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(94.36 KB 1200x1200 73.jpg)
THE BLACKPILL REARS ITS UGLY HEAD ONCE MORE Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 08:17:31 No. 385329 [Reply] [Last]
Woe unto thee anon! Doors are locked and factories shut down, liberal and reactionary media hysterically cope for their support of a bankrupt system by turning around and giving all of their viewers stress disorders, and the world market keeps burning all the money getting poomped into its proverbial rectum. In times like these it is all too easy for you soft-hearted faggots to come on here and repeat your gloomy, serotonin-deprived cold takes about how the left is dead, socialism is impossible, and the US police state will kill us all and rape our corpses. Yes, I fucking get it already. You're scared because this is the first time in your short Gen Z life you've had to content with a tangible threat on your doorstep. Remember last year when all of your existential fears were vague and ill-defined, existing more on TV than in real life? Welcome to the rice fields, motherfucker. Marx? Lenin? They put up with conditions that would have made you all shit your collective tightie-whities, and here you are shitting them all the same. Think of what resolve of character it must have taken to do what these revolutionaries did, and what all revolutionaries do! The existence of /leftypol/ and the loyalty of its regulars is proof that we already lack faith in this world, and proof that we know crises like this will always happen. It's a community based on a fundamental rejection of capitalism, of course we're prone to be doomerish! If we can acknowledge that, we may as well also acknowledge that giving up is a waste of time. I can't believe I have to say it again, but BLACKPILL = CIA
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Can't there be some kind of middle ground between "we're all going to die soon" and "everything under heaven is perfect, praise Stalin, praise Xi Jinping"
that's not the blackpill, that's doomerism. get it right.
>>385523 Probably, but realistically not. Dunno why tho
>>385511 based material conditions, in this case access to vital resources, define people's thinking
>>385329 Based OP. >>385335 Death is certain for every living thing. Even the screencap you posted is about understanding when to put your life on the line for maximum effect.

Living off th grid/anti-job Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 18:29:28 No. 386071 [Reply] [Last]
General anti-work anarchism and advice for non money based living
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step 1: be petty-bourg in the first world see >>386082
>>386082 i forgot to say also, squat buildings!
save money then retire early somewhere in latin america, africa or south asia
>>386071 shoplift
>>386071 Dunno where you live but most places shoplifting is easy and you won't get caught. Go into a super market, pick up an item, walk out of the door with it in your hand and on full display, calmly, don't rush, act completely normal. Nobody is ever going to stop you, if they do, its in in your hand not your pocket and you just go "oh shit lol what an asshole i am i forgot to pay" and worst case scenario they look at you like you are an idiot. You can also go for the pocket method, wear a jacket with big pockets, pick something up off the shelf, walk around with it for a bit in your hand then pocket it subtly. I had a friend who lived stealing small expensive items like perfumes and selling them on ebay also some big department stores that sell stuff like coat hooks or brackets or whatever, you can steal these, they won't be tagged and you can sell them online.

(832.28 KB 716x903 memeticbottleneck.png)
Seong-Young Her Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 23:22:29 No. 387415 [Reply] [Last]
So a comrade of mine who used to write for thephilosophersmeme.com directed me the work of Seong-Young Her. It is fascinating, and I thought some of you might be interested. On the surface this guys work looks like pseudo-intellectual posturing, but it is actually very well thought out. What do you think anon? I found the article on the Memetic bottleneck to be particularly compelling. http://thephilosophersmeme.com/author.html?query=Seong-Young%20Her This article is not by Her, but it is also very interesting and a bit more political for those that think this thread is off topic. http://thephilosophersmeme.com/2016/10/27/on-vectoralism-and-the-meme-alliance/

