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(14.49 KB 280x290 La paloma de Fidel 1.jpg)
Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 16:18:16 No. 26653 [Reply]
Everyone wish a happy birthday to the most chad revolutionary we ever had
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Fidel never got fat.
(106.77 KB 1086x725 Castro.jpg)
Happy birthday Fidel
(72.16 KB 825x551 kivpnew5d6g31.jpg)

(45.41 KB 900x519 radlib.jpg)
RADLIB Comrade 08/12/2019 (Mon) 10:31:13 No. 24967 [Reply]
how to redpill the radlibs?
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I personally think racist conservatives can sometimes have more revolutionary potential, supposing they're working class. The question is mainly how deep the racism is; for older people, it would also generally be much harder to convince them out of racism than younger people.
Also, "convincing people out of racism" may be beside the point in many cases of people who mostly just repeat what others around them tell them or what "they've seen." The object is to make them see their objective interests in a working class movement; if they do see it as being in their interests, at least some would be willing to put aside racism.
It's quite simple. Just stress the economic aspects of issues they care about like climate change, gender, lgbtq acceptance and racism. It's like how you can get class conciousness among gamers by showing them the labour abuses in the tech industry because video games are something dear to them.
The racist spook is powerful and way more emotional than economic ideology. You can much more easily appeal to someone's mind when it comes to economics, but racism is about the heart in a way. The change is made by the individual ultimately, you cannot easily convince them. That is why I feel racist rightists have less potential, mainly because of how many obsticles there are to class consciousness.
>The racist spook is powerful and way more emotional than economic ideology.
There's a difference between someone who's just casually racist from time to time and someone who can't stand being around black people. A conservative invested in petty bourgeois morality (as most are in the US) but in the former category could be convinced, in my view. I wouldn't dismiss it as a lost cause from the outset at least.

The case of "avowed racists" poses more intractable problems, though, and would be much harder to convince. I still think it's possible, but it would require something more like an epiphany or some sort of personal experience that causes them to re-evaluate their beliefs. That sort of thing isn't simply a matter of reproducing an argument or seeing one's economic interests, unfortunately.

(346.88 KB 810x608 dscn7290.jpg)
Comrade 08/10/2019 (Sat) 18:28:22 No. 22282 [Reply]
Is the CCP ever going to implement socialism in China or will the masses have to perform a new revolution? How much would China returning to a socialist economy impact the international left?
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They've banned Cockshott's book in China.
really? jesus
Which isn't surprising seeing his book literally says that Leninist parties are outright wrong at the end.
How will Dengoids ever recover?

(77.20 KB 900x900 unnamed.jpg)
Anonymous 08/13/2019 (Tue) 04:09:03 No. 26195 [Reply]
hi comarades, i am new in this and antifa friend recommend me this page, but i have a question. why the mascot of this is not more inclusive?
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I swear 90% of the self-identified "autistic" people on the internet are just narcissists using the disability for attention and as an excuse to be unhinged.
t. guy with an actual diagnosis of PDD-NOS
If you want to make a black/brown/asian/whatever Alunya, go for it. No one owns the character.
The only antifa groups who use the three arrow symbols are american groups.

And I have hardly any sympathy for the American left.
alunya is whatever you want her to be, if she's not depicted the way you want to see her, draw her yourself
would just be nice if you stuck to her being cat alunya from catalonia
also it's not like it's all that important, mascots are hardly used anyway
Take this discussion to the idpol general >>15551

(59.74 KB 750x500 daddy-doc.jpg)
Daddy doc Comrade 08/12/2019 (Mon) 04:51:37 No. 24729 [Reply]
What's your opinion on him /leftypol/?
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How was he a agent of the us? It seems that he opposed the US just as much as Cuba. The US sancioned Haiti after JFK's assassination.
I'm not very well read up on the issue.

I said propped up - not an "agent." He wasn't following their every order, but he was keeping Haiti from going socialist and using it to gain support from the US.

"Communism has established centres of infection . . . No area in the world is as vital to American security as the Caribbean . . . We need a massive injection of money to reset the country on its feet, and this injection can come only from our great, capable friend and neighbor the United States."
Jesus how many threads about shitty "communist" regimes do we need? It's one thing to support actual socialist countries like Cuba and those aspiring to socialism like Venezuela but fuck off with these threads about tinpot dictatorships only wearing the trappings of communism
His rise to power was supported by the CIA to depose the left leaning president in Haiti at the time.
He wasn't even a communist which makes OP extra strange. He and his son were explicitly anti-communist, who overtook an explicitly labor-friendly, left-leaning president in a coup. And part of the reason they were allowed to take power and torment Haiti for decades was because of U.S. fears about 2 potentially socialist countries (Cuba and Haiti) in the Caribbean.

