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Is depression a real thing or is it just a rationalization of how awful life under capitalism is? Anonymous 11/26/2020 (Thu) 15:13:18 No. 1173142 [Reply] [Last]
Like, it seems the institutionalization of this idea called depression is really just a way to internalize the horror a person feels at the reality of their alienation under capitalism and its total disregard for human life. Isn’t depression a rational state of mind for the human being living within capitalism? Why the fuck wouldn’t you be depressed? Know what they called it in the 1800s? Ennui. Every time I’ve ever spoken about it or someone told me they went to therapy they always said they wound up accepting the problems in life are real but you just...shouldn’t feel so bad about them? What? Doesn’t it make sense for the human being to despair when they are treated not as a person but as an object? Is not depression the natural response of the human spirit to wage slavery or lumpenization?
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Where a bunch of posts here deleted?
(87.92 KB france.pdf)
Not 100% relevant to other posts, but more people need to know this: The theory that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance (which makes the argument sort of deterministic/fatalistic) was based on one study in the sixties that couldn't be repeated and has since been harshly discredited. Depression is caused by your material reality and environment, not brain juices. So it's caused by things being shit, and the worse things get, the more widespread depression becomes.
(32.70 KB 500x500 the cycle.jpg)
>>1173142 pic related is how i've been thinking of it recently. basically anything can happen to these three sections of the wheel to impact it: be it a genetic disposition with brain chemistry levels, a psychological trauma or slow drip of despair, or physical habits that are either personal or social. they all feed into eachother and that wheel can carve a deep rut, kind of a meta-habit. people use different methods that act on different portions in order to steer the wheel. they'll act on brain chemistry with medication, on psychology with different therapy, and on their physical life and habits with behavioral therapy and exercise.

🇧🇷/brg/ Brasil General🇧🇷 Anonymous 10/05/2020 (Mon) 21:03:46 No. 957256 [Reply] [Last]
We ded but returning from being ded. Ask questions, discuss or shitpost. E aí companheiros, como estão no surgimento do evangelistão? Curtindo a frente ampla pelo governo? Curtindo o friozinho que deu no fim de semana?
Edited last time by krates on 11/26/2020 (Thu) 02:51:06.
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>>1176293 Eita, acho que eu achei um filtro >fbi.govo em relação as ongs >d‎i‎s‎c‎o‎r‎d‎o em relação as ongs
>>1175075 minha pica no seu cu gera dor
Como explico para normies a situação em Cuba e em Venezuela? Pelo o que entendo, esses países sofrem embargos economicos dos EUA. Mas como posso compreender melhor as dificuldades dessas nações? Quero links, materias, etc. Ficaria muito grato!
>>1176293 Primeiro é necessário frisar que esse site não é seguro. Pelo menos pra quem não tem ip criptografado. E que no Brasil apologia a crime é um crime então...

(3.69 MB 500x337 1589811020842.gif)
Anonymous 11/26/2020 (Thu) 20:32:39 No. 1173990 [Reply] [Last]
>meet well-read communist >turns out he's a leftcom/ultra <learn a year ago that he actually helped in literal lib-bourg campaign I mean, honestly. Is this a trend? Fucking ultras/left"coms" scorching actual commies based on... shit... and then participating in pro-lib campaigns? I'm a hardcore ML, and I've just noticed this trend. It's almost as if you couldn't criticize the USSR based on communist principles, thus you turn toward to literal lib-shilling. It's a very comfortable position, btw. It allows you, as a "leftcom/ultra" to shit on the USSR, while it enables you to delve into the idpol-heavy cultural sphere of Western leftism. It's almost perfect, lol. I have a """comrade,""" an left-com, who shits on le USSR, but just recently participated in a literal liberal party's campaign. Are you guys, like, fucking retarded or something?
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>>1174050 Is that so? >>1174209 I feel like it’s unhelpful to describe Nechayevite nihilists as “anarchist.”
>>1173990 >I'm a hardcore ML Go build your church
>>1174020 Those were the cops
(135.65 KB 700x394 fetchimage.jpeg)
>>1173990 >"This totally happened guys, I swear!" >"I'm a hardcore ML"
>>1173990 you sound like a 13yo after watching enemy at the gates

