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(71.63 KB 648x400 xr.jpg)
Extinction Rebellion Anonymous 08/17/2019 (Sat) 15:40:07 No. 31575 [Reply]
Have you guys joined your local XR branch?

I suspect some people will say it's too liberal, but as far as I can see it's the only chance we have of ensuring organised society even exists in the near future. Don't let purity burn us alive.
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Psychedelics help break down the artificial boundaries we place on the world around us.
No more does someone see themselves as a lone ego in a hostile world, but a synthesis is achieved as someone realizes that as he/she is one with their body, their tools, their environment and the social connections around them.
Also, it makes people less dogmatic, which makes having open critical discussions about entrenched ideas easier.
doesn't water degrade lsd?
Distilled water (i.e. water with no impurities) is fine for LSD, but of course there's no public water system in the world like that.
Cl- in the water degrades it, yes.
Especially the chlorinated water like in the US.
Psilocybin, mescaline and other psychedelics should still work fine.
Or if you just use much, much more, or if you switch out their chlorination process...

(3.08 KB 188x188 ezln1.gif)
Zapatistas Expand Territory Anonymous 08/21/2019 (Wed) 00:10:53 No. 36651 [Reply]

Seems very promising tho I'm not a great interpreter of the significance of things like this. It does seem like a lot of people underestimated the vitality and potential of EZLN however, saying they had no real ambitions beyond hyperlocalized autonomy and fell to electoral politics or something. This seems like significant revolutionary activity.
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What? By getting a bunch of leftypol users to seize a town with AK47's and M16's?
I hope they're well armed.
They're going to be need to be if this continues
Couldn't hurt.
Speaking of which, I heard the ETA dissolved last year.

What happened?
I guess they got tired

(59.70 KB 473x629 IMG_20190820_154541_596.jpg)
Le epic Al Qaida gets defended by le guardian Anonymous 08/20/2019 (Tue) 15:46:04 No. 35992 [Reply]
Rebels withdraw in key Syrian town as pro-Assad troops advance


"Idlib has become the last redoubt of those who rose up against the Syrian dictator during the Arab revolts of 2011. As Syria’s towns and cities have been pummelled and the regime – heavily backed by Iran and Russia – has clawed back early losses, displaced populations from all corners of the country have ended up in the north-west province."

>this is the text they put under a map of Syria focussing on the area of "those who rose up agaisnt dictator Assad" it has an arrow pointing to this area saying: *Al-Qaida dominated area*

TL;DR The Guardian favours Al-Qaida rebels over "evil dictator" Assad.
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they are likely less homophobic than al Qaeda also not everything is about you faggots
What nonsense is this, IS grew out of an American backed rebel group.
Good shitpost! Next time use this flag, to make it even more authentic!
as far as I know they grew out of these people

(563.19 KB 1627x693 CAPVSFEU.jpg)
Capitalism Vs Feudalism Anonymous 08/21/2019 (Wed) 01:42:11 No. 36739 [Reply]
Normie here, can one of you guys explain to me what is the difference between capitalism and feudalism, to me they seem same just one is with monarchs controlling the land and the other is capitalists. They also both use money. How did both economic systems come about. Also how do both of them affect culture and relations between people.
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o k a y c a p i t a l i s t

Have you ever actually read Marx or Engels on this?

They both will admit that wage slavery is an advancement from serfdom and chattel. That's not an endorsement, but it's still true.
Only good answer. We have a board full of "leftists" who didn't read Engels.

OP, as you can see in your pretty picture, before capitalism production was individual and people owned their means of production. Under feudalism peasants didn't own their land, more like they were owned by their land: the knight, lord or king could not evict you; you and your plot were passed on as one.

Capitalism came about when thanks to steam the means of production became socialised: you needed a large number of people to work on a factory and nobody could claim the product as theirs, but the ownership logic remained that of the feudal past. And so on and so on contradiction and dialectics.

>Before capitalist production — i.e., in the Middle Ages — the system of petty industry obtained generally, based upon the private property of the laborers in their means of production; in the country, the agriculture of the small peasant, freeman, or serf; in the towns, the handicrafts organized in guilds. The instruments of labor — land, agricultural implements, the workshop, the tool — were the instruments of labor of single individuals, adapted for the use of one worker, and, therefore, of necessity, small, dwarfish, circumscribed. But, for this very reason, they belonged as a rule to the producer himself. To concentrate these scattered, limited means of production, to enlarge them, to turn them into the powerful levers of production of the present day — this was precisely the historic role of capitalist production and of its upholder, the bourgeoisie. In the fourth section of Capital, Marx has explained in detail how since the 15th century this has been historically worked out through the three phases of simple co-operation, manufacture, and modern industry. But the bourgeoisie, as is shown there, could not transform these puny means of production into mighty productive forces without transforming them, at the same time, from means of production of the individual into social means of production only workable by a collectivity of men. The spinning wheel, the handloom, the blacksmith's hammer, were replaced by the spinning-machine, the power-loom, the steam-hammer; the individual workshop, by the factory implying the co-operation of hundreds and thousands of workmen. In like manner, production itself changed from a series of individual into a series of social acts, and the production from individual to social products. The yarn, the cloth, the metal articles that now come out of the factory were the joint product of many workers, through whose hands they had successively to pass before they were ready. No one person could say of them: "I made that; this is my product."