(72.99 KB 1280x720 jaco.jpg)
jacobin sucks Comrade 08/06/2019 (Tue) 12:19:20 No. 11654 [Reply]
Jacobin is even worse than I could imagine, just read this

>“More Tribal, More Sectarian, More Crony Capitalist Than Ever” Bashar al-Assad has started confiscating the homes of Syrians who fled during the Civil War. For decades, his clan has purged the state of all but the most fanatical loyalists: now, it’s doing the same to society itself.

Fucking shit
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>All I hear are accusations of "neoliberalism and austerity" but no explanation what they mean by it.
Just as it sounds. He started deregulating and privatizing things while handing sweetheart deals to his cronies and slashing social spending:
Also, of course, his response to the peaceful protests of the Arab Spring after a decade of this neoliberalism was clumsy, insincere, and savage:
TBF, this was only after multiple internal revisionist coups in every national Ba'athist party. OG Ba'athists & other pan-Arabists were actually pretty based. Kinda' reminds me of the downfall of Irish Republicanism.
Ba'athists arent even much of social Democrats these days
this. imagine judging a magazine based on one journalist

(65.86 KB 945x520 rtrlfive690314.jpg)
Comrade 08/12/2019 (Mon) 12:31:18 No. 25114 [Reply]
Do US soldiers protect American's freedoms when they intervene to fight ISIS and other Islamist terrorist groups, inter alia? Do they deserve at least some respect for having noble goals, or are they largely choosing to fight for the US out of foolishness? The armed forces have to go through a lot of training and even then, not all of them make it through to actual service, and many end up crippled during the course of warfare and/or homeless -- how much scorn do they deserve in all of this?
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>Do US soldiers protect American's freedoms
In the literal sense of securing and advancing the interests of the American people? No. Aside from attempts to make the US stop funding the bellicose policies of right wingers in Israel's government, 99% of these people don't give a flying flip about burgerstan.
>Do they deserve at least some respect for having noble goals, or are they largely choosing to fight for the US out of foolishness?
The two aren't mutually exclusive. Aside from a (significant) minority of psychos and unironic "clash of civilizations" types that are the mirror image of the people they fight, most troops honestly believe they're helping the helpless and fighting the good fight. In practice, any good done is more than squandered by broader geopoliticking the US MIC is engaged in parallel to direct military conflict, as >>25158 notes.

Also, as >>25191 said, the west in general, US foremost among them, is absolutely on the "wrong side of history", for having been the overwhelming factor behind the downfall of secularism in the MENA region hotspot, from the loss of the Ottomans in WWI, to stamping out pan-Arabist socialism and democratic republics, to the rise and protection of ultra-fundumentalist Wahhabbi powers such as the Gulf monarchies, and even Saddam's coup and (somewhat) inadvertantly the Iranian revolution.

If the military powers of the world were actually interested in suppressing human rights violations, without the threat of various imperialist ambitions (or the suspicion of them among local populaces) foiling such efforts, the most reliable path would be the use of multinational peacekeeping forces agreed through the UN, including regional forces such as the Arab League and African Union. National militaries, especially in the atomic age, are an anachronism.

This. Remember there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, all of us help support the system, and any leftist action against that must be done in addition to, not instead of, such. Any protestations otherwise are dishonest lifestylism.

This is absolutely true. Every single group US military forces have fought directly (not including collateral damage) since Vietnam have been absolute bottom of the barrel subhuman garbage. Jihadis, genociders, slavers, drug kingpins, dictators, warlords, etc. In no way were any of them even close to genuine struggles of liberation. Of course, such wars generally occured against the backdrop of having funded such groups, and (with the exception of a few instances, such as the Balkans) typically resulted in a power vacuum that brought even worse groups to power, usually also bankrolled by the US.


Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>They're not deleted
I will at least repost this hate fuel.
(29.18 KB 604x453 2m82hxg.jpg)
GI go home.
(29.76 KB 278x400 het.jpg)
>Every single group US military forces have fought directly (not including collateral damage) since Vietnam have been absolute bottom of the barrel subhuman garbage.
Support reactionary christian first world fundamentalists in their struggle against reactionary islamic third world fundamentalists!

What freedom.

(401.70 KB 3045x2000 catgirl solidarity.jpg)
News 8/12/19 News Aon 3.0 08/12/2019 (Mon) 18:23:08 No. 25401 [Reply]
Separatist takeover of Yemen's Aden leaves Saudi Arabia in a bind
The southern separatists’ takeover of Aden, the interim seat of Yemen’s government, could leave Saudi Arabia struggling to hold together a military coalition fighting the Iran-aligned Houthis.

Alejandro Giammattei, the conservative Guatemalan politician who once vowed to build a "wall" to prevent migration to the United States if elected president, swept to victory in the Central American country's federal election on Sunday.

