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Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 03:45:24 No. 1159348 [Reply] [Last]
Hey guys, interested in Maoism and Prachanda path. Mao-Pill me.
>>1159348 So Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is in some ways an evolution of Marxism-Leninism. It was synthesized by Abimael Guzman in Peru in the 80s. Some of it‘s theories are new democracy (recognition that different nations with different material conditions need their government to work adapted to those material conditions), the mass line (party members should visit cities and villages and ask them what the party is doing right and what they should change), and protracted people’s war (maintain the support of the population and draw the enemy out to the countryside to starve them out), although some maoists argue about it‘s universality. Most modern maoists reject most things written by Mao post-1972. A pretty complete reading list can be found here; https://massline.org/MLM_Study/MLMstudy.htm

(38.65 KB 621x414 mil-robot-dog-tyndall-1800.jpg)
Reminder that Tech Industry Research Is Not Your Friend Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 15:27:26 No. 1157624 [Reply] [Last]
In reality, technological development is highly resource intensive, forcing researchers to pursue certain paths of inquiry at the expense of others. In our society, firms must focus on developing technologies that lead to profitable outcomes. Turning profits off of digital services, which are mostly offered to end users for free online, has proven elusive. Rather than focus on generating advances in artificial general intelligence, engineers at Facebook spend their time studying slot machines to figure out how to get people addicted to their website, so that they keep coming back to check for notifications, post content, and view advertisements. The result is that, like all modern technologies, these digital offerings are far from “socially neutral.” The internet, as developed by the US government and shaped by capitalist enterprises, is not the only internet that could exist. The same can be said of robotics: in choosing among possible pathways of technological progress, capital’s command over the work process remains paramount. Technologies that would empower line workers are not pursued, whereas technologies allowing for detailed surveillance of those same workers are fast becoming hot commodities. These features of technological change in capitalist societies have important implications for anyone seeking to turn existing technical means toward new, emancipatory aims. Profit-driven technological advances are highly unlikely to overcome human drudgery as such, at least on their own, especially where labor remains cheap, plentiful, and easily exploited. — Aaron Benanav, Automation and the Future of Work (2020)
>>1157624 >technology vs humans >technology is capitalist ok Luddite We can make technology with socialist priorities, it would be easier to do that, than try to make technology fit the antiquated capitalist structures.
shut the fuck up doomer luddite.
>>1157660 >>1157719 are you both retarded? op clearly isn't anti technology, he is pointing out that technology is shaped by the society that we live in not the other way around, and there's a lot of capitalist technology that is designed against the working class, or for unethical pursuits of profits, or both. the ideology that comes out of silicon valley in the past decade borders on technofascism, if you don't see that then you need to look harder.

Labor Theory of Value Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 13:40:40 No. 1148112 [Reply] [Last]
Why are non-Marxian economists so obsessed with this? The LTV being considered discredited is basically their only defense against Marxism, they bitch and moan about it nonstop. I don't really care much about the LTV because I'm more interested in the philosophical and historical side of Marx, but I have to admit the more I think about it the more thd LTV makes sense. It's not just the crude borrowing from Ricardo that mainstream economists make of it, it works Marx's Hegelianism into his economics. Exploitation leading to the overthrow of the bourgeoisie is basically the master-slave dialectic from Phenomenology of Spirit. But mainstream economists either don't know this or they dismiss it on shallow positivist grounds.
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>>1150421 okishio's theorem, gets touted as refutation of the tendency for the rate of profit to fall, Cockshott has produced a rebuttal to that.
>>1150541 i am the cultist, and you are the one that keeps repeating the same argument you heard from cockshott on youtube over and over again without any refutation. Like i said pure inbridled projection
>>1149417 Um, who said that prices and values were supposed to coincide? As you said, by volume three, Marx shows this relationship is already beginning to break down. Now, why would he want to show this? Where is he trying to lead us?
>>1149417 >>1149452 >>1149617 >>1159217 >>1149234 Why does Marx spend a great deal of time in volume three showing that the relation between value and price is already beginning to break down. Might this not have something to do with his prediction that production based on exchange VALUE must eventually BREAK DOWN? Go back and read it again.
>>1149417 >Cockshott is cope because he thinks he can dodge the obvious problem with Marx's system (the transformation problem) with empirical data, when really according to Marx, with profit rate equalization, value should NOT coincide with prices. We don't have profit rate equalization IRL. >And don't think you can get out of it by just throwing out profit rate equalization. I'm not throwing it out, it literally doesn't exist. Look at Apple and their patent bullshit. Look at oil companies. Other capitalists can see these sectors have higher profit rates, but they can't move there, competition remains limited there and so the profit rates stay high. >It logically follows from Marx's theories of supply and demand and you'd have to do some serious revision to get rid of it. It's just rentier stuff and Marx already wrote about that, too.

Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 23:21:47 No. 1158928 [Reply] [Last]
Does anybody have the Thaelmann movies on Mega/torrent?
(8.45 MB 640x360 Ernst Thalmann movie clip.webm)
>>1158928 here's the actual movie clip
Are you talking about these two? Ernst Thälmann - Sohn seiner Klasse [1954] Ernst Thälmann - Führer seiner Klasse [1955]
(179.90 KB 597x587 Thaelmann (2).png)
(80.18 KB 512x512 alunya meh.png)
>>1158974 There are no subs and apparently these are the "censored version", whatever that means. Ernst Thälmann - Son of the Working Class.mkv https://mega.nz/file/6pMiSbBI#HcnyZ21__vjNPQK5ZsZ0fMBHTWBqofnSgbMSGpE8Ug0 Ernst Thälmann - Leader of the Working Class.mkv https://mega.nz/file/u8UW2ZAA#GCI_hr7JO8YBRknSwpNER9c2kQG8Y2LHcoC-4waEECI

Unpopular Opinions Anonymous 10/16/2020 (Fri) 23:47:21 No. 1006777 [Reply] [Last]
Unpopular opinion thread because I don't see any I'll start: people can be Marxist without reading theory, not everyone has time to obsessively read over every book with the word communism (and I read theory)
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It's good to know that even if there was an ML party around that I wouldn't be allowed to do anything to help them. Because my private and secret midnight bedroom activities are icky and gross.
>>1146599 Please, you faggots wreck socialist movements so well the CIA is afraid you'll put them out of business
>>1146526 In the Islamic world homosexuality was common, idk about the west
(353.66 KB 1073x683 isis-gay-man-executed-syria.jpg)
>>1148502 how dumb do you have to be to believe this
librarians are right about most non-econmic issues

(211.49 KB 1280x720 EnRav37XMAErFSS.jpeg)
News 11/21/20 News Anon 3.0 11/21/2020 (Sat) 18:36:47 No. 1158168 [Reply] [Last]
Colombians Embark on a Fresh National Strike Against Ivan Duque Under the banner of “For Life, Peace, Democracy and Negotiation of an Emergency Plan”, workers, peasants, teachers, students, doctors, women, Indigenous and Afro-descendant communities as well as the members of the Common Alternative Revolutionary Force (FARC) party and other left-wing political parties took to the streets across the country to demand greater attention from the national government towards the several issues faced by its citizens. https://www.newsclick.in/Colombians-Embark-Fresh-National-Strike-Against-Ivan-Duque Rioters storm Brazilian supermarket & set FIRES after security guards allegedly kill black man Hundreds of protesters attacked a supermarket in Sao Paulo, Brazil, amid nationwide outrage over the alleged killing of a black man by two security guards at another of the chain’s outlets. https://on.rt.com/avia EU trained Algeria and Morocco police in online disinformation tactics EU trainers also taught Algerian police officers to create fake online identities, which have been linked to the spread of disinformation and government propaganda in the country, as part of a course on open source intelligence (OSINT) methods delivered at the height of popular protests last year. https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/algeria-morocco-european-union-trained-police-data-harvesting Burkina Faso to vote amid escalating violence Burkina Faso will vote in presidential and legislative elections on Sunday, amid escalating extremist violence that’s killed more than 2,000 people this year and displaced some one million people from their homes. https://apnews.com/article/roch-marc-christian-kabore-ouagadougou-elections-africa-west-africa-849e2a100527f90fb046b2cbfd0d826f Egypt: Female political prisoners beaten during inspection mission