(1.28 MB 1263x1600 Karl_Marx_001.jpg)
Stop Being Lassalleans Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 17:23:17 No. 1176146 [Reply] [Last]
State control has nothing to do with Marx; the state is only to be used during the transitory phase, and not socialism, for the sole purpose of wielding power against the bourgeoisie. You are feeding into anarchist strawmans of Marx going back to Bakunin, that Stalin embodied because he was a revisionist that turned "socialism" into a synonym for social democracy. Read Critique of the Gotha Program and On the Jewish Question.
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>>1176255 what are then, smart ass? a leftcom who never leaves the chair
>we'll wither away when you tell us to, promise No, Karen, we're not buying your P-MC either
>>1176146 What aspect of Lassalle's thinking are you actually referring to when you say "stop being Lassaleans"? Is it the idea that workers should be able to "buy" a collection of goods whose socially necessary labor time is exactly equal to the hours the worker put in (the idea Marx argues against in Critique of the Gotha Program) or something else?
>>1176233 Bakunin was the only real Marxist
>>1176264 What's up brainlet, you can't talk to people if you can't label them and put them into neat little ideological boxes?

Red Dixie? is there any hope for the most cursed part of Burgerland? Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 19:21:47 No. 1176405 [Reply] [Last]
Why tf is the South so bizarre? Why is everyone here obese and retarded? Anytime Burger-Spergs happen its usually from here (people praying outside a ballot office to defeat Biden, Fake working-class Truck kulaks, rabid racism). Is it a result of the South's historical inability to cope with losing the civil war to the North? Or a result of being less developed than the rest of the country? Sidenote: Thoughts on George Fitzhugh and what the fuck his problem was?
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>>1176556 Dead meme
>>1176556 I am from the south, we can't live with those ... together, I know you never grew up near an unfiltered black settlement, but you have to understand that living here WILL give you an race consciousness, there will never be a non racist commie movement here.
>>1176722 I grew up with nigs in the south and i don't hate them. What gives?
>>1176735 >I grew up with nigs in the south And look at what you've become.
>>1176764 Not all uighurs are black. My family is a deadbeat uighur family and we're genetically pure european

(2.41 MB 1280x720 nofuture.webm)
/leftybritpol/ No Future Edition Sage#+GbZOp 11/27/2020 (Fri) 20:37:32 No. 1176583 [Reply] [Last]
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>>1176715 You're not wrong. I know some members of the SCG personally so it comes to me passively. I am happily not a member of the party. It's sad, though, to watch it absorb the radlibs that Corbyn attracted as they dissolve even further into the centre.
>>1176714 Cyclical threads are for nonces
>>1176727 Anyone who acknowledges that "centrism" is a thing is a liberal in my opinion.
>>1176749 What does that even mean
https://cytu.be/r/BunkerBongs-AcornStalinism cytube time playing mike tyson highlights atm

