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What If... Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 21:23:20 No. 876892 [Reply] [Last]
How different would human society have become if female homo sapiens were physically stronger and taller on average than their male counterparts in adulthood? What kind of idpol would exist? Would feminism still exist? Would humans still go through the exact same economic stages? Futurama had an episode comically exploring this idea: https://futurama.fandom.com/wiki/Amazon_Women_in_the_Mood https://futurama.fandom.com/wiki/Amazonian Note: you have no right to lock this thread with bullshit double standards if you're leaving to leave clickbait sensationalist threads like >>876195 as is
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(279.94 KB 1100x1400 Eh-KVoDUMAAZvoU.jpg)
>>876892 Men would maybe be rarer and be sexually selected to have huge fucking cocks and long tongues for pussy eating.
>>876922 1) The mechanics of sex differentiation is such that it would be hard to have a different distribution. 2) A 50/50 distribution is ideal. 2a) In times of low stress it's easier to pair people up. 2b) In times of high stress the males can act as a sacrificial group for evolutionary pressure to act upon while the females are less affected. This means the group as a whole can weather difficult times with less dent in numbers while also getting to adapt to selective pressures. Since males have all the same genes as females except mtDNA and plus the Y chromosome, most of the relevant evolutionary pressures only applying to the male half means that the net effect will be passed on to the next generation in a similar way as if it was spread more equitably between the sexes.
>there's a thread I don't like, so therefore I should make a shitty thread Kill yourself, OP.
>>876917 >there's more evolutionary pressure I don't buy it. If you don't have offspring, game over. Same for either sex. Also there are species where the female is bigger and stronger. >>876922 Ronald Fisher made the following argument: Suppose there is an imbalance of sexes. Then this helps the chances of the minority sex to have offspring; and the bigger the imbalance is, the bigger the advantage. So, if an animal has a genetic disposition towards being more likely to have children of the minority sex, this will help its odds of having grandchildren. These grandchildren will likely have the same genetic disposition towards being more likely to have offspring of that particular sex… You can see that there is a long-run tendency to balance in this.
>>877166 Females are limited by costly pregnancy and can not have hundreds of children like males. At the same time going childless as a female is very unlikely as there will always be a male willing to put in the minimal investment of cumming in you. Being male is high risk high reward, being a woman low risk low reward. On average it's the same but the distribution of offspring is a lot more unequal for males.

(26.88 KB 600x400 26sy3s.jpg)
Stalin Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 02:43:24 No. 874802 [Reply] [Last]
I miss him so much, fren. How did his successors managed To destroy everything He and Lenin built up?
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>>874802 Man died at least like 30 years before you were born bro.
>>874802 Are there any books where they talk about his mustache regimen? I need Stalin's beauty tips on how to groom such a chadstache
>>875376 He also said that stalin was soft
>>875228 I think not, but honestly, who the fuck cares >the importance decapitating the polish military command and I understand why this political decision was made really? why did many polish officers were treated fine in ussr then ? because they somehow stopped when they were satified ? The justificaiton is also just as good for nazis, which we know do HAVE a tendancy to mass murder prisoners. given the ones admitting it are the same that fabricated bs to blame on stalin, and the german bullets thing, seem weird. But anyway... they're fucking officers. Even if they did get killed by ussr, I don't see how thats relevant to anything really.
I wonder what happened to 2 million khazaks in 1932?

(78.49 KB 358x1237 ixNpoyW.png)
Stupidpol Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 20:19:40 No. 876676 [Reply] [Last]
What the actual fuck is wrong with these dumb n*ggers? Maybe I'm at fault for ever placing value in a fucking subreddit but I honestly thought they had some decent politics at one point. The mods are such cunts that you honestly have to wonder if they're infiltrated. Glowies post with impunity and blatant racists are flaired as "leftcoms" while actually constructive posters are harassed by the mods until they leave.
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(116.13 KB 500x465 1599430842411.png)
>>876778 He does it every day actually kek
>>876745 I'm starting to think this shit might be more harmful to a real left movement than any liberal or reactionary shit. God help me, I'm actually considering trying to get AHS to fuck them over for being a "hate sub"
There already is a stupidpol thread.
Imagine being so pathetic you think you're inherently superior for being white and then using that superiority to come here and post Twitter screencaps.
tf is slatestorecodex

