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(19.82 KB 474x355 farrakhan.jpg)
A modest proposal pertaining to idealism Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 21:01:05 No. 395914 [Reply] [Last]
From where do internet memes and culture in general originate? I have a theory about this and want to hear your thoughts. It's a common belief that meme's originate on image-boards and boomer facebook, and eventually trickle down to instagram and other social media, then finally reddit, and then PewDiePie's youtube channel and from there the broad masses of people. I think this is true to an extent, but it is not the full picture. Let's take a meme like the word "BASED" for example. This has associations with fascists, and 4chan's /pol/ board in particular. Online leftists have adopted it to the point that you don't hear it very often in a space like this anymore, because it's sort of passe. Where did it come from originally though? You can find rap music that uses terms like "BASED GOD" that go back a bit further than it's use on /pol/. So I think it's fair to say that rap music is in a position just above imageboards on the ladder. There's a bit of a divergent stream within the political element of imageboards, because /leftypol/ get's most of it's memes from /lit/ and /pol/ gets them from /his/, pairs of boards which are locked in a negative dialectical relationship. Rap music is not the original source of culture though, it comes from black people, and who is the leader of black people? Well it's obviously Louis Farrakhan which is a position he gained by killing Malcolm X, the previous and rightful leader of the black race. This would explain why there is so much antisemitism on /pol/, and why /leftypol/ is not antisemitic. Louis Farrakhan has said that there are good jews and bad jews, and in the stream divergence between /lit/ and /his/, the take got mixed up and we got the part about good jews, and they got the part about bad jews. If we all just listened to Louis Farrakhan directly we would avoid this confusion.
Not funny; did not laugh
>>395914 based

(112.80 KB 433x650 lenin smile.jpg)
Organizing 101 Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 16:03:59 No. 389272 [Reply] [Last]
We're in the final crisis of Capitalism, and the left isn't prepared. With that in mind, let's review and discuss strategies (based on direct experience) and share resources on where and how specifically to organize the working class today.
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>>394219 >you'd need a party at the head to make it work out well I disagree. Please explain your reasoning
>>394219 In my personal experience with XR, the local, decentralised groups are good, but the central 'party' that make the major decisions are capitalist bueracrats in the worst way possible. This is why Anarchist-Environmental groups like GAF (The Green Anticapitalist Front) was setup as a counter to XR, but unless the regional groups of XR brake away from the central management, their honest efforts will just be wasted on green captialists (see Corey Morningstar's reporting for more on that).
>>394480 Same as my experience as well. The plurality, decentralized, nonhierarchical nature of the local groups are ace. The anchor circle (which should never be the decision making body but a point of information transfer) is bureaucratic, slow and stagnant (and I say that as someone who goes to these meetings as a delegate/representative of a working group).
>>393396 It would be a wonderful opportunity if he had our shit together.
>>394002 so basically >retarded decentralized "strike" like the "climate strike" will accomplish nothing because it's not a strike and this is controversial?

theory stream Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 04:01:30 No. 393897 [Reply] [Last]
Is there any support for the idea of having a cytube stream that plays theory videos? I personally am more of an audio/visual learner than a reader. I'm thinking of playing some videos on cytube on Marxist theory and economics, in particular Resnick's Marxian Econ 305. Is anyone interested in watching this as a group?
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>>395823 Cringe
>>395825 Cringe is dead. Long live cringe!
>>395826 Now get in here >>395792
todays theory stream concluded

(787.71 KB 682x1292 Fuck the royals!.png)
karma Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 18:43:15 No. 395629 [Reply] [Last]
I hope it kills all of them.
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>>395691 He looks like a pedo
>>395629 >>395691 >>395699 Everyone in the British ruling class and officer corps are serial pedophiles, English schools literally have a rape culture
(207.21 KB 1242x1394 chadmaoist.jpg)
Thank you, Corona-chan
>>395629 he's a reptilian who made it DUH.

how do we get the muslim vote? Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 16:34:36 No. 389390 [Reply] [Last]
Most muslims already feel alienated and oppressed in western society. The right demonizes them excessively and will probably try to throw them in camps if they could. A good chunk of them already hate the US and israel. Is a synthesis between socialism and islam a viable alternative to oppose the calvinist capitalist hegemony that exists in the western world.
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(206.54 KB 1024x818 24Zengerle-jumbo.jpg)
>>395273 >>395276 I wonder who is behind this post
(114.48 KB 640x480 Tony-BLair.png)
(23.21 KB 150x312 lmao religon.png)
>>395346 >>395302 >who's behind this post
>>391565 can you write a bit more about being a muslim leftist. I'm genuinely interested on your take here
>>395276 gtfo fag, kys glownigger

(20.04 KB 460x259 biden joe2.jpg)
Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 03:34:53 No. 384979 [Reply] [Last]
Listen here jack, back in my day we didn't call it covid whatever. We called it "the shanghai shivers". A buddy of mine who used to play guitar down at the pool hall, went by the name Cornflake Jackson, caught it on purpose because that's what we did for fun those days. All the gals loved ol' Cornflak after that let me tell you. That's how i know your full of shit. I'd punch your daughter right in the mouth.
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>>385083 in the gulag
>>387026 >14 years old >Anarchist p o t t e r y
LISTEN HERE, FAT >Biden’s Most Awkward Interview Yet Is A Cringe Festival: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeEC8qQ5sSo

