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(1.89 MB 1203x681 simey individual.PNG)
Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 18:13:23 No. 1187544 [Reply] [Last]
Any thoughts on this slimey individual? keep these posts in the Internet general, locked
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Literally Who's belong in e-celeb containment thread.
>>1187544 I don't know much about him but you might want to ask this on /IG/ instead of creating a new thread.
>>1187552 Just a suggestion
>>1187544 He's an anarchist, very thin on actual left theory, not my thing.
People call him a radlib, but I don't feel it tbh

(2.39 MB 1580x878 yanis.png)
Anonymous 11/22/2020 (Sun) 21:32:37 No. 1161037 [Reply] [Last]
thoughts on yanis varoufakis?
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>>1164917 Ted Reese
>>1164925 Let me guess: You are "Ted Reese" :|
>>1164806 again, still better than the most probable alternative. we are living in the worst of all possible worlds.
I like greek Mr. Clean, a shame his party was full of traitors and cucks
>>1164910 turning people into slaves does not raise class consciousness.

(59.13 KB 720x627 danrepublike.jpg)
(43.45 KB 720x749 rejectmodernity.jpg)
Dan Republike / Дан Републике / Republic Day Anonymous 11/29/2020 (Sun) 20:31:30 No. 1181982 [Reply] [Last]
On 29 November 1943 the Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ) established the foundations of post-war Yugoslavia as a socialist republic, which was officially proclaimed on the same date in 1945. Republic Day (local name: Dan Republike or Дан Републике) marked the occasion two consecutive days, 29 and 30 November. First celebration was held on 29 November 1944, for on the previous day the Decision of the Presidium of AVNOJ nr. 70 declared that the first anniversary be properly celebrated. The decision was confirmed on 2 November 1946 by law the Federal national assembly, where they declared Republic Day a public holiday. In 1949 it was decided that it be a two-day celebration, which was confirmed in 1955. in the Law on public holidays.
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>Yugoslavian holiday >Instead of Albainian >on bunkerchan YOU ARE A REVISIONIST.
>>1182956 You can feel nostalgia for both.
>>1182304 Djilas is a retard who even Tito called a revisionist. He was imprisioned in Yugoslavia multiple times and and was told to fuck off with his anti communist slander. He later got together with other retards like solzhenitsyn to make shit up about communism. His shitty and cringe "stalin quotes" are never mentioned anywhere and unverifiable . You'd think Tito would capitalise on them as he was supposedly with him and even use them against Stalin much earlier than 10 fucking years after Stalin died... These quotes also just so happened to coincide with cornmans 2nd wave of destalinization. Tldr Fuck Djilas. He was a lying "democratic socialist" piece of shit no one liked.
>>1182595 Oh but I am a carlist so I would be very happy if he did turn around and declare a socialist confederal traditionalist monarchy! Either way I still love Tito
>>1182518 That and the market socialism.

(425.94 KB 701x602 gommie_card_dealer.png)
Boomers and Petit Bourgeois class consciousness Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 15:11:33 No. 1186996 [Reply] [Last]
A large problem in the west and barrier to working class action is petit booj class conciousness. The problem is that large parts of the working class in the US own assets (housing, stocks in the form of 401ks) which, while not enough to live off, appreciate in value, and therefore cause their financial self interest to be more aligned with the ruling class than their fellow proles. While neoliberals attempt to explain the generation differences in the young leaning left vs the old leaning right, by race, seeing as the younger generation has more non whites in it, the real and better analysis has to do with accumulated wealth. People close to retirement age in the US are heavily dependent on the 401k/IRA going up so they can maintain their lifestyle as it's slowly doled out. The stonk market going down directly affects them and their income in retirement. The 401k/IRA replacing the pension has been one of the main causes of what I would call petit-booj class consciousness, any person who makes it to retirement age with retirement savings directly tied to the stock market makes retirees or near-retirees financial interests align more with capital than labor. If they own homes this adds even more to it because their financial interest is for their home prices to go as high as possible so they can sell it for as much money as possible, even if that drives up housing prices for young people to where they are unaffordable. A plurality (41%+) of small business owners are boomers, larger than any other group. A combination of these factors, combined with lower levels of education, is what leads the 60+ generation (in the US at least) to lean right. So you see, you can't separate age from class
(157.00 KB 1736x704 tables.png)
>>1186996 >larger than any other group The other group (not-boomers) has almost 59%. Sloppy, sloppy. >A combination of these factors Which are all forms of private property and therefore endowments subject to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endowment_effect >you can't Well, you can, and you probably should, because averages conceal.
>>1187094 not boomers isnt a group its a combination of every other group. explain the rest of your post and how it relates
>>1186996 The stink market no longer has any connection to reality. If we made a fake stink buying mechanism that kept number going up that would satisfy their skinner box mentality while the real work gets done.
(135.86 KB 1183x747 who.png)
(125.91 KB 981x748 dist.png)
>>1186996 >>1187094 (me) More numbers from https://www.census.gov/data/tables/2017/demo/wealth/wealth-asset-ownership.html Much more interesting stories than the facile generational divide that porky would prefer we observe.

