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(278.61 KB 1654x2480 8146m4ForKL.jpg)
This Book Sucks Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 06:04:08 No. 1165405 [Reply] [Last]
You often see this shilled in the leftist college student blogosphere (the types who also shill Mark Fisher nonstop) and I confess I found it disappointing. It's marketed as a totes materialistic dialectical Marxist take on sex work but it has serious radlib undertones. Probably the best example is the part where the authors argue that sex workers have boundaries and don't lose their autonomy or ability to consent or whatever when selling sex, it goes on and on about these boundaries and how the Good Customers respect them and when reading this section one wonders if they're also vindicating work in general as "free" abd uncoerced. Other than correctly identifying the "high-class escort" ideal among liberal feminists as a petit-bourgeois phenomenon, the book has little that's Marxist about it and doesn't seem to aspire to more than suggesting reforms. I probably should have seen it coming seeing as it literally describes its political program as a "fight for rights" on the cover but oh well. >>1157204 is right and the fact that the authors of pic related would disagree is telling.
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>>1170895 >bled out my ass last week Anon, I...
>>1170912 one of the few things that sucks about being a woman >>1170915 ?
(37.15 KB 625x626 1423948588902.png)
>>1170903 radfems are not radical in the sense of radical left. they are libfems too >>1170895 >1 in 3 men would rape if they could get away with it hmmm <Specifically, when survey items describe behaviors (i.e.,‘‘Have you ever coerced somebody to intercourse by holding them down?’’) instead of simply label them (i.e., ‘‘Have you ever raped somebody?’’), more men will admit to sexually coercive behaviors in the past and more women will self-report past victimization. While this specific example is rape, it's one example, and if victims and perpetrators are not saying something is rape, who are you to say they are wrong? >80.4% of the people arrested for violent crime were men >fbi.gov literally the /pol/ FBI crime stat argument lmfao How many of those men were black/brown men? Are you sure it's being male or maybe are you implying other factors are at play here? If these stats are legitimate, that implies the ones to do with race are also. >there are WAY more male pedophiles than female pedophiles and men commit at least 94% of sexual assaults against children Same shit, except a huge part of the problem here is that people don't view women as capable of being a sexual subject, only an object. It also has to do with the slant of the stats on other sex crimes, although the domestic violence stats have gotten less retarded about this recently.
>>1170895 >cope, i'm pretty sure if i was a man i wouldn't have bled out my ass last week, i feel bad for transgirls though i can't imagine having to look at a dick for like the first 10-20 years of your life, male genitalia is so fucking disgusting ywnbarw
>>1165405 A lot of this is trying to defend prostitution in capitalism. Of course, in capitalism, sex workers must struggle for their rights and be supported, banning "consensual" (no sex work is actually consensual) sex work in capitalism just leads to more misery.

(4.82 KB 275x183 sebag.jpg)
Simon Sebag-Montefiore Anonymous 11/29/2020 (Sun) 18:00:00 No. 1181620 [Reply] [Last]
So, what's this guy's deal? Is he a good historian? Can't find anything useful about him anywhere, even the wikipedia article is short and shitty. And there are no good reviews of his work, only guardian, NYT and the likes ... anyone have any more info on this guy?
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>>1181739 Yeah it was a big wew. My boyfriend got a bit upset by the absurdity of it but I just found it funny. It was in the last episode if anyone wanted to go find it (dunno why you would but just in case)
He's friend of Epstein
>>1181694 >It's hard to imagine a more tragic event in the whole of history than the murder of the Romanovs Uhhh shooting an incompetent king and his delusional wife changed history and not like the whole country being in revolution right.
>>1182003 >>1181694 It probably was tragic for him because the dude is descended from aristocracy, the tsar was probably like his great uncle twice removed or something.
grover furr praised his young stalin book. Which i'd recommend, if anything to see how much a of a fucking Chad Stalin was or alternatively as pulpy escapism talking about Caucasian gangstas in imperial russian

(112.84 KB 1024x652 fileNMAUG81D.jpg)
"Socialist States" Anonymous 11/29/2020 (Sun) 02:08:38 No. 1179914 [Reply] [Last]
There is no such thing. Socialism is, by definition, classless, and so it is also stateless: >But the whole program, for all its democratic clang, is tainted through and through by the Lassallean sect's servile belief in the state, or, what is no better, by a democratic belief in miracles; or rather it is a compromise between these two kinds of belief in miracles, both equally remote from socialism. And yes, socialism is classless since it is the lower phase of communism which is classless. Any differentiation between capitalist and "socialist" states is idealism, the latter are state capitalist and always devolve into class collaborationism.
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>>1179921 but hoxha said stalin said lenin said marx said*
>>1181052 >By X they meant bourgeois X Fuck off, MLs are radlibs.
(472.22 KB 2000x1200 shenzhen.jpg)
>>1181758 不管黑猫白猫,捉到老鼠就是好猫。You try building up the productive forces, anarkiddy!
>>1181689 The technocratic nature of 20th century socialism came in due to a lack of professional and qualified personel, generalised underdevelopment and the constant threat of imperialist intervention not some fundamental disability. The embracement of this policy is what prevented these nations from going deeper into revisionism and accepting all kinds of capitalist economic intervention and imperialism from fellow socialist states, autarky, although not ideal and very much opposed by marx, just is inevitable in a world of imperialist interventionism. The liberalizations were a result of the premature collectivizations and the constant focus on legitimacy from the parties. Socialism must come from capitalism otherwise it is just poor or slow socialism.
>>1181821 If you were around in 1975 and I would have shown this picture to you saying "this is what China under the CPC will look like in 45 years" you'd all be super excited.

