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(162.38 KB 760x619 Screenshot_20200103-095812.png)
Beware of glowies Anonymous Board volunteer 01/03/2020 (Fri) 09:00:14 No. 195336 [Reply] [Last]
I want to warn anons ITT it's not unlikely that in the next couples of days /leftypol/ (and other politically minded websites) will be the target of glowies and shills that will try to disrupt any discussions involving American imperialism and try to manufacture consent for an US aggression of Iran. Be vigilant and try not fall for obvious diversion attempts and bait, just report those posts.
Edited last time by comraderat on 01/03/2020 (Fri) 09:03:25.
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/leftypol/ is a prime target, the feds are working overtime to convince all 360 of its users to support imperialism
(131.80 KB 500x366 a1e.png)
>>205055 NM rescued it, but geez you need to lurk 4/pol/ for two years before you can post effectively there unless you have talent
>>205064 REEEE LOOK AT THIS TARD NOT GETTING IT LOOK https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/238926453#p238945808 BRING BACK THE FILTER REE REE REE

(194.93 KB 647x516 hansolo.jpg)
Assuming you die in 10 years, How do you spend your time? Anonymous 01/08/2020 (Wed) 17:55:03 No. 204676 [Reply] [Last]
Choose your future >You are a 20-something year old white male >It is the 2020s >You are living in The West™ >You have $1000 in savings >The world will come to a slow collapse over the course of the next few years >Mass immigration into your country is inevitable >Can either vote for ecofascists or climate-denying fascists >You can live with your parents as a NEET or try to wage slave and be normal >You realize that it is immoral and unaffordable to have children >The internet is slowly radicalizing young people >You are told the human race has 10 years left to live What do you do with your time left?
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>>204735 unschooled person = unworthy of life
>>204676 I would dismiss it as bourgeois lies and increase my efforts in the struggle. Anyone who says anything else is a bad leftist
complete and publish all three volumes of my degenerate furry autism-fest fantasy novel series
>Implying any of this changes anything Embrace singleness of purpose
>>204910 I agree with Nechayev but not his glorification of that life. I doubt its a choice, more likely you have nothing to lose first, and then you pick revolutionary politics because the other option is killing yourself. I am a zombie who just works on autopilot whenever outside of politics but i'd probably be more effective if I wasn't a depressed alcoholic all the time.

(32.60 KB 750x750 CPUSA.png)
Anonymous 12/16/2019 (Mon) 19:33:00 No. 164385 [Reply] [Last]
Is the CPUSA redeemable? Their last chairman left after the party took a left turn and joined the Dems (lol). But they seem to be having much better theory and newspapers than the PSL, have better internationalist work (contacts to Cuba, China, etc.) and seem to have more presence in the trade unions.
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>>187234 >They are very pro-Lenin at the very least. That's excellent (but are there Communist Parties that aren't pro Lenin)? I don't think so; I'd be shocked. Lenin had his flaws, but he was ultimately one of, if not the best, best communist you can get.
>>187175 >>187234 I also found this very short piece they posted a few years ago. It states pretty well known facts among communists, but the wording sounds relatively anti-Stalin. I don't think it is an official party line, but rather the opinion of one member given it is labeled "Convention Discussion". https://www.cpusa.org/party_voices/convention-discussion-lenin-stalin-different-people/
>>187241 True. I don't think anyone should worry about their view on Stalin or whoever else so long as the party isn't obsessed with it. If they were obnoxiously trashing Stalin all the time or considered him the greatest leader I would find them questionable either way.
I'm necroing this thread because I finally joined and met up with some people in the CPUSA So a few points >They actually own some property in the country to use as clubs >They seem to be growing, a few of them talked about how they're seeing more and more people get out there and volunteer >A lot of the membership is old boomers and the acknowledge themselves as such, got excited when I mentioned I was tech savvy and could help them develop an online presence >They're trying to build bridges with other left-groups in the country >They're also trying to expand outside of the cities and restructured themselves so people in "flyover" states without an established club can work together. All in all they seemed like friendly people that, like an anon earlier said, seem to have a life outside of the party.
>>204967 (me) Also figured I'd say that I plan to work with them to expand their online presence.

