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Anonymous 03/31/2020 (Tue) 13:08:33 No. 408389 [Reply] [Last]
Do you support Mao ?
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>>410504 >>410504 >h\ttps://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/crime/everett-property-owner-killed-by-tenant-police-say/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=owned_echobox_tw_m&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1585587486 REMOVE THE FUCKING BOTNET TRACKING ID TARD https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/crime/everett-property-owner-killed-by-tenant-police-say/ Like so Just remove the question mark and everything after it on a link hit return to load it and if the article is still there you're good to go comrade
>>410490 >The USSR's revisionism is what caused the split completely ahistorical. the soviets and chinese had conflicting interests, particularly in regards to india, which led to the split. powers don't just break up because muh wrong ideas, and mao didn't give a shit about supposed revisionism until the 60s (inb4 "h-he was just giving them the benefit of the doubt before throwing his hat on the ground like yosemite sam! source: my headcanon) >“I endorsed the CPSU Central Committee’s solution on the Molotov question. That was a struggle of opposites. The facts prove that unity could not be achieved and that the two sides were mutually exclusive. The Molotov clique took the opportunity to attack at a time when Comrade Khrushchev was abroad and unprepared. However, even though they waged a surprise attack, our Comrade Khrushchev is no fool. He is a smart person who immediately mobilized his troops and waged a victorious counterattack. That struggle was one between two lines: one erroneous and one relatively correct. In the four or five years since Stalin’s death the situation has improved considerably in the Soviet Union in the sphere of both domestic policy and foreign policy. This indicates that the line represented by Comrade Khrushchev is correct and that opposition to his line is incorrect.” t. mao, 1957 >>410494 >echnically Kruschev's COMECON was indeed social imperialism how was it imperialist?
>>410515 >how was it imperialist? Division of roles between the independent states, would not have been a problem if the Warsaw pact ascended to the Soviet Union COMECON even suffered from the old imperialist bugbear that forced the old imperial states like Britain to abandon formal control of their colonies and granting nominal independence by placing the compradore class in formal control of the margins draining the centre after a certain point of fixed capital development Notice how communist states outside the tightly economically coupled Warsaw pact survived even if severely deformed w/ dengism as a survival tactic And that Cuba although formally in the COMECON was distant enough to be not so tightly coupled with the link being sugarcane for luxuries like coffee that I suspect came from outside COMECON proper with foreign currency coming in from luxury sales like cigars also fwiw and they added locally grown peas to their coffee so everybody got their coffee rations It'd be interesting to closely examine Belarus I suspect
Mao was the most successful anarchist revolutionary. The Cultural Revolution lasted longer than Makhnovia and Catalonia.
>>410546 Communists do capitalism China and trot party pension funds and anarchism better What can't they do?

(121.05 KB 1400x876 la nina.jpg)
(1.06 MB 1024x686 florence-from-space.png)
(514.62 KB 1120x534 noaa-poster.jpg)
La Niña and the coming hurricane season Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 00:28:47 No. 410002 [Reply] [Last]
https://www.nbc12.com/2020/03/31/la-nia-may-develop-by-fall-could-mean-active-intense-hurricane-season-ahead/ What do you think covid stricken Florida is going to look like in 12 months?
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>>410036 brainlet here, what is a blue ocean event?
>>410006 El Nina is a natural process of temperature/density exchanges in oceanic currents, so not likely.
>>410036 Why would a reduction in carbon emissions cause a blue ocean event?
>>410523 Essentially the dimming effect. Emissions are a double edged sword that, while warming the planet due to the greenhouse effect, there is actually a secondary cooling effect due to particles ibeing put into the atmosphere that absotrb or deflect light/heat. When emissions are suddenly stopped, this can cause a sudden massive spike in heat which might cause a further runaway climate change effect. It's why we're fucked unless we take extreme measures, such a abandoning huge swathes of land and replanting them with trees to absorb as much carbon as possible. Because suddenly stopping carbon emissions may cause massive damage on a short timescale.
>>410512 I should have replied to this in my first post but I had some vodka okay, yes. So a blue ocean event is essentially when the arctic has exceeded its capacity to reflect and absorb heat. Normal the arctic, because ice is reflective, actually deflects a huge amount of heat away from the earth by the albedo effect. The blue ocean even is when, during the melting season, the arctic has melted so much that it actually begins to absorb more heat than it can reflect, meaning yet another feedback loop for climate change is triggered. If this happens and suspicions about methane feedback loops are correct, we may be looking at a no-going-back situation in which most large mammalian life on the planet dies off, including us. Basically unless we start building the infrastructure to somehow survive both extreme weather and the loss of most biodiversity and arable land, we are ultra fucked.