(159.39 KB 510x585 prolewiki_v2.jpg)
ProleWiki — the proletarian encyclopedia Comrade Felipe 11/19/2020 (Thu) 16:06:55 No. 1152221 [Reply] [Last]
Hello, comrades. Casual lurker here. I'm just passing to let you know of the project me and a few comrades have been doing. https://prolewiki.org/ It's a Marxist-Leninist-oriented encyclopedia promoting the study, discussion and accessibility of Marxism-Leninism. I know there are a few comrades around here that would benefit from joining our effort and contributing to the spread of revolutionary ideas. If you are interested in making part of this initiative, feel free to bug around the encyclopedia and find out how you can help. We hope to see you there, comrade.
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>>>/edu/6130 Come on lads, why aren't you contributing?
>>1179701 Yes I did, thank you.
>>1152618 Hey just so you know, Wikipedia can cite CNN or MSNBC, but cannot cite TeleSUR, Mintpress, the Gray Zone, Electronic Intifada, and many others. They do this in order to avoid "far-left bias" but by trying to avoid politics, they are in practice liberal. Overall I think, as someone who has contributed some to Leftypedia and seen how it is very disorganized, having the clear intent of ProleWiki holds a lot of potential. It is just annoying to see this fragmentation, hopefully it proves neccessary. I will be watching this project.
>>1180046 Well, it wasn't
>>1180052 >cannot cite telesur ah the freedom of wikipedia... a fake

(56.59 KB 403x448 1517387208613.png)
/POL/ACK READ ME Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 22:11:36 No. 1149456 [Reply] [Last]
If you are a /pol/ack who was planing to make a thread then just read this, because you are predictable and one of those following things are what you wanted to make a thread about. >Why are you raiding 4chan? We haven't. Never did. Our Poljak meme was simply so powerful that it echoed to your side of the internet, shattering your self esteem and your little sister's hymen in the process. >LOL TR4NNIES NI99ERS SE3THE You aren't as shocking and impactful as you think you are. This isn't Facebook where a bunch of normalfags might be triggered by your highly original post. You will be banned and your thread will be deleten in two mouse clicks. >[Post that assumes we are progressive liberals like the ones on Twitter] No, we don't care if companies change their profile pic on social media to a rainbow, we don't like Biden and we wouldn't go on a crucade to tell people about the importance of trans restrooms. We think bigotry is moronic, but we aren't radlib progressives. You haven't learned yet that "the left" isn't just progressive liberals. We are socialists. You have likely 0 understanding what that even is, just trust me on this one. Cultural Marxism is a made up buzzword by the way that doesn't relate to any real Marxist theory. >I am a Nazi. Debate me. You are utterly worthless and have no importance. You are not worth a thread. You will just make the same arguments we've heard and debunked a million times before. >But communism never worked!! Stalin killed 6 trillion people and my puppy!!! Marx didn't consider human nature I'm too greedy to share my Japanese sex pillow with you!!!!! Don't make a thread for your trivial misconceptions of communism. Instead, go to our Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread thread and ask a precise question in good faith on there >>1142043. You will learn a thing or two and the world will be a less confusing place to you.

