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(240.62 KB 506x426 race_card.png)
(72.47 KB 414x241 bait.png)
racial bait threads Anonymous 09/16/2020 (Wed) 14:25:40 No. 873094 [Reply] [Last]
to all autists: please stop shitting up the board with race-idpol threads. We unfortunately have a big problem with libertarian/pol/schizos crossposters making bait threads randomly talking about race shit
Ok schlomo
>estados unidos >white
So you made a thread complaining about it? Ignore it and it will go away. And always SAGE
Just report the threads.

(13.72 KB 220x288 Raúl_Castro_January_2013.jpg)
Anonymous 09/16/2020 (Wed) 14:24:28 No. 873091 [Reply] [Last]
why are market socialists such CHADS who always win?
>>873091 You already did this shit yesterday

(117.42 KB 503x672 b.jpg)
deep ecology thread Anonymous 09/16/2020 (Wed) 13:07:01 No. 872956 [Reply] [Last]
peda-power-generated electricity is the future of mankind. domestic farming and gardening is the hope of mankind also every family should just build their own houses,no more luxury or tall apartments
deep ecology is spooky shit
>peda-power-generated electricity is the future of mankind. Can you come up with an even less efficient power source? >domestic farming and gardening is the hope of mankind If you can do it domestically, logic follows that it can be centralized to be done in a singular space, avoiding the need for everyone to farm. >also every family should just build their own houses <This post was made by suburbanite sprawl gang But in all seriousness, commieblocks are the answer. If you are spooked about pollution, use masonry instead of steel-based construction.
oh yeah, deepthroat that ecology baby, MMMMMMM
Reactionary thread.
(2.06 MB 2215x2954 MurrayBookchin.jpg)
>>872956 Hey deepoid fuck you

Anonymous 09/16/2020 (Wed) 07:46:33 No. 872632 [Reply] [Last]
Marx was the worst thing that happened to the left. We got literal slave societies instead of freedom and equality. Proudhons philosophy was the natural path towards communism after the french revolution.
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>>872632 This is the worst tread. Blaming other ideas for the failure of yours is intellectual infantilism.
>>872632 >Proudhons philosophy was the natural path towards communism you.. you do know he was a anti communist right? did you actually read his book? he was moving away from communism, not towards it
(292.82 KB 478x600 thelastthingaliberalsees.png)
>>872632 >Marx was the worst thing that happened to the left Jesus fucking Christ
BTFO OP, turn thread in a theory discoussion

(34.32 KB 593x290 dprk sony.jpg)
Anonymous 09/16/2020 (Wed) 06:25:12 No. 872528 [Reply] [Last]
So how good are North Korea hackers, really? We know they can basically make a toy out of South Korean military cybersecurity and are capable of targeting corporations in America. They are also able to steal hundreds of millions scot-free through banking schemes to assist in funding. Are they really a global threat in this capacity? Are they better than the Russians? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bureau_121
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Post that pictures of the transfer students to Juche college again, someone. this thread has been hijacked by the URA, divert the destination to wholesome posts of the DPRK
>>872531 Absolutely nothing wrong here. Robin Hood hacking.
Why tf is everyone saying glowie? Hacking western countries is based
>>872861 >Steal money blame the dprk Could be

Shitty Political Compas Memes Anonymous 09/11/2020 (Fri) 16:29:26 No. 859356 [Reply] [Last]
Anyone find that r/Political Compas Memes & Political Compas Memes page whether in Fedbook, Instagram, Twitter, or others social media seems cling or have tendency that lead to bias libshit/centrism/rightoids rhetorics? It's fucking sickening seeing people did foolish debate constantly than stick to the praxis. What do you guys think? https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/731360.html#q852711 https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/731360.html#q852967
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(367.87 KB 800x710 zootopia nazbol gang.jpg)
>>872727 >Honestly auth types are much more sincere Sincerely braindamaged and psychotic that is
>>870275 is Thailand NazBol in hoi3?
>>872741 I don't remember economy or policy really playing much part in the game, it's all about who you can get to join you in the electric hullabaloo
>>862358 >Pinochet loving He gave him som tough love. Pinochet: I hold the chilean pot by the handle. Friedman: If you keep doing what you're doing, you will only have the handle left.
>>866990 >>867015 How about keeping the compass, but where the axis are Government oppression - Government liberation Corporate oppression - Corporate liberation One example of Government oppression - Corporate liberation would be South Africa where the international corporations usually did everything they could to mitigate the apartheid laws. Another example is how public transport corporations in the south dragged their feet with segregated buses and streetcars. Usually the whites rode in the front and blacks in the back and there was a floating line between them. But the states wanted the first third to be white, the back third to be black and the middle third to be floating. That meant if the first two thirds was full of whites and the back third was totally empty. Then the bus driver couldn't pick up one single white passenger. It was only when the states really enforced the laws that the corporations had to pick up the tab for running their companies not as efficient as they could..

