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Time to criticize the "political compass" Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 00:27:41 No. 1174756 [Reply] [Last]
If you're not aware, it's been almost 20 years since this website came online https://politicalcompass.org/ Trough six pages and sixty two questions, you answer to bizarre and out there questions. Do you think astrology is cool? Do you think schools should teach religious morals to children? Then an algorithm congregates two numbers following what you answered and then your individual stance on politics is represented by a red dot on a two axis graphic based on libertarian/authoritarian and left/right scales. This test basically assumes an individual political stance is a sum of opinions rather than a process of thoughts, it's idpol in its most elaborated state: your opinions make you scalable on this shitty graphic, your red dot identifies you to the other redditors as what you are, a capitalist shit stain. Since the subreddit about this and various memes exploded, we should put out there thoughtful critics and razor edged memes in order to counter what the new alt right is doing.
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>>1174756 >Time to criticize the "political compass" Yes, but not like how you are doing it. I have seen this "criticism" many times before, it amounts to pomo nuttery. You have no argument whatsoever for why the data wouldn't have a spatial pattern to it, you are just asserting it in a way that brainlets then repeat because the phrasing has the look and feel of something intelligent, just like golden packaging is a symbol for quality content. >>1174939 >It's heavily biased towards putting people in the green box That's the impression you get because of the people who take the test are usually not part of the ruling class. >>1175760 "We Aryans need much more living space because we want to use traditional Germanic farming techniques, so I will kill you slavic subhumans" – "Alrighty then."
honestly it's extremely clear to anyone who takes the test that it's very heavily biased towards liberalism and is utterly incapable of accounting for actual coherent political ideologies. Plus the le authoritarian aspect is just hilarious and completely arbitrary, as shown by this >>1175760 autism.
(451.66 KB 1160x980 american politics.png)
(420.73 KB 900x692 political compass.png)
(572.90 KB 1940x1396 GWXYZ.png)
(69.48 MB 1920x1080 4 Colors.mp4)
(93.03 KB 600x507 atlast.png)
Take my anti-kompass test. I just updated it. https://44100hz.neocities.org/mlquiz/index.html

(54.35 KB 718x962 CPP1.png)
(54.74 KB 718x962 CPP2.png)
(54.53 KB 718x962 CPP3.png)
(52.73 KB 718x962 CPP 4.png)
Communist Party of the Philippines attacks Red Guards Austin Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 21:00:36 No. 1167411 [Reply] [Last]
How will American Maoists recover?
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>>1181707 oh I'm sorry bro I misread your post >just be a leftist which is even vaguer than "anarchist" or "marxist" tbh just saying sometimes I feel like I'm forced to choose between anarchists who understand "idpol" issues but are basically radlibs and marxists who have backwards ideas about individual rights but at least understand the value of organisation the internet "left" is shit in general tho
>>1182378 Remember that everyone on the internet is just nuts for no reason. IRL Marxists are much saner about this shit.
>>1180346 > They did not exist globally until they were brought in via US cultural hegemony and essentially colonized spaces occupied previously by indigenous same gender loving and third gender people. Is this some kind of meme or joke I'm not galaxy brained enough to get?
>>1181732 Huh? I turned Maoist when I stopped beating it
>>1180346 >ie the DPRK, which is the only socialist state in the world right now TIL Cuba is not a socialist state.

Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 02:01:19 No. 1153638 [Reply] [Last]
>If Adorno is left in peace, capitalism will never cease What did German students mean by this?
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>>1157421 >showing your tiddies in an old man's lecture at uni in fucking germany was radical wew if only those third world guerillas knew about true radicalism amirite
>>1157127 >If the bourgeois state can help the cause, use it. lamoo
>>1182591 Yep, socialism is when the workers cant speak up.
>>1158302 yeah I too think cops commiting suicide is cool but it is not a good political strategy
>>1157127 >As a Marxist should. If the bourgeois state can help the cause, use it. Anything else is empty moralism. Full solidarity with this poster and the correct Marxist line against the triggered radlibs ITT

(50.55 KB 670x402 concorde.jpg)
Aviation and the End of History Sage#+GbZOp 11/23/2020 (Mon) 21:24:38 No. 1164337 [Reply] [Last]
>be me >Nicholas Baaderholt >24 years old >the year is 1997 >just sealed the biggest deal of my young career and the largest account in my firm this quarter. >guess all that time messing around with computers in college is paying off >these fossils couldn't even manage basic calculus >look down at my wrist, my new Patek Phillipe tells me it is 8.49am >The limousine pulls up and momentarily my driver opens the door. >a porter hands me my brown leather Tom Ford Briefcase. >inside the airport there is no wait for the queue I stand in. >barely flash my passport before I am ushered into to the executive waiting lounge >a waiter offers me refreshment and I decline >on second thoughts, Macallan Lalique 62, no ice. A small drop of water. >stand at the bar, look out through floor to ceiling glass window on the runway >there it is was, slim, sharp, nosecone pointed down

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>1182076 This is the tragic story of Nicholas Baaderholt, dotcom millionaire.
>>1164337 >>fukuyama lied This part got me
>>1164337 Sounds fake but RIP I guess

Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 18:42:18 No. 1158186 [Reply] [Last]
How do we advocate for cybersocalism? Unfortunately it seems the market "socialists" have become dominant in the left once more and cybernetics have been forgotten. How do we dispel the market fundamentalist lies?
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>Marketsocs became dominant Did they though? If we disregard the online spaces (which do need to be disregarded as they only reflect the whinings of at-heart liberal people of college's) actual socialist movements are likely just as much pro-planning as they were before. Also cybersocialism is a bit of a meme. As long as a modern planned economy comes into being, it will almost certainly be cybernetic by its nature.
>>1158256 no we should advocate for it as it's own thing a) to bring over radlibs and b) to distinguish it from a primitive soviet styled planned economy for that average worker. Also pretending online spaces are completely irrelevant is cope we don't live in the 20th century anymore.
>>1158186 As the anons in >>1158236 we must simply take the mantle of Cockshott and others and continue working on it/ spreading it by ourselves
By convincing people that a planned economy is more effective at resource allocation than a market economy, plus coupled with our current cybernetic technology computerized planning would be even more efficient, fast, and wouldn't necessitate a bureaucracy to function.
>>1158241 That pic is literally unreadable my dude

basic income Anonymous 11/26/2020 (Thu) 00:23:23 No. 1170855 [Reply] [Last]
Why are there still capitalists who oppose basic income in any form? There are many different flavours of it, but they oppose all of them, even the most right wing version as proposed by Milton Friedman called a negative income tax. Neoliberal porkies are so pigheaded that I really think they may hand pieces of the Imperial Core to Marxists by the middle of this century simply because working class people will be sick of being homeless and hungry as the biosphere burns. All of this will happen while the West continues to get richer while all of the new riches gained go to the top 1%. I have read many of the Marxist objections to something like a basic income, but it seems to me like one of the more realistic ways of alleviating suffering around the world. https://medium.com/@ClaireConnelly/can-a-universal-basic-income-rid-the-world-of-bullshit-jobs-fc82d778b5f8
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>>1171919 >You are apparently missing the point that stabilization is not what is required at the moment. The question in the OP was why the establishment is not taking this stabilizing action. What we socialists think of it is irrelevant, the question is why are the proker sshooting themselves in the foot by not taking this lifeline? Though we might be seeing the embryo of a project for a new porky century in the Great Reset discourse.
>>1170855 They dont feel threatened by millions of people without welfare. Only profits and low taxes matter.
>>1173497 >They dont feel threatened I guess it's time to start being threatening then.
>>1170855 Verso has been having a fascinating roundtable discussion this month on Aaron Benanav's new book, Automation and the Future of Work which disputes the efficacy of basic income: https://www.versobooks.com/blogs/4922-automation-and-the-future-of-work-a-verso-roundtable
>>1170855 throwing money at people doesn't do much the welfare state barely works and leads to imperialism & authoritarian socialism it seems in the 20th century people were eager to replace capitalists and now they are eager to replace workers via automation and UBI

(496.18 KB 800x613 deliveryService.jpeg.jpg)
The Least Worst Consumer Choice Anonymous 11/29/2020 (Sun) 19:37:10 No. 1181866 [Reply] [Last]
If you have to choose between a discount product made by sweatshop labor or a luxury product made by labor aristocratd, which is the less unethical choice? To buy the sweatshop product justifies the labor of the worker that made it but also justifies their corporate exploitation. On the other hand buying a luxury means even more of the profit goes to boog, even if the working conditions for these products are marginally better.
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>>1182068 >porky doesn't own the local community as well and blocks all attempts at political change
>>1182100 >just industrialize by lining the pockets of petty boog lol >seize the real estate bubble
>On the other hand buying a luxury means even more of the profit goes to boog OP, I don't understand this. Is this an arbitrary thing you made up for your question or do you think this holds by necessity? Another question: Do you think surplus extraction is caused by buying things?
>>1182307 The price markup for luxury products is much higher than for less expensive ones isn't it?
>>1182426 Not in general. (Do you compare markups between different products by the amount of $ above production cost per product? You shouldn't directly use this, as this will only be sensible when the amount of units sold is the same. You have to relate money amounts to money amounts, that is: price to markup.)

