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(28.43 MB 592x1280 ldXtS6vQVSMeskAp.mp4)
Burgerkrieg Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 05:11:57 No. 1165343 [Reply] [Last]
Can we expect the American proletariat to rise up, or are they permanently trapped in false consciousness and labor aristocratic fruits of imperialism? What will be the aftermath of the next four years of Democrat presidency, will they get disillusioned or placated? Is our only hope revolution in the hyperexploited global south, or would this be going against Marx's prediction that the first revolutions would arrive in the most industrialized and prosperous nations?
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>>1165343 The ultimate redpill is understanding that the only thing stopping the proletariat from gaining power in the imperial core is the socialist refusal to work with the petite bourgeoisie in any capacity. The first party to bridge that gap will be the new, uncontested vanguard.
The crisis of capitalism is only just begun to intensify. A few decades is brief moments in the context of history. Market forces will cause wages to drift toward subsistence. the labor aristocracy will gradually be stripped of its remaining comforts and be forced by reality to develop class consciousness
Unfortunately there will be no uprising because the current youth are mentally like the boomers of 1986 when shit tons of cocaine, porky propaganda, and decadent hedonism had already fried their brains to mush. And every revolution is led by either the most wretched or the youth. Nobody in America is wretched enough to desire revolt and the youth are all drowning in the cult of porkydom with the most vile propagandistic media ever produced. Zoomers are subjects existing outside of history so don’t expect them to do a damn fucking thing and the generation after them are going to be criminal lumpens or warlords and probably nothing else, gg
>>1165633 >Unfortunately there will be no uprising because the current youth are mentally like the boomers of 1986 No Youth are getting more restless and more sympathetic to communsim
>>1165511 Well, black Americans are poorer on average, everyone knows poor people have a better sense of humor

(2.39 MB 1580x878 yanis.png)
Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 21:32:37 No. 1161037 [Reply] [Last]
thoughts on yanis varoufakis?
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>>1164901 >The forefront of Marxist thought lies elsewhere. Where?
>>1164917 Ted Reese
>>1164925 Let me guess: You are "Ted Reese" :|
>>1164806 again, still better than the most probable alternative. we are living in the worst of all possible worlds.
I like greek Mr. Clean, a shame his party was full of traitors and cucks

(39.55 KB 306x472 1606178934137.jpg)
Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 02:37:57 No. 1164975 [Reply] [Last]
This absolutely obscure book refutes marxism completely. The author is a japanese man who was a marxist for much of his life. Seeing the real socialist experiences from USSR and China helped to change his view a bit, but it goes way beyond the classic "but it's authoritarian and it killed millions" argument that anti-marxist liberals use. The book attacks marxism on all fronts, both on his social and economic analysis, but also in terms of the Hegelian and Materialist Dialectics, which are generally not criticized. So the book also serves as a critique to Hegelian logic. >this book totally refutes marxism >doesn't post pdf >not even a short gist of what it's about anchored
Edited last time by CL_anon on 11/24/2020 (Tue) 03:00:52.
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>>1165092 ok bish, im actually gonna read this on this weekend, so it better be good or else i have wasted my free-time
>>1165210 to save you some time, it's not very readable, it's mostly just huge walls of borderline unreadable math
>>not even a short gist of what it's about Literally in the OP. 🤔
I tried to find anything on this book, you're right, it's pretty obscure. Hell, I can't find anything about the author, only the guy that wrote the forward. A book by Murray Wolfson, "Reappraisal Of Marxian Economics," was reviewed by Paul Mattick in '68. I imagine it's somewhat similar to Tadao's (or Tadas'?) book. https://www.marxists.org/archive/mattick-paul/1967/wolfson-reappraisal.htm That's the closest you'll get without posting a pdf.
