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(15.56 KB 355x272 71GMYJdEE5L._SX355_.jpg)
Recreational drugs thread Anonymous 11/28/2019 (Thu) 16:10:28 No. 142248 [Reply]
Felt the lack of a thread about this here. What do you guys think about recreational drugs? Should they be allowed in a communist society? If so, which ones?

My stance is that only the really dangerous ones (dangerous = induce the user to cause harm to other people other than themselves) should be discouraged or prohibited, while the rest should be allowed.
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I did it. It was pretty good. It left has put me in a good mood
MAPS is doing experimental trials, but psychedelics are still generally schedule I. You need to be approved for experimental treatments as Johns Hopkins or wherever it is. Some psychedelics are not hard to come by, as they literally grow in the ground.
(116.15 KB 612x612 psy.jpg)
As someone who has done a fuckton of drugs I have to say my opinion of them is pretty mixed.
On one hand they give you new perspectives and experiences that can be used to gain introspection into the mind. On the other hand, this ego death can lead to apathy, laziness, megalomania, pseudo-intellectualism, manipulative behavior, and a whole other slew of spooked thoughts.
I say take drugs in moderation in a good set and setting with people you know and trust. Drug culture is cancer and frankly there is a lot of self proclaimed "shamans" I've met who have physically and mentally manipulated people while on drugs or by using drugs. Either way, be smart out there comrades.
Everyone knows that chads use them to fuck females, which is why druggies need to be shot.

(81.39 KB 900x506 5b07cd73dda4c845658b461c.jpg)
Anonymous 11/29/2019 (Fri) 17:45:49 No. 143208 [Reply]
Baste or chaste?
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okay, mussolini
>don't take away my freedom to own property
t. porky
>Lenin specifically abolished laws criminalising it.
No he didn't. They just abolished the entire tsarist law altogether. However in some republics there were anti-homosexual laws even before 1934.
The DPRK has no laws against homosexuality either but that doesn't mean they particularly care about gays.
Should still be
French people tend to be fruits so it's not a big surprise

(158.69 KB 956x639 NPA-mao.jpg)
News 11/30/19 News Anon 3.0 11/30/2019 (Sat) 18:50:53 No. 144286 [Reply]
NPA leader ‘Ka Diego' arrested in San Juan City
The communist party condemns the arrest of Jaime Padilla, a leader of the rebel group’s guerrillas in Southern Luzon

Colombia strikers expand demands, include possible talks with rebels
The organizers of strikes against Colombian President Ivan Duque’s policies have demanded new conditions for dialogue with the government, including the possibility of restarting peace talks with leftist rebels.

Trump’s pursuit of Greenland leads Danish intelligence to classify island as No 1 security risk
Danish intelligence has placed Greenland at the top of its national security agenda for the first time following Donald Trump’s pursuit of the vast Arctic territory.

Black Friday sales, climate protests kick off around the world
The annual Black Friday sales phenomenon kicked off as protests were expected around the world over environmental concerns and consumer culture.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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It's most likely coke, hookers, and private islands shit.
I wouldn’t be shocked if they’re working on large scale mind control. Some freaky shit controlling masses through electro magnetic radiation.
It's been in practice already. I explained it in the conspiracy thread; MKULTRA techniques were applied to mass media a long time ago.
It's even mor powerful with social media because it spies on you, is personalized and gives "freedom".
prolly just at lot of tooling to use the trackers of everywhere to spy on ppl, and to create and command bot armies to create narratives

/IG/ Internet General Thread 4.0 Anonymous 11/14/2019 (Thu) 18:04:18 No. 126673 [Reply]
Last one hit bump limit.
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The more successful, the more right wing people are though. It's just self interest. Sure there are people who think just siding with the winners will give them scraps, but that doesn't cgange the general rule.
>From a pure technical argument this is right,since you're taking each others times,and they can't fuck someone else in that time frame.
>and they can't fuck someone else in that time frame.
Sweet summer child...
>Chinese imperialism
No such thing.
Because there is a great... darkness inside of us all.
Love to betray revolutions by sending tanks and aircraft.

Alienation of Living Activity Anonymous 11/12/2019 (Tue) 07:16:58 No. 124304 [Reply]
In capitalist society, creative activity takes the form of commodity production, namely production of marketable goods, and the results of human activity take the form of commodities. Marketability or saleability is the universal characteristic of all practical activity and all products. The products of human activity which are necessary for survival have the form of saleable goods: they are only available in exchange for money. And money is only available in exchange for commodities. If a large number of men accept the legitimacy of these conventions, if they accept the convention that commodities are a prerequisite for money, and that money is a prerequisite for survival, then they find themselves locked into a vicious circle. Since they have no commodities, their only exit from this circle is to regard themselves, or parts of themselves, as commodities. And this is, in fact, the peculiar "solution" which men impose on themselves in the face of specific material and historical conditions. They do not exchange their bodies or parts of their bodies for money. They exchange the creative content of their lives, their practical daily activity, for money.

