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(206.30 KB 1200x1751 EiHZdZSXsAAArRa.jpeg)
China is BASED now Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 18:04:58 No. 876195 [Reply] [Last]
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>>880825 t. Mussolini
>>880825 exquisite bait
(49.39 KB 686x385 wwg1wga.jpg)
There's little difference between Dengists and QAnons. They both push the "trust the plan" mantra.
>>891051 Ironically both are correct.
(157.97 KB 1344x1008 BLER-Map-2016.png)
>>876902 Gosh I wonder if chink proles can vote for board members in free and open elections?

Cringe white leftists think they can run Chin- Anonymous 09/21/2020 (Mon) 16:38:21 No. 888480 [Reply] [Last]
-wait a minute... My Declaration of Withdrawal from the Party >My name is Zhang Laushi, born in 1928 April to a common peasant family on Gaozhou Peninsula, Shandong Province. At age 14, as a youth brigade leader, I joined the war to resist Japanese aggression and in the mid of the Huihai campaign when I was 20, I joined the Chinese Communist Party. >Thinking of my comrades in arms, half of whom were sacrificed. Their lively faces still fresh in my eyes, getting stronger as time passes. Erbi, Anxum, Yuedi and there was another one we called Older Brother, were all lost to us forever in one minor action. The Huihai campaign was victorious, but our minor action in it was very tragic and our sacrifice huge. >At that time, I decided to join the Communist Party. I swore that I would offer all I have to work for the independence of the Chinese people, their freedom and liberation. I swore that everyone must have food, clothes, without people oppressing other people, exploiting other people and to the creation of a new society, I offer my entire life struggle. >Wherever the Party puts me, I shall be there. “I pledge to struggle for communism, never to betray the Party” That is my life commitment. >The Cultural Revolution ended 25 years ago. The doctrine of the dictatorship of the proletariat has been smashed to bits. >Our once great and glorious and correct Chinese Communist Party, by losing blood tie to the people and supervision by the people, has gone through radical transformation. Now its corruption is the world’s worst. Our nation is divided into two classes and the gap between the classes is also the world’s worst. >Does not twenty-five years of lesson prove that the Cultural Revolution was correct and timely? Does it not prove that Chairman Mao’s demand for continuing revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat correct? >Even though my cultural level is not high, I only have an elementary school education. Although I do not have high level theoretical understanding, I know that communism is the collective ownership of the means of production, which mean common sharing of wealth. The road we are traveling is pure capitalism.

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>>892057 >dengoid >anti-communist >shit-talking the USSR Kruschev is that you?
>>892053 not seeing a source
(256.56 KB 1434x1434 127b83f.jpg)
>>892034 Give me a sec, my internet has decided to be fucky, and deleted my shit
>>892034 Incorrect for the first one >Muh racism Justify it asswipe. >Soviet But Not Russian: The 'Other' Peoples of the Soviet Union" Non existent. Even used page search. I'll still post some shit: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1760001 https://academic.oup.com/schizophreniabulletin/article/36/1/33/1871265 https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0306396818771275 https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/13811110701857541 Multiple times. >First Source is Peter Reddaway again First usable one >Most of the country wasn't in poverty, contextually at least Extremely incorrect.

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(76.79 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Should i be a glowie? Anonymous 09/22/2020 (Tue) 10:33:18 No. 890733 [Reply] [Last]
You get stable employment and an easy job for basically being a lapdog
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>>890877 OP will literally have to go to prison for life or go on the run like snowden in that case. Technically the penalty for treason is death so its a possible death sentence as well
(37.24 KB 738x141 soldier4hire.jpg)
>>890738 Retard. You go glowie, you get national security clearance, than you go work for a private contractor. Speaking of, been wanting to post this video on here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMoLKLM8SMg&t=1s
>>890758 >By virtue of posting this here they might not hire you. The feds prolly interns watching this place. I wonder if any glowies became sympathetic?
>>892265 >Retard. You go glowie, you get national security clearance, than you go work for a private contractor. then you're not a glowie anymore
>>892426 >then you're not a glowie anymore Basically you are. But the issue is you need to be an official glowie with the government so you can get the security clearance, before the private contractors can hire you.