feudalism is tied to land, capitalism is tied to markets.
Feudalism was basically a legal system with inequalities explicitly written into it. Nobles by law had a whole swathe of privileges which are inconceivable to us today, as did other sectors of society that were granted a set of rights. Even peasants had a set of rights and could exercise them with varying degrees of success. People crudely make it about land/aristocrat/serf thing but it was more subtle than that and there were many shades of it. Land for military service was an exception more than a rule. There were plenty of situations of free-holding peasantry or landless laborers working for a wage. A mobile pool of landless laborer were probably the worst off in rural society and had short pitiful lives. Rural people on paper could appear static but people always migrated to towns and such to escape serfdom to

/leftycraft/ Anonymous 08/14/2019 (Wed) 11:53:40 No. 27850 [Reply]
Thread for the new leftypol Minecraft server

go to https://aternos.org/

and to log in:
email: b7883488@urhen.com
user: Bunkerchan
Password: Bunker

When it's on (remember somebody needs to be playing for it to be active):
server ip: Bunkerchan.aternos.me
Version: 1.14.4 Vanilla
It's cracked so everyone can use it
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Yeah I'm fine with that.
I'll just look for another MC server if I wanna be OP.
(60.21 KB 717x717 7tl56hse16d21.jpg)
better get off this board too, underage
what about red orchestra
Server is offline and I can't login. anyone can help?

(5.21 MB 2048x1536 prestes.png)
/brg/ - Brazil General Comrade 08/09/2019 (Fri) 01:03:24 No. 18835 [Reply]
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(15.50 KB 590x443 benjamin-steinbruch.jpg)
Só hoje soube que a revista VEJA, um dos maiores instrumentos dos interesses do imperialismo no Brasil, era de uma família de judeus chamada Civita. Concidencia? Além disso tem o Benjamin Steinbruch, banqueiro judeu da FIESP que praticamente defendeu o fim do horário de almoço. Será que tem muitos judeus no prédio da FIESP? Muitas concidencias...
Jesus. Its like that black rain that fell on hiroshima the day after the bomb dropped.

Essa posição contra os embargos é consenso entre os círculos da esquerda?
Não falo do exemplo da venezuela, que é claramente um embargo criminoso pelos EUA.

Assim, se a união européia começar a colocar sanções para o Brasil por causa da política ambiental do Bostonaro, eu deveria ser contra essas sanções? Mesmo sabendo que isso enfraquece o governo dele? Elucidem-me.
>Trump was voted into office just like Bolsonaro was voted into office.

Bolsonaro was elect with almost 40% of the total votes, they are a minority, but a big and a militant one.

Also, blanquism is only a option when you have the support of the army or a foreign power, what is not the case. My hope is that Bolsonaro will lead us to a revolucionary situation in the long term, like what happen in the military dictatorship.

> foi aí que notei que o brasileiro está tão esvasiado de poder político, intelectual( o cara estuda na USP eu nao sei como)
Não só aqui, essa incapacidade de conceber um futuro é algo global, é mais fácil imaginar o fim do mundo do que o fim do capitalismo.

Quer dizer que tudo bem o Octávio Frias emprestar o carro dele para operações clandestinas da ditadura ou o presidente da CNI falar que a jornada de trabalho deveria ser de 12 horas só porque eles não judeus?

>Será que tem muitos judeus no prédio da FIESP?
Eu apostaria com você que o número de libaneses é maior.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>Haddad's trial has been dragging on for 4 years
> "evidence" against him was a testimony
>according to Roman-derived legislative systems, testimony of a single witness ought to have little to no weight of evidence
>thanks to Moro, it has become not only acceptable but sufficient for conviction
>Moro made many putative courses and classes in America through the years, even before CW
>Haddad managed to prove the testimony was false
>judge throws that "evidence" away
>convicts him anyway lolololol

Had this happened before 2013, I would chalk it up to standard miscarriage of justice, but now, that's the least likely scenario.

Are you seeing why arming up might be a necessity? Even if we come out of the like-new age in one piece, the damage done -- not just by Bozo's circus, but by the entire Brazilian establishment since 2013 -- simply can't be fixed by elections.

(343.91 KB 646x567 1.png)
Cybernetic socialism general Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 22:17:56 No. 10470 [Reply]
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here's an Austrian's take on TANS:
as well as a leftcom critique by Derick Varn:
finally, there's Klimans critiques which were linked in the thread earlier. (as well as those 'power as capital' guys.
most of the rest of the critques of Cockshott seem to be from an Austrian perspective
original source?
its leftypol OC, the original art is from starcraft 1 concept art (from the game manual) see: https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/30346.html#q31139
page 29 of that pdf to be exact

(73.38 KB 600x423 soviet_poster_0.jpg)
/QTDDTOT/ Questions that don't deserve their own thread Comrade 08/06/2019 (Tue) 13:32:09 No. 11757 [Reply]
A thread for people - leftist or not - to ask questions above topics that don't deserve their own thread.
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LARPing Maoists
But they're not Maoist, they're Hoxhaist.
RedGuards Austin are the larping Maoists.
American Party of Labor are larping Hoxhaists
I thought the Red Guards did genuine praxis like their serve the people campaigns.
maybe, but they were also an incredibly adventurist and stupid group who went out and fucked up other leftists out of sheer sectarian rage, so it's a pretty mixed bag.
(I say this as a Mautist myself.)

