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Global Capitalism Update January Anonymous 01/10/2020 (Fri) 03:07:55 No. 206969 [Reply] [Last]
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I normally don't listen to Economic Update but this is actually a really good talk. It covers the assassination of Solemani, the growing debt problem, GM sales slowdowns, French strikes, etc.
Has anyone ever heard Wolff say "And oh yeah, Harriet Fraad is also my wife"?
>>208175 She Is lol?
>>208175 I heard him say it one time, but you can just look it up.
>>208184 Yeah, she parrots a lot of the same horseshit you hear from liberal feminists. I've even seen Wolff talking about shit like " toxic masculinity " on his twitter.

(27.41 KB 606x404 173058-erick-erickson.jpg)
(78.54 KB 478x640 I AM The 53 percent.jpg)
(47.61 KB 550x407 53percent_guy.jpg)
Anonymous 01/07/2020 (Tue) 01:34:22 No. 201090 [Reply] [Last]
Classcuck thread. ITT: we make fun of classcucks.
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>>206066 Mike Rowe is a fucking genius
>>206069 This, gotta respect the hustle. I don't like scammers, but classcucks deserve to be scammed even harder.
>>205981 Aren't #2 and #9 contradictory? Also #3 and #8? And #1 and #12? Or is #11 there to resolve that particular deficiency?
>>206066 Wow is this like a self emasculation fetish? I wonder what kind of porn these people watch.
>>206791 They must be bigger fags than twitter trannies

(465.85 KB 962x635 lenin.jpg)
Public Speaking Anonymous 01/10/2020 (Fri) 15:57:21 No. 207450 [Reply] [Last]
How should we go about speaking our ideas in public? Surely we shouldn't make ourselves look like loons by preaching to apathetic passers by but relegating ourselves to preaching to the choir does no good. So what do? Bring megaphones to protests and piggy back off less radical organizations? Organize our own events? Also general public speaking advice would be appreciated.
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Get good at enunciation. It's annoying to listen to someone lazily slur their way through saying something. It's shocking how many podcasters are awful about this. Get good at pithiness. It's more radical to get to the heart of the matter anyway. Don't waste people's time with unnecessary detail, including yours. Get good at knowing the audience. Tailor your argument to appeal to them, and know when they're unlikely to change so you can walk away and avoid wasting time.
(352.00 KB 859x960 1.png)
>>207450 RULE NUMBER ONE NOTHING ATTRACTS A CROWD LIKE A CROWD: If you're going to want a crowd, it's best to start with a small crowd. So, I'd say if you're going to preach (about leftism in particular), it's best to have a handful of pre-selected leftists surround you and agreeing with you, with the intermittent clapping and pushing on. >>207962 >studied rhetoric also this. be sure to have a somewhat pre-prepared speech or outline of things to say. take some vocal lessons too I suppose.
>>207450 Get a crowd together of people you know, have a few act as if theyre listening (these are your commie buddies) then more people will join and listen t.autism
>>208117 Better yet, have them shout out questions or ideas that you can riff on, so that actual audience participation is encouraged. It's good to be able to speak to people's questions and interests, and it's good to create an impression and reality of the movement being guided from below.

Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 21:55:57 No. 200791 [Reply] [Last]
Who are some of the most well known Fascists that turned into Communists during their life?
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>>200802 Jesus. Heard a lot about Paulus in relation to the invasion of the USSR, but never realized he actually turned. Based.
>>203889 He never turned leftist though. He basically said "actually Stalin might be nazbol" to save his ass, and died a rat's death anyway.
(131.33 KB 678x738 Joe baxter.jpg)
>>200802 >He got his dick pushed in That made me chuckle more than it should.