(798.76 KB 1024x922 10yearoldbrain.png)
Quick political sorting quiz Anonymous 11/28/2020 (Sat) 06:17:27 No. 1177733 [Reply] [Last]
https://44100hz.neocities.org/mlquiz/index.html Pic unrelated. I made a quiz designed to determine ideology from an ML perspective (covers many non-ML ideologies) in as few questions as possible. I want feedback on the quiz and possible features that could be included in it, or branches of political thought to add to it. https://44100hz.neocities.org/mlquiz/index.js <-- here is the source code that contains all of the quiz branches.
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>>1180047 Sure, but what purpose would this achieve? It's easy to separate groups based on whether they prioritize electoralism over all else, but harder to separate them based on if they allow for any electoralism at all. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't feel like making an experimental tree that uses those branches. You could try to prove your own thesis by altering the test data, but I won't do it for you.
https://44100hz.neocities.org/mlquiz/info.txt bumping/shilling my own thread because I wrote a little info on the quiz which in itself has a critique of the political compass
>>1179164 >the definition of fascism fascism is a branch of socialism Spengler talked about the stoic body of the roman empire and how the people who revolted the most against stoicism were the strictest stoics >communism is just a leftist pipe dream because it does not concern itself what actually happens after the state is abolished if the state is gone it obviously means you have to do more work and not less, someone has to do what the state did the other thing is if god is dead then that means the world splits further, the reversal of metaphysics becomes reality the romans believed in serveral gods, the christians in one god and the socialist in no god if god was all those things a stateless society simply can't be brought about by what I consider one arm of god anarchism branches off into several ideologies, not just communist thinking and anarchism alone is not enough to even come close to a stateless, classless and moneyless society
>>1181280 >fascism is a branch of socialism a branch of socialism where big private banks and private companies are allowed to do whatever the hell they want. Don't be tricked by the social-democritic policies that have emerged in fascistic states. Welfare programs and regulations are not socialism. Socialism is about abolition of private ownership. >communism is just a pipe dream I more or less agree that communism is an ideal, but the way you describe it as "reversal of metaphysics" and as an analogy with roman polytheism, is pure idealism. Clearly you have not educated yourself on aspects of materialism and political economy.
>>1181450 > Socialism is about abolition of private ownership. that was the core idea behind it but Gramsci saw it's not possible that easily and identified cultural hegemony as a necessary element the last time the state tried to do it, it culminated in disaster so socialists gravitated towards anarchism and other ideas >>1181450 well if it's about stateless, classless and moneyless then communism is very incomplete not only need all of those things be destroyed but also substituted with something else for abolishment to be possible Nietzsche warned of the last men who is only capable of destroying but he also said you can't create without destroying the communists in Russia didn't even realize a single of these goals and Karl Marx's theories are not helpful with that either

Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 03:45:24 No. 1159348 [Reply] [Last]
Hey guys, interested in Maoism and Prachanda path. Mao-Pill me.
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>>1159403 >Synthesized by Gonzalo Westoid detected
Experience has told me that you cannot be a Westerner and a Maoist and stay sane.
You mean Naraka Path?
>>1182188 It’s true though.

(278.61 KB 1654x2480 8146m4ForKL.jpg)
This Book Sucks Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 06:04:08 No. 1165405 [Reply] [Last]
You often see this shilled in the leftist college student blogosphere (the types who also shill Mark Fisher nonstop) and I confess I found it disappointing. It's marketed as a totes materialistic dialectical Marxist take on sex work but it has serious radlib undertones. Probably the best example is the part where the authors argue that sex workers have boundaries and don't lose their autonomy or ability to consent or whatever when selling sex, it goes on and on about these boundaries and how the Good Customers respect them and when reading this section one wonders if they're also vindicating work in general as "free" abd uncoerced. Other than correctly identifying the "high-class escort" ideal among liberal feminists as a petit-bourgeois phenomenon, the book has little that's Marxist about it and doesn't seem to aspire to more than suggesting reforms. I probably should have seen it coming seeing as it literally describes its political program as a "fight for rights" on the cover but oh well. >>1157204 is right and the fact that the authors of pic related would disagree is telling.
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>>1170895 >bled out my ass last week Anon, I...
>>1170912 one of the few things that sucks about being a woman >>1170915 ?
(37.15 KB 625x626 1423948588902.png)
>>1170903 radfems are not radical in the sense of radical left. they are libfems too >>1170895 >1 in 3 men would rape if they could get away with it hmmm <Specifically, when survey items describe behaviors (i.e.,‘‘Have you ever coerced somebody to intercourse by holding them down?’’) instead of simply label them (i.e., ‘‘Have you ever raped somebody?’’), more men will admit to sexually coercive behaviors in the past and more women will self-report past victimization. While this specific example is rape, it's one example, and if victims and perpetrators are not saying something is rape, who are you to say they are wrong? >80.4% of the people arrested for violent crime were men >fbi.gov literally the /pol/ FBI crime stat argument lmfao How many of those men were black/brown men? Are you sure it's being male or maybe are you implying other factors are at play here? If these stats are legitimate, that implies the ones to do with race are also. >there are WAY more male pedophiles than female pedophiles and men commit at least 94% of sexual assaults against children Same shit, except a huge part of the problem here is that people don't view women as capable of being a sexual subject, only an object. It also has to do with the slant of the stats on other sex crimes, although the domestic violence stats have gotten less retarded about this recently.
>>1170895 >cope, i'm pretty sure if i was a man i wouldn't have bled out my ass last week, i feel bad for transgirls though i can't imagine having to look at a dick for like the first 10-20 years of your life, male genitalia is so fucking disgusting ywnbarw
>>1165405 A lot of this is trying to defend prostitution in capitalism. Of course, in capitalism, sex workers must struggle for their rights and be supported, banning "consensual" (no sex work is actually consensual) sex work in capitalism just leads to more misery.


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