(623.95 KB 1600x900 1800.jpg)
Employee Productivity Analytics and Workplace Surveillance Anonymous 11/29/2020 (Sun) 16:22:43 No. 1181389 [Reply] [Last]
I do believe that this technology has existed for a very long time. https://youtu.be/rxI_i7HstJY
I remember when I used to remote tech support, what really killed the whole experience and ability to work effectively was the constant nagging about certain statistics, like specifically the speed at which we were working. Also nagging statistics about irrational sales quotas was a total monkeywrench in the whole process of actually doing one's job. Seemed like there were also "fake employees", which had unnaturally successful statistics that would just hang around the company chat rooms and whatnot and be goofy.
>>1181389 This will force people to game the productivity score instead of doing actual work. Productivity will go down.
>>1181389 Just a friendly reminder that coops are, on average, more productive than private firms: >According to Virginie Perotin's research which looked at two decades worth of international data, worker cooperatives are more productive than conventional businesses.[20] Another 1987 study of worker cooperatives in Italy, the UK, and France found “positive” relationships with productivity. It also found that worker cooperatives do not become less productive as they get larger. A 1995 study of worker cooperatives in the timber industry in Washington, USA found that “co-ops are more efficient than the principal conventional firms by between 6 and 14 percent”.[24] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worker_cooperative#Productivity
>>1181509 it's too subtle
>work in warehouse >we put things on carts >manager figures out the average number of things per cart >manager demands putting close to the average unit number on carts >things are vastly different in size Lots of extra work by many just so one person can more easily estimate the amount of items moved and empty carts needed. Also: >productivity gets measured in number of things you process >some things are more work to process than others, some less >it is really obvious which things are which >people get envious when they see you grabbing lots of easy things >lots of extra work to make sure you and your colleagues get a fair mix of easy and hard things It would be really easy to give things different unit scores based on actual data we already have about weight and size and especially processing time (the things are mass-produced after all). All the sensors and computers in the world can't make up for managers who can't grasp basic math and don't talk with the programmers. Managers are interested in accurate data only up to a point. High accuracy means reduced wiggle room for playing favorites and that fewer managers are needed to run the business.

(302.27 KB 1024x683 5649561196_42c708b367_b.jpg)
What is the defintion of fascism/ nazism? Anonymous 11/14/2020 (Sat) 12:13:22 No. 1132619 [Reply] [Last]
How do we define fascism / nazism? What is the difference between them? Is the Dimitrov definition still relevant? I think we should have a coherent definition of what fascism is. And what we definitely should not do is using the term "fascism" in its vulgar sense. Not every reactionary is a fascist. It causes confusion. For example, soviet press used to call Pilsudski a fascist. Which wasn't true, but even these days many people still call him a fascist. Calling Trump a fascist was a big succes of woke neolib propaganda because they managed to convince many leftists to "vote against fascism". there is also the question to which extent are fascism and socialism related ideologies. Because there is a grain of truth to that (but not in the sense muh horseshoe retards think). another question is to what extent are third positionists / nazbols / strasserites etc. socialists.
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When the government does stuff.
>>1132619 Fascism is when the government does stuff.
(2.38 MB 1008x590 Guild Fascism.mp4)
(263.68 KB 3098x1124 anarchist GF.png)
>>1143939 >His proposal for guilds is reactionary nonsense what's wrong with guilds?
(774.81 KB 2000x1172 Nihilism.jpg)
>>1139990 according to Nietzsche, Christianity is a slave morality Socialism is a sickness because to be radical empathetic means to suffer with the sufferer according to Spengler, Socialism is master morality it's the formulation of the Kantian imperative and fulfilling of Christians values e.g. love thy enemy the Christians did not really love their enemies but tried to find a way to get back at em since they were helpless the only way for them was moral superiority Fascism, Socialism & Liberalism are products of modernity, they are complementary but they are all part of Christian morality which is full of what Nietzsche called Ressentiment during the Enlightenment nature split into two parts, what people call technology is nature it's a false assumption of Spengler to assume that nature was left at the rural countryside