As soon as men accept money as an equivalent for life, the sale of living activity becomes a condition for their physical and social survival. Life is exchanged for survival. Creation and production come to mean sold activity. A man's activity is "productive," useful to society, only when it is sold activity. And the man himself is a productive member of society only if the activities of his daily life are sold activities. As soon as people accept the terms of this exchange, daily activity takes the form of universal prostitution.

The sold creative power, or sold daily activity, takes the form of labor; labor is a historically specific form of human activity; labor is abstract activity which has only one property; it is marketable; it can be sold for a given quantity of money; labor is indifferent activity; indifferent to the particular task performed and indifferent to the particular subject to which the task is directed. Digging, printing and carving are different activities, but all three are labor in capitalist society; labor is simply "earning money." Living activity which takes the form of labor is a means to earn money. Life becomes a means of survival.

This ironic reversal is not the dramatic climax of an imaginative novel; it is a fact of daily life in capitalist society. Survival, namely self-preservation and reproduction, is not the means to creative practical activity, but precisely the other way around. Creative activity in the form of labor, namely sold activity, is a painful necessity for survival; labor is the means to self-preservation and reproduction.

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I'd like to know what kind of Marx for dummies have you read that is shorter than this. I thought this was pretty short and straightforward, especially compared to contemporary texts.
Good post fren, im a mere baby leftist so this is a push to the right direction
that's an epic effort post, well done OP
(51.32 KB 374x354 9fd.png)
>He does not exist in the world as an active agent who transforms it. But as a helpless impotent spectator he may call this state of powerless admiration "happiness," and since labor is painful, he may desire to be "happy," namely inactive, all his life (a condition similar to being born dead). The commodities, the spectacles, consume him; he uses up living energy in passive admiration; he is consumed by things.
Guilty as charged. I have a hard time seeing beyond more leisure time as to what socialism would look like. Sweet, sweet inactivity.
>he may desire to be "happy," namely inactive, all his life (a condition similar to being born dead)
What's wrong with that? You can't be atarassic and consoom at the same time. Or not being detached from the spectacle.

(36.61 KB 800x450 1574422142250.jpg)
(88.79 KB 1658x689 1574423733512.jpg)
Anonymous 11/22/2019 (Fri) 12:27:22 No. 136180 [Reply]
Behold capitalist entrepreneurship and technological advancement. Tesla just unveiled their next car which looks like if a 5 years or kid (or an insecure manchild) were entrusted with designing with the most coolest bestest car ever. Not just that, but during the show they decided to showcase its "unbreakable" glass with vid related effect.
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>The bible is 100% ok with polygamy.
<No it's not
>Matthew 19:4-6,”Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”
>Monogamy is a luxury these days.
Bullshit. maybe having others monogamous to you, but that is not contradictory to you being polygynous which is a luxury. There literally exist both those with plenty and those with none, how could you think this is a good system unless you are in the former group?
>Some clickbait headline proves I'm right.
The article you posted doesn't even have a link to the original study. And while the article says it studied CEO's like Musk they quote the study as having studied " 261 senior professionals' whatever that means.
And 261 is a pretty small number. This is just a p-hacked study that was mischaracterized by the the media. Sorry, but most psychopaths are very dysfunctional and are nowhere near halls of power. And the study didn't say that they were full blown psychopaths but they had traits.
You ever think that someone might be manipulating someone else for cogent reasons? Anyway the real world isn't poetic like this. Musk et al ain't evil cartoon villains. We don't need a moral justification to remove them from power.
>Never been there for even a minute, redditboy.
I've been to Reddit, it's has a lot of great resources. Being spooked by internet tribalism has got to be the most pathetic spook of all.
Maybe next you'll accuse me of liking whatever video game console you don't have.

(9.51 KB 279x305 stirner.gif)
Anonymous 11/21/2019 (Thu) 14:12:23 No. 135331 [Reply]
Did Max Stirner really smoke? Wouldn't that be literally the definition of falling for a spook?
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Did any historical figure really exist?
can we know for certain?
Marx is like Mr. Robot and has multiple alters.
The obsession egoists have with calling out spooks, is itself, a spook.
Chemical dependency isn't a spook lol.

Hegel was Plato's alter ego.

How can a person of substandard Intelligence help the movement? Anonymous 11/07/2019 (Thu) 19:27:28 No. 119080 [Reply]
I know that I'm not very smart, but I don't know what I can do to help the movement. I can properly post on the internet, but I can't understand any Marx.