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

god fucking damn the world is hot at the moment. thanks news anon
Tucker Carlson Advertiser Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, Helps Bail Out Kyle Rittenhouse Kyle Rittenhouse, who was arrested after allegedly shooting two people during an August demonstration in Kenosha, Wisconsin, posted $2 million in bail on Friday with the help of MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell. https://www.newsweek.com/tucker-carlson-advertiser-mike-lindell-ceo-mypillow-helps-bail-out-kyle-rittenhouse-1549191 https://archive.is/Q9Q65 Senior Pentagon officials decline to quarantine after exposure to coronavirus The acting Pentagon chief and several other senior defense officials who were exposed to the novel coronavirus last week will not be quarantining, citing ongoing testing and safety precautions that appear to have been applied unevenly. https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/2020/11/20/pentagon-officials-decline-quarantine-after-positive-coronavirus-cases/ https://archive.is/4iXnz Florida bans on conversion therapy for children voided by U.S. appeals court A divided federal appeals court on Friday declared unconstitutional two south Florida laws that banned therapists from offering conversion therapy to children struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity. https://uk.reuters.com/article/us-usa-conversion-therapy-idUSKBN28029C Alabama Secretary of State Under Fire for 'War on Whites' Retweet Above the video was a caption that read: "#BlackLivesMatter's war on whites continues on camera." Another retweet the groups pointed to read: "When patriots decide it's time to fight back it's gonna be ugly." https://www.newsweek.com/alabama-secretary-state-under-fire-war-whites-retweet-1549082

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

From Emiliano Zapata to the EZLN: Land and Autonomy In 1910, Mexico was celebrating its 100th anniversary as an independent nation. Since 1877 the country had been under the dictatorial rule of General Porfirio Díaz Mori, a veteran of the Franco-Mexican war of 1867. Through both constitutional reforms[1] and rigged elections, the dictator was reelected, governing for over 30 years (a period known as the Porfiriato or the Pax Porfiriana). His administration was known for its ruthless suppression of any political and social opposition. For example, in 1892, residents of the town of Tomochic were massacred on Díaz’s orders after they declared autonomy. Of the town’s 279 residents noted in the previous year’s census, 165 died in the violence; the only survivors were women and children. Similar violence was waged against workers. https://www.leftvoice.org/from-emiliano-zapata-to-the-ezln-land-and-autonomy An American White Supremacist’s New Home in Serbia Robert Rundo’s latest video opens with the 30-year-old native of Queens, New York, showing off Serbian nationalist graffiti adorned with a Celtic cross, a well-known white supremacist symbol.“So we’re out here in Belgrade, you know, cleaning up the neighborhood,” says Rundo, pointing to what he calls some “beautiful artwork from the locals” behind him.These locals are apparent far-right comrades of Rundo’s, repainting white supremacist graffiti that had been defaced days before by local anti-fascist activists.Rundo is the co-founder of the Rise Above Movement (RAM), an American white supremacist gang that saw three of its members imprisoned for violence at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017; two are still incarcerated. A separate federal case against Rundo himself for similar violence in California was dismissed in June 2019. Since then, he has been a free man, although federal attorneys have sought to challenge this outcome and an initial appeal hearing took place this week.The video was posted on Rundo’s Telegram channel on November 8, 2020. What is striking about it is not Rundo’s promotion of openly violent imagery, or that he is wearing a shirt from his own far-right fashion brand. It is the location: the Serbian capital Belgrade. It has been publicly documented and reported that Rundo has spent much of 2020 across eastern Europe, spending time in Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria and particularly Serbia.But it is Belgrade where Rundo appears to be trying to build a base for himself. Rundo has even gone as far as to incorporate a company in Serbia, which would allow him to apply for temporary residency in the country. With the possibility that Rundo may eventually face a new trial in the United States as a result of this week’s aforementioned appeal hearing, however, it seems fair to suggest his activities in Serbia deserve greater scrutiny. https://www.bellingcat.com/news/2020/11/18/an-american-white-supremacists-new-home-in-serbia/ This Is America #130: Cracks On The Right & The Shape Of Trumpism To Come On this episode of This Is America, we jump straight into the discussion, as we look at how things went down at the Millions MAGA March and what this new coalition of Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists, militias, and fascist groups means for the future of Trumpism.As Trump’s attempts to steal the election hits roadblock after roadblock and continued legal challenges, Trump and his minions keep falling back on the use of conspiracy theories to hold his base together. We discuss how this dynamic is leading to cracks within the existent Trump coalition and why there looms a possible coming split between the GOP and what remains of Trumpism.What this signals, is that Trump may soon break away and throw his weight behind a media network outside of Fox News, and use that influence to campaign for the Presidency in 2024. While this many effectively split the GOP down the middle, it may also lead to the creation of a genuine fascist third party. https://itsgoingdown.org/this-is-america-130/
(5.67 KB 275x183 xi toast.jpeg)
(54.33 KB 768x511 1590811442061.jpg)
(25.29 KB 700x394 1590795403696.jpg)
(105.66 KB 454x340 1593991814413.jpg)
>>1158281 >1 in 4 Americans are jobless or earning poverty-level wages, new study finds
(140.54 KB 504x546 77376172_p0.jpg)
thanks news anon