Anonymous 09/07/2020 (Mon) 10:38:51 No. 847269 [Reply] [Last]
Julian Assange's extradition trial started today, anyone following it? Summary so far: https://threader.app/thread/1302888230115737600
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>>867346 Its appalling how much the government spent on the police operation to monitor him. Millions of quid when they're cutting everything else (including actually non-porky policework) so they can stop one bloke getting away. Fucking hate the government.
>>870810 I assume they wouldn't have taken it this far unless they were sure they caught all of his dead mans switches so I wouldn't hold your breath.
https://www.rt.com/news/500799-snowden-assange-press-partisanship/ >While Assange “fell out of favor” with a large segment of American society in 2016 over Wikileaks’ publication of emails belonging to then-Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, his current extradition trial has “nothing to do with that,” Snowden said.
Chose one: 1. Assange is extracted~ 2. Assange is abstracted~~ 3. Assange is subtracted~~~ 4. Assange is contracted~~~~ 5. Assange is attracted~ 6. Assange is ingltracted~ 7. Asane is $3tracted~3 8. ~^ge ist ~
>>847526 >I know Julian doesn't deserve to be killed but let's be honest folks he fell for one of the most blatant honeytraps ever devised and he fully deserves blame for getting into an avoidable situation. If he was a traditional operative such as a legit intelligence agent or investigative journalist and did the same mistake, his supporters would've forgotten him because of shame. But he caters to the crowd who's main interest is computers and thinks that they represent something so new that it supplants the old laws of intelligence work, then they can't simply understand that Assange did anything wrong. If anything, the latest years of cancel culture has shown that technology can enhance the enforcment of the laws of witch hunts and mob rule. It's simply a philosophical conflict between thinking that there's a finite set of laws for social interaction and an infintes law. His supporters doesn't care about that. All they hear is "Sweden... radical feminism..." and then their brains shuts off.

(76.46 KB 1920x960 1_Wm_CE1hFJAUnvj6vbDFvqw.png)
Communist AI Anonymous 09/16/2020 (Wed) 09:12:26 No. 872767 [Reply] [Last]
AI bot that is normally taught by reading what people write on the web is given books by Marx, Lenin, Fanon, etc. and it becomes a communist. It's answers about freedom and imperialism went from religious shit and support for destruction of "bad" states, to anti-capitalism and anti-imperialism, respectively. If only it were that easy with people... https://towardsdatascience.com/how-this-a-i-became-a-communist-ddf9146bc147 The bot even has a twitter where it spits fire. https://www.twitter.com/CommunistAI/status/1241121759623032833
we already have a fucking thread for is >>872569
>>872769 I missed it, because it was a title and a link, couldn't tell what the article was about.
>>872772 delete your thread

redpill me on dresden Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 20:37:38 No. 871190 [Reply] [Last]
How do /pol/lacks bring up the bombing of this nazihole As if it was somehow compared to the holocaust and the eastern front? many people even on the left are starting to swallow thier bullshit. Is the german government willing to do any thing about the yearly nazi march in dresden?
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>>872751 Well, if wiki says so, it must be true. It's not like massive antisoviet propaganda exists or something.
If god wanted the germans to win why did he make them so flammable?
>>871190 The Dresden bombing was an example of imperialist brutality and the DDR understood this.
>>871190 Hey /leftypol/ Werent these people working class to you
>>872849 >Werent these people working class to you Fuck around, find out.

(990.11 KB 5000x2731 world-map-pro.jpg)
Anonymous 09/16/2020 (Wed) 00:03:29 No. 871755 [Reply] [Last]
What countries are the least fucked by neoliberalism that are still reasonably "developed"?
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>>871755 Israel is holding up pretty well.
>>872463 Nah it is getting worse.
>>871800 >China >reasonably successful They lifted 700 million people out of powerty in couple of decades and now America is losing cold war 2.0 against it. If anything China is easily the most succesful socialist country to have ever existed.
Scandinavian countries generally >social democracy, labour is stronger, induces lots of screeching from burgers China >major intervention by the state, induces lots of screeching from neoliberal publications Belarus >higher gdp pc than China actually, also soviet gosplan larp apparently Japan >slowly going towards that though, but not that neoliberal compared to other examples Korea possibly >industry heavily state influenced
>>872666 >posts a pretty Chinese girl to accentuate your bs Your chauvanism is showing Dengoid. Back to the pit from whence you came


no cookies?