(167.16 KB 639x847 3TqVhYj.jpg)
Anonymous 01/10/2020 (Fri) 15:15:41 No. 207390 [Reply] [Last]
I own a very niche small business and employ only three people (all middle aged Mexican ladies who I pay way above market price for their labor and treat very nicely). About two years ago a new competitor entered the market and basically copied my style, product, etc. This made me lose business and stressed me out, so since last June I ve been trying unorthodox and unethical ways to fuck that company over. I has worked, business is doing better and judging by that other companies actions they are feeling the pressure. If I went the traditional way of 'competing' I could kick the people who work for me out (who I don't really see getting a better job as they don't have an education or meaningful experience) , replace them with teenagers paying them the bare minimum squeezing the most I can from them while taking a loan from the bank and face loses for years until they crack, if that even happens. Is this capitalisms fault or I'm a piece of shit? Because basically its either them or me(and my family). Is it even possible to ethical in a capitalist society?
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>>207993 the human emotional balance is set to make any experience you feel gets more and more neutral,adjusting your worldview according with it. They are systematically clueless,litterally incapable of even conceiving it except trough the spectacle,which favors feel-good stories and the american dream. They rationalise the topic through their own worldview,using it as a lens for every topic. Only the intellectuals and the one that bother reading outside of their mindsets (which not even most humans do,so a minority inside a minority) can properly understand that. Also Apathy is rampant at all stratas of society,some may also not want to bother,content with their current state of affair,and not having to really interact that much with money schemes by themselves.
>>207997 Those are pizza rolls, not chips. He actually got that one almost right. https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=ad_higXixRA
Let's say I pay some dude to do X thing for my company, I pay him a wage. I am therefore exploiting him. What if instead of hiring someone, I pay some other company to do it? Who am I exploiting then? Am I free of guilt if I pass it to some other porky/small porky? Or would it be exploitation by proxy? In that case, wouldn't all participation in the capitalist economy some form of exploitation?
>>208020 >What if instead of hiring someone, I pay some other company to do it? Who am I exploiting then? You are not directly exploiting anybody. You are buying from the company within the market, so on average you will pay the value of what you purchase. Within the company, the employees are paid less than the value of their labor, so the company exploits them. You could say maybe you are supporting that exploitation, but since almost all business works that way it's not like you have an alternative (although if you reasonably could buy from a worker co-op it's different). In reality, it's more likely that the company is exploiting you the consumer (even if you are another company) because it's more likely that the company is a monopoly charging inflated prices than if you were taking advantage of them (since they would refuse to sell if it wasn't profitable to them). A lot of companies (especially ones with very high fixed capital to variable capital ratios) have been shifting their profits from wage-based exploitation to consumer-end exploitation through price increases (ISPs for example) and rent-seeking (everybody trying to sell you a Premium Subscription for example).
We don’t make moral judgements. They’re spooks.

(2.17 MB 1500x1260 death.png)
Anonymous 01/10/2020 (Fri) 22:59:42 No. 208017 [Reply] [Last]
Climate Change denialism is not real. Yeah sure, your parents and some other retarded hicks might not believe in it but it is a relevant political force for every country in the world. The right wing back swing is a direct response to the oncoming crisis. This group of rich people and politicians have decided to hunker down, shut the borders and try to turn back to the clock so they can become self sufficient to prepare for the oncoming collapse of the global economy. They know exactly what they're doing. They aren't stupid.
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>>208017 I agree that denial has basically no political power, at least outside USA. Belittlement and denial of responsibility, as well as the offering of fake solutions, is rampant and far more dangerous
>>208048 >Pretending like the US isn't the most powerful and influential country currently existing
I'm a climate change deniers what about it?
>>208042 Nope. The people who are actually in charge are consciously deciding to choose money over lives.

(42.85 KB 2048x463 Screenshot_2020-01-06 Boards.png)
The chan is growing! Anonymous 01/06/2020 (Mon) 14:02:33 No. 200256 [Reply] [Last]
Why is this happening? Yeah, I know that the iran thing has brought a lot of non-usual leftypolers here, but I have never seen it this big, what has happened, are they glowies, are there new people in here because of the Iran fiasco?
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>>207323 The post the mod had to put his flag on to support did. They don't even follow their own rules but you suddenly support them now? >>207325 No you are not, the poor have to suffer high VAT so you can have fun and a better life later. >>207375 Academia is the bourgeois institution. Everybody with any sort of power went there and if you don't your life will be shit, that more go now makes it even worse to not go. like not having a HS degree some decades ago.
>>207381 Well most early thinkers and revolutionaries were class traitors.
>>206293 It sucks when the board is moving slowly and you're eager to discuss something, but I actually like this aspect of our board. There are far fewer inane, one-off attention seekers than on 4chin. Though it might just be our size
>>206895 >does /pol/ freak out about this shit? Don't know about 4/pol/ but on 8/pol/ everyone would accuse everyone else of being a jew as soon as there was the tiniest disagreement over something. Pretty funny to watch tbh. Like the Nazi edition of sectarian shitflinging here but ten times more schizophrenic
>>207890 >the left eats itself exdee >not like us, r-right guize?

