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Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 15:00:58 No. 1166503 [Reply] [Last]
anyone here work/volunteer for a labour union? Whats it like? Do you recommend it?
>>1166503 I'm hoping to get an internship at one next year, even if it's a yellow union I think what I learn there will be useful, even if it's just how yellow unions work and what not to do
I manage the clothing for the protests and get to design some too, pretty comfy.
>>1166503 We have "chief confidant of labourers" in every big company that supervises that porky doesnt break the law on work relating matters.
>>1167338 Sounds like larping. In Finland union organisation is 60-80% of the work force. If porkies do something we dont like we go on strike and not just one company but multiple industries if necessary. And the socdem state supports this for now. But its a losing battle in the age of neoliberalism.

(471.69 KB 619x792 Antifa fatass.png)
Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 22:02:43 No. 1167589 [Reply] [Last]
WTF bros, our favorite Maoist transhumanist is in trouble. https://thepostmillennial.com/violent-portland-antifa-pepper-sprayed
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>>1167589 Why are antifa people so often complete mentally ill losers? Ironically they mirror skinheads (but some of those at least lift). Terrible optics.
>>1167827 Only mentally ill losers are retarded enough to get doxxed.
>>1167827 theyre american give them a break
>>1167827 Actually, the person the OP is about alone is responsible for like 50 % of antifa cringe news over the past decade. You probably have seen multiple pictures already without realizing it's the same one. There is one where she/he/it (pronounced sheeiiit?) proudly displays tattoos symbolizing hallucinated heritage in broken Spanish. There is also Naruto cosplay.
>>1167616 Fucking LARPer

Are news anchors culpable for the misinformation and lies they spread? Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 11:27:07 No. 1165973 [Reply] [Last]
It is well known that Burger, hell, Western news media in general primarily exists to deceive. It is one of the more evil and devious capitalist industries; rather than merely existing as either a commodity producer or producer of entertainment, the primary purpose of the news media is to deceive the proletariat. That is almost the sole reason for its existence. Perhaps it did not begin that way; but the degeneration of the whole of bourgeois society has brought us to a point that mainstream news organizations are only capable of spreading falsehoods. As such that the owners deserve death should be obvious; however, are the anchors themselves culpable as well? I’ll admit, I despise news anchors, I truly fucking hate them; maybe not the average local anchor reporting the weather but the scum on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC; they make my fucking stomach churn. Are they also guilty for the dissemination of false consciousness? Secondary, related question; am I justified to despise celebrities in general as simply empty skin suits puppeted around by porky to distract and mesmerize proles? Watching celebs be trotted out like dancing monkeys to distract from the horrors of our slowly collapsing society, again, makes my fucking stomach churn.
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>>1166854 >Only narrowly true. There are also the narrative managers who perform the interviews and collaborate in the creation of "excellence" and "gravitas". Much more than simply reading into the camera for a wage, those people need to be highly invested and commodity-addled in order to be able to perform the job of identifying with porky, and turning that identification outward as a social norm. Judy Woodruff, Tom Brokaw, Rachel Maddow, and so on. I have never watched any of these people but it appears from a cursory search that they are not news anchors. I agree however that they are taking a more active role than that of a news anchor.
>>1167423 thats probably mostly cope tbf. some people can't handle the truth
>>1167423 Stockholm Syndrome is my guess. >>1167443 They're more "star journalists" than anchors, it is true. It is also true that whom burgers call "anchors" and fete as stars for some reason, britbongs call "newsreaders" and don't get too excited over.
>>1167440 That was amended by the trials of the Yugoslav Wars where yes you can claim that unless you are in a position of command.
>>1165973 Only in their complacency do they comply with the bourgeoisie and the capitalist order. They like to pretend things are ok when they are most definitely not ok, and they only react when the lib bubble is pierced in some way. The way people react is a problem, false reactionary consciousness created in response to the ignorance of the everyday worker and their plight (the smarminess of news anchors doesn't help either). People will go out and seek alternative sources of information where they feel like they're being heard, for better or worse. Either that or they'll have their critical capacities frozen by what they watch. Exhibit A: >>1167423