>>1164975 OMG, the relationship between value and price breaks down under the capitalist mode of production!!! Who would have believed this in 1991, except anyone who had actually read the 'fragment on the machine', I guess. https://therealmovement.wordpress.com/2019/04/29/marx-breakdown-and-the-renegade-kautsky/

(17.07 KB 546x344 core.gif)
GEOFRUEDIANISM AND SPINAL HORROR EXPLAINED. Anonymous 11/23/2020 (Mon) 17:12:03 No. 1163469 [Reply] [Last]
Following in the well worn footsteps of the great Desecrates, the Seventeenth century Jewish philosopher Baruch Spinoza leads us down an unintuitive but convincing path, which arrives at a picture of reality that has some strange implications for the nature of matter, mind and the universe itself. In this essay I aim use Spinoza’s theory of Panpsychism and Parallelism along with Freud's theory of Trauma and the unconscious to sketch out a new theory both of geology and the life which aims to explain human suffering through the lense of various modalities of back pain as a representation of negentropy. A simple explanation of Spinoza’s parallelism and metaphysics will be necessary before we can proceed. Spinoza, like Descerates, views the mind as irreducible to matter alone. He imagines instead that thoughts are made of “unextended substance” compared to the “extended substance” of matter. But this understanding of mind and matter as two substances that cannot interact leads Spinoza back to the mind-body problem which forced Desecrates into a corner where he conjured up his famous explanation of God. Spinoza rejects this, but also smuggles God into the equation, although in a very atheist way. What Spinoza essentially says is that mind and matter are not different substances after all. Rather thought and matter are really just two ways of expressing a single substance, an eternal single substance with infinite expressions that Spinoza names “God, or Nature”. In essence, mind and matter are merely two ways of looking at the same thing. With this he can explain the relationship between the mind and the body. The mind is merely the body sketched in thought. The interaction between the two has no cause and effect whatsoever. Rather, the feeling of pain one might feel and the physical wound in the body are actually the same thing expressed in two different attributes. The wound does not trigger pain, rather the wound is the physical expression of the pain in the extended attribute. Both are caused by entirely separate chains of cause and effect within the two attributes that run parallel. But this opens the door for an even wider theory of mind and body that extended beyond the Cartesian anthropocentric view. Spinoza essentially claims that all matter has a parallel in the attribute of thought. Everything, in a very real way, has a mind. Even supposedly inanimate objects. To differentiate a mind from thought and an object from the universe, Spinoza uses a simple classification of motion and coherency. In a very simplified sense, an object is an individual when it can move as one. In this understanding, a person in a wheelchair is literally a single object, as they are capable of moving together as a single object in space. A ball is the same way. If you were to cut it in half, it is now two objects only insofar as it cannot move as a single object through space. Spinoza assumes, with some pseudo-geometric proof, that the coherence of an object in motion must also correspond in the attribute of thought, to a coherent mind that in some way ‘thinks’ together just as an object that is an assemblage of parts ‘moves’ together. Spinoza allows a very interesting nesting of objects and minds in this way. For instance, the cells within the body move as objects, but the body itself also does so. Both, in their own way, are individual objects and have a mind. The fish is a coherent object with a mind and so is the river it swims in, and so is the earth the river flows on, and so is the Earth and beyond this, so is the Universe itself a contiguous object with a mind. Here we have arrived at a very interesting point. We can conceive of the “mind” of the Earth and within this theory, it is essentially visible in the complexity of the Earth itself in the expression of the physical attribute just as the human mind is expressed in physical attribute as the complexity of the human body. What can we make of the mind of the Earth then? To find out what the state of the Earth’s mind is, we need to delve into the physical form of the Earth as well as the study of minds in general in the form of an anti-anthropocentric general psychology. We should begin with Freud, who, aside from his habit of Oedipal reductionism, offers an extremely compelling model for application to panpsychic minds, specifically in his theory of trauma and the unconscious. Firstly, Trauma. Trauma is exceptional in that it can be seen, as modeled by Frued, both in all animals but also in supposedly dead physical matter. Frued models desire itself as a struggle, an endless fight for satisfaction always based on the Lack of something. The human mind strives back towards an unexcited equilibrium state, and it desires what can bring it back to that state. The interesting part is that we can see this same tendency towards equilibrium state not only in the mind but in matter itself in the form of entropy. A system that is excited by energy will return back to equilibrium by naturally trending back towards entropic equality. The mind, as Spinoza thought, seems to reflect the patterns of matter in its internal dynamics. Matter has a tendency towards equilibrium unless distributed by an outside force. We can understand Trauma in this way. It is a disruption of the system tendency that the system must heal around and navigate, always leaving a change to the system. For instance, the interruption of the flow of a river which forces the river to divert its flow could be called trauma in a certain sense. The cutting off of the tree limb forces the tree to regrow and grow in new ways around the wound, always keeping the scars that impact its growth from then on. In a way, we could say that all movement is traumatic for the “body” of matter as it exists as a disruption in the process of entropy. Trauma can thus be measured in heat, or movement, essentially in simple Jules or degrees, or pounds of force.
