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Ukraine, Venezuela and Hong Kong Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 20:37:01 No. 1160903 [Reply] [Last]
Is the West funding protests in foreign countries to establish their dominance away from the east? For example, the Socialist government in Venezuela whose leader Maduro has been cozying up with Putin and in Hong Kong it's obviously to steer away Chinese dominance in the area. See the World Anti-Communist League that John McCain was involved in.
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>>1161601 >Didn't the USA sabotage your hydro plant a few years ago? We never knew exactly what happened. I have an article in Spanish explain the deepest we could, so apparently, there was access, a back door, in the control computers that could be accessed for hackers, but we are not sure. Do you remember that there were attacks on the electrical companies in the U.S.? and public services? Does the U.S. government know the culprits? A Ukrainian electrical power plant suffered the same attack, their government doesn't know, or do they? Anyway, I can share the article, it is in Spanish, but google translate can help you. >>1161599 >Do you see any way out of your country's current crisis? I h8 to say it, but that either Biden has some sort of sanity and he is not pressed by the gusano power in Florida, hopefully, he's backed by social media powers that are way greater than those cunts, so he's not intimidated, but knowing that he's also a warmonger, my last hope is either the U.S. collapse or China overtaking an equal power in the world that can push back the obscene attitude towards other nations, the U.S. has.
>>1161759 >I h8 to say it, but that either Biden has some sort of sanity and he is not pressed by the gusano power in Florida, hopefully, he's backed by social media powers that are way greater than those cunts, so he's not intimidated, but knowing that he's also a warmonger, my last hope is either the U.S. collapse or China overtaking an equal power in the world that can push back the obscene attitude towards other nations, the U.S. has. So basically, the fate of your country is in the hands of foreign powers rather than its people?
>>1161781 As it always is. No imperialist nation has ever fallen to revolution without getting first BTFO in the imperial dialectics
>>1161781 >So basically, the fate of your country is in the hands of foreign powers rather than its people? This will always be the case as long as imperialism still exists.
>>1161842 Also observed in Tainter's fourth law of collapse: a society will only collapse if it is possible for it to do so. Power vacua won't be allowed to happen in a full world desperate for frontiers to own. If there are societies of similar complexity surrounding a society that is individually ripe for it, one or more tend to move in and take over.

(49.69 KB 2100x1500 nmlogowhite.png)
New Multitude- The relaunch Anonymous 10/19/2020 (Mon) 08:03:23 No. 1013137 [Reply] [Last]
1. New site is up https://newmultitude.org/ you can support the site at https://www.patreon.com/newmultitude (the plan is for original translations to be patreon exclusive for a length of time before they are up on the site) 2. Do you have something unique, helpful or funny to say? please get in touch. I will help you write your article. I am a college teacher by trade (specifically sociology and social studies) so even if you have no experience in writing, I can help edit your piece. What we want: unique theory, guides and explainers of both classic and new theory, translations, scene guides, news explainers from people on the ground, book reviews, etc 3. Global Scope. Let's face it, there are hundreds of similar sites out there that cover US/UK politics. There's nothing wrong with that and we will continue to accept western submission, but we would REALLY like to build on a niche that is missing: a truly global site with analysis and news from around the world. If it's not you, perhaps you know someone from your local scene who is a good writer? 4. Translations. I want to start putting up a translation a month of work that has hitherto gone untranslated into English. This could be classic articles or new authors and can be hard theory or even short stories, news analysis or even poems. It would be amazing if leftypol could help source some candidates for translation. 5. Promotion. I'll be honest I have no idea how to do this. We have a twitter account twitter.com/newmultitude but not many followers and I see other leftist magazines getting loads of followers. Does anyone have experience in this or have any suggestions? 6. finally, thank you to all the artists and writers and supporters who have helped with the launch. There are some great writers and people on leftypol and I want to extend my thanks to you in getting this project off the ground. Solidarity!
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>>1129660 I mean i'm willing to listen to people's suggestions on this stuff, but I do want to emphasize that my skillset is academic not technical, so the process of building this website and getting things sorted has been a combination of me figuring things out at a very basic level and hiring people from fiverr to do stuff that I can't do. Saying "just build your website here" isn't helpful to me. I also did ask if anyone here could help with that side, but I didn't get a response.
>>1129660 >I clearly don't know anything, listen to me!
Hey editor, i created a multitude page for myself to organise material and explainations for myself, but you might be interested in my first article about why supply and demand cannot tell us anything about society, how to derive LTV from supply and demand + self interest, and why prices are what they are. https://medium.com/@repelsteeltjemarxist/why-prices-are-what-they-are-ca6bdbdfafd3 I am also keen to get any sort of feedback, i couldnt really find good images to break up the text so its pretty wall of text right now, so if youve got any recommendations I would love to use them. You can wholesale copy paste the article if you would like to (and i would appreciate you linking directly to my personal blog).
(244.17 KB 1059x704 munkasok6.jpg)
https://newmultitude.org/mukastanacsok-in-the-midst-of-the-1956-revolution/ >Every year on Memorial Day (October 23) videos, articles show up from both left and right leaning sites to debate and claim the legacy of the revolution of ’56. Reactionary views have come to dominate the national discourse, especially in the shadow of the right wing Orbán governments decision to fold the 1956 Institute, a historical research group that promoted a nuanced view of the revolution, into the Veritas Historical Research Institute, a newly established body ‘whose historical views coincide with those of the current political leadership’2. Government officials, speaking at official ceremonies regularly use the opportunity to denounce communism rather than celebrate freedom. Thus it has become important in the current climate to highlight the distinctively socialist elements of the revolution, especially that of the munkástanácsok: the worker’s councils.

