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(7.24 KB 275x183 our jesus.jpg)
Kim Jong-un Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 05:50:44 No. 875201 [Reply] [Last]
How can one man be so based and survive multiple attempts of Juche necromancy? Please enlighten me with the glorious ideas of Juche.
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>>879632 Chinese trade propped them up for some time, and there's definitely room for debate on how much. Regardless of that, I don't discredit their struggle or their achievements in the least and for all the confusion and disinformation surrounding the DPRK they have my support and solidarity, useless as that is to them.
>>879635 Juche is what is idealism
>>879632 >If China stopped all trade with the DPRK the damage would be insignificant. delusional. $2.2B in imports https://oec.world/en/visualize/tree_map/hs92/import/prk/chn/show/2018/ $182M in exports https://oec.world/en/visualize/tree_map/hs92/export/prk/chn/show/2018/
>>879615 Leftcoms don't support any of the ML or ML adjacent states.
Juche is approaching historical materialism from the other direction, starting with society focus. Unlike idealist ideologies however they still accept historical materialism. Idealists would say the society predicates the conditions, whereas juche does not do this but is a focus on society as derived from conditions. As Stalin said, that idea is matter does not invalidate idea. Idea is not inconsequential it's simply not the origin. A focus on society as derived from matter rather than a focus on matter which produces society is not an idealist position, it is not a reversal of causation.

(1.15 MB 5313x5275 sra.png)
Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 00:22:27 No. 874443 [Reply] [Last]
Opinion on them?
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>>874581 >>874855 The SRA's goal from even when it was just a loose conglomeration of subreddits, facebook groups and discord servers was to essentially cultivate a left wing gun culture contrary to the NRA. When the LLC was established in 2018, I had hoped this meant pushing for unionization in the gun industry, supporting dealers who were sympathetic to socialism, educating gun owners on US labor history, and providing training/certification in lieu of what's already offered by other gun rights organizations. They haven't accomplished any of this yet, and the longer time goes on, I get the sneaking suspicion that they never will. USCCA's disaffiliation last year probably put a damper on efforts to move in this direction, but I can't say for certain. So what we're left with are egirls on twitter posing in front of flags of countries that no longer exist with guns they've likely never shot once in their lives. >>874873 >>874893 There was outrage over the Central Committee blaming their recently deceased co-founder, Jason L Hamilton for the security issue; drawing accusations of FBI infiltration but this is largely unfounded. We're talking about a self-proclaimed "biohacker" who, during his time as Secretary of the SRA, stored the full member roster in a gun safe he modified to open "only" with an RFID chip implant in his hand. In a post made on his portfolio website while running for re-election in 2019, he said "I take Hollywood-level precautions with your data" which, lol. Anyone who's been around since the pre-LLC days knew something like this would happen. Jason was a graphic designer and DSA turned PSL organizer. Web maintenance clearly wasn't his strong suit. All he wanted to do was entertain his adventurist fantasies while dressed from head to toe in combloc milsurp. Why else would the logo look the way it does?
>>874912 From 2016-2017 there was actually a group of people in the SRA subreddit who split off and made their own called /r/redpreppers. It's never been very active; but that's probably because most of them left reddit. >>874931 I haven't heard much about Pink Pistols since it was revealed they were being led by a TERF (at least, IIRC).
>>878515 >RFID chip in his hand ok um....WHAT THE FUCK???
>>881571 Here's a link to the post he made while running for re-election; scroll down and you'll find a video of him unlocking the aforementioned gun safe: https://web.archive.org/web/20200914235847/https://jason.sx/sra/ Getting an RFID or NFC chip implant has been a rite of passage for "grinders" on biohack.me since the early 2010s. It's more useful than getting a neodymium magnet implant; which, if I had to choose between feeling magnetic fields and opening doors with the swipe of my hand, I would probably go with the latter. The former's novelty factor dies out real quick. Procedures for either are pretty simple and can even be done at home. I still wouldn't recommend doing it however, especially when storing sensitive information. Most people in the transhumanist community aren't actually tech-savvy and are usually obsessed with publicity stunts; Jason was just another example of that.
>>874855 I see firearm tards talking about it the same way children talk about their funko pops >Zomg that model does what??!???