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>>1164801 I agree. I am merely arguing that absolute certainty of anything but the existence of thought is impossible.
>>1164741 Because they do. Spinoza assumes causality as a literal axiom. Kant assumes the existence of a thing in itself merely because anything else would be 'absurd'.
>>1164816 >Is quantum entanglement non physical? Is space-time non physical? Are electromagnetic forces non-physical? no that's physical >Makes no sense. no it's just not very intuitive >Demonstrate one then. Lets say I am currently seeing a giant ape. PROVE that the giant ant is not real and that you aren't the one hallucinating. huh ? you want me to prove that a hypothetical giant ape/ant does not exist. That's easy the premise says that it's hypothetical, so it's not real by your own definition. What exist is only the neurons that fired in your brain when you thought about this. >You just assumed the brain is a real thing and can be manipulated. You can't do this. You can perceive yourself manipulating the brain and perceive alterations to mental experiences. You cannot know if you either of those perceptions represents anything but perception alone. You say that reality is an infinite regression of perception, we can just simplify this to reality as perception. You assert this with no evidence, so i can drop it just as easily. there's still all the evidence for the material world you can find, you know hint hint wink wink.
>>1164816 >solipsistard doesn't understand how burden of proof works every time
(1.26 MB 2560x1707 Cognitive Biases.jpg)
>>1164816 >>I arrived at materialism by elimination, i do not find in consciousness a source of certainty, there are so many demonstrable illusions. >Demonstrate one then. Lets say I am currently seeing a giant ape. PROVE that the giant ant is not real and that you aren't the one hallucinating. ...that's now how that works. You can't say "give an example of an illusion" and then provide an example of something that isn't, but demand it proven to be an illusion. If you want an example of a cognitive illusion just read pics related. It covers a lot of well known ones.

(21.30 KB 341x512 IMG_20201119_140220.jpg)
Where can i get good information on past communist leaders and counties? Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 01:05:53 No. 1153559 [Reply] [Last]
Where can i find reliable information on past communist leaders and countries? Porky usually taints shit so i want sources that tell the truth, good or bad, about past socialist leaders themselves as well as the counties they led
>>1153559 Good book on pic related is “A Coming of Age.” Doesn’t by any means cut Hoxha much slack at all but it does present objective evidence from Socialist Albania
>>1153840 Vouch

If WWIII broke out and was somehow fought without nukes; do you think it’d cause the same shock as WWI? Anonymous 11/23/2020 (Mon) 11:28:58 No. 1162737 [Reply] [Last]
Like, nukes go without saying as that would likely psychologically scar several generations worse than a gang rape. But I’m wondering, even without nukes do you think a Third World War would shock and traumatize people in the same way WWI did? As in, WWI is partially remembered in the West as particularly horrifying because of how different warfare had become since the great grandfathers of the soldiers on the Western Front marched for or against Napoleon’s Empire. However, from our perspective we’ve folded the veterans of WWI and WWII into our national mythologies such that many see the WWII generation as the most heroic one in history and regard another global conflict as being much like WWII (again, discounting for nukes; which many have seemingly forgotten exist). However, with the advent of drones, cyber warfare, nerve agents, etc. I think there’s a chance that a third imperialist war would cause a jolt in the way the first one did; by being a war unlike anything that came before.