Basically just right wingers. Anonymous 01/10/2020 (Fri) 02:32:57 No. 206912 [Reply] [Last]
>Glorious leader isn't a monarchist, guys! >Fellow leftists, we should do social engineering. Socialism is when the state imposes a predetermined morality on the masses and socially ostricizes anybody who sins. >Surveillance and secret police wasn't a terrible but unfortunately necessary thing in some revolutionary countries, actually it's a good thing that all socialist countries should do! >Socialist countries from decades ago banned (Insert thing I don't like here) so we should do the same! This is the sort of shit that makes me not want to call myself a ML.
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>>207047 Bill Cosby is an actual rapist, it's not 'POLITCAL CORRECTNESS GONE MADDD' to give him the boot. Jesus.
>>207832 It's puritanism.
>>207834 ok incel
>>207197 No one is samefagging. Turns out people don't think rape is cool.

(185.98 KB 659x892 Mao_Zedong_in_1959_(cropped).jpg)
Redpill me on Mao Zedong and the Great leap forward Hussien Shaban 01/10/2020 (Fri) 01:11:43 No. 206843 [Reply] [Last]
I'm always being tolled about how many people Mao killed. Articles are all right, but I'm more of a visual learner, so documentaries are most preferred. Book recommendations are nice as well.
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>>206891 It’s racist but in a different reason. In Xi’s book on the governance of China, he noted the people living under the PRC but isn’t ethnic or culturally Han are considered “minor people” and not part of “Chinese people”. It’s not really China chauvinism but more of Han chauvinism. You really couldn’t blame Mao for this because unlike other noted revolutionaries like the old Bolsherviks, Ho, Kim, Castro and Che,… he never got a chance to interact with the international proletariat to shake off that nationalism which made his development of socialism extremely Sino-centric.
Mao is the perfect example of why great wartime leaders always suck as peacetime leaders and vice versa.
>>206921 Not that guy, and I don't think Mao was a revisionist, but even though Mao is upheld as a radical proletarian internationalist (despite making some questionable foreign policy decisions after the Sino-Soviet Split) he couldn't escape Chinese nationalism (which isn't Han ethno-nationalism by the way inb4 the glowniggas and libs show up). The whole "with Chinese Characteristics" goes back to the time when Stalin was alive, who criticised Mao for it. The Chinese flag does not show hammer and sickle as representatives of the working class and the peasantry, but multiple stars representing "the classes of the Chinese nation" including the national bourgeoisie. The CPC's constitution says that they're the vanguard of the Chinese nation before they say that they're the vanguard of the working class. A redeeming aspect though: The Chinese constitution does say that they're a DotP, a worker and peasant state.
(7.49 MB brother hao.mp4)
>>206882 >>206891 >>207025 >>207176 MAO IS NAZBOL GANG
>>206919 I was literally taught this by a chinese language instructor from china.

(234.97 KB 640x708 1.png)
(38.96 KB 640x764 2.png)
(179.39 KB 529x1023 3.png)
International Anti-Americanism Anonymous 01/10/2020 (Fri) 05:06:27 No. 207095 [Reply] [Last]
Stats for determining based populations (Pew Research from 2019, biased toward western influence and developed countries unfortunately). >Top list of anti-Americanism: (!-symbol equaling a predominance of left-wing views and policies) · Turkey · Tunisia · Russia · Germany (!) · Mexico (!) >Honorable mentions (for being proficient in English, victims to US cultural imperialism, but STILL being predominantly anti-American): · Argentina (!) · Sweden (!) <Top list of most colluding/psywar'd national populations: (v-symbol equaling a poorer national development, hence likely victims of psywar):

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>207211 >Envy Sure.
>>207095 Greece could make into the Anti-Americanism list, although that's just my impression. People here hate the US across the political spectrum for different reasons: leftists for the US-backed junta, napalming the communists in the civil war, Iraq/Chile/Vietnam/etc and right wingers/religious nuts for bombing Orthodox Serbia and helping the evil Albanians and because of their Russophilia. Even centrists and centre-rightists try to distance themselves from the erratic US foreign policy sometimes. When I was in school, my teachers always emphasised the western/american injustices towards our country more than the ottoman ones and they were right. Most politicians have to pay lip service to to the anti-american sentiment in one way or another and pretend be friendly with Russia to get elected, but of course nothing ever changes and it's all talk in the end.
>>207243 Hasn't Russia made a lot of big investments in Greece? I remember the Americans whining about it a while ago.
>>207105 >>207116 >>207123 >>207139 >>207164 >>207173 <- imperialist colors showing >>207181 >>207182 <- imperialist colors showing >>207211 <- imperialist colors showing
>>207258 There are certainly active Russian oligarchs buying properties . This guy owns hotels, a football club, websites and a channel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Savvidis This one has a whole fucking island https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dmitry_Rybolovlev


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