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(14.69 KB 450x245 landcucks.jpg)
Landlords Anonymous 11/14/2020 (Sat) 23:38:35 No. 1134269 [Reply] [Last]
>What drove Mao into implementing barbaric and backwards policies on killing landlords? >Why are landlords considered "enemies"? >Can this be implemented in the west? >What's the difference between MZT, MLM, and Maoism? Sauce: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_Land_Reform#Mass_killings_of_landlords
destroying landlords is good praxis
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>>1179763 I understand that, but if you think you're a communist, and your communist status changes by acquiring a property, you were never a communist in the first place. If your allegiance is this weak then you are destined to dip soon as shit gets hard. Sorry I should be more clear, my post is playing off the current widely held position that landlords are 'bad people'. As one poster put it, even libs are calling for landlord-icide on twitter and shit. There's usually a moral position held here and I'm rejecting it in a ways to discover more about the actual function of landlords in Marxism. I guess the line that I'm struggling to draw here is when do you make conditions better (fight for increased wages) and when do you reject such conditions (e.g. I don't want to be a capitalist I want to abolish capital!). I feel there is a this strange gap between praxis and theory in the sense that, like you say, Marxism isn't a moral judgement.
>>1179773 One could argue there is a third option, sell it to the biggest landlord around. I mean it's basically the booj v petty booj debate isn't it? It's easier to unionize tenants if they all live under the same landlord. But I'm not sold on this idea. I think in our world Capital is what controls everything, therefore to enact change eventually Capital will be getting involved, therefore it's better for it to be in the hands of principled leftists.
>>1179785 It is an interesting argument and I think we're mostly in agreement even if I didn't come off like that. As you said, landlords aren't necessarily evil people, they do evil things, because that's their function in capitalism. Ergo, there is no ethical landlordism in capitalism. The question that you posing is sitll interesting, because there is some kind of gap between praxis and theory as you correctly point out. What should we communists do if we somehow acquire property? I'm actually leaning personally leaning towards the third option here, sell it to the biggest landlord. Ultimately I think it is more important to unionize and organize tenants than it is to improve conditions slightly more decent for a select few. But, idk, maybe I'm on the wrong track here.
>>1179720 gift it, sell it, use it as a safe house for your org idk if you become a landlord your interests would no longer allign to those of the proletariat and if thats the case you are no good for the revolution ie you will become just another right wing landlord
>>1135123 MLMpM is when you worship Gonzalo

(164.69 KB 600x300 Great-Leap-Forward.jpg)
How do Maoists defend the great leap forward? Anonymous 11/16/2020 (Mon) 15:09:22 No. 1140219 [Reply] [Last]
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>>1147164 When you do bold political experiments, millions of people are bound to die simply because results are unpredictable, but nobody seems to mind this when it's bourgeois revolutions, colonialism, globalism, or any of the other times political shifts caused mass death. Only when there are convenient figureheads to scapegoat do liberals talk shit. This is why you can't tell the difference between us and nazis. When similar numbers of people die as a result of a system that the bourgeois class imposes as a collective, you liberals just ignore the mass death. You especially ignore it when some people die in an attempt to fight back against it.
It was a great leap forward
Mao and Pol Pot are retarded and were funded as poison against the Soviet bloc.
>>1144424 Even if that were true, so what? Would you rather he lost the civil war?
the great leap forward never happened