(121.91 KB 898x1400 napoleon iii.jpg)
(37.18 KB 556x556 napoleon.jpg)
Anonymous 01/08/2020 (Wed) 18:46:16 No. 204732 [Reply] [Last]
what do you guys think of the bonapartes, were they good for france/europe ?
The OG, yes. The descendant, lol no.
>>204757 why not the third ? he was behind the creation of modern paris
>>204917 he must be burning in hell

(17.71 KB 640x640 YI5ehyDU.jpg)
Article on PSL and Other "ML" Groups Anonymous 01/05/2020 (Sun) 22:48:24 No. 199484 [Reply] [Last]
According to Some Guy(TM), PSL is just another "activist networking organization", only slightly better than DSA and radlib groups, and lacking in working-class base-building. Is it true? If so, is joining a cranky Leninist newspaper club even worth the tradeoff in numbers compared to just radicalizing the DSA? https://libcom.org/book/export/html/62357
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I don't like Trotsky, but this insane conspiracy crap is ridiculous. You're making MLs look retarded.
>>200886 >In other words he was never an "FBI informant" since he had no contact with them. What do you mean, dumbass? Trotsky explicitly met with a FBI informant, US. Consul Robert G McGregor, and gave him information on Mexican Communists. The idiot was going to give their names to HUAC, and was already publicly doing it days before he was assassinated. J.B. Mathews was the HUAC investigator he was going to snitch to. You might want to correct your claims. >The only real Trot group I know of are the SEP Trot groups are too busy spilting, and having sex scandals, to be relevant. They're usually idiots like this Ed Sard person who spends his entire life defending Trotsky's "legacy" when nobody cares. His ideas were utter failures. The belief that peasantry isn't revolutionary, and couldn't carry out cooperative production on a mass scale has been shown wrong by ever revolution during, and even after, his death. There's no reason to care, like, or even respect an opportunist rat like Trotsky that owned served as a mouth piece of anti-communism and fascism. >I will answer for myself personally—in this case I will be on the side of “fascist” Brazil against “democratic” Great Britain. Why? Because in the conflict between them it will not be a question of democracy or fascism. If England should be victorious, she will put another fascist in Rio de Janeiro and will place double chains on B
This entire exchange is just moving-the-goalpost. First Trotsky is a Nazi sympathizer, then he's an FBI informant, then he's an informant to an FBI informant, etc. >>199916 >Trotsky was a life long opportunist who backed the intrigues of the 5th column in the ussr, with documents pointing to him and his associates being wreckers, informants and in league with fascism/nazism. >>200320 >Plus, he snitched to the FBI on Communists >>200733 >No, he did inform on communists to the fbi. >>200862 >Was through huac. Spoke with Mexican consulate. >>200923 >Huac and the fbi worked hand in hand. >>201301 >Trotsky explicitly met with a FBI informant, US. Consul Robert G McGregor >an opportunist rat like Trotsky that owned served as a mouth piece of anti-communism and fascism. lmao you're going to accuse Trotsky of supporting fascism on the basis of anti-imperialism? How is this different from what an ML supports? Aren't MLs the ones who tell us to support countries like Iran which have imprisoned and killed communists?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

how to remove retarded trotposting from my thread?
(41.36 KB 613x531 nope.jpg)
>>200842 >He opposed the revolution/insurrection in 1905 He was elected chairman of the Petersburg Soviet. Trotsky was literally the closest person you could call to being the "leader" of the 1905 revolution. >during the teamster strike of 1934, they supported the governor declaring martial law and.opposed the general strike... Trotsky's early followers literally led the 1934 Teamsters strike you idiot