What do I do to help the movement?
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Read Hegel
Then start one! All you have to do is find some other leftists on campus and organize.
I'm really interested in quantum physics, but what I see in the field's many interpretations is nothing like the bizarre idealist-metaphysical strawmen some pop-sci sees in it. I'm interested in the way that all particles can really be thought of as waves, which can be further abstracted down to causally contingent oscillations. Nowhere in QP do I see arguments for anything other than a pretty solid dialectical-materialist worldview: Scientific materialism exactly as we know it, but with the additional assertion that observation comes with some necessary and predictable limitations, which if properly accounted for can help expand our understanding of the material world rather than mystifying or limiting it.

I don't get how it's possible to pull shit like, "the fundamental nature of reality is consciousness" or something, out of QP. All I see in QP is a formalization of how, even in an idealized scenario without anthropic limitations, reality is necessarily observed as incomplete but in a very certain manner. It seems more an argument against idealism and humans being special than anything else. Aside from some of its interpretations, QP doesn't seem to say anything about determinism or lack thereof either, yet somehow people keep finding ways to stretch it there or elsewhere way beyond its purposes

Bottom-line: If anyone wants to be a Hegelian today, they should look into QP
No, you don't get it. Quantum physics isn't a story people are telling about how a particle and wave are split personalities of one thing or whatever popsci bullshit get spouted these days. Quantum physics (like all physics) is a set of equations that can be tested and refined through experimentation. The rest is just bullshit. You can theorize about "what it means" all you want, but at the end of the day, the human brain evolved to understand commonplace occurrences at our scale, and even then only well enough that most of us would make it long enough to reproduce. There is no reason to think that the physical laws of the universe would make any kind of sense to us on an intuitive level.

People are going to project their worldview onto it hoping to make sense, and somehow everybody who does comes away with their prior worldview being validated. You even kind of recognize that but then you think you're somehow immune. Pathetic tbh.
Fully agree with everything in your post and it doesn't seem to contradict anything I said. I'm not sure where you see any problems. Are you just pointlessly speculating on my motives to come up with something to be contrarian about? Skepticism is necessary but useless when it lacks any direction

Human Nature, but socialist Anonymous 11/25/2019 (Mon) 02:53:28 No. 138662 [Reply]
Have you considered how the consequences of the industrial revolution - dare I say, the agricultural revolution - have been a disaster for the human race?

Jimmy Dore has considered it.

Are we not horribly mistreating ourselves and each other by the class society we build and maintain every day? We're not going to regress to being hunter gatherers or anything (barring the apocalypse), but should we not start from the basics in understanding what a good human society looks like? Rather than taking capitalist ideas of humanity for granted, or (not much better) critiquing them from within a capitalism-produced mindset, should we not go entirely outside the system to find how people from totally other societies do things, and consign the whole present social order to the dustbin of history? Can we not build socialism with the material implements given by capitalism without the sustaining ideology that warps our behavior and social relations to suit capitalism's needs? Must we not do this, lest we fall back into old habits, deform any workers' states or autonomous communes, and reproduce the bourgeois class and commodity form?

Take the Ted pill.
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Oh great a jew....
The facist jewish state is not representative of the jewish people. Promoting this equivalence only plays into Isr*el's hands.
I know and agree with that point, but I wanted to make my point regardless. It's not a response to the full context, but to the idea that our context defines us.
bumping this thread so I can read all these pdfs later
You could save them anon.

(97.21 KB 960x504 Corbyn_Palestine.jpg)
/leftybritpol/ - ANTI-ZIONISM EDITION Anonymous 11/26/2019 (Tue) 18:55:19 No. 140399 [Reply]
The Tories are at it again with their usual smears. Jezza is on Andrew Neil in 10 minutes to give a response.
Not usually the one to make these threads, but we're well past the bump limit
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She's hot and got thicc hips but knowing that she's amoral with her tobacco shilling and that she'd shill cigarettes for kids if she could get away with it, it just fills me with disgust in a way that your typical Tory voter couldn't achieve.

She's the hottest Gujarati woman that I can think of though, I say this as a Punjabi who prefers white women. I bet she has a hairy back.

Jimmy Dore should see this, he would tear Nick Ferrari apart for being such a pathetic shill. Our media is so shit that this won't affect Ferrari's career, in the same way Hillsborough has made the Sun toxic in Liverpool.
>weimar germany
What currency was their debt NOT denominated in? That's right, Germany's!
>most of the debts were going to be denominated in euro regardless of whether or not greece was a part of the euro, because they were borrowing heavily from german banks
Foreign debt doesn't have to be denominated in foreign currency
>Foreign debt doesn't have to be denominated in foreign currency
but it basically always is unless you're america
New thread: >>144939


no cookies?