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(129.29 KB 1280x720 picture.jpg)
Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 13:22:56 No. 394760 [Reply] [Last]
Did Communist Party of China reaction and treatment of COVID-19 prove that Peoples Republic of China is in fact socialist(ish) They build hospital in five days, factory to produce face mask in few days, are putting businessmen for price gouging in jail etc.
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>>396214 they dumdums
(100.97 KB 640x426 54489508-jpg.jpg)
>>395446 >you can't be a billionaire and a socialist False. Moreover, you cannot have a revolutionary movement at all without support (and in most cases - leadership of the said movement) of the renegates of the old regime. Likewise, the leaders of the revolutionary movement are bound to utilize the power structures and relations of power of the old order.
>>396214 What gave you this idea? Did you read any comments in the thread at all?
>>396192 Lenin, ultimately, never managed to establish any sort of permanent political institutions in the Soviet Union. It was only done by Stalin after a period of infighting and anarchy. In this regard, we cannot rely on Lenin's experience, for the lack thereof. As the party transforms from a revolutionary organisation into a national ruling body, it cannot afford to not be of necessary size, to not rely on pragmatists as opposed to enthusiasts, and impersonal structures and relations as opposed to revolutionary zeal.

(23.20 KB 748x410 images (85).jpeg)
Anonymous 03/20/2020 (Fri) 15:04:55 No. 381288 [Reply] [Last]
>decides to commit mass murder against Muslims to avenge the death of a small white girl who was killed by a Muslim terrorist >openly praises breivik in his manifesto even tho he killed far more white children than any Muslim refugee Why are /pol/ shooters only ever obvious glowniggers or schizos?
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>>395240 wrong
Reminder that this guy will literally never concede any point ever, no matter what is said. Discussion with him is meaningless
(5.43 KB 223x226 download.jpg)
>>395305 >Reminder that this guy will literally never concede any point ever, no matter what is said. Discussion with him is meaningless <WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY REPLY OF "this is wrong, Oh no I'm not going to prove it or follow up on it but you're wrong" ISN'T AN ARGUMENT this is actually you though
>>395318 Not even the same anon
>>395813 suure

doodoo Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 19:07:49 No. 389878 [Reply] [Last]
Who will clean the toilets and vomit after a friday night in a communist society? Who even cleaned the toilets in the Soviet Union? I do wonder. I clean shit all the time but to be honest, I wouldn't do it if I didn't have to do it probably.
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>>396231 You should try shitting in the woods some time. Be sure to dig an 8 inch hole to bury it in so that no one steps in it later. It is very comfy, and a good opportunity to practice your slav squat. Alternatively you can find a nice tree to hang from. All together a much nicer experience than shitting in a bathroom imo.
>Who even cleaned the toilets in the Soviet Union? Janitors, obviously. They were just paid relatively more.
>>389960 This. In Japanese schools for instance students past a certain age are expected to clean their bathrooms, floors, classrooms, etc. There's no reason this shouldn't apply in a communist office space. Weekly rotating duties to clean various parts of the office.
>>396536 That's not a terrible idea but it's hardly gonna work for like bars or stadiums or whatever.
How about we just let toilet cleaners have the coolest houses and cars? We obviously aren't going to keep building mansions and making ferrari's under communism, but we could use the ones that are already around to incentivize people to do shitty jobs.

(31.68 KB 530x298 Inheritance.jpg)
Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 23:43:25 No. 396341 [Reply] [Last]
Why should kids be allowed to inherit? I know, you are about to say something along the lines of "I worked hard so that my kids could . . . " That is a noble emotion. But at the point at which this question becomes relevant, you will be dead. And dead people don't have rights. They don't own property. They don't get to make decisions.
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>Millions of workers previous generation created and expanded civilization >Next generation of proles own nothing but their hands >Porky kids get the new wealth created by last generation and dictates the next generation of proles because of magic sperm.
Because my Grandma has 50 acres I want to do shit with and I'm tired of living in a fucking closet.
>>396439 You gay?
>>396442 or harry potter
>>396442 Yes but that's not the point, when I said closet I literally meant a closet. The house had a bedroom for me but my cunt of an Aunt would rather have a luxury office than her own family.

General Zizek Thread Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 15:49:07 No. 349965 [Reply] [Last]
Discuss his ideas, spread his ideas, share videos, whatever if anyone has pdfs that could also be nice
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>>395159 fuck off glowie
>>395159 They hated him because he spoke the truth.
>>395775 you're the actual glowie here, theorylet.
I'm reading the book Zizek and Theology right now. >>352768 Nathan and the CA dorks are the most radlib "socialists" I've ever seen, even worse than Jacobin. >>353627 >self-proclaimed idealist We live in a bizarro upside world, to be a communist nowadays is to be an idealistic moron who has a vision of the future which conflicts with the material conditions. He's a true dialectician for flipping the world back on its head (or on its ass) like Marx did to Hegel.

