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(226.01 KB 320x240 shot0019.png)
Anonymous 11/21/2019 (Thu) 16:04:33 No. 135411 [Reply]
I just finished a book. I know, this is rather strange for your kind, but still, this actually happened: a book was finished by me.

I know, I know, all of this is completely alien to you, but bear with me, friend, some people can actually stat a book from page 1 and finish it at page 300+.

Very strange, no? It is called "reading"! Absolutely ridiculous, but, believe it or not, some people can do it.

So, my dear friend... can you be pleas so kind to post your last read text here?

Just post what you've read the latest, you shitfuck.
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Not all of us have the stick up our asses necessary to only read political theory. Some people still read for entertainment from time to time.
Jesus fuck, would you just finish a book before starting on the next one?
>reading willingly
Finished The Road to Terror: Stalin and the Self-Destruction of the Bolsheviks, 1932-1939. Would not recommend. Some serious lib shit. Gives no consideration to any evidence that any of the people purged in the terror might actually have been guilty, that there might have actually been conspiracies. Anti-communist bullshit, funded by the US government, that uncritically believes everything trotsky said.

Not worth a read.

(7.23 KB 249x228 stirner grug.jpg)
Are nations spooks? Anonymous 11/26/2019 (Tue) 18:31:33 No. 140370 [Reply]
I want to believe in nations really badly. I have a lot of attachment to my nation(s) but I can't help but think deep down that it's all bourgeois bullshit. If nations were these concrete, set in stone things then why are there so many conflicts over who counts as what nation and what territory belongs to which nation. I've been reading Paul Cockshott's article on nationalism and I can't help but think he's right (the article is here: http://paulcockshott.co.uk/reality/polemic/antina.htm)

I understand that nations are real in the sense that they're ideas that we share but ideas can be wrong. Additionally, if we socialists reject nations/nationalism then we're gonna alienate a fuck ton of proles who have nationalist sentiment and they're gonna side with the 'patriotic' bourgeoisie against the communists who want to 'destroy the country'. We've seen before how the bourgeoisie use the language of nationalism to mobilise people against us, but we've also used the language of nationalism to our advantage e.g. 'nam, Cuba, etc. and I can see why isolated socialist governments use nationalism as an ideological defense against US imperialism.

Yet again, I can't help thinking deep down that nations are just bourgeois delusions we have. Nationalism can also lead to all sorts of messy shit because nations are inherently exclusionary and who counts as part of a nation is not concrete which can lead to fascists gassing anyone who's not perfectly part of 'muh volk'.

So, thoughts? Are nations 'real' or just bourgeois ideology? Should socialists utilise nationalism or socialist patriotism to our advantage? How do we get around the bad shit that comes along with nations? If nationalism is bad, how do we convince the proles to reject it?
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Also, this anon >>140869 doesn't quite get it right.
Stirner wasn't talking exclusively about social constructs. The union of egoist is a social construct.
(36.87 KB 314x361 r6ftg1.gif)
>everything is a a spook, and there is spook hierarchy with spook supremacy

hot take
So social constructs are good?
His mom is completely shareable
Not inherently bad or good.
Many are elevated to “sacred” though. That’s where a lot of confusion lies, as Stirner does go after social constructs once they reach that position.

UK capitalism Anonymous 11/27/2019 (Wed) 14:38:23 No. 141163 [Reply]
BBC did an article exemplifying UK capitalism


(84.10 KB 474x596 download.jpeg)
News 11/26/19 News Anon 3.0 11/26/2019 (Tue) 21:58:54 No. 140622 [Reply]
Attorney general: Israel’s Netanyahu not required to resign
Israel’s attorney general said Monday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not required to leave office following his indictment on corruption charges, giving a small boost to the embattled leader.

Spain's far-right Vox blocks violence against women declaration
Spain’s far-right Vox party has refused to sign an all-party declaration condemning violence against women, drawing outrage from civil rights groups and embarrassing its allies in the conservative People’s party.

Anger in Chile as ally of president says rights abuses necessary
Senator Andres Allamand says human rights violations necessary to restore order in Chile, amid continuing protests.

Lebanon's Hariri Says He Does Not Want Premiership
“I am sticking by the rule ‘not me, rather someone else’ to form a government that addresses the aspirations of the young men and women,” Hariri, Lebanon’s leading Sunni Muslim politician, said in a statement.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>Attorney general: Israel’s Netanyahu not required to resign
Are they even pretending to be democracy anymore? Do they even have left opposition in Israel?
> More than 40,000 university staff began an eight-day strike Monday to oppose attacks on their pay, conditions and pensions. The action involves lecturers, student support services staff, admissions tutors, librarians, technicians and administrators.
Why does right wing all over the world hates unis and education in general?

>Why does right wing all over the world hates unis and education in general?