(53.80 KB 1000x700 gender.jpg)
The role of gender and race Comrade 08/07/2019 (Wed) 16:13:52 No. 15551 [Reply]
Notice: This thread serves as the offical /idpol/ gulag. Direct all threads that are pure idpol here.

Original OP:
I want this thread to be about a couple of things:

- Sharing arguments for a more rigorous understanding of how gender and race act upon people today.
- Using this understanding to form strategies to more effectively organize the working class.
- Building strategies to use this understanding to effectively criticize false or inept strategies of organizing the working class.

I wasn't a part of the discussion in the mod thread about having a general on gender, but I wanted to make a new one anyways because I think it is important to have a thread about both gender and race. Ideally this will not descend into screeds about idpol, though it is inevitable some reactionaries will be drawn to the thread. I want to see quality discussions that make good faith attempts to convince others of positions on identity.

It is not virtue signalling to say this is an important topic of theory for the modern leftist movement. It is clear that identity has had a large role in left-adjacent and liberal politics for the past couple of decades, reaching a peak within probably the last decade. As much as many would wish that they could just erase this and go back to a raw working class politics of trade unionism, it is at this moment a historical fact that the role of identity has come to take a dominant role in much leftist discourse and it can't just be wished away by ridiculing or denying it. The social categories of race and gender are understood now in very particular ways, often very confused ways, by large swathes of the working class. So it seems to me that the goal should be to form convincing and coherent understandings of these social roles in capitalism, to analyze how they are currently being used by both the working class itself and its enemies to achieve/maintain political power, and strategies for directing this in the most fruitful way.

Of course feel free to share books and articles about the subject here too, or to use current events to explore how gender and race effect the working class today.
Edited last time by pask on 08/10/2019 (Sat) 15:55:57.
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>the same could be said for race,
No it can't, what we regard as "race" are just phenotypes that are particularly striking to our sensibilities, you can't name me any "white" genes for instance, meanwhile women have a whole extra chromosome and can poop out kiddos.
>yet segregation by the category of race has been a huge failure,
can you see how that relates to sex as a category?
Haha another desperate attempt by transgender activists to equivocate racism with transphobia. Sorry, race was a social construct imposed on minorities by white supremacy, gender dysphoria is something trannies impose on themselves.
>"black people don't have blue eyes is as true" a statement as "women can't beat men in sports"
Hahahah having blue eyes or not is arbitrary compared to being able to give birth. This false equivocation is the only way transgender idealist non sense has any type of ground to stand on. You literally have to believe that someone having blue eyes, or curly hair, is the equivalent to someone that can give birth, and someone that can produce sperm lol.
>plenty of us are gender abolitionists and it's honestly just the more correct, materialist ideology.
No it's not, you'll never crap out a kid with your axe wound, how is believing otherwise more materialist lol
> "black people don't have blue eyes is as true" a statement as "women can't beat men in sports"
Hahahah having blue eyes or not is arbitrary compared to being able to give birth. This false equivocation is the only way transgender idealist non sense has any type of ground to stand on. You literally have to believe that someone having blue eyes, or curly hair, is the equivalent to someone that can give birth, and someone that can produce sperm lol.
Jesus Christ this arguments never gonna end.

I blame narcissism. Everyone fucking focuses on themselves, you got gays going me me me and straights going me me me as if they're entitled to anything beyond basic human recognition. Noone fucking cares who you are, noone should fucking care who you are. People should judge you by how they perceive you and how they get to know you.
>implying that an LGBT person can reliably expect "basic human recognition" anywhere other than a liberal city
ay, there's the rub

(24.86 KB 500x476 received_406496543321587.jpeg)
(886.08 KB 1080x2000 received_368514953829206.png)
Quotographs / memes Anonymous 08/21/2019 (Wed) 02:23:36 No. 36763 [Reply]
/Marx/ had a quotograph / meme thread and that shit slapped, had very useful images for radicalizing and just quality memes, drop em pls I'm having withdrawals
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(886.08 KB 1080x2000 received_368514953829206.png)
(3.66 KB 255x161 received_2922825141125344.jpeg)
(27.00 KB 888x499 received_1244991922338843.jpeg)
(77.96 KB 540x699 received_2413223539002530.jpeg)
(263.18 KB 636x960 received_401651923889817.png)
(38.56 KB 720x720 received_2387808244637963.jpeg)
(41.33 KB 546x640 received_696273010850919.jpeg)
(8.22 KB 255x220 received_426296714749222.jpeg)
(90.71 KB 664x960 received_1976895482410318.jpeg)
(913.08 KB 824x960 received_3006468332910607.png)
(31.69 KB 600x800 received_503462207151899.jpeg)
Forgive the duplicates


no cookies?