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(96.92 KB 1527x670 fuckhumanrights.jpg)
Why do some of you gotta sound like this Anonymous 09/19/2020 (Sat) 16:29:47 No. 882714 [Reply] [Last]
Yada yada twitter post containment thread fuck you I'm just wondering why so many leftists insist on talking like this. Not because they're necessarily wrong but they do understand that to the average person this sounds like insanity right? The average joe doesn't associate human rights with a specific post-war event they associate it with the idea that they can't get prosecuted for believing in god or being gay. I can't tell if this is glowop crap or just the left being dogshit at selling their ideas.
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>>882714 he0s right seeethe harder
>>882744 How do we guarantee people certain protections? This is necessary for a civilised society.
>>882765 >join a about political ideology about putting the majority of people in the world >be a misanthropic anti-social You retards are even worst than radlibs, at least they try to appeal to a certain part of the population instead of smelling their own farts.

Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 23:30:42 No. 880364 [Reply] [Last]
On average you read a book every month, right? R-right, anon?
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4 books per month when I have free time 2 books when I have a heavy schedule I regret not reading physical books instead of PDFs tho. I could have le based library to show off my power level by now.
How can people here read on computer? I find it really hard, and I usually don't remember a lot of the information compared to reading physical.
Read? Why should I do that when I can rely on youtubers? Come on guys, get with the times.
>>882664 I've tried reading PDFs but like you say my retention is so much worse it's a waste of time. It's also a real struggle to even gather enough attention span to read more than a few pages. With a physical book I can just isolate myself from the rest of the world and give all my attention to the book. It helps that the pages are physical, you gain a physical intimacy and familiarity with each page as you spend some time with them, and as you return back to the pages you've already read, each one being like a separate physical object. You also get a much better sense of the whole book, of where every page fits and of how distant they are from each other. Whereas on a screen you only get to see one page at the time in a sort of tunnel vision. So I prefer to buy cheap second-hand books, it also makes me think twice what is worth reading, so I read mostly primary sources. I'll still read chunks of secondary sources on my computer if I'm having hard time understanding something, so PDFs are still immensely useful. It's also nice to check if the book is enjoyable to read before buying a physical copy.
That´s what I aspire to

(102.37 KB 500x534 iZhYKwnbQrrUKQlNHqHmWgtS.png)
Real Talk Anonymous 09/11/2020 (Fri) 08:40:18 No. 858528 [Reply] [Last]
Bring me sources or anything regarding workers cooperatives, collective owned business, etc. And tell me why those things differ than current system. Also you can't literally dump hierarchy isn't it?
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>>858543 communism but with unemployment and homelessness! so efficient!
>>858528 >And tell me why those things differ than current system. Nothing will change because muh commodity production. Only exploitation of workers will stop as bourgeoisie class disappears but who cares about workers or class struggle we just need free stuff. The more free stuff the state gives you the more socialister the state is.
>>858720 Class traitors and lumpens will hang three from a lamppost when the revolution comes. This is not a threat this is a promise.
>>858528 all compass leftists should leave
>>858554 Planned economy has worked fine since the agricultural revolution you dumb shit.

(218.18 KB 960x1440 images.jpeg)
corporate neolib or based leftist? Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 03:53:33 No. 877742 [Reply] [Last]
He seems to straddle the line between both, but he does support positions that no neolib would, like medicare for all. I wouldn't call him a comrade but he's definitely useful for our movement.
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>>881967 I would be suspect of military vets that seem eager to "convert", or are enthusiastic about converting others. probably a glowplant.
>>877742 He's a fucking shitlib. His acting was good in Community though.
>>877802 read IR theory
He talks about interesting topics every now and then but he is still a liberal. >>882407 >His acting was good in Community though. Errr he was always one of the weaker characters.
>>877742 Corporate neolib.

/Hoxha/ Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 14:09:33 No. 878735 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for non revisionist MLs What are you reading? Is it good?
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>>879328 Maoism is far less ideologically consistent and is more applicable for countries like India or Brazil.
>>881249 what are the wobblies doing nowadays anon
(585.90 KB 731x836 China.full.1755258.jpg)
>>881991 Wrong and stupidpilled
(1.09 MB IWW.webm)
>>882021 Mostly just the Portland autonimous zone thing. They are still a pale, rainbow-colored shadow of their former selves.

Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 04:11:57 No. 877800 [Reply] [Last]
>Walk to coffe shop in Hoxha outfit >Sit down directly in the middle of the store and put my feet up >Pull out the Hoxha collected works and start reading
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(60.50 KB 600x763 0.jpg)
>>877800 >He didn't bring the red toilet with him Uh-oh, now you have to face the wall, revisionoid.
(120.02 KB 786x593 1502578169677.jpg)
>>877800 based
Based. Revisionists on suicide watch
if “revisionism” is even something that is capable of happening, isn’t that a sign that something is fundamentally flawed? If your system can be dismantled at the whim of a handful of individuals at the head, doesn’t that just prove anarchists to be correct about the state?
>>882404 Are you revising, bro? Kinda dangerous around these parts, bro.