Something something leftist infiltration something marxism killing muh family values.
>Repeat after me: How much pipe should Fed plumbers lay if Fed plumbers like to lay pipe?Short-term money markets seldom make headline news. But since mid-September, one of the most important components of the money market—the so-called “repo” market in which traders borrow from each other using securities as collateral — has been in almost constant turmoil. At one point, the market threatened to dry up, with borrowers paying rates as high as 10% per annum.
I can't say I understand this 100%, but isn't credit drying up the reason why the 2008 crash happened?
Can someone explain this article to a financial brainlet?
Sure, anyone who gets excluded, has to work for your privilege, get constantly shit on by you and have your hedonism that they cant have there shoved in their faces and doesn't bow low before you, their educated betters is a "reactionary". Universities are liberal institutions whose students make up the future upper strata of society. Pol Pot was right about intellectuals.
The opposition to the next government will be the Joint List, which is made of Arab civil rights parties and the remnants of the Israeli Communist Party, so that's something I guess.

(149.75 KB 2976x1552 1574465477262.png)
The Redpill Anonymous 11/24/2019 (Sun) 02:34:49 No. 137687 [Reply]
The truth is that "White Nationalists" are actually White Imperialists. They will go out of their way to defend conquering and settling in foreign land whilst saying "Europe should stay pure because they are the natives".
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(118.14 KB 1078x1079 1574524316764.jpg)
Read a book.
>The devil is pale since he doesn't ever leave his house
No, Rostam's mentor in the book refers to this demonic figure as the sovereign of a "white nation" in the north.
>But aryans weren't white
And they still aren't.
Good pic but:
>Northern Scandinavia magically turn white despite saami people's being just nomadic cousins of fins and estonians, who are also white.
Finngolians aren't white.
(242.76 KB 600x514 finn.png)
(28.29 KB 1280x720 finngolia flag.jpg)
(48.21 KB 466x517 finngolian.jpg)

(2.55 MB 1080x1920 Orange+paradise+HD+W.jpg)
Anonymous 11/27/2019 (Wed) 07:11:04 No. 140870 [Reply]
Christcoms are fascists in disguise. The endgame of the christcom will always be to establish a christian theocracy to enforce christian morality. State atheism is the only position truly compatible with socialism.
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I say christcoms specifically simply because I've been seeing a good amount of self identified ones both here and elsewhere.
>something like
>>140870 You can't get popular going against most of the population. Christcom is fine but religion will die the second you doesn't get supported by the state like tax exemptions. Theism is fine though, I mean I couldn't prove God is or isn't real but I can say the chances of that God being the Christian one is virtually none.
They don't need to prove shit. In the states alone, the only way socialism will work is through the church
you must be a pretty smart guy

(12.15 KB 209x217 Lion_Philips.jpg)
Was marx taking money from his rich uncle Lion Philips hypocritical? Anonymous 11/26/2019 (Tue) 04:25:51 No. 139748 [Reply]
Lion Philips was a Dutch tobacco merchant. He is the grandfather of Gerard and Anton Philips of Philips Electronics, and was an important financial supporter of Karl Marx.
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Maybe, but what does that matter?
Anyway, here's the source the wiki article cites
There's nothing about Marx taking money from Lion.
It really is funny how often a wiki article makes a statement and then cites a source that doesn't back up their claims.
iphone vuvuzela tier argument
I only buy Philips stuff tbqh
>If YOU LIVE IN A SOCIETY, how dare you criticize it?
Guess the only way to reach communism is anprim then.

(73.55 KB 386x378 leftypedia.PNG)
/leftypedia/ Anonymous 11/10/2019 (Sun) 23:19:37 No. 122066 [Reply]
Bringing back the old thread because I think we need our own internet encyclopedia. (I am not admin of leftypedia or the original poster)

Thread for the development and further discussion of https://leftypedia.org/.

> What is Leftypedia?
Leftypedia is a comprehensive wiki for left-wing politics. The reality today is that the majority of working class people no longer get their information from physical, linear publications. In order for the proletariat to become educated on matters of theory, it must be easily accessible to them as an online encyclopedia. Leftypedia is an answer to this demand.

> Shouldn't people just read Marx? What if the website distorts good theory?
Leftypedia aspires to document original leftist theory as directly as possible. Original texts must be quoted extensively when speaking about them. Ideally, articles should begin with a simplified account of the core of some subject, dispel common misconceptions, and then go on to elaborate nuances and controversies. Throughout all of this we should allow original authors to speak as much as possible. The objective is to translate leftist theory into another form, not to rewrite it.

> Does Leftypedia belong to any particular leftist tendency?
No. Leftypedia avoids taking any definite positions outside of general anti-capitalism. Disagreements must be elaborated within the text. If you read anything you disagree with, edit the page. Don't delete what is written, but rewrite it to make clear which side it is coming from. Then go on to nuance it, and elaborate contradicting viewpoints. In this way disagreements can propel us forward instead of holding us back.