(107.84 KB 604x518 Lyndon_LaRouche.jpg)
Lyndon LaRouche Anonymous 09/21/2020 (Mon) 15:14:19 No. 888252 [Reply] [Last]
Can anyone give me a quick rundown on him? Was he based?
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(90.64 KB 512x477 unnamed (6).jpg)
>Norman Bailey recalls that soon after he joined the National Security Council, he received a call from NSC officials asking him to talk to a group of followers of right-wing presidential candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. who were offering intelligence information to the agency. Bailey, then NSC's senior director of international economic affairs, said he found the visitors' intelligence on economics and foreign affairs surprisingly on target. >He said he met with LaRouche's followers numerous times in 1982 and 1983 in his Executive Office Building office, and three times with LaRouche himself -- including once for dinner at LaRouche's rented Loudoun County estate. Bailey said he circulated within NSC a well-researched position paper that two LaRouche followers wrote about fusion energy. "Some of them are quite good," Bailey said of LaRouche's associates. He said that he found them to be "useful" because of their "excellent" international contacts. >"They can operate more freely and openly than official agencies" such as the CIA, Bailey said. "They do know a lot of people around the world. They do get to talk to prime ministers and presidents." Bailey also has described LaRouche's organization as "one of the best private intelligence services in the world." >It's a view shared by others in powerful places in Washington. Through dogged work, the LaRouche organization has assembled a worldwide network of contacts in governments and in military agencies who meet regularly and swap information with them, officials and former members said. In Washington, the LaRouche group has spent the last several years currying favor with officials of the NSC, CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, Drug Enforcement Administration, the military and numerous other agencies, as well as with defense scientists doing classified research, according to federal officials and ex-members of the LaRouche group. "They've made a very concerted effort to influence the government," said Richard Morris, counselor to Interior Secretary William Clark and formerly Clark's assistant when he was NSC chief. "Their influence never went beyond the mid-level. There's no way they could influence the president." >"They obviously want to impress, with their knowledge, people who are in the know in Washington," said Ray S. Cline, a former top State Department and CIA intelligence official who said he was approached by LaRouche associates in 1980 and has spoken with them a number of times since. "They're terribly eager to find somebody" in government to talk to. >The LaRouche group stepped up its presence in Washington about 1981, when President Reagan took office, and it has publicly promoted many of his initiatives in its publications and on Capitol Hill. ... >In an interview, Inman recalled the visit at his CIA office by LaRouche and his wife, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who had just returned from Europe. He said that she gave enticing information about the West German Green Party, an antinuclear group. "At the time, nobody in intelligence was covering them at all," Inman said of the Greens. >Inman, now head of a Texas-based computer research organization, said the meeting was not extraordinary, because, as a CIA official, he sometimes met with people returning from overseas trips. He said he did not give information, but listened. Inman and other intelligence officials said they doubt the stories, widely circulated inside the LaRouche group, that the organization has informants inside the CIA who provide it with intelligence. Former associates said the organization dealt with several "cutouts," or intermediaries, who claimed they received confidential reports from the CIA. The code name for one supposed CIA contact was "Mr. Ed," said ex-associates, who added they know of no confirmation that the contact existed.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>888576 anyone who is socially conservative while advancing basic welfare capitalist policies is nazbol now
>>888826 Literally all the problems that have plagued the left since 1917 can be traced back to tr*ts
>>888846 >(unfortunately, what LaRouche thought of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical remains unknown) yuck

(24.42 KB 736x713 youtube red.jpg)
/IG/ Internet General Anonymous Board volunteer 07/29/2020 (Wed) 23:34:23 No. 731360 [Reply] [Last]
Discuss e-celebs, lefty youtube, twitter, twitch, etc. New 'actually moderated' flavour! Now with 100% less idpol guaranteed!
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(4.95 MB 640x376 sopranos laugh.gif)
>>892130 Now deposit your ass
Anyone seen this? Easy BTFOing of lolberts chief argument against Marxism by Dick Wolff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8T8ultyq2s
>>892018 You think people are astroturfing an obscure dengist youtuber, you post nonstop about this dude and you accuse anyone who thinks this is weird and a waste of time of being a fan of his. I'm imagining you running around topless with a tattoo of Caleb on your chest going around spraypainting his face onto disused buildings and accusing anyone who looks at you funny of being a stan
LowlyLasagna is so fucking obsessed with Maupin holy shit

(162.19 KB 1000x786 DKm6fpAXcAA3QSN.jpg)
Anonymous 09/22/2020 (Tue) 17:23:56 No. 891364 [Reply] [Last]
>you can't synthesize patriotism and communi- shut the fuck up. shittalking america every second of every day is the reason the american left is failing.
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>>891471 >wanting what is best for the working class of your country is patriotism. wanting what's best for the working class of your country is either wanting what's best for the workers of the world, or some dumb form of protofascism. there are no other options.
>>892131 >Now that system is becoming unsustainable so now what are you going to do to save capitalism this time? From the looks of it Cold War II with Ecological Collapse Characteristics
>>892268 brownsteak nazis were a thing
>>892075 globalization is the internationalization of capitalism, anon...