Topics that can't be discussed on /leftypol/ Anonymous 11/16/2020 (Mon) 20:14:21 No. 1141403 [Reply] [Last]
Seeing the recent Dialectics Thread, I ask myself what some Topics are, that always end in a shitshow here? Give me your Suggestions. I'll start with a simple one: Deng
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>>1141403 You can add historical materialism, LTV, hegelian dialects or any other topic to the list that cant be easily understood by reading wikipedia articles or watching finbol videos on youtube. fucking tankie faggots read their despots and think they are hot shit afterwards, embarrasing.
>>1164812 Soros just happens to be a capitalist porky though. He’s Koch but he supports liberals instead of neocons.
>>1167314 There is basically no difference on foreign policy.

(16.00 KB 261x400 libidinaleconomy.jpg)
The Libidinal Economy Anonymous 11/16/2020 (Mon) 13:55:42 No. 1140039 [Reply] [Last]
Have you read it? Thoughts?
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>>1166577 You don't always have to read something to know it's garbage anon.
>>1167068 You don't think Marx sounds a little... excited about Capitalism sometimes? When he talks about its power and strength and great big... historical movements? Maybe a bit, uh, sexual?
>>1167076 Yes you do
(29.82 KB 319x499 cringe.jpg)
(2.99 MB 4500x2989 meinf kampf.jpg)
>>1167151 >yes you do yeah ok
>>1167287 I've read them both they're based

(63.03 KB 597x612 1.png)
Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 22:51:46 No. 1153253 [Reply] [Last]
What's with nazis who try to, for a lack of a better word, "appropriate" the legacy of the USSR to own the commies? They'll say shit like the USSR was an "authoritarian", "masculine", "white", "trad" imperial project. It's retarded but why do they even do it, when the USSR destroyed their great white hope? It seems desperate to me.
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>>1166628 Make another falseflag post for reddit, faggot
>>1166628 you are valid, but you can be a girl if you try anon Go on I believe in you
(362.69 KB 615x340 3498573498579834.png)
(130.37 KB 1020x655 1038742.jpg)
(397.83 KB 643x635 58347598734985.png)
>>1166495 (me) I can say more about this. In that second song, the second chorus of the song syncs up with this image of workers and soldiers marching arm in arm, and the lyrics there is about how there are millions of rifles being carried on millions of shoulders as the people march down the revolutionary road. That's not a liberal idea at all. The masses here are the heroes of history. The image as well shows similar-looking faces, and in some ways this is kinda androgynous, too. There is a blue-collar industrial worker woman with a similar-looking expression on her face to the male soldiers and a male white-collar worker. This is a DPRK image. Very powerful. There are notions of unity, discipline, honor, sacrifice, subordination to a collective purpose. These ideas can often code as "right-wing" in a liberal ideology, which is why I think reactionaries are again attracted to the aesthetic on the surface layer and try to co-opt it (because they can never come up with anything original on their own), or they try to read a white nationalist ideology into surface images of the people (marching to celebrate a heroic victory in the World Anti-Fascist War), who happen to be "white" in the case of a Soviet propaganda poster, even though those guys' ideology would get themselves locked up in a system like that. What they believe is incompatible with socialist ideology that doesn't grade people according to their "innate" humanity in some biological way. In a communist system, we're all part of this. You can be reeducated and they will make you write letters to Stalin while your ass is locked up in a gulag. https://youtu.be/UNJS0uSBcms https://youtu.be/iJ6rK9gNve0
>>1166866 Nice ban evade.