(113.00 KB 490x500 1584802904572.png)
Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 19:35:04 No. 389964 [Reply] [Last]
If leftist ideas (or succdem ideas rather) are so popular, why did the Labour party have the biggest upset in decades in the 2019 general election AND Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic primary? And this is all after Trump and other right wing nonsense going on all over the world for years now. Surely this would be the best and easiest time to market left wing ideas. Why is the left unable to win, ever?
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>>394392 he was a revolutionary social democrat, and when he noticed the name of social democracy being tarnished by SPD and the 2nd International, he stopped calling himself a social democrat and called himself a communist. his political view didn't change dipshit. you can thank him for leaving the term to reformists, who are the only ones who use it now.
>>394381 I'm not proposing anything as thorough as you're implying. Just that socialist candidates should reassure the military in some way. When I said "without the corruption", I meant not doling out top jobs in unrelated industries to the military and allowing for systemic embezzlement. You also don't have to be so particular about it, this is what legislation is for. In countries where military procurement has been commercialized, you could hide your power-level until reaching office, and then nationalize the defense industries on the logic of being able to offer the military more gear for less resources, which should appease a lot of military men IMO. Maintain close contact with the military to assuage their doubts and build trust, etc. I know it's not perfect or a fix-it-all solution, but it's at least a start. My main point was that campaigning as a pacifist socialist is well and good, but might get you couped should you even get into power. Better to appear at least supportive of the military. >>394396 Yeah, but my point was the benefit of having the military on your side so you don't get couped as easily. Not gonna lie, it's not easy and a ton of regimes around the world have failed to keep the military loyal. The easiest way is just to corrupt the military yourself to appease the opportunists, as was done in Venezuela. But that's not what we want, is it?
>>389964 Why would whites vote for a movement that openly courts anti-white sentiments and racial supremacists movements? The whites who do are insane perverts or deranged nettflix devotees
>>389964 >why did the Labour party have the biggest upset in decades Because Corbyn tried to play both sides on Brexit and labor as a whole opposed it. >AND Bernie Sanders lost the Democratic primary? Because the media and Dems manipulated the election.
(53.81 KB 1200x1200 145540230854.png)

French Neocolonialism Thread Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 03:33:44 No. 388110 [Reply] [Last]
Show how France fucks over Africa to this day See: West African Franc and Central African Franc also RIP to my man Sankara
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>>389468 Pretty much the same shit they pulled in Indochina. The only difference was that Indochina already had huge left nationalist movements through the influence of Sun Yatsen’s thoughts way before ww1. Most of the Indochinese puppets the French set up were fucking pathetic. Especially the Laotian and Viet “royalty” who were mocked endlessly by the populous even before independence.
>>390645 Your graph is comparing money not purchasing power. Also China currently is not imperialist, at least not if you use Lenin's definition, thy don't subordinate Africa to a finance oligarchy, while they do peddle for soft power they aren't overriding the sovereignty of these countries.
>>388254 Nonces with eloquence
>>390253 could we summarise it by saying that the unions were elitist (and only represented formal labour, which was a tiny minority) and so were cautious about the revolution? While at the same time, Sankara was too stubborn (and started to exhibit authoritarian tendancies) to go into meaningful dialogue with them?
>>396160 You could say that, but the tendency of authoritarianism would be wrong, as he belonged to the camp in the CNR that wanted to ease up. Blaise was on the authoritarian side, and so were the more pro-Stalin parties in Burkina Faso who supported Blaise's camp.

(31.34 KB 478x216 chicken-cross-the-road.jpg)
Landlord meme Anonymous 03/25/2020 (Wed) 22:18:59 No. 396139 [Reply] [Last]
>Right wing says: my resources go to my extended family / local community, small amount to the state. >Left wing says: your resources go to low productivity, high fertility, strangers. Extended families (not the government) should provide welfare to their family members... This minimises fraud, inefficiency, big gov and welfare dependence. It incentivises strong family bonds, responsibility and motivation to work. (The left have destroyed the family so badly -- that this doesn't even occur to most people.) I only care for my extended family (humans have limited time, energy, resources). If everyone else does the same -- everything will be taken care of. None of us like the Wall St bailouts. Using the same logic -- why should I bail your family members out? That's your job! Landlords existing is a good indicator that the extended family has been broken down. An ethno-state is a set of allied extended families -- who own their land and pass it down to the next generation in their extended family (rent free). Strongly bonded, homogeneous, allied, extended families are the solution to all the world's riddles. (Not: capitalism, communism, big gov etc)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>396248 Actually -- we fled during communist Russia's invasion. My mum is from an aristocratic family -- but my dad's side is "working class". But we only has $100 to our name when we left. I have a high IQ and made lots of money in IT... which I don't spend (I'm not a capitalist consumer). I pretty much use the money to support my extended family whenever they need anything. (Communism for the extended family you could call it). I do very well understand how easily family can be broken down -- which is why I have savings and help my family at every chance... and it's why I'm here discussing these topics.
>>396309 >I'm not a capitalist consumer Everybody consumes bro. Or are you going to argue you do not eat?
>>396293 >left's axioms of equality The left doesn't believe in the upholding of concepts such as equality you fucking retard. You are unironically more liberal then us. Read Marx before you come here and try state what we believe.
>>396168 >By giving all the welfare/safety nets and always supporting... we are incentivising the destruction of the extended family Nigger, it was capitalist society which destroyed the extended family. The USSR unironically upheld the extended family to a far greater degree then the west. Most of your extremely idealized pictures are of the nuclear family regardless, your not even arguing for the extended family. You arguing for a return to 40s to 50s nuclear family living, not the extended family which largely died as a consequence.
>Extended families (not the government) should provide welfare to their family members... >This minimises fraud, inefficiency, big gov and welfare dependence. >Nature layers and distributes things beautifully this isn't true and my proof is that universally people have always tried to escape their family. if what you're saying is true, you need some theory of why we don't live in one big happy communal family. why did a group of people who were more related to each other than any modern family could be decide to run away and start fighting with each other? Where did alienation of the family come from? The sensible answer is that the family was always alienating, that the same way your family can abuse you and lead to feuds, petty and justified, and some never speaking to others again, was there from the beginning. The only answers fascists have is a fantasy about how everything would be perfect if only it weren't for some outside intruder, whether it be a person or an idea, that came in and ruined it.