(442.10 KB 624x683 Diversity Effects 2.png)
(107.73 KB 836x645 Diversity Effects 1.jpg)
I Was Redpilled by /pol/ but I'm Here in Good Faith Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 04:32:56 No. 1153834 [Reply] [Last]
Sup /leftypol/? I'm a former moderate leftist who spent a lot of time on 4pol and took quite a few of their redpills. But I'd like to think that I still have an open mind, and have never been down with their unironic bigotry or their love of crony capitalism. I'd like to see what the other side has to say. I'm here in good faith. I'm interested in what /leftypol/ thinks of globalism, free trade, open borders and the rest of the neoliberal agenda. Do you guys like immigration? I'm also interested in the anti-idpol rule here, and want to know just how much I can talk about idpol being used by the ruling elite to divide the working/middle class. Am I allowed to say that Jeff Bezos uses diverse workforces because they're less likely to unionize? I'd also like to go into detail on my opinions on class/race/democracy for the sake of seeing how much overlap in our belief systems there is, though again I don't want to tread onto rocky ground and get banhammered. Apologies to the mods if this already crosses the line. What would you guys say to someone who doesn't like capitalism and the 1%, but also thinks that democracy and social safety nets / redustributionary systems work best in ethnically homogenous, high-trust societies that all share the same values? Would a "melting pot" society work better than a homogenous one when it comes to social security, universal healthcare, etc.?
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>>1153834 fuck globalisation, fuck immigration (capitalism creates the scenarios that cause immigration), fuck free trade, and open borders only between like minded countries (like a new Warsaw Pact with open borders)
(56.62 KB 1007x1007 thonging.png)
>>1159153 >free trade good because accelerationism >immigration bad because muh wage
>>1156876 universalism is not compatible with wars, or imperialism. On the material level wars are driven by particular interests, and on the justification myth the current empire uses American exceptionalism which is a particularist position that may be summarised as special people that can do no wrong.
>>1162546 accelerationism is cover for liberalism, that poster is nazbol bare bone welfare state for people he likes only and capitalist "acceleration" of MoP until communism eventually somehow happens
(136.01 KB 1032x630 unnamed.jpg)
>>1162541 What did beard man mean by this?

Vietnam in the cold war. Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 20:30:45 No. 1160888 [Reply] [Last]
So? How the hell did they do it? Surprisingly enough,in the cold war this small,post-colony,thin on a map country had a rather good military record that is at least better than its neighbors,what i am trying to understand here is how exactly it was able to: >BTFO the french in dien bien phu. >survive a war with the U$A(but lost a lot of its own people in the process) >defeated the southern vietnamese """"""republic"""""" and unified with them,something the kims couldn't achieve even after 80 fucking years passing. >survived a chinese invasion. >occupied the land of the glasses noticer. And even now,it looks like they are handling the whole pandemic thing aswell,They'd have to be very lucky and a unified people to pull out all of these victories compared to,say,egypt where we couldn't defeat a small country in its youth with the rest of our allies,so much so that at one time brezhenev got pissed at how our kept repeatedly asking him for support after support until in the end,camp david happened. Anyway sorry for the autist long post,i just had so many questions about vietnam and how they didnt end up in the hands of the american empire.
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>>1160888 >defeated the southern vietnamese """"""republic"""""" and unified with them,something the kims couldn't achieve even after 80 fucking years passing. Korea is a peninsula. You can't run the equivalent of a Ho Chi Minh trail through the sea so the Korean guerrillas were wiped out in the 50s.
>>1162593 Even if that didn't exist,the dprk was this very close to win against the south during the korean war, where the only obstacle left to unification was busan,but they were not prepared for a us counter-invasion supported by other countries,leaving the war in the hands of the chinese who hated the idea of western powers on thier backyard.
>>1162445 >Le Duan - a Trotskyist labels mean nothing anymore
>>1162445 >Le Duan - a Trotskyist. >Truong Chinh - a Dengist. Next level retard.
>>1162656 >labels mean nothing anymore Categorization is a tool of cognition.