(19.39 KB 600x400 D378_15_525_0004_600.jpg)
(155.71 KB 478x710 1_qxk82IYYFA-NS1N-IIayOw.png)
(309.76 KB 700x615 1_riQwOqYex61_33zVKgf2Rg.png)
U.S. Bacteriological Warfare in Korea Confirmed Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 01:34:28 No. 877484 [Reply] [Last]
China and the DPRK alleged -- and jointly produced this film -- during the Korean War alleging widespread use of bacteriological warfare by U.S. imperialists: https://youtu.be/cvowrwueua0 Bomb carrying insects and rats carrying plague and other diseases were dropped across Korea and Manchuria by U.S. Air Force planes to attack the civilian population and cause terror. The U.S. has long denied this and claimed the allegations were hoaxes. There is now newly revealed information from U.S. military documents proving it did occur, according to a new article by researcher Jeffrey Kaye. Kaye has published articles on U.S. torture at Guantanamo and other subjects at Truthout, The Guardian, Al Jazeera America, Alternet, and other websites. >In order to provide a documentary backdrop to a history of the war from an intelligence point-of-view, the CIA released hundreds of declassified top-secret communications intelligence (COMINT) reports, as well as assorted formerly secret intelligence analyses, and open-source reports from the Agency’s Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS). >The CIA likely did not set out to document the COMINT history of the North Korean and Chinese response to what appeared to be U.S. and/or U.N. attacks by biological, bacteriological, or ”germ” weapons, but that is in effect what happened. While the released documents do not represent a full opening of all archives related to Korean War communications intelligence, the sampling is unprecedented, and the contention of this essay is that the released files provide a valuable addition to our understanding of the events surrounding the alleged U.S. biological or germ warfare attack against North Korea and China from 1950–1953. >... >No full analysis of these documents released by the CIA has ever been published. So far as I can determine, only one historian of the period has even referenced them. It is important that they receive attention, as the question of the guilt or innocence of the U.S. when it comes to charges of the use of biological weapons of mass destruction during the Korean War has never been fully settled. >These documents provide strong corroborating evidence that the germ warfare charged by the Communists, and by a number of outside observers, journalists and investigators, did in fact occur. The consilience of evidence includes the testimony of U.S. Air Force and Marine personnel captured by North Korea and China, though that evidence will only be examined here in the context of how it arises in the relevant CIA documents. Conversely, the evidence pertaining to other theories about the germ warfare charges, e.g., that it was a “hoax,” lack such convergent evidence. >This essay sets out a history of the germ warfare campaign as experienced and reported by North Korean and Chinese military units, filtered primarily through daily COMINT reports of Communist communications contemporaneously gathered by U.S. military intelligence. Contemporary CIA-based open source information will also briefly be examined. https://medium.com/@jeff_kaye/a-real-flood-of-bacteria-and-germs-communications-intelligence-and-charges-of-u-s-4decafdc762
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What's the ROK's stance on this? Did they deny as hard as the Americans, or were they more objective?
>>881974 South Korea is an American puppet state occupying the south of the DPRK, it just does whatever the USA says.
>>881982 yeah no shit, I'm wondering if there have been any contradictions that would raise eyebrows from the global community
>>881985 Anyone?
>>881985 Pretty much nonexistent. The Occupied South however still try to cover up all the war crimes they did everywhere they went. Their military have a record of continuing pedophilia and child prostitution in most UN joint missions and just random massacres over the years.

Anonymous 09/19/2020 (Sat) 08:51:06 No. 882141 [Reply] [Last]
Where did the "anti-revisionist" schizo(s) come from and why are they shitting up the board fucking everywhere? >>877800 >>878735 >>878202 >>881736 >>881744
Revisionist detected. This site is called Bunkerchan for a reason.

(235.01 KB 1200x800 tianmanen.jpg)
What actually happened at Tianmanen? Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 20:10:42 No. 871112 [Reply] [Last]
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>>871112 lib college students getting owned
>>871140 Giga-Maoism
>>875124 Don't get what you mean by Tianamen not being in Beijing, but I too don't get why people soy out about this footage. If it were burger police instead of some red army tanker then the guy would've just been rolled over and a court would've clear the driver, since the guy was blocking traffic.
>>871112 Attack on proles This is bad
In terms of "deserved to be crushed" I'd rank it somewhere between Hungary 1956 (fascist rebellion that was deservedly crushed) and Prague 1968 (probably too harsh).

(13.49 KB 215x234 download (2).jpg)
the five principles of pancasila some S.E.A guy 09/19/2020 (Sat) 06:48:14 No. 881962 [Reply] [Last]
1. The Supreme Lordship (believe in God) 2. Justice and civilized humanity 3. unity of the nation 4. Community led by wisdom in deliberation and representation Prioritizing the interests of the state and society 5. Social justice for all the people
(7.47 KB 202x249 sboogs.png)
>pancasila wut
>1. The Supreme Lordship (believe in God) Based All conceptions of God are aspects of Stalin before he brought graced us with his physical presence

Anonymous 09/19/2020 (Sat) 06:21:27 No. 881911 [Reply] [Last]
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who must go?
>>881911 >LION OF DAMASCUS literally who
>>881992 The military uniform makes him look like an Arab Charles De Gaulle

Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 12:24:58 No. 869860 [Reply] [Last]
Why is it always the poorest white trailer trash biggest supporters of far-right?
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>>880525 >“ Many times the poorest White person is the most racist because he is afraid that he might lose something, or discover something that he does not have.“ You might all hate me for saying it, but it's white privilege they fear losing. Before you say it, no I don't mean some idealist set of privileges that white individuals can simply renounce like liberals think it is. In aggregate, especially in the south, black people are worse off materially. There's a reason /pol/'s rhetoric about the white race being "genocided" by low birth rates is so effective with some of these people. It's fear invoking because they know exactly what becoming a minority in capitalist America means. It's a very effective poison against class consciousness we may need to deal with some day.
>>881157 >poison against class consciousness telling poor people they got too much privilege
>>881474 That's not how you do it, no. It has to be broken down as a carrot and stick attempt to keep supporting the established order.
>>881474 95% of these dipshit peckerwoods wouldn't know "poor" if it was squirted into the can of monster they're gulping down
>>881980 Eh, that's not helping.

(121.71 KB 1155x866 2018_34_control_room_obs.jpg)
Anonymous 09/19/2020 (Sat) 05:03:20 No. 881712 [Reply] [Last]
What drives participation in a cybernetic socialist system? What is the reward you get for working hard? If it is meritocratically assigned, how is the development of inequality precluded? What happens if you want to switch industries? In addition, what happens if you want to implement innovations that may disrupt the utility of a major sector that may employ a great number of workers?
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>>881733 It's "democratic".
>>881712 >What drives participation in a cybernetic socialist system? system interaction go through labor vouchers and political polling >What is the reward you get for working hard? everybody gets payed in labor time but difficult work has incentive payments too >If it is meritocratically assigned, how is the development of inequality precluded? there is no exploitation >What happens if you want to switch industries? change your occupation ? >In addition, what happens if you want to implement innovations that may disrupt the utility of a major sector that may employ a great number of workers? economy is planned, new innovations causes no disruptions.
>>881733 stop shitting up the board. You’re the dumb fag who made that hyper-autistic pdf search thread arnt you
>>881777 People will lose memory of exploitation over time and forget why it is a bad thing posing a possible threat to the system's viability in the long term, however it will not have the same risk of a bureaucracy choosing to destroy the system it was charged to maintain. Given differences in income between occupations though, this will result in differences in the material conditions of individuals. Are such differences tolerable when they have resulted without exploitation and are therefore "fair"? >change your occupation That would require reassignment of resources from one sector to another to maintain the same output as previously established. For you to change an occupation would require a trade between you and another individual which may be unwilling to do so. Unless your work is assigned to the other workers of your enterprise who must collectively make up the slack until such an exchange can be made. You cannot assess the output of an innovation before it has been implemented because it may fail, therefore you should not input allocations for planning purposes beforehand as if they do not end up reflecting the reality of the change you will have a disrupted economy. To mitigate this would require the maintenance of a system that reserves surpluses for deployment in times of restructuring. However as it will be unknown which resources will be needed at that time, it will essentially be a giant credit union. Traditionally such structures have had risks of fraud, corruption, or privatization, but I suppose in this case if it were a decentralized digital collective it would not have these risks. Do you feel that cybernetic systems would be efficient enough to deploy resources to where they are needed in times of human or natural catastrophe?
>>881907 You should read TANS, all your questions are already answered there.

Class struggle in... Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 09:42:51 No. 878392 [Reply] [Last]
You faggots DO realize that there's class struggle going on in almost ALL academic disciplines going on today, right?! Yes, you faggot, Domenico Losurdo pointing out that Stalin "wasn't literally Hitler" IS CLASS STRUGGLE inside historiography, you humongous faggot. Yes, you faggot, Richard Lewontin or Stephen J. Gould debunking reductionist shit about biology or IQ shit IS CLASS STRUGGLE inside biology and sociology, you humongous faggot. Yes, you faggot, Zizek, Badiou, and Johnston constructing a materialist ontology IS CLASS STRUGGLE inside philosophy, you humongous faggot. Yes, you faggot, Rancière writing about how "everything you know about learning is wrong" IS CLASS STRUGGLE inside pedagogy. I could go on, but, honestly, anon, you need to READ A SINGLE FUCKING BOOK, STARTING WITH:
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>>878392 t. mad professional managerial class jks aside, I agree that their work is important.
>>879949 >le important Meaningless shit. It's like an empty statement of "we need clever people, H'YUK!" As for the very institution (academia), it's to be superseded. As for their "work", no shit.
>>878497 >Postmodernist idealist ideologies Day 8292995678 of leftypol not knowing what either mean
(249.22 KB 512x646 moopping.png)
>>881620 Are you ACTUALLY IMPLYING, nigga, that I should be using buzzwords such as "pomo" IN A MEANINGFUL WAY?! Fuck you, you elitist!


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