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>>1164481 >What drone can fly higher then 3.5 KM? Also even if that is the case the large train launched SAMs can hit satellites in Low Earth Orbit. The original predator? Literally everything Azeris used? Most drones in general. >Also even if that is the case the large train launched SAMs can hit satellites in Low Earth Orbit. Yeah but satellites arent drones are they? >The Warsaw Pact and NATO planned to nuclear flak SAMs where they just throw enough tactical nukes in the sky that their blast pressure would knock everything in the air to the ground. Brilliant plan, lets throw nukes over our own territory. Anyways, nuclear flak does nothing since it still doesnt reach the drones, Predator is at 7.5 km and Tunguska shoots to 4km according to wikipedia. If you are talking about bigger calibers then just shoot a missile with an nuclear warhead instead >>1164490 >looked it up it was an older s300 without upgrades and it was downgraded export variant, basically a soviet era relic in Syria. The fact that they were celebrating beating decades out of date tech speaks for it self. You forgot about the Pantsirs which came into service in 2012. Also >S300 >The fact that they were celebrating beating decades out of date tech speaks for it self Its not just Israel either, Azeris took a shit on them with cheap drones. Russian SAMs have been impotent to say the least, everyone who has owned them has been bombed to fucking shits.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>1164248 >released footage Also known evidence fakers. >didn't bankrupt itself >bankrupt Russian famines are more politically active than the average American, that's all. They also know economics is fake.
>>1162737 WW3 is one of the only ways in which capitalism can extricate itself from the current crisis. It would be far worse than WW1 and even WW2. It would likely be full blown atomic war as the capitalist system has become so unstable that waging "ordinary" war is no longer feasible.
>>1164771 And how would they do they practically, when you are that high you can be seen by every radar on the front line. Close air support pilots during the cold war trained to hug the ground for a reason (to give AA far less time to react to their fly over). >Yeah but satellites arent drones are they? Satellites are harder to hit as they are moving much faster relative to the ground, meaning a drone would be easier to get a firing solution on for the big missiles designed to shot down satellites. >Brilliant plan, lets throw nukes over our own territory. The idea is to prevent the enemy from dropping nukes via bombers by blowing them up with a nuke high up in the atmosphere where the ground is mostly safe from the blast and fallout is spread over a wider area. They can reach drones as they could react the U2 as the nuclear SAMs were built for the big missiles. >>1164771 >Stay mad, you still havent given me ONE conflict where AA denied air superiority. The downing of the U2 made the CIA restrict fly overs of the USSR to less defended areas as they realized flying over SAM sites would mean getting downed no matter how high they flew.
>>1164771 >You forgot about the Pantsirs which came into service in 2012. looked that up as well, it was out of ammo, Syria probably hasn't the best supply logistics >Its not just Israel either, Azeris took a shit on them with cheap drones. Russian SAMs have been impotent to say the least, everyone who has owned them has been bombed to fucking shits. Armenia deployed a Soviet-era variant of the S-300PT from 1982, which means it's not only ancient but also the low budget version. >Russian SAMs have been impotent to say the least, everyone who has owned them has been bombed to fucking shits. I can't even find any real world conflict engagement for contemporary Russian SAMs. >Stay mad, you still havent given me ONE conflict where AA denied air superiority. Because nobody is stupid enough to fly their expensive planes into one of the shredder zones.