(1.12 MB 1632x1724 1593455143106.png)
Anonymous 11/23/2020 (Mon) 11:26:09 No. 1162732 [Reply] [Last]
what are you thoughts on antifa?
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(62.33 KB 1250x625 french-antifa-super-warrior.jpeg)
>>1162799 >in Europe Antifa are mostly Tankies In Europe antifa are basically kids of the bourgeoisie And when they meet working class people, it doesn't always end well for them...
>>1162741 What a stupid image. First off, the pic at the top is confusing Antifa with the Rotfront. By the time Antifa was created, the Comintern had abandoned the social fascism theory and Antifa was created specifically as an alliance between the KPD and the SPD. The two flags symbol is meant to represent the alliance between the two parties. Second, there was no famine in Ukraine in 1928. Third, the idea that Mussolini "wasn't mass murdering anybody" is fucking retarded. Blackshirt militias were basically acting as hired thugs for landowners since day one, and the Fascist part came to power and held it through massive repression. The third pic unironically tries to paint Nazis as good bois who were just defending property from those evil commies. Never mind the fact that they were attacking and murdering random Jews and labour organizers. Never mind the fact that they were attacking social democrats and liberals as well as communists. Never mind the fact that they had tried to seize power in a coup in 1923. Or you know, the fact that the explicitly did not believe in democracy and their entire ideology was predicated on the extermination of people the deemed inferior. Not to mention the obvious cognitive dissonance in talking about how fast the KPD was rising while simultaneously insisting that all the "normal" people supported the Nazis. They only ever won a plurality of votes and the two Marxist parties together trailed the NSDAP by less then 2% in 1932, and that was with widespread thuggery and voter intimidation.
>>1162732 from a /his/ thread I saved from june >It's a screenshot of some anon's post; patently false by principle. >it’s a pretty gross and retarded manipulation of facts. He’s not wrong about some things but conveniently fails to mention hitlers failed armed coup, the fact that people blamed the SPD for economic hardship, the fact that the KPD were actually pretty god damn weak, that the anti fascist organization he cites emerged after said coup and other violent attacks, the years of fascist propaganda calling for progroms against jews and gypsies, the acts by fascists in german unions, the iron front which was the SPDs (pretty shitty) paramilitary that attacked communists monarchists and fascists, the unions which flip flopped between spd and kpd control, and the rising resentment of veterans towards western europe and the SPD. Oh and he ignores stuff that would even support his argument like the sparticus uprising in 1919. >The main detail the anon in the screencap is leaving out is that EVERY party had their own paramilitary in Weimar Germany. Some even had multiple or were in coalitions with other parties' paramilitaries. >>KPD: Rotfrontkampferbund (1924-29) and Antifastischishe Aktion (1932-33) >>SPD: Eiserne Front (1931-33) >>SPD, Zentrum, and DDP coalition: Reichsbanner Schwartz-Rot-Gold (1924-33) >>DDP: Jungdeutscher Orden (1920-1933) >>DNVP: Der Stahlhelm (1918-1935) >>NSDAP: Sturmabteilung (1921-34) and Schutzstaffel (1925-45) >And of course, that leaves out both the left-wing Spartacus League and the right-wing Freikorps that essentially fought a civil war immediately after World War I. >Read "Political Violence in the Weimar Republic, 1918-1933" by Dirk Schumann or "The rise and fall of Weimar democracy" by Hans Mommsen. Saying that the Freikorps / SA / Frontbann / Stahlhelm were the working man's reaction against commie terror is pure rightoid cope. Most of the time the right-wingers were those who started the violence, not even taking into account the Kapp-Putsch or the Hitlerputsch, let alone in the latest years of the Weimar republic (1931-1932) when the SA had hundreds of thousands of members. The right-wingers were treated with leniency by the state whereas it responded with full might to all rallies and strikes by Spartakistenbund / Hundertschaften / RFB. Yet nobody was more violent and disruptive than right-wing paramilitaries.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>1162732 They are cringe. Its basically leftwing ideals coopted by capitalist system - those desires that would damage capitalism arent allowed to be propagated, while those leftwing ideals that strengthen modern capitalism are supported. And the result is Antifa of current times, nearly entirely occupied by fighting against people who oppose porky shit like mass immigration. Fascinating phenomenon.
>>1167386 >people who oppose porky shit like mass immigration. Hi, /pol/