Anonymous 09/16/2020 (Wed) 14:39:31 No. 873124 [Reply] [Last]
How do Marxists explain the wild GDP gap? Seriously, I want to know, I'm not baiting.
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>>873370 >>873472 >>880045 >>882276 The Confederacy wasn't against American imperialism at all, you glowy dipshits. In fact, they regarded themselves as the "True America" and had plans to basically annex Mexico, Central America, parts of northern South America and the Caribbean islands as literally a massive slave empire. Look up the "Knights of the Golden Circle" and what their plans for the Confederacy were.
>>873124 Western Europe is exploiting Eastern Europe.
>>882518 That's a blatant lie. I'm a western europe myself and I haven't exploited an eastern europe in like days.
>>882395 Yes. Before the war they had been trying to drum up support for an invasion of Cuba so that they could expand slavery there to keep the system viable. They only really started talking about secession after the newly acquired (stolen from Mexico) California told them to fuck off with their slavery. The South was old school Roman Empire imperialist.
>>873124 It just so happens that Eastern Europe was devastated by WW1, WW2 and civil wars. Scandinavia and the British Isles had been virtually insulated, West Germany where the industrial base was since at least Hitler being Chancellor, Spain was devastated by the Civil War, Southern Italy was devastated in WW2 with the Northern industrial base spared. France and Netherlands surrendered to Germany rather soon, salvaging devastation.

(873.78 KB 3537x3335 IMG_20200405_235750.jpg)
Anonymous 09/16/2020 (Wed) 16:13:05 No. 873303 [Reply] [Last]
>DSA ares feds >SRA are feds >CPUSA are feds >Redneck Revolt are feds I get that it is very likely there are indeed feds(I think some of the ones I mentioned are actually especially bad) in these orgs but I mean if we dissolved every org if a fed got in them we would never have orgs at all, I do unironically think part of the reason is people not wanting to join orgs so they convince themselves all of them are filled with feds and sectarianism where every org that isn't 100 align with them but be some nefarious evil controlled oppostion as that's easier to believe than leftists being dumb I guess what I want to know is if fed infiltration is inevitable why be so hostile to forming/joining orgs?
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imagine being a fed and having to regularly attend DSA meetings
feds dont even exist
Simply inform feds that they need to announce their intelligence agency privilege before speaking at DSA meetings.
>>882310 sounds incredibly cushy and easy
>>882312 this. but also everyone is a fed.

(5.75 KB 176x286 cumbodia.jpg)
What's your opinion on Pol Pot? Anonymous 09/14/2020 (Mon) 14:53:18 No. 867357 [Reply] [Last]
Based revolutionary or murderous traitor?
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>>875614 how do you tell them apart anon teach me is it because you are well read? how to distinguish meme from fact
>>875998 >how do you tell them apart anon you don't. poe's law.
60 IQ lib: "Pol Pot was a communist!" 120 IQ midwit: "N-no it wasn't, Pol Pot never even read Marx!" 200 IQ Rougechad: "Pol Pot achieved higher stage communism."
Some radlibs are still under the delusion that communism is when you're nice to your enemies.
>>876555 Communism is when we kill people and the more people we kill the more communist it is!! How does it feel to be a literal right wing straw man

(98.17 KB 660x501 Image-1.jpg)
Bruh why did the slavs basically get fucked over by life? Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 07:41:43 No. 869529 [Reply] [Last]
Like, I was gonna say Russian originally, but imo the whole history of the people of Eastern Europe is seemingly just one massive shit slurry, like >Get BTFO by a bunch of emerging Bronze Age societies >Get BTFO by the Hellenics >Get BTFO by the Romans >Get BTFO by the Mongols (who wind up being the least bad conquerors) >The root word for "slave" is literally your ethnic identity >Country finally gains independence but half the tsars wind up being crazy tyrant assholes >Tsars hold entire region back from advancing for centuries, despite the ongoings of their western counterparts >Western euros decide you're a savage, barbarous people <Make race science to explain why le slav (and many others) is subhuman >If you aren't Russian you're subject to a shitty empire >If you are Russian (or anyone else really) odds are you're either a serf or a Not!Serf >Tsars cuck the Eastern lands out to Western finance capital <Mfw being an empire that got neocolonized by another empire >Get BTFO by tiny, newly developed Japan >Get dragged into worst war in history thus far and get BTFO yet again, but this time so hard the empire collapses and the people revolt <Tfw slavs finally get some reprieve by creating the first socialist state

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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cheeki breeki
>>879247 What’s funny is that tankies also think the chad meme is real
>>879261 No, we don't.
>>879247 >>The whole Gayrope is using Latin script WRONG. Some countries in the Balkans use cyrillic. Balkans and Russia are like two contrasting sides of the slav nature, while centre-european slavs pretend to be part of the West, but they will never be fully accepted into the gayrope club.
>>879261 >implying it isn't


no cookies?