists.
This pope is kinda likeable guy though.
While Singapore is definitely has a huge financial capital sector that is on par with Hong Kong, it isn't completely reliant on it like Hong Kong nowsdays. We are still very much reliant on our port, manufacturing industry in Tuas and Jurong. The real backbone of Singapore is more likely our state owned industries and our GIC. Especially Temasek Holdings.

Also immigrant slavery is fucking stupid. This isn't UAE-tier exploitation here. Your sources of labour being in Phillipines and Indoensia and India, instead of Bangladesh, Malaysia or even mentioning the actual #1 China, is just proof that you heard horror stories of maid abuses over here. Don't get me wrong, migrant abuses probably exist here, but Singapore is not solely leeching from these foreign workers. If anything Singapore is needlessly expanding the workforce from other another migrants, the infamous foreign talent. FTs are taking over skilled jobs by undercutting locals far more than foreign workers are undercutting locals in unskilled labour (since no one wants to do it). This effect is called the bifurcated labour. Also Singapore is dragging out elderly and mentally handicapped into the workforce. Foreigners are being exploited and being used to exploit the workers, not made into fucking slaves.

Also the Singapore on the Thames is fucking retarded. The whole point of Singapore being a financial capital is that it is a gateway to SEA and Asia, and leaving EU will only make UK more isolated from one huge trading bloc. We are seriously so reliant on Malaysia as our 'rural area' with our borders and flights between our capitals being the most saturated in the world. If Malaysia disappears tomorrow, we are screwed and vice versa. UK is essentially making itself alone while looking to a country that physically isn't.

What you would get is constant outsourcing and dilution of labour that is slowly already happening here as described above, which would suck about the non-cities areas that voted for it. 33% of our population are migrants. Our population density is ridiculous high. And there is already a Singapore on the Thames, it is fucking called London. Financial capital, high amount of immigrants. Hell our islamic population is also way higher.

If non-Londoners hate London so much why are they so fucking dumb as to want to make UK more like London? The fucking irony is not lost on me. Fucking morons deserves whats coming to them if they vote Tory

(239.34 KB 638x425 sluishuis-hero.jpg)
For communism to be a success, architecture must be taken into account Anonymous 10/07/2019 (Mon) 16:35:04 No. 84462 [Reply]
The architecture we live and work in shapes our emotions, moods, feelings and psyches.

We must give every worker the freedom to live in housing styles of their choices, to work in buildings that give them positive outlooks. We must allow architects to design the art they are inspired to make, and not force a state sanctioned blueprint upon them.

We want humanity to thrive, to succeed, to have a high quality of life under communism. Housing should be uniform in base amenities, and size should still be given according to family unit size, but the aesthetic should have a very wide variety to cater to different people's tastes so that no one feels like they live in a depressing and restrictive environment.
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(1.99 MB 2000x1329 badgir yazd.jpg)
Living with multifunctional and ecologically clean art all around is a good feeling though.
(438.68 KB 750x457 vodka.png)
Baader–Meinhof Gang.
Baader–Meinhof Gang.
Sustainable stone.
How about...
>Can't grow steel tho.
No, but you can't make wood in a factory.
You don't need it to be as strong and because bamboo grows quickly it being less durable isn't serious issue
I like it

/leftydeutschpol/- Bunker Edition Comrade 08/06/2019 (Tue) 05:09:16 No. 11287 [Reply]
Jetzt wo 8chan, anscheinend für die nächste Zeit anscheinen down bleibt, können wir ja /leftydeutschpol/ general wiederbeleben.

>Landtagswahl in Brandenburg und Sachsen
Hab mir die Parteien die zur Wahl stehen angeguckt und muss sagen, dass das wirklich enttäuschend aussah, interessant war aber, dass sich die KPD-O in Sachsen aufstellen konnte, hoffen wir, dass sie ihr Prozente kriegen Anons!
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(94.01 KB 1683x1475 chintür.jpg)
Das ist doch eine Farce, In Bolivien massakriert das Militär Zivilisten: kein Wort. Stadt dessen volles Rohr Honk Kong.

Amis bombardieren Muslime im undenklichen Nahost krieg mit einer viertel Million toten Zivilisten und einem vielfachen an Verletzten: Humanitäre Intervention.

Die Chinese ersticken eine destabilisieren Aktion im geo-strategischen Gerangel um Belt&Road Wirtschafts-Projekt mit zugegebenermaßen rauhen Methoden die jedoch ohne Tote order Verletze: Konzentrations-lager kultureller Genozid.

Der neue Kalter Krieg gegen die rote Horden lenkt halt ab von den internen Probleme wie den Finanz Verbrechern das Handwerk zu legen, order Forderungen nach Reichtums Umverteilung...
Daily Reminder dass in den Rundfunkräten Organisationen wie bspw. "Vereinigung der Opfer des Stalinismus e.V." sitzen die ähnlich wie "Victims of Communism" weit rechts stehen und in der Vergangenheit mit Antisemitismus, Rassismus und Veruntreuung aufgefallen sind, weswegen deren Vorsitzende auch regelmäßig ihren Hut nehmen müssen.

Die Scheiße finanziert ihr mit euren eigenen Gebühren. Aber dass hier sogar die Tagesschau völlig unkritisch einen wortwörtlichen Evangelikalen einen Kübel Dünger über China auskippen lässt ist schon echt frech. Problem ist nur, dass viele Platformen, die ÖR-kritisch sind wie die sog. "Publikumskonferenz" oder Massengeschmack TV, latent rechtsalternativ sind und an den Chinese Bugman glauben und deswegen sowas unter den Tisch fallen lassen.
(49.34 KB 569x735 VVN-BdA_Logo.jpg)
Die VVN-BdA braucht unsere Unterstützung! Bitte unterschreibt diese Petition!
Guckt mal welchen Scheiß ich gerade bei YouTube als Ad bekommen habe


>AntiD geht auf internationale Subs
>heult rum auf Dachschaden, einem angeblich linken Sub das aber eigentlich von Antideutschen gemoddet wird
>hurr durr Labour ist antisemitisch
>Leute posten unironisch Blairite Propaganda im den Antisemitismus zu belegen

Die deutsche Linke, ein Witz.


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