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(155.26 KB 720x462 Screenshot_20200704_014200.jpg)
How do we prevent this? Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 00:42:55 No. 664930 [Reply] [Last]
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(50.65 KB 891x493 CzCHOdcXcAEhy-v.jpg)
>>666615 How is the pic related?
>>665157 That warmonger would be horrible, I don't mind Tucker though. He's like saner, less authoritative version of Trump.
lmao this dude's middle name is literally Swanson
iirc he has family ties to the intelligence community, so until proven otherwise he should be considered a Fed asset

What is left of Reddit? Sage#+GbZOp 07/04/2020 (Sat) 22:46:26 No. 666863 [Reply] [Last]
I intend an article involving Reddit, but I don't use Reddit and as I gather its just taken a significant hit. So in terms of the left, what is there on reddit? Which are the main subreddits? I want to hear about all of them even shitty ones.
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>>666885 t. Social fascist
reddit will always be shit as long as it has the upvote downvote system, because it promotes the constant recycling of stale points and jokes so nobody ever questions themselves. just look at this awful thread on /r/atheism full of pseuds repeating themselves and all the contrary opinions are at they waaaaay bottom of the page. https://www.reddit.com/r/atheism/comments/6hdqgv/god_is_unconscious_the_lacanian_view_on_atheism/
>>667939 Wrong thread?
>>667917 >used to be better yeah, I used to post on it pretty frequently. But it went really downhill. The most annoying feature isn't even that most of their "anti-idpol" is just rightwing idpol, it's that they are all insufferable succdems. There are no actual marxists on the sub.

(30.05 KB 473x298 Kane.jpg)
Neo-Blanquism Anonymous 07/05/2020 (Sun) 11:52:49 No. 667914 [Reply] [Last]
The history of the 21st century so far makes two things apparent: 1. That the western working classes are extremely allergic to independent economic and political organization. The stratified, decentralized nature of employment makes traditional unionizing very difficult outside of specific sectors, and the deskilling and social atomization of modern society makes workers wary and unwilling to create or join independent political institutions. Workers can be quite radical, and are still capable of getting out onto the street and fucking shit up, but are incapable of channeling their discontent into long-term, structured political projects capable of fighting the bourgeoisie for power. 2. At the same time, the ability of small, well-funded groups to manipulate public opinion and obtain political power is higher than ever before. The ability of intelligence agencies to foment color revolutions, manipulating popular unrest into a targeted coup d'etat is well known among leftists. Mass media has been manipulating popular opinion and perceptions of current events for decades, and the fragmented media landscape of the internet has only intensified this. Modern social media is full of bots and astroturf persuading people one way or the other, while major news networks collaborate with bourgeois states to propagate whatever Official Narrative the bourgeoisie wants. Given these two things, why not return to Blanqui's idea of small, highly-organized and secretive communist sects, created to seize the state and implement socialism? Such sects, if funded sufficiently through laundered money, could manipulate mass media in their favor, discrediting the bourgeois establishment and fomenting popular dissent. Meanwhile the sects secretly fund a political "opposition" of secret socialists, secure the loyalty of military and police forces, and stage popular protests to prompt a communist coup d'etat. The working class is mobilized, but does not need to be organized. This seems eminently more achievable than any grand Leninist or social-democratic strategy of building a mass movement. The right-wingers already think that such communist conspirators exist, why not make their dreams reality?
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(748.40 KB 2500x1563 RF-8.jpg)
Ok, I'm willing to try this. What do we do, where do we start?
>>667914 >could manipulate mass media in their favor no
>>667981 That doesn't really matter because we operate in secrecy now behind anons.
>>667914 If your plan is predicated on our side having more money than the opposition, it has already insta-failed since they will always have more by definition. We have to play to our natural strengths, as gay as it sounds we need to win through 'heart' and honest people power.
In addition to other concerns already raised, “mobilizing without organizing” ala color revolutions seems capable of drawing down regimes but not of installing new stable ones. If you’re the US and the only thing you need is to destabilize adversaries every so often this is fine, but if we want to create socialism (rather than just occasionally contribute to the downfall of one capitalist state swiftly replaced by another) organization is necessary.