> Doesn't Wikipedia document leftist theory very well already?
Wikipedia does well on a lot of accounts. However, it is written to provide general encyclopedic value, not to propagate leftist politics. Many of the things that can be written on Leftypedia wouldn't be accepted on Wikipedia because of their niche importance or "biased" narrative.

> Does Leftypedia allow original research?

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Once again a reminder that the problem with Wikipedia and the many failed spinoffs like conservapedia and rationalwiki is not a problem of commitment, integrity, or determination. It's a problem with structure and rules. Do you have any sort of plan for how your wiki is going to administrated differently to prevent the same thing from happening to yours?
>It's a problem with structure and rules.
what's the problem with structure and rules?
>it'll fail just use wikipedia trust me bro
>what's the problem with structure and rules?

yeah would like to know that too

(204.24 KB 981x500 Chile-THUMB.jpg)
EVADE: Inside Chile’s Anti-Capitalist Uprising Anonymous 11/26/2019 (Tue) 20:33:49 No. 140518 [Reply]
For over a month, the hearts and minds of Chileans have been ablaze. Too long have people suffered from extreme inequalities instituted by the Pinochet dictatorship 30 years ago. Now, under the Piñera’s government, people young and old have taken to the streets. Enough is enough. It’s been bad for too long.
Is it going to burn out like the yellow vests?
No, ChiLenin is about to appear and create a socialist Latin America.
fuck this guy, don't give him views. he literally made a video saying Assad should kill himself. he is an imperialist.

(234.43 KB 1500x1000 put_on_a_happy_face.jpg)
A spectre is haunting /leftypol/: The spectre of autism Anonymous 11/23/2019 (Sat) 21:42:22 No. 137474 [Reply]
Discussion of mental illness/deviation is desperately in need of its own thread. It's been a popular topic recently, enough to keep popping up in otherwise unrelated threads and derailing them. So let's try and get a better idea of what portion of the board wants the hysterics, crazies & spergs to get the gulag, and what portion thinks they're oppressed, misunderstood or even just pretending. And all the views in-between.

I implore a materialist approach wherever possible. There's way too much idealism in the air about this. The question of where the mentally deviant do or don't fit into society doesn't inherently have to be pure idpol. After all, a metric fuckton of retardation and insanity is not a matter of identity but health, caused directly by capitalism itself stunting human development. But the question is: How? And how much of it exactly can be blamed on socio-economic conditions?

Which mental problems are only 'problems' because they don't fit the extremely limited modes of behavior that capitalism demands of the masses, and which deviations are just inherently undesirable even in a socialist/communist future? What is to be done about them?

The question of eugenics has also been on the table: Is it necessary, reasonable or an overreaction? What should it apply to, if anything?
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More proof cities should be flattened
(157.79 KB 565x425 so much.jpg)
(1.68 MB 3865x2576 chernobyl wildlife.jpg)
There is nothing on Earth that makes me madder than knowing that the people that used to bully me, abuse me and harass me not only don't regret it but feel glad about it and still keep poking jokes at me, not only they were not punished but they are happier than me and way more succesful.
That's exactly why I know that idealistic concepts like God's Will or Karma are fucking stupid, what kind of fucking God claims to be benevolent and merciful while tortures the good or the innocent and rewards the ill-intended and the ruthless.
At this point in my life I just want to follow the ideology that kills the most humans while most animals remain unharmed, so probably nuclear warfare is a good option, wildlife addapts quite quickly to gamma radiation.
This world runs uses the suffering of the innocent as fuel and I just want to end it.
I really just want to see neurotypicals suffer in the most horrible and durable way possible, yes, I am a sadist, yes, I am a misanthrope, I have empathy but humans such as you don't get any of it, fuck you.
If there is no God to bring justice then I will make sure to bring justice myself.
Praise posadas.
What does chapo have to do with this thread. Who in this thread said autism didnt exist? Im confused
Autists are chapo's favourite target and a easy one for that matter.
It is socially acceptable to punch down on them (especially on the internet) and they are socially ostrasiced enough that they rarely punch back.
The so called 'kick the autist' is quite popular among them, bonus points if you say that 'all autists are incels' and viceversa.
For Chapo succdems the revolution isn't punching up on the ruling class but punching down on the lumpen.
>Vaush likes the Joker
No! What the fuck? Who the fuck he thinks is that he thinks he has the right to claim that movie?
He falsibly claimed to have autism to get away with sexually harassing an actual autistic girl on discord and to get away from a twitter fight with some Alphabet People?
He only uses mental illnesses when he sees convenient and now claims to be a defender of the rights of mentally ill people when he only talks about Destiny and Alphabet People, what the fuck?


no cookies?