(100.31 KB 860x739 420karlmarx-420x0.jpg)
Quarantine Beard Challenge Anonymous 03/22/2020 (Sun) 04:51:34 No. 385094 [Reply] [Last]
Everyone knows that communists have to have great beards or facial hair. Therefore, for those of us who don't have a beard, quarantine is a great opportunity since we don't have to go in public while growing it. Increase your Marxism level by growing a beard in these trying times. Or at least a mustache.
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Just shave my beard Gonna mantain the moustache tho
>>386438 saved >>386448 based
progress: my sideburns are kinda patchy not a fan of them and probably will shave them off after I've given the beard more time. however I think I can work with the goatee and mustache I'm growing.
>>401409 hey, same! I got inspired to grow my mustache and goatee by Lenin and Tupac. I started about a week and a half before quarantine and it's not done yet but it looks bad as a motherfucker.
Where we at boys and girls. I'm at the wolvernie stage. I wake up everyday to see if my moostache has connected with my thicc sideburns.

(374.95 KB 1024x633 #############.png)
HOMOFASCISM/HOMONAZBOL THREAD Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 06:11:00 No. 410530 [Reply] [Last]
>NORMAL FAGS BTFO >STRAIGHTIES BTFO >CAPITALISTS BTFO >JEWCUNTS BTFO THE ONE TRUE IDEOLOGY >Just as liberating, if not more than any form of liberalism >Radical, will actually change society >Megabased >Solution to the Globalist Jew and will stop Mega-corporations Homofascists and Nazbol gang get in here.
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>>410531 Using your comment to BUMP
>>410530 based
>>410543 >Bumps

(189.82 KB 1200x859 radlibtube.jpg)
/IG/ - Internet General 7.0 - IRONY edition Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 06:49:19 No. 184649 [Reply] [Last]
Discuss e-celebs, lefty youtube, twitter, twitch, etc. Last one hit bump limit. What does /leftypol/ think of people saying things ironically? Inspired by >>184629 but by all means let's talk about irony in general too. How does irony function in online politics? Is it just a smokescreen? Is it sometimes not? Can we even tell the difference?
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>>410039 coke last i heard
>>410078 Who the fuck does coke? Is he loaded or what?
>>410073 You want a slogan that calls cops bastards kids Here's a good one Capitalism Makes Cops Bastards
(2.68 MB 400x225 1350917883305.gif)
>>410089 >implying cops are ever not bad
(64.27 KB 112x112 e2zqbaeyj3b41.gif)
>>410000 nice digits anon

(30.07 KB 600x600 670.jpg)
Anonymous 03/27/2020 (Fri) 21:10:27 No. 400986 [Reply] [Last]
>Capitalism is an unfair system, it rewards lazy investors who contribute nothing to work while stealing all the money from the real workers. We should end capitalism and give workers back their hard earned work. <Are you a Marxist, anon? >Sorry? No. I have no idea what Marxism is. Best way to radicalize normies.
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>Man, our boss is a dick isn't he? <IT's NOT THE BOSS, IT'S THE FIRM >What? What do you... <READ BORDIGA >Bordiwho? >ABOLISH THE VALUE FORM This is the only way to radicalize normies.
>>410398 >Thus actually making your "workers paradise" ran off the backs of slavery? The workers wouldn't even be citizens in your country. no, that's US ally Saudi Arabia
(133.08 KB 1300x1300 205eee_6785242.png)
>>401022 Pdf related, After Capitalism by David Schweickart has a chapter called Justifying Capitalism dedicated to refuting this argument
>>401017 Are you serious? This is why I only do limited propaganda on the internet. All the serious stuff I do is in person or in direct communication.

(5.44 KB 264x159 an marx.jpg)
anarcho marxist? Anonymous 03/29/2020 (Sun) 13:11:21 No. 404178 [Reply] [Last]
i heard people claim multiple times outside of this board you can be both a Marxist and anarchist at the same time opinions about this take?
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>>404178 You can call yourself whatever the fuck you feel like. It won't be logically consistent and people will either ignore you at best or laugh at your sad schitzo ramblings at worst. Nobody cares how many hyphens your ideology has.
>>404282 why do the kikes always get marx wrong
>>410485 They can't handle his ex-lutheran Germanic wit
>>410348 >when you only read the spark-notes on ML theory
>>410498 This, sadly. Too many think saying materialism a lot is a substitute for reading.

