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(46.08 KB 639x480 images.jpeg)
Money Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 00:44:21 No. 393258 [Reply] [Last]
how do communists seek to abolish it? is it necessary or even possible? in a theoretically moneyless society, wouldn't something else just replace it as a universal exchange item?
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>>393565 >Markets are like a car, capitalism is a highway and money is the engine of the car. Based and L/Accpilled
>>393644 Great try this
>>393329 >Labour vouchers are seen as mainly a transisionary stage By who?
>>393297 it's not wage labor because the state is controlled democratically. DUH. it's like a giant all-encompassing co-op.
>>393514 You have to realise that here in the real world, the average person is not going to go read a book if you tell them to. They're just gonna think 'man, whatever, that guy was an asshole' and go back to believing what they did before. Now, books can be a helpful resource of course but you have to get someone to bite the hook first. It's not too much effort for some anons to explain things personally to newfags which is something we should all strive to do. >>393515 I suppose this is a good compromise though.

(7.11 KB 261x193 groy_catboy.jpg)
Groypers Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 00:37:39 No. 393238 [Reply] [Last]
What the fuck ever happened to them? I remember there was a thread here a couple of months ago talking about trolling a Nick Fuentes event. How did that go?
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>>393938 This makes me so sad. Especially that picture on the top left. He looks happy and you can tell they like each other. I have no idea what he did beside being a wrecker of TPUSA events, which is based, and being a right winger, which is not. Someone should get a hold of him and tell him to read marx and all will be forgiven.
>>394186 Nah, we need less cringe in our ranks. If he wants to reform, let it be in laogai.
>>394187 he could still have a number of supporters who like him sole for his personality, so he could be useful in that sense
>>393615 >Yeah bro haha, I’m just fucking this boipussy IRONICALLY. We are getting married IRONICALLY. And I’m joining this gay pride parade IRONICALLY. That’s both sad and cringe.
(30.03 KB 128x128 die.png)
this shit belongs in the eceleb quarantine

(54.46 KB 320x428 1568879302022.jpg)
Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 03:11:53 No. 393709 [Reply] [Last]
Feminism is idpol
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>>393982 >just a term for something that already existed Just like Rosa Luxembourg, Emma Goldman, etc., are retroactively "feminists"?
>>393981 Not the same person
Guys this thread is too spicy for leftypol, lets go over to >>>/troon/ much loved board on bunkerchan
>>393984 By the modern understanding, yes. Krenshawe
(62.64 KB 600x433 baptizing jews.jpg)
>>394005 Glad to know feminazis are on the same level of sincerity as Mormons when it comes to recruitment

(659.89 KB 620x1271 c1bb9cd85c566b85.png)
Anonymous 03/10/2020 (Tue) 02:26:27 No. 340409 [Reply] [Last]
What's the toughest redpill to swallow in order to become socialist? For me it was accepting that nationalism is a bourg spook to keep proles in line
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>>393728 >let me just spout some nonsense while using certain leftypol lingo Socialism BTFO!!
>>393734 >Socialism BTFO Yes.
>>340465 this is a cool chart. Any other /leftypol/ spreads like this?
>>393724 Most of the world's population aint white so how posting le trad white family pics is gonna help the world socialist movement?
>>393830 >nonwhites can't appreciate indigenous European cultures