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>>1160916 alright, to each their own
>>1186385 >tldr
>>1154903 Arent lolberts and lolicons basically the same thing?
>>1150182 No No no, we should allow one ethno exclusive commune. BUT! every single ethnonationalist regardless of their ethnicity has to go to it. may the best race win! Oh and when inevitably they all are diseased and impoverished due to constant ethnic warfare and inbreeding, that is when we can swoop in and move them to a certain pit in former Yugoslavia.
>>1150259 Which itself is just the reheated hot pocket of bitching about black people which itself is just the reheated hot pocket of bitching about italians and irish which itself is just the reheated hot pocket of bitching about germans

(114.41 KB 360x240 cookie-cutter-1.jpg)
Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 15:25:05 No. 1187041 [Reply] [Last]
So since at least the Roman financial crisis of 33 AD (and probably earlier) nearly every major financial crisis in history was ultimately driven by a collapse in real estate. How do we use this to our advantage?
we should buy some real estate

Labor Theory of Value Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 13:40:40 No. 1148112 [Reply] [Last]
Why are non-Marxian economists so obsessed with this? The LTV being considered discredited is basically their only defense against Marxism, they bitch and moan about it nonstop. I don't really care much about the LTV because I'm more interested in the philosophical and historical side of Marx, but I have to admit the more I think about it the more thd LTV makes sense. It's not just the crude borrowing from Ricardo that mainstream economists make of it, it works Marx's Hegelianism into his economics. Exploitation leading to the overthrow of the bourgeoisie is basically the master-slave dialectic from Phenomenology of Spirit. But mainstream economists either don't know this or they dismiss it on shallow positivist grounds.
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>>1148112 >Exploitation leading to the overthrow of the bourgeoisie is basically the master-slave dialectic from Phenomenology of Spirit. I have never read Hegel and I usually hate people who have, but it follows that I don't know whether this shortcut you are employing is correct or not when it comes to describing Hegel. I know it is not correct when it comes to describing labor theory of value. The best way to describe labor theory of value is a short passage taken from volume three that describes capital this way: >The rate of profit is the motive power of capitalist production. Things are produced only so long as they can be produced with a profit. Hence the concern of the English economists over the decline of the rate of profit. The fact that the bare possibility of this happening should worry Ricardo, shows his profound understanding of the conditions of capitalist production. It is that which is held against him, it is his unconcern about "human beings," and his having an eye solely for the development of the productive forces, whatever the cost in human beings and capital-values — it is precisely that which is the important thing about him. Development of the productive forces of social labour is the historical task and justification of capital. This is just the way in which it unconsciously creates the material requirements of a higher mode of production. What worries Ricardo is the fact that the rate of profit, the stimulating principle of capitalist production, the fundamental premise and driving force of accumulation, should be endangered by the development of production itself. And here the quantitative proportion means everything. There is, indeed, something deeper behind it, of which he is only vaguely aware. It comes to the surface here in a purely economic way — i.e., from the bourgeois point of view, within the limitations of capitalist understanding, from the standpoint of capitalist production itself — that it has its barrier, that it is relative, that it is not an absolute, but only a historical mode of production corresponding to a definite limited epoch in the development of the material requirements of production. In this passage there are three very important statements: 1. Capital is production for profit. 2. The rate of profit is the driving force for accumulation. 3. Accumulation creates the material foundation for communism and limits capital to a definite historical epoch.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>1159219 Volume 3 is a meme
>>1148165 The law of value only applies under capitalism. Abolishing it is the whole point of socialism
>>1148295 Most of that shit would be automated anyway

(25.58 KB 357x476 bukharin.jpg)
What are your thoughts on Nikolai Bukharin? Anonymous 12/01/2020 (Tue) 01:04:50 No. 1185481 [Reply] [Last]
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>>1186562 It's not clear if a united front of socdems and communists would have worked in Germany. The military might have coup'ed the government anyway, or the nazis might have used the specter of a united left to accelerate their power grab. You are dealing in counterfactuals.
>>1186562 >Soviet ultra-leftism is the REAL reason why Hitler came to power!
>>1186690 Especially when the SPD straight up killed any hope for the KPD by betrayal from 1920s.
>>1185523 Please explain. They were on the complete opposite end of the spectrum.
(82.95 KB 705x679 hye.jpeg)
>>1186411 >Secondly Stalin literally caused WWII and Nazi Germany

(2.41 MB 1280x720 nofuture.webm)
/leftybritpol/ No Future Edition Sage#+GbZOp 11/27/2020 (Fri) 20:37:32 No. 1176583 [Reply] [Last]
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>>1186734 You think when writing Capital Marx didn't finish a paragraph and read back through his work?
New thread >>1186709
>>1186666 Dubs Got
(20.56 KB 640x340 7und836ij7151.jpg)
(46.92 KB 911x555 EcqvjEKXkAg2HqH.jpg)
>>1186595 Anglos Posting Hetaliass


no cookies?