(114.01 KB 1080x1055 20201123_165548.jpg)
Germ theory wrong? Anonymous 11/23/2020 (Mon) 07:56:31 No. 1162407 [Reply] [Last]
Redpill me with real science about germ theory of disease How is it wrong?
I swear if Lenin was still alive he would have these people shot.
Just tankies being tankies
screenshot OP low effort OP outside of containment thread OP >>1148724 locked

(165.54 KB 1000x595 1000x-1.jpg)
Left urbanism and the suburbs - What the fuck do you do? Anonymous 11/23/2020 (Mon) 06:47:28 No. 1162300 [Reply] [Last]
Alright anons, assume a socialist government comes to power in the US, how does that government handle the suburbs? It feels as though it'd be politically infeasible to bulldoze them but leaving them in place has consequences for the environment that can't be ignored in terms of transport time. Do you do mandatory buybacks and slowly try to reclaim the land? Hook them up to public transport? Housing in general seems extremely fucked in burgerland so I'm curious on this.
mandatory resettlement. a more serious answer: it will take decades to redesign the cities to be able to handle their existing population, for all the suburbs you'd literally have to build new cities with jobs within walking distance, cheaper housing with better housing contracts, promotion of socialisation, and good services coverage and access. none of these are things the suburbs have so everyone will move there eventually.

(41.93 KB 742x560 8e6.jpg)
/DEBUNK/ GENERAL Anonymous 06/26/2020 (Fri) 15:33:34 No. 643776 [Reply] [Last]
Post right-wing/liberal memes, media, talking points, etc. that you want debunked
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>>1059184 Future philosophy grad student here. That's an easy one. Obviously whatever's easier you've already had exposure to it to some degree, so more of it is just reinforcing what you already know. That sort of stance also makes someone less likely to be critical of themselves. Difficulty doesn't mean it's incorrect, nor does it mean it's correct. Unfortunately in some circles of philosophy there's an obsession with clarity, it's a good quality, but it shouldn't be done absolutely at all costs while sacrificing content.
>>1151281 lol file not found
does anyone have the link to the doc with all of the lists and list of debunks on it? (I think it was from the last thread)
(33.75 KB 594x429 9781.jpg)
>>1070406 alright, plug me out
>>1150895 Cherry picked data

Was the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia justified? Anonymous 11/15/2020 (Sun) 08:16:16 No. 1135691 [Reply] [Last]
Were the reforms really a threat to the Soviet Bloc or was it an overreaction?
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>>1160722 >Fellow leftists, we must allow our enemies to publicly argue against socialism, otherwise socialism will not survive. This unironically. Insulating the leadership of a socialist state or vanguard party from criticism or accountability fuels revisionism, corruption, nepotism, and gerontocracy. It was a major contributor to the ultimate downfall of the USSR.
>>1136374 >while i think they were right to be concerned and therefore their course of action was understandable for the time, in retrospect it objectively did a great deal of harm to czech and slovak attitudes towards socialism and russians—then and now—which i don't see going away any time soon. That’s the problem with Marxism-Leninism. It encourages this kind of behavior, and when they alienate everyone, the MLs will tell themselves “they were all liberals, anyways.” Mls are the first to shit-talk other tendencies and jerk themselves off over how much more correct they are, then immediately cry out for left unity when those other tendencies dish it out on them.
>>1136581 Aren’t you that filthy anglo Lenin Hat?
totally unjustified, that sort of social imperialism is exactly why places like czech,poland, hungary are so anticommunist today.
>>1139674 Hey, don't insult rats like that.

Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 08:47:33 No. 1159588 [Reply] [Last]
can someone please dispel the notion that Russia under the Tsar was one of the fastet growing economies and that by that logic, the Soviet union either haltet and diminished Progress or gets no Credit for it's archievements.
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Hot take: even if it was, it's a testament to monarchy, not capitalism. Hot take 2: even if it was, it all still had to be abolished.
>>1161998 No, raw gdp statistics are shit. Khanin calculations indicate that Stalin's economy roughly to the end of sixties was the period of most rapid productivity growth.
>>1162013 >it's a testament to monarchy, not capitalism But Russian empire was capitalist after abolition of serfdom.
>>1162056 the serfs had to pay their lords back for like 50 years after the abolition of serfdom


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