(30.40 KB 550x560 2wsrxdcf.png)
Marxism vs Science ? 03/07/2020 (Sat) 11:42:11 No. 332599 [Reply] [Last]
In the 19th century Marx’s Capital was a critique of the political economy that underlay British Liberalism. 21st century critical political economy must perform an analogous critique of neo-liberal economics comparable in rigour and moral depth. In particular it must engage with the ideas of the Austrian school: Boehm-Bawerk, Mises, Hayek, whose ideas now constitute the keystone of conservatism. Soviet Marxism felt strong enough to ignore them then, and the response in the West came in the main from marginalist socialists like Lange and Dickinson. If socialism is to reconstitute itself as the common-sense of the 21st century - as it was the common-sense of the mid 20th, then these are the ideas that must be faced In attacking them one should not hesitate to use the advances in other sciences statistical mechanics, information theory, computability theory. And, to re-establish scientific socialism there must be a definitive break with the speculative philosophical method of much of Western Marxism. From the time of Marx till about the mid-twentieth century, most left intellectuals saw socialism and science as going hand-in-hand, in some sense. Most scientists were

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(15.16 KB 355x470 6ftgz3qdwa.png)
>>340186 >can't answer the question <declare it makes no sense
>>339260 The Copenhagen interpretation was mainstream even in the West at that time. >muh ML
>>332599 Well, the point about ML taking hold on the scientific form of socialism is obvious since they were practically the only ones at the time that were sucessfully applying the theory that had been only theory until then and most people in the movement where´nt even sure if it truly worked.Consecuentally anarquists, orthodox marxists, trots,etc; Fueled by already rampaging political propaganda which incited blind hate for the eastern block, decided to "bend" their theories in order to counter-act those of the soviet´s , but point in case they ended up so deformed that they ended up becoming nothing more than a weak form of idealism.More importantly, they were the only ones who didn´t posses a contradiction between how they saw philosophy and how they saw science, due to them going hand in hand, which was a major flaw in metaphysical type of thinking who couldn´t even find an explanation for Einstein´s theory of relativity, and was very well trapped in voidless existencialism. Due to all these factors modern "leftists" fail to see the displayed system in which science works, and how you can´t talk about one, with out talking about the others.This culminates in the creation of unneccesary sub-divisions of science that try to be so specialized that they possess no type of enriching knowledge at all, this process ends up in an islolation where the so called "great thinkers" believe that their new method can explain all the aspects within they related framework without utilizing the help from other doctrines ending up in fruitless idealism. This can be seen in recently in academia with the creation of sociology which is something that wasn´t really necessary in it of it self such is that history already provides for this topic as does political economy.
>>332599 >copypasting cockshott
>>351938 Yes that's good praxis

(197.79 KB 845x1200 tsar moment.jpg)
Monarchist Russia Industrialization Anonymous 03/23/2020 (Mon) 21:50:26 No. 390337 [Reply] [Last]
Many Monarchists / Anti-Communists say that Russia would Industrialized quickly without the Reds Regardless. Anything to disprove this?
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>>390337 there is some truth to this. However industrialization rates across the country would not be uniform. You'd have shining imperial cities like st. petersburg, and then you'd have shit holes pretty much every else. Sorta like Russia today.
>>390337 there is some truth to this. However industrialization rates across the country would not be uniform. You'd have shining imperial cities like st. petersburg, and then you'd have shit holes pretty much every else. Sorta like Russia today.
>>395770 fuck how did i double post
>>395774 Happens sometimes
Paul Cockshott (Peace and Blessings Upon Him) said that it was best to compare development of 1920-1940's USSR to Brazil rather than the US and look at where are they both


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