(41.93 KB 742x560 8e6.jpg)
/DEBUNK/ GENERAL Anonymous 06/26/2020 (Fri) 15:33:34 No. 643776 [Reply] [Last]
Post right-wing/liberal memes, media, talking points, etc. that you want debunked
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>>871929 I mean, in candor, it looks like someone just drew a bunch of lines. I appreciate you putting up the best acting you can muster so that you can do a, "Oh god oh jeez oh man they got us, they really got us" type of deal.
>>865736 >>871929 /pol/ cope
>>859574 I'm too lazy atm as I just got off of work but I think looking at the U.S. economy circa 1830 - 1860 or so is "actually existing libertarianism". There was a brutal recession that lasted nearly 20 years in the 19th century as well. i would not be surprised if there were very strong monopolistic practices and banking cartels despite the presence of a gold standard, a lack of a federal reserve, and very lax labor regulations. Studying that period is one of the better ways to actually address libertarian claims.
>>871929 Why does /pol/ and the right need to have someone at the reins in a perfectly understandable event? Planet gets hotter, lack of proper land management methods and 'controlled burns' leads to a buildup of dry organic matter in forest areas ---> huge fires. This shit isn't that complicated, no need to dredge up conspiracies about muh ANTEEFUH to explain it.
>The famine provided cover for a campaign of repression and persecution that was carried out against Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian religious leaders. The official policy of Ukrainization, which had encouraged the use of the Ukrainian language, was effectively halted. https://www.britannica.com/event/Holodomor

(168.50 KB 680x850 FB_IMG_15743364349914156.jpg)
The Theory of Leisure Class Anonymous 09/11/2020 (Fri) 15:59:13 No. 859261 [Reply] [Last]
Was that a based book or what? Also anyone find that pic criticize communism or crapitalism?
I'm pretty sure the "one agent economy" shit is a capitalist "counter argument".

Bladerunner 2020 Anonymous 09/13/2020 (Sun) 21:03:15 No. 865706 [Reply] [Last]
>Behind the port lay the city, factory domes dominated by the vast cubes of corporate arcologies. Port and city were divided by a narrow borderland of older streets, an area with no official name... By day, the bars... were shuttered and featureless, the neon dead, the holograms inert, waiting, under the poisoned silver sky. >An arm of shadow was uncoiling from the flickering floor below, a i agreeing mass of darkness, unformed, shapeless... sensory input warped with their velocity. His mouth filled with an aching taste of blue. His eyes were eggs of unstable crystal, vibrating with a frequency whose name was rain and the sound of trains, suddenly sprouting a humming forest of hair-fine glass spines. The spines split, bisected, split again, exponential growth under the dome... you don't need to watch a futuristic sci fi dystopian movie anon... you're living in one Seriously, how will 2020 get even crazier? respond with at least 1 scenario. Aliens. Nuclear war. Let it all out
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WOAH COOL MOVIE guess my life has an air of coolness so I´m not gonna do anything
>>867420 That's what cyberpunk is all about.
>>867421 thought it was about ancap with robots
>>865706 Dominionist coup led by military Q boomers.
(34.22 KB 600x300 itcouldhappen.jpg)
>Burgerstan remains on the brink of collapse due to political turmoil, civil disobedience, disinfo psyops, and overall inability to get its shit together (Akira but for Burgers) >Rest of the world manages fine without them >Top Burger lobbyists buy out foreign corporations, say its to help rebuild Burgerstan, gets used to build shadow military and a special city for their own enjoyment >Burger lobbyists enact worldwide coup on every other nation. Nobody sees it coming because they bought out every corporation that was connected to a world gov't and spread their corruption to their shores >A new regime is established. People are forced to work to help rebuild Burgerstan by mining resources for them. People who resist are thrown into internment camps or just killed on the spot. >Burgerstan collapses anyway. Word of this reaches no one and the regime remains in place. >Any nation that resists is carpet bombed to hell. Few are lucky to build up a resistance and survive for over a year.

Capital Volumr II Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 16:22:07 No. 876007 [Reply] [Last]
Did anyone learn anything from this? Really all I got was the circulation process, productive money, fluid, constant etc. capital and the rate of surplus value. What are your thoughts on it?
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>>876019 also the transformation problem destroys communism
>>876023 Well hrrrm now that you know this stuff you should be able to convince basic bitch liberal and conservative proles that your communism is serious and capable of running a society and not a youthful affectation That in itself is pretty useful for both them and you If the revolution happened and by some accident you ended up in charge you now have a decent clue on how to make sure society doesn't collapse into mad max
>>876044 Volume 3 Chapter 10 Read it, faggot
>>876007 Did you expect anything else? The groundwork is done in the 1st volume. The 2nd volume uses what was established in the 1st one to analyze how the whole system functions.

(378.64 KB 750x449 nazcentbol comic.png)
(67.87 KB 601x343 nazcentbol flag.png)
NazCentBol Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 17:03:04 No. 876092 [Reply] [Last]
What the heck is "NazCentBol"? I just found this out from a friend who has been spamming this new topic on Twitter.
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>>876109 So this is what happens when the alt-right becomes Biden supporters...
>>876123 i wish globalism was real, one world government ftw
(208.82 KB 1280x640 EhLPwkwWAAQBAC3.jpg)
(371.43 KB 500x612 482309480239840923.png)
>>876156 I saw one Twitter account that was using this style to promote pro-E.U. centrist politics with Macron as Jupiter and so on. It's like an ironic switcheroo of far-right internet memes but I have to think that someone doing this as much as they are probably does think Ursula von der Leyen is super hot and the European Central Bank is based at some level. Also I saw this t-shirt being sold on the Joe Biden for president website. And it's a little surreal because it's the same style as Million Dollar Extreme. Although it's not like those guys came up with it either, it's just a look that's popular right now. https://youtu.be/y8P_DO65gz0
>>876273 it is, they are doing it now
>>876487 Could it be "seized" and used in dialectical class colaboration China style?

