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Proles of leftypol Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 14:07:43 No. 1166393 [Reply] [Last]
/leftypol/, what is your profession?
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>>1166560 >there is nothing wrong with petit-bourgs peasants lumpens and even bourgoisie fighting for socialism besides the fact they literally can't establish socialism because their relation towards the means of production necessary to reproduce capitalism (industry and industrial-logitics) isnt existant
cultural marxism college professor
fucking your mom
>>1166393 I'm a part-time farmhand to put myself through uni.
Why did OP get zucc'd?

(84.35 KB 1200x1555 1592952607123.png)
Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 10:54:34 No. 1165849 [Reply] [Last]
Explain how Nihilism isn't the most Logical philosophy when analyzing what we objectively know about the world without including any abstract concepts >Pro tip: You can't
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>>1166397 Saying Nihilism is a spook because people identify with it is like saying Atheism is a religion just because people try to spread it. While Atheism is the opposite of religion, Nihilism is the opposite of a spook.
>>1166425 That's not what I said. I also dont think that nihilism is necessarily a spook, but any idea becomes a spook when it gets fixed, and it seems pretty fixed to you my man. Despooking is about degrading ideas beneath you, so you control them. By putting nihilism up as this totally true philosophy, as 'logicaly true', you are putting it up in a position where it can't be changed anymore, it becomes 'truth'. But to the egoist, only he himself is his truth. If that means he disregards all value, so be it. But by saying you have to be a nihilist to be truely despook, you are already putting it first.
>>1166441 I never totally subscribed to the individualism of Strirner but I don't think it's a stretch to say that he influenced Nihilistic thought. I think the idea of putting the individual above all ideology to the point where all ideology is an obstruction equates to Nihilism in practice, but perhaps not in principle.
(34.38 KB 960x540 1_LsREO2PMHBfPjoqTSHimnA.jpeg)
Lmao how is nihilism a real thing? Like nigga just embody will to power.
>when you want to discuss philosophy but don't want to actually read anything

(119.47 KB 288x299 1423200327773.png)
Nazi culture and art, was it culture industry? Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 03:55:41 No. 1165154 [Reply] [Last]
I do not know that much about the actual state of artistic integrity or whatever was in the actual nazi regime, but whenever I listened to Erika, it was kind of cringey to be honest and I barely ever see any actual /pol/lacks or anything actually listen to music from the nazi times (it seems like they listen to shit like screwdriver or anime music in my experiences) but I want to know if the sort of shit that they wrote and produced was actually even good or not from a technical standpoint.
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>>1166194 Okay but how do you know Nazi art failed to go down in history primarily due to de-nazification rather than artistic failure?
>>1166194 >Nah, that tribe was basically living out fascist ideals like struggle for survival and ethnic homogeneity. Someone wrote or quoted something insightful about it on here once. Maybe they'll post it again. Tbh I totally thought that was the subtext. Ironic the Germ*ns failed to live up to the standard.
>>1166305 That is artistic failure
>>1165169 t. thinks couple colorful rectangles or model of a penis is art.
>>1166178 Goebbels also thought "M" by Fritz Lang was a pro-fascist film because of its ending. It's like retards watching Scarface thinking Tony Montana is what every person should aspire to, despite him killing his sister and dying miserably in the end.

Why do people (leftists tbh) insist on talking about the working class like they’re a monolith? Anonymous 11/12/2020 (Thu) 20:28:47 No. 1127064 [Reply] [Last]
By that I mean, a lot of leftists, especially the stupidpol variety, basically speak of the workers as though they all think exactly the same, behave exactly the same, have the same culture, the same interests, and the same perspective on the world. It’s basically “The workers do X or Y or the workers agree with X or Y”. Why is there no nuance, no consideration that the working class composers of the better portion of seven billion people and aren’t all exactly the fucking same?
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>>1127064 The working class is indeed a "monolith", but only in the extremely general sense laid out by Marx, i.e. their relation to the means of production. At this extremely basic level, their interests are indeed aligned. However, to extend this essential condition to every aspect of life, such as culture and personal interests is absolute folly. You can do Marxist analysis of culture, of course, but that isn't the same thing as lumping together the particulars of various cultures with the universal prole experience. So yea, OP, it can be frustrating to engage with people who can't tell the difference.
>>1127099 > I’m mocking the idea that all workers are culturally the same, i.e. all workers think this, that, or the other i cant think of a single theorist or ideologue who has ever argued this or made this assertion. your OP is based on false premises
>>1127099 Then you should have specified that. To clarify, all workers do share the same class interests. However only some workers understand what their class interests are, for now. and yes culturally its all varied and spectral.
>>1127119 Stupidpol is left-liberals and economically left alt right types Its not /oursubreddit/

Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 05:47:08 No. 1165396 [Reply] [Last]
Are there any other materials refuting so-called "Cultural Marxism" like this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlrpSpwxgWw
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>refute a fascist conspiracy theory that has no basis in reality Just ask whoever is mentioning karltural marxism to post the evidence for it, he'll never be able to.
>>1165409 >30 infographics with dubious sources and walls of text
just say theyre projecting and post proof of that and how it was actually the frankfurters who warned about cultural marxism in the first place
please post such requests here >>986104

Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 02:42:13 No. 1150392 [Reply] [Last]
What do you think inhibits revolutionary potential in others ? another thread on here put forward that adderall could help people reach class consciousness faster now i want to have the inverse of that discussion whzat drugs do you think are pacifying the proletariat into a sedentary lifestyle mine would be anti depressants and i'd be interesed if anyone was a doctor in psychology had a marxist leninist perspective on all of this (lexapro pictured a common anti deppressant)
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>>1150392 Family and "middle class" wealth.
>>1150392 Depressed people usually take only their own life instead of collective suicide. People are nice like that. Also sage to "muh anti-depressants is why we dont have revolutions". You must be young.
>>1164354 You like it secretly and I don't have to prove it. This is the magic of Fruedianism. (^:
>>1164360 You're scared of him.
yehai agree with drugs I support the legalisation of it but ppl are like "bro drugs are good for u they're fine bro ur brain will be fine" but everyone i know who's on recreational drugs is kinda fucked up lol

ITT contemporary or historical organizations WORSE than the CIA Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 12:23:12 No. 1166120 [Reply] [Last]
Okay, so I’m basically trying to figure out if anyone worse than the glowies either currently exists or has ever existed because holy shit the CIA really sound like one of the most cartoonishly evil organizations in history when you just read about all the shit they do; like, I know the CIA’s every action is for the perpetuation of either US imperialist capital or their own power; but also the kind of shit they do really does hit comic book supervillain levels of just needless and absurd horrors
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I'd say the Mossad, but is there really that much of a difference between the two?
(101.32 KB 1280x720 J03M5007.jpg)
I don't know, but talking about intelligence agencies, in my country, this guy right here lied and said he was from the spanish intelligence agency for about 7 years and no one discovered it. He made powerful friends even, and he was called "pequeño Nicolas" or in english "lil' Nicolas".
>>1166149 Imo every glowie org that’s in a US puppet is effectively an extension of US glowiedom Like, if you’re a subject of the empire and your orgs basically just help the empire keep its laborers weak then your orgs are theirs
We probably dont even know the letter combination of American organizations who fly people to black sites to be tortured and killed.

(97.46 KB 1280x1280 hinterlands.jpg)
Hinterlands : America's New Landscape on Class and Conflict Anonymous 07/12/2020 (Sun) 04:56:01 No. 684289 [Reply] [Last]
Anybody else read this? Thoughts?
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>>1117208 better ask Phil Neel if he's ok with that
>>860111 Never heard of this guy before. Seems pretty based
>>1091224 There are no real communists online.
>>1118965 So you're saying they're a.. specter?
>>1092151 Did you ever send him a message; did he get back to you?

(711.00 KB 1443x2048 1550812260096.png)
Are we losing the white zoomer male? Anonymous 11/15/2020 (Sun) 21:59:38 No. 1137888 [Reply] [Last]
Apparently 42% of white males aged 18-29 voted for Trump. If that is the case, is the claims that the "left" is alienating white men as a demographic true?
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>>1138710 I mean seriously like 66% of /leftypol/ has to be white males, and I think we get plenty of zoomers here too
>>1137917 Thought it was a tomboy before opening the picture, didn't mind the suprise.
>>1156112 >I mean seriously like 66% of /leftypol/ has to be white males Even if true which I doubt that'll stop once the vols finally vote in favour of the proposal to range ban the USA
(16.48 KB 231x231 8u4bk.jpg)
>muh political sports games why do we still think like this just work with people regardless of their political identities which are 9 times out of 10 just edgy bs cmon man

Communist survivor , AMA Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 17:27:12 No. 1157879 [Reply] [Last]
Born in 75, lived 15 years of communism through the end of 89. Spoiler: it was bad, very bad. INB4 : But real communism has never been tried. Maybe. But what and how would you change ?
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>>1163449 >real communism communism is a goal to a chieve, not something you just do, by revisionism i mean bastardised socialism like in all Warsaw Pact countries post 60/s70s
>>1163897 >You shouldn't we absolutely should, while you keep shitting yourself over Ceausescu, we realise that the Warsaw Pact countries would be infinitely worse off without socialism
>>1163963 >How do you see 2020 Europe is the USSR hadn't collapsed ? better off
>>1167389 <It is you who is arguing in favor of a hypothetical system. >??? Which one ? Literally the very next sentence <Some sort of "pure", "uncorrupted" capitalism that has never been tried, which you can't even define, as opposed to the real Capitalism that exists in the world and in post-Soviet states. >Has anyone commenting here even been in a 500 km radius of Romania ? Salut :)
>>1167389 >500km radius of Romania? yes


no cookies?