Listen Vaushite Part 2: Cultivated Personalities and Cults of Personality Anonymous 11/28/2020 (Sat) 03:44:32 No. 1177505 [Reply] [Last]
Postmodern society has given birth to the myth of the exceptional individual. Every man is an island and society is shaped at the whims of and by sheer will-power of certain influencers, the class of indispensable ”men of action” that Ayn Rand looked up to. With the veneration of individuals come also the fittingly-named ”cults of personality”. This is not to imply that personality-cults are a new phenomena. They are as old as hierarchal human society as a whole. Strong political movements have been held together by firmly established personality cults, like those around Stalin and Mao. Sometimes entire societies have been centered around deified individuals, suchs as China, Japan and Egypt. Noone would claim that personality-cults are without political utility and always necessarily play a regressive and detrimental role. Personality-cults have one really big draw-back, that makes them really fragile as movements, and this is exactly the fact that they're centered around key personalities, without whom the movement does not have cohesion. When the leader passes away, the group splits; should the leader become corrupted, the movement becomes passive and loses all vigour. Celebrity-based parties within the US has a tendency to fail and almost never outlast the persons it is centered around. The utter despair and aimlessness of the resurgent left in the US after Bernie Sanders dropped out of political relevance is a good indicator of this. The same can be said of other left-wing movements, from the far-left revolutionary Shining Path to the Populist reformers of the Huey Long movement. Personalities are also infinitely more easy for bourgeois powers to corrupt or get rid of. Instead of having a many-headed hydra in the form of a mass-movement based on council politics, we have long-necked giraffe-looking movements with huge weak-spots in the more personality based ones. Individuals have relationships, careers and reputations to maintain. Secrets to keep. Power to gain. The same cannot be said of a mass movement. What is perhaps a little more new about cults of personality in the modern capitalist context, is cults of personality *as consumer goods*. The modern world is one of consumerism and customization. Everything can be fitted to the individual in the marketplace. So too, can it in the marketplace of ideas. Whereas personality-cults once were largely collectivist projects centered around a Heruclean demi-God figure, the subject of the cult is not longer the face of it, but rather the consumer of it. Thought-leaders are not figures we turn to in order to learn something new, or because we want anything in particular to be done. Thought-leaders are there to validate us in the things we already believe. We pay them with our love and adoration (and often money) and it turn, we get to cultivate an identity based on this relationship. They tell us that we were already right all along, and that the individual does not have to change or do anything real with their lives, because they are already as they were supposed to be all along. When this becomes applied to politics, it becomes especially malicious. Why organize in practical terms and creat real democratic communities at the municipal level, when we can tune in to Bernie and donate 26 dollars? Why read litterature and philosophy yourself, investigate your own sources, when you can just follow people on Twitter who will tell you who else to follow on Twitter? Why become active politically ourselves, when we can tune into late-night streams with sweaty bearded streamers that will tell you how revolutionary you are for listening to them ”change the conversation” and ”fight the culture war”?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Good post, haven't got time to reply right now but I appreciate you OP
>>1179537 Organization does however to me seem like the factor that most closely correlates with whether or not a revolution occurs. Almost all revolutions have been based upon some sort of civic engagement that came before it . Whether those were the arrondissements of Paris, the Medieval Communes of Northern Italy and Southern Germany, or the Petrograd Soviet of 1905.
(143.02 KB 960x1280 2f4af1c3d1d85df0.jpg)
>>1177505 Good post, good job anarkid
>>1179544 >>1180112 >>1177641 Thanks, b-bakka o.o
>>1179555 Absolutely! Marx even implies this just as he doesn't totally highlight it when he discusses how historical changes in modes of production occur when the social relations fetter the forces of production. This can only be clear relatively, with some alternative highlighting the fact that a set of social relations are impeding the forces of production. Without the alternative, you are left with "capitalist realism". You are left with the recognition that things are bad, but the "pragmatic" or "realist" understanding that simply acknowledging this does not spawn an alternative. Really what is most important is the alternative. It is impossible to know to what degree some social relations are impeding forces of production, and even if you can attempt to calculate it it is irrelevant to any given person when they can plainly see there is no direct avenue to the abolition of the present system. But if there is an operating set of social relations that are already visible and reproducible, that represent a kind of power in present society but at the same time are visibly constrained, then the imaginations of people are lit up as to whether or not that institution or set of isntitutions should be the primary ones.

(1.14 MB 1200x900 cattofatto.png)
rich communists Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 22:53:27 No. 1176850 [Reply] [Last]
Is it possible for a rich person to be a communist? How much money is too much money to be welcome in the revolution?
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>>1176955 Alternatively transfer the stacks of money from a bank to a credit union (which can also count as a co-operative)
>>1177760 Can we start a digital credit union?
>>1176850 only if they give it to me
>>1178927 Yes with due diligence and due process.
>>1180494 See it's the only way for it to make sense because credit unions have two problems: they get big and the people elected to run them decide to privatize and give everyone a one time payout for their vote, or some undercover porky commits fraud with everyone's money because he was too incompetent a thief to be in a private bank. If we make a decentralized contract like is being enabled by various cryptocurrencies the content and agreement would be unchangeable.

(68.15 KB 751x500 engels2.jpg)
(132.96 KB 800x799 marxengels.jpg)
(3.23 MB 2576x3843 mels.jpg)
Friedrich Engels' 200th Birthday Anonymous 11/28/2020 (Sat) 19:19:07 No. 1179063 [Reply] [Last]
What, no thread? Happy birthday to Big Fred. One of the greatest teachers of the working class in history and a class traitor of the finest sort. Do yourself a favour and read his work if you haven't. https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1850/peasant-war-germany/index.htm https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1880/soc-utop/index.htm https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1877/anti-duhring/index.htm https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1884/origin-family/index.htm
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>>1179571 This. Engels was Stirner.
>>1179571 >>1179575 This meme never gets old
https://twitter.com/CPBritain/status/1332987922447028224?s=19 Can someone explain to me why it was Phil fucking Collins who saved that Engels statue and brought it to Manchester? Is he a comrade or what
>>1179571 >>1179575 It is a fever dream.
>>1180857 It's Phil Collins the filmmaker, not the pop star: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3499946


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