Time to criticize the "political compass" Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 00:27:41 No. 1174756 [Reply] [Last]
If you're not aware, it's been almost 20 years since this website came online https://politicalcompass.org/ Trough six pages and sixty two questions, you answer to bizarre and out there questions. Do you think astrology is cool? Do you think schools should teach religious morals to children? Then an algorithm congregates two numbers following what you answered and then your individual stance on politics is represented by a red dot on a two axis graphic based on libertarian/authoritarian and left/right scales. This test basically assumes an individual political stance is a sum of opinions rather than a process of thoughts, it's idpol in its most elaborated state: your opinions make you scalable on this shitty graphic, your red dot identifies you to the other redditors as what you are, a capitalist shit stain. Since the subreddit about this and various memes exploded, we should put out there thoughtful critics and razor edged memes in order to counter what the new alt right is doing.
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>>1175194 >We're here to invent the way trough. it's a losing battle when there has never been an unironic political compass poster who was willing to argue in good faith, meaning its comparable to trying to convince pol in the middle of a sneedposting raid that liberalism is not leftism
(1.97 MB 640x360 sneedb.gif)
(34.73 KB 565x244 hurr.PNG)
>>1174756 >Time to criticize the "political compass" Yes, but not like how you are doing it. I have seen this "criticism" many times before, it amounts to pomo nuttery. You have no argument whatsoever for why the data wouldn't have a spatial pattern to it, you are just asserting it in a way that brainlets then repeat because the phrasing has the look and feel of something intelligent, just like golden packaging is a symbol for quality content. >>1174939 >It's heavily biased towards putting people in the green box That's the impression you get because of the people who take the test are usually not part of the ruling class. >>1175760 "We Aryans need much more living space because we want to use traditional Germanic farming techniques, so I will kill you slavic subhumans" – "Alrighty then."
honestly it's extremely clear to anyone who takes the test that it's very heavily biased towards liberalism and is utterly incapable of accounting for actual coherent political ideologies. Plus the le authoritarian aspect is just hilarious and completely arbitrary, as shown by this >>1175760 autism.

(45.15 KB 440x262 DDR_NKFD_Briefmarke.jpg)
(700.90 KB 1280x799 2018_40_winner.jpg)
German Communists + Movement During WW2 Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 19:24:25 No. 1176410 [Reply] [Last]
So the KPD in the Weimar years had a pretty high popularity and vote share throughout the 20s and 30s (ranging from 10-20%). What happened to the German Communist movement? They can't all have been sent to camps? Ik about the NKFD that was organized by the Soviets but beyond that can someone give me a history of the German Communists during WW2.
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>>1176629 >Tankies killed the fires of true communism! >Also fuck anarkiddies/trots for pointing this out! whats with the double standard on this board
>>1176634 Fuck all leftists uighur. you guys are hopeless all together honestly. The reason anarkiddies and trots didnt shit up germany so bad is bc they were relevant. Like who is the most prominent german anarchist? Erich Mühsam?
>>1176629 >black flag >dumb RAF bombed people :(((((((((( you're a joke
>>1176629 Dude, RAF weren't "tankies"/ML, this is completely made up.
>>1176642 Agent Jones! How many times i've to tell you? You have to finish the Bait101 courses before you start posting here. Go back to your class.

(36.79 KB 492x492 fear.png)
🦠 /COVID-19/ GENERAL-2: The Dark Winter Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 17:44:06 No. 1148724 [Reply] [Last]
NOTE: Only debate Germ Theory and related science within this thread, not outside it. Thanks -Management Live Updates: https://www.worldometers.info/ Global Tracker: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
Edited last time by zulveta on 11/23/2020 (Mon) 08:32:58.
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>>1173058 protecting the constitutional guarantee of more blood for the blood god
(4.10 MB 636x360 VID_20201127_154805_271.mp4)
What covid deniers actually believe
>>1176632 TopKEK
>>1167337 This HAS to go on Bunkerchan Twitter

Gordon Ramsey 11/27/2020 (Fri) 02:19:39 No. 1174988 [Reply] [Last]
>Abuses and degrades workers in his posh restaurant >Gets caught doing it >Gets dragged by the media >Ends up turning in into his fucking brand Only in Late Stage Capitalism
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>>1175192 >the left.jpg <a democrat You need to go back.
(146.21 KB 600x974 long soy.png)
>>1175324 >kinds like the average leftypol user or chapo listener
>>1176686 Read this >>1175056 you illiterate retard.
>>1175003 "late" as in "most recent" i guess
(8.27 KB 294x172 whiteWomanExtinctionButton.jpg)


no cookies?