In the history of this world, have their ever been any so brave and heroic as the Men of the Red Army? Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 03:00:15 No. 384895 [Reply] [Last]
Whenever I read of the Eastern Front my heart is filled with horror, sadness, and admiration. Horror at the utter brutality and nightmare of a war so barbaric as the savagery the Germans called "Barbarossa". Sadness at the loss of life of the Soviet people, of the Jews and the slavs, the romani, so many conquered peoples, so many proletarians who died for nothing, the loss of the Soviet dream into a bloody nightmare. But I also feel admiration, admiration for the greatest heroes this world has ever known, for the men who sacrificed it all and then some, for the men of the Red Army. Men who fought a just and righteous war, not like their imperialist allies who merely sought to protect their overseas dominions or expand them; the Red Army fought for the survival of the Soviet people, in doing so they liberated Europe and saved the whole human race from the most horrifying and advanced fascist regime known thus far. I don't think people in our time can even comprehend the true heroism of the Soviets, don't comprehend the hope and faith people put in the Red Army. When Stalingrad began the world watched with their hands clasped to their mouths believing all hope may be lost; when the Soviets won that battle the light of hope shone again, the world cheered in solidarity with the Soviet people, for they knew now, for the first time since 1939, the Werhmacht could be beaten. I feel so much sadness and disgust for how people are manipulated now, it's truly, truly evil how the West has lied, the West has painted the greatest heroes known to man as barely better than the genocidal savage nazis, they paint men who witnessed so much death and horror, who saved this world as villains. Sickening, utterly sickening. It goes to show how you're rewarded for true courage, valor, and sacrifice. With spit in your face, shit on your doorstep, and piss on your grave. Fuck westernoids.
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my own great grandfathers fought on that front. I am proud most of all of that legacy.
>>385392 >tfw your great grandpa was a Belarusian partisan who is credited with killing 100 nazis when he was only 17 Feels proud as fuck
>>385393 blessed and red(army)pilled
This is why we need unilateral support of the USSR on leftypol. Was it flawless or had it reached full communism? No, but it achieved important and very high benchmarks in socialist movements and in order for us to have a historical basis for socialist arguments we must defend it and its actions.

(446.60 KB 1200x1211 gerogism.png)
What do you guys think of Georgism? Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 22:43:27 No. 387256 [Reply] [Last]
For those that don't know, Georgism is an economic system that came from the mind of a 19th century economist called Henry George. He wrote a manifesto called "Progress and Poverty", where he explained his proposal. George's proposal is that we replace all taxes with only one tax, the land value tax! The philosophy behind that is pretty simple. Air is natural and free for all to use. No one can block out a chunk of air and charge you for breathing on it. So why shouldn't it be the same for land? No one created land, so why should anyone be able to own it? Products can be sold and owned as there was labor put into them, but the same can't really be said for land. If you block out a part of land for yourself, you should expect society to respect that and leave you alone, but because of that, society should be compensated for respecting your property and staying off of it, which is where the land value tax comes in. The money from the land value tax would be used to fund the state, and whatever is left could then be handed out back to society.
acidic and blue pilled.