(377.36 KB 276x81 image0.gif)
Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 02:26:32 No. 874743 [Reply] [Last]
Small business owner here. If worker cooperatives are more productive than conventional businesses, with staff working better and smarter and production organised more efficiently, then they would have dominated the market. It didn't happen even in the times of true capitalism, when corporations were forbidden. This honestly just proves workers don't have the know-how of collecting capital for bigger investments and making strategic decisions. Also, who has time for thinking about it. Workers might have some good first line observations so a good manager should listen to them to some extent, but otherwise they have no knowledge or time to think about running a company. And while there are a few intelligent people among them, who could have done PhDs in different circuimstances, most of them are daft beyond imagination, and you would have known that if you actually worked in factories or warehouses for a bit longer.
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>>875826 Very true, familiarity with communal life led to kind of communal agrarian Utopianism for a lot of early populist movements. Peasant revolts would often support this more democratic and autonomous power being granted to the peasant communities, although they rarely challenged the entire structure of feudalism. They’d basically fight for more rights, less feudal privileges, but would often still be unable to think beyond the horizon of general aristocratic privilege in the overall state. No pretensions to changing the macro conditions basically, but simply wanting to be more “left alone”.
>>875834 Which proves that they are so dumb they don't even know what's good for their own business. Like, do they really think that without regulations that they wouldn't get nuked instantly by Amazon and the like? Like holy shit their margins are crap compared to monopoly corporations, jesus you don't need to read marx and be a communist to understand that this sort of shit would just fuck you over
>>874743 Also, probably been said but “efficiency” has little to do with it. Cooperatives can be “efficient”, as in producing revenue per worker competitive with similar companies. The cooperative form is not conducive to drawing investment, which has traditionally limited their growth. However, this does not necessarily apply to certain cooperative forms, which have been more successful than others. Workers cooperatives are some of the least common of the models. For instance, a small business kind of workers coop, like a restaurant or something, is a lot easier to start than a paper mill or a brewery or something. The capital requirements mean that all the cooperative members need to have a good chunk of money saved, or that they need to be able to find a generous lender. But a capitalist entrepreneur can often find privately wealthy investors (often through prior connections) who will partner for equity to start up a venture. Lack of equity for potential investors makes startup of larger ventures seem particularly risky in the cooperative sphere, because all you’ll get is maybe junk bond interest rates. But if you get equity you could double your investment through the cash distributions or an eventual sale of the business. The availability of that kind of upside in the rest of the market makes capital advanced to the cooperative sector more scarce, so that naturally the traditional capitalist sector has much higher probability of producing big growth firms that dominate the market, which is what we see. So if workers cooperatives are to expand they either need to find a new model for raising capital, or they need to have some beneficial state grants and lending programs. There also needs to be more education about how to start a cooperative, because it is not even something on most people’s radar.
>>874743 Why are there so many "small business owner" threads now. Why?
>>876464 Shitcoin scam IPOs can be done from the comfort and safety of the home.

(40.85 KB 639x472 8vmgoflw80s31.jpg)
WHEN WILL THIS PIECE OF SHIT FINALLY BE TAKEN OFF THE WEB!?!?!? Anonymous 09/14/2020 (Mon) 02:38:24 No. 866348 [Reply] [Last]
Holy shit I honestly don't know if there's a worse radioactive glowie shithole on the internet, like, yea, Facebook is more pernicious and insidious, but Reddit, holy fuck Reddit, it's like a gathering of the most autistic, arrogant, easily offended, narcissistic, easily manipulated retards online. Maybe it's because the Facebook glow of real life profiles makes me avoid it and I don't see the morons, but holy shit Reddit is the only website I've personally witnessed where almost every single person that uses it genuinely deserves to die fuck, a quarter of Plebbitors are probably feds so it's fair. All I wanna know is if this piece of shit will go the way of a bunch of the websites and startups that burned with the Dotcom Crash?
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>>866864 You seem to know a lot about reddit for someone who has “personally never used that site”
>>866864 I wished that you would specify messageboards as an ideal alternative to all other social media including Reddit, imageboards, etc. since everyone is attacking you based on the shitposts that they want to keep making and not based on prioritizing effortposting, which is what messageboards are potentially the most promising for.
>>875726 imageboards aren't social media. traditional bulletin boards/php forums aren't social media either, and neither are blogs. The reason it's called social media is the contrast with traditional media (TV, Movies, etc.) where content would be produced and distributed in a centralized way. As opposed to social media where users make their own content
>>875668 Facebook has better internal design than Reddit. when’s the last time a relevant political party organized on Reddit?
>>875999 how is a BBS not social media by the definition you just gave?


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