(435.79 KB 680x680 Red imperialism.png)
Red imperialism Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 04:50:57 No. 1153873 [Reply] [Last]
So I have often found myself arguing with Marxist-Leninists about whether or not socialists states have (or can) engage in imperialism. They seem to insist that imperialism is a byproduct of capitalism and that, without capitalism, you won't have imperialism. However, historical experience seems to contradict this. In order to prove that some socialist states have been imperialistic, I will define it. Many definitions of imperialism seem to exist, but here is the simplest one I could come up with: the act of one nation dominating another without that other nation's consent. Basically, an imperialistic relationship is one that is 1) unequal and 2) non-consensual. With this definition in mind, here are some examples of imperialistic actions by socialist states: -1939 partition of Poland between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany -1951 Chinese annexation of Tibet -1956 Soviet suppression of the Hungarian Revolution -1968 Soviet suppression of the Prague Spring I've heard a lot of MLs describe these sorts of actions as acts of "liberation", but is it really liberation if you never consented to it? Sure, countries like Tibet may have been backward and feudal, but was it really the PRC's job to decide what kind of system Tibetans should live under? If Tibet's system was really so bad, why not just let the Tibetans rise up on their own? So what do you think?
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>>1160440 >>1160467 No words. Truly despicable.
>>1160467 >>1160481 i don't like to share these kinds of images either, but this is the kind of shit people need to see. because if the neo-liberals and other elites get their way that kind of shit is going to become much more common much closer to our homes.
>>1156379 >USA has constantly swayed between interventionism and isolationism the US has always been imperialist and interventionist, the "isolationism" is a meme the US pushes to present themselves as a force for "good"
>>1160505 That's fine fam. I was going to ask why the fuck landlords skinned people, but no matter what the answer is, it is a complete disregard of human dignity. Doesn't matter if it's punishment, or for black magic, or to sell as clothes. China and the USSR did some retarded shit, especially regarding the sino-soviet split, and China still does some stupid shit to this day, but the annexation of Tibet was a huge advance of human rights and completely deserved. It's important to remember that Tibet was not "of its people", it was owned entirely by feudal lords, the serfs were on their lords property. China merely expropriated the property. Which, btw, this is true for my country as well, I don't own even .00000000001% of a parcel of land. FFS, I only own my laptop and clothes, basically. Everything else is owned by others. How can one be "patriotic" of a nation of which one doesn't own anything of? Cuckoldry of the nationalistic kind.
>>1154631 >Because there was no such thing as Poland during WWII. Bitch is you drunk?

"Socialist States" Are Enemies of the Proleteriat Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 18:09:23 No. 1166835 [Reply] [Last]
The USSR could have never been socialist because it was a revolution in a feudal state. The forces of history cannot skip a mode of production; capitalism must engulf the planet entirely before socialism becomes a viable alternative, just as feudalism engulfed the world entirely before the liberal revolutions were possible. Each mode of production is shorter than the last. Antiquity's slavery lasted for thousands of years, feudalism lasted for hundreds, and capitalism has lasted for a countable amount of decades. It is thus not a surprise that the beginnings of socialist ideology developed in the womb of capitalism before capitalism had eclipsed the world. The USSR, Cuba, North Korea, and China were all feudal long after Marx died, and even longer after the utopian socialists, but this is an idiosyncrasy of the shorter lifespan of capitalism compared to earlier modes of production. We are finally beginning to see a world socialist revolution brewing, in the 2020s. The key developments allowing its fruition have been the outsourcing of manufacturing to the semi-periphery, and then outsourcing raw material production to the periphery. Once the US has outsourced all of its industrial work to China, and China has outsourced all of its raw resource allocation to Africa, real socialist revolutions will begin. This will be recognized when capitalism reaches a point where semi-periphery countries start pushing for becoming service economies like the west, and when periphery countries start being outsourced manufacturing jobs. There will be no countries left to specialize in raw resource production, and the contradictions will make themselves clear, exploding the system like a bloated corpse rotting in the sun. But let us return to the assertion of the title. If a revolution is performed in a feudal economy, it by necessity must be capitalist, regardless of the ideology of the revolutionaries. This is why all socialist revolutions of the 20th century devolved into state capitalism. They were unable to leave the transitory period, not realizing they had just ended the transitory period from feudalism to capitalism. Capitalism had only truly begun with the establishment of these "socialist states", industrializing former feudal societies to allow for the three-part world system we have today. Thus, like western states, so-called "socialist states" are capitalist states and are enemies of the proleteriat. Deng will never press the "establish socialism" button; a violent revolution will be necessary in China just like elsewhere, regardless of the ruling class' lip service to Marx. Mark my words, comrades: socialist revolutions will begin once the periphery begins industrializing on a mass scale as we saw happen in China. Africa will be the main theater for this development. Once the global south begins industrializing, living standards in the core countries will lower and revolutions will begin. It will follow the same pattern as the liberal revolutions did: first the core countries (the most modern and industrialized nations, just like Marx predicted), then the semi-periphery, then the periphery. Periphery nations will have nowhere to outsource their raw material extraction to, allowing class consciousness to grow there. Semi-periphery nations will pursue a service economy and industrialization will rest entirely upon the periphery that will be growing in class consciousness. The resulting lack of imperialism will flow upwards, and those workers who have the least to lose due to their downward mobility - those in the western service economies - will lead the revolution first, contra the standard "labor aristocracy" narrative. We will be living in socialism by the end of the century.
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(65.31 KB 426x640 skelly.jpg)
>>1166835 >We will be living in socialism by the end of the century.
>>1166835 >enemies of the proletariat >provide housing, healthcare, food, and transport for citizens >allow soviets (in the USSR) and people's communes (In Mao's china) and use them as backbones of government >become world superpowers after being backwards third world nations >destroy illiteracy >destroy poverty >collectivize industry and move towards full communism >enemies of the proletariat shut the fuck up liberal
>>1166835 >The USSR could have never been socialist because it was a revolution in a feudal state. The forces of history cannot skip a mode of production. The forces of history didn't skip a mode of production capitalism did develop, who says all countries have to follow the order ? >We are finally beginning to see a world socialist revolution brewing, in the 2020s. The key developments allowing its fruition have been the outsourcing Marx thought that socialism was made possible by the productive forces capitalism had developed, why would Socialism become more likely when they get outsourced ? >Deng will never press the "establish socialism" button Because he died in 1997.