(516.44 KB 1000x664 shutterstock-238864081.jpg)
Anonymous 11/12/2020 (Thu) 22:18:55 No. 1127380 [Reply] [Last]
Has there ever been an AES nation without cult of personality?
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>>1127380 Cuba, under Castro, Castro, and Canel they have never once had a cult of personality.
>>1127949 Well there are statues in his Honor nowadays, but when he was alive there were none. It is illegal to errect statues of living politicians in Cuba. This is of course to avoid cults of personality.
>>1131285 Arguably Fidel's Cuba was not exactly orthrodox ml considering it wasnt democratic centralist. The party certainly did practice democratic centralism, however the party had zero power in governance. As of course all political parties in Cuba are banned from having so. Instead, Cuba was and remains a participatory democracy. I don't think that this doesn't make them ml, they most certainly are. But I think this should be known more.
>>1132216 all of whom were dead.
Thomas Sankara in Burkina Faso comes to mind, as shortlived as that was.

(77.23 KB 918x918 DmILzlAXsAAg3Sb.jpg)
Thirworldism, unequal echange and dependency theory are wrong Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 22:02:17 No. 1158790 [Reply] [Last]
Outside of the classical countries, a growing portion of the peasantry - and even hunter-gatherers - have been progressively driven out of production. Their workforce has been displaced by the use of machinery. It has thus passed into the condition of latent working-class overpopulation. Its biological production has come to be governed accordingly. Their birth rate has increased, in order to enable social survival over the weakened conditions of individual survival. Capital has thus accelerated the multiplication of the latent overpopulation to two points. The international separation between the working population that remains inactive and that which is being massively converted into surpluses is not accidental. It necessarily arises from the realization of the world content of capital accumulation in the form of mutually independent national accumulation processes. But on it the apologetics of capitalism is mounted to reverse the determination. It does so by presenting capital accumulation as if it were a national process in its essence, and not in its mere form. Thus, the expansion of the overpopulation of workers to characterize a country –product of the full development of the global essence of accumulation– is presented inverted as if it were a consequence of the national insufficiency of that development. That is, as if it were the result of the "underdevelopment" of capitalism in those countries.

Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 18:42:18 No. 1158186 [Reply] [Last]
How do we advocate for cybersocalism? Unfortunately it seems the market "socialists" have become dominant in the left once more and cybernetics have been forgotten. How do we dispel the market fundamentalist lies?
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We need more agitprop to crowd out the current agitprop. Left has a lot of anti-capitalist stuff that's scared of being too specific lest it trigger sectarianism. So only the least radical ideas like market socialism or socdem become popularized among the masses.
>Marketsocs became dominant Did they though? If we disregard the online spaces (which do need to be disregarded as they only reflect the whinings of at-heart liberal people of college's) actual socialist movements are likely just as much pro-planning as they were before. Also cybersocialism is a bit of a meme. As long as a modern planned economy comes into being, it will almost certainly be cybernetic by its nature.
>>1158256 no we should advocate for it as it's own thing a) to bring over radlibs and b) to distinguish it from a primitive soviet styled planned economy for that average worker. Also pretending online spaces are completely irrelevant is cope we don't live in the 20th century anymore.
>>1158186 As the anons in >>1158236 we must simply take the mantle of Cockshott and others and continue working on it/ spreading it by ourselves
By convincing people that a planned economy is more effective at resource allocation than a market economy, plus coupled with our current cybernetic technology computerized planning would be even more efficient, fast, and wouldn't necessitate a bureaucracy to function.

(1.94 MB 1800x1200 hammond.jpg)
Hacktivism Anonymous 11/14/2020 (Sat) 17:58:56 No. 1133324 [Reply] [Last]
In the late 2000s and early 2010s you had massive amounts of "Hacktivism" a.k.a. political hacking. You had 10000+ people in anonymous at least going by IRC chatrooms, etc. You had guys like picrel who was truly the Abbie Hoffman of the millennial generation. But this all died by 2016 and hasn't really come back. What happened? why is "hacktivism" no longer a thing? Why did it die out and will it ever come back?
94 posts and 19 images omitted.
>>1153174 World economic Forum guy. idk how he is relivent here tho.
>>1147402 >420chan Ayyyy my starting point a decade ago! :3
>>1153605 My old homeboard for a long time, about a decade ago. did you use the irc?
>>1133324 It wont come back because to many people get to lazy to learn hacking and actually get good at it.Most download kali linux realize its harder than they thought and then give up.
>>1137921 schizo brain


no cookies?