(189.48 KB 1024x575 d41586-020-03270-9_18602710.jpg)
Largest Radio Telescope in the Western Hemisphere to be Demolished Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 17:54:35 No. 1157981 [Reply] [Last]
Legendary Arecibo telescope will close forever Considered derelict after suffering hurricane, earthquake damage >One of astronomy’s most renowned telescopes — the 305-metre-wide radio telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico — is closing permanently. Engineers cannot find a safe way to repair it after two cables supporting the structure broke suddenly and catastrophically, one in August and one in early November. >It is the end of one of the most iconic and scientifically productive telescopes in the history of astronomy — and scientists are mourning its loss. >“I don’t know what to say,” says Robert Kerr, a former director of the observatory. “It’s just unbelievable.” >“I am totally devastated,” says Abel Méndez, an astrobiologist at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo who uses the observatory. >The Arecibo telescope, which was built in 1963, was the world’s largest radio telescope for decades and has historical and modern importance in astronomy. It was the site from which astronomers sent an interstellar radio message in 1974, in the hope that any extraterrestrials might hear it, and where the first confirmed extrasolar planet was discovered, in 1992. >It has also done pioneering work in exploring many phenomena, including near-Earth asteroids and the puzzling celestial blasts known as fast radio bursts. All those lines of investigation have now been shut down for good, although limited science will continue at some smaller facilities on the Arecibo site. >Assessing the damage >The cables that broke helped to support a 900-tonne platform of scientific instruments, which hangs above the main telescope dish. The first cable slipped out of its socket and smashed panels at the edge of the dish, but the second broke in half and tore huge gashes in a central portion of the dish. >A high-resolution satellite image, produced at Nature’s request by Planet, an Earth-observation company based in San Francisco, California, shows the extent of the damage wrought by the second cable: the green of the vegetation below shows through large holes in the dish. A second photograph, released this week by observatory officials, also reveals the destruction. These are some of the only public glimpses of the damage so far. >If any more cables fail — which could happen at any time — the entire platform could crash into the dish below. The US National Science Foundation (NSF), which owns the Arecibo Observatory, is working on plans to lower the platform in a safe, controlled fashion.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(9.36 KB 200x200 alec.jpg)
At least that Goldeneye level will always exist in our memories.
(1.57 MB 360x430 cradle.webm)
Closing time, James. Last call.
>>1158279 This is literally a map in BF4 lmao
>>1158231 >>1159200 Stop playing carcinogenic trash.
>>1159206 This, every proletarians knows BF2 and BFBC2 were better.

What is going on in guatemela Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 02:35:16 No. 1159252 [Reply] [Last]
https://twitter.com/Sandra_Cuffe/status/1330247136773107718 Protesters seem pretty based, I understand its about the budget but honestly don't know much about the country
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The current President is a reactionary. So the color revolution of the Guatemalan people is legitimate hashtag, DemocracyNow, hashtag WeAreAllGuatemala, hashtag PepsiCola.
>>1159261 Wouldn't Guatemalan officials just empty all the accounts they could and run?
>>1159355 I suppose that they could... It wouldn't exactly stop the protesters from doing what they're doing and it would delegitimize the government enough that it would be easier to do a constitutional assembly.
>>1159365 I mean, this is transparent looting. Wouldn't they just heist whatever they could get their hands on, and bail? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mC8DmU-Nyk

(1.94 MB 3192x1791 heart.jpg)
News 11/23/20 News Anon 3.0 11/23/2020 (Mon) 19:06:51 No. 1163847 [Reply] [Last]
KKE MP Asks to Be Relieved of Parliament Duties So He May Serve as Doctor in Larissa Communist Party of Greece (KKE) MP and pulmonologist Giorgos Lambroulis asked Parliament to temporarily excuse him from his duties as one of eight vice presidents of the body so that he may help out his region Larissa, central Greece, in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. https://www.thenationalherald.com/greece_politics/arthro/kke_mp_asks_to_be_relieved_of_parliament_duties_so_he_may_serve_as_doctor_in_larissa-1270007/ Venezuela's Communist Party slams reformist "Plataforma de la Clase Obrera Antiimperialista (PCOA)" "The government of President Maduro, with a clear social democratic orientation but with a leftist-progressive rhetoric, currently implements an economic policy of a liberal-bourgeois fashion, which is consolidated in the privatization law – misnamed the Anti-Blockade Law – accompanied by a labor policy that destroys the value of the workforce and the labor rights of the Venezuelan working people of the city and the countryside." http://www.idcommunism.com/2020/11/venezuelas-communist-party-slams-reformist-plataforma-de-la-clase-obrera-antiimperialista-pcoa.html https://archive.is/9zMHf Kerala Communist Government Withdraws Controversial Move To Promulgate Police Act Ordinance Kerala Police Act, 2011, has been amended by the Vijayan government “to prevent cyber attacks on women and children” by adding a clause Section 118-A.The Pinarayi Vijayan Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) Government will decide on the ordinance after discussion in the State Assembly and receiving feedback from various sections. https://swarajyamag.com/insta/kerala-communist-government-withdraws-controversial-move-to-promulgate-police-act-ordinance https://archive.is/2Z2Va Labour leader accused of ‘direct’ political interference in purge of party members It comes after his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn was hit by the same charge in the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s (EHRC) report on allegations of anti-semitism in the party. https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/b/labour-leader-accused-of-direct-political-interference-in-purge-of-party-members

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>1163976 Although you're not wrong about china being shit, how is space travel imperialist you dumb fuck?