Stop using the word dialectic Anonymous 09/21/2020 (Mon) 23:08:46 No. 889621 [Reply] [Last]
And all of its derivatives. Erase this arcane word from your vocabulary. There's no point in having it there anyway since you don't know what it means. Nobody knows what it means. Feel free to prove me wrong by coming to a definition you can all agree on.
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>>889621 No, I refuse. "THE DIALECTIC IS IN MOTION" is too fun to say.
>>890783 I linked to a post on /edu/ where I discuss this. >Don't waste your time on Hegel The working amount of theory needed is accessible without Hegel. That much is true, but the rest of the article is trash. At least Engels disagrees wholly and entirely with Cockshott. >Once again, therefore, it is no one but Herr Dühring who is mystifying us when he asserts that the negation of the negation is a stupid analogy invented by Hegel, borrowed from the sphere of religion and based on the story of the fall of man and his redemption [D. K. G. 504]. Men thought dialectically long before they knew what dialectics was, just as they spoke prose long before the term prose existed. The law of negation of the negation, which is unconsciously operative in nature and history and, until it has been recognized, also in our heads, was only first clearly formulated by Hegel. >Seriously, you can only subdue Hegel by first of all becoming Hegel yourselves. As I have already remarked—Moor's beloved can only die at the hands of Moor Here is Engels quoting Marx in Anti-Dühring: >But, as Marx says: "The mystification which dialectics suffers in Hegel's hands by no means prevents him from being the first to present its general form of working in a comprehensive and conscious manner. With him it is standing on its head. It must be turned right side up again, if you would discover the rational kernel within the mystical shell." From the quoted passage, Marx writes in the afterward of the second german edition: >Of course the method of presentation must differ in form from that of inquiry. The latter has to appropriate the material in detail, to analyse its different forms of development, to trace out their inner connection. Only after this work is done, can the actual movement be adequately described. If this is done successfully, if the life of the sub-ject-matter is ideally reflected as in a mirror, then it may appear as if we had before us a mere a priori construction. So, first investigate wtf is going on, then apply dialectics to it. He's saying he didn't discover the laws via dialectics, but applied dialectics a posteriori, which is different than the Hegelian dialectics in that the Hegelian dialectics is primarily internal investigation of pure reason. (from what I understand)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>892212 Taimur, the Pakistani professor, basically told Cockshott he's a theorylet and should study philosophy. Cockshott responded herer https://paulcockshott.wordpress.com/2020/08/21/a-comment-on-a-lecture-about-hegel/ On the topic of Cockshott's response, there are so many glaring errors, I don't even know where to start. Again, do keep in mind that I have a cursory understanding of Hegel, so a lot of these ideas come from shallow reading of secondary sources. >These ideas are not relied upon by any of the contemporary sciences. This is scientism. It is basically ignoring philosophy of science, which is very important and is one of the things that is gravely missing from modern science. And Hegel absolutely BTFOs science as a totalizing venture of specific fields precisely because they take as supposition the limits of their study. They must isolate un-isolatable phenomena in order to study them, and hence are forever doomed to not get a complete picture. And, further, science is philosophy's bitch, science's foundation depends on philosophy, not the other way around. >Logic can only occur where matter is so configured as to perform logical operations, conjunctions, disjunctions negations etc. I'm not sure I agree with this characterization. It is a weird one that IMO characterizes logic as a physical process, rather than a system that exists in different contexts. What I mean is that if true, then it can also be said that physics doesn't exist in nature, it can only occur where matter is configured to perform physics. Which is true to some extent, but also doesn't really explain what physics is, and makes this weird characterization of physics just being a mental masturbation with no relation to reality. And in fact, Hegel makes a bunch of arguments about Logic's content, and contentlessness, which isn't addressed at all by Cockshott. >But that is because it is advantageous to the evolutionary survival of organisms to be able to react to their environment This is some teleology of evolution or some shit. It is ironic that he says "No biologist thinks that there are essences" then says something that implies an essence moving evolution forward. I really dislike this interpretation of evolutionary biology/psychology. He just says this as this were a scientific fact. Again, philosophy of science comes to view as crucially important. I might be stretching what he really thinks, but I see this "essence" of evolution all the time in reddit-tier pop-sci explanations of evolution. As if the species had a metaphysical meta-mind that chooses what is advantageous (if there is such a meta-mind, then it is NOT metaphysical and the interpretation of the meta-mind is arrived using Hegelianism!!!). It also ignores completely that a stupid jellyfish or mushrooms, or even diatoms are just as "evolved" as a human. Where is this "advantageous" logic in mushrooms? Or where is the evolutionary advantage of humans having vestigial time-bomb appendixes. >A more sophisticated understanding would be in terms of matrix multiplication rather than simple logic. Here he is committing the same mistake he says he is wary to avoid. Matrix multiplication as such is a human endeavor. He is projecting a purely mathematical structure onto an organism that is unaware of formal mathematics.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

When monke first eat mushroom him make dialectic
>>890528 >I doubt Cockshott is a good reference The book is about historical materialism as the development of the modes of production, not about dialectical materialism and the philosophical discussions pertaining to materialism per se. It is a good read for what it is.