(53.40 KB 1280x719 mastodon-1.jpg)
Mastodon Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 16:24:26 No. 395313 [Reply] [Last]
Should I join Mastodon? Are there any uncucked instances for left politics or is it just more of the same Plebbit radlib shit? Same question for Raddle.
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It's ok, but as you say mostly radlib. Filtering "trans" and "uspol" improved the quality quite a bit, but in the end it was too annoying so I quit (also I didn't have enough time). There are decent people on it though, and if you're into microblogging and know nobody on either, the fediverse it probably to be preferred.
>>395492 wtf is a discord
>>395500 have you tried not being a closeted fascist?
>>395521 I'm in favor of blocking Gab. What went absurd is several instance admins blocking other instances for petty reasons and other people stating it's not ok to block instances where users post loli. Because there wasn't a community that fitted me over there, I left.
>>395542 Start your own? Pleroma runs on a potato.

(477.29 KB 640x1053 image-30.png)
Anonymous 03/24/2020 (Tue) 16:49:06 No. 391938 [Reply] [Last]
You've heard it on the news, on social media. The damn US president is even calling for it. Restart the economy at the expense of killing millions of people. Let's call it for what it is fellas: genocide. Porky knows that opening up the economy will end in the deaths of millions of people - and that's okay for them! When you know that an action will kill millions of people, it makes their deaths intentional. Genocide usually mean a group of people are targeted. Who is targeted? The elderly and the immune vulnerable. Their bodies will be a sacrifice to see the funny green line go up. Let's remember what they are calling for. Let's see it for what it is. And let's put our best efforts in stopping the wholesale slaughter of millions of people.
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Porky is now going full masks off mode, literally killing people for profit, yet literally everyone I've talked to both irl and online support this, why? They are all working class too, minimum wage or slightly above, if this won't radicalize them what will?
>>395536 Everyone won't be radicalized. You will always have large segments of the population who are either apathetic towards politics or just buy whatever the politicians tell them. This is to be expected, and it's no reason to be disheartened
>>391938 doesn't surprise me in the least. its exactly the kind of retarded shit i'd expect from modern society, "who cares about other people, muh monies and status mean more to me!!1111!!!!"
>>395536 >if this won't radicalize them what will? Nothing. Porky won, Fukushima was right, it's ogre.
>>395536 They fear a coup more than they fear the plague, and that's basically what is in play right now. None of this is a normal response to a medical emergency, and all the pieces are in place to suspend the Constitution for an indefinite period. They're sending out the big guns to sell America on dictatorship, which should give you an idea of where we are heading. Note that the virus has been here a good month, and there were people warning about this and to take quarantine measures. Trump of course is an idiot so he didn't take those steps, because it would hurt muh business. Now that it has spread too far, we're pretty much fucked. MSM only made this an issue when oil prices tanked and the bottom began to fall out. This isn't about the virus - it's about the economic shell game collapsing, and it has been predicted for some time now. We knew there were projections of just how bad America was going to get. I've heard horror stories of massive depopulation, from death, migration, and the total freeze of new births (as people will be too impoverished to bring children into the world). We're certainly going to go through a phase of hyperinflation that renders old peoples' social security and pensions worthless. When you know that this is going to happen, the economic bullshit is more of a crisis than the plague.

(55.45 KB 871x495 cathzis.jpeg)
(96.62 KB 540x445 NDH_-_salute.jpg)
Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 14:29:13 No. 395003 [Reply] [Last]
Can Vatican be considered a fascist state? >the government is the board of directors of the corporation >theocracy >rigid hierarchy >rigid gender roles and women having a lower role than men >no democracy whatsoever >militarism (weaponised religion, Swiss guards) >widespread sexual abuse of little boys >brainwashed followers >approved of Hitler and the holocaust >supported croatian ustase in ww2 >today support (far-)right-wing governments
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>>395298 Christian socialism doesn't work, Colombia and Nica have kinda proven that
So what's the deal with the tradcath shit on twitter anyway? Why did alienated zoomers decide that Catholics were cool?
>>395306 A lot of modern existence is pretty alienating as you said, and fringe ideologies provide meaning.
>>395304 A failed revolution doesn't mean the system itself wouldn't work though
>>395306 Most of them aren't catholic: they're cathodox. They just have massive daddy issues they want to fill with god.

(1.36 MB 737x887 f.png)
Yellow Vests Anonymous 01/30/2020 (Thu) 09:37:59 No. 239793 [Reply] [Last]
How are the yellow vests doing? They seem to still be going strong. Any noteworthy recent developments? Have they taken any patricular ideological direction lately or is it still pretty much a mixed bag? Any french anons here wanna weigh in?
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(311.62 KB 734x506 peeposad.png)
>>388802 >>390197 Par contre je suis triste, leur responsable com est venu chiller son truc et j'ai même pas eu droit à un bonjour
>>390232 C'est vraiment leur responsable com ? J'ai l'impression que y a pas beaucoup de frouzes ici pourtant.
>>390255 Je parlais de lui : https://twitter.com/ludovic_m_iht > Designer Graphique & Développeur Web de l'Institut Homme Total : Institut de formation et d'éducation populaire pour une révolution sociale et politique.
>>390232 Je suis un nobody lambda, je shille que dalle abruti Poster du contenu communiste sur leftypol c'est shiller ?


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