>>1163847 >>1163994 Forgot this one, News Anon: Leaked documents reveal Amazon's use of Pinkertons to spy on workers A trove of more than two dozen internal Amazon reports reveal in stark detail the company's obsessive monitoring of organized labor and social and environmental movements in Europe, particularly during Amazon's “peak season” between Black Friday and Christmas. https://www.vice.com/en/article/5dp3yn/amazon-leaked-reports-expose-spying-warehouse-workers-labor-union-environmental-groups-social-movements
Austrian crackdown on Palestinian NGOs signals slide into tyranny When hundreds of Austrian security and police personnel swooped on 70 addresses in Vienna at dawn on 9 November, leaving dozens of Austrian Muslim families terrorised, shocked and distraught, the initial assumption was that it was in response to an armed attack a week earlier which left four dead and 20 injured in central Vienna.However, eyebrows were raised when Interior Minister Karl Nehammer denied this, stating that these raids, the largest and most extensive of their sort, had absolutely nothing to do with the Islamic State group-affiliated gunman of a week before. Indeed, the minister went on to clarify that the targeted homes and offices were of individuals and organisations allegedly linked to Palestinian movement Hamas and/or the Muslim Brotherhood. It is notable that several human rights organisations and activists across Europe, including the Geneva Council for Rights and Liberties, condemned this operation as having violated the human rights of those targeted. It is intriguing that this operation, one of the largest in Europe at the time, was unrelated to the attack that preceded it and was wholly political in nature.It came as the country was dealing with the aftermath and fallout of a major terrorist attack, in which it was revealed that the Islamic State-supporting assailant was known to the authorities and had also been known to have recently met associates in Germany, who were themselves being monitored by German authorities. https://www.middleeasteye.net/opinion/austria-palestine-ngo-crackdown-islamophobia-tyranny Regime change agents are still hard at work in Bolivia THE Bolivian far right has wasted no time in building a new opposition movement to the government of MAS and the presidency of Luis Arce.Even before Arce’s official inauguration as president on November 8, numerous attempts were made by the various elements of the far right to either delegitimise or otherwise complicate both the inauguration and the transition process.Romulo Calvo, the leader of the far-right Santa Cruz Civic Committee, was calling for protests against the validity of the elections and the new MAS government during the entire period leading up to the innaguration.The road blockades set up by them around Santa Cruz have followed a similar pattern, with similar messages and demands, with the ones in Cochabamba also being enforced by the paramilitary group Cochala Youth Resistance (RJC).Some of the protesters have also been setting up camp outside barracks and military bases around the country (mostly in Santa Cruz), demanding that the military intervene.Although none of these actions came into fruition, they demonstrated the hysteria and the parallel reality thinking of the right-wing opposition in the country.The assassination of Orlando Gutierrez, a prominent mining union leader and one of the most important trade union leaders supporting both MAS and the new presidency of Arce and David Choquehuanca, is another reminder of the extent to which the far right is likely to use violence to destabilise the socialist government in Bolivia. https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/regime-change-agents-are-still-hard-work-bolivia Why the Arab Spring Failed AN INTERVIEW WITH ANAND GOPAL It’s been almost a decade since the Arab Spring began, and there is still a dearth of satisfying explanations for the uprisings’ overall failure to achieve enduring democratic progress or a better quality of life for the people of the region. In his article “The Arab Thermidor” published in Catalyst, Anand Gopal attempts to fill in some of the blanks.Why did the rebellions militarize so quickly? Why didn’t they rely on strikes and other exertions of collective working-class power? Why were their liberal elements discredited and discarded in favor of their fundamentalist elements, and how did groups like ISIS exploit the divisions among their ranks?In this conversation, which originally appeared on the Jacobin podcast The Vast Majority, Gopal answers these questions for Meagan Day and Micah Uetricht. Gopal takes a materialist approach to the development of the Arab Spring, focusing on changing class dynamics in Middle East society and emphasizing that “there’s no substitute for independent working-class power.” https://www.jacobinmag.com/2020/11/arab-spring-fundamentalism-corporatism-class-struggle-labor-power
>>1163976 Terible strawman. Typical of a dengoid.