(120.50 KB 1242x1157 kayne2020.jpeg)
Critical support for Kanye-Musk presidential bid Anonymous 07/05/2020 (Sun) 05:47:46 No. 667528 [Reply] [Last]
The legitimacy of the US democratic process is crumbling before our eyes. As Marxists we must support any candidate who will accelerate this decay. Reject the neoliberal consensus epitomised by Biden. Oppose Trump's ethno-nationalist modification. Accelerate the contradictions. Go out and VOTE
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>>668064 >So they're all pedophiles? Hey look! You're starting to get it!
>>668103 You think painting billionaires as pedos is a good thing for the left? It's such a class devoid analysis. There's a reason it's the favorite conspiracy of the qboomers and other fascists.
>>668328 >There's a reason it's the favorite conspiracy of the qboomers and other fascists. two reasons! 1. it's true 2. whenever people must be kept ignorant of something that can't be kept entirely in the dark and has explosive scandal/pitchfork potential, the feds make up an obviously batshit version and seed it among the least credible people they can find. they've had decades to manipulate public perception of conspiracy theories and associate them with lumpen stereotypes so everyone reflexively avoids them for fear of being pointed and laughed at. now we're at the a where doing what should be seen as citizen journalism is seen as uneducated and a sign of mental illness and this perception is beginning to spread to actual journalists.
>>668328 >People of the Bourgeois class do pedophilia because they are of the ruling class and effectively untouchable. <How class devoid!
>>668375 >everyone would fuck children if they could

Hip Hop / Rap Is Inherently Reactionary (Hello, cringe department?) Anonymous 07/03/2020 (Fri) 22:24:38 No. 664703 [Reply] [Last]
I saw you albino kings going bananas over this subject a week or so back, but it seems to have been cycled out the catalog, so I am going to put you right once and for all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAdAkbB04YY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiLo-Q8TVyA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQthFDpYCys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSZWslqjfPE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kln9s-LsKs4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8c_UdWo4Zek
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>>665473 Zoomers ironically love boomer music.
hol up
>>664852 >There is a difference between British and American music ?
>>665026 source?
>>664852 >implying there's any difference

(65.37 KB 800x532 socialfas.jpeg)
FUCK SOCIAL-FASCISM. Anonymous 07/05/2020 (Sun) 13:35:57 No. 668025 [Reply] [Last]
Social Democracy in the first world is fascist, opportunist and a direct enemy of the global working class for the sake of the global labor aristocracy. Social-"Democracy" proposes to give the working class in the first world a portion of their imperialist blood money. This compromise makes the working class unrevolutionary. They can gain much by voting and helping in more conquest, and the need to change the system is never understood. They become like the Indian scalping frontiersmen, except paid in a higher living standard to destroy the third world. Any good communist must appose all government programs in the first world. Public school and the fire department must be abolished to bring back the revolutionary spirit of the workers! All roads should be toll roads! We should always vote for Donald Trump! This message paid for by the Donald Trump Campaign.
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Yeah, you know, i have been hearing a lot of people talk about catapulting off the material conditions of people like bidien to build socialist movements, which, I think could also work, but, this counter argument is what keeps me on the fence. Both seem like logical steps to socialism
I'm in agreement with you on this one, op.
>>668030 Biden would unironically help the left because it would further split the Democratic Party. right now we’re in a situation where whenever someone to the left of Sanders criticizes US policy the liberals just co-opt it as yet another reason to chimp out on TDS. with a Biden presidency (and an economy and voter base that is WAY more more divided than 2008, so comparing it to Obama is stupid) the critiques of the US state would have way more class unity since it won’t be co-opted by the hegemonic liberal vs conservative dichotomy.
>>668025 Te dumbest fucking take I have seen in my life. Piss off

(20.32 KB 1280x640 7h8624v4e4n11.png)
AusCom General Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 08:24:12 No. 537472 [Reply] [Last]
Do we have many Australians on /leftypol/? Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if not, this country is beyond reactionary.
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(44.53 KB 1035x669 2020-07-04_21-42.png)
pointless byelection
>>665750 >What are we doing wrong here? The entire movement lacks vision.
>>665836 >Even after everything thats fucking happened these last two years there's only a less then 5% swing in Labours favour Libs are gonna win again lmao
>>667493 yeah lab only won off shooters fishers farmers preference flows i think
(34.76 KB 720x772 if-you-move-far-enough-left.jpg)
>>667498 Most leftist party in Australia

(360.21 KB 1600x1069 burger trump.jpg)
Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 02:26:08 No. 665153 [Reply] [Last]
Are restaurants bourgeois?
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As a concept no. Restaurants can be collectively owned and managed by the people that work there. It's no different from a supermarket or hair salon.
>>665508 Based Drunk political arguments are actually existing socialism.
>>667487 Retard detected.
>>667487 Retard detected.
>>667487 bruh just make some chickpea or vegetable soup. That shit is done in like 10 minutes or so.

Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 21:30:07 No. 666768 [Reply] [Last]
What do you think about this guy?
>>666924 >>>/fuck off/
who dis
Low effort thread + >>666924

(631.79 KB 1250x703 Corbyn_n_Varoufakis.png)
Leftism, liberals and dirty word called populism. Anonymous 07/04/2020 (Sat) 15:01:04 No. 666128 [Reply] [Last]
Considering I watched that Maupin-Dugin video, where Maupin discussed the idea of the left populism, I thought I would share this article from former Czech Green party member where he discusses what is modern left doing wrong and what is to be done. https://www.novinky.cz/kultura/salon/clanek/esej-mateje-stropnickeho-obnova-plebejskeho-spojenectvi-40327216 ------ Essay: Renewal of the Plebeian alliance Das Kapital has long ceased to be a mandatory reading of the leftists. Certainly none of the Frankfurt school academics were economists. And Pikett's popular book Capital in the 21st Century from 2013 is, more of an updated analysis of the principles of the capitalist organization of labour and its effects after 150 years. Book might as well be directly called Wealth in the 21st Century. So what are the conclusions? One obvious and one surprising: today we are witnessing a greater accumulation of wealth worldwide in fewer hands than ever before, but that wealth is again primarily hereditary. According to Piketty, the way of creating new wealth is basically the same as under Marx, but the success of its hoarding is greater, comparable only to feudalism. The problem is that Thomas Piketty draws almost no conclusions from this - and in this, as is done nowadays, he differs most significantly from Marx. He is only a public intellectual, while Marx devotes all his powers to one goal: to completely expose, describe and destroy capital. The delayed Czech debate over Jean-Claude Michée's book The Secrets of the Left (the book was originally published seven years ago) does not focus on the question of whether socialism of our time should be conservative or what, but seeks to get the left to return to the struggle for what was its essence and what it never found a lasting answer to - how to reverse the dominion of capital over people. The rest of the Secrets is the attempt to end the age-old alliance between the left and the liberals, which evolved from a transitional tactic to neo-Marxism as a synthesis of existentialism, Marxism, and psychoanalysis. After the final defeat of all reforms of socialism in the Soviet bloc, the left abandoned the very possibility of replacing capitalism and contented itself with its corrections, today even only cultural ones. Michéa considers this strategy to be obsolete. Needless to say, the Socialists alliance with the Liberals has benefited many disadvantaged groups, be they religious, gender, sexual, ethnic, racial or medical. It was an alliance of great consideration for the individual needs of human uniqueness and was willing to realize these needs as rights. Michéa does not want to revoke these rights, he says something else: it is not the foundation of the left, only its intersection with the liberal environment.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>667431 >>667441 >>667464 Okay Ill bite. Ill tell you a short sumup of the populism here and considering the original essay is by czech politician, you may get an inside why he is thinking like this. So during our short history, the longest rulling party was Smer-SD (12 years or so). So whats the Smer-SD you ask? It started at first as Sucdem project by couple of former SDĽ members with the quest to revive Slovak left. But how to do it then? Simple, by appealing to a largest electorate possible (primarily to former HZDS voters). This was done by classic populist rhetoric like "we would not pay for the leeches in our the system" etc. (thers old campaign video of this, but im not sure if I find it). And it worked in the end. They were ruling party ever since only with an short 2 year break in 2012 or something. But everything must come to an end.... >Didn't they lose votes in this year's election and then split? Yes, and I will tell you how. Considering they are the sucdems, they are carrying usual flaws of being one, such as buddying up with the elite. So when the journalist murder happend, a lot of blame got to the rulling party and people remembered all 12 years of their fuck-ups suddently at once (before murder they still were on top of the polls). But with the upcoming elections, someone needed to take the torch of brave "anti-Smer party". So the main contenders were OĽANO, PS and SAS (and Za Ľudí, but that party is hardly relevant). (Also remember, just because they took the hit in polls, it didnt meant those people were suddently voting againts Smer, they were mostly undecided voters) So there is SAS, the long standing rival to the Smer-SD. Its a prime example of the free-market liberal party with pretty strong principles. It would be a shame to miss this opportunity against their rival right? Next is coalition PS-Spolu. They are the new party centered around progressive politics. Their main appeal was anti-fascism and anti-xenophobia. Economically they were split between coalition members (PS and Spolu). But still very principled party with clear goals. But the final party, which actually won the elections, is OĽANO. So what it is? Its an frankenstein monster of an party compromised of progressive libs, centrist and even conservative catholics. They are all centered around one man: Igor Matovič. They goal since their creation was always to be a strong opposition party to Smer. And now when the elections come, they used their strongest weapon called populism. They were appealing to people by saying that they would seize villa's of corrupt politicians (pic related), lower national debt, bring foreign investment and all this while promising to keep the best part of social state built by Smer-SD. If this isnt some high grade populism I dont know what is. So in the end, people choose the party which sugar-coated them most not caring about actual program or principles (but now people are having second thoughts on voting for them LMAO). (Also Smer-SD are still 2nd most popular party EVEN after split)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>667508 Wait so the goal of left-populism is to win votes, get into power and be impotent in it?
>>667608 Yeah kinda. Chavez is great example. But impotence question comes down to the party members themselves in the end. Remember, first you must win and then you must rule.
>>667608 If you become part of bourgeois system you don't need pesky revolution. Big brain win!
>>667629 Thats just sucdems for ya


no cookies?