(7.02 KB 300x168 Billie Eilish.jpg)
Youth Culture of the 21st Century: Late 2010s - 2020s Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 02:58:00 No. 405637 [Reply] [Last]
So, found this https://youtu.be/fNArWk3-Rc8 video about the new music popstar Billie Eilish. Tbh I haven't really heard her music or followed her much; but this video has piqued my interest. Rather, my interest in analyzing her as a unique cultural product of the youth culture that had eveloped by the late 2010s and continues to develop into the 2020s. As the video describes it, Eilish's music is largely dark and moody, with themes centering around things like despair and climate change; she utilizes things such as memes and reference material in a style that perfectly demonstrates the meme driven culture of the late postmodern era. I find our current youth culture...fascinating. While Billie Eilish (a girl born after 9/11) rises in the music scene among the youth in general, films like Joker have made a splash especially with young alienated men (not necessarily just incels) who desire rebellion against a failing society; increasingly on class terms. Many places in culture we see class becoming more and more pronounced in the public consciousness; while young people all around the world give up hope for a better future more and more seek rebellion against those that robbed them of said future. This has two currents, both socialistic and fascistic; as young people struggle to find something to live and fight for in an increasingly alienated world. Films like Parasite are critically acclaimed for stark depictions of the evils of the wealthy and misery of the working classes; even the mostly apolitical Joker cannot help but focus specifically on the suffering of impoverished workers. As time goes on we move from films like Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises which depict the uprising of the oppressed as pure chaotic madness; to films that say the oppressed ought to rise up; even 2017's Get Out functions as a critique of liberal culture. Another thing I have noticed, just as author David Wallace-Wells (writer of The Uninhabitable Earth) predicted; our dying planet, the loss of her beauty, is becoming less and less of an explorer setting but an assumed one. Films as disparate as First Reformed and The Predator look at man's fate in an Earth devoid of nature; many more films are shot such that seeing the end of nature in its background is unavoidable; there is nowhere else to shoot. Culture now is strange; it is one of despair, one of rage, and increasingly; one of insurrection. And as our current pandemic intensifies I believe these tendencies may yet explode into a new cultural form. Hoping a smarter anon than myself can expand on these thoughts😂
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>>408855 Lmaooooooooo
>>405637 I've been seeing long-ass "analytical" posts about her here since before here was here. Also when I peeked into cuckchan's /mu/ once. 8ch's old /leftypol/ didn't need a long discussion about whether she specifically was a "plant," and we don't need this other dumb shit here now. 90% certain at this point that somebody on the hype team hits up chans to make these gigantic posts about her after all the important promo work is done.
>>410314 most of OP's post wasn't about billie eilish but more about the role the culture industry has in the youth of today. Would really feel sad if I was op to see everyone misunderstanding my point
>>410314 >8ch's old /leftypol/ didn't need a long discussion about whether she specifically was a "plant," fucking lmao
(1.37 MB 640x480 tenor.gif)
Lady Gaga... is a CIA agent

(472.35 KB 2048x2048 3m6vjpg871q41.jpg)
Anonymous 04/01/2020 (Wed) 04:05:31 No. 410400 [Reply] [Last]
How do you cope with the fact there won't ever be a revolution? Also I love how in modern propaganda posters they make the people fat hahahahhahaha it's truly fucking over, there's no winning with just land whales and trannies on your side. Just get a real job and stop larping online.
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>>410400 It's not like I can get a fucking job in a fucking pandemic!!!1111111
>>410465 So you admit you're one at the bottom of the barrel to be exploited? And I'm not even talking about being an "temporarily embarassed millionaire", just get a decent paying job, all you have to do is study for it and it's yours. Imagine if you did that instead of reading all this shit about communism online, you'd be so much happier in life.
>>410496 >So you admit you're one at the bottom of the barrel to be exploited? The fact that I'm posting on a dumb communist imageboard under quarantine instead of driving a truck or whatever or working in a supermarket or cleaning out garbage means that I'm not at the bottom of the barrel. It's the real working people out there right now who we should keep in our thoughts.
>>410464 success breeds jealously

(140.41 KB 1200x736 occupy-wall-street-new-york.jpg)
Occupy movement Anonymous 03/30/2020 (Mon) 23:49:37 No. 407449 [Reply] [Last]
What even happened to the Occupy movement ? Fuck that was a good opportunity to guillotine some of these motherfucker parasites but looks like it went the way of the civil rights movement. They just let us smoke more doobies and promote netflix and chill to pacify us some more, ramp up the dopamine pump as they say in public relations, probably. Fucking Bernays, what an absolute cunt he was, right ? I mean, after the revolution, he'll be remembered as a sort of Goebbels of the capitalist era, I bet. Anyway, what can we learn from it all ? How did it begin ? How did it fail ? What can we do to emulate its successes and avoid its failures ?
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>>410339 It's eased off a bit lately, but there moat certainly is a predictable set of inputs and outputs for corporate intersectionality that was definitely a widely spreading meme among the meatpuppets of thought There are plenty more marketing driven identities you can apply this to Interestingly they all seem to have lost their hold at an accelerating pace as SARS-CoV-2 spreads
>>407449 Its almost like student movements that has no ground support from the workers are doomed to fail.
>>409679 Remember unironically watching that.
>>410339 The NPC meme is pretty accurate though. Liberals really are like that a lot of the time. It's not that they're not real people or something, it's that they've been taught not to think but just remember and repeat stuff. Rather than being able to synthesize new thoughts, everyone is pushed toward having "the right answer" when given a prompt. When that's the basis of most people's ideology all you have to do is give authority figures the "answers" that you want people to believe.
>>410434 You're implying that liberals of the WaPo, Buzzfeed, hardcore Democrat type actually believe the shit they say and they're not just protecting their interests and status quo.


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