thanks news anon

Post your predictions for the next 10 years (2021-2030) Anonymous 11/14/2020 (Sat) 11:56:30 No. 1132587 [Reply] [Last]
>Biden administration is a complete fuckup that can't address even the most basic problems in American society >Great Depression 2.0 starting next year >hardline authoritarian nationalists ascend to power in many first and second world countries, especially in Eastern Europe >Biden administration starts more wars in the Middle East (I'm thinking Libya, Syria, Iraq, Sudan and maybe even Egypt) >Biden narrowly wins a second term in 2024 as Republicans couldn't find a proper replacement for Trump, amid growing unrest due to the depression and the foreign wars this kicks the contradictions into the fifth gear >After the death of Queen Elizabeth II in 2023 and due to the depression and it not getting the support of the EU, Britain is reduced to a shell of its former self and there are serious talks of officially ending the monarchy >due to the weakening of the British state the Irish take the opportunity to pass a successful referendum to unite all 32 states of Ireland, much to the dismay of Ulster loyalists and English nationalists >due to the depression Xi Jinping is able to pass many reforms in the Chinese government to place an even bigger share of the Chinese economy in the hands of the state while also passing many important pro-worker laws, China is the first state in the world to recover fully from the depression affirming its place as the new candidate for world hegemony >further escalation by the mid 20's between India and China almost turning into a full-scale war >in 2026, at the height of the global depression the first ever full socialist revolution occurs in Chile led by the Communist Party of Chile, don't know if it will fail but it still represents a major shift in leftist and socialist politics across the globe >due to the bolstering of many socialist groups in the first world a harsh crackdown on socialists takes place in many first world countries in what is known as the Third Red Scare, using the excuse of Chinese support for socialists as a justification for this crackdown >despite the crackdown, support for radical socialist politics grows dramatically during the mid 20's with many socialist parties winning important seats in local municipalities and forming major political coalitions >major escalation of tension between the US and its European allies and China, Russia and their respective allies I ran out of ideas, but presumably the 2028 US presidential elections are going to be very tense and many third world countries are probably going to fully collapse. Now post your predictions.
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>>1134881 Australian here too, what's the problem? We're not a republic.
>>1132863 When will the US be split into smaller countries?
>>1133719 > The climate models were saying 20 years ago that the world would have the cascading effects now, yet it hasn't happened that way. What do you think cascading climate effects are? They've been around for a while already. Syrian war is one. If you have them confused with positive feedbacks, several are observed to be active to the extent that you can observe such things over such a short timeline, without being able to properly control for continued emissions. If you have them confused with cascade failure, and if some scientist somewhere put a speculation on their possibility within the next two decades to paper, only you are to blame for thinking that represents "the climate models". But more importantly, do you actually think that if cascading effects or positive feedbacks hadn't happen within that 20 year period, that means they weren't going to happen at all, problem solved? Listen to yourself. All you people can do is scream DOOMERISM! DOOOOOMERISM! as if that had any relevance on the actual physical state of the climate or our best knowledge regarding it.
The chances of a nuclear holocaust brought about by climate tensions/water wars increases exponentially as we reach 2030.
>>1163470 How and why would it split? The average person in Washington is hardly any different culturally than one in Arizona. They both have the exact same English-derived nuclear family or single-person structure, they both stuff their fat faces with McDonalds, they both watch American football, they both check out Facebook on their iPhones, they both salute the flag and the troops, and they both think it's wacky to have the government nationalize health insurance even during a pandemic like the two countries bordering them.


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