(13.13 KB 270x187 download (1).jpg)
(152.32 KB 820x595 tlenlzkmu8ny.jpg)
(6.99 KB 199x253 images.png)
irredentism Anonymous 09/22/2020 (Tue) 14:24:17 No. 891056 [Reply] [Last]
How strong are irredentist movements in your country(for thoes who do not know irredentism is the idea that a country should reclaim her long lost borders and form a bigger version of herself(greater greece greater serbia greater italy The british empire russian empire) However they arent always right wing as there are left wing people who dream of a new border like the soviet union or fully united ireland. Im asking this because many socialist ideas believe that there would be no needs for defined borders after achieving the last stages of communism(for any /pol/tard reading this the last part dosent mean that then all non white trans islamic illegal mullatos can move to your street in large numbers and live on your money but that all workers across the world would no longer have to fight each other for lines on maps)
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>>892001 >DDG Is this person perhaps underage?
>>892277 No, I just don't like using google, and neither should you.
>>892166 Are you russian? If so just take the trans-siberian railway then continue from moscow
>>892285 Whats wrong with google
>>892317 >willingly selling your information to Evil Inc.

Short, easy to read socialist books? Anonymous 09/22/2020 (Tue) 21:53:20 No. 892193 [Reply] [Last]
Can anyone recommend some socialist works that are not very long and can be easily understood and read casually? Like something that you don't have to sit down and study to fully understand.
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>>892198 I dunno, I find Cockshott stuff somewhat hard to get if you don't have his stemfag mindset and he uses a lot of confusing terminology. Will probably check it out, though. >>892202 Thanks, will check it out. >>892203 Is it about Stalin? >>892206 lol
Jugoslav Self Administration by Hoxha to btfo market "socialists" (; Actually though read Civil War in France and Critique of Gotha Programme, they're short and very informative and good. Stalin and Lenin both wrote a lot of simple and short books too that are pretty informative
>>892193 Jonathan Wolff- Why Read Marx Today Oxford Very Short Introductions Series has books on Marx, Engels, Anarchism, and so on

(2.91 MB 1116x1500 acornhxh.png)
/leftybritpol/ - MAYBE SECOND LOCKDOWN EDITION Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 17:43:10 No. 879315 [Reply] [Last]
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>>891948 Marx was a seshlord you cumstain
>>892026 If only there were a materialist explanation behind people resorting to drug dealing. Unless it is the case that you believe there is a supply/demand economy? Oh wait, you're just a thick cunt. RECREATIONAL USE OF ANY DRUG IS A SOURCE OF WEALTH, YOU PUSSY
>>892026 The people’s republic of China is actively waging war against communist guerrillas. Now you could say well okay they aren’t in a position to be helping them, yet they prop up dudirtay, another drug user killer, who is a pigdog and the NPA should ice
>>891303 based (the judge)
>>891553 Nah he was actually reasonably sane until about 2016. His bigotry was much more low key and his excess of time was put to good use showing the ways the press contradicted itself, or how the latest non-scandal in Scottish politics was (a) meaningless and (b) Scottish Labour's fault. He was more or less exactly what you'd expect from an Amiga Power writer dunking on the Scottish press. He was for all his flaws a good (if ill mannered) media watchdog. "The Wee Blue Book" was actually a useful exercise, an asset rather than a liability even if (by virtue of being independently published) it has crank aesthetics. Then Sturgeon turned from Socdem-lite to full-Liberal, the Scottish government gave up any interesting agenda whatsoever, and the media became slightly more sturgeon friendly so ever since that point he's turned into a tedious dickhead. tbh it's a shame there's nobody operating in the same role. There needs to be a site like 2014 era Wings Over Scotland that just pulls apart press nonsense. The Scottish press in particular is a reprehensible little thing that should be put out to pasture, but the British press isn't much better. Labour (and the wider left to a lesser degree, but for practical headline terms you'd probably have to defend Labour a lot because nobody talks about anything left of it) would do well to learn from that precedent, so long as they set it up in a fashion less vulnerable to developing a personality cult around it. >>891605 He used to be much more bellicose in telling people that UDI was bollocks, so I can't see that happening. (Although he seems increasingly willing to associate with those people as Scottish Nationalism splits between "people who actually want independence" and "SNP people who like independence as a symbol but don't really care about getting it in the next 10 years.") It's been funny to watch his volte face from 2016. In 2016 he was all "If you don't give both votes to the SNP, you'll cost them their majority and in any case it would be unfair to break the PR system" and crowed about how he was right when the Greens cost the SNP their majority. Now he's crowing about how you shouldn't waste both votes on the SNP because they'll definitely win on the constituency seats alone.


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