What are opportunism and revisionism actually Anonymous 01/01/2020 (Wed) 13:47:36 No. 193261 [Reply] [Last]
These words just get thrown around randomly. What the fuck do they actually mean? Sources from Marx and co would be nice.
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>>193261 Opportunism and revisionism are terms that have meant many different things in different contexts. You’ll find Marx/Engels rarely use them if at all as they were the progenitors of communist thought and were able to clear up any disputes of interpretation during their lives. Lenin was the first to use these terms—typically in reference to various social democrats who he believed to be cynically twisting the words of Marx/Engels to serve their own narrow ends.
'Revisionism' = reformism > revolution, while still claiming to be "Marxist".
(121.51 KB 853x1024 1b9vg7yh.jpg)
>>193261 >1. Pick a tendency (ML, MLM, Ultra, etc) >2. Your beliefs are the modern legacy of Marx >3. Other groups don't believe what you believe >4. Their beliefs are not aligned with your perfect interpretation of Marxism >5. Call them "revisionist" and tell them to read more Marx
>>193261 They get used pejoratively a lot, but they also have important theoretical meanings. >opportunism They only care about short term shit, can't see the forests for the trees. Often they're also careerists who want to use the situation to advance themselves personally. This is about people's actions. >revisionism They want to make changes to an established theory. This can be good in the sense of people updating things for new information. It's more often really bad where (like religious texts) people just pick and choose elements of a holistic theory that appeal to them and are useful for their personal/cynical motives (see opportunist above).
Opportunism is what people accuse lenin of doing, that he took advantage of the opportunity to take power for himself or his faction without care if it helped the greater political goal. Revisionism is misinterpreting marx's texts in order to suit your own political interests. Hoxha accused khrushchev of doing this after stalin died. you can't get "sources from marx and co" because these terms came into the popular leftist lexicon *after* marx and co died. they're entirely subjective insults used to fight over what his words meant

(1.44 MB 342x304 1574940975811.gif)
Anonymous 01/07/2020 (Tue) 15:17:39 No. 201668 [Reply] [Last]
Can nationalism be a legitimate and useful strategy in the first world to counter alienation or is it doomed to being straight false consciousness?
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>>203486 For rest of the world nips and gooks are of the same race.
Nationalism is the worst idpol.
(135.79 KB 889x394 1576518850408.jpg)
Juche Theory is universally applicable
>>204038 I'm trying to articulate a concept of proletarian nationhood that exists in opposition to bourgeois nation-states. The crux of my argument is that nations as an identifiable phenomenon are far older than the concept of a nation state and exist independently of state apparatus. As we can see in the western world even despite a very specific and limited concept of nationhood being enshrined in state ideology this doesn't halt or negate the evolution of national communities. The task of left-wing nationalism is to identify nations in a real sense, as they actually exist and how people engage with them in their immediate lives. To "negate" nationhood would be just as much of an exercise in idealism as bourgeois nationalism, it fundamentally would not capture how people actually engage with their community - it would leave a huge element of sociocultural life completely unexamined. >How is a nation grounded in a "real culture" when this culture is different "a city like Belfast people from the west are identifiably distinct from people from the east despite it being such a small area"? You're taking me to be talking of nation-states as they exist in politics, I'm not - I'm talking about how national communities exist independently of such states. If we're to examine a nation-state at the local level it is abundantly clear that there is profound cultural differences between one locality and another thus we can say that nation-states fail in the task of capturing national-identity nor are they even usable for such a task in any comprehensive way. East Belfast vs. West Belfast is a particularly concrete example of this as East Belfast is a stronghold of Ulster Scots identity while West Belfast is essentially the city's Irish ghetto. A man from one side of the city is a foreigner in the other despite living only a few miles away. If Ireland were to be a united socialist republic (epic) it could not be a nation-state, but this is not because nations are some kind of fiction that socialism must do away with - it's because an island as small as Ireland simply has too many nations in it for a people's state to subscribe to any particular national identity. The Irish, the Ulster Scots, the Travellers all constitute distinct and definable nations despite it being impossible to draw any exclusive boundary between them. Possibly even more within these that have gone yet unexamined by mainstream academia. You cannot draw a border between where "Irishness" ends and "Ulster Scotsness" begins, you can create a state in which they're both emancipated to develop their cultures without being minorities in another man's country. > So why not just accept that all nationalism is the bourgeois nationalism of the nation state? > But this is the exact negation of nationalism, which you insist on identifying AS nationalism! In the 19th century as bourgeois dominance became fact the bourgeoisie successfully hijacked national consciousness as a propaganda tool. This was not when nations came into existence, this was a complete disaster for the authentic national communities that were not incorporated into state apparatus (usually only the national community of the ruling class and the capital). In the following years bourgeois states adopted a policy of repression and terror upon non-conforming communities to try and integrate them into the hegemonic culture such as the UK's crusade to Anglicize their Celtic territories or France's complete enforcement of Parisian culture and the French language upon the rest of their country (which still continues to this day in many ways). > But this is the exact negation of nationalism, which you insist on identifying AS nationalism! To say this is a negation of nationalism only goes as far as analysing nations as they are defined in bourgeois ideology and not how they can be identified in the world. And I agree, this is a negation of such nationalism. This goes further. This is national liberation, by rejecting the bourgeois narrative of nationhood, by being conscious of how it works and by identifying authentic culture people can be emancipated from such cultural hegemony. National feeling cannot be eradicated, nations are an organic development from people living in their own communities and developing their own culture with their own styles of living that has happened throughout all history before anyone even thought to institute a nation-state. Bourgeois nation-states are but a momentary retardation of this phenomenon via overwhelming state interference. To resist this is to be conscious of actual national communities and even protective of them. To be a cosmopolitan is to surrender fully to bourgeois hegemony. Socialists cannot be anti-nationalist, we must be nationalists of all nations.
>Can nationalism be a legitimate and useful strategy in the first world No.