Anti-bait thread Anonymous 11/23/2020 (Mon) 07:58:21 No. 1162411 [Reply] [Last]
In recend days or weeks, there have been quite a few obvious bait threads by raiders. Most notably ones claiming to have lived under communism in the 20th century. They always claim how terrible it supposedly was and the regression back to capitalism in the 90s made everything better again. They always use vague discriptions such as "it was really bad" and sometimes don't even clarify, which country they are talking about. This alone should already make one sceptical of the validity of those claims. Then let's add some further context into this; this is the bloody internet, where any stranger can come on this board and post anything! Not to mention, how this board has been verifiably raided multiple times by /pol/yps. Anecdotes are already are rather bad source, but on the internet this applies especially. I'll show you, how easy it is: Hi, I'm Hungarian. I've lived through communism and I can tell you, it was terrible. I just wanted to let you communists know that your system doesn't work out and that you need to stop advocating for an ideology, which oppressed so many people. Now under capitalism, my family and I have freedom and can thrive. :) This should be even more obvious, when you consider that there have been plenty of polls and interviews of people, who lived through socialist states, done by non-communist institutions, show that sentiment for said people is overwhelmingly positive. So, when some random stranger comes here to talk about their experiences, ask for evidence, a passport with a timestamp or anything, which proves their former citizenship. If they don't provide, ask mods to hide the thread.
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>>1162411 what if it really was bad
>>1162411 what if its funny tho
at least it’s more engaging than threads randomly accusing us of being trānnies or false flagging as trānnies
>>1162411 Its funny they think they would red pill us or me sliding and baiting in half chan /pol/. 10 years and im still waiting to be red pilled about their brain dead jewish conspiracies.

Proles of leftypol Anonymous 11/24/2020 (Tue) 14:07:43 No. 1166393 [Reply] [Last]
/leftypol/, what is your profession?
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>>1166560 >there is nothing wrong with petit-bourgs peasants lumpens and even bourgoisie fighting for socialism besides the fact they literally can't establish socialism because their relation towards the means of production necessary to reproduce capitalism (industry and industrial-logitics) isnt existant
cultural marxism college professor
fucking your mom
>>1166393 I'm a part-time farmhand to put myself through uni.
Why did OP get zucc'd?


no cookies?