(140.98 KB 690x960 coronareddit.jpg)
(66.80 KB 960x771 billionaire bootstraps.jpg)
(492.81 KB 930x590 boomerremover.png)
Let the #BoomerRemover happen Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 20:25:30 Id:6392fd No. 386495 [Reply] [Last]
I’m sick of the hypocrisy of this whole shutdown. It’s a bunch of Boomer capitalists demanding that we stop capitalism for their benefit. Before COVID: >Millennials: Can we have universal healthcare, a 40-hour workweek, living wages, and paid time off? <Boomers: Nope, sorry. That might cost a few pennies a year for me. >But shouldn’t you be willing to make a small sacrifice for the greater good of society? <No that’s Communism! And now: <Boomers: You have to completely ruin your life and drive yourself to bankruptcy as we cause another Great Depression, and if you don’t want to do that then the government must force you to comply! Young Americans should not be going along with this. Look at the numbers, the virus isn’t killing us. Boomers have never put our health before their own greed. A lifetime of working long hours with no vacation time is bad for your health but that’s what Boomers demand from us. How many young people suffer from health problems because Boomers won’t give us healthcare? How many of us spread the disease around at work because our Boomer bosses don’t provide sick leave? How much of the obesity epidemic is caused by long hours and needless stress at work? They talk about “flattening the curve” so we don’t overload hospitals but what does that matter to someone who can’t afford to see a doctor anyway? Maybe if Boomers would have agreed to the same policies that are the norm in Europe then I could convince myself to give a shit. Every nation in the EU guarantees a MINIMUM of 4 weeks of vacation (with many workers getting more); the US gets 0. They have universal healthcare. They work an average of like 6 hours a week less than us. We have nothing, all because of Boomer greed in America. Fuck Boomers, they created a society of selfishness and greed. If they aren’t willing to sacrifice their greed for our health and well-being then let the virus spread. And the kicker is: We’re going to get fucked over even more once this is over. Working conditions and employer demands get worse during a recession, let alone the full-blown depression we’re heading to if this shutdown keeps up. Because your employer knows that you’ll be desperate to have any job, so they can make you put up with anything. They have a stack of resumes from the millions of unemployed workers willing to replace you if you don’t cave to your boss’s demands (job security is another thing Boomers don't want us to have). And thanks to this shutdown, what little savings young people had is going to be gone, so you’ll be even more desperate to keep your job. After you make these sacrifices to save your Boomer boss from the plague he’s going to turn around and make your life hell. After months of telling young people to sacrifice for the greater good of society, Boomers will go right back to being greedy, selfish assholes who fuck over our generation even harder. Longer hours, lower wages, zero time off and more bullshit from our employers are all the thanks we’ll get for our sacrifice.
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>>386759 >Boomers are capitalism Liberal take.
>>386713 btfo generation id-pol based
>>386782 So it's like if AIDS was airborne?
>>386509 ADE is unlikely, people who survived SARS all those years ago seem to have a strong resistance to it. But you should still play it safe.
>>386734 >>386673 There's also the potential it could mutate and kill young people like the Spanish flu in 1918. Don't want to end up like our counterparts that were born in the previous '90s' or 80s. The first wave of the Spanish Flu for example wasn't as deadly but when it came back alot more healthy people started dying or went into critical condition. Seems to be one material condition from 1918 that's repeating or could repeat.

(758.99 KB 592x516 54784568.png)
Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 20:03:00 Id:b3dff7 No. 386365 [Reply] [Last]
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>>386874 That logo is actually pretty sick
>>386888 Looks like a sticker a disabled vet would have

(26.07 KB 684x172 oh-ffs.png)
Are mods trolling us? Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 20:52:10 Id:8923d9 No. 386628 [Reply] [Last]
Mods need to stop fucking around, we're in the middle of a global crisis, now's not the time for games. Implement shit people actually ask for or experiment on your own site.
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Please use my topic to discuss this in a centralised and more respectful way, thank you. >>386800
>>386779 Uninstall what?
(13.43 KB 947x397 lady gets crystaled.png)
>>386838 Uninstall Microsoft 365 Office Suite Pro for Windows
>>386730 You cant experiment with how users react on a seperate site you autist.
>>386718 They’re furry radlibs that singlehandedly made the furry thread on /hobby/.

Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 19:55:23 Id:67892b No. 386322 [Reply] [Last]
IDs go against everything that chaos stand for and should've been consulted with everyone before being added
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>>386590 LOl. someone loaded up on proxies or bots and rigged this poll. thats a bullshit swing.
>>386934 Fuck jannies and there bots/proxies. that's some underhanded shit. kill yourselves, cunts.
(523.09 KB fingers.mp4)
Fuck ids
>>386508 >vampire castle wow, a real oldfag shilling stupidpol's book of the month
>>386508 >screencaping your own post

(77.14 KB 720x720 FB_IMG_1577201346372.jpg)
Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 18:52:08 No. 386106 [Reply] [Last]
Tsup comrades lets have a chill ylyl meme thread in this trying times shall we?
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>>386258 >Id: 1d1620 What is this? Mark of Cain?
>>386270 Oh, I get it, we 4chan now. Was the samefag problem really that bad?
>>386275 Were you privy to the sage namefag rebellion of 2007
what is this number thing? why? did the mods ever announce this?
>>386117 bleak


no cookies?