(92.49 KB 943x665 d6f7g8.jpeg)
Reminder to make a class analisis Anonymous 10/29/2019 (Tue) 07:26:45 No. 109331 [Reply] [Last]
Recently there have been a lot of bait threads that amounted to little else but cultural shit flinging.

So please consider using class analysis as the primary framework for analysis. Consider that Porky wants to you to distract you with culture fights, and the correct response is to change these topic to a class analysis.
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Every communist should view things from class perspective as a instinct or routine. But its not the only perspective because the root problem is not class itself but domination of one class over another. The goal is to get rid of classes because of this. Every man is equal and hierarchy is the absolute opposite of equality.
(13.28 KB 487x451 How to do nazbol.jpg)
>>185500 >the root problem is not class itself but domination of one class over another. Doesn't class itself intrinsically imply domination? Or are you confusing economics with sociology? pls explain
>>185561 >Doesn't class itself intrinsically imply domination? Or are you confusing economics with sociology? pls explain Yeah don't bother with this, class relations cannot be reduced to the a simplistic measure of "hierarchy-ness"
>>143001 Great post anon. >meanwhile the New Left, having accomplished every legitimate goal it had by the 1970s caused every authentic activist to leave it then. Which New Left activists left the New Left then?

(63.90 KB 720x599 1578446006195.png)
(66.99 KB 720x795 1578446318896.png)
Stockpiles Anonymous 01/08/2020 (Wed) 01:43:18 No. 202933 [Reply] [Last]
What are your thoughts on this?
(1.28 MB 440x300 elmogif.gif)
Doesn't really mean much in and of itself, the stock market dislikes uncertainty as a rule.
Unless the US unexpectedly escalates the conflict, the markets are probably gonna go back to normal until the imminent financial crisis gets triggered by something else. I'm confident it'll happen this year, but not confident on when exactly or what the catalyst will be.

(47.00 KB 600x406 6873104.jpg)
History books on Stalinist Russia and Maoist China Anonymous 01/07/2020 (Tue) 21:10:29 No. 202083 [Reply] [Last]
Hello, I want to inform myself on the history of Stalinist Russia and Maoist China. What are some books/sources that I can read to get a good sense of what was going on and keep myself informed. Thanks!
>>8537 Try the reading thread, there's a bunch on both.
>>202083 Another View of Stalin by Ludo Martens is a counter-history of early Soviet history which primarily focuses on refuting popular bourgeois lies. Link here: https://stalinsocietypk.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/another-view-of-stalin1.pdf Fraud, Famine and Fascism does the same but zeros in on Ukraine and the 'holodomor" in particular. Link: https://www.garethjones.org/tottlefraud.pdf


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