Boris Johnson could lose over half of 20 key marginal seats between Tories and Lib Dems at early election, analysis shows
An early general election could result in Boris Johnson losing more than half of 20 key marginals in Conservative and Liberal Democrat battlegrounds, according to a new analysis.

Thousands rally in Romania on anniversary of violent protest
Tens of thousands of protesters rallied peacefully against the ruling Social Democrat government in the capital, Bucharest, on Saturday on the one-year anniversary of a violent protest where riot police disproportionately used force.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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Imagine being this idealistic, posting in /leftypol/ and not realizing that it is, actually, the fault of capitalism itself influencing these goverments.
it's both. even without corporate pillaging professionals moving west was also a phenomenon in socialist countries. the fact is educated people care more about a better lifestyle and social status in the West than they are interested in developing their own countries. On the one hand, I cannot blame them for that, but on the other any sane government should take steps to restrict brain drain as much as possible to curb these inherently individualist tendencies. There's not good solution except coercion sadly.
If you put too much restrictions of foreign TNC's, IMF and such will break your legs. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Suddenly🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 your currency becomes worthless, you become yet another banana republic because of an economic blockade, you get hyperinflation and so on. Then people become more and more dissatisfied with your government and you are easily overthrown by western-backed puppet opposition.

Soon the new elite gains confidence and the cycle repeats.
Where did I say that it isn't the fault of capitalism you monkey?
What I'm attacking is the retards that call building a wall based because it will keep the people inside the country
>calls me a monkey to cover up the fact he can't into dialectics

Leftist Wikipedia Comrade 08/11/2019 (Sun) 06:22:17 No. 23529 [Reply]
So I'm remaking this thread from 8ch /leftypol/ We were discussing the idea of creating a wiki for all things left wing. Initially we started working on Marxistpedia, but there was a conflict between the members because the wiki defined itself as leftcom oriented. The admin said he was ok with other ideologies making content, but then disappeared for a month and the site got flooded with spambots mass creating pages. I can't even access Marxistpedia at the moment, so I think it's over. The good news is there's another site we can go to. A month ago someone here made another wiki, Leftypedia, so I think we should all continue there.
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>reliance on "reliable sources"
Because that's how scientific and historical papers are written; by being proven through research and primary sources as well as secondary analyses, empirical evidence is a form of primary sourcing but can be distorted or incomplete which thus requires some more input before it can be unilaterally accepted.

>totally corrupt administrative cliques forming.
And how does this apply to a small user-base of niche leftist posting? Take a look at Ruxpert's articles:


A wiki is simply an online encyclopedia. Wikipedia is controlled by pro-US shills and its foreign language articles are the only ones usually worth reading. However wikipedia articles in english that aren't political but refer to science and other things are generally accurate.
You're worrying too much fam. There's no reason for communists to end up doing any of this. It's a wiki for leftists, our political beliefs are clear and open.
>And how does this apply to a small user-base of niche leftist posting?
It applies quite aptly to leftism articles because of the broad range of tendentious currents and factions within leftism.
>It applies quite aptly to leftism articles because of the broad range of tendentious currents and factions within leftism.
No there isn't there's just streams, take for example the Stalin Trotsky split that follows the old trope of two brothers fighting on opposite sides to ensure that whichever side wins the family survives

If you don't believe this, notice that Trotsky wrote the ABCs of Dialectical Materialism soon after Stalin wrote Dialectical and Historical Materialism It's pretty clear that Trotsky studied Stalin's work and then rewrote and expanded it for the american audience
Bump to see if the admin of leftypedia sees this

(1.98 MB 875x1204 1519003194557.png)
/collapsegang/ 08/12/2019 (Mon) 20:30:58 No. 25597 [Reply]

The jig is up boys and girls. Our civilization is too complex and reliant on the excess energy generated by fossil fuels to sustain itself anymore. Nuclear, wind, and solar in its current form cannot hold a candle to fossil fuels, at least not in the timeframe we have to make a massive change.
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(69.49 KB 678x674 murica.jpg)
>you will never be a murilard radlib doomer
hahahaha how the fuck is collapse even real hahahaha nigga just plan your economy
Nope, capitalism can actually save itself from climate change

>renewables getting cheaper all the time
>shift to using the electrical grid rather than internal combustion engines for transportation
>carbon taxes, cap and trade
>meat alternatives, bioengineering

Even though the transition is going to be too slow to avoid the effects of climate change completely, it won't be the end of the world. There will be a few hundred million climate refugees, and there will probably be famines, but the wealthy countries won't really care because it won't directly affect them too much.
Good luck trying to implement all that without the interference of lobbying and campaigning from big oil corp.


no cookies?