(123.01 KB 500x638 quake.jpg)
Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 18:55:17 No. 389852 [Reply] [Last]
what do you guys think of the trend in the 90s pc gaming where half of the game was released for free and the engine was usually given out to allow other devs to easily create new games with the engine
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>>389887 But is it really an iron law? And AAA is just about credit rating, i.e. these devs are just living hand to mouth. Consider this. Film, books, music and art can be done dirt-cheap. And made by one with a single vision and who can (and should) ask other for advice but should have the final say in everything. But for some reason, vidya is more suspectible to committees and pressure groups who wants to INSERT POLITICAL ISSUE OF THE DAY. With the various engines released for free, it's strange that a company haven't applied the Roger Corman model. He gave directors a small budget and free reins. Every film didn't turn out a profit, but enough did.
>>391420 >With the various engines released for free, it's strange that a company haven't applied the Roger Corman model. He gave directors a small budget and free reins. Every film didn't turn out a profit, but enough did. This is literally the mobileshit shovelware model, as pioneered by Flash socialshit game portals.
>>391428 >This is literally the mobileshit shovelware model, as pioneered by Flash socialshit game portals. Good point. But if we translate this to films, this would be 8mm porn loops.
>>391447 and we've always seen shit games its just that the shit games now have a budget of millions of dollars, intense graphics that make most people's computers melt and have every reviewer bought and paid for to give 7/10s
>>391428 >This is literally the mobileshit shovelware model, as pioneered by Flash socialshit game portals. fuck you flash game sites were awesome

(107.34 KB 736x1000 jma0m34t9mf11.jpg)
News 3/24/20 News Anon 3.0 03/24/2020 (Tue) 21:38:29 No. 392830 [Reply] [Last]
Assange Could Be Released on Bail Over the COVID-19 Outbreak Defense lawyers for Australian journalist Julian Assange will apply for bail on Wednesday as they believe he is vulnerable to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the British prison where he is being held. https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/assange-could-be-released-on-bail-due-to-covid19-20200324-0011.html 75% of Russians Say Soviet Era Was 'Greatest Time' in Country’s History – Poll Despite this, only 28% of respondents said they would want to “return to the path that the Soviet Union was following.” Fifty-eight said they support Russia's “own, special way” and 10% said they preferred the European path of development. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2020/03/24/75-of-russians-say-soviet-era-was-greatest-time-in-countrys-history-poll-a69735 Turkey arrests another elected HDP co-mayor Halfeli municipality co-mayor Hasan Safa was removed from his post and detained after refusing to share a message “reassuring people” and asking them to “stay calm” after the dismissal of HDP mayors from four municipalities earlier that day. https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/w/turkish-state-increases-pressure-hdp Netanyahu ally, Israeli Supreme Court clash, with PM's future at stake The rare court intervention in parliamentary procedure followed Yuli Edelstein’s refusal to hold a vote on March 25 that would likely remove him as speaker and fast-track legislation to bar Netanyahu from forming a new government with a corruption trial looming. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-israel-politics/netanyahu-ally-israeli-supreme-court-clash-with-pms-future-at-stake-idUSKBN21A3M3 SOME TWITTER USERS REALLY THINK PUTIN RELEASED HUNDREDS OF LIONS IN RUSSIAN STREETS TO MAKE PEOPLE STAY HOME

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(1.51 MB 2222x1133 shgb8s95f3jz.png)
I always wait before all 3 news posts are out before saying THANK YOU BASED NEWS ANON!
thanks news anon
>>392830 heres the image if anyones interested
(160.68 KB 640x612 ga5fnj7a4i031.jpg)
>>393584 thats the fucking meme news template
>>393596 omg the insurrection is here!

Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 14:00:07 No. 381099 [Reply] [Last]
any good resources on antisemitism from a leftist perspective?
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I posted my post in QTDDTOT But don't want to make a thread and just keeping it to what's already been made. So I showed a friend this video >>381119 and he went on to say Lenin was a jew along with Trotsky and that they killed 10 million Christians, and he even went on to say that there's no evidence of anything like that happening to the Jews. Then he went on to reference some twitter personality called Mike Enoch who said there was no evidence for the holocaust. Thoughts? I know he's wrong and not to mention Lenin wasn't even a Jew. Only reason I ask is I feel this is a big opportunity to respond back in a detailed way and to make him flip to us. I don't have much experience dismantling these sort of lies so I ask people thoroughly in the trenches fighting this sort of stuff. Thanks /leftypol/
"Those who call for a struggle against Jewish capital are already, gentlemen, class strugglers, even if they don’t know it. You are against Jewish capital and want to fight the speculators. Very good. Throw down the Jewish capitalists, hang them from the lamp-post, stamp on them." -Ruth Fischer, KPD leader, 1923
>>384696 heavy cope, tankoid
>>392221 Your friend is fucking retarded. Consider kicking his ass, he deserves it.

(159.95 KB 266x487 creepyjoe.png)
Joe Biden will be the 46th and possibly last President of the United States Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 17:45:07 No. 392134 [Reply] [Last]
The way Donald Trump is handling the contemporary problems in America and the way things are right now is laughable. This is not to say that Joe Biden will be any better--he is a dementia-ridden pervert, after all. But for the mainstream Burgerstani populace, that does not matter. They would all cite Trump as the cause of all problems rather than a symptom of material reality. Bernie will cuck out and be rammed into the ground into submission by the establishment and mainstream media like last time. The administration would most likely consist of major intervention into the third world. It would most likely be the last one the American Empire holds before complete collapse. When it does, the power vacuum will be left open by other imperialist blocs such as Europe's, Russia's, or even China's. Regardless of how many people on this board say that Biden's faults will give Donald Trump a second term, that will not be the case whether we like it or not.
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>>392753 >this is Biden though I already said that you idiot. Biden is a tool for the rich, but so is Trump. He is rich. Why do you think a billionaire who only hangs with other billionaires and seems obsessed with the stock market performance to the point of wanting to let millions die to uphold it, cares about your interests? You are the definition of a class cuck.
>>392774 Ok schizo
(312.02 KB 762x710 dorkass.png)
The fash seem to be simping hard for him all things considered
I think Andrew Cuomo is gonna be the nominee. It's fucked but he's shown what you would call "leadership" way more than Bernie or Biden are doing. Who even fived a fuck about either of those two right now? Like it or not Andrew Cuomo is the one who's on the news right now and is the main responder to this besides Trump.
>>392732 She loses her 3rd race and then there's a mass suicide by shitlibs

(26.80 KB 1200x609 energy credit.jpg)
energy credits Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 04:09:05 No. 391066 [Reply] [Last]
Are energy credits "money" per se? An energy credit is literally redeemable in joules. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joule
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>>391247 >>391247 thx for he video. It's really good.
>>391066 Human society is made to apportion human labor, not "energy".
>>391247 How is this any different from labour vouchers?
>>392736 You don't get labour vouchers if you don't work.
>>392740 Ok, so with energy credits how do you convince people to work then? Also, I think most people would agree that non-workers should at least get some labour vouchers.

(23.09 KB 300x195 5060.jpg)
Comrades, tell me, do you feel a well of love and empathy for your fellow man? Anonymous 03/18/2020 (Wed) 01:24:46 No. 372244 [Reply] [Last]
I dont know whether it's because I'm incredibly high at the moment, but currently I feel a great love for humankind. Humans, what a special species they are, the only one capable of true evil, and yet, just as capable of as yet incomparable kindness and altruism. Honor, wonder, knowledge, wisdom; yes humans are special indeed; hell, it's impressive that humans are the only type of ape that actually isn't ugly! So tell me, you're communists, you should feel at least some compassion for our fellow hoomans, tell me how you love humanity comrades!
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ITT: 16 year olds who've spent too much time on reddit
>>392636 Sounds like something a secret redditor would say.
I would gladly execute you.
>>391145 You’re a fucking pussy bitch that probably weighs one hundred fucking pounds or 300 pounds and you’ve likely never been in a single fight in your whole fucking life. This man was an actual revolutionary with blood on his hands. In other words, fuck off, quit being an edgy reddit fag.
>>391521 And the words of a faggot on leftypol who’s never even been in a fight should simply be discarded, no? >Revolutionaries can be mistaken Who the actual